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Almanax 18 Descendre
Play Day
Play Day commemorates the day when Ecaflip realised that his cards could provide him with another ...

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Any given fun day - Not rewarded the right award.
Squited Arachnee * Member Since 2009-09-05
posté November 15, 2012, 12:01:35 | #1
Any given fun day - Not rewarded the right award. Character name: Kuro (irrelevant)
Ankama display name: Kuroyanko (irrelevant)

Date and time:
2012-11-15 11.45 (irrelevant)
Brakmar - Mourning wood

Bug description:
When being placed first (and probably second) in area quests where it's possible to get different rewards per place, you won't get the reward equal to your place (getting 3rd reward when being placed first for example).
Reproducibility: Go to Mourning wood or another area that has the gobball kicking challenge and become 1st or 2nd.