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Almanax 11 Flovor
The Flovor Bawl
The Flovor Bawl both ushers in the month of Flovor and commemorates the coming of the goddess ...

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Foggernaut Spell Cost HP, Foggernaut Spell Cost HP
posté December 27, 2013, 02:29:29 | #1
Foggernaut Spell Cost HP Sometimes when I use the Foggernaut's stasis spells, they will hurt me. I would simply like to know why that is. Sometime they hurt (or cost hp) and sometimes they do not, not sure why. I happens most often with my stasis spells but it does happen with my earth and fire spells as well.

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posté December 27, 2013, 08:04:24 | #2
It's because you were using Fogginator. Take a look at the spell description.

Earth and Fire should never hurt you. Stasis only hurts you if you are in Fogginator mode.

- Kat