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Foggernaut Appearance
posté July 22, 2014, 19:54:54 | #1
Foggernaut Appearance Hello Ankama! I know I'm not alone in this suggestion, so please listen up..

There are two kinds of Foggernaut incarnations in the Wakfu/Dofus universe. In Dofus, you can be either male or female, and you have a human appearance such as this; Click here or this Click here

Whereas in Wakfu, we only have the option to make a male Fogger, and have this appearance; Click here

There are fans of both appearances of course, and so I have come up with multiple suggestions to satisfy fans of all sorts.

Suggestion 1:
You can now make both male and female foggernauts in Wakfu. In the character customization tab, you will be given an appearance choice, where you can choose either a human-looking character (ala Dofus), or you can choose to look more like the bot fogger (ala Wakfu currently). Female foggers will be given their own female bot skin which looks similar to our current implemenetation.

Justification 1:
This will give all players the option to look like whatever fogger type they want. It will also let us make female foggers, which would correct an inconsistency that is not present in any of the other trees. Everyone wins.

Suggestion 2:
All foggernauts now look like the ones from Dofus, and we are given the option to make both male and female. However, this is an outward appearance only, and certain skills will expose that we are actually just robots in disguise. A passive/active skill can/should be attributed to this, and perhaps fogginator or motherfogger will turn us into our "true forms" which are those of stasis and steel. The "look/feel" of the character appearance will be similarly customizable to that of the Ecaflip's various cat-forms, or the Panda's various fur-types.

Suggestion 3:
This is the easiest route, but delivers the least. Simply make a female bot fogger skin to match the male one. I know some would be disappointed (those who are pro-dofus fogger style), certainly. I personally prefer the dofus look as well.... But at least it will make it so we can have male/female of the class finally.


Credit: Click here#

posté July 22, 2014, 22:00:58 | #2
The dofus foggernaut can't make his appearance lore wise as it shows up in the wakfu anime, which happens then years after the game

posté July 22, 2014, 22:04:02 | #3

Quote (ThyHolyOverlord @ 22 July 2014 22:00) *
The dofus foggernaut can't make his appearance lore wise as it shows up in the wakfu anime, which happens then years after the game
I was about to say this.

Try your chance again 10 years later.