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Canada anybody?
posté January 24, 2014, 19:46:23 | #1
Canada anybody? This is mostly to satisfy my own curiosity, but I think I've only come across two players in my time to date who hail from the great white north that is Canada. Most everyone else I've come across is from the states, and I'm just curious if there any other canucks out there scrambling about the servers....

Grizzled Dandelion * Member Since 2013-01-12
posté January 27, 2014, 18:42:33 | #2
I was born and raised in Toronto!

Grizzled Dandelion * Member Since 2014-04-20
posté June 01, 2014, 18:35:33 | #3
Born in West Germany. Raised/Lived partially in Borden, Gatineau, La Baie, Ottawa and Montreal.

Grizzled Dandelion * Member Since 2007-10-09
posté August 20, 2014, 16:54:28 | #4
I'm in the same boat; I haven't come across more than a handful. Right now; me (NFLD) and a guildy (Alberta)

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