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posté Yesterday - 16:13:16 | #1
Your costume is awesomeeeee So steampunk so sexy! So mine!


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posté Yesterday - 16:06:17 | #2
Maybe SABI or someone else from staff could answer us. That contest was one of few good things from them for awhile. And wining coswtume plus 2nd and 3rd place were really awesome !!!

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posté Yesterday - 15:28:21 | #3
Soo crappy loot
But congrats on HC win!

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posté Yesterday - 15:24:23 | #4

Quote (Erylane2596 @ 24 July 2014 13:57) *
I'm winner of MMO fan costume contest and want to ask here(b'cuz moderators don't read Ankabox messages) about my costume in game.
I saw costume update and want to ask-when i will get my costume because rules of this contest said :
The winner will win three months of subscription, as well as having the privilege of seeing his concept adapted and implemented in-game, and will be the first to receive it in-game!
Japan expo going,i still haven't concept adapted and my costume in game too.
Fulfill your promises, please.
If you haven't noticed I dig these ::MMO fan Costume:: topics from a dirt to page 1 in tthe news subforum, with a little hope someone to answer me, but nobody notice those : I would love to know what happened to them too! And congrats for wining this  

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posté Yesterday - 13:15:02 | #5
Is the winner costume already in game? Cuz I would love to see that at last!

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posté Yesterday - 12:55:05 | #6

Quote (dlexus009 @ 22 July 2014 23:02) *

Shushu dungeon in shushu Island has always been the hardst dungeon and a bunch of secret mechanics are inside, Is it really design for those 5% Elite players? Other 95% players will find these dungeon little hard because of:

So you can call me "elite" cuz I find this dungeon way too easy Honestly I can't realize what ur complaining of? Last time we run it 5 man only cuz 1 got DC and still nobody dies. The dungeon is easy, but if you trying to run it naked OFC it will be hard!

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posté July 23, 2014, 13:45:14 | #7

Quote (AngelicPorcelain @ 23 July 2014 13:38) *

There seems to be allot of problems with the payment system as of late, Sabi has been trying to help the community with this issue thou, if you encounter any problems i do recommend posting it and your Support ticket number under Technical Issues, at the top of the page, Support Service: Report your ticket here.

I hope you won't continue having any problems thou,
much luck!
tnx for reply The problem is i received mail, which claims my ogrine balance is 6000 but on the shop still says its 0 maybe I should wait 2-3 hours to see what will happened  

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posté July 23, 2014, 13:26:17 | #8
Is there a problem with paypal or some kind of delay? Cuz my ogrines didn't shows up for an hour ?

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posté July 22, 2014, 15:25:33 | #9

Quote (Brokonaut @ 22 July 2014 14:02) *
Hello. There will be a spreadsheet up at some point this week showing the properties of each spell. To answer some of your questions:

1. Melee damage are spells that are cast in the melee zone (0-1 range) or in some special exceptions, land the user in melee range (Charge & Super Iop Punch on the Iop tree). Not all spells of similar nature follow this rule, however (Sacrier's Fist in the Sacrier tree is ranged).

2. Both!

3. Yes, depending on the spell.

5. No, that would be cruel to the Dragoturkey...

• Mango

4. No

6. Again NO !

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posté July 22, 2014, 10:52:51 | #10

Quote (Nox16 @ 22 July 2014 10:43) *
If this is to long to read just read the last part.

well they did say that free to players will always be 1 update behind sorta so they will just not have access... idk what that means with stuff like class changes, boss mechanic changes, game mechanic changes, reconnect system, national bonuses, srambad* though now that this is an update it should be open to them... though it already could be idk*, new shushu dungeons/ gear i mean they can already go to the area can they not fight the new mobs/ dungeon/ do the hunter quest?, legendary crafting recipes?, changes to gear, relic fragment drop increase?, new items in general from old mobs, and etc.

You see i dont mind free to players not getting the content subbers get but i have to ask is it the features thing that they arnt getting and all this kinda of passive stuff they do get like changes to gear, mechanics, classes. I mean thats understandable and if you didnt do it would mean they either A couldnt do that boss, gear, etc or B. be working off an old boss that was possibly broken and being abused. Also would you count the reconnect system as being a feature? it seems more like yeah this is for everyone but i dont know for sure. The whole new shushu boss and mobs is a prime example yes i guess you can stop them from doing the dungeon but can you stop them from doing the new mobs that spawn outside the dungeon? if so i guess good for you then... then there is the hunter quest for the epic ring will he just be like nah talk to me in 2 months? So what is the deal when you add just a new dungeon to an area and new mobs can they not attack them? cause its a new thing you added. Is the delay on just big things like areas and big features like mounts... what about when pvp comes eventually will they be shut out of that system? or is it ok because its a core system.

I guess what im trying to say here is what type of things will they be left out on just the latest's area/ whatever new big thing you added "hw, mounts, almanax?" to give examples. I would like to know out of curiosity where ankamas lines are drawn.

The idea (as far as I get it) was f2p people can't access new islands, zones, dungeons. Guess that Ankama means by "1 update behind". Cuz it will amazing if f2p enjoys the tons of bugs, fixed in the last update, just because they are 1 update behind  

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posté July 16, 2014, 04:50:08 | #11
40 PP ? when we still have our 150 PP cap for drops are useless, but nice try ankama! I'm killing mobs with 900+ PP and i get 1 item per day... so no tnx!

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posté June 24, 2014, 19:02:10 | #12

Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 24 June 2014 07:48) *
Yes ...? Do you wanna translate it for you?

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posté June 24, 2014, 18:55:26 | #13
f2p is a must for sure! As you say - this is the new era ... but ...
You should limit the multiacounting that way, cuz u won't profit from them and they can destroy the balance - rulling over the market etc.! So mu suggestion is to LIMIT multiacc to 2 max from same IP or something like that! 2 accounts is more than enuff to farming mobs and cheap stuff and will be impossible to kill UB and pretty hard to run dungeons ...

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posté June 23, 2014, 19:29:56 | #14

Quote (Rokugatsu @ 23 June 2014 18:36) *
Or maybe you should read before posting, it was said the costume wont be just available in the game for everyone.
So ur saying that the costume is IN game already? I didn't seen ANYONE wearing it!
And btw NOBODY says that the costume won't be available for everyone!

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posté June 23, 2014, 15:13:08 | #15
SOOO what happened to that wining costume? Took too much time to make it! As always, guys, u suck!

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posté June 20, 2014, 21:00:37 | #16
WTB Wawa pet! Post reply here or PM with your price/pet level!

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posté April 17, 2014, 19:03:50 | #17
mmm, tnx I'll pass !

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posté March 11, 2014, 15:14:06 | #18
NERF to pets ?! Rly? So the pets are the real gamebreaker here? In game full of bugs, full of unbalanced classes, you choose to touch the only working thing? OMG, you guys keep amazing me! You are awesome!

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posté March 10, 2014, 20:45:21 | #19
All 3 costumes are much more awesome than all Ankama made so far! You should hire these guys Ankama!

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