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posté Today - 03:58:41 | #1
Sadidas are not weak, the problem that we are facing at the moment is that our support/passive skills lack utility and the poisons that build the air branch are seriously lacking power. Also some dolls desperately need adjustments.

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #846170  Replies : 9  Views : 253
posté Yesterday - 02:29:02 | #2
Well, if you would want to build everything towards fire because of a single doll, there would be a problem.

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posté March 31, 2015, 20:43:28 | #3

I am not fire and I have up to 650% fire damage with lone sadida maxed, Sacri doll already has high enough base damage. That's just a simple way of buffing it, you don't really have to push it too insanely to want to use 4 elemental gear. Also, the other types of damage are currently not affecting Sacri Doll like they do to other dolls.

That would be an easy and simple way of fixing the doll.

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posté March 31, 2015, 06:46:57 | #4
If we could level more spells, like secondary spells wit 75% or 50% of our lvl then I could start seeing an advantage in leveling quake. But atm I can't replace by main skills by that  

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #845098  Replies : 12  Views : 315
posté March 31, 2015, 05:12:13 | #5
The air branch needs a whole revamp on the poison mechanics. I mean, I know it's going to sound repetitive but the latest changes to Cras, Iops and Srams shows that it works. Stench and Gust could apply Woodland Venom state that can be consumed by Poisoned Wind, Kmir and Sudden Chill in order to inflict resistance loss, strong AP/MP loss and MP boost to Sadida.

For example:

  1. Woodland Stench: +12 levels of Woodland Venom. No need for damage boost as it's quite powerful already ^^
  2. Gust: +6 levels of Woodland Stench. Damage should be slightly buffed.
  3. Poisoned Wind: 46 damage at 200, consumes Woodland Stench and applies Poisoned Wind +2 per level consumed.
  4. Kmir: consumes minimum of 10 levels of woodland venom, +1 MP to Sadida every 10 levels of Woodland Stench. Kmir adds +1 MP to the Sadida when cast on an ally, +2 MP after 100. It gives +1 MP to the ally at 1-99, +2 after 100. 1 per target per turn. Dolls can cast it on allies!!! this will allow kmir to be used effectivelly to pull enemies.
  5. Sudden Chill: applies Sudden Chill +3 per level of woodland stench consumed. (max -120).
Ahh something that I really want! Animation enhance in most spells, specially the bramble ones that look like green poo XD
As for Vaporize, it needs something else, maybe damage boost like you've stated, and I don't really like Quake, been trying to use it at 150's and its not really worth it maxing it.

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #845051  Replies : 12  Views : 315
posté March 31, 2015, 04:47:13 | #6
I'd be happy with some tweaks and doll buffs, but I don't agree that most spells are ok. I mean, Voodoll is a great skill and it is far from being overpowered, that's why it was completely pointless changing it like they did. It is currently quite useless because of it's short lifespan, the fact it walks and also the fact that it removes Lone Sadida.
The old totem was simply amazing, it only had the problem of being exploited.

  1. Bring the old totem back with restriction to where you can summon it to prevent exploits. Make it have a % of Sadida's HP. Make it possible to switch linked targets with Dolly Sacrifice.
  2. No HP loss from redirected damage.
  3. Dolly Sacrifice: make it return the AP invested when casting on enemies or allies to switch the Voodoll's linked target. This will provide a great synergy between those two support skills, allowing the Sadida to switch totem's targets whenever he wants to without having to remove it from the battle, this will allow water Sadidas to heal allies more efficiently as well as make Tear a more appealing skill.
  4. Optional Idea: make armor applied by bramble spells 20% stronger when cast on an ally-linked voodoll.

Concerning the dolls, I have a lot of uncertainty about how making them stronger, because they are already quite powerful (Greedy, Ultra Powerful and Inflatable) in PvP, but they are simply useless in PvE because of resistances. Therefore I'd hope for a very careful balancing on these two, the other ones are desperately in a need to be buffed. I have some thoughts about them.

  1. Sacrificial Doll: make it have 100% of Sadida's Fire Mastery.
  2. Madoll: MP stolen goes to Sadida.
  3. Lethargic: AP stolen goes to Sadida.
  4. Explodoll: increase the explosion damage to 40. Add +25% Final Damage to Sacrificial Doll.
  5. Block: +2 lock per level.
  6. Resistances: dolls should gain +2 per level, Block gains +3 per level
  7. AI fix is a must.

Now about the elemental spells, certain spells have to be revised (like Vaporize, Earthquake, Gust, Kmir and Rust). I have many ideas but they are not as important as the support skills, I'll just trust Ankama does a good job. There's not much to do right now, don't think they have plans for Sadidas at the moment... I just wish I could use my active and passive skills more effectively rather than just relying on a few specific elemental spells and Tree (which is a lovely spell I'd not change ;3)

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #845041  Replies : 12  Views : 315
posté March 22, 2015, 23:00:34 | #7
Actually I've been checking the french forums and it seems that they also are complaining A LOT about the prices. Maybe they're changing the price... who knows, they haven't been released yet lol.

Thread : News  Preview message : #842356  Replies : 106  Views : 2649
posté March 20, 2015, 01:28:05 | #8
That is nonsense. I was expecting something betweeen 1200 and 1500 ogrines, not 2400. This is bullshit. I rather stick to my costumes.

Thread : News  Preview message : #841422  Replies : 106  Views : 2649
posté February 16, 2015, 16:45:05 | #9
Well, water is not that bad. I only use it to hit through low water resists or to take AP. I usually take 5 ~6 AP points during the AP debuff turns, which can hinder some mobs.

The branch however could receive some buffs and yes, initiative loss must be changed into something else.

Thread : Xelor  Preview message : #830840  Replies : 5  Views : 533
posté February 06, 2015, 11:12:54 | #10
So, following the feedback on my Dial idea, I think that it may not be interesting to change it too much, however we could bring to the class some tweaks on certain spells that desperately need to be changed.

Edit: which ideas do you guys have for Dial besides the Wakfu Point removal/regeneration?

Which ideas do you guys have for the Fire branch, I am unsure if MP loss is the best way to go, I can't think of any content related to time control beside MP reduction (in an awkward way). They shouldn't have made initiative so generic

I maintain the changes I wanted to add to the Water branch. It should do higher damage during Tick turns, I think that a boost on 25% of spells base damage would do it. We should not boost their damage too much since Xelors tend to have more AP than any other class. Basically the damage of the water spells during Tick turn at level 200 would be then:

  • Frostbite: 76
  • Time Control: base damage should be buffed to 16, 20 on Tock turns.
  • Xelor's Sandglass: 45
  • Clock: 119
  • Sinistro: allow them to be able to critical hit and trigger the Aging effect.

To improve the AP drain without making the class insanely overpowered in PvP we could change Master of Time in this way:

  • +40 Initiative
  • +15% chance to take AP per enemy present in the fight
  • +15% chance to take AP
  • +2 Control

To improve the mechanisms they could add a new effect to Temporal Waves:
  • +2 Charges to Mechanisms
  • Timekeeper can restore charges

I have had some new ideas to just give some tweaks to the air branch and thus make it a better developed branch. Aging's damage due to AP loss is really low, it should be increased, but I am not giving any ideas for it now. Distortion is a great skill, don't really know why some players don't like it. About Tempus Fugit, it could do little more damage and have more interesting effects:

  • Applies Clocking Off +1 to all targets before moving.
  • Temporal Twist: I have one idea for this, make the Temporal Twist work like another Dial Cell. This way Xelors can move away from Dial (to attack for example) and then move back to the Dial cell by using just 1 MP.
  • Improve the spell damage, currently it's quite low. It should do at least 80 at level 200 since it costs 3 AP and 1 MP (Dairy Springer of Pandas cost 2 AP 1 MP, has similar effects and deals 75 damage at 200).
  • Maybe we should consider a cast limit due to Clocking Off. 2 per turn maybe?

Remember the Midnight Cell? The Timekeeper spell could add one Midnight Cell in the map with the current range restrictions it has, the Cell would disappear when the Dial is removed and it should cost more than just 1 AP to summon one.

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Thread : Xelor  Preview message : #827676  Replies : 10  Views : 693
posté February 05, 2015, 14:22:49 | #11
C'mon dont be too generalist, the water branch really needs some buff on it's base damage and I don't see how the damage boost during non AP reduction turn would make them horrible. The % increase based on number of enemies would allow us to steal more AP in group fights and stay balanced in PvP.

As for the small dial, I forgot to say that you can move to anywhere inside the area of effect, it is not a small version of the current Dial.

As for placement issues, the problem is that usually we're forced to put our dial in risky places, since the best spots for the current dial resides toward the center of the map.

Thanks for the opinion :] 

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Thread : Xelor  Preview message : #827435  Replies : 10  Views : 693
posté February 05, 2015, 13:53:26 | #12
Xelor Changes - Ideas to improve their gameplay Hello, I'd like to discuss some ideas to improve the class

The Xelor Dial

The current Xelor Dial is way too difficult to handle in a fight, cells often get blocked by obstructions and it kinda restricts the movement of the Xelor, despite of allowing him to jump from square to square. The Xelor is restricted to this area only, this aspect makes it quite difficult to cast the linear spells for example.

I am not sure if my idea would work though, the idea I have is to add a Dial that's similar to Syclick's. The central structure is still present, but the squares the Xelor can move are changed into the area of effect covered by a circle of size 2. like in the picture below:

It looks restricted, but I want to make Dial easier to be placed and also to allow the Xelors to summon up to two Dials in the map and extend their reach in fights.

Spell characteristics:

  • 2 AP, 1 WP cost at level 9
  • 1 to 3 Range, fixed and not linear. Needs line of sight.
  • Cooldown of two turns.
  • Has 6 charges

Conditions and Efects:

  • 2 dials out in battle limitation.
  • Each dial center must be within 6 cells maximum from the other center.
  • Moving from Dial to Dial costs 2 MP.
  • Moving from Cell to Cell inside a Dial costs 1 MP.
  • 40% Damage bonus from standing on Dial.

Water Branch

The current Water Branch is way too weak compared to the other two branches and it lacks AP drain capacity. However, AP drain is something that we have to be really cautions when changing it, as the current AP drain can be considered balanced in PvP, but unbalanced in PvE. Because of that I had an idea to increase the potential of the Xelor draining AP per enemy present in the fight. I have also changed the damage and effects of the water skills.


-1 AP (90%)
-63 HP

-75 HP
Counter +30 (ally only)
Counter: water based shield that reflects 100% of the reduced damage back to the attacker. Frostbite can be cast from 0 Range now.

Xelor's Hourglass

-1 AP (80%)
-36 HP

-50 HP
Accelerator +1 (80%)


-1 AP (90%) cross of size 1
-95 HP cross of size 1
If cast on Dial: effects spread to Dial area of effect (Xelor doesn't take damage)

-116 HP cross of size 1
Accelerator +1 (80%)
If cast on Dial: effects spread to Dial area of effect (Xelor doesn't take damage)


This is a great summon but currently it lasts not enough, I suggest to increase it's charges to 4 instead of 3 and make it possible to restore one charge by casting Time Keeper on it. Ah, since I changed Frostbite, Sinistro is also influenced by Tick and Tock turns too. On Tick turns it will cast counter shield on an ally if there's no enemy in range.

Support Abilities

Some of the support abilities could be changed to improve the gameplay of the water and air branch. Initiative loss has became obsolete since they changed initiative bonuses, that's why I removed them from the fire branch and added MP loss. The air branch I suggest to be turned into mobility one.

Temporal Waves
This skill now increases the chance of the Xelor draining AP from enemies during Tock turns based on the number of enemies present in the fight. MP removal boost on Tick turns.

Tock: +15% chance of removing AP per enemy present in fight.
Tick: +15% chance of removing MP per enemy present in fight.

Time Theft
+20% chane of applying Accelerator
+30% Area of Effect Damage
If AP is removed: +1 AP (20%)
If MP is removed: +1 MP (20%)

Timekeeper: now restores Sinistro and Hydrand charges. AP can be stored on them.

Master of Time: MP removal bonus added

Fire Branch

Many players are going to be against my idea of MP removal on this branch because since Dofus, Xelors are AP specialists and not MP. On the other hand I think that controlling the movement of the target has everything to do with time control too, because you are simply slowing the movement of the target, you are freezing him and hindering him. My idea is to replace the initiative loss on fire spells by MP loss and thus make it impossible to remove AP and MP during the same turn because of Tick and Tock states.

5 AP, 3 to 4 Range
Tick: -115 Damage, -1 MP (90%)
Tock: -135 Damage, 1 rebound of 2 cells.

Line of Fire
4 AP, 1-2 Range, Linear
Tick: -80 HP, -1 MP (80%)
Tock: -100 HP, 3 cells line area

Temporal Burn
Consumes all AP, 2 to 3 Range, Max consumption: 3
Tick: -20 damage per AP, -1 MP (25% chance per AP)
Tock: -25 damage per AP, cross of size 1 area

Temporal Dust
6 AP, 1-4 Range
Tick: -115 HP, -1 MP (90%) cross of size 1
Tock: -135 HP, circle of size 2
If cast on Dial Center: effects spread to Dial Area, Xelor doesn't take damage.

Hydrand now casts Temporal Burn on targets. It has 3 AP and 4 charges. It costs 4 AP to summon it.

Air Branch

The air branch remains as the utility branch, I have only changed Punishment because of Dial modification and increased the damage of Tempus Fugit.

  • Aging: -30 HP per AP or MP removed. Activates Clocking Off and Distortion.
  • Tempus Fugit: damage increased to 90 at 200. Applies Clocking Off +1 to all targets before teleporting.

Xelor's Punishment
5 AP, 1-3 Range, can be increased. No dial restriction.
2 turns cooldown.

-170 HP cross of size 1, Clocking Off +3
If cast on Dial Center: effects spread to Dial area.

That is basically this, what do you guys think about that?

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Thread : Xelor  Preview message : #827431  Replies : 10  Views : 693
posté February 04, 2015, 15:56:19 | #13
Not so hard, considering some of the changes are balanced, I can't see how a hybrid version could become too strong, I'd pick Hybrid ones mainly to allow for a better adjustment when fighting certain mobs.

The mastery skils could have 20 levels, then you could choose between lower secondary damage or pure conversion into another element. Ankama just needs to change the colour effect of the spell animation, which is not that hard haha. I'd be so mad watching a panda casting explosive flask and doing water damage with fire effects animations.

Now about the other ones, the ones that necessary increase the damage like backstab and critical hit, these have to be watched out when being balanced

Another option to balance the crit boost and backstab boost, for example, is to reduce their common effects and enhance the specific ones:

Critical Hit Damage: reduce base damage of spell by 2% per level, increase critical hit damage by 2% per level.

Rear Skill: reduce front and side damage by 2%, increase rear damage by 2%.

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Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #827152  Replies : 2  Views : 170
posté February 04, 2015, 01:30:44 | #14
Spell Enhancing Sytem Hello everyone.

So, after level 100 the life in Wakfu starts to get a little boring because of the lack of spells we have right now. We do need more spells (passive and active ones), but what about elementary ones?

I have one idea.

After reaching level 100 every class starts to earn Spell Enhancing Points (SEP). They allow the player to change the characteristics of their elementary skills.


  • 1 SPE point learned per level after level 100.
  • Every specialty has 10 levels
  • Each spell has 20 point slots.


  • Critical Damage: base damage increased by 1% on critical hit. (cost 1 point)
  • Rear Damage: base damage increased by 1% when attacking from behind. (cost 1 point)
  • Fire Skill: base damage reduced by 5% and added to fire damage (cost 1 point)
  • Water Skill: base damage reduced by 5% and added to water damage (cost 1 point)
  • Earth Skill: base damage reduced by 5% and added o earth damage (cost 1 point)
  • Air Skill: base damage reduced by 5% and added to air damage (cost 1 point)
  • Critical Hit: increases the critical hit chance by 1% (cost 1 point)
  • Range Boost: increases the basic range by 1 (cost 5 points) (ranged abilities only)
  • Pushback Damage: adds 4% of base damage as pushback damage. (cost 1 point)

This is just an example, adding fire damage to a spell, for example, would change it's animation and mix it, to make sense.

For example, if the Enutrof decides to spend 10 Water Skill points on his Meteor, instead of doing 60 fire damage at 200, it now deals 30 fire and 30 water damage. If he decides to increase the critical damage, instead of doing 90 fire damage (or 45/45) Meteor will do 99 on critical hits.

With that change it will now be possible to have a wider diversity of builds. Plus there's more that could be brought, like completely changing the element of a specific skill. There would be then a new spell type - the customized one. However it would not be possible to use the non altered version, to prevent exploits on cooldown based skills and so on

What do you guys think about that?

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Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #826967  Replies : 2  Views : 170
posté February 04, 2015, 01:08:00 | #15
I think that we are currently lacking spells. If they allow us to pick more spells, for example, they're leading us into hybridization, which is not something interesting, I'd rather be motivated into building a class that fits my gameplay.

We already lack active and passive abilities (by level 170 you can have almost them all maxed). They have to watch out before releasing higher level content now, even Dofus has their level 6 version spells, in Wakfu we got nothing until now. We do need more spells.

Ankama could bring a new sort of spell customization available for people after level 100, we could add minor changes to fit our builds in game, like being able to change the damage of one spell to hybridized damage or increasing it's basic range, critical hit damage. This is something that could be brought to the game that would not lead necessarily to overpowered stuff, since small touches to our current spells would only polish them, and not make them too strong at all.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #826962  Replies : 77  Views : 1952
posté February 03, 2015, 23:05:43 | #16
Problem in Wakfu is that they create a whole strategy behind a build, making all spell linked to that sort of strategy and therefore restricting the range of different uses the spell could have, making the game a lot less diverse. On other words you can't be creative with your builds, they come in packs ready to be used.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #826925  Replies : 77  Views : 1952
posté February 03, 2015, 22:31:34 | #17
I think that the current water Xelors really lack AP drain potential. I mean, low AP drain is quite useful in PvP since most builds use all their AP during their turn, but mobs don't. We need high AP drain on mobs and average drain on players, otherwise I can see the class becoming way too powerful in PvP.

For example, take those characteristic on my idea to revamp the water spells.

Tock Turns

  • Frost Bite: same damage and characteristics. Monsters: -2 AP (100%), Players: -1 AP (100%)
  • Time Control: 1 AP, 25 damage at 200. 3 per target per turn. Increases the chance of draining AP from the target on the next AP loss spell by 10% (stacks).
  • Xelor Sandglass: 2 AP, 2-3 Range, not linear, can be increased, 45 damage at level 200. Applies Time Theft +1 state to target. Time Theft +1: steals 1 AP (100%) at the start of turn and then disappears. Max of 2 levels.
  • Sinistro: Sinistro removes 1 AP from up to 2 targets and deals low water damage. AP drain chance: 50% +0.5%/lvl.
  • Clock: 6 AP, 2 to 4 Range. 4 turns cooldown. 160 damage at level 200, Monsters: removes 4 AP (100%). Players: removes 2 AP (100%). (cross of size 1)
Tick Turns
  • Frost Bite: if cast on an ally applies a counter shield of 25 HP, applies 1 level of Accelerated. Can be cast on self. If cast on enemies: no AP loss and base damage enhanced by 25%.
  • Time Control: if cast on an ally applies a counter shield of 8 HP, applies 1 level of Accelerated. Damage on enemies not changed.
  • Xelor Sandglass: damage on enemies enhanced by 25%, gives accelerated to an ally.
  • Sinistro: applies counter shield on up to 2 allies and gives 1 level of accelerated.
  • Clock: applies a counter shield of 60 HP on all allies within the area of effect and 2 levels of accelerated. Damage on enemies enhanced by 25%.

Note: counter shield reduces HP and reflects 100% of the reduced HP back to the attacker.

  • Desynchronization [New Effect]: -1 turn cooldown on all inactive spells.
  • Temporal Waves [New Effect]: enemies inside the Dial area of effect generate 50% less hyperaction.

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Thread : Xelor  Preview message : #826913  Replies : 17  Views : 1375
posté January 31, 2015, 02:01:52 | #18
Don't expect Ankama to buff Osas (by IMPROVING their gameplay) without nerfing their summons. If you think they're doing that, well, I'm sorry. I just hope they allow us to have a balanced use of our lower level mobs, and for that expect some bad and good changes.

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Thread : Osamodas  Preview message : #825705  Replies : 3  Views : 477
posté January 30, 2015, 19:21:15 | #19
Just a note: Explosive Flask is certainly one of the best skills we have, it is one of my main skills I use it at least once every 1-2 turns. I think that if it got bigger area of effect it would be possibly too powerful.

As for Bubble Trouble it needs to apply dizzy when cast on barrel and the damage shouldn't be that lower.

Blisskrieg Area of Effect is kinda weird, I prefer the effect it had before the revamp really.

Bash Barrel is fine

Flaming Burp instead of consuming Dizzy to apply resistance debuff it could consume Dizzy to apply Explosion on mobs or Flaming State to the panda D:

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Thread : Pandawa  Preview message : #825576  Replies : 17  Views : 1441
posté January 30, 2015, 16:32:48 | #20
Osamodas Thoughts on Future Changes Following the future changes on Osamodas class, I'd like to suggest some before they are announced.

The current Osamodas in Wakfu doesn't have well designed summoning abilities, all they do is capture the highest level mob, summon a it, buff it's damage and control it (because the AI does not help). Despite of being strong in PvP, they lack gameplay completely. That is why I would like to give some thoughts on their upcoming changes, I am going to suggest some changes towards the summoning system and the related skills. I do not intend in this post to talk about Dragon Form or GobGob.

It is a kinda difficult idea to be implemented, since every beast would need some tweak. Therefore I suggest to drop the number of capturable creatures at first, so it becomes much easier to balance them. Note that every beast will then be useful at every level, and not only at lower levels.

Summoning System Rules

  1. Summons cost control now to be summoned, just like Sadida dolls. The number of control depends on the mob complexity.
  2. Killed summons can be summoned again in the battlefield, but each monster is going to have a cooldown that it is equal to the number of control points it costs to summon them.
  3. It is only possible to summon 1 monster per turn.
  4. It is not possible to capture two or more monsters of the same type.
  5. Gobgob costs no WP anymore.
  6. The level of the captured mob is equal to the level of Osamodas.
  7. Each monster that's capturable in the environment has a special summoning version that is usually weaker with less AP and MP (compared to the wild version at the same level).
  8. There is 1 monster that can be captured per monster family (reduced number compared to now to make balancing easier).
  9. Mobs have 50% of Osa's Elemental Mastery and 100% of secondary bonuses as damage bonus.
  10. Maximum number of 4 summons out.
  11. The damage of the spells listed down are at level 200, if you want to check the estimated damage at level 100 cut it by half. This is just an estimation.
  12. 1 control per spell present on mob.

Gobup at level 9:
3 AP, 1-3 Range. 1 per turn.
-10% Final Damage to Osamodas per Summon present on the battlefield. (consider the base damage of all spells slightly buffed because of that)
5 Monster slots.

Monsters Examples

Gobbal Family: Gobball Summon
4 MP, 5 AP
+15 HP per level
+2 Lock per level
+2.5 Resist per level
Gobbal Bite: 4 AP, 1-1 Range, -4 -40 -110 HP (earth)
1 Control cost

Tofu Family: Tofu Summon
6 MP, 5 AP.
+3 HP per level
+4 Dodge per level
+1 Resist per level
Tofu Kiss: 4 AP, 1-2 ange, -100 HP (air), -5 to critical hits.
1 Control Cost

Plant Family: Exploding Sunflower
0 MP, 7 AP
+12 HP per level
+2 Resist per level
Exploding Bubble: 1-7 Range, no line of sight required. Deals 100 (enemy), Heals 100 (ally). Cross of size 1. (water effects)
1 Control cost.

Scaraleaf Family: Scaramel
4 MP, 6 AP
+20 HP per level
+2 Dodge per level
+2 Resist per level
Explodung: sets a trap, -124 HP (allies - square). +62 HP (allies - square). 2 turns cooldown, 2 AP cost 1 range. (Fire effect)
Sirocco: 1 range, -120 HP (line of 3 cells). Heals Allies in the area by 60 HP. 4 AP cost. (Fire effects)
2 Control cost.

Boohemoth Family: Crobamoth
5 MP, 6 AP
+20 HP per level
+3 Dodge per level
+2 Resist per level
Frozen Crobill: 1-2 Range, 3 AP, -90 HP Water.
Slide: 2 AP. 3-6 Range, Attracts 2 Cells. 1 per turn.
Caw Cry: -1 MP, -1 Range, -60 Dodge. 2 AP, 3-5 Range. 1 per target and 2 per turn.
3 Control cost.

Calamar Island Family: Exotic Crab
4 MP, 6 AP
+19 HP per level
+2 Dodge per level
+2 Lock per level
Clawburst: 1-4 Range, 3 AP. -80 HP Earth, -25 Dodge (max -50).
Clicky Licky: 1 range, 3 AP. +3 AP to target, +100 HP. 4 turns cooldown.
Slick Lick: 1 Range, 3 AP. -110 HP Earth. 2 turns cooldown.
3 Control cost.

Crackler Family: Ancestral Crackler
4 MP, 7 AP.
+24 HP per level
+2.5 Dodge per level
Monolith Hit: 4 AP, 1-2 Range linear. 110 Earth Damage, pushes back 2 squares.
Heart of Stone: +50% Damage to all allies at level 200. 2 AP, 2 turns cooldown.
Catapult: 3 AP, 2-6 Range. -88 HP Air (central target), -44 HP (surrounding targets) +44 HP (surrounding allies).
3 Control cost.

Wabbit Family: Wabbit
4 MP, 6 AP.
+19 HP per level
+1.5 Dodge per level
+1.5 Lock per level
+2 Resist per level
Pebble Toss: 2 AP, 2-5 Range Linear. -80 HP. 2 per target, 3 per turn.
Stwike: 3 AP, 1-1 Range. -90 HP Earth.
2 Control cost.

Wabbit Castle Family: Wabbit Shawpshootew
5 MP, 7 AP.
+14 HP per level
+3 Dodge per level
+1.5 Resist per level
Cawwot Thwower: 3 AP, 1-6 Range. -80 HP (air). No line of sight needed, 2 per turn and 1 per target.
Cawwot Fwag: 4 AP, 2-6 Linear, 1x Cross area. -105 HP (enemy). +105 HP (ally). (fire effects)
Pwovisions: 3 AP, 1-5. Heals 90 HP (water). 1 per target and 2 per turn.
3 Control Cost.

Xelorium Past: Lapse
6 AP, 5 MP.
+20 HP per level
+3 Dodge per level
+1.5 Resist per level
Bashing: 4 AP, 1-5 Linear (size 3 perpendicular area). -100 HP air, pushes back 1 cell. Does not hurt allies.
Scrambling: 2 AP, 2-5 Range, -80 HP air, -1 Range. 2 per target and 4 per turn.
2 Control cost.

Ok, these are some examples, they're not perfectly balanced as I just want to introduce the idea behind my suggestion. You can see that you can summon Gobballs at level 160 with 2400 HP and 320 Lock for just 1 Control. They will just run and tank mobs, their resistances are 400, so more than 50% resist to each element and their base damage at 88. so if you got 1200% damage and around 200% secondary damage, its 800% damage done by each Gobball, meaning about 800 damage per bite on 0% resistances. Now lets go to Shawpshootew. At 160 it's going to cost 3 control (costy yeah) and with the following stats: 2240 HP and 240 resists (around 30-40% if I am not wrong). The damage will be around 80 (of the Cawwot Fwag), so 720 healing and damage, which is not bad (considering the previous osa stats). Consider that if it dies it takes you 3 turns to summon another one, so better take care of it.

Buffing your summons

In order to suggest a complete change to the summoning related abilities I suggest to distribute the effects on all three branches. Each branch with their own role:

  1. Air: summon positioning and movement.
  2. Fire: summon damage and action.
  3. Earth: summon resistance and endurance.

I will suggest changes to all 9 spells. Note that I do not consider the Gobgob and Dragon role forms, these two are part of the secondary effects of the spells that I will list there, therefore they're not present.

Magpie: this spell applies damage reflect effect on the summon. When directly cast on enemy it deals damage. The skill does not have it's area of effect anymore.

4 AP, 2 to 3 Range
-98 HP at level 200 (fire)
If cast on a summon: applies Burnt Skin +98 (at level 200)
Burnt Skin: Deals 1 Damage (fire) per level when the summon is attacked.

Gurgling: this spell deals area of effect damage for a cheap cost. If cast on a summon it applies the Flaming state to it and makes all it's spells apply Scalded.
2 AP, 2 to 3 Range
-45 HP at level 200 (fire)
If cast on a summon: applies Flaming +60 (at level 200) and Scalding Touch.
Scalding Touch
: spells apply Scalded.

Mooing: . When cast on a monster it applies to it the Enraged state, which gives AP bonus for the next two turns (the spell becomes single target when aimed on a summon).

2 AP, 1 MP, 3 to 4 Range
2 turns cooldown
-80 HP at level 200 (fire) (cross of size 1)
If cast on summon: applies Enraged +3 (2 turns).
Enraged: +3 AP

Croak: this one can only be cast on linear. When cast on a summon the damage is spread to surrounding targets.

5 AP, 1 to 3 Range
-125 HP (fire)
If cast on a summon: damage spread to surrounding targets.

Boohowl: the cost, range and damage have not been changed. The spell now applies Frenzy to mobs within the area of effect. The spell can only be cast once per turn now.

Frenzy +210 at level 200.
Frenzy +110 at level 100.
Frenzy +10 at level 0.

Frenzy: +1% Damage, -1 Resist Bonus per level.

Earth Spells (summed up)

    Armored Command: this spell adds an earth based shield to a monster.
  1. Speedy Command: this spell gives +3 MP to a summon.
  2. Motivation Command: this spell applies a resistance boost for 2 turns to the summon (+100 resist at 200), max +200 resist.
  3. Vital Command: heals a summon by 100 HP at level 200.
  4. Weakening Command changes to Tank Command: increases the lock of the summon by 150 at level 200 for 2 turns (max +150 lock).

Air Spells (summed up)

  1. Crobak: if cast on a summon it gains up to 10 critical hit bonus (at level 200) for 2 turns (max +15%).
  2. Scaraleaf Wing: if cast on a summon attracts it 2 cells towards the Osa.
  3. Whip: remove the summon from the fight (ally only). Returns 2 AP.
  4. Bwork Thump: swaps place with a summon.
  5. Feather Tornado: attracts all targets within 3 cells (linear) 2 squares.

Passive Skills
  1. Animal Blessing: it should give +2 Control bonus at max level now.
  2. Animal Guard: MP bonus removed for balancing means. New Effect: increases the Lock of all monsters by +40.
  3. Prespic Hair: reflect reduced to 10%, monster attacks now heal the osa by 10% of damage inflicted.
  4. Phoenix Spirit: when a monster is killed by an enemy there's 60% chance of it going clinging to life with -20% final damage penalty.
  5. Animal Link: not changed.

Thank you for reading, please give a feedback. I do not intend to nerf osas, I just want to see them being a well developed class with much more moves and options than they currently have.

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