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posté April 20, 2014, 23:04:36 | #1
It would be really darn cute to see that return with the new pet UI.

I used to absolutely adore the sense and drive of/for completion of secrets and achievements to earn Gemlin parts/bonuses.

Plus, showing off a high Wakfu % instead of Stasis felt like a legit thing. Gave up on that a few seasons ago. >.o;...

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posté November 22, 2013, 15:47:55 | #2
Well, I think they're trying to migrate some focus towrds smithmagic, it's already a gamble though. Increased hammer usage, with easier available stat reward.

Sadidas were revamped awhile ago to make elemental damage influence their summons, completely making CMC damage less efficient in relation to their actual water/damage/healing.

Nobody is benefiting from even having CMC as a combined stat anymore, besides people who were using primarily mechanics. Control gear isn't readily available, but finding a few points is unavoidable. The only ones who can utilize it past 6 for the majority of their abilities are the Osas, but it's still better than CMC, and pales in comparison to the damage builds that help support akward CMC/Control throw-ins.

I'd hate to see us lose what's been predominantly a common build, and only fluid hybrid build, to get these akward stats under control.

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posté November 22, 2013, 14:14:44 | #3
With the last few updates the population surge has been huge, and some of them stick. Consistently with literally up until a few months ago, our population STILL was going through major low-points, but it's much less noticeable recently.

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posté November 22, 2013, 14:02:29 | #4
The majority of lore tends to surface on the French forums, or even Dofus and the side-games to a lesser extent. (If you don't mind using stupid translations to sort through everything that goes on over there, or know someone willing to devote the time that actually knows the language. The majority of sparse lore shows up from their users.)
The magazines are honestly a neat addition, if you're willing to spend the ogrines on it.
Almanax doesn't tend to ever circulate anything substantially informative ever.
However there do seem to be some odd mangas and honest paper texts that were never translated, or never put anywhere by individuals.
To get any kind of account on it, like some of the earlier ones and considering twice now it's resurfaced months later, unless the original poster of what you're looking for resurfaces or gets notice that it'll take any huge turn. [C4ssidy hasn't surfaced on the forums since May, Tapmeister since shortly after her posts, etc.]

The Brotherhoodofthetofu site seems to have added the mangas, although the video links seemed to die fairly quickly in the past. They at least are pumping out progress on English translations.

The Dofus manga I don't think ever surfaced fully with English translations, but even having the information available like the class gods, or books readily available from Dofus that can be recounted as consistent Lore is pretty interesting.

Her other Protectors of the Month topic is equally littered with links from the majority of substance that's shown up.

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posté November 22, 2013, 13:06:41 | #5
I've still toughed it out since beta as a full summon Osa primarily, though I've played around with the ridiculously more efficient counterparts.

At this point I consider it a sick addiction to crafting that keeps me playing him, every single consecutive patch has seemed like a punishment in relation to Osamodas.

From the revamp of the earth tree, and removal of the unique utility.
To the perversion of fire to useless buffs.
To wind finally being the only stable tree after it being predominant with working well in dragon form, they were the major original branch that felt it was lacking.
It would be nice to get SOMETHING beneficial

Not another stupid hammer that's going to surface in the boutique. I can understand limitations in the shop, but not even in relation to CLASS particularly on top of regular upgrades.

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posté June 24, 2013, 13:18:05 | #6
Classes: Sacrier, Masqueraider
Name: SacRaider
Description: Contrary to popular belief, the Sacraider is actually not a vulgar hoarder. In reality, they are simply the woodworkers that allow all proper masqueraiders to be, well masqueraiders. They painstakingly craft masks, day and night, from nothing but wood and their teeth and nails. As time has gone on, and necessity increased, their teeth have grown gnarled and atrociously large, and their nails razor-sharp. They are a hideous sight to behold, particularly because of all the wounds they inflict upon themselves during crafting such glorious masks for their simpler brethren. They truly are miserable martyrs. To hide their grotesque appearance, they hide their entire bodies under a sheet, some may say they resemble a ghost of sorts. To keep their vision, and not to hinder their work, there is a hole cut into the sheet, to which a mask is connected to, usually with either glue or staples. It's become custom that this mask personify their pain. Although from lives of servitude, their unstable mentality proves to make them rather akward. Ranging from a sad fish head with pouty lips, to a magnificent nesting area on one's face, featuring a Tofu dismayed over his rump being missing atop it. These piteous creatures may seem to be grotesque and gentle, but that's where you're wrong. When their work is done, and the masqueraider claims his prize, he must show the utmost gratitude! For if their work goes unappreciated, they fly into a state of vehement insanity. They flail around, making unintelligible insults(they no longer require language, as it is unnecessary in their line of work), and begin to trash while darting at the ungrateful wretch who received the mask. To which, the not-so-poor victim is promptly dragged under the sheet, and devoured. This is also why masqueraiders aren't too common of a sight in the World of Twelve. Many are eaten due to poor prowess in interpersonal relationships, and until recent years their population has dwindled. If you thought Trools, Ogres, Boowerewolves, Ghostofs, Sharks, or Arachnees were the scariest beasts in the World of Twelve, without a doubt you were sadly mistaken.

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posté June 24, 2013, 12:50:24 | #7
There are a great number of these threads, I'd recommend just using the search function. >.o

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posté June 24, 2013, 12:45:12 | #8
Interesting, I'm torn about those changes. I kind of liked the unique shapes in relation to each nation object. Bonta, being a sword, etc. etc.

I do hope they put some of the islands back in their proper places, like the Sadida Kingdom for example. I hope that they're making them geographically correct again. Being hopeful, Ankama hasn't botched too much lately. *crosses fingers*

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posté June 24, 2013, 00:32:48 | #9
I'm not particularly sure about the Feca question. The class king wears a particularly tiny pair of glasses, seemingly for reading, or possibly just for cosmetics.

As for the Shushus in their spells, they're technophiles. Goddess knows, what weird mechanisms they research for use in combat.

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posté June 23, 2013, 20:08:46 | #10
That was one of the first unless I'm mistaken, but, from what Cassidy posted, it's very likely that it happened AC. Although, considering it looks rather ancient in relation to the art style and such, I'd say it's out-dated, in relation to the current progression of the World of Twelve's development. Still really interesting though, I wish I could get my hands on a few of the older comics.

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posté June 23, 2013, 14:03:15 | #11
While they poke at conjecture behind Ghoultard (I'm assuming that's the part you mean), the following posts also cover the different possibilities behind it. In relation to translation, and possibility behind what he truly is.

As for the reference to the gods I didn't seem to find anything contradictory. Although I will say this; Ankama has a knack for releasing contradictory information. Primarily in reference with Dathura, and with the new factions.

In particular, some of the lore has been changed, and much has been unexplained in order to fit some of the changes made from the Wakfu-Dofus games and eras.

In particular, some of the first references released, the earliest magazines, openly contradict some of the new lore. Put up any you find and we'll see if we can't consolidate it, but you're best off using the more Wakfu-recent entries, and referring to Dofus for the holes.

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posté June 22, 2013, 18:58:53 | #12
Considering the majority of rants that show up, that have no substance, "tulc leik dis", and are really nothing more than prepubescent angst on the forums. It's a ray of sunshine. You state some valid points, and some that've gone on for a bit too long. I'm hoping that with the political revamp they address some of the clan problems as well.

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posté June 22, 2013, 18:50:18 | #13

He kept going back and forth along two squares in the water, for over a few hours. Everyone was forced to relog, what a shame. QQ Such at troll fish.

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posté June 22, 2013, 18:45:47 | #14
Adding another, thought of a silly one.

Gods: Enutrof, Osamoda
Name: Rash Ketchup / Professor Palmito
Appearance: Seeming to be only much more elderly Osamodas, with golden horns on their head, more hair than you find on the majority of Osamodas, often hunched-over, and found carrying fanny pack made of their former friends, the gobgob.
Description: Rash Ketchup is notorious for having a compulsive hoarding disorder, fueled by the greed of the enutrof, and monster love of the Osamoda. A horribly twisted turn of events, he spends his days tracking and capturing every poor monster in the World of Twelve he can find. They live in the haven bag made out of the remains of his former friend, the gobgob, and inside it is where he keeps his newfound friends. Living in disgusting living conditions, and crammed in every nook and cranny within the haven bag, mountains of cages of every shape and size fill the innards of his long-lost companion. Being that, Enutrofs practically never die, he's long outlived all his captives, and his horrible compulsory disorder has proven to be detrimental to their well-being. They are never cleaned, they often go without food, and live in squalor, their cages are lined with their own feces. This doesn't get out lone hero down in the slightest though! As long as there are free-roaming creatures in the world, he will, "Catch 'em all".

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posté June 22, 2013, 18:24:41 | #15

Quote (TrendyKid @ 21 June 2013 19:33) *

Quote (SeriousBelly @ 21 June 2013 19:21) *
What about the classes for all the clan members?
I think the gobball king is an osa.
Indeed, in Kros somewhere it's stated he's an Osamoda. The Tofu Queen is also an Osamoda as well.

The Jonks, are just human that I'm aware of. Although they may be ever so slightly Iopish.

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posté June 22, 2013, 18:22:32 | #16
Let me start by saying, I greatly respect your literacy, it's a step above every other rant. Not to mention you go about it in a very classy way, and blatantly state it's your opinion. I can certainly respect that, thank you.

It sounds like in-particular your server has a heavy impact on your arguments. However, Nox, we have similar issues. The government is little more than a popularity contest, and some rather...lacking individuals end up in the seat of power far too often.

On the mention of CP, gobballs are nearly always high, especially late at night. It's insanely easy to farm CP, there should never be a reason with the current state of the game, why a player "can't" obtain CP.

I agree, the mechanics behind populations need to be fixed, it's one of a few updates we're all hoping will be addressed in the future. Until then though, thankfully it isn't game-breaking. As for the bonuses, there does tend to be quite a bit of variety between nations. It's something that's still being refined, but for the moment if you really do want those few extra points of damage, you can find areas relating to your element.

Resources seem to be more stable now, in all honesty. It's not as stressful, in my opinion, so I'm assuming that it's only a problem on Remington, which I'm sorry to hear of.

Crossing my fingers that the problems bothering you get addressed soon, and that you're able to tolerate them until then.

Thank you for being polite about your rant.

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posté June 22, 2013, 18:02:43 | #17
I've done a few different profit and expense reports for Ntreev and Nexon to prove a point way back when, but there's really no correlation or need to know. The devs don't get to choose where the money goes. Sadly, it's a company, and as much people may complain to the GMs, they're employees, and really don't have any say in changing the way things are. Mind you, some of them can be particularly useless, it's all based on their individual personalities and obligations.

On the topic of the support ticket, if you're still looking to try and make progress. Make sure the type of ticket you're submitting is proper, or try for something higher-priority. They often overlook particular categories, while others get answered within a day or two. Also, try and answer the same ticket a second time with some sort of updated information. There's also a number for Ankama's HQ support staff somewhere floating around the Dofus forums.

I have no idea where you're getting that the support button takes you to Dofus, it's the general Ankama all-games support thread. ._. If it's sending you to something Dofus-specific, I believe you may be doing something wrong.

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posté June 22, 2013, 17:47:54 | #18
Indeed, there are many "humanoid" races, but only base humans are under the influence of the 12 gods. The other races may, "Whorship" individuals as a god, but for some reason it would seem that only the 12 show any godly power from simply being worshiped, and have an impact on the world despite no longer being physically around. There do exist many other races, as well as monsters. Our characters, and all those under dominion of the 12 gods are all human, with the exception of the Foggernauts. Masqueraiders and Rogues fill the what-if void of more combat-able humans without particular devotion to a god. They really have started to fill in the gaps of where the world's nature and lore left holes.

Rushu is a powerful individual, but for some reason without the other gods' validation, he's limited to only being in charge of the demons he's created. He's a powerful demon, and a god to the Shushus, but not the same classification of god as the 12 are it would seem.

Ouginak I believe to be worshipped, "as" a god, he's also an enemy in Dofus, and not particularly powerful. He doesn't seem to have any particularly godly powers, which leads me to believe he's simply revered by the dog people as a god, for being the strongest of their race.

Ghoultard becoming the, "new" Iop god leads me to believe that the first 12 were powerful enough to change the nature of the world. So it would seem that everything from here on out is fairly static. There will most-likely not be the option for more gods to be incorporated, as the World of Twelve now has a set 12 positions that can be replaced when powerful enough individuals arise. But it would seem that arbitrary individuals who gain strength, cannot gain true divinity without usurping one of the current gods.

The Creation of the World and the Twelve Gods (Year 0 XC):

With the Eliatropes vanished, the World was ripe for seeding by other powerful entities. The first alliance of Gods contained ten members: Iop, Cra, Sadida, Eniripsa, and Feca represented the "light" elements of the world, Sram, Osamodas, Enutrof, Xelor, and Ecaflip representing its "dark" elements. At the time, an eleventh deity, Rushu, was considered, but was rejected for fear of imbalancing Dark and Light. Later, the gods Sacrier and Pandawa would join the pantheon as a Dark and Light god respectively. Rushu felt cheated and became spiteful of the gods. He interfered with Xelor's creation of time and the seasons, resulting in the coldest day of Winter, and created his own realm, The World of Rushu, and his own race; the ShuShu's, devoted solely to destruction.

---- Essentially, since they created the the majority of the world, it seems that its inhabitants no longer have the capacity for godhood, with the exception of replacing the existing.

Which brings up more questions, about how they came to be in the first place. Also, it just hit me that Rushu was also around during the creation of the world. He's a tier above the rest, since he also must have been created at the beginning, with the other 12 gods. However, he just seems to fail at life. It's unlikely that he's even capable of becoming a true god without their consent.

^ I'd forgotten about that, the majority of the beginning was just conjecture, but that entry pretty much consolidates it. I hope that it shed some light on the majority of questions pertaining to godhood.

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posté June 21, 2013, 02:03:44 | #19
If you're interested in the lore, I haven't filled out the rest. Using my guild's site to host a lore archive, and bestiary describing animals and their mannerisms 'n' such. (Haven't even started on the bestiary) I think you might enjoy the timeline, I just moved it over from a French site. If guild launch requires you need an account or w/e to view it, just let me know and I'll post the full thing here, I think you might enjoy it if you haven't seen it.


Foggers apparently had mistaken Osamoda in a different form, and now currently worship him as Oktopodas. I'm not quite sure if they validate him as the actual god Osamoda, but it works for them I suppose.

The other two I think are fairly in the dark. Ankama's recently releasing information contrary to previous lore. Like Dathura's disciples, makes her seem to be a rather aggressive spiteful individual, taking revenge upon Ogrest, as she previously tried to usurp him or something with the Dofus. In the Legend of Ogrest however, she was accidentally throw into the Abyss during the battle, while trying to stop him from fighting with the gods.

One statement says that Rogues gain their strength from Sram, which is just silly. The original information about the class stated they were godless, much like the Masqueraiders, who now supposedly are referenced from possibly worshipping Sadida? The information clashes are a bit weird, and kinda frustrating.

As for the other sentient species, they seem to be feral in nature, and rely on their own strength. While the humans also benefit from their own personal growth, they also draw from some sort of "blessing" bestowed upon them from their patron god, simply for being that particular disciple. For example, Ruel seems to be particularly powerful for an old man, has peculiar abilities for generating and finding kamas. Even causes a massive seismic attack, by dropping a kama and stepping on it. The others seem to have abilities based on nature and evolution, which in truth seems to explain quite a bit, the superiority of humans in the anime, MMO, and other content.

Also, some Osamoda have smaller horns than others, I assume it's just a very gradual process. Most commonly it occurs as they mature, the variety in skin tones also is a pretty prominent sign, it varies to the full blue gradually as well, and the same with the white hair. As with the Osamoda king, his entire stature seems to be a bit more feral, and also with the guardian of Grougal's Dofus. He tends to be my favorite, in that he's so demonic and scary. I love in general that Osamodas give such a misleading first impression, when at a base they can really be quite scary. I mean the name alone backwards, "Sado-maso". Sadomasochistic - scary stuff. Yet they're so cute and fluffy.

@BrainInAJar, go for it, have fun. But, they don't have gods that I'm aware of, just for the record. xD

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posté June 21, 2013, 01:43:47 | #20
Not in particular, it's not nearly as awful as the majority of the other rage posts.

I'd like to leave this on a kind note, but uhhh, really the hostility in the majority of these threads is exhausting, so I may run away from the forums for a bit after this. At a base, yeah, it may be bad business sense for them, but given my experience with other games as well, this is a nice change. At the very least, they do make the attempt, and are reasonable. More-so, keep in mind they are a French-based company, who draw the majority of their revenue from nationalities not our own. So we will most-likely be receiving fewer resources as a player-base, because we create less revenue for them.

Personally I just got cheated out of the Turbogrines rewards, and am still waiting for a second response, but I'm hoping being persistent enough will pay off. There have been a few other instances where it has, but given considerable time.

Also, SE left rather abruptly, I can only imagine they may be struggling a bit without a solid NA publisher as well.

All in all, it's only been a few days, give it time and keep your chin up, try and do other things in-game to take your mind off it, while trying to find something to keep productive.

Sorry for getting you confused with his friend, I assumed given the time of your response and direction of your statements. There were quite a few people that lost their haven bags in the crash, I should've been more attentive.

On the topic of bad business sense, customer service is honestly the least of their worries. I'm glad they are reasonable individuals, who are fairly polite and eventually productive. Plenty of companies know how to con people out of their cash, treat their players like shit, and still make TONS of money. Take Nexon for example, Maple still holds the record as one of the top MMOs. Their support is literally non-existent, and their cash items control the game. It's P2W, and that's how all their games are. 6 months is the average waiting time for a support ticket, bugs and exploits are completely rampant, and yet people still cough up tens, hundreds, even thousands of dollars over the course of a year each.

It's proper business sense, but bad morality. Ankama's a fair moderation, I just prefer to count my blessings in this game. It's still got really innovative cute graphics, neat systems, it's one of the games I'm really glad NA has received, the current selection of MMOs worth playing that haven't died off in the NA market is really slim.

Overall though, I don't mean to be aggressive, I'm just saying that posting in general chat won't get anything done, I'm fairly certain. It gets bogged down quite a lot by rants about people dissatisfied, and the majority tend to be rather...well the community behind Wakfu is rather hard to tolerate at times. I really don't think it will end up fixing your haven bag though. :/

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