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Important Information 08 July 2014, 22:01 By : [Sabi]

The PayPal payment option is currently under maintenance until Monday May 4th for all Ankama websites for technical reasons. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding. For updates on the Paypal maintenance: Click Here.

Check our general FAQ page to keep yourself updated and find the answers to your questions: Click Here.
A Phaeris migration FAQ and troubleshooting thread was created: here.

New nations' subforums have been created for each servers and the Dathura forums removed as belonging to the FR Community, please make sure to relog your account on the website in order to be able to see/use them!

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Forums Rules of Conduct
By : [Sabi] - January 21, 2014, 03:21:47
Welcome! These forums have been created to be a friendly environment for our community, where they may share their WAKFU experience, ask questions, get help, share feedback and most of all… to socialize and have fun. Therefore we feel it is important to share with you the guidelines for the overall wellness of the forums. We have compiled a few basic pointers to follow that will help you o...
The : 2014-01-21 03:21:47
-- / -- January 21, 2014, 03:21:47 By : [Sabi]
Forum threads
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(Class Video Guide) JerryDB's Stasis Foggernaut at lv 169
By : JerryDB - February 26, 2015, 15:05:37
With update in September 2014 I decided to start playing fogger again. I love my fogger and the flexibility stasis provides me. Click here to watch the video. This guide is in sections please click to shortcut when on the youtube video:- 00:30 1 Elemental spells for the build and how all the spells work 06:00 2 Support spells for the build and how all the spells work 25:08 3 Stasis dama...
The : 2015-02-26 15:05:37
3 / 1585 March 10, 2015, 20:48:21 By : CourtneySteps
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(Quest Guide) Xeloruim Main Questline
By : JerryDB - February 26, 2015, 02:05:13
Gapaman has given me permission to post his videos. Firstly you need to level 155 (I think) in order to access this questline. Gapaman has broken down the questline into 3 parts: [*]Part 1[*]Part 2[*]Part 3Massive tip bring some people with you especially characters with map manipulation a panda and xelor are ideal....
The : 2015-02-26 02:05:13
3 / 641 March 03, 2015, 03:34:45 By : jefffou
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(Misc. Guide) Buying mutliple steam packs
By : JerryDB - February 28, 2015, 15:59:08
This guide is of course also on steam but this is the original place for Wakfu information. …...
The : 2015-02-28 15:59:08
1 / 753 February 28, 2015, 17:43:22 By : Yunru
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Kewkky's Fire/Water Sram Guide * 1 2 3 
By : SSBKewkky - February 22, 2014, 23:47:00
Feel free to ask questions! EDIT: This guide is obsolete, as the Sram class got an overhaul and now functions very differently. A new, updated guide can be found here. PART 1 -- Introduction PART 2 -- Characteristics and Specialties PART 3 -- Spells PART 4 -- Equips PART 5 -- Leveling areas PART 6 -- Late Game Strategies (Under Construction) ----- HOW TO SOLO LENALDS/BLACK WABBITS ----- HOW TO SOLO MECHABRAS ...
The : 2014-02-22 23:47:00
45 / 20016 February 27, 2015, 02:28:07 By : kurausu
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(Quest Guide) Plove yourself
By : JerryDB - February 26, 2015, 02:18:47
Gapaman has given me p…...
The : 2015-02-26 02:18:47
0 / 448 February 26, 2015, 02:18:47 By : JerryDB
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(Quest Guide) Calamar Island
By : JerryDB - February 26, 2015, 02:08:08
Gapaman has given me permission to post his videos. I am not sure what level you need to be to do this quest maybe level 55. Video link here. ...
The : 2015-02-26 02:08:08
0 / 580 February 26, 2015, 02:08:08 By : JerryDB
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Written & Videos Player-Made Guides Directory
By : [MOD]Ranuko - December 24, 2013, 10:35:33
Below will be a collection of some the written guides on various subjects I have included a description if the title is not obvious. I have also not included any guides that are already indexed in other topics such as the class directory which can be found here. On 16 March 2015 this topic was merged with the Video guide index. Written guides Players behaviour, reporting and contacting moder...
The : 2013-12-24 10:35:33
3 / 7293 February 26, 2015, 01:10:51 By : [MOD]Ranuko
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By : DobbyTheHouseElf - November 16, 2014, 04:07:41
INTRODUCTION Hey there! I am Ameke from the Nox server. Ecaflip lover, and ecaflip player. This is a comprehensive guide outlining ecaflips and all of their glory. The purpose of this guide is clarification of ecaflip abilities and mechanics, and to help you make decisions for which moves you want to use. I also have italicized writings on many sections describing my own opinions or thoughts th...
The : 2014-11-16 04:07:41
6 / 3950 February 25, 2015, 15:59:29 By : Xtreeeem
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(Misc. Video Guide)Guide to running to Wa Castle
By : JerryDB - February 25, 2015, 13:53:10
Here is a simple guide to running TO wa castle and …...
The : 2015-02-25 13:53:10
0 / 348 February 25, 2015, 13:53:10 By : JerryDB
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Farmer's Handook: A Guide for Farmers
By : Xavier-Jenon - February 14, 2015, 00:44:10
Farmer’s Handbook Hours of blood sweat and tears of just looking for information wasted, I decided to make the damn guide myself. Location and planting rate included. Weather will be added if that is found to be a factor in planting rate. Next Update: Optimal weather for crops. Missing a few crops, lacking the seeds. Update Log 2/15/2015: Alpha Release. Info for Amakna published....
The : 2015-02-14 00:44:10
2 / 1164 February 14, 2015, 03:40:42 By : Merriden
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Zerk's Comprehensive Guide for Fecas
By : Mechazerker - December 04, 2014, 16:04:41
Zerk's Comprehensive Guide for FecasZerk's Comprehensive Guide for FecasGreetings Residents of the World of the Twelve!!! (even though it’s not really twelve anymore) Who am I? I AM THE MECHAZERKER!!! I'm from Wakfu APAC, just wanted to share my guide with the international servers:) If you see this blonde feca, don’t forget to say hi! Oh wait, wrong Mecha…. here we go… Now… ...
The : 2014-12-04 16:04:41
12 / 4653 February 11, 2015, 18:02:40 By : Equuro2
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[GUIDE] Pandawa, The Fight Master
By : Sanexis - December 26, 2014, 22:46:51
Pandawa, The Fight Master After update, panda became a true support: off tank, off healer, off DPS and true CC master. In my opinion, panda is best support, you will able to save your party many of times. 1. Skills. First of all, lets talk something about spells. Some of them are very useful, some are just useless. Water -Milky Breath - 1AP 1MP cost, good dmg, low healthing ability. ...
The : 2014-12-26 22:46:51
9 / 5830 February 11, 2015, 15:28:17 By : Micestorff
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[Guide]Everything about Ecaflip
By : Powerful-Potato - February 10, 2015, 07:43:03
And 'em dices, cards, flea and fur and stuffs So, erm i have a bit free time in my hands and many other guide is kind of outdated to a certain degree so i decided to write a guide about ecaflip and how to play it. Also this post was originally in Wakfu APAC forum but i decided to share it here. The Gamemaster Ecaflips are used to gambling on chance. In battle, you'll never know if the next blow coming from the enemy with the catty head ...
The : 2015-02-10 07:43:03
2 / 1578 February 11, 2015, 04:08:30 By : Powerful-Potato
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(Misc.) Guide for Indefatigable Wabbit Quest
By : iTzMeThiago - November 12, 2014, 19:35:55
I don't know if this is the right place to ask, if is not plz move my thread. I need the location of the Li'l Owain's Helmet from this quest:...
The : 2014-11-12 19:35:55
4 / 1520 January 28, 2015, 05:22:05 By : FeldePard
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[Guide] Water/Fire words that make it sound cool Panda [wip]
By : Agosta - January 27, 2015, 08:47:02
This guide will be short. It's under construction but I will not do a lot of hand-holding. At this point in the game you guys can figure out gear combinations etc. This is 100% PvE so do not bother asking about PvP as I will just respond with lolpvp . This build focuses on Range and AoE damage. You are secondary healer, map manipulation, and DPT. You can fill all these roles at once and still ...
The : 2015-01-27 08:47:02
4 / 1174 January 27, 2015, 16:39:27 By : Agosta
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[Guide] How to Eliotrope Portal - A Beginner's Guide
By : Witzel5ucht - January 13, 2015, 23:33:50
DISCLAIMER I'm fairly low level (135ish). The beginner in the title is really me. Most of the things in this guide will be fairly obvious. All corrections and discussions are welcome. DISCLAIMER 2 Portal is bad. Go for another guide (or even class) if you want to be good. I can't resist portal only because it's too much fun. DISCLAIMER 3 This is not a build or a spell guide, only everythin...
The : 2015-01-13 23:33:50
1 / 2885 January 22, 2015, 08:20:05 By : MiniMikeh
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[Guide] Earth/Air Rogue (OLD) * 1 2 
By : Trayes - May 28, 2013, 21:53:30
Hey all! In game I am known as Double Dee or DD for short. I am an Earth/Air Rogue. I have played as Pure Earth, Earth/Fire and Earth/Air. Currently I am Earth/Air because I feel like it fills in a lot of Earths weaknesses. I am writing this guide because I don't feel like enough people share info on classes. I am not good at writing guides and if someone would like to take my info and make it ...
The : 2013-05-28 21:53:30
21 / 17944 January 14, 2015, 02:36:19 By : Trayes
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Tibi's Grand Slam Class Jam.
By : ValorINTE - January 05, 2015, 16:57:48
Overview of all the Classes :tap:Grand Slam Class Jam:tap: Starting A Wakfu class overview which includes spells and mechanics (and maybe a few puns along the way). Comment Mistakes or stuff that I haven't added in. Class Directory. [WIP] -Cra [crainf] -Ecaflip -Eliotrope -Eniripsa -Enutrof -Feca -Foggernaut -Iop -Masqueraiders -Pandawa -Osamoda -Rouge -Sacrier -Sadida -Sram -Xelor ...
The : 2015-01-05 16:57:48
0 / 954 January 05, 2015, 16:57:48 By : ValorINTE
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[Guide] Sacrid's Simple Air/Earth Rogue
By : SacridTaco - November 02, 2014, 20:53:31
Sacrid’s Simple Air/Earth Rogue Guide 10AP/6MP Aptitudes: Intelligence: • %HP – 25 points • Resistances – 10 points • Regen missing HP – 5 points Strength: • Equal distribution between top 4 damages Agility: • Full Initiative Chance: • Critical Hits – 20 points • Block – 19 points Major: • AP • MP • Final Damage Specialties: NOTE: The numbers in parenthesis under the A...
The : 2014-11-02 20:53:31
4 / 2745 December 29, 2014, 01:56:13 By : Shadow-Frost
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[Guide] The Jeweler's Guide to Fire/Water Enutrof
By : kromzer0 - December 19, 2014, 00:15:06
v1.39 - Prospecting Enutrof, aka The Loot Whore It's been three and a half years that Silus87 wrote his solid [url=…...
The : 2014-12-19 00:15:06
1 / 2756 December 26, 2014, 14:52:22 By : Ishidalon
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[Guide] Wolfcatcher's Guide to Fire Sacrier!
By : WolfSte - December 14, 2014, 12:50:16
[Guide] Wolfcatcher's Guide to Fire Sacrier! EDIT: I changed my class to Pandawa so this guide won't be updated anymore. Index 1) Preface 2)Goals 3)Stats Guide 4)Speciality Guide 5)Spell Guide 6)What to Level? 7)Conclusions Preface Hi! I am Wolfcatcher. I played a LOT the Fire Sacrier. The Fire Sacrier is good at leveling. You can keep killing monster even if you have 10-2...
The : 2014-12-14 12:50:16
4 / 1278 December 15, 2014, 12:04:56 By : WolfSte
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[Guide] Ledur’s Fire/Earth Sacrier * 1 2 3  4
By : Delaz - October 24, 2014, 22:46:07
Finally the Guide is here! [Guide] Ledur’s Fire/Earth Sacrier Goal of this Build:This is by far one of the one the premier tank builds in the game with the ability to use the strongest spell in the game. At level 160, I easily break 10,000 Health points in full groups. All in all, this build have great utility in rearranging the battle field and protecting comrades. Main Spells: Playing with Fire: [*]Blood Rush: The f...
The : 2014-10-24 22:46:07
63 / 17296 December 11, 2014, 14:14:46 By : ArcLightning
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[Leveling Guide] Bonta Leveling 'till 80
By : thimaster - December 06, 2014, 20:08:04
As I read the forums, I saw a number of players asking for a guide to level up. Although it's a little hard, it's very very possible to level alone with some classes. As my experience with my osamodas solo leveling to this level, I'll write some sugestions about level grinding, * From level 1~18: Oh, the bright start it's the most annoying place to level. -> If it's your first character, ...
The : 2014-12-06 20:08:04
2 / 4234 December 07, 2014, 16:10:13 By : thimaster
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Meier's guide to the political system.
By : Aacher - September 01, 2014, 17:26:16
What is CP, what are the government positions, how does it all work... Since I've been in government, I've noticed that many players (even older ones) are still pretty unsure about what the government members do, how citizenship points work, and who to ask for help, so I'm making this guide to hopefully answer these questions and more. :) The guide covers information for both new and old players. LIST OF TOPICS: (in order) +What are citizenship points/how d...
The : 2014-09-01 17:26:16
5 / 2378 November 28, 2014, 06:57:43 By : AduroT
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The Life of a Hunter - Otomai Quest
By : Mercurion8234 - September 10, 2014, 16:31:10
The Life of a Hunter NPC - Otomai's Disciple Where - Astrub Win - Otomai's Disciple Armor Click here I - 20,445 XP Royal Piwi + 10 Royal Feather Click here Celestial Piwi + 10 Celestial Guano Royal Gobball + 2 Royal Leather Click here Royal Tofu + 2 Royal Tofu Beak Click here II - 113,020 XP Carnivorous Plant + 10 Dry Branch Royal Blibli Click here Scarandor Black Zordfish (Sufokia) III Celes...
The : 2014-09-10 16:31:10
4 / 5427 November 26, 2014, 11:24:09 By : Troutmask
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[Video Guide] An introduction to feca's
By : AdmiralWhiskey - November 22, 2014, 17:00:29
Hey, my names whiskeyjacks and ive created a basic intro guide for fecas. This guide covers what a feca does and how to use a feca in wakfu. I also do cover my feca and how i use her. This was my first time writing a guide and making a video so sorry in advance, please post critique ^^ Click here...
The : 2014-11-22 17:00:29
2 / 1052 November 25, 2014, 23:21:05 By : AdmiralWhiskey
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[Guide] Runes and Smithmagic * 1 2 
By : Onesti - March 16, 2014, 22:58:41
So I heard you like more stats? Well runes are a way to get that little extra from your equips! And now I'll tell you how it works. To start find an item you will keep for a while. Not something easily replaced. No use in leveling runes on something you are going to change out of soon. Okay, got something? Excellent. Now you are wondering what stat you want, right? Stop! Not that easy. See ...
The : 2014-03-16 22:58:41
22 / 17189 November 25, 2014, 08:07:26 By : AduroT
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[Guide] Complete Feca Class Guide
By : SpiritualEnigma - November 14, 2014, 23:34:24
Feca Guide Disclaimer: This information is coming from experience of a level 136 Feca player. This guide is a work in progress and if there is something I did not test that people would like to add to the guide then comment and I will include it if I deem it to be of importance. If there is something wrong or misleading then let me know. The purpose of this guide is to be as efficient as possib...
The : 2014-11-14 23:34:24
10 / 4634 November 24, 2014, 21:54:43 By : SpiritualEnigma
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[Calculator] Wakfu Damage & Healing Calculator (Save File Update!)
By : Mothraax - November 06, 2014, 04:34:19
Program used to calculate a spell's damage or healing. Hello Wakfu forum members! I decided to whip up a program to calculate damage and healing based on Disc's excellent guide. The program itself was made in Java using the Eclipse IDE and the download is an executable .jar file that should work across various computers as long as you have the latest version of Java. Let me know if you have any trouble executing the program. I plan to continue upda...
The : 2014-11-06 04:34:19
11 / 2235 November 14, 2014, 12:40:43 By : Agosta
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[Guide] Disc's Guide to Damage Formulas
By : DiscKZee - July 04, 2014, 20:42:56
Damages, damages vs. resistance, and heals! Welcome to my guide on how damage calculations work in Wakfu! My name is Disc, and I'm the creator of the Fire/Air Eniripsa guide. I've recently revamped this old post to help explain how the various damage and battle calculations are worked out. All the information can be found out by in-game experimentation, but I've luckily done that part for you and compiled a guide! This guide is aimed at ...
The : 2014-07-04 20:42:56
19 / 7507 November 12, 2014, 00:00:02 By : Blackeagle112