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posté October 02, 2015, 00:18:35 | #1

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 02 October 2015 00:06) *
Tbh i'm a little to creeped out by the fact that you made a tumblr post saying you wanted osamodas bestiality porn to take your lore suggestions seriously

also why did you white-wash your osa if you love them so much
I dont feel like this is the place to call people out.

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posté October 01, 2015, 15:29:24 | #2
You know what i think is the real issue with the now horrible rollback.. it makes what was once a very fluid game play that is xelor and the versatility xelors could do is gone now. I've been playing the class for a long time now and ive always thought it was one of the more elegant of the classes in what it does now it just feels clunky, which saddens me greatly. I really do hope the devs continue to look at xelors because no class should feel clunky to play.

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posté October 01, 2015, 15:23:53 | #3
im not saying she isnt a osa but she probably isnt The osa. Its obvious that the ocarina she owns is a artifact apparently because they were trying to take it from her and she is the one who is proclaiming herself to be a god. There is only one case of a god coming down after the whole deal with them and thats iop and even he wasnt self aware until certain events. I can ramble about this but i wont. I think it will just turn out she is just a random osa maybe she will become a sidekick you never know with ankama like i do think they need a mid level free one imo to sorta give players but thats a different discussion. She also isnt apparently that great of an osa from what we know of her. Anyway i dont think it would really add anything to make her Osa.

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posté October 01, 2015, 03:11:02 | #4
[New] bonta merc quests broken Character: davros
server: nox
time: anytime
location: cania plains

description: you cannot do the last part of the contract lvl 1 milling around which requires you fixing the southern mill. I think this is due to the new archaeologist area in the area if this is the reason i suggest checking the other quests in the other nations. This isnt the biggest issue tbh compared to current bugs but it makes it so you cant complete achievements.

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posté October 01, 2015, 03:05:05 | #5
I dont think she is osa tbh

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posté September 29, 2015, 23:04:01 | #6
[New] bovis dungeon bugs The dungeon achievements are bugged. first off you cannot do the kill the boss indirectly because the person we are forced to play with hurts him. Secondly you cannot do the kill boss last because it doesnt proc when you actually kill the boss last.

Character: Davros
Server: nox
time: around 3-4 pm 9/29/2015

You can still do the main quest but you seem to be unable to do the achievements for the dungeon and you cant seem to get tokens by doing it again?

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posté September 29, 2015, 22:21:42 | #7
yeah it sucks talk about dials as well bleh

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posté September 29, 2015, 20:56:20 | #8
[Known] spell xp redistribution + hero system issues Character: remnants
Date: 9/29/2015 it was around 11 am
server Nox
Map: all maps

bug description: the main bug is that when i used the hero system with my foggernaut all his spell xp got changed so for example my main spell heart of steam became level 0 for some reason its lv 36 now but this happened to a few spells idk if its due to the hero system but i think it is. It seems like i could fix it by restating but im not willing to do this atm because i think it will just happen again.

bug description 2: when using the hero system ive found that if i log out on my main character while still in a party in a dungeon my characters that i wasnt on will appear in the room in the dungeon and wont be teleported out. This is a interesting bug it seems more like something someone could abuse though.

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posté September 19, 2015, 03:42:25 | #9
You know if i had to pick one thing i really hope they rechange dial back to what it was or give it its old hp values and the turn cool down or the new low value and no cool down because at end game im basically dialess because everything kills my dial in a turn.

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posté September 18, 2015, 18:05:37 | #10
The only change i saw on beta was we have a tick tock indicator near our hp... thats it.

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posté September 18, 2015, 15:22:54 | #11
there is a discussion in the beta forum section if you want to know more about the changes... i have heard that they are going to be undoing some of the nerfs but idk im waiting to see the beta update to see if they are un nerfing xelors.

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posté September 16, 2015, 20:03:52 | #12
Xelor. Look at my name.

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posté September 16, 2015, 02:45:54 | #13

Quote (Wakfey @ 15 September 2015 06:30) *

Quote (Nerd-Tease @ 14 September 2015 22:33) *
I don't think anyone here disagreed that sandglass was too strong, where we came to a disagreement was whether or not a 2/target cap was too harsh. I main a xelor, and I'll be the first to say that the current version of sandglass is too strong.


I found two Xelors in this thread who think unlimited sandglass isn't too strong. The second one is a poet:

  • Nox16: "Sandglass shouldnt be limited at all.... WE should have a spell that doesnt have limits on it."
  • DanielVip3: "We who have the water Xelor want sandglass unlimited and not just 2-3 uses for goal!... The Xelor without sandglass is ruined.... frostbite nerf, nerf clock, left nerf, BUT NOT SANDGLASS!I hope very much that you will not, because in that case I shall leave the Xelor, and this is not something that causes sorrow to you, but it causes me A LOT."

Ironically Blazakkhakabow was likely the first Xelor to say sandglass' freeze is too strong. He said, "I think Xelor may be too powerful... especially with [freeze]." He said it on June 13, 2015 when spell decks were in beta. (Freeze was called temporal gel back then.) Soundtrack8 and Eleven-th said it too. Madd1, however, thought sandglass was okay. They are the heroes we need, not Madd1 the miscalculator.

I think sandglass should have a maximum of 2 per target too, because Xelors still have at least four single-target combos with about 30 dps, namely:

  • n distortions and time control have 30 to 31 dps and -10 to -40 water resist until your turn ends.
  • Time control on target, 2 sandglasses, and hand have 28 dps, -1.8 average AP, and the water resist.
  • Time control on target, age, and n frostbites have 27 to 28 dps, -1 to -2.4 average AP, and the water resist.
  • Age, 1 or 2 hands, and n AP burn fluctuate between 30 and 34 dps.

You can download my spreadsheet and check my calculations.
I do think sandglass is kinda strong atm but i still dont think it deserves to be limited... im of the camp of why cant everyone be op? I also was talking more how it is one of the few spells we currently have with no limits on it and we should have some spells we can use more then twice.

I also disagree with the rollback thing because the error was the description was wrong not the skill itself.

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posté September 04, 2015, 03:43:34 | #14

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 04 September 2015 03:15) *
Rollback is not gonna be much worse, you will gain AP from spells like Devotion, Dial, Desynchronisation, but massive spells like Temporal Dust will not be superior to spells like Time Control when it comes to granting AP, also this version fits the description better.

Limiting all spoells for Xelor makes vary much sense: it is not balanced to be capable of getting 25AP+ AND having unlimited spells with very large utility+dmg/ap ratios (Sandglass for example)...
While dial and devotion may trigger rollback now *though if you didnt have the dial passive dial would regardless because it has a ap cost* it still massively restricts us. You cast dial once not every turn *if you do your a bad xelor and dont deserve to comment* you cant devotion every turn, and desync isnt a mainstay spell so even then people dont use it. Rollback is the thread that makes xelors work. Also rollback has always been a ap% chance and then someone translating skills made a error in typing thats why it says spells but its always been ap % based. The description your basing it off of is wrong to begin with. Your point about temporal dust vs time control doesnt matter at all. Dust is 6 ap so yes if you get your ap back from it at all thats a good deal but the same is true of time control. Heck more people run control then they do dust so i dont see it as a fair comparison also during the current version both can be played but if the new rollback comes out then dust is to expensive.

Limiting spells is fine but by limiting sand glass they kill the freeze mechanic so why even have the mechanic if noone will use it now? why cant xelors have spam like every other class? why must it be limited to two a target and not 3 or 4. Sandglass shouldnt be limited at all and not to such an extreme that is is now. WE should have a spell that doesnt have limits on it... heck frostbite shouldnt be limited to three a target like???? whats wrong with using it the ap drain doesnt effect much.

On the whole 25 ap + that is not a average things i usually have about 15 to 18ish ap a turn but with the new changes i will have about 12 ap for like 5 turns before rollback works. so even then you can see the massive difference in ap amounts xelors will lose when i would average have 15 to start with even if i didnt trigger rollback on the turn i got it and let it roll over then the new rollback is still worse because im missing out on more ap per turn. I dont think you understand that without this extra ap xelors will not do comparable damage to other classes. Thats the whole basis of the class we generate alot of ap and we do alot of attacks with that ap. the attacks like someone has said above me arnt big mega kill attacks they are just mediocre in damage. WE need the ap to do combos everything xelors have is expensive and inefficient otherwise. So your wrong for xelors its balanced to get 25 ap *which is very rare if you played xelors its not a common thing to just have* i've seen classes do more damage with 12 ap then i can do with 18 so you better be going to every other class and say they need massive damage nerfs if xelors cant have ap to stand up with them. Rollback is the only thing that makes this class able to compete So unless you've played this class for over 3years i suggest you go back to another class thread and complain there cause you dont know what your talking about here.

Oh btw dial hp even with the passive is so pathetic now im a lv 168 and my dial has enough hp to stand 2 attacks then it breaks. There is no reason they need to nerf the hp.

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posté September 03, 2015, 19:53:43 | #15

Quote (Madd1 @ 03 September 2015 19:30) *

Quote (Nox16 @ 03 September 2015 18:58) *
azael leaves and xelors are getting nerfed... i see how it goes new devs... i see how it is!

Azael i will miss to a degree i hope he finds what he's looking for he had plenty of really good ideas i wish that he could of sorted things out a bit more but besides that i wish him the best of luck.

Source please. I want to know if it's the things I think are fair or if I'm going to be pissed since there are a lot of other changes that need to happen to other classes, and the Air branch is in desperate need of some positive attention.
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posté September 03, 2015, 18:58:11 | #16
azael leaves and xelors are getting nerfed... i see how it goes new devs... i see how it is!

Azael i will miss to a degree i hope he finds what he's looking for he had plenty of really good ideas i wish that he could of sorted things out a bit more but besides that i wish him the best of luck.

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posté September 03, 2015, 16:38:23 | #17
Before anyone reads this i just wanted to say i dont expect anyone from ankama to read this or even relay it because noone has ever cared about xelors.

Ok so ive tried out the changes and actually the sandglass thing is its 2 per target i mean it still massively sucks but its not twice a turn. The actual nerf is the rollback nerf because i fought for a good amount of time and you dont get rollback anymore. If they do this nerf to rollback so its a bad % per spell *which btw they take away our spamming spells so how are we suppose to cheap spam to get rollback* there is a reason that zerous? tried the spell thing but decided that it was bad because it makes rollback a horrible skill... this isnt even talking about the whole it doesnt activate on its own now. Just fix it so that you get x amount a rollback a turn so for example you start your turn and you get three rollback and activate it you wont get anymore this turn so you wont get any that auto starts next turn. This makes the whole do you want to activate rollback on this turn or wait till next turn for a bigger ap pool which adds depths Dont butcher this skill please. The idea that we have to use 6 spells *all our spells are limited btw* and with a 35% chance on each to get a single ap back this skill is almost unusable even with the 6 ap cap because its not a buff but a compensation for the more then likely chance rollback will be used every 3-4 turns which is dumb.

Im going to assume people at ankama dont play xelor so i wanted to explain the idea of why rollback is important and perhaps lift the view of oh they get extra ap every turn thats op op we should nerf that to be balanced. Well the reason we got that is because if we didnt get that extra ap we wouldnt be comparable with other classes. Even now classes can do more damage with less ap with a single spell than a xelor can. yes xelors have the freeze mechanic which i will talk about but that burst is not compensated for this extreme ap lose and playstyle change. Anyway back rollback You need to do something different because te whole ap per spell used isnt good you are killing a passive and this one passive means you will nerf xelors damage even more then the sandglass nerf. If it was lie you have a chance to get that spells ap cost added to your rollback then it means using all our high cost spells wouldnt be so inefficient. that seems to be the only way to make the new rollback work is make spells ap cost be added instead of 1 ap.

Ok so lets talk about water and freeze. First off the limit to sandglass is dumb you basically make it so the freeze mechanic doesnt matter because you can only get x amount of it for sure every turn. Zerous? tired to do the turn limit to xelors literally a few months ago and i want you to go back and see the posts about that and the feedback hell even talk to the man if you can and ask him about it it kills the freeze mechanics potential. Only two spells give freeze and both are limited to two a turn. Like whats even the point of freeze having a limit of 300 when you can never reach it now i think. However since im a team player the easy way to fix this is make it so freeze doesnt go away at the end of the turn like now so xelors can stack it to the max if they want to or burn it right away this way it makes the spells less worse and the mechanic still has a nice impact.

I dont understand the whole dial nerf its not even tanky as is while i did think it was weird it had more res then i did it still doesnt live that long so a lower hp one that even less tanky is bad. I do want to say ive never seen or heard of a xelor that has used multiple dials to cross a map because first off if a xelor is doing that they are horrible at playing xelor second why not use fugit partially then dial to make it more efficient for you. If dialing from one side to the other is a problem then it must be a pvp one because no xelor in their right mind would waste wp like this *though we dont have much to spend wp on so its not that horrible*

I hope ankama reconsiders some of these changes hopefully the rollback one because i can handle the others but the rollback will really hurt this class massively.

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posté September 02, 2015, 19:30:30 | #18
Im actually happy to know how big they are i've thought of crafting them before but didnt have a desire to but now maybe i will. Thanks.

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