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posté Yesterday - 15:44:03 | #1
-=]Redone Stat System[=- this is just a simple change that might endow all players with a bit of power
this would allow us to choose a good gift and retain our stat enhancements
its purpose was to shell out our power that we lose in ap or mp choices
this is merely a good way to support a developing player to however they so choose
its more user friendly and opts you to really have newfound freedom

1. The characteristics stats are now split into 3 sections
Health points, Initiative
Dodge, Lock
Critical Hits, Block
Chance, Strength, Agility, Intelligence

AP, Mp, Range
heals, kit skill, cmc damage
wisdom, prospecting

Active and Passive

This slight change has a few advantages to the current design
mainly it will allow a true way to gift your own design
moving you forward a step at a time
this will truly let you evolve by your own accord

-Stats- (+5 Each Level)
Health Points 1 for 1 point always [No cap]
Initiative 2 for 1 point always [No cap]
Dodge 2 for 1 point always [100 cap]
Lock 2 for 1 point always [100 cap]
Critical Hits 15 for 1 point always [22 cap]
Block 9 for 1 point always [25 cap]
Attributes, 1 for 1 till 20, 2 for 1 till 50, 3 for 1 always after 50 [250 cap]

-Abilities- (+5 Each Level)
Ap 150 for 1 [1 cap]
Mp 100 for 1 [1 cap]
Range 100 for 1 [1 cap]
Heals 15 for 1 [40 cap]
Kit Skill 25 for 1 [10 cap]
CMC Damage 15 for 1 [40 cap]
Wisdom 5 for 1 [30 cap]
Prospecting 5 for 1 [30 cap]

*Specialties (+1 Each Level)
Passives Cap at 20 Still, and cost 1 point each level
Actives Cap at 9 Still, cost 1 for 1 till 3, 2 for 1 till 6, 3 for 1 till 9
so they stay the same, but instead of the random 5, it is 1 now

It would just seem nice to be able to truly develop our characters better
giving us a better way to truly customize ourselves
i just think it might give us alot more freedom
and wed truly be able to create a great character of our choosing

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posté Yesterday - 15:24:04 | #2
-=]Split Spells into 2 halves[=- Its only a weird idea but still would help players
At higher levels the game seems bit to punishing towards PVE players
With enemy mobs being way overpowered and impossible to fight
Many enemies get way to much resistance, damage, and hp to even fight
making the simplest of battles almost impossible
when they do 500 damage and take 1 ap mp and range for no reason
such as whirligigs with their 620 hp, they hit for 2 times each time taking 20 range
... at lv40, the enemies in the game need rebalanced so badly that it just seems unfair to even really fight any enemies past lv100
Its meant to be challenging
but this hinders all players from even wanting to fight and explore higher level areas
as the enemies are nearly impossible to even kill at all

This is why id suggest a split for players spells
to let the PVE and PVP sides of the game to be adjusted separately

All spells of all classes would be split in half
As the spell would alter based on PVE or PVP
this means every spells power and capabilities would be better in PVE and Different in PVP, letting ankama edit spells for PVE without harming PVP
or making them more geared on PVP and not harming the PVE values

So a spell might take 1 ap and do 5 damage or whatever in PVE but in the PVP mode the spell does 4 damage and costs 2 ap

Changing one side and not effecting the other

This would make it so that the 2 types of battles would change forever
Letting the players get a serious buff towards our PVE experience and allowing us to battle lv100 monsters with a little better balance
while also allowing the PVP experience its only play style

The spell split will definitely spice the game up
making changes for the PVP community without harming the PVE players

Its a way to ensure the best for the two groups really

If a class is nerfed, it always is due to the PVP community
this nerf makes it harder to fight any of the extremely overpowered mobs out there

it would just be nice to not have to worry about your spells vs enemies because of pvp players always nerfing the game

this idea came through by my brother
but i support it 100%

Mainly because if you get to lv100+
and you are solo
your done with wakfu
some enemies and fights are just downright brutal and impossible
mainly because some classes are just not built for it
they just cannot solo and cannot fight
thus killing the end game and forcing everyone to be the same class
in order to even get past count harebourg =[

Some players cant even manage the blimp or even fight some enemies
such as the mecha enemies who take 5 ap in 1 turn and deal 500 damage
and then have 500% resistances and 2000 hp
you on the other hand... do 5 damage with your 1000 hp

its over pretty fast and kills all fun

spells just need to be buffed out in pve and then balanced in pvp
the split would really be handy for chaning one side without damaging the other
Please ankama consider this
or at least nerf the end game mobs
as of now its just impossible to even fight some
such as the armored blibli...

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posté Yesterday - 15:09:30 | #3
-=]Equip-able Major Glyphs[=- Its based off the simple desgin of the dofus in dofus
Except these are a generic all around item you can find anywhere
they take up a slot and have random stats
They appear with a 0.1% chance to drop off any monster in the game
and then they have really random stats
There is no ap, range, or mp ones though
As these just give a boost of random value to stats or abilities
You may only have 1 equipped at time

-------------------------------All Glyphs are lv.6

-Glowing Sapphire Glyph-
+1-20% Water Damage

-Glowing Ruby Glyph-
+1-20% Fire Damage

-Glowing Emerald Glyph-
+1-20% Earth Damage

-Glowing Amethyst Glyph-
+1-20% Air Damage

-Hard Sapphire Glyph-
+1-15% Water Resistance

-Hard Ruby Glyph-
+1-15% Fire Resistance

-Hard Emerald Glyph-
+1-15% Earth Resistance

-Hard Amethyst Glyph-
+1-15% Air Resistance

-Smooth Sapphire Glyph-
+1-30 Chance

-Smooth Ruby Glyph-
+1-30 Intelligence

-Smooth Emerald Glyph-
+1-30 Strength

-Smooth Amethyst Glyph-
+1-30 Agility

-Pink Jade Glyph-
+1-40 Vitality

-Sparkling Onyx Glyph-
+1-30 Initiative

-Sharp Garnet-
+1-30 Lock

-Dull Turquoise-
+1-30 Dodge

-Rare Aquamarine Glyph-
+1-7 Critical Hits

-Rough Agate Glyph-
+1-7 Block

-Blue Diamond Glyph-
+1-2 To Passive Spells

-Red Diamond Glyph-
+1-2 To Active Spells

-Rainbow Diamond Glyph-
+1-3 To Elemental Spells

They could add more such as a Prospecting, Wisdom, and Cmc glyph
Or even a Control and Heals glyph as well

It would be interesting to e fighting an enemy and poof comes a glyph
A new tab in the market would be needed
And then we could have mass trades for people looking for the ones they want
as you may equip only 1 then that would be a interesting choice
making you search for the best glyph you really want

truly they would each only give 1 buff
but that buff would be random and yet youd always be looking for a greater one
glyphs just seem like a best item to customize yourself with

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posté Yesterday - 14:48:01 | #4
the true purpose of the nation buffs is to reward players for their efforts inside their nations, i just wish we got something in return for having 1000 cp, because alot of people never even get the chance to enjoy the rule of government, its been the same exact group of players since beta in the governor posistions and it just seems useless to even have over 10 cp anymore

as only elite players would ever even make use of 1000 or more
being an outlaw also has no point and there usually isnt a single outlaw out there except for war outlaws

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posté Yesterday - 14:45:47 | #5
-=]Daily Buffs[=- This is a co-opted always on daily buff suggestion
Each day of the week, always the same buff, youd get a buff
Its a pretty simple buff that lasts 24 hours, each day of the week it changes
so that it would be on rotation, every day would be the same buff always
so youd know what days had what buff and what so ever
its a simple thing really and to me it seemed to breathe a bit into what day you play

+10 Wisdom +10 Prospecting, +10 Initiative

+10% Fire Damage/Resistance, +15% Ore Harvests

+10% Water Damage/Resistance, +15% Fish Harvests

+10% Earth Damage/Resistance, +15% Farmer Harvests

+10% Air Damage/Resistance, +15% Tree Harvests

+3% Critical Hits, +3 Block, +10% All Damage/Resistance

+10 Wisdom +10 Prospecting, +10 Initiative

They are only tiny buffs but kind of kick in to a basic weirdness
Each day having its own little perk of sorts really
It would be kind of interesting though to have these added along side us each day
they would be the same just so people can see what day they might be interested to play on for those buffs

well anyways have a good day xO

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posté July 27, 2014, 00:47:37 | #6
mastermind would seem funny, but itd make you a target to empeors for your destruction of the nations
still its greater to work for your cp but its mainly desinged as a choice

P.S I wish they'd give us the Wakfu and Stasis Buffs Automatically
For me it seems like Wakfu and Stasis have no purpose in the game and offer nothing in rewards based on either

Besides most players don't visit the Wakfu and Stasis caves
the bonus only will last 15 minutes and doesn't seem like much
It would be nice if the Bonus from stasis and wakfu was a constant permanent bonuses that you'd always have on

Wakfu increasing planting speed
+10% at 10% wakfu, +10 HP, +10% Heals
+15 % at 30% wakfu, +10 HP, +5% Heals, +5% Resist
+20% at 70% wakfu, +10 HP, +5% Heals, +5% Resists, +2 Block

Stasis increasing harvesting speed
+10% at 10% stasis, +5 Initiative, +5% Damage
+15 % at 30% stasis, +5 Initiative, +5% Damage
+20% at 70% stasis, +5 Initiative, +5% Damage, +2% Critical Hits

It would really be more interesting to allow you to have a constant effect for your efforts on wakfu and stasis

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posté July 26, 2014, 23:34:53 | #7
-=]Redefined Unique Nation Bonuses[=- First off, yes i know they just did a patch for this, but in my opinion i feel like it still wasn't really living up to its potential, i just wish that each of the 4 nations had a personality to them upon their nations buffs, but that you don't just obtain them all at once but with the total count of Citizenship points that you actually have acquired

This will induce and suggest towards players to interact and care for their nations better as they'd obtain a greater reward per based on their total amount
But this also would add a cap to citizenship points low and highest amount
Such as -500 For the lowest amount, making you a criminal of the highest stature
and +2000 for being the highest amount, making you a reverend leader of the lands

I would think that in order to add a little more flavor to the world
Criminals which are scarce would be rewarded in a slight way opposite towards the positive way you are gifted with a boost

-500 to -50 Points Makes you a criminal, you'll gain negative effects but as well gain some interesting negative slash positive effects
Criminals will gain stasis faster and as well cut things faster
Criminals gain negative but yet positive bonuses

10 to 2000 Points makes you a citizen and it evolves now giving greater bonuses
But each nations bonuses differ and are designed based upon their unique feel

okay ill enthrall a bit more detail into this post after i take a shower to process and convene to further explore this idea, mainly this idea is to flourish the communities desires of Wakfu and stasis, but this will extend as well to Wakfu and Stasis Buffs alongside the Citizenship buffs to a more fluid degree that we might all enjoy =]

Please give me a moment to further detail it for you guys xB

(Okay this is an entirely new bonus seperate from the clan member bonus)
At 10 Cp you will obtain all your clan members bonus for fulfilling their wishes
But beyond those 10 or under those 10 you will gain new Nation Bonuses
The Nation bonus is a complete 10 Tier Bonus system
It rewards you for either choosing to be a criminal or a citizen of the law
Criminals will garnish some good buffs but also gain negative perks
This is to really let you choose if you want to be a criminal for those benefits
As a Citizen you will gain greater perks but none of the perks a criminal gains

The New Min Max cap is just a way to balance and control over flow of cp
this way you wont get to high beyond a point or to low beyond a point

Clan member bonuses will stay the same and have nothing to do with the nation bonus at all, nation bonuses are reflected through a higher amount than the perks at just 10 cp

First Comes the Citizen Perks
Tier 0 (Citizen) 10 CP
Brakmar - Unlocks all Clan Member bonuses
Bonta - Unlocks all Clan Member bonuses
Sufokia - Unlocks all Clan Member bonuses
Amakna - Unlocks all Clan Member bonuses

Tier 1 (Commoner) 50 CP
Brakmar - +10% Fire Damage, +5 Wisdom
Bonta - +10% Air Damage, +5 Wisdom
Sufokia - +10% Water Damage, +5 Wisdom
Amakna - +10% Earth Damage, +5 Wisdom

Tier 2 (Civilian) 100 CP
Brakmar - +5% Fire Resistance, +5 Prospecting
Bonta - +5% Air Resistance, +5 Prospecting
Sufokia - +5% Water Resistance, +5 Prospecting
Amakna - +5% Earth Resistance, +5 Prospecting

Tier 3 (Villager) 200 CP
Brakmar - +15% Ore Harvests, +10% Xp From the miner profession
Bonta - +15% Tree Harvests, +10% Xp From the lumberjack profession
Sufokia - +15% Fishing Harvests, +10% Xp From the fishing profession
Amakna - +15% Farmer Harvests, +10% Xp From the farmer profession

Tier 4 (Peasant) 400 CP
Brakmar - +10hp, +10 Initiative
Bonta - +10hp, +10 Initiative
Sufokia - +10hp, +10 Initiative
Amakna - +10hp, +10 Initiative

Tier 5 (Reverend) 600 CP
Brakmar - +5 Cp From Cp Actions that give a bonus in Brakmar
Bonta - +5 Cp From Cp Actions that give a bonus in Bonta
Sufokia - +5 Cp From Cp Actions that give a bonus in Sufokia
Amakna - +5 Cp From Cp Actions that give a bonus in Amakna

Tier 6 (Consort) 800 CP
Brakmar - +10% Planting Speed
Bonta - +10% Planting Speed
Sufokia - +10% Planting Speed
Amakna - +10% Planting Speed

Tier 7 (Councilor) 1000 CP, You can now run for governor
Brakmar - +5% Ore Harvests, +15% Herb Harvests
Bonta - +5% Wood Harvests, +15% Herb Harvests
Sufokia - +5% Fish Harvests, +15% Herb Harvests
Amakna - +5% Farmer Harvests, +15% Herb Harvests

Tier 8 (Vassal) 1400 CP
Brakmar - +5% Fire Damage, +10% Mining Harvest Speed
Bonta - +5% Air Damage, +10% Woodcutting Harvest Speed
Sufokia - +5% Water Damage, +10% Fishing Harvest Speed
Amakna - +5% Earth Damage, +10% Farming Harvest Speed

Tier 9 (Lord) 1600 CP
(Unlocks a Nation Banner Waving Emote)
(This emote works like the guild banner emote but for that nation)
(It will only work if your cp is 1600 or more)
Brakmar - +5% Fire Resistance
Bonta - +5% Air Resistance
Sufokia - +5% Water Resistance
Amakna - +5% Earth Resistance

Tier 10 (Emperor) 1950 CP
(Unlocks a perk that lets you view outlaws on the map)
(Only outlaws with -100 to -500 Cp)
(You may only see outlaws on the map of your own nation)
(So a man of brakmar would see outlaws in brakmar only)
Brakmar - +10 Prospecting, +10 Wisdom, +3 Kit Skill, +10 Dodge and Lock
Bonta - +10 Prospecting, +10 Wisdom, +3 Kit Skill, +10 Dodge and Lock
Sufokia - +10 Prospecting, +10 Wisdom, +3 Kit Skill, +10 Dodge and Lock
Amakna - +10 Prospecting, +10 Wisdom, +3 Kit Skill, +10 Dodge and Lock

Along With the Titles of the Cp you have
Other players when viewing your name with a mouseover will be able to see it
Such as
Name (ERNH)
Guild (Yuh guys yuh)
Title (I like Cheese)
Cp Rank (*Emperor*)
It would appear under the Title so that people would view and acknowledge your rank
Along with this would be new ways to add or subtract points
to keep people working on their cp for their cool nations perks

Next is Criminals or outlaws
They dont have as many ranks though
Tier 0 (Outlaw) -10 Cp (Brands you an outlaw, can be attacked for cp by players)
Brakmar - No Perk
Bonta - No Perk
Sufokia - No Perk
Amakna - No Perk

Tier 1 (Bandit) -50 CP
Brakmar - +10% Harvesting Speed, -10 Hp
Bonta - +10% Harvesting Speed, -10 Hp
Sufokia - +10% Harvesting Speed, -10 Hp
Amakna - +10% Harvesting Speed, -10 Hp

Tier 2 (Crook) -100 CP
Brakmar - +10% All Damage, -5% All Resists, -10 Initiative
Bonta - +10% All Damage, -5% All Resists, -10 Initiative
Sufokia - +10% All Damage, -5% All Resists, -10 Initiative
Amakna - +10% All Damage, -5% All Resists, -10 Initiative

Tier 3 (Vagabond) -150 CP
(Unlocks Catch me if you can emote -150 Cp or less required for use)
(You smack your booty and put out your tongue at people)
Brakmar - +10% Harvesting Speed, +10% Stasis Gain, -10 Hp
Bonta - +10% Harvesting Speed, +10% Stasis Gain, -10 Hp
Sufokia - +10% Harvesting Speed, +10% Stasis Gain, -10 Hp
Amakna - +10% Harvesting Speed, +10% Stasis Gain, -10 Hp

Tier 4 (Thug) -250 CP
Brakmar - +10% All Damage, +10 Prospecting, -5% All Resist's
Bonta - +10% All Damage, +10 Prospecting, -5% All Resist's
Sufokia - +10% All Damage, +10 Prospecting, -5% All Resist's
Amakna - +10% All Damage, +10 Prospecting, -5% All Resist's

Tier 5 (Mastermind) -450 CP
(Unlocks a Perk to break out of prisons easier and without any costs)
(Unlocks a perk to highlight with a red skull without a mouse over -->)
(Plants or Mobs that are at risk or protected on the map)
(Lets you view any protected resources or endangered ones on the map)
Brakmar - +10% Harvesting Speed, -20 Hp, +10 Wisdom, +10% From Harvests
Bonta - +10% Harvesting Speed, -20 Hp, +10 Wisdom, +10% From Harvests
Sufokia - +10% Harvesting Speed, -20 Hp, +10 Wisdom, +10% From Harvests
Amakna - +10% Harvesting Speed, -20 Hp, +10 Wisdom, +10% From Harvests

Obviously there's a bit of a looker towards being an outlaw
But it weakens you and makes you a target
For doing bad stuff is bad and you might get rewards but you'd still be a target

Cp loss for attacking a citizen is increased based on their ranks
You will lose 10 CP for attacking any players
For each Positive rank that increases by 5
So an emperor would be worth -60 Cp while a non cp based player is 10

This works in reverse for outlaws
An outlaw is +10 CP for a kill
and then +10 Per Rank
So a Mastermind gives +60 CP

A penalty for attacking a citizen that is not an outlaw will occur
It lasts 5 minutes as well and so harming innocent players would be bad

5 Minutes of PK Non Buff
This Turns off Clan and Nation Bonuses
Unless Your an outlaw it doesnt go into effect, as you already have negative ones

-20% All Damage, -20% All Resists, +3% Critical Failures
-3 WP, -10% Loot Drops from fights, -10% Xp gains from fights

This negative effect will last for 5 minutes only if you attack a Positive Cp player

Well thats it for now, its alot to take in, but it seems pretty cool xD

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posté July 19, 2014, 16:07:45 | #8
while i appreciate that it took 2 years for mounts to arrive
one thing above caught my attention, one thing actually interests me
the one thing ive been asking for since beta is here finnally

"What else? Insatiable you are! Simply “click here” to find out... And we are not quite done yet as by popular demand here comes: Reconnecting while in combat! Yes, you read it right: no more lost battles due to unwanted disconnection!"

I have lost and died in so many battles do to disconnection
i lost the fabled hoodlum emblem thats worth like 500,000 kama due to a disconnect
now thats an issue i really hated it for
losing to a lv1 piwi because of a disconnect is one issue that is unfair
cant believe it took this long for mounts and reconnecting in fights though

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posté May 20, 2014, 11:28:14 | #9
wheres all the haven worlds... it says i have to subscribe to enter at all
what is this nonsense
you amakna have ruined your game and killedo ff your own game
each update is so bad now its ridiculos
the fact that i cant even enter my guilds haven world is nonsense
your ripped us all off
we worked hard for it and now its not just 1
but all havens
the ones on nox scara pass
all of them are gone
do you like that youve ruined this game
i quit this game because of how bad your updates are
how could you do this
you killed this game so much
just like dofus
nerfed prospecting
killed enutrof
cant even use my mole to get pp
why oh why have you not gone bankrupt
this is stupid
all of peoples haven worlds are gone on nox

Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #733761  Replies : 3  Views : 187
posté November 30, 2013, 18:36:32 | #10
The number one reason people are quitting is the updates
They ruined all job Xp and made the game so much more grindy
It takes way to much items and resources for any craft
And the next update destroys everyones experience gains
Of course they nerfed all classes, and damage, and loot, and exp
So that's why no one will stay around
If it takes 5 hours to make 1 item
Then that's boring
Not to mention there really isn't anything to do other than grind all day every day
No inbetween nonsense
All the best areas to even level up got nerfed so badly that you cant even level up anymore
And its way to rough on newcomers due to enemies being extremely over powered
The only way to play wakfu at all is to team up
But 90% of all the guilds are gone or dead
most of the worlds are empty now
Except for the few that have been around forever
And what may seem like a huge group of people
is just 1 guy with 12 alts and 2 computers pking everyone for a laugh  

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posté November 30, 2013, 18:30:55 | #11
Whats the point of makng a post if you cant find it? And then you cant even find them
No warning or anything
Your make a post and the next day its gone
Moved maybe
But there is no way of even finding them at all
We need some sort of way of finding our own posts
The search engine is way to messy and it takes a long time to search
A majority of the time you can never find the topics you posted with the search engine
to many people go unheard
Or there mods may be on a rampage on the fourms

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posté November 25, 2013, 22:17:13 | #12
xD if your talking about ?????, he has to be my favorite player =B
other than some of the others..
but a lot of the biggest major players are all gone now =[
mainly due to depressing updates that ruined a lot of the fun
made the game so grindy and boring that its almost all empty on nox now
... sucks
good ol' days gone by, even my brother has moved on from wakfu to final fantasy 14
in times like this I like being an enutrof, makes me feel old to remember the past times of beta and so on and so forth, yet with all these consistent bugs that have been here since launch
and the huge lag spikes in dungeons with DC's durng the fight...
its been pretty lame

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posté November 25, 2013, 22:12:47 | #13

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 25 November 2013 10:53) *
+1 for everything except this:

Strength ,Chance ,Intelligence ,Agility (No Real Max)
1 For 1 Till 20
1 For 2 Till 40
1 For 3 For all after

I think we already have too much power over the actual HP (wich can be seen in pvp when some players 1 or 2 turn KO others).

What i would like the change with is HP to increase as follows:

Every character (including sacriers as it should be balanced):
+5HP per level Till level 20
+10HP per level Till level 40
+15HP per level Till level 60
+20HP per level Till level 80
+25HP per level Till level 100
+30 HP per level Till level 120
+35 HP per level Till level 140
+40 HP per level Till level 160
+45 HP per level Till level 180
+50 HP per level Till level 200

Also from HP points:
+1HP for 1 point Till 100 HP is reached from points
+2HP for 1 point Till 300 HP is reached from points
+3HP for 1 point For all after

I don't mind if some low monsters would also get rebalanced to have more HP, but this change is needed for PvP.

Yeah, the 4 elemented ones have already been slightly reworked to some peoples dismay and others gratitude, some like it i kind of like it but it dampens all the other stats when it costs 3 points
already we are limited in many ways with stat point costs, and this make alot of stats go unused at all

But your hp idea seems nice, for pvp, but overall would give people so much hp that it could take hours to heal afterwards, the high hp system would be interesting, but the current Sit/regen hp thing takes way to much time, and is very time consuming without a healer or bread... =[
but tons of hp does not a good pvp make

My brother had an idea where all spells for all classes would be split in half
with 2 development teams for each
1 PVE and the other PVP
This would mean all spells for eveyr class are 2 sided for pve and pvp
enabling them to edit pvp without nerfing pve so bad that we cant fight mobs anymore
simultaniously editing the 2 seperate versions of each spell would bring depth to the game
letting pvp players have fun just like pve players as well

Quote (HakazabaJub @ 25 November 2013 10:58) *
I especially like how that second ap doesn't cost that crazy 250 points

yeah, 250 it just seems like tons and tons
but i think they need a limit cap to what level you have to be
1mp or 1ap lv50 first to aquire
then the 2nd ap and mp you have to be lv100
restricitng them back so you must wait before thye are unlocked

Lv50 you can add 1 ap or mp
Lv100 you can add a second ap or mp

before then it would be a no =B

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posté November 25, 2013, 10:12:32 | #14
Just Food For Thought, Stat Level up rewards Idea? and Guild stuff Okay so its uh, about when you level up and blah blah blah
5 attribute points and 5 spell points over and over and over
So its just an idea not much else

3 Split separate 5 point attributions

Attributes, Abilities, Spells
Per Level
But All this does is split up the stats slightly into more organized groups

The First on Top Stats to Mess With
HP 1 For 1 (No Real Max)
Dodge, Lock, Initiative, 1 For 2 (No Real Max)
CH 1 for 15 (Max 20)
Block 1 for 10 (Max 20)
Strength ,Chance ,Intelligence ,Agility (No Real Max)
1 For 1 Till 20
1 For 2 Till 40
1 For 3 For all after

Basic And Simple But Then It splits up the others into Abilities

Wisdom, Prospecting, 1 For 15 (Max 50)
Kit Skill 1 For 10 (Max 10)
Range 1 For 80 (Max 1)
MP 1 For 100 (Max 2)
AP 1 For 150 (Max 2)
Control 1 For 80 (Max 2)
CMC% Damage 1 For 5 (Max 100)

Its just food for thought
But severs the dreadful stats that will go unused due to limited points
It seems weird at first but with further working out could balance out all stats
Allowing people who are level 100+ with 3 mp
To finnally get their 1 Mp and advance with it as well or range
It helps as well to smooth out the Osomodas who had lost alot with equipment nerfs

They are good as they are

Another unrelated one I had sort of was kind of interesting towards guild points
As it can be really hard to gain any points at all It was slightly small of an idea

So there is guild costumes and guild grouping
But heres another
costumes suck, some are broken and bugged and will not show up or do nothing at all
So it was interesting to think to give these costumes a reason
1 When wearing a guild costume regardless of being in a group you get 1 Guild point per fight
Each costumes Guild point gain increases with each level rank of costume
1 Point Earned With Normal
2 Point's Earned With Presplak
3 Point's Earned With Chaferion
4 Point's Earned With Draconic
5 Point's Earned With Samousai
There by giving the costumes a actual true purpose and hopefully the bug will get fixed
*Guild costumes show up worn for user, but no one else can see them

xD okay honestly I lost it and gained it lost it and got it back right now
Another one simple weird but I think awesome
Through guild voting
And the use of a guild table or guildalogem

Once A month, For 1 Guildalogem
You can Edit A guilds Colors, Emblem, and Name

This will help those guilds who don't like their current name or made a mistake in it
Allowing for only the guild leader and owner to change and edit it

All you need is 1 guildalogem and you take the gem to a guild making table
There you would be able to edit and change the guilds name, colors, and emblem
This is good for guilds who have gotten to lv6 or 10 maybe but might want a change
Of course the guildalogems rarity would go down to be able to aquire them
Only Dungeon Bosses would be able to drop them
They would drop at a higher rate than gems but be slightly as rare

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posté November 25, 2013, 09:56:09 | #15
? what is everyone talking about
I just miss my buddy
all the good players are gone now...
or at least the more exciting server life giving ones =[

BESIDES ALL THIS war or something
I want cake its awesome =B

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posté November 16, 2013, 15:12:50 | #16
Again, please consider nerfing these wild gobballs to a more balanced state
right now they for more lv90+ than lv50
went into the dungeon with a 117 cra, 110 iop, 97 enutrof and 115 osa..
and had issues fighting the dungeon
its supposed to be lv50 but the gobballs are way to overpowered to be considered that
if you wont nerf them in some way at least change their level fro m50 to 90 like they are

All their spells have 10 range, and need no line of sight
they do tons of damage, have like 9mp and all their spells cost 2 or 1 ap
can be cast multiple times like 2 times per target
and whenever one dies they all get 100hp
and the gobbette heals for so much that they wont even die

The boss fight for the wild gobballs is so ridiculos
the fact that every turn the totems respawn is total nonsense
they should only respawn at least every other turn or eveyr 3 turns
but eveyr turn makes it so hard to even put up a fight
it feels like these enemes were not even play tested vs lv50s
but lv50 was thrown on them like a sick joke

Theres a visual bug with the guild costumes
Where only the person using it can see it
Chaferion, Presplak that I know of, maybe the other two as well
Only that person can see it but no one else can
It makes It pointless if no one can even see the costume your wearing

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posté November 14, 2013, 17:35:26 | #17
Please just consider balancing the enemies and making the game capable for grouped and solo players, there are a lot of people who quit because their friends quit and the game became to hard to even play

most of the enemies do to much and have to much resistance to match the nerfs on classes and equipments

also a lot of equipments should have set bonuses, many do not anymore making set bonuses useless in most cases,

all sets should get a set bonus for 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 based on how many that there are

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posté November 14, 2013, 17:26:26 | #18
can you make a hotfix to nerf the wild gobballs, they are way overpowered,
The gobblies who teleport,m hit you 2 tiems and take 1 mp always 100%
should be limited to 1 hit per turn and their spells all thew gobballs should require a line of sight, its completely ridiculos that they do not require a line of sight to hit you

maybe reduce their hp by 100 balancing them towards lv50s as they are intended
as right now it seems that only 90+ players can fight them at all

the gobballs in general seem to do way to much damage, the warchiefs as well
And the shaman gobbettes are healing for such a ridiculos amount in groups

The area was intended for lv45-55 but its difficulty makes it impossible for those levels to accomplish unless in a group, as of late a lot of players quit making soloing about the only possible way to play, yet the entire game design is forcing co-op

also should invest in giving some mobs wp, to limit their most powerful attacks
mainly Wp would limit some of their moves making them more balanced to fight against

like moowolves who summon the moon, the spell should cost 1wp
allowing them to cast it only 1 time per fight

or some enemies who have moves that do way to much damage limit to 3wp and the spell costing 1 wp

Enirispas and some other classes can take wp, but it is useless to use on enemies as 90% don't even have any at all

it would be fair to nerf the enemies in the game instead of the players

I went to the jelly island and only stayed for about 30 minutes because the jellies were so ridiculos and powerful that no one was even attempting to stay there
the enemies were too stong, had to much resistance, to much hp to even fight
this makes it unfair to players who cant do much due to class nerfs, and equipment nerfs, like the osomodas who lost leadership on many items

I tried to use an osmoda but I had a ring that I went through a lot to get for its 1 leadership, and i came back to find it was now CH, so I could no longer even use my summons....

almost like the spell damage % nerf or buff or whatever
most my characters lost 90% damage
it only works for higher level players as leveling spells takes a long time
and the positive effect is now diminished

where the boost would be 120% it is now 60%
making fighting mobs even more difficult than before
as many enemies have so many spells that do a lot of damage or take ap, mp

like the wild gobblies, who steal 2 mp and 1 ap

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posté November 12, 2013, 11:32:56 | #19
really love this update.
1 reason
it made me the guild leader of my brothers guild
he hasn't been on in like 9 months...
I was asking him to make me guild leader
if he ever gets on he will be like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
now I can focus on rebalancing the guild =] thank you ankama

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