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posté April 12, 2014, 18:33:27 | #1
Idea: The Havenbag Kennel I had this idea for a while for a havenbag kennel. It would be something a high level handyman could make, or instead a boutique item.

It either can be placed in your havenbag on the existing gems, or the other idea is that it is an actual gem on its own.

A kennel is a fenced in area in which you can put all your pets.
It can be compared to the Littlest Pet Shed which is an existing expansion on your inventory just for pets, except that the Kennel would offer the following options:

If you 'dump' a pet in the kennel you get a small inventory window. It is divided in two parts (left and right or upper and lower part). One inventory part is for the pets (naturally), and the other part is to put your pet food in.
The kennel will use the pet food to feed the pets it holds once every day.
And, in your havenbag/havenworld, you'd be able to see all of your pets running around and playing with eachother/alone inside the kennel (so not just making it an inventory, but instead an actual fenced in area with pets to look at inside your havenbag/havenworld).

It could be made expandable.

I personally think it would be easy to have this, taking the burden of feeding of your hands when you are away for a couple of days (ie. vacationing/hospital/friends..).

So, what are your thoughts?

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posté April 12, 2014, 18:22:17 | #2
thnx anky

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posté April 05, 2014, 17:56:06 | #3
Grou also said that the way the Sadida is now to them seems right, and they did not plan to change the Sadida. If there are changes coming, hopefully it's a slight base damage boost, and yes, the poison aspect could be improved upon, to make the air branche pretty damaging.

Quote (HateSpawn @ 05 April 2014 17:54) *
Stat 10 kitskill

put on my gear

get 650% air damage



You use dolls?
If yes. How many dolls you can summon?
If not, what is your damage output per turn on your evarage 250 air res. monster, with and without lone sadi?

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posté April 02, 2014, 00:37:35 | #4

Quote (neroatsushi @ 01 April 2014 22:51) *
Been over 1 hour and still can't enter my acc,tryed alt acc and all went correctly.
Fix it fast please

OMG, I was just able to enter,and only have 1 character available,rest dissapeared :'(

characters back,geez this made me really mad

Will anyone quit if you lost all but that one char you were on in the dungeon? Ankama can't compensate, even if they would refund you all your subfees, right?

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posté April 02, 2014, 00:34:33 | #5

Quote (SensualWetfart @ 01 April 2014 01:17) *
I've only seen the bug when partied with other players, I haven't encountered it alone. Interesting.

I have, about two or so hours ago. Still can't log in. Was in a dungeon with my sidekick. This, together with the waterfal of other bugs, can't be described as anything better than "incompetence", I'm sorry to say that.

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posté April 02, 2014, 00:18:39 | #6

Quote (khackt @ 01 April 2014 23:33) *

Anybody who Dc'd able to log back yet?

i have logged in, i think its been around 4-5 hours until i finally could manage to, and when i did - i found myself inside the dungeon room right where i disconnected. my other 3 accounts are still stuck at connection screen.
after few minutes of standing there chatting with guildies i got disconnected again and again i cant log back in, so dont expect much.

Probably leave the dungeon at the very second you reconnect back into it. Everyone affected should get 1 day of sub.

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posté April 02, 2014, 00:11:52 | #7

Quote (saphiLC2 @ 01 April 2014 23:16) *

Quote (androgyous @ 01 April 2014 21:33) *

Quote (Vanavai @ 01 April 2014 21:28) *
I can only assume that this reference to April fool's is eerily related to me logging in today to find every one of my MM deleted from my account. This kind of nonsense is getting seriously out of hand.
Sorry it was in regards to the dating app on the main page. Love and marriage is very sacred in the USA and the cruelty of this joke just makes my heart cry out. I think it should be removed because it was decided that America would not participate in this day during the Geneva Convention.
and here i am... thinking USAs most sacred thing was freedom

Nah, that was replaced by their sacred new ritual of giving up their freedoms for a false sense of safety, letting the government treat them like children. The infantilization (like in Japan) of a nation (ie:

"It creates a crisis that infantilizes them—causes grown men to squabble like kids about trivial things" (New Yorker).

Ankama I have not been able to reconnect now due to your incompetence.
1 day of sub extra would perhaps do.

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posté April 01, 2014, 23:26:42 | #8

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 31 March 2014 07:31) *

Quote (Onofriss @ 31 March 2014 07:14) *
Anybody who Dc'd able to log back yet?
I was able to get on like 3 hours after being d/c'd

Was dc'd during dungeon.. same, can't get back in. It has been almost 1 hour thus far.

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posté April 01, 2014, 01:52:53 | #9

Quote (knutsnuts @ 01 April 2014 01:38) *
I know it's not your fault, BUT the wabbit quest is so bugged that i'm stuck in prison. I cant suicide out, i cant recall out, and i dont have any almanax temple teleports on that character. Can you guys please stop releasing these patches without making sure the shit works at least. Why do we pay for this game? I do not understand. We don't get answers, we get constantly ignored. All Ankama has given us is a terrible grind with a side of a million bugs. My patience is long gone with this shit. Do something about this, sooner than later.

Reality has proven that prayer has a higher chance of being able to help you sometimes than Ankama's customer service. Same goes for their bug fixes/updates/patches/hot fixing..

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posté March 31, 2014, 23:32:21 | #10

Quote (Celay01 @ 31 March 2014 21:20) *

Quote (Gardosen @ 31 March 2014 13:29) *
To be fair, my guildmate has a Golden Croum. They do exist on this server if you try hard enough.
What should i do?
Buy a french mag for look pictures?

Pretty much, yes. You need the pieces to get it, and these come with the mag, so you got to buy the mag several times. Then Ankama can show their investors how well their mag sells. Same why they make the game so grindy, because you need to invest your time. Then Annkama can show their investors how players love their game, look at how they like spending so much time in it. Greed.

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posté March 31, 2014, 23:16:25 | #11
Ninja-patch today? RAM/memory leak back an dother things not right? I noticed the Wakfu launcher updating/patching today. Since I play every day I know this was something from today, and not from a prior day. What has been ninja-changed this time?

One thing I am noticing is that prior to today I could quit my Wakfu and my machine's RAM usage would drop down from 90%+ to around 52%, but today when I quit my Wakfu the RAM sticks at around the 88%.

Also, on the new Island, the prickly cactus wood I collect keeps at 1 prickly wood per cactus, which yesterday was easily getting me 4 tops, often enough between 2-4. I restarted my machine, Wakfu is on now and now I do get the numbers I'm used to. After patch/update is done, quit Wakfu :p

Also, I notice more lag today, more stuttering, more temporary freezing.

Also, I noticed that when I watch someone fight, the player disappears at times/becomes invisible.
When I don't want to watch anymore it takes 6 clicks before it stops the observation mode and returns me to free roaming.

If I missed it, someone show me a link to what the patch/update today was for?
Anyone else notice new bugs or old bugs that used to be gone but are back again?

What about the MM equipment loss bug? Has that been fixed? A friend from someone in the guild lost his equipment that way today, it seems not.

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posté March 28, 2014, 19:10:22 | #12
After I relogged Wakfu hours later I got my old amounts on harvesting back (4-5's often actually, and mining is up, too to 6, 7 and even an occasional 8).

It seems wise to let Wakfu quit after running an update/patch, and then restart it.

Maybe the update/patch is installed correctly but needs to be re-loaded into the launcher hence the restart, or else it might perhaps contradict the 'earlier; build it loaded.

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posté March 27, 2014, 22:18:35 | #13

Quote (saphiLC2 @ 27 March 2014 22:16) *

Quote (TaoZen @ 27 March 2014 21:40) *

Quote (saphiLC2 @ 27 March 2014 18:46) *
i know 2 or 3 spots where he spawns behind a "wall" :p check everywhere ;0
map coords plox?

nobody sees
or you on nox?
im in nox, but im at work :X

ok, maybe it works on Nox  

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posté March 27, 2014, 21:40:05 | #14

Quote (saphiLC2 @ 27 March 2014 18:46) *
i know 2 or 3 spots where he spawns behind a "wall" :p check everywhere ;0
map coords plox?

nobody sees
or you on nox?

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