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posté Yesterday - 23:14:06 | #1
ok so i redid the whole first chapter again but once you go get the reach lvl 20 quest and if your higher level it cant be completed i even tried the whole leveling up with a scroll to see if that fixed it or going in and out to see if that fixed it. So once you talk to the archaeologist you cant do anything.

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posté August 27, 2015, 02:36:13 | #2
i play cause i like the world and while i may not play as hardcore as i use to i still grind things out *32 dv epp frags* i'll get there eventually in a month or so. it does sorta suck that my guild isnt that active anymore but it is what it is yaknow? This is still a pretty fun game i always look forward to new content i do hope they flesh out the story more. Also stop with the whole we are doing this then bam auto doing something else because of some reason leaving unfinished content and quests. I do hope the game is ok when the two devs leave.

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posté August 19, 2015, 19:16:47 | #3
ok fair enough i just wanted to know i understood what it did. I was going to keep it for the stats and wakfu anyway *though i find it hard to use 3 wp in a row* thanks for the response.

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posté August 19, 2015, 19:14:21 | #4
i've said it before but i sorta agree that i dont think elios have a real role they fill.

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posté August 19, 2015, 19:12:44 | #5
*dances around with drheller by nature title for over what two years now*

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posté August 16, 2015, 05:34:58 | #6
Questions about critical turbo Hi i was wondering what other foggernauts thought about critical turbo because while the increased wp and crit is nice it seems the whole critical departure thing doesnt work. I may not understand how it works or it could just in general be part of another mechanic im missing but im assuming by the way its read that once you use 3 wp you get a turn where all your attacks do 20% lifesteal to a target. Anyway i was just curious what others thought of this skill.

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posté August 03, 2015, 20:30:40 | #7
to be fair they said that the original people who worked that first hard year would get a token to get a free mount when the time comes this then later got confused that we had to trade in the meridia which was never actually said if i remember just that we were going to get a free mount token. While yes i personally think i should still get a free mount because thats what they promised to me all those years ago i dont really mind this because i have over 700 tokens. However i still think they should honor their promise with the original meridia owners which lets be honest isnt that many people? its not like they couldnt find the people with the proper achievement to see who was part of the original. Besides that i dont think the idea behind the mount is bad making it a achievement lock thing.

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posté August 02, 2015, 02:49:14 | #8
look at me with all my tokens i havent spent i could buy 3 mounts . arnt i happy i have never missed a single almanax ever ;o;

anyway its a pretty cool mount still sorta buggy i dont think the whole you need to do the achievement isnt bad because its a legendary mount and its really not that many more tokens also you can get like more than one? so you can give them to all your alts *though my alts have their own tokens thank you very much*

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posté July 20, 2015, 18:15:31 | #9
Yeah i know but its more a fun fact yaknow ;o

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posté July 20, 2015, 03:33:54 | #10
You know i was meaning to post this sooner but the original twelve do fall into the dark/light god descriptions to a degree. There is a dofus book *i read it a year or so ago* that basically talks about dark and light magic and which gods picked which side. If i remember correctly osa, xelor, sram, enu, sadida, and eca were the dark side while eni, iop, cra, feca,sac and panda were the light side. this all talked about and the gods like say some shiz about the people that follow them *xelor talks about how his people shall mater time and live in deserts or something* They all had their little spiel as it were. Anyway thought id just inform people in case that was info people wanted to know.

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posté July 15, 2015, 19:51:36 | #11
all id really want them to change is make it so you cant get duplicates. I dont mind buying eight boxes if i know i will get what i want eventually.

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posté July 14, 2015, 19:18:11 | #12
Ive been of the assumption they will do a lvl 180-200 island with a 180 dungeon, 185 , 190, 195, and 200 being the final one in the final area. Im expecting it to be wabbit or frigost levels big with 5 dungeons but hey i could be wrong but you know whateves. I do hope its a totally new area though and not a dofus move over though i dont think i would mind that horribly if they did it well.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #886837  Replies : 174  Views : 5522
posté July 14, 2015, 19:14:50 | #13
yeah im pretty sure they are doing a new endgame island that will possibly be up to lvl 200 i know they said those runes will drop there at least.

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posté July 14, 2015, 16:44:34 | #14
I am of the opinion that protoflex is one of the better support sidekicks. While this decision is more if you want a healer or not i do want to preach the good word of protoflex. Ok so for just having your protoflex be fire you get free ap *i think it becomes 2 ap at lvl 100* and thats to the closest two people so if your just a group of three this is great. He while also in fire can buff up your damage and do some negative res to enemies. he can also give shields and throw people like a panda and make you have a free dodge like skale *he is infinitely better than skale imo* Protoflex combines alot of things together and it works pretty well. This isnt even getting into the earth tank side that can lower damage. While i do not think his tanking is as good as his support fire side it does work pretty well just has a few costs to it. So if you want a healer go lumino if you want a pretty good all round support sidekick go protoflex.

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posté July 07, 2015, 17:28:17 | #15
zinit quest line bug when you get on the ship to go to zinit you get stuck on the pirate part and you cannot do anything or attack the pirates im pretty sure its bugged ive tried it plenty of times.

Character: Davros
server: nox
Replicable: i would assume so someone else just has to do the quest to test it.

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posté July 04, 2015, 14:02:37 | #16
what do you guys think about transfert... i got pked so i was able to test it sorta and it seems like the stasis earth passive? I originally didnt understand what it means and still think the passive needs to be worded better but its super interesting. being able to do minus 20 final damage is pretty cool i just think its a hard to pull off? like the person has to be next to a blockade and then they need to hit blockades or not? and need to be satisfied... anyway i was curious what others thought of this passive since i originally didnt think much of it.

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posté July 02, 2015, 02:27:20 | #17

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posté June 30, 2015, 03:12:02 | #18
While i am extremely salty over the whole gear thing i do agree its nice to not have to get tri. I do hope they come back and change things about stasis because currently it seems so not worth it? also i agree with the idea that most of the actives have to do with stasis only one that doesnt is blockade and that is earths deal... fire should have a active to a degree it use to with foggernator but still stasis shouldnt take up all special slots. Like why not have microbots if hit with earth attacks send damage down the rails*like vibrations idk* idk what kind of special fire should get but it should have one. I honestly plan to make my foggernaut fire earth after this because stasis looks to harmful to actually work well imo.

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posté June 30, 2015, 03:08:43 | #19
I do agree that fire and air could use some buffs but i honestly dont expect anymore changes for us *i assume to busy with other classes* I do play as a fire water xelor so these changes do buff me because water is much better now. I do dislike how hydrand feels required to a degree to use dust but idk.

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