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posté December 20, 2016, 01:46:46 | #1
Same with me, Day 19 goes unsolved despite it being fixed. Perhaps we were supposed to do it again after it got fixed? In which case, that is a load of baloney. It's not enough that I gotta remember about the Advent Calendar once a day is it?

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posté November 17, 2016, 03:46:44 | #2
Closed Closed

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posté November 17, 2016, 02:27:16 | #3
I'll trade it to you for a Deep Sea

IGN: Heccasse

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posté October 13, 2016, 02:35:35 | #4
Closed Closed

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posté August 11, 2015, 16:56:59 | #5
WTB Nettlez We can discuss the prices in game real time. Add either the character Levida or Dayne.

Be reasonable, no overinflated prices. Just because you saw a Nettlez up for 15 or 30mk doesn't mean it's that price originally.

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posté August 10, 2015, 16:27:45 | #6

Quote (D3trix @ 10 August 2015 16:22) *
I thought the guild market board was linked to the one in Kelba and not the international market boards
Yes, that is what I said.

Kelba's markets are independently owned now that I take a look at it. Well, nevermind my rant. The taxes are normal in Kelba. But still, Kelba's markets are oriented towards high level players. Whose gonna want my low level sets? There's a big part of the population of wakfu players that don't even know the Kelba market is a thing.

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posté August 10, 2015, 16:19:37 | #7
Increase to Marketboard tax in Nox? This is not okay. I sincerely hope this is only temporary for the meanwhile this whole duper/hacker charade is going on, because getting a tax rate of 53kk for something I put up at 250kk is not okay. This was the kind of tax I was getting for putting things up for millions. As it stands, I have to travel to Brakmar to post anything up for auction as it is lower there albiet not by much. I'm not entirely sure if this was in part of the politics side of Wakfu, or the devs, but whose ever idea this was, this is not okay.

No not everyone took advantage of the situation.

No not everyone has a guild with a Haven World.

No not everyone with a Haven World has access to a HW Marketboard yet.

Well, it seems I get to do the inconvenient workaround of joining a random guild who has a Haven world and a marketboard on an alt character, because lord knows everyone wants an inactive name in their guild list.And even then, I have to hope people who go to the Kelba Market even want the stuff I'm putting up.

I apologize this came out so whiny in tone, but this really is not okay. It's a freakin' gamble just put anything in the Market anymore. But I guess not really since the whole problem is still happening. Anyways. Really really put the taxes back to normal once this madness is gone. Plz.

Edit: Marketboard in Kelba still has normal taxes, still not okay because Kelba's market is not something everyone knows about, and is mostly checked out by high level players.

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posté June 21, 2014, 16:19:27 | #8
Launcher, Multimen, and Memory leaks I understand fully well that this type of thread does not belong in the General Discussions, so I do this in hopes a mod can move this on my behalf. I am tired and about to go to bed, unfortunately I don't have enough patience in this groggy state to figure out which of the four threads is the correct one.

I digress. Going back to the subject matter on hand. There are a few glares that I am not seeing being discussed or reported very frequently. While a few threads already exist on the issue, they have not been continued extensively and little is ever said in these empty forums, even as the problems persist. I have stayed silent due to their nature not being significant, as there is no loss of property. Still, a bug is a bug, and bugs will get to the point they become annoying.

1.) The launcher. Logging in and choosing your server will crash your client, giving you an error 1 problem. I've taken a look at many of the logs, and many of them are different. It usually only gave it to me once before being able to log in, but bugs reproduce as is in their nature, and so the problem grew more persistent. This is also somewhat vaguely connected to...

2.) If the launcher fails, there's an increased chance that the Multimen will visually disappear from the from the UI, making you unable to use them unless you completely close the Wakfu client (Take in note, Multimen will disappear even if the game doesn't crash before hand, it just happens more often). Reconnecting will sometimes give you your Multimen back. There is the chance that it will not, and sometimes even give you only part of your Multimen.

*As for an example: I have Trank, Skale, Shadow, Protoflex, and Austrub Knight. All of my Multimen disappeared when logging in. When relogging, I only got Shadow and Austrub Knight back. Relogged again, I only got Skale. And so on.

3.) Memory leaks. I suspect that the crashing is caused by some sort of memory leak. There is a thread already about the map causing memory leaks, and many of the error 1 log from the crashes are due to "Outofmemory". Someone even commented how the Multimen UI also causes memory leaks along with the map. Please have someone look into this.

I understand java is finnicky and I can't exactly ask the devs to rework Wakfu from the very ground up just to change on what the game runs on, but I do hope this issues are ironed out, because these bugs are starting to drive me up the wall.

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posté June 12, 2014, 15:06:45 | #9

Quote (Civen @ 12 June 2014 12:17) *
As for gear do you go with the general damage gear like vamp or do you go with some elemental gear?
Also i'd like to know how much damage you can do in your current build compared to like single element or stasis builds!

General Damage, even down to my weapon. For the time being, I've crippled myself severely by wearing the imperial drheller and kama set since I don't have the accessibility to the higher end gear, but I have made future calculations for that, which require the aforementioned gear I said earlier.

My two lowest damages are at 159% Air damage and 169% Water damage. My highest are 256% Earth damage and 300% Fire damage. Stasis is at a 269% average.

All things considered, for my level (110), these are low numbers, but that's due to the gear. I run off a 9 ap and 6 mp build due to what I have currently on. I also haven't split the strength and intelligence, so Fire is considerably higher with 100 points into intelligence and none to strength.

I can pull off an 800 damage combo of Steampalm, ray of stasis, stasis shot, and stomp.

For when the time calls for it, I use a Fogginator stasis shot barrage. Damage borders around 1,150ish.

That's four stasis shots, all of which have a base damage of around 150, two ray of stasis' each at perhaps 100 to 120. And a stomp at 100. I tend to crit more often times than not, but that's all just base damage. When crits happen, the damage jumps to 269 for stasis shot, 200 for ray of stasis, and 150 for stomp. So the numbers are a little volatile.

As for this type of damage comparable to pure branches of the fogger, I wouldn't know what to tell you there, since I've been doing this my way religiously for a long time. There was never really a question. I went a long-range artillery fire fogger for about the first 30 levels, but it's been all omni from there. I have a set build in mind for 112 which will give me 10 AP and allow me to do all sorts of stuff, but there's never anyone to really help me on the climb there, so I spend my days face grinding on things I'm able to do. And not many things due to my weak, weak gear. :c But one step at a time.

Quote (Wareen-Peace @ 12 June 2014 13:53) *
1.) My initial calculations were to have 4 maxed spells in fire and earth, two stasis spells to about 140 (a small percentage lower than traditional elements) and the rest into evening out mastery in fire and earth.

2.) I also utilized more spammable spells then you such as Flambe', Stasis Shot, and Bombardment as well as Fogginator over Cybot or Motherfogger.

3.) Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with what your doing, but being a tri fogger really comes down to finding a way to get a higher average damage.

4.)So being a jack of all trades is fine.

I numbered them in the order I will answer some of the points you raised, for a little organization~

1.) While I'm not at max cap right now (only 110), I've been doing exactly that, as my builds up top say. Except maybe keeping the spell experience in harmony with each other like you have, that serious min-maxing, but that's something I'll worry about later.

2.) The choice in masteries is all well and good. I choose cybot and motherfogger due to the levels of utility that I can make happen, since both I and my allies can ride the rails. Fire-spitter and Rockthrower, plus the aoe range for stasis strikes does great for versatility.

Spammable spells are a great asset since the battlefield often requires a little more finesse, a more careful aim that Steampalm, Firethrower, and Shebang don't have. I took stasis shot since it gives me all the finesse I need, due to the no-line of sight and the spammable barrage for when in Fogginator. Ray of Stasis for obvious effects. My other skills, the uncouth ones, are mostly aoe and I use them because for the time being, I focus more on low-level PvE and that often doesn't require the fine hand of a master. It requires brute force over a large area.

The 10 AP build I put above is one I'm looking forward to test. Two more levels and I'm able to do so. It'll be a little more AoE heavy, but it will maximize how efficiently I use my AP, instead of relying on ray of stasis to use the rest of my AP. 2 Heart of Steams, 2 Steampalms, or 2 Hammer claws.

Neat multi-tree combos would be a Firethrower, Stasis Strike (AoE all the way), and stomp. Or any of the above mixed in together with a stomp thrown in. Simplifying the class without having to kill myself over figuring out what the best way to spend my AP would be.

3.) Exactly. I just can't fathom a pure stasis Fogger... they'd have to put points into the different elemental specialties without ever using their other two trees who have excellent versatility. That or put points straight into specing two ap, mp, or range, and not touching strength, intelligence, chance, or agility, which would still nerf their damage since it's not averaging out. Even crippled more so by the fact that they miss out on the increased average elemental damage from their spell experience damage increase.

4.) Yeah. Foggernaut is a ton of fun. I love this class. It's a very flashy class with a lot of neat tricks and cool kicks. There's a lot of things to brag about with this class. I mostly wondered if I was wrong in tri-forcing my class as I have ever since I saw that level 145 using pure stasis attacks... But I'll have more faith in myself in the future.

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posté June 12, 2014, 03:38:36 | #10
The Jack of All Trades: Stasis Foggernaut I've mained on my Foggernaut for about a year now, and I absolutely love it. I've played it with my own somewhat religious view on what the Foggernaut should be and should be able to do.

So here's what I think the Stasis Foggernaut is all about.

1. The fact is that stasis is the average damage of all elements, it is volatile in the form that it choose the lowest resist and then randoms if two or more of the lowest resistances are the same on an enemy, plus it gets a damage increase if there are two or more.(On Mother Fogger).

2. A pure stasis build would cripple both the diversity and utility of the class, even nerf the damage by a portion.

I feel that the Stasis Foggernaut is a jack of all trades, simply because getting gear for the class is often associated with Omni-damage. Sets like apprentice, initiate, sage, vampyro, etc etc.

Putting all spell experience into the stasis tree does not give damage to stasis (presumably, I don't really know this for a fact), and since all the stasis abilities are the same in all due respect, it isn't worth focusing solely on the stasis tree at all. (The only variables being Stasis strike and Analoxyde which allow you to hit multiple enemies, which are easily replaceable as I'll explain later)

I max out two skills in every tree to maximize my efficiency, utility, and damage when it comes to spell diversity and spell experience damage increase via average elemental damage.

My current build is:

1. Stasis Shot
2. Ray of Stasis
3. Shebang
4. Stomp
5.Fire Thrower

There's a lot more skill combinations that work just as well. A future 10 AP build I want to try is:

1. Heart of Steam
2. Stasis Strike
3. Stomp
4. Hammer Claw
5. Fire Thrower
6. Steampalm

As for specialties, I will always max:

1. Microbot
2. Mother Fogger
3. Cybot
4. Groove
5. Fire and Oil
6. Armor Plating

*Noting that I purposely keep Fogginator at 0 because it gives the same bonuses for stasis and fire at it's core, which is the extra range on fire and the -1 ap cost to Stasis attacks. Damage rebound doesn't entirely matter. Fogginator also takes a percentage of cooling and changes it back to overheating, so if it takes 10% of 200 cooling at lvl 0, that's 10 overheating, then cooling, which nerfs the damage decrease for two rounds. Armor Plating also helps tactically if you choose to keep cooling.

*Not maxing Fogginator also nerfs my Earth damage capabilities, but that's the trade off. As to say "I'm a Stasis/Fire Fogger who can also Earth to some degree." It still allows me to put down healthy barricades to help allies and ally & enemy configuration, since barricades are never targeted and act like walls. It also allows me to melee if push comes to shove, either from challenges or from being locked. Flame fervor also helps in this respect if you're locked, so I keep it low and handy for those types of situations.

*Microbot, Motherfogger, Cybot, and Groove helps immensely with utility and movement. It also allows you to put down the hurt on the enemy using Fire Spitter and even more support with Rock Thrower, not even to mention that it changes the functionality of stasis abilities by giving them an aoe range instead of their straight lined attacks.

I also put my points into an AP, MP, and split the rest into Strength and Intelligence, to further maximize my average elemental damage. Perhaps a range in the future, but not strictly necessary at this point in time.

And so that's how I play Foggernaut, the Jack of All Trades.

I made this thread because only recently, I met someone who went SOLELY with stasis at level 145. At my current state, my Foggernaut is level 110. I wonder now more then ever if I've been doing something wrong. What does everyone else think?

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posté June 09, 2014, 19:47:03 | #11

Quote (Zabuzen @ 08 June 2014 22:02) *
I got what you need!

Pm danceswitshovel or Trafalgar Law

You don't know how happy it made me to see this post go back up to the first to find that someone responded, saying you had what I need. I love you. I'll try to pm you every hour or so to see if you're there on danceswitshovel

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posté June 05, 2014, 19:31:30 | #12
WTB: El Pochito Thong Desperately need this item. Name your price. Either leave a message here or in-game.

IGN: Astralocke

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posté June 03, 2014, 20:48:31 | #13
Still want one?

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posté May 28, 2014, 08:25:36 | #14

Quote (cbunny @ 27 May 2014 18:09) *
I'll tell you one thing though, they do care, it's very important to not get too upset and remember your manners.

So that has been my experience and my feedback for support in this game.

Exactly. I wish people would stop overexaggerating issues to the point of no return. Sure, it's disappointing to lose something that took you weeks to get, but it's best to just keep a straight face and hope for resolve one day, instead of dumping more stress on the people who can actually fix it.

Everyone just needs a little respect.

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posté May 28, 2014, 08:14:06 | #15

Quote (Sabi @ 28 May 2014 07:46) *

Quote (SeriousBelly @ 28 May 2014 03:40) *
Ankama: *pushes Sabi forward to answer*


Ryf: *Volunteers to answer*

(Roots for Ryf)


Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks Sabi! Despite what anyone has to say, you guys are good at communicating with the players. It really must be awfully hard for you guys, since the worst of humanity is presented in the impersonal medium that is the internet.

The only thing I really wish from Ankama would be like a developer blog or some form of news regarding all the raised issues and topics from either the people that are working on them (the devs), or people who are being fed this constant information for them to relay it back on us, (the mods) like you guys!

I know that the mods don't know everything that goes behind the scenes, which is why I like the first part of that suggestion more than the second, but any form of public news would be great. There's a lot more events and news going throughout the French community of Ankama's Wakfu than anywhere else, and I really wish you'd guys would be more open to us, the rest of the world too. We just want to know that we aren't being ignored, is all.

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posté May 26, 2014, 06:36:06 | #16
It's honestly up to you. It's a good game and it has a lot of charm. You might not agree with some of the things the developers or even the marketing team might do, but it's a nice experience all around.

You just have to ask yourself, does the reward outweigh the consequence? Are you the type to like grindy MMO's? Do you have people you can play with or can you adapt to any new guild that can take you in? That sort of stuff.

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