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posté November 09, 2014, 20:57:17 | #1
Yeah, just to let you know: stabber works for all attacks you cast in a turn, not just one. You just provided a picture where stabber procced twice.

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posté October 06, 2014, 22:08:30 | #2
wtb wa wamulet pm me at Ankama Logic

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posté October 03, 2014, 21:27:52 | #3
Closed pm me at Ankama Logic

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posté January 29, 2014, 18:59:09 | #4

Quote (Wareen-Peace @ 23 January 2014 16:52) *

Quote (Seijuroz @ 21 January 2014 16:40) *
can you describe more information about how to get double bonus dmg from stasified
i'm play in asia server it say "if target has matching resistances" what dose it mean ?

thank you for information
If your opponent has two resistances with the same exact number for example :250% earth resistance and 250% water resistance, than your stasis damage will increase in power.

I believe this is still bugged. I only ever see the damage increase vs enemies with 4 matching resistances like Jellix or many of the UB. I'm still hoping i'm wrong and I haven't checked since the last time I tested it.

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posté January 14, 2014, 12:03:05 | #5
Solomonk is most definitely the best for my build. With it you can maintain very high stasis damage (potentially over 500) and very high crits. Its lack of control is really a none issue, as you can get control from all sorts of equipment these days and there is quite a bit of it on the sage set.

Ultimately, your choice of relic comes down to how you are playing your stasis fogger.

edit: Solomonk is, however, a bit glass cannonish.

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posté December 25, 2013, 20:21:04 | #6
WTB Black Enewgy Heya, still looking for these. Pm Unkempt Harold

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posté December 06, 2013, 15:46:48 | #7

Quote (kurokat @ 05 December 2013 08:37) *
If thier two highest resists are the same, then they get a boost in damage (and another boost through Motherfogger, which also allows them to fire their Stasis Spells in an angle).

- Kat

Hey there Kat, last time I checked these boosts were not working. I have not played since the last patch due to school, however, so they may have fixed it. Even the motherfogger boost wasnt working. I have ~430% stasis, iirc, and it was not changing at all when I was testing it. I really hope you're going to tell me it does work, haha. I was bummed after I tested it .

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posté November 02, 2013, 01:01:06 | #8
Stasified State and Motherfogger Bug Hello, I was testing a few things out on a friend's sadida dolls earlier and found that several aspects of the stasis fogger's arsenal are not functioning as advertised. The dolls in question had two resists that were equal, yet the stasified bonus was not multiplied by two. I was only receiving 50% bonus damage from stasified at level 100. Furthermore, the supposed additional 50% damage gained from attacking a monster with 2x balanced resists while using the motherfogger was not working at all.

Any fixes for this planned for the future? This constitutes a really big bug, in my opinion.

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posté October 23, 2013, 09:08:57 | #9

Quote (kurokat @ 23 October 2013 01:14) *

On the Fogginator, while it said it limited Stasis Spell usage to 5 in the revamp devblog, this was never followed through in the game. I am not saying it was a bug that it didn't limit it, but that they didn't even have it listed as something that would happen when using Fogginator in the spell description.

- Kat

I actually have been using the stasis shot 12ap combo, and it is worth noting that fogginator does not continue to deal damage to the fogger after 5 spells have been cast. I do, however, agree that it doesnt seem imbalanced at all. I think they should simply have fogginator deal damage for every spell cast and place no other limit on it. Currently, with level 1 fogginator, the spell deals almost a third of my health back to me in damage. I feel like it would still be a worthwhile and interesting spell if it did even more. The spell is really only feasible in groups, anyways, and with my 419% stasis damage it still doesnt do *that* much damage versus high level mobs.

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posté October 22, 2013, 06:21:07 | #10
WTB: Black Enewgy Pm: Unkempt Harold

Of course, i'm not particularly hopeful. Just know that I am willing to spend *a lot* of kamas on these.

I am back and still looking for these.

Bumping this instead of making an entirely new thread

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posté October 21, 2013, 21:51:07 | #11
So you're merging groove and armor plating? Does this mean we are getting a new passive? I am also confused on how you're changing fogginater. It already does not limit us to 5 spells (which is actually pretty balanced tbh).

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posté October 19, 2013, 10:28:57 | #12

Quote (kurokat @ 19 October 2013 07:06) *

Quote (HakazabaJub @ 19 October 2013 03:53) *
No, thats how they were weighted before, its different now.

If they've changed it beyond that, then I don't know what it is. If you know it has changed, would you mind sharing what is different so that I may fix my calculations?

- Kat

I have not sat down and figured out how its weighted, but I can confirm that it is very different. Take, for instance, my current stasis spell levels: 132,132,132,5,5. This is only giving me 94% stasis mastery and just a 47% bonus to my actual damage.

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posté October 19, 2013, 00:07:17 | #13
WTB: Uncle Sam insignia pm: Unkempt Harold

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posté October 09, 2013, 01:42:21 | #14
WTB loads of mats Hello! Here are a gazillion mats i want, please pm me at "Unkempt Harold"

Yetch Fangs: 14
Dark Drool: 30
Dark Leather: 60
Snowhair Feathers: 45
Frozen Wood: 170
Beach Fabric: 25
Sour Sea Breath: 20
Frozen Plank: 83
Chomped Jelly: 3
Krark-Ertz: 96
Eternal Ice: 30
Taroudium ore: 99

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posté October 08, 2013, 21:06:59 | #15
I would be happy to buy yours off of you ;P

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posté October 08, 2013, 15:53:48 | #16
Monthly Regear for My Fogger: Buying lots Hello, another patch another set. It seems that way, at least.

I am looking to buy: Janeiro Helm, hagen daggers, imperial pyrotech belt, minatsu boots, imperial assassin cape. Help me take on a new patch!

I would also be willing to shell out for a DP kimono, if anyone is selling (doubtful, i know).

pm me: Unkempt Harold

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posté October 05, 2013, 00:30:56 | #17

Quote (kurokat @ 04 October 2013 22:49) *
2. Motherfogger: It would be nice to see the new Stasis Spell base damages as it is mentioned that they are to be lowered compared to the actual Stasis Spell Tree the Foggers will be using.

3. Motherfogger: Since the Stasis spells will be dealt with Chromatic Damage, how about the Earth and Fire too? This would allow say a Earth Fogger to use the Motherfogger to cast a Fire Spell at decent damage without having to split leveling the other to get a higher damage output. Just a thought, this one isn't needed.

I do believe that both the lowered stasis spell damage and the chromatic damage have been removed from motherfogger. The confusing sentence is this one:

"The Motherfogger we offering Stasis spells with Chromatic lowered damages. With your feedback and our testing, we decided to keep them Stasis and not lower the damages, while removing the "cast in line" condition."

I believe they meant to translate it as "the motherfogger we *were* offering *had* chromatic lowered damages."

I could very easily be wrong, but I dont want you buying a migmig set and expecting to have chromatic damage on your motherfogger on Tuesday ;D

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posté October 04, 2013, 20:08:16 | #18

Quote (Kakenshu @ 04 October 2013 17:40) *

Quote (-Shakespeare- @ 03 October 2013 22:22) *

Quote (Kakenshu @ 03 October 2013 17:52) *
Herp derp, Fogginator causing stasis spells to do less damage and can only be used once per battle.

Yeah, a lot of the wording can be pretty ambiguous . Another thing that I think people are confused about (or maybe *I* am confused about) is the chromatic damage on motherfogger. I think they're trying to tell us that they removed that feature. Motherfogger damage will still depend on your final stasis damage %.

Quote (Troyle @ 04 October 2013 17:44) *
Stasis Mastery:
The Stasis Branch will now receive its own Mastery. Each Stasis spell will contribute to the Mastery just like any other Element, but the total bonus will be divided by 2. The other half of the Mastery will be calculated by the overall Mastery in the other Elements.

This news pleases me greatly. Its nice to feel like the community is being listened to. I'm not dreading the revamp at all now! That depends on, of course, if I am reading this correctly. Troyle, if you would be so kind, could you clarify this a bit? Is stasis damage now being calculated by adding 1/2 of your stasis mastery and 1/4 of your general damage? The other way this could be read is that it is being calculated by adding 1/2 of your stasis mastery to 1/8 of your general damage. That would be a huge nerf, haha. I really hope it isn't the latter option.

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posté October 03, 2013, 22:22:53 | #19

Quote (Kakenshu @ 03 October 2013 17:52) *

Stasis spells cost 1 AP less, -0.2*lvl Stasis damage per Stasis spell used (max 5)
Which seems to mean using a lv100 stasis spell will have the base damage reduced by 20. If stasis spells do less than 20 damage per AP at lv100, and the progression for damage and spell level are linear (when they used to exponentially grow), is the purpose of this change for stasis Foggernauts to inflict more levels of stasis or to deal more damage?

By the way, it looks like being able to use Fogginator more than once per battle has been taken back:

You are misunderstanding this. Damage is not being taken from the spells, it is being dealt to the fogger. Furthermore, we can use it more than once per fight. We can, however, only use it once every other turn, effectively.

I do not see how the damage is being standardized here as far as stasis goes. If we do not get a mastery bonus from stasis spells, our stasis damage % will always be lower than any other branch's %. Even assuming we can somehow get a set that gives 400% stasis damage it would be still give less damage to stasis than it would to some other branch. Motherfogger is a poor consolation prize. It only gives its damage bonus if a monster has balanced resists. You will only find this on UB and some dungeon bosses (besides magmog). Making stasis spells not linear, however, is really useful. Shame that the cybot is going to drain *your* ap to place a microbot. This also makes leveling more than one or two stasis spells more attractive. Unfortunately, our damage drops even more if we choose to do this.
Tl/dr: If you are going to make the base damages of stasis spells on the same level as those of other spells, why not give us an elementary bonus for leveling them?

Thread : Devblogs  Preview message : #613305  Replies : 189  Views : 10458