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anyway bye.

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we dont really know whats in his outfit i mean he must have some sort of machinery in there to make the helmet work. That is where i was assuming some of his bulk came from. Besides that if you look at harebourg... like you would maybe not call him a faithful xelor. Especially when you listen to him you clearly can see he does not respect them. He could stop wearing bandages and went for this new outfit just to distance himself. Im still thinking about how he is portrayed in the first ova *haven't watched the rest of them* I kinda feel like if he had more time to develop he would of been better understood. Anyway back to his outfit. I actually quite like the outfit am i saying it is better than his previous one... no im just saying its not worse. I mean perhaps he just wanted a better suit to wear. I mean even the ice blades didnt bother me hugely. *i'll be honest im a fan of ice* I've just been considering his suit to have alot more tech in it so he doesnt have to be restricted. They did say that he used some of nox's tech i mean idk yugo could just be a xelor-racist? and anyone with a xelor mask he diss's. Im not going to go into my thoughts on yugo currently. Honestly im more interested how he won back/ populated frigost again. *oh btw nice polar cracken*

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Im like pretty sure hot head drops off mechas.

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Quote (OhNoitsIchie @ 24 October 2014 10:08) *
I tried farming for Immortality III from the slimsis too, no luck apparently ._.

Tyr Anis too, I'm pretty sure it drops from the pirates, I spent a good one to two hours trying to drop it and it just didnt. Then I went to help a lv. 100 guildy to do the quest and he got it.. But guess what? Can't trade books. Ah well~

The only way you can trade books is having access to a common bookshelf in the hw of a guild, but thats too much hassle.

Where did you drop the journal of enjeering? the damaged journal drops off hagen btw. Immortality i think drops off a specific slimis or the chafer guy... or the fire slime.. the journal is off the pirates im pretty sure  

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I will say this that was a cool fight. At least someone found use for temporal illusions Oh also dem sinistros

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The thing is it was already like that. Subbed people would get secret drops all the time and more xp they simply didn't show it is all. They removed the interface cause it annoyed people. Idk why they added it back but be clear this is not new and has always been here and how things worked. I can think of a few reasons why they let it be shown again but I don't feel like writing a ton :x Anywho really Nothing to talk about your just seeing something that was always there c:

Edit: you know what I actually read your post all the way through and really? The cost to sub is super cheap and you get great benefits whether through steam packs or just subbing. What are you even complaining about you get the whole game for free at a reduced progress rate that honestly isn't that bad. I mean why did you think people subbed for? If you spend money in the shop *which you don't need to btw* why have any issue with a sub? It's not like you have to buy the game then sub to play. I pay like 60 ish bucks *idk the rate anymore* and play for a year. It's 5 bucks a month or whatever that is in our in prices. See I dislike games that force you to sub to even play something YOU BOUGHT ALREADY but this game is free. You just see what you sometimes lose for not subbing is all. They readied this in to show people why they should sub. I mean it doesn't effect me you all will finally see all the stuff your losing is all.

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Quote (Eniilicious @ 24 October 2014 00:03) *
Those two books have been bugging me for a very long time as well, and they just don't seem to drop no matter what.

Incase anyone's starting to feel the need to suddenly hunt these, it may also be worth noting that the Slimsis also drop books (possibly Hot Head II?), as well as the chafer in the same area (whatever its name was - might drop Enjeering?). Or they used to drop at least. :l

Based on names, though, I too would guess Sylargh is just being greedy with these.

(Will test Slimsis when I get on a computer, actually.)
The slimis and chafer drop like immortality books i think if im not mistaken hugely. Im like 95% sure the hot head drop off mechas because ive seen the first book drop off them many a time.

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yeah im totes going to make fun of peeps. fun times.

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I have been searching for this book for ages. Now i only have this book and hothead volume 2 left. Im pretty sure that journal of enjeering drops off slyargh because one of the books that i couldnt find was a hagen drop apparently :c. So i recommend doing sylargh alot... im going to assume the book is super rare because ive never seen one and while looking around on nox ive never seen or heard anyone actually having this book. I mean trust me i have looked for these books extensively and have found noone who has completed this achievement... i am so close ;o; i want this achievement so badly why do books have such a horrible rate/ dont actually show up in drop tables. Anyway im pretty sure its dropped off sylargh... i could be totally wrong but i think where it is on the list and its name hints heavily at it.

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OMG I saw a ova spoiler and he has nox stuff . D: I can't handle this shiz D:. Ahem it seems harebourg's collection has grown happy to see he is collecting amazing things still. *a xelor after my own heart* also saw some other interesting things but I'm going to try and not talk about the ova's till I watch them . I think major brought it up either here or somewhere else... but i wonder if collecting things is a xelor trait?

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Quote (Brokonaut @ 21 October 2014 08:58) *

Quote (Nox16 @ 21 October 2014 08:52) *
TLDR: best of luck in achievement hunting... you will need it.

I'm aware most of them are broken. But most of the ones that aren't are tedious. This was mostly to reflect the people who said things were too easy right now and there was no challenge in PvM left!

Therein I'm mostly after the kill-first achievements for the upper dungeons. We've knocked out Wobot-in-Chief, Wa Wabbit, The Famous Flaxhid the Skewerer, and Cledus'Onist the Unlocker so far. Tried Soulkrupt the Reaper but got slaughtered badly. That's the one encounter that's yet to be cleared in boss-first globally from server information. So difficult.

Kudos to you though. I don't really have the patience to do a lot of them, but I have a great respect for those who do. It's like one big huge scavenger hunt.

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A hunt i plan to complete! Best of luck though i havent tackled many dungeon achievements... I try to do the discovery and others... also i need peeps for some of them ;o;

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I will find it hilarious if this was just them testing a like a special mode like past frigost where you play as voyagers or whatever. Like if it just wasn't a voyager i would laugh so hard. I love a great deceit.

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Good luck achievement hunting 9-9 lets see which of us will gold everything out first! *know some achievements are impossible to you to get so have fun with that* You will soon see or learn that alot of achievements are actually super broken. Id hate to do the treasure maps now if they are even possible. Then you have to collect every relic. Find all those god forsaken frigost books *turns out broken journal was a hagen drop... gg me getting a cba luck now to do mecha for the final books!*. then you have to somehow be first in a thing for krosmaster? idk if thats even possible anymore. All the broken dungeon achievements... the broken ub achievements.*takes a long drink* then all the professions. Hope they fix the events/ actually do valentine/ st patties in 2015, all the gov stuff, Then i suppose it then goes into personal achievements no? a personal achievement before gear changes was how much pp gear i could wear and still do something... Then i suppose you can do pvp. I've been playing this game since i created this account... achievement hunting from the beginning ;o; i remember when discovery was gold out... if only for a brief moment i had it all. OHHHH a cool thing if your up to the challenge is finding all the emotes... personally loved doing that. Oh the joys of collecting a achievement all in on itself. You know i have every deco in the game i think? If not i have alot of them. I mean im missing the ones from dungeons i havent beaten ya feel me. I personally will never understand how anyone can be bored? Again i play a solo account... so maybe that helps. I also love exploring.. true story did you know like a bunch of people didnt know how to get onto the other side of wabbit island... fairly high level people with no clue. They never explore and i cant understand that mentality.

A little off tangent but something i want to talk about is when people come into this game. Alot of the time i feel people just miss the big things. Like lets just talk about now. Noone comes into this game new really. I will admit someone might and be able to find everything themselves alone but usually people arnt very ... whats the word. motivated. I came in from the beginning so ive tackled and still tackle everything as it comes out. Im unsure if im making myself clear with this statement. Like i solo'd part 2 of zinit when i was lv 64 or 75 idr *well tbh i had to bring someone for the slammer but come on* and that would be very unlikely to happen today. The best thing was the gear was good. Ive stayed on the up and up making my own story and timeline in this game remembering events. Like if a person started 6 months ago and is max lvl they may know nothing of the game history. Which is fine and not persay important but i think it helps. I mean remember the invasion and the surprise. Harebourg running around *op title ftw*, Oh gosh i remember when ubs spawned in nations i was in one of the first? if not first group in brakmar to fight moowolf *we died horribly btw* change after change.This has gotten rambly.Now look at me getting relics just so i can have an aura to suit my mood. I like what i've become. I still need to kill hagen first... imma need some sadis or kros.. hmmmmmmm

TLDR: best of luck in achievement hunting... you will need it.

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MotherFogger is pretty amazing its just super situational. Anway onto foggernator... i use to really hate this skill because it basically killed the foggernaut super fast. With all the hp buffs and lifesteal its really negligible now so its like 12x better imo. I personally use a heart 10 ap build... but to each their own~

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posté October 21, 2014, 00:14:54 | #15
can i just say its sorta bs they dont work on normal dragos is all.

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posté October 20, 2014, 04:17:58 | #16

Quote (Brokonaut @ 20 October 2014 00:28) *

Quote (GrimackReapum @ 19 October 2014 23:39) *
On a little side note from all this big news: I've only just now noticed they've named almost all residents of Astrub (when you enter their houses). Any easter eggs or hidden lore there? Seems funny and very Ankama-like to do so, but for now I haven't found any...

The houses belong to Ankama staff, game testers, and well-established members of the community. Fhenris, the level designer, was in charge of the new Astrub, hence why he owns the lone mansion.

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do you have a house? *i want a house*

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posté October 19, 2014, 00:23:35 | #17
OH i have another question to pose. What will this class be called. I mean we have a theming with names. Rogues ruse, foggernauts steam, masqueraiders... i guess masqs break it but you see what i mean. will the be dimensional voyagers? perhaps just voyagers... because that would imply dimensional would be their name. Maybe im being picky about this~

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posté October 18, 2014, 23:30:04 | #18
They probably wont do it but i think itd be interesting if they actually locked this class until you've done the quest line. I mean you would see voyagers around i guess at higher level but given each player is their own timeline i guess? when they get to that quest and pandoras like oh geez im the last of my kind halp me. You'll be like but im a voyager. Im unsure why this bothers me so much... maybe i just want people to understand where they come from... it bothers me on a continuity level. Although if the class is op and only high levels can play them then thats unfair no? or you could call it an achievement you did all of the questline and can now play as them. I am very curious what other people think about locking them behind a questline.

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Very interesting i suppose. Im going to wait a bit till they are a bit more developed before i start messing with them to any real degree. I still wonder what sub class they will be... alot of people say xelor but honestly with how all the other sub classes are im unsure. IMMA guess eni or feca  

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Cant create new characters Ok so basically i cant create new characters in the beta even if i delete old ones. I just do not get the option. I think i know what the issue is. You see i did have some characters on dathura before the switch to free to play so i think the remnants of those characters is making the beta think im from dathura but im not im from nox... so i was wondering if there was a way to fix this or what.

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