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posté Today - 07:51:44 | #1
It is Master Card but I tried it already and it says invalid. Besides I pretty much prefer to pay using phone because that way my bank account is safe from stuff like this. I am a huge load of credits on my phone that I spend on things like Wakfu but unfortunately Wakfu only gives South Africa 2 payment methods which both relies on leeching my bank account.

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posté Yesterday - 16:15:29 | #2
Or whatever, you are missing the point...

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posté Yesterday - 16:13:15 | #3
I can see it, eventually when the level cap hits 200 (Eventually) and when people rush their way to the top without the care in the world, they will hit a brick wall as quick as you can say Wakfu and get bored to no ends, meaning they will eventually quit, it happens to every game like this.

Step 1: play a new game
Step 2: level as fast as possible while holding hands with people higher level to spoon feed you.
Step 3: Hit max level to play latest content
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit!
Step 6: Get bored and quit.

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posté Yesterday - 15:43:00 | #4

Quote (picklesaregood @ 26 November 2014 15:15) *

Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 26 November 2014 14:10) *
I actually think they'll be able to keep up with it. I think panda has taken longer because of adding Eliotropes aswell, so hopefully revamps can move a little faster while keeping good quality

Hush recently confirmed cra / iops are next in line to receive revamps, but he said he couldnt comment on times. Its likely we wont see them until the beginning of next year as december and january have lots of holidays

and yeah, I think it would be best to do a general class revamp. Thing like +40% damage passives get changed into +x% final damage, atleast until that classes revamp comes around.

the fact that we dont know if its iops/cras is what makes me doubtful that by march we will have another revamp

but who knows, based on their entire history its doubtful but based on panda revamp it was 3 months since sram

so we'll have to wait and see
Iop's aren't that difficult to revamp they are only suppose to be simple (Mechanicless class) all they need are tweaks to their spells and specialties, because come on.

Flurry: Gives +10 Air (+15 Air on crit) damage bonus for the next air spell.

^ This state is the most useless state ever made in this game and it resides in the Iop Air Branch.

I can't say the same for Cra's though.

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posté Yesterday - 15:33:15 | #5
Rushing in games tend to bore people too quickly, which is the biggest problem in people.

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posté Yesterday - 15:09:37 | #6
Why can't South Africa pay Ogrines via SMS?! Credit Card and Paypal

That is the only options South Africa gets while other countries get 8 different methods. Why don't you want the money Ankama, you use to have a payment method that allowed us to pay via SMS but now you made it almost impossible for some people to pay.

1st off I don't trust paypal, they screwed me over once and lost my money.

2nd I don't have a Credit Card only a Debit Card.

Why are we given less options than other countries? What happened to the simple Zong method? Why do you like making things more difficult for yourself and for your customers? Please fix this ASAP!

Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #801259  Replies : 2  Views : 71
posté Yesterday - 14:58:03 | #7
I would bet my Laughing Scythe that the Heroes feature will be for subbed accounts, which is bad because not everyone in certain countries can sub... one of them being South Africa.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #801253  Replies : 25  Views : 660
posté Yesterday - 14:55:59 | #8
Yeah, no thanks I am happy with my Iopette, much sexier than a flat chested Eniripsa.

Jokes aside

This is quite a nice feature although I can imagine mostly 75% of playerbase switching their characters classes into OP classes and everyone will be running around as 2-3 classes only(Exaggeration).

In any case fix your damn payment methods!

Thread : News  Preview message : #801251  Replies : 48  Views : 1324
posté Yesterday - 14:48:48 | #9
Secret passcode need help Right so my friend came back to wakfu and he decided to log into his old account through steam but of course (Ankama) a secret passcode is required to be entered before relogging into his account which the question is: "Who is the strongest?" how the hell is he suppose to knjow if he didn't make a secret passcode in the 1st place, his old items are still in there and now he is forced to make a new account.

Support is probably going to ignore this but if you decide to actually help please feel free to do so.

Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #801249  Replies : 1  Views : 32
posté Yesterday - 10:34:48 | #10
Honestly, when dueling a Summon Osa it feels more like you are 1v3ing in PVP rather than 1v1 but of course summon Osa's players like to be in denial and say: "No we are underpowered."

Yeah I smell something and it stinks because I see a lot of Summon Osa players beat players 10-20 levels higher than them.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #801176  Replies : 82  Views : 1255
posté Yesterday - 08:44:33 | #11
That's actually a really awesome idea, problem is Ankama still needs to sort out the payment methods in some countries, like South Africa for instance!

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posté November 21, 2014, 16:53:51 | #12

Quote (FinroyThePuppeteer @ 21 November 2014 16:52) *

Quote (FappingWorkout @ 21 November 2014 16:51) *
I wonder how did it crash? Did somebody cash it? LOL
Ankama poured spilled coffee on it? Didn't u know - it's already a tradition...
Or you know... became sentient and lost its S**t

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #799377  Replies : 64  Views : 556
posté November 21, 2014, 16:48:14 | #13

Quote (Hellious @ 21 November 2014 16:44) *

Quote (MundusArchetypus @ 21 November 2014 16:42) *

Quote (Viliax @ 21 November 2014 16:41) *
DOUBLE XP WEEKEND for compensation?
Sorry, not available for your community. Try again next life.

Epic statement, but I feel that Ankama as a business is smarter than that to upset their paying customers. All companies wants to make money, and I take Ankama not to be any different

EDIT: Hazard alert! xD


You're funny, "Ankama as a business is SMARTER than that to upset their paying customers." Ankama never fail to upset their customers and they try to make money in such pathetic ways, I am amazed they haven't tried selling us sticks yet.

I admit though they are slowly getting better in selling stuff but still not good enough to be considered as 'smart' marketing companies.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #799366  Replies : 64  Views : 556
posté November 21, 2014, 16:38:50 | #14
Here's a theory: The Remington server became sentient and discovered the coming of the so-called 'EliOtrope's' and said: "AW HELL NAW!" and went into a digital mental meltdown.

Just a theory or the previous one makes more sense (Spilt coffee)

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #799341  Replies : 64  Views : 556
posté November 21, 2014, 14:15:33 | #15
You are getting warmer Marketing Team, keep going and you will sell something that is worth the majorities money,

I for one however cannot buy Ogrines because Ankama, Wakfu or whoever hasn't fixed the Ogrine purchase thing in my area yet.

Thread : News  Preview message : #799276  Replies : 37  Views : 725
posté November 21, 2014, 08:13:29 | #16

Quote (SeriousBelly @ 20 November 2014 19:31) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 20 November 2014 10:09) *
My friend sacrier became an outlaw somehow in enemy nation. I told him he must be killed by guard in order to remove the outlaw status.

Now here's the problem: giving up the fight doesn't fix it, and after Clinging to Life, the game count his KO as up!

Wich also made me curious if Sacriers can ever be send to jail if they always give up the fight (that is if they have maxed Clinging to Life passive).

The only way for sacrier to remove this outlaw status would be propably to respec and not pick the Clinging to Life, get killed by guard, and pick Clinging to Life afterwards. This is however inconvenient, and costly/time consuming, and it seems to be only issue with Sacriers only.
More like: Clinging to the Outlaw Life.

Badum tsh

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #799190  Replies : 6  Views : 459
posté November 20, 2014, 18:10:58 | #17
I can't even spend money to buy Ogrines because Ankama don't like South African money.

"Payment is temporarily unavailable in your area please try again later."

Has been unavailable for... let me count


8 months now and Ankama or Wakfu or whoever does the stupid payment business hasn't fixed the issue yet. Mainly what I am trying to say is that you are going to get a lot of payment issues from Ankama and the unlucky minority will be ignored because of the lucky majority that rolls in the cash.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #798945  Replies : 8  Views : 171
posté November 12, 2014, 16:38:39 | #18

Quote (Chompers @ 12 November 2014 16:24) *

Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 10 November 2014 11:09) *

Quote (lyricalglitchen @ 10 November 2014 02:13) *
Pressed for time is an understatement. And nothing is worse than ppl telling you to do something half way through your turn
Thats something I can relate to aha

But yeah, any ways of adding more times to turns I am for , even better if they wont slow the game down, if they sped up some of the slower spell animations along with this then I'd be very happy

I actually wouldn't mind if the timer stops completely during animations.

The problem is Ankama listened to the wrong people, there was a suggestion about extending the timer but there was another campaign suggesting to stop time during spell animations and of course Ankama chose the wrong one.

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #795773  Replies : 6  Views : 271
posté November 12, 2014, 16:35:17 | #19
Or... or if you are lucky, ankama didn't fix this fancy bug in getting rid of in disposable items,

Go to any crafting machine and select "Make up recipe" put the fire of love in there and watch it become anti-matter,

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #795772  Replies : 5  Views : 324
posté November 12, 2014, 14:57:56 | #20

Quote (Hudski @ 12 November 2014 12:50) *
Remember when they finally decided to look into it, booted up the internal copy for five minutes and then decided that the entire community's computers were to blame?

I'm sure this is something they should have noticed for themselves had they played for 5+ hours even once in the last year.

Seriously? Lol I have not heard of this, a company should never blame a customer when the issue is the majority of the community. That is just setting a bad image onto themselves. XD

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