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Eniripsa's Lethargy Flask hits caster on crits, Or: Oooh... pretty sheep of d-- OH GODS NO MY EYES AAA
posté February 14, 2014, 18:50:11 | #1
Eniripsa's Lethargy Flask hits caster on crits Character Name: Peter Sunder
Date and Time: 02/14/14 09:35 server time
Map: Irrelevant, but Astrub Sewers for my test
Server: Nox

Bug Description: The Eniripsa air spell Lethargy Flask, when scoring a critical hit, is capable of hurting the caster if they target the cell directly in front. This doesn't occur on non-critical hits.

Reproducibility process: Be an Eni, cast Lethargy Flask one cell in front of you, hope for a critical hit. I have not tested if you also get the triggered effect under Unnatural Remedies, but I do think the damage alone is bad enough. The Eni may end up suffering the added effect from the flask if under Unnatural Remedies as well.


Here in the screenshot you can see the effect of Lethargy Flask when casted one cell in front, both with and without a critical hit. I was unable to capture the screenshot mid-cast, but the chat log ought to be enough.

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Overweighted Chafer * Member Since 2009-06-10
posté February 14, 2014, 19:22:30 | #2
i can confirm and reproduce this glitch, very irriatating

posté February 14, 2014, 19:37:27 | #3
In addition to this bug, another bug with lethargy flask concerns its interaction with master propagator. While the master propagator (state) stacks are working correctly, the master propagator (passive) increase of +1 propagator (state) per lethargy flask cast is not working properly. You can see in the screenshot that hitting a target with lethargy flask only generates +3 propagator instead of the intended +4 propagator with master propagator (passive) maxed out. This might warrant another separate bug report though so as not to make this one too complex.

posté February 16, 2014, 21:02:37 | #4
Just a little addendum, I can confirm (Thanks Deandip!) you do also get the Lethargy state on yourself if you score a crit under Unnatural Remedies, so it's one nasty little spell to backfire like that.