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[Guide] JerryDB's Water Eni
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posté October 28, 2013, 16:58:27 | #1
[Guide] JerryDB's Water Eni Updated 22.04.13 I will try to update this from time to time.

Why play an eni?
There is not much content you can do without need of healing. Eni's are the main healing class of the game they also are the only class that can get rid of negative states. At higher content some negative states can not be removed. I have been playing as an Eni for years many tell me healing people is not as much fun as dealing damage that's true however someone has to do it. I find keeping an entire team alive often can be challenging, rewarding and most of all rather entertaining.

P.S. male eni's do not look very cool however I stick to my guns and cosplay as one anyway.

Update on this build I have gone crit for fun. General/ Flat damage now works with healing/water damage. Where previously it did not. For example +100% general damage before added +0% to healing spells now it gives the exact same amount of general damage so +100% (whatever the actual amount of plus damage is) to healing spells.

Benefits of this build
  • Great range
  • Decent heals
  • Decent AoE/team heals
  • Mostly built for best support

Bad points
  • Does not have the highest hp or resistance
  • Not a tank
  • Not very pvp viable
  • Bad at soloing
  • May have slightly less heals then other less tactical builds
  • Somewhat relies on critical heals

Primary Specialties (I only usually talk in terms of maximum level)
  • Expert Healer level
  • Constitution level
  • Eniraser level

Secondary Specialties
  • Coney level
  • Absorption level
  • Regeneration level
  • Transcendence

The ones I used and why
  • Expert Healer +40% heals.
  • Constitution +10% of your max health to the entire team.
  • Eniraser the only spell on the game that removes negative states from players and you can revive people. Be careful of its 1 use per turn, also lets say you revived someone with a poison which hits 500 and you heal them 499 they poison will kill them on their turn. Also if you revive someone they keep their negative states.
  • Coney at max level its 2 ap it has the same resistances as you so it can tank at least one hit. Coney also every time is heals adds +2% hygiene so if possible cast at the start of the fight. Coney does a weak amount of healing. Another use is lets say a sac is trapped the bunny can be used to switch with the sac.
  • Absorption the main benefit of this every time everyone else but YOU heal you gain +10% of that heal which includes the bunny when it heals you. This at later levels can give very good heals. I do not tend to stand within range for the damage reduction on team members to work but that's just how I play.
  • Regeneration cost 1 ap first turn then on your second turn and every turn after 2 AP which does a pretty decent heal much more than two renewing words. On the second turn the character you cast regen on will receive the heal at this point you can remove regen by clicking on yourself so it costs nothing. However you then can not reapply regen to anyone else on that turn that you removed it . The easiest way to think of it is every other turn for 1 ap people get a bonus heal.
  • Transcendence at max level has range of 9 without line of sight it has to be cast at the start of the turn without moving. Transcendence makes a player immune to damage and unable to use AP for 1 turn, it works around your (the eni's turn). Whilst immune the players can still use mp I mainly use this in emergencies when a player has to move/dodge roll a monster and there is no other option. Now if you cast Transcendence on yourself you will be no longer able to cast the spell again that fight this has to be a bugged and it has been reported. Transcendence gets better character level and heals the same regardless of specialty level.
The ones I have missed out

I will probably put any spare points into Massacuring mark.
  • Unnatural remedies (UR) this build has range of 3 with 6 mp so the cost of be acceptable even at level 1.
  • Massacuring mark this works of the hp of the monster so the more hp they have the better damage and heals will be done by Massacuring mark. This is very important at higher levels and if there is no healing to be done in the very first turn a great way for extra healing later on. If combo-ed with the max absorption can lead to a massive amount of free heals for you.
  • Master Propagator we are not air so pointless.

Stats at level 145 = 720 points
10 AP/ 6 MP is the aim
Stats always
1 AP 150 points level 31
1 MP 100 points level 51
1 range 80 points level 67
22% crit 330 points (66 levels) level 133
Level 133-145 = 60 points spare
I am undecided on the rest of the points, kit skill and chance being the best options

Crit Vs Chance: for 330 points you could gain either 82.50% water damage & resistance (going chance) OR 23% base crits by maths chances overall works out slightly better but crit is more interesting.

I have put a lot of spell exp to gain 60% resistance in air and fire.

This what I use for reference when respecing table for spell exp here.

Current Spells

Future spells

Main combos with 10 AP/6MP
Invig 76 x 2 =152 8 AP 2 MP standard close-mid range combo & AoE/Team heal
Fort 99 x 2 = 198 8 AP 2 WP best damage/heals combo best used for emergencies
Healing word 46 x 3 = 138 9 AP good mid-long range combo

With each of the combos I could use healing word for a heal of 8 base at 1 AP or Regen which will heal a character on YOUR next turn.

Renewing word 8 x 10 = 80 Longest range combo

Revitalizing word is not used at all in this build as at places like wabbit island to stand in AoE for heals is an awful idea the monsters will do so much damage it just pointless.

Please note I have purposely used what I deem to be fairly easy to get equipment so there is very likely room for improvement. The most important thing about my build is the MP/AP/Range/Crit I aim to always have plus 3 range that's why I have not switched some equipment for greater water/heals.

With the general damage adding we have a wide range of access to different weapons but for me I still using the trusted old maka wand +1 AP +20 heals +1 Range.

You don't have to always be 10AP/ 6MP, 5MP is not too bad especially if it means better healing overall.

Also when you need more resistance use a shield otherwise use a dagger.

I have not completed my level 145 set yet so I can not offer any advice on whats the best relic to get I like the look of the solomonk.

Kit skill is your friend using it means you can wear equipment high level equipment at a lower level 1 kit skill = 1 level reduce from the equipment actual level.

Main sources of kit skill:-
1. Whispered Ring level 85 ring + 10 kit skill.
2.Amuleto Level 134 ammy +10 kit skill.
3. Stats it costs 2 levels per 1 kit skill and the maximum is 10 kit skill from stats. Personally I am not going to do this but up to you.
4. Guild bonus and Haven World bonuses.

Level 116 Set

Larduous Set is a good set to get its level 121.

Level 126 Set
you could a Ketcha Fishbone dagger level 112 and dirty cheap.

Level 145 Set
I have not used any parts of the genetically modified set as it gives more water and resistance but less crits.

Possible future set

Here are my most recommended pets but depends what you need from your pet.
Snow Bow Meow (+30% heals)
Surimi (+25% water +20 Initiative)

Firstly the role of the healer is to keep everyone alive I usually like to take charge within a team so that the team is more effective. For example sometimes its better to let the monster run into the teams range then one or two people running forward. Also if we know the monsters go before you start further back no point letting them get a free hit. The main purpose of being in charge is to minimize the amount of damage your team takes so that you can out heal the damage dealt.

You will quickly learn that most fights boil down to team damage vs team heals the number one thing I always stress to everyone is to single target kill monster as a dead monster does not inflict damage on your team making your life as an eni a little easier. Very often in terms of damage, resistance and hp the monsters are most likely going to be high that's where effective team work can ensure victory.

Another golden rule is to keep within range of the eni if someone literally teleport to the other side of the map and is taking massive damage personally let them to die or make their own way back if you feeling bad you could always throw a coney their way.

If you are a single eni on a team you are the most important character an effective team should understand this so as the eni letting everyone else meat shield you and die before you should be standard practice. My example lets say you have 5 damage dealers and 1 eni, and 1 damage dealer disconnects first turn how long will you survive and what are your chances of winning? same example this time the eni disconnects how long will you survive and what are your chances of winning?.

Reviving people, personally I usually revive people as late as I possible can as lets say there was bad luck and they had full hp and died on the first turn. If I revive them they may will be in the same position all over again but in 2-3 turns time we might have killed a monster or two making the fight a little safer. Obliviously if this was for example the only air damage dealer who was critical to this fight then revive as fast as possible.

As you can see from my spells levels I do not have a favorite mark, I mainly use marks on the very first turn or whenever I do not need to do any real healing with +3 range I can use most marks from a decent amount of safe range.

Just in case you didn't know Eni can get backstab with UR. For healing allies it makes no difference which way you heal them.

Current invig is bugged lets say you had a team member then a beacon then another team member the heal should skip the beacon and heal the other player it currently doesn't. So watch out for barrels, beacons, doll seeds, mircobots and anything else of that type. Note Ankama recently said they have fixed it and they have not.

You can stack hygiene by cast invig on yourself even when you have full hp without incurring heal resistance.

The only air spell I every really use if the push spell, remember you can use this to push team mates closer to a fight if is sensible to do so.

We can damage Undead monsters using heals without casting UR however we will not get the AoE effect of Invig if we do this. On a bonus note, using Invig on a undead monster will damage the monster and heal allies of yourself which is great.

When you see an eni with +300% water damage they actual heals may be closer to 400% as +heals is not shown when you right click on people. So water damage +heal= total amount of healing.

Critical hit damage does not work on healing but I believe it works when dealing damage.

Heal resistance is a game mechanic which basically stop people tanking forever in the good old days of pvp and eni could tank/heal against a player wait till their Wakfu points run out then destroy them OR keep fulling healing a tank against a boss and as long as you don't get one-shot success.
So how it works, the more hp and times you heal someone the greater their heal resistance %.
How to bare heal resistance in mind firstly gain as much heals and water damage as you can.
Try to get your team to improve their resistance if possible as taking less damage to begin with will reduce the negative effects of heal resistance.
Try to get an actual tank, to take the hits for the team lets take an earth sac they can reduce the incoming damage with their ability's plus they are going to have much better resistance then the damage dealers on the team. So they are reducing the effect of heal resistance.
The other thing to bear in mind , heal resistance comes into effect over a long fight so if its possible make the fights shorter.

What are Chromatic heals? this means whatever you have the highest elemental damage % in which will be water it uses this number to work out the heals. Both Transcendence and Regeneration use Chromatic heals. The problem is that we have another vital stat for healing which is plus heals which Chromatic heals ignore. Even though we use Trans and Regen I would not bother trying boosting water damage as high as possible to make the maximum of these spells as are our overall healing comes from actual spells.

For water spells hygiene stacks equally regardless of crit its basically 1 AP = 1 level of hygiene.
Hygiene requires you to heal someone or deal water damage every turn otherwise you lose the buff.

You can remove UR from yourself using eniraser but you will not get your AP/MP back from the cost of these spells. So if you want to attack/heal make sure you have not had your range stolen.

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