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posté August 11, 2014, 12:31:20 | #1

I have to admit you've got some nice ideas around, I don't have much time to give a feedback but they seem nice.

What are your plans on elemental skills?

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posté July 29, 2014, 22:05:47 | #2
Water/Fire with control gear is amazing.

I made one Xelor like that months ago just to test something that would not require Xelor Punishment spam.

I used my Sinistros as map control tools. I had a great strategic gameplay, but I did less damage. Not that less damage means that the build is useless, I could get rid of some situations that an overrated air and fire build wouldn't be able to.

It's all up to you, I know the water and fire gear available around is not the best, but you can work around it :]

Moreover, I think that a water/fire build with lots of control would be amazingly helpful in Flaxhid...

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posté July 29, 2014, 21:50:17 | #3
Don't like how they pick up 3 elements for each class.

Some classes are more versatile than others, there are some classes that would fit very well with four elements: Cra, Panda, Masqueraider, Sram...

To balance everything out just give 1 or 2 new spell of each branch to preexisting branches of a class that wouldn't receive the 4th element.

Water Cras could be very fun...

Just brainstorming

  1. Frozen Arrow: medium range arrow that deals some damage and subtracts 1 AP point.
  2. Freezing Beacon: a water beacon that when triggered deals water damage to all targets in a cone area of effect in front of it. The targets lose AP.
  3. Slow Down Arrow: medium range arrow that applies an AP loss for the next turn.
  4. Oil Arrow: medium range arrow that deals some damage and increases the next fire damage taken by the target. Reduces the AP loss resistance.
  5. Absorptive Arrow: a powerful magic arrow that steals HP and 1 AP of the target.

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posté July 28, 2014, 20:21:17 | #4
Enutrof Changes [Updating 2 - Water Branch] Ok. I have finally come to something about the Water branch, I am leaving it there and I will be soon updating the thread with more information about the other spells. Note that I am going to add some spells that will be oriented towards the water branch gameplay.

The New Water Branch

The Water branch evolves around the ability of stealing kamas from enemies and throwing them back in order to inflict damage. I separated this into two spells that steals kamas and three spells that consumes them. The spells that require kamas to be cast have higher base damage and apply states.

The Enutrof can easily reach the bonus of 100% water damage in a turn or two, but note that some spells will significantly reduce this bonus because they consume kamas (and the damage is proportional to the amount of kamas found in the bag). Therefore new Enutrof will find his damage varying during a fight, similarly to the Fire Foggernaut. I am going to add one passive that increases the MP and dodge of the Enutrof if he throws too many kamas during a turn. This may also help other branches with MP bonus too if going hybrid.

For now, that's what I have:

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posté July 21, 2014, 13:18:55 | #5

Considering the latest modification to Sram Doubles in Beta Server, I think we may be able to get the old idea, since it fits much better the masqs than for Srams. Because of that I will post it there.

Masked Spirit

Does not cost WP anymore, costs 4 AP at level 9.
Summons an image, divides your damage. Image reflects all damage to the Masq.

Image: deals 60% of your damage.
Self: -40% final damage bonus.

If you cast the spell again on youself, the image is unsummoned and you recover the 4 AP invested.

In order for it to work, they have to fix the bugs we have right now when you summon a double and use the mask the double is wearing (the mask is removed).

I am going to bring more ideas whenever I have the time. So far, this is what I have in mind:

  • Keep the three basic elemental spells.
  • The second elemental spells will only be castable under a Mask effect (any Mask). Backbeat switches places under classic and pulls under psycho (example).
  • Third Spell -> Coward Only
  • Fourth Spell -> Classic Only
  • Fifth Spell -> Psycho Only

Some modifications to certain spells will take place. Masks will not be elemental-based, every build will have an use for them.

So, it will basically work like this:

You can have three spells of a single build unlocked all the time if you are wearing one mask, the basic spell, the modifiable spell and the mask only spell. When switching to another mask, you change your gameplay but you dont necessarily change the required element.

The role of each mask:

  • Classic: map control
  • Coward: ranged combat
  • Psycho: close combat damage

The role of each build:

  • Water: suppor/healer/damage
  • Air: mixed gameplay, medium range
  • Fire: close combat and area of effect

So, just an example:

So far, I would change only the Coward Mask. Since the healing bonus is rather pointless. Also, there would be no need for elemental matching colour on masks since every element could use them!

Coward Mask

+0(2) Range
+0(100)% chance of gaining 2 MP when dodging a target (max +4 MP).

4 AP, -3,-40,-77 HP
Range: 1 to 2 (can be modified)
Coward Mask: pushes the target and the mask 2 squares (opposite direction)
Classic Mask: switches places with the target and the mask. Allies take no damage.
Psychopathic Mask: pulls the target and the mask 2 squares (opposite direction)

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posté July 20, 2014, 19:16:45 | #6
I think that we just have to wait now, this forum has already given too many nice suggestions. All we can do is wait.

At least now my hopes are up when it comes to Sadidas. Following the fact that Grou quit, I expected better class revamps, revamps that are more about strategy rather than just damage. Look what they want to do to Srams now, lovely isn't it? Let's just hope they do the same to Sadidas in the future.

As for the Tree idea, Ankama impressed me with the traps they added to srams in a such smooth and simple way. This could really be done to Sadidas with dolls and Trees, this would make summoning much faster than it currently is.

Like, each branch has three spells that when you cast on yourself they return all AP and change your summoning state. Depending on your state you will directly summon a Tree or a Doll.

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posté July 19, 2014, 14:52:33 | #7
Finally a decent revamp!!! Tested it and so far it looks amazing (ignoring the bugs of course).

My opinion on that change is that this is a glimpse of the future class revamps, now that Grou has left!

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posté July 09, 2014, 14:37:21 | #8

Well, I took into account that most masqs are Hybrid and these would get benefited from this skill. Even if one double is going to be useless if you happen to choose only masq required skills (doubles would still be able to cast the main spells).

The idea may not sound good following the feedback, but we really need something more reliable that can be used more often during a fight and that is not overpowered. The current masked spirit is unfortunately too strong in short fights, I am afraid that with the combat revamp, which is going to make fights more solid, last longer, strategy getting over damage, the space for masked spirit will be reduced.

The new Sram Double is the perfect example of something that would work, but we can't get their spell. So I really don't know what to get or which modification to make this skill balanced and less ''burst type''.

If you got something in mind, leave it there


One way to nerf the skill and make it more reliable is to make the effects of the spell conditions shared. If you cast Spitfall twice, your double can't cast it. It would be fair as long as:

  • Doubles could change masks without any bugs.
  • Spell cost less WP and could possibly be reactivated with Charade: Level 100 Charade -> Enables the use of Masked Spirit again.
  • And, for Spitbull, I think it is pretty clear that it is the spell that deserves a cast limit of one per turn. (This change should take place even if Masked Spirit isn't changed).

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posté July 07, 2014, 10:36:46 | #9

The thing is, our power is centered around masked spirit. I would like to see this power more distributed, because having such an overpowered ability that only last two turns makes it unreliable during long fights. The weakness you have pointed out are no issue when you can finish your enemy in basically one turn.

Plus it makes sense that only tri ele builds would be able to cast the most powerful spells, since the basic ones that do not require masks would still be castable.

Masked Spirit is like one time Fusilade that does not remove your MP and does not restrict the use of only one type of skill. It's a burst ability that reduces the strategy needed in this game, I am pretty sure that they are not leaving it like this, specially when the damage driven game develper grou lost it's role, I am just trying to come up with a cool idea instead of being hit by the nerf hammer, which is something I do not want to happen and that may happen.

The balancing part is Ankama's job, they're the ones with numbers. I have just tried to introduce an idea that may be polished to it's maximum.

I am just afraid of how they are going to change one ability that is so important and yet so unbalanced.

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posté July 07, 2014, 03:00:13 | #10
Masqueraider - Some Tweaks Hello everybody!

I have been playing with a Masqueraider and it I can say that I really found them bad developed before trying them, it was possibly because of my knowledge of Dofus masqueraider that has such a great gameplay. I happened to be wrong, I just fell in love with this class and their gameplay is in no way bad. They are a really good class.

However nothing is perfect. The class has some serious issues that really have to be reworked and modified. I am there to give some thoughts on a few skills that I think that are or bad developed or in need of some polishing. I promise I am not going to give some crazy ideas like I do to my former class, Sadidas (you have to agree they're in a terrible state though).


Most masqs see this skilll as a bad one, they are wrong though. If you often play with other classes Carnival has a very good potential of being useful, I have tried it out and it's great. I think that the cost to cast a mask on allies is too high though and the effects applied to allies are kinda restricted since they don't have a masq gameplay. To make the cost worth it I suggest to add special bonuses to allies.

+0 to 40% Ranged Damage (Coward Mask)
+0 to 40% Close Combat Damage (Classic Mask)
+0 to 40% Area of Effect Damage (Psychopath Mask)

Masked Spirit
This is a skill that seriously need to be reworked. It is good, I can't say it is bad. However it does look seriously strong when you summon it and after that you can't really summon it again during the fight, making us quite weak during the other turns. The best thing we could have was that new double Srams are going to get, a permanent summon that reduces the damage dealt but increases the versatility. It would be everything that we needed, the best skill. I doubt we are getting it though, since srams will already have it. We therefore need a different skill, because the current one despite of being good is flawed.

I came up with some interesting idea, I don't know how exactly it would change our gameplay, but we would be able to shatter our damage, spread it through the battlefield, become even more versatile and motivate masqueraiders to go hybrid.

The idea is rather simple, the spell can be cast every turn but if cast during two consecutive turns it consumes all WP, like Fogginator. It has two requirements: must be cast before anything else (the masq is free to move, it just can't cast a spell) and it must be wearing one mask. After the spell is cast, two doubles are summoned beside the mask, each one of them wearing one mask. The masqueraider would be unable to change masks then, the skill would provide an increase in versatility but the final damage of each double and the caster would be cut.

The Skill

Cost: 1 WP
Range: 0
- Must be cast before any other spell
- Must be wearing a mask
- If cast during two consecutive turns: consumes all WP
  • Summons 2 Doubles wearing the other two masks. Doubles last 1 turn.
  • Reduces the final damage dealt by the masqueraider and the doubles by 80(60)%

Each masqueraider would then do 40% of the total damage dealt if the skill is at level 9.

I am afraid that it could be overpowered, we would need to study that. The skill has it's weakness though, the masq doubles wouldn't be able to cast the most powerful skills (the ones that need WP) because each of them would be wearing one mask. They would only be able to cast the WP skills of their specific role.


72 Damage at 200, make it slightly higher and I'd be happy. I think that something between 80 and 90 would definitely be good.


This is a great spell but I hate the fact that it's range cannot be increased. There would be no issue at all of making it modifiable due to it's high MP cost.

This is it,

Thank you and please give your feedback!

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posté June 30, 2014, 17:12:25 | #11

Yes, Dofus has it and many other MMORPG's have it.

I think that the main issue with Wakfu is that they've been trying to be different, to be innovative. I support this line of thought, but I do not wish that some basic mmorpg mechanics to be forgotten. The world really looks dead right now, not only because of the lack of players, but also because of the lack of NPC's.

They could keep many original aspects to the game, like ecosystem, politics, haven worlds and join together with some of the MMO basics, like NPCs. I think the game would be much better and enjoyable, but that's just my opinion.

I don't like much Haven Bags because people can't see your home, can't see your feats. It's way too hidden, way too unsocial, Housing could completely change that plus we'd follow one of the wakfu ideas, which is a world driven by the players. We already modify the landscape through crops and trees. It would be amazing if we could build houses and if the governor could even purchase new pieces of land to be sold to the community.

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posté June 28, 2014, 23:45:35 | #12
A good option would be to reduce the cycle, maybe 12 hours like someone already suggested and add mobs for days and mobs for night. This could significantly improve the game experience since it would be possible to diversify all gears in game.

Something also interesting would be that some abilities could be enhanced during day and others during night.

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posté June 27, 2014, 20:22:26 | #13
The control bonus is really delicate because osa summons can easily get overpowered while Sadi summons would do very well with some decent CMC. That's why they've been so cautious when adding control stuff to the game.

What would happen if we had a set with no decent elemental bonus with lots of HP and hundreds of CMC bonus?

The worst part is that who are always hurt by this are Sadis...

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posté June 26, 2014, 04:05:33 | #14

Not sure about that, since the french servers are not becoming officialy P2W F2P. The updates, including the drop revamp, will be all the same for every community. They can't have a p2p system with that kind of cashshop, unless Ankama is sillier than we think.

Thread : News  Preview message : #749395  Replies : 303  Views : 13588
posté June 26, 2014, 03:21:18 | #15
I wonder why the Wakfu Divine Dimensions are so poor compared to Dofus. Dofus srambad has rogues in it (rogues follow sram god). They have other creatures, and not just a one standard family. The same things happens in Enurado here. All we fight are chests, where are the enutrof warriors? Enutrofs mounting dhrellers?

I hope they intend to expand those dimensions in a near future, because they are so small.


What I meant is that they could have brought more monster families like this one:


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posté June 26, 2014, 01:38:47 | #16
Just an opinion about the so called drop revamp...

They really have to think about that drop revamp. I wouldn't mind if the current drop rate of equipment stayed around 0.1% 0.3%, as long as they implement also profession mats as drops and made those items craftable. I don't want to see items that require 100, 200, 300 resources of one type though. I want something practical that doesn't make this a hell of a grinding.

In Dofus there's a profession named Hunter, it's the analogous to trappers. Trappers can harvest meat from corpses and other creature related resources. Hunters also can drop items from battle if they are carrying their hunting weapon.

This, this is something that could be improved. What about adding trapper only drops? What about adding plants, herbs and trees that are only present in a special room after a boss is defeated? All those aspects would contribute with a more rewarding drop system that is not just related to drops, but to one of the most underrated thing in this game: professions.

I should stop from now because I've gone way too off topic.

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posté June 25, 2014, 21:04:04 | #17
I just hope I am not forced to move to this new portuguese server since I do not want at all to play there. I use games as a way of not losing what I know of english and also as a way to improve it.

I do not want to keep sending tickets to support asking for a passport, since they take ages to answer. I've sent one to DOFUS support about ONE YEAR ago, and so far no answer.

The support used to be much better before, I remember even how they had restored one of my deleted characters years ago.

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posté June 25, 2014, 02:17:37 | #18

Long time no see. Welcome back

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posté June 25, 2014, 02:12:26 | #19

Except for the fact that some multitabbers are getting mad at Ankama because they are not going to be
the only ones able to multi client.

By the way, I may have sounded like I raged at everyone who does such a thing. However that wasn't the case. I played more than one account when I was able to sub my accounts.

I am not saying multi tabbing is a bad thing, I am only pointing the truth. Sadly people prefer to live in a world just made for them... I don't.

I don't care if people mult tab or not, I was just expressing the idea that basically nothing will change, the only real thing is that Ankama possibly make the pay to win aspect easier and official. What is the difference of someone paying 6 accounts monthly and paying for epic gear sold in boutique?

I don't like much the idea of making this game F2P, as many original aspects of Wakfu will probably be lost. What is going to happen to PvP? GvG? Will they restrict PvP by IP address like they did in Dofus? What about the political system? Everything is incognito.

We're heading to the opening of a Pandora box.

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posté June 25, 2014, 00:22:59 | #20
The game is already pay to win. The better the PC you have, the more money you invest, more players you can control and more drops you can get. You can run endgame content without the need of searching for players.

The only, and only thing, that afraids me of that new system are the bots.

If bots come they'll ruin the ecosystems.
If bots come they'll destroy our gaming experience.
If bots come they'll spam our chats with annoying messages.

I hope it doesn't happen and Ankama brings something to fight against them.

And again.
No, the game isn't turning pay to win. It has been pay to win since the Dofus era.

As for the kids and douchebags, just don't play with them!

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