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posté Today - 08:01:19 | #1
I tried convincing you to do those achievements for months and you just now start doing them?

I'm disappointed

There is however a point where you will be bored again once you finish them like I have. I know everyone says to make another character but i'm still going by the code me and yesway went by which is if you are gonna main one character 100% that character.

I just wish things weren't so easy now I want more challenges ankama

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posté Today - 07:57:20 | #2

Quote (Asthis @ 21 October 2014 07:33) *
The only way to bring Eliatropes would be to change the game so that it's not set 10 years before the anime. With them revamping EVERYTHING, it's a something they could possibly do.
It's also something that they would never do.

The amount of work that would take wouldn't be worth it just so that they could add one class that is literally elves in space.

If you wanna be an eliatrope so bad go play les guardians

Apparently les guardians was shut down on october 14th well damn. There goes that retort

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posté Today - 05:53:35 | #3
It honestly feels like they hired a completely different team to write the story of the ovas

I just don't get it and the fact that Ryf seemed uneasy about it kinda makes me wonder as well

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posté Today - 03:36:47 | #4
Iop and Sac are the two easiest classes to play

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posté Today - 01:17:31 | #5
It's not like they can cover it up and say it was supposed to be pandas because pandas dont make portals lol

But everyone assuming its eliatropes when its been said multiple times that its not and the devs have said in the past that eliatropes will NEVER come to wakfu need to stop

its embarrassing now

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posté Today - 00:19:44 | #6

Quote (Hudski @ 20 October 2014 23:39) *

Quote (third-strongest-bunny @ 19 October 2014 16:58) *
Let me keep the boss key? Nope.
Allow the special item to be the thing that accesses the boss? Nope.
Design a boss that is just as fair towards solo players? Nope.
Force me to replay something over and over to waste my time? Sure, that must be the right decision.

This is a very important set of criticisms. I had the Jumpin Jack dungeon bug out right at the very end and I couldn't hop across the platforms, so I just left and never finished it. I mean, I got the boots, so...
It doesn't help that for its level the boss is incredibly difficult to solo and bringing a group scales it to keep that difficulty

I had to basically level to a point where the exp was pointless to even beat the damn thing

Much easier if you're a ranged character though I guess the worst part though is if you do lose to the boss you have to do the ENTIRE dungeon over again

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posté Today - 00:18:05 | #7

Quote (Nox16 @ 21 October 2014 00:14) *
can i just say its sorta bs they dont work on normal dragos is all.
If it was an event reward i'd agree with you but its a boutique purchase

it only makes sense that they'd focus on costumes for the real money mount

My only gripe with it is that I can't buy it off the market board and french people don't understand "Ill give you kamas you gift me this item"

Would be so much easier if I was on remington lmao

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posté Today - 00:04:42 | #8
Hello smitpickle!

Please take note that in a recent update to wakfu almost all gear was changed to be possible to make it any element that you want it to be.

That said I highly recommend looking at Click here this website

There is a search function where you can type in a level range in your case 20 - 50 and it will display all of the gear for those levels from there you can decide which gear from the list fits your specific needs and search for it on the market or once youv given it a look ask me in this thread where it comes from and I can help you to the best of my ability

Gear suggestions are tricky especially for that low of a level since everything is constantly changing I really hope this helps you find what you need

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posté Yesterday - 22:42:24 | #9

Quote (BrainOnAJar @ 20 October 2014 21:24) *
just testing mechanics, does anyone know what the wrath sized glyph (placed after the water-wrath-like spell is cast) does?
nothing because the glyphs are all placeholder with no effects right now

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posté Yesterday - 13:22:36 | #10

Quote (Neuroid @ 20 October 2014 12:42) *
Worst dungeon boss design still goes to Hagen-Daz.

Sooo boring and annoying for no apparent reason, the only dungeon I would never visit again even if i needed to.

Honestly one of the worst dungeons in the game with lenald at a close second

there is absolutely no reason to run either of these

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posté Yesterday - 12:10:31 | #11
Yeah I knew it was a bit of a stretch to consider them somewhere in the middle

But on the subject of zaaps is it ever explained how they work? If the eliatropes are all gone etc etc where do the zaaps come from or rather who "turns them on" I guess would be the word for it

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posté Yesterday - 11:24:03 | #12
It has very little point nyne

It's only active when you are at level cap when it honestly should be active ALWAYS.

It's entire point is to "drain" exp from one spell into another so if you are in an instance where you can't afford a respec or don't want to respec just because you want to try one spell like you have homing arrow at level 160 but you want plague arrow instead you'd put homing in the square and as you fight it will take the exp from homing and put it into plague slowly

tl;dr it's a half assed mechanic that wasn't very well thought out

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posté Yesterday - 10:11:38 | #13
Masqs i'd argue are both iop and sadida but this is tricky probably more so sadida

But other than otomai himself being a feca i'm not sure what youre referring to because otomai is a person not a class

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posté Yesterday - 08:46:47 | #14

Quote (mikexthetyrant @ 20 October 2014 08:40) *
Being an Enutrof i would like to put in my 2 kamas on this. This game is a WORLD OF MAGIC, meaning anything can happen at any given time. For all we know it could be the Eliatrope class or a sub class to the Eliatrope class. For all we know it could be a new Sidekick. (Hint Hint click the spoiler for a link to the Dofus Website)

Spoiler: (highlight to show)
They released a new Side kick recently on Dofus. Seems like the portal thing is similar to this video but not really. i think its the new sidekick.Click here
Except it's already been confirmed to be a new class and its the voyagers not eliatropes

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posté Yesterday - 08:19:48 | #15

Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 20 October 2014 07:50) *
As great as it is to see a new class, I would rather see the team working on creating it shift their efforts into fixing / revamping the less desireable classes. Otherwise its placing blocks on to a pretty dodgy foundation and just ends up looking like this :U

While I can understand and appreciate this mindset a lot of people have stopped playing lately because of boredom with the game being to easy. Revamping classes is nice but a new class is going to bring (at least me) back to the game. It's both good and bad I suppose.

Class revamps would be nice but they're gonna ignore mask until the dawn of time like they did fecas I can see it now so I have very little interest

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posté Yesterday - 04:11:09 | #16

Quote (Taku- @ 20 October 2014 04:09) *
considering that there's been talk of modifying all the classes to use final damage (ala srams), I think a lot of people would probably be pissed if they released a new class to properly fit within the new combat mechanics before they touched up all the existing classes. I wouldn't be happy about it, myself.

But those same people are not happy to begin with that they're potentially going to do it so piecemeal, and it's going to be three months (september - december) after the first class revamp that they fix the next, which is just plain absurd after such sweeping changes that tended to favor the one class that got the revamp at the same time.
and thats IF we dont have a repeat of last time where they get through barely half the revamps and then have to start over again

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posté Yesterday - 04:07:58 | #17
Click here

I'm well aware of the image from beta I was referring to them being in playable form.

Link taken from a post made on my blog over 2 years ago


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posté Yesterday - 02:26:25 | #18
The only person to date that was brakmar and could access bontas HQ was yesway and that was because SE-Derek teleported yesway to him (and i'm sure he didn't mean for something like that to happen)

That whole yugonets thing sounds like a false rumor

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posté Yesterday - 02:24:36 | #19

Quote (picklesaregood @ 20 October 2014 00:31) *

Quote (Wareen-Peace @ 20 October 2014 00:29) *

Quote (picklesaregood @ 20 October 2014 00:07) *
If it's any consolation, this class becoming a reality sooner rather than later is most likely not happening.

The Masqueraiders took forever to release and there was proof of those dropping nearly a year and a half before they actually became playable.

I wouldn't be too worried about it....

holy jesus are serious 1 year and a half?

i have not been around that long, fogs and masq were already out when i started

but were they in beta cause this class being in beta already is a good sign of a "earlier" release i think
There was no sign of masks at all in beta we knew they were going to come because they were a class in dofus and were brought up several times but it literally took them 2 years after release to make masks

Foggers came out BEFORE they finished masks that should say something which is why I feel like the class feels rushed and its play style doesn't match dofus at all

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posté October 19, 2014, 15:47:57 | #20

Quote (Wareen-Peace @ 19 October 2014 15:40) *
I must say, the air branch is looking pretty good for ranged damage!

Setting up enough portals at the right angles will really cripple an enemy trying to kite you.
Yeah i'm really enjoying air/water so far

I also love having the freedom to pop out of a portal hit someone and then go away again

I just feel like in real combat the time it takes to set them up could make things difficult would be very nice on bosses but to time consuming for the effort on normal fights

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