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posté Yesterday - 23:23:53 | #1
Also another update that would be nice is shared across the accout Emotes and proffessions maybe. Its a pain having to reget every emote and every single proffesion on all charactrs over and over. it would mean a few changes to proffesions. to me its mostly the seal of companionship. instead of having to equip that ring. we should raise it. +1% harvests per level of the proffesion. that means it would be 100% at lv 100 of a harvesting skill. the ring only gives 50%. this way you are actually rewarded on all proffesions at lv100, and not just when you get all to lv100. individually it would be a greater reward. emotes however would be account linked and shared automatically, such that if you got the fart emote you didnt have, it would share on all characters =p xD

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posté Yesterday - 23:20:13 | #2
Ankama, i know this has been mentioned and all, but when are you going to add more character slots per account, i had an idea that we would have the ability to purchase with ogrines for maybe 3000 or 5000 ogrines another character slot, max of 10. with this new steam update id say let us add 2 sidekicks and 1 of our alts. so that means we could use 2 of our characters at 1 time. This could save on multi counting alot, especially if the new steam version lets us only use 1 account at a time... most people tend to use 2 or 3 accounts... some use 6.. it seems lame to have so many characters and only 5 character slots... everyone has asked for it, i think its about time we have more slots, not just 5. maybe a max of 10, or even 15. it would be cool

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posté September 12, 2014, 01:09:22 | #3
PvP Changed maybe? My first option was an actual lock for pvp
If you opt into pvp you can be attacked and attack
But if you opt out, you cannot be attacked or attack
Its one simple fix so people who wanna be killed all the time can be
While others who don't like how one sided pvp is right now, can opt out

Option 2, its more of a buff to the players lower leveled
This option will balance up the players to meet the higher level players in pvp
Providing a much better balance

You'd get +1% Per missing level vs a player higher level than you
+2% Hp bonus per missing levels to players higher than you
+1% Damage, Resistance per missing levels to players higher than you

Its a simple fix to pvp to sort of even out the unfair advantages people have
It only works on the lower level players in pvp but not the higher level player
It just brings them up to the level of the person who attacks them 40 levels above.
For instance. If they are 40 levels above your level
You get +80% more hp and +40% more damage and resistance
While they still have more power over you, you now have a fighting chance

Another slight small change to pvp as well
If you are killed or lose in a pvp fight
Your mounts and pets will not lose hp, ever
This is just a small change to benefit all players from griefing on our pets/mounts xO

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posté September 12, 2014, 01:02:44 | #4
its only biased if your a level 160
then you can have fun in pvp
because no one will be able to fight back 40 levels under you
only people who have been supporting pvp are lv120+ who like pvp
but all the people mad about it are those who cant turn it off
its unfair how people cant actually opt out of pvp
it only works 1 way
turn it on or off to attack
but if its off you can still be attacked
its really one sided

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posté September 12, 2014, 00:57:54 | #5
they just need to fix this
i have a ton of sets
most i collected gobball, tofu, and adventure set for my guild
but now all 3 cant merge and lost their good buffs
no more ap or mp from gobb and tofu
and adventure set no longer gives wisdom to help you level
its lame how they removed their purposes of low level gear =[

Quote (RBarros @ 11 September 2014 08:59) *
Cause it's so very fucking hard to put a "preview" icon in the box to show what elements they have.


I really don't know how some people can't see how GOD DAMN SIMPLE it is to fix this...

1 - YOU CAN ONLY MERGE SETS of the same element (IF they have more than one, only the matched ones will merge)

2 - ALL BOXES will have a preview icon to see the itens inside (OR THE THE ELEMENTS)

3 - Period

Again, gonna say something that is not usefull about it? Stay quiet dude, jesus.

you know the preview thing was bugged on sets right?
before the update it worked 1 time
but if you looked at any items stats
it stayed that for every item no matter what
until you logged out
it was a lame bug and made previewing set pretty impossible lol

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posté September 12, 2014, 00:56:06 | #6
Yeah pvp is the worst part about this update
with the new stats it feels totally unbalanced and broken
it just rewards players for killing people 50 levels or more under them

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posté September 12, 2014, 00:52:40 | #7
Mine Helmet: I doesn’t possess any characteristic and this is a temporary problem that will be resolved next week. All the Mine Helmets will get a 25% bonus to harvest minerals in addition to their original characteristics. Do not delete your helmet!
okay iam good
thank you ankama for fixing the mine helmet xO

Click here

I imagine you're severely overreacting seeing as you claim summoner sets no longer exist. Honestly I don't know why I'm even posting to you because you haven't cared enough to look at other sets.

They've been changed around quite a bit. For example The Hushed Set from Hushed HQ is now essentially a summoner set.

i never said summoner sets dont exist, but cmc is gone, summoners are op now
theres like 100 items with control
and cmc is replaced by a new system from the same stuff mounts give

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posté September 11, 2014, 00:35:34 | #8
i always found zinit to be the most boring place ever..
never really a reason to go there
if ogrest is there with his 9999 hp
maybe it could be interesting
but wakfu has been out for like 2 years now
and were finally getting ogrest?
sure takes awhile to update i guess

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posté September 11, 2014, 00:33:14 | #9
eh.. only players over 100+ would support this dumb pvp system
they just need to lock it 30 levels up/down
so people wont pick on people who cant even fight back

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posté September 11, 2014, 00:32:10 | #10
Pfffff... i need me a lv93919239123 Transmutator
My left shoe is fire and right shoe is earth
how does that work?

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posté September 11, 2014, 00:26:47 | #11
cra range, its in their name
Cra rape... thats just pvp =p lol

You should be happy chompers
it will only be another month or two until sram revamp
Looking forward to new srams =o
Even though its kind of one sided to fight a sram because no gear has perception anymore
cant see them when they are invisible
Cant lock them anymore since lock system favors srams
Lock system is kind of lame now...
Srams are going to rape after they get revamped

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posté September 11, 2014, 00:23:38 | #12
gonna be another year until they "fix" anything
considering how slow updates roll out lol
Arenas and prims have been here for a year now and still cannot be used for anything but decorations

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posté September 11, 2014, 00:21:36 | #13
I take it your a level 150+ who attacks level 20s
only reason youd not understand my view
oh well almost all the people over 100+ attack anyone under their level
and expect them to have fun =p

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posté September 11, 2014, 00:17:52 | #14
Mining speed was reduced thus they removed the helmet to prevent people getting even more ore that fast

dude... mining is the slowest and most boring thing ever
so their idea was to make it even more slower
Wakfu is a grindfest... spend 8 hours mining
get 5 ore... WOW!!!

now for crafting... you just need 10,000 of that ore and 8 other items with 10,000 for a lv1 piwi left shoe lol
yay crafting...

The mining helmet should have kept its bonus regardless
Mining is slow as hell... and the only reason people had the miner hat was the ore harvest bonus 10%-25%
now it has no point to even be in the game
They just take the items that have a purpose and remove their purpose
Making them nothing but an item to take up bag space ... =p
They really put no thought into how to actually give items a point
just removed all the stats and tossed control, ap, mp on everything lol

The range/mp damage boost is pretty good with any class.. but with a cra its just like what the heck, they already got 15 range
whenever you fight a cra in pvp, the maps are unusually big for some reason
Maps in pvp always change if a cra is in the battle, it makes them bigger to benefit cras

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posté September 11, 2014, 00:07:18 | #15
Not true, my brother is lv26
He got attacked by a lv150 sram
he had opted out of pvp
the pvp system only works to where you can "opt" out of attacking
But you can still be attacked regardless
and everyone gets reward for killing players under their level by about 90
Ive opted into pvp just to protect players under level 30
since guards do anything but pick on new players who cant fight back

you dont know what its like when your playing with your friends
just running some dungeons with them
and people can now just kill you for nothing
you cant even have fun in pvp, because people are always 50 or more levels over you

iam mad because its one sided
Ankama doesn't care about their lower level New players who are trying out the game
Its not welcoming to join a game
then constantly be attacked by lv165's at lv1

(pretty sure the only people who benefitted from this update are over lv100+)
(And the only people defending ankama will be the player killers in pvp who are lv120+)
(Open your eyes and look at the travesty they commited)
(Sure the dungeon update was awesome, i love that)
(The new stat system, its epici love that)
(But gear wise, no.. i hate the lower level gear and mostly only high level stuff is best)
(IT just isnt fair to new players how they ruined every single low level item and made pvp for high level players only)

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posté September 10, 2014, 23:58:04 | #16
So much gear got tottally Trashed First off, The mine helmet, its only purpose was the damn Ore Harvests %
Why the heck did they remove it, thats the only reason people used that hat

Second, the ivory set, 69% heals bonus before, now, its 0% not a single point in heals

Third, the cloudy tofu set, it once gave 22% critical hits, reduced to 0% as well
at this point i figure they just wanna ruin every piece of armor in the game
or remove their sole purposes... someone hit ankama in the head with a hammer
because most of the equipment has become more than useless
or lost all its purposes from what it once was

Fourth, Deckhand set, a prospecting build, now gives no prospecting
The old shovel which had 30 prospecting gives nothing
It seems like ankama took a bulldozer to every single build in this game
all heals items, prospecting, critical hits, and summoner sets
Everything got destroyed...
i feel like they dont care about their players at all

You cant just take a design for a set that people use
then spit on it and make it worthless... (Unique ring)
I thought this update was supposed to make gear useful for all levels
But nope... they just destroyed every single item

The worst part for all gear is that we cannot Box sets anymore
so those of us who barely have any bag space are now screwed
We cannot clear up room by grouping a set
because well whats the point, no set bonuses now
yay.... no no yay
i think ankama just hates every low level player
because the pvp system is one sided, a level 165 can attack anyone under lv38
They need to cap the pvp system, where you cant attack someone over or under 25 levels
maybe even 20 levels
its really unfair how a lv100+ can just pick on lv30's to rank up
because now the entire pvp ranks are rigged, by people who are just alt killing

The new stat system isnt bad
my only issue with that is the 5th special perks
It really only rewards the high level capped players
I think ankama forgets that not every player is over lv100+
Alot of people are under lv80 or 60

The 5th points should reward you more coexsicevley
With a bonus at lv25, 60, 90, 125, 165, 200
This way it benefits a broader range
and people are actually feeling rewarded for playing

The entire game feels screwy with all the low level gear
Because now the gobball set doesnt give 1 ap, or tofu set 1mp
But they removed prospecting, heals, and critical from everything
and tossed Control on pretty much random items... so much stuff has control now
every amulet gots an ap, and chests mp, cloaks ap,
but for no reason you only get prospecting on a belt?
What about all those players who worked hard to get their equipment
To only find ankama hates you and spits in your face
taking away all your hard work

This is not how your supposed to treat players
You want new people to play
but only reward player over level 130+
this whole update is one sided for pvp people

how can anyone even fight a cra when if you pick range/mp you also get a damage buff
but pick ap, all you get is ap
It seems to favor sacrier's and Cras, and srams only, because the top 90% of all lv130+ = those 3 classes
while largely it seems they ignored the rest of the games classes

the biggest hit is to any players with Prospecting, Critical hits, CMC for summons, and heals
this is madness

Not to mention that all lv100+ players are in riktus land
and pretty much pk you on sight
especially if your only 90 levels under them xD
cant even play the game or turn off pvp

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posté September 10, 2014, 23:44:08 | #17
They need to fix this nonsense
there needs to be boundaries on pvp
like 30 level cap of who they attack
its stupid that a level 165 can just run around attacking anyone under lv38
all the high level 120+ players only attack people below level 80
that way they can never lose
the new pvp system rewards all thos who pick on lower level players
my friend lv26 got attacked by a lv150
its so stupid that the opt out system doesnt even work
you can opt out of attacking someone, thats all
but everyone else can attack you anytime

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posté September 06, 2014, 13:47:25 | #18
Lets just hope it stays true to the fans, alot of us have been here since beta (me) and well i dont think they should just up and trash the entire game... i just hope the new updates are actually beneficial and not harmful, to many changes to the game may ruin everything weve all worked for, the item changing nonsense sounds like it may kill all our sets and items we worked so hard to obtain, specific items that once had cool abilities, like the unique ring, i spent 2 weeks getting that ring for the 1 control, then they update the game and remove that and turn it into a useless pile of nothing like the gemlin... i wish they never ruined the gemlin from beta, no one cares about gemlins, i got 5 today and trashed all of them, at least if we had a pet who ate gemlins he might have a purpose other than collecting dust... i dont get why so many achievements give you options for the gemlin when he is useless... it would be better to make those gem tokens actually change his bonus's, or something... but still, all these changes to the game and nothing for pets ever =[ pets would be awesome to level up to 100, or at least give us better stats.. the pvp update freaks me out right now, pvp being pretty lame and one sided, when a lv150 attacks a bunch of lv30's or lv50s
they need to cap PVP combat, from 20 levels under over, so a lv70 can fight 50-90, but not attack a lv10 for no reason, its nonsense, or at least let us choose to opt out of pvp, that way we can be in peace, anyways of all the issues with wakfu right now, its the crafting system... the risk and reward is so sad, the costs need reduced by like 1/3rd, no one fishes, or uses chef, alot of us use baker, but the recipes are so bad that its almost pointless, almost every craft no matter what level is a boring grindfest of a weeks work, by the time you got the materials to make the items, your already above that level, its easier to just drop the loot from a dungeon and skip crafting at all... one recipe feels like get 8 items and 200 of each of those items, then you get 1 thing out of it, and its a lv2 item and your level 90, crafting is lame, when we make any potions, bread, or food we should get 2 for 1, and 10 for 5, it would be better and more rewarding to us

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posté August 06, 2014, 01:05:52 | #19
another thing is how they completely have ignored the Payment issues for Ogrines for a ton of players and as of yet, have not fixed the issue, why release all these BUY now updates for 2 day sales, but yeah... no one can even buy ogrines.. i haven't had that problem, but then again the only ogrine based thing purchasable is those past 10$ ... the ones under 10$ cant be bought in any form

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