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Almanax 131 Octolliard
Al Howin's Day
The Al Howin festivities get their name from a Dofus-Era farmer. To create a buzz for the annual ...

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posté Today - 19:23:03 | #1

Female model for those who are curious

And we don't know if their skills make no sense yet everything is more than likely placeholder we know very little if anything about bellaphones anyway to make those kinds of assumptions

outside of the fact that they can clone people and are over sexualized swamp women

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posté Today - 19:17:59 | #2
New Class? Bellaphone? The "Voyagers" or "Eliatropes" got turned into Bellaphones now on beta

Maybe we'll get a female only class like how foggers are male only lmao

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posté Today - 19:11:38 | #3

Also the portal class turned into a bellaphone lmao

Imbibe is dizzy ether stabilizes you lemme know if I missed anything that you want a screen shot of as in right clicking any blue words on spells I May have missed

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posté Today - 18:31:43 | #4
naw ya'll need to chill

you got phoenix pet and adal costume which we didnt get

we deserve something exclusive for once

I am however glad that mangos costume is no longer exclusive and I can get it for my mask 

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posté Today - 18:29:58 | #5
Yeah tbh burst damage isnt everything and the amount of draw backs masked spirit has makes it pale in comparison to sram double

When the mask revamp happens if it ever happens I hope they make spirit like double it'd be so much better lmao

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posté Today - 16:29:30 | #6
Clone lasts 2 turns and then is gone for the rest of the fight and can get you killed very easily

It's power is justified double however is OP

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posté Today - 05:39:09 | #7

superior dofus version

Also it's missiz freezz

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Classtanet and scherzo both have such a low base damage that wasting spell exp to level them over classerole makes it as I pointed out: a waste

they are utility spells more then they are damage spells theyre meant to be used for pushing things into position and teleporting not damage

You don't want classtanet being a high level anyway because you will be teleporting over allies as well as enemies doing more damage to your allies while teleporting is a very bad idea

Classerole is good because it works well with the classic mask when you crit with the classic mask on it turns that 4 AP into a 3 AP spell and the base damage on it is high enough that it makes it your bread and butter burst damage spell to be used on enemies weak to air while hornito serves the same role but to enemies weak to fire

For air/fire mask you are probably going to want to do just 2 spells in each branch and if you insist on 3 in one of them i'd go with scherzo over classtanet

Your build should end up looking like this

Air: Scherzo - Classerole - Classablanca
Fire: Fracture - Hornito

While ALWAYS wearing the classic mask when casting all of these spells for the AP return.

Classerole is also used to position monsters for your fire spell aoes pushing the monster 2 spaces to that it is in aoe with another monster to use fracture on both can be very beneficial and doing high damage to them while they are being pushed is what makes air/fire mask so great at what it does

Sorry for the massive post but I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please feel free to let me know. I know I don't have an air/fire or water/fire guide but I know almost everything there is to know about these builds and anything involving masqueraider in general.

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posté Today - 02:49:38 | #9

Quote (Mariallium @ 31 October 2014 02:43) *
Wow, i was going to add my displeasure with the event spawn volume since it was a big problem last year, and look everyone has said it all. last year we had a leg to stand on being PAYING players, now with F2P i think it's IMPOSSIBLE to kill 5 of any of the mobs with the saturation of people. simple solution add the al howin challenge mobs to ALL REGIONS that way people arent camping out in astrub trying to get them all at once, I'm fairly certain all the mobs are dead in under 2 min also things like the "find bowally" are examples of quests that are hideously hard to do if you don't happen to be RIGHT THERE when they pop. quests are terrible enough without a million people vying for the same goal at once.
This is something we asked them to do last year and the counter point to it was "we want the event to be in astrub so that people who aren't subbed can still access it"

But now that the game is f2p this shouldn't be an issue anymore

I'm just upset that they removed like half the event so that they could sell the items from it in the boutique like that's so scummy and disgusting

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posté Today - 02:46:46 | #10
Just want to clarify that it's not my theory in the slightest because I agree with you on all of this ova bullshit was simply a question to pull the thread back

I'm actually quite curious to see Ryfs version of the ovas that he saw before this monstrosity was birthed

It sounds a little bit promising from how concerned he was over how different this new one is

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posté Today - 00:30:50 | #11

Quote (TommyTrouble @ 30 October 2014 23:50) *

Quote (monsterslam @ 30 October 2014 23:12) *
So I've found this picture..
Wrong Forum? Looks like winnie the pooh.
Now I can't unsee winnie the pooh

But to swerve the thread back onto its rails I wanted to ask majors opinion on the possibility of the ice carrot head being there all along and it just being hidden under his ridiculously tall hat

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posté Yesterday - 23:05:04 | #12
The spell system is setup in such a way that if your spell exp is lagging behind it will level faster to catch up

Alternatively if you respec your character you are automatically given the max spell experience to distribute as you please

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posté Yesterday - 22:37:53 | #13

Quote (Asthis @ 30 October 2014 21:41) *
There was one spot on the map where like a hundred of them would spawn on a single cell. Not sure if it's still there because they changed the map a little.

My biggest concern is them fixing bugs that still haven't been fixed, like the witch quest.

Wakfu's events are a joke, though, and the only good one we've had is the Chinese New Year one. We still don't have a working Fleaster event, which oddly only works on French speaking servers.
Except you're so wrong that it hurts please stop spreading false rumours like this were in the same boat as you are if not worse

We don't even have phoenix pet yet which still annoys the hell out of me

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posté Yesterday - 20:53:55 | #14
The problem with PvP in wakfu is the fact that each fight is an instance that is created where anybody can join including someones alts.

One person can pk someone and if they have a friend back them up all of a sudden the aggressor brings their 5 other alts into the fight to secure their win

In other MMOs it's not like this it's usually 1v1 for starters if a revamp ever happens fights need to be locked on 1v1 2v2 3v3 etc

the second person trying to join should have to queue into the fight for the enemy to have a chance to bring in a 2nd person as well.

This will prevent situations where you are stuck in an unwinnable fight and make the entire thing more fair.

There also needs to be a large enough risk for the aggressor to be taking because right now there is none

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posté Yesterday - 19:04:09 | #15

Quote (Evrir @ 30 October 2014 18:08) *
Its rather bad seeing people figured out there spawn locations and those whom have the outfits are just camping them when the little mission rolls around and killing them all before anyone else can. This is just... freaking unbelievable.
The spawn locations are the same as last year so everyone who did it last year will remember them.

Ask them to join their party it counts kills for both of you

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posté Yesterday - 18:16:36 | #16
Tedium and difficulty are not the same thing something a lot of people in this community don't seem to grasp

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