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posté August 16, 2014, 21:07:02 | #1
WTB/WTT For - Celestial Tofu Looking to either purchase or trade for the following Celestial Tofu Pieces:

  • Celestial Tofu Epaulettes
  • Celestial Tofu Ring
I have the following Celestial Tofu Pieces that I am willing to trade for the above:
  • Celestial Tofu Cloak
  • Celestial Tofu Belt (x2)
  • Celestial Tofu Amulet
Please feel free to leave a message here, send a private message, or contact me in game. I am most commonly on 'Onji'. I am willing to trade multiple pieces for the ones that I am lacking.


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posté March 25, 2012, 22:15:42 | #2
S> Garden Gem Name is Onji in-game. Looking to sell my Garden Gem..

Either post here, or message me in-game with your offer.

Buyout at 3k

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posté March 17, 2012, 03:04:41 | #3
Option to lock Stasis/Wakfu I am a Stasis farmer... I do not want Wakfu points. The only problem, is that it makes it really difficult to harvest when I am unwilling to replant simply because I will gain more Wakfu than Stasis.

Cutting and Planting trees 1:1, you will gain Wakfu. I don't know if it way because I was at 83% when I started, but I cut a large area of trees, and planted what I needed. Dropped me down to about 80%. Then through the process of planting/cutting well over 200 trees, I dropped down to 76 or 77% stasis.

There is an obvious loss at that point.

All I want, is the simple option to deny myself the chance to gain Wakfu. I'm sure that more people that are interested in only Wakfu/Stasis would have an easier time at keeping the eco-system balanced.

That is the ONLY reason I don't replant... Replanting is sooo easy. Que up a huge area, and read the forum for 2-3 minutes, and your done.

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posté March 17, 2012, 02:26:24 | #4
B> Birch/Willow Wood Looking to buy large amounts of Birch and Weeping Willow Wood. I have no use for the planks. Just shoot me a message and we can work out a price.

Please just send me a message on the forums, or you can get me ingame.

Name: Onji
Playtime: M-F 0000-0400ish CST, Sa-Sun varies.

I check the forums rather frequently.

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posté March 17, 2012, 01:07:50 | #5
I don't know if it's a bug or not, but some trees cut 200 XP for straight cutting them, while some give 100. Most of the trees give 100. If you are just trying to level LJ, then just cut them twice and you'll get 200 everytime.

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posté March 15, 2012, 05:51:45 | #6
I do not see 'respec' as "pay to win". Sure, someone puts points into Wisdom and levels quicker than someone else, but that does not stop the other person from leveling. Wisdom person will not reach a level unachievable from someone who is not buying a respec.

Even given the aspect of respeccing because you screwed your character up... Hmmm... This still doesn't feel pay to win to me, because paying to win gives you items/abilities that are not available from normal game play. Even then, people are selling Maka items for Kama.

You want to see pay to win, please go look at the Rakion cash shop. The Maka items look nice, but I have no idea how they'll compare to other level 100 weapons/items.

For the record, I am for respec, in which ever form it will come in. Be it a quest, a 1 time shot per character, or a cash shop purchase. I'm just too lazy to level another character from the start. If it isn't implemented, big deal, I'll simply live with my mistakes.

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posté March 15, 2012, 02:56:16 | #7
I'm rather disappointed to hear that gems drop from the bags. That means that I need to focus on getting all of them -.-

It is a good thing, but I just get lazy sometimes and don't want to pick them up.

Thread : Enutrof  Preview message : #356875  Replies : 80  Views : 8205
posté March 15, 2012, 02:48:47 | #8
I am still awaiting response from a Dev... I have looked a little bit more into this, and it does not work with all rings. The rings that drop from the flowers, will not do this, and 'combining' the two loses the effects of the other one....

Am I going to be reimbursed?

Thread : Bug Archives  Preview message : #365322  Replies : 4  Views : 757
posté March 14, 2012, 03:33:53 | #9
Has there been any confirmation that gems will come out of the bags?

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posté March 12, 2012, 05:01:12 | #10
Yes it is really annoying... Well, I've been hunting for a gem now, and everyone has said that dungeons have a higher chance of dropping gems.

I ran 19 Hoopiwi dungeons, and didn't see anything. 7 Blessing procs.. [I was in the 20th fight and my game DC'd].

Anyone have any information on dungeons dropping gems on a higher % chance?

~If they do, does that give Blessing a higher chance to get a gem?

I didn't get anything but dung and seeds.

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posté March 11, 2012, 04:23:25 | #11
Ring Bug ATTN: DEVOperating System - Windows 7, 64bit

ISP - Cox Communications

Type of Internet Connection – Cable

Internet Connection Speed - 18mbs down, 8mbs up

Date & Time - 03/10/12 around 1900CST

Frequency - Always

Character Name - Onji

Class - Enutrof

Class Level - 51.

Profession/Skill Level - Irrelevant.

Area and Coordinates - Irrelevant

Party or Solo - Irrelevant

NPC Name - Irrelevant

Steps - Detailed steps on how the issue occurred. Please try to include the following details:

Material - Screenshots or video recordings are not required, but highly encouraged.
Click here - That is a link to the Report that I created very shortly after I lost my 1st ring. I do not recall if this was before my initial re-log or not.

What kind of bug would you like to report? A bug that can cause you to lose a ring. I've lost 3 from it now. 1 from 'finding' it, and then 2 from replication.

I picked up one of the rings and dragged it onto the other ring in my equipment window and one of them disappeared. After the 2nd ring disappeared, I searched my inventory and there was no ring present. I then removed the ring, and found that there were no bags on the floor. I then tried relogging and nothing changed. I still had only 1 ring.

The 'delete' icon is not available while wearing the item, so I did not accidentally delete it.


I was hunting the toads looking for Wisdom rings when this happened, I happened to get 2 rings in 1 battle [lucky me] and decided that I would reproduce it if possible.

Dragging 1 ring onto another while in the equipment window will in fact 'combine' the two, and leave you with an open slot. In attempting to test this out further, to see if the effects of 'combined' rings would stack, I lost my 2nd Makabraspekting ring. Trying to determine if the stats were still there took me about 30seconds or so, and I realized I didn't know what they were before. I tried to separate the rings like I did in Video one, but there was no luck. They were stuck, and my 2nd Cash Shop ring that I paid $$ for is now gone.

~I apologize for the music. I did not realize it would record that as well.

Video 1 -

This is what happens when you simply move one ring onto another without removing them from the inventory. It appears that if you do it quickly enough, you can get them back (did not know that when it initially happened, and found out later that it will eat the 2nd ring if there too long)

Click here

This video even shows that if you logout while having combined both rings, WITHOUT putting it back into your inventory, that they will be separated if you relog.

Video 2 -

This shows the bug in how it becomes a permanent loss of a ring. While wearing that one ring, I only have +20 wisdom. It's not stacking the effects in any way, but effectively deleting the second ring.

Click here

In conclusion if the rings are left combined for a while, or the combined rings are moved to your inventory, one of them will be gone forever.

Total Summary of Items Lost:
(2) Makabraspekting Rings, Lv 38 each. -I would be fine with refunded Ogrines or Lv1 Rings.
(1) Silimelle's Bejeweled Wedding Ring

I don't see why y'all wouldn't refund me what I've lost, considering the fact that I've gone through the trouble to find and document the bug. If I had 100 rings, I would look into it more fully, but I'll leave that to y'all.



I would greatly appreciate a response regarding this bug that has cost me to lose two Cash Shop items.

Will I get refunded?

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posté March 11, 2012, 02:25:03 | #12
Please disregard this post. It does not relate to the opening post, and I have created a new thread. Please delete the post, as I don't see the option for myself to do so.

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posté March 11, 2012, 00:07:32 | #13
To answer the previous question, Blessing was my first maxed skill, and I've just been pumping points into Prospecting. I was at 204 base that fight, and most likely had the 100 bonus, but I don't recall.

Thread : Enutrof  Preview message : #356853  Replies : 80  Views : 8205
posté March 10, 2012, 12:32:27 | #14
More confirmation.

Fought a lv. 140 group of moskitos and what not.

Thread : Enutrof  Preview message : #356850  Replies : 80  Views : 8205
posté March 08, 2012, 04:22:33 | #15

Quote (Maackataack @ 05 March 2012 23:40) *

Purge: Doesn't make drops better, use only if you want to make the collector more powerful

Is this completely confirmed? I mean there's no way to 'tell' if they give better drops, because you never initially know what's in the bag. I heard someone mention that it may have an affect on higher level drops...

All in all, you've answered some great questions I've had about my build. I never 'tested' an Enu, and I've just been building as I go along, and I kinda felt like I wasted some points in prime of life, but a 75% chance to gain your MP back sounds wonderful.

Thanks for sharing your build.

~How necessary is Geology in an item hunting Enu? I do a lot of grouping and I'm never concerned with throwing out damage, but breaking the monster and moving on to the next. Is Geology really that needed?

More questions on Prime of Life. Trying to remember this off of memory...

At level 9 you get a 75% chance to convert MP loss into MP gain.
You I think it was 25% chance to turn 1 damage into 1 MP.

Above those two lines it says that it can happen 5 times, so....

If you get hit for 100 damage, and you happen to get +5 MP, on the next time you move, do you still have a chance to regain 5 more MP?

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Thread : Enutrof  Preview message : #359810  Replies : 14  Views : 3545
posté March 06, 2012, 07:25:20 | #16
While it would be amazing to get actual release on this, I was more curious to see if the community here had any thoughts, or things we could try. I honestly, would buy a tablet solely for the purpose of playing Wakfu, whilst having nothing to do at work.

I've tried using various, programs to connect to my PC at home, and it's unbearable to even cut trees.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #359559  Replies : 18  Views : 6580
posté March 05, 2012, 20:47:12 | #17
Wakfu and Tablets... Is it possible?

I'm just a typical user, but I was curious to know if I could get Wakfu to run on one of the latest Android tablets. Seeing as how it's just a push and click type of game, I don't see why it wouldn't work somewhat well on a touch based screen.



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