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IMPORTANT INFORMATION 17 January 2017, 03:13 By : [Flatops]

We'll be having a maintenance today of our servers and websites starting at 8:30 AM UTC. Click here for more information

The Beta server has been patched with Update 1.51, featuring the Secure Craft system. Share with us your feedback by posting it here.

EN WAKFU Moderation Team recruitment update: The applicants who have passed step one are invited to complete step two before Monday January 23rd (5 PM UTC). An email was sent with the details on how to proceed to the email addresses given when completing step one. Good luck everyone!

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Forums Rules of Conduct
By : [Sabi] - January 21, 2014, 03:21:47
Welcome! These forums have been created to be a friendly environment for our community, where they may share their WAKFU experience, ask questions, get help, share feedback and most of all… to socialize and have fun. Therefore we feel it is important to share with you the guidelines for the overall wellness of the forums. We have compiled a few basic pointers to follow that will help you o...
The : 2014-01-21 03:21:47
-- / -- January 21, 2014, 03:21:47 By : [Sabi]
Forum threads
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Black Friday: 50% off services! Ankatracker  PROMO  NEWS 
By : [Shop] - November 25, 2016, 10:00:00
Black Friday is back, and it'll last for 3 days! From now until Novembe…...
The : 2016-11-25 10:00:00
9 / 289 November 28, 2016, 15:43:08 By : PeterKJ
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Would you like some XP? Ankatracker  NEWS  * 1 2 
By : [Sabi] - November 24, 2016, 16:30:00
Skank Hivin is the period when the word "generosity" makes sense. Therefore, this is the opportunity for us to offer you a combat and crafting weekend XP bonus... And that's not all!   From Saturday, November 26th, at 12:01 AM (server time), until Sunday, November 27th at 11:59 PM (server time), enjoy a +50% XP bonus in combat throughout the World of Twelve on WAKFU! This bonus...
The : 2016-11-24 16:30:00
26 / 914 November 28, 2016, 01:49:57 By : TestAccountDONOTKILL
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WAKFUNDING: Week 4 Ankatracker  PROMO 
By : [Sabi] - November 24, 2016, 16:00:00
It's the fourth week to treat yourself and have the satisfaction of contributing to the creation of your favorite animated series! Not only are there new items and new packs, but the items and packs from previous weeks are also available. You have so much to choose from!   Whether you play DOFUS or WAKFU, or you're simply a fan of the TV series, the aim of Wakfunding is to establish a pri...
The : 2016-11-24 16:00:00
18 / 682 November 25, 2016, 20:43:34 By : GrimackReapum
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WAKFUNDING: Week 3 Ankatracker  PROMO  NEWS 
By : [Sabi] - November 17, 2016, 16:00:00
Every Thursday throughout November, we will be offering you new items and new packs! Treat yourself and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you're contributing to the creation of your favorite animated series!   Whether you play DOFUS or WAKFU, or you're simply a fan of the TV series, the aim of Wakfunding is to establish a privileged exchange between YOU and US, to build something tog...
The : 2016-11-17 16:00:00
18 / 779 November 22, 2016, 04:17:51 By : Nellidae302
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Update 1.49: the Adjustable Level System Ankatracker  DEVTRACKER  NEWS  * 1 2 3  5
By : [Sabi] - October 28, 2016, 16:00:00
The Adjustable Level, Rapid Builds and Mentoring Systems are finally ready and are arriving accompanied by another feature! We improved these systems during the recent weeks to make them more accessible and ergonomic for your daily use! Get to discover them on Wednesday, November 2nd!   They are here! The Adjustable Level, Rapid Builds and Mentoring Systems come into play on Wednesday November 2n...
The : 2016-10-28 16:00:00
96 / 4300 November 21, 2016, 03:02:32 By : skyraven6461
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WAKFUNDING: New offers! Ankatracker  NEWS  * 1 2 
By : [Flatops] - November 10, 2016, 16:00:00
Every Thursday throughout November, we will be offering you new items and new packs! Treat yourself and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you're contributing to the creation of your favorite animated series!   Whether you play DOFUS or WAKFU, or you're simply a fan of the TV series, the aim of Wakfunding is to establish a privileged exchange between YOU and US, to build something tog...
The : 2016-11-10 16:00:00
30 / 1238 November 17, 2016, 19:52:47 By : YoyoIlluser
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Small Pumpkind available in the shop! Ankatracker  PROMO  NEWS 
By : [Shop] - November 14, 2016, 16:00:00
Some of you have already been lucky enough to get it by playing Jackpot the Ripper, the Al Howin scratch card game. Today, it's arriving in your shop for your playing pleasure... and to give your opponents quite the fright! The Small Pumpkind is available until November 20th, for the price of 5,000 Ogrines! Choked up and teeth grinding, this new friend has made his grand entrance into your ...
The : 2016-11-14 16:00:00
9 / 531 November 16, 2016, 16:50:34 By : robotrigger3
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The Summer Harness is here! Ankatracker 
By : [Sabi] - August 05, 2016, 16:00:00
The depths of the ocean never cease to reserve a few surprises for you. After the costume, it's a harness that's surfacing this time. Your Gobball will swoon with joy! The Summer Harness is in the Shop until August 8th, where you'll also find all the other harnesses at half price!   The Summer Harness (account linked) goes perfectly with the Deep Sea Costume; it'll turn yo...
The : 2016-08-05 16:00:00
10 / 685 November 11, 2016, 04:03:04 By : realdozer
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Shop: Al Howin Harness Ankatracker 
By : [Shop] - October 31, 2016, 04:00:00
Vampire teeth? Bwork mask? Check… Old Pair of Enutrof Underpants? Check… La…...
The : 2016-10-31 04:00:00
9 / 565 November 09, 2016, 09:19:16 By : [Flatops]
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WAKFU Season 3: A new trailer! Ankatracker  * 1 2 3  4
By : [Flatops] - June 15, 2016, 10:00:00
Launched exclusively last night at the Annecy Festival, this brand new trailer shows a glimpse of the latest adventure of Yugo, Percedal, Eva, Amalia and Ruel…When we were starting out in 2008, we were very stern with the story of the WAKFU series. To make sense of it all, bits and pieces of the plot were only sewn together by the end of the season. If there was any revelation at all, it was too l...
The : 2016-06-15 10:00:00
74 / 4841 November 09, 2016, 04:27:12 By : [Flatops]
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Jackpot the Ripper has a treat for you! Ankatracker  * 1 2 3 
By : [Flatops] - October 27, 2016, 11:45:00
Al Howin's up to his old tricks again this year! Find Jackpot the Ripper, scratch away in the right places and he will reward you with treats! From October 28th to 31st, Jackpot the Ripper has two grids to scratch every day... and plenty of treats to be won! Fog, nightmares, things that go bump in the night... Al Howin's playing on your nerves in any way he can, including a daily appointm...
The : 2016-10-27 11:45:00
52 / 1733 November 02, 2016, 07:08:18 By : AnitaCoffee
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Celebrate Al Howin's Day in your Haven Bag PROMO 
By : [Shop] - October 27, 2016, 16:00:00
If you won't go to Al Howin, Al Howin will come to you! And even to your home... thanks to the Dia de los muertos decors. You will find them in the Shop until November 1st where, what's more, all the other Haven Bags and decorations will be half the price!   Al Howin's all about the atmosphere! It's happening inside and out! So, why not at your place, in your Haven Bag! Admit...
The : 2016-10-27 16:00:00
8 / 459 November 01, 2016, 15:57:53 By : AndersonMenezes
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New Times in Astrub: It's online! Ankatracker  NEWS  * 1 2 3 
By : [Flatops] - October 11, 2016, 15:45:00
You’re feeling pretty excited, and that’s to be expected. The “New Times in Astrub” update is online! The ultimate boss Sham Moon is ready and waiting for you, but he’s not the only one! Oh, and be careful when guzzling down wines from the Villainy Vineyard…   The new Update 1.48 is online! On the agenda is a monkey who doesn’t dance for any organ-grinder, a vineyard that will give you some...
The : 2016-10-11 15:45:00
53 / 2249 October 29, 2016, 17:12:58 By : Qleah
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Results: Server First - Sham Moon Ankatracker  NEWS 
By : [Sabi] - October 27, 2016, 15:00:00
With the arrival of Sham Moon, came the challenge of finding the very first groups who may be brave enough to defeat and be crowned with glory and rewards for Remington, Nox and Phaeris. Today we have found such groups of courageous warriors and we wish to present them to you!   Sham Moon the new king in town, seems to have found his match within several groups of warriors across the Remington, N...
The : 2016-10-27 15:00:00
16 / 603 October 28, 2016, 15:20:55 By : Vividia
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Al Howin: The Return Ankatracker  NEWS  * 1 2 
By : [Flatops] - October 25, 2016, 09:30:00
Another year, another haunted festival: Al Howin! What would this celebration be without a little trick and… lots of treats! Defend the World of Twelve from troublemakers that only celebrate by spreading curses and stealing candy. The spooky event starts today!   From today, 25th of October (10:00 AM server time), to 8th of November (10:00 AM server time) the wicked witch of Al Howin has returned...
The : 2016-10-25 09:30:00
35 / 1397 October 27, 2016, 06:13:20 By : ShadowTheChangeling
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Now available : Transfer characters between accounts! Ankatracker  NEWS  * 1 2 3  5
By : [Sabi] - December 11, 2015, 17:00:00
The alt had great potential, they might even have become one of the best adventurers the World of Twelve has to offer. But! They got stuck on a secondary account, forgotten and covered with dust. Today, that’s over and now this alt can join the ranks of heroes and become great! All thanks to our new transfer a character to another account service.Your characters are scattered on different accounts...
The : 2015-12-11 17:00:00
83 / 7114 October 25, 2016, 09:25:31 By : [Flatops]
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The Wakfu Universe is coming to mobile gaming! Ankatracker  NEWS  * 1 2 3  4
By : Gunnerwolfang - June 04, 2015, 12:00:00
Twelvians, we are proud to present an all new adventure! Meet WAKFU Raiders, an RPG for your smartphone/tablet that allows you to recruit powerful warriors to fight on your behalf as you investigate the anomalies of a parallel world... Pre-register now to get a gift! With 30 collectable characters and hundreds of quests to complete, WAKFU Raiders is another chapter in the transmedia saga of the WA...
The : 2015-06-04 12:00:00
60 / 6333 October 24, 2016, 21:59:36 By : Lancel-Du-Late
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This Emote Will Put You in Recovery Position PROMO 
By : [Shop] - October 20, 2016, 16:00:00
You're spending your Saturday afternoon with friends when suddenly, one of your buddies turns white, and their face is transformed, what on Earth is happening? No, it's not a heart attack, but with the blow you just inflicted on him in-game, he's K.O.! Time is of the essence! You have to quickly activate... your new Recovery Position emote! You've wanted this emote for so long bu...
The : 2016-10-20 16:00:00
16 / 724 October 24, 2016, 18:50:27 By : Caliiintz
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Booster Packs are now universal! Ankatracker  NEWS  * 1 2 
By : [Flatops] - October 17, 2016, 10:00:00
Starting today, your Booster Pack will be available on all servers! You can now play where you want and when you want it! Before, you had to choose which server you wanted to apply your Booster Pack. Now, we have removed this option! Booster Packs no longer have server limitations. You can now hop from one server to another, play all the characters in your account wherever they are, and...
The : 2016-10-17 10:00:00
23 / 1152 October 24, 2016, 16:03:04 By : RAAC07
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Event: Server First - Sham Moon Ankatracker  EVENT  * 1 2 
By : [Flatops] - October 07, 2016, 16:00:00
It’s no mystery that with the new update comes the arrival of the terrifying Sham Moon! We want to use this occasion to challenge you to become the first Twelvians of your server to defeat the latest Ultimate Boss!   There’s a new king in town and his name is Sham Moon. He likes to greet his guests with a glare and the occasional blows from his hammer!   The challenge is simple - the...
The : 2016-10-07 16:00:00
30 / 1750 October 24, 2016, 15:44:11 By : maymay0201
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Haven World Rules Ankatracker  DEVTRACKER  * 1 2 
By : [Flatops] - September 15, 2016, 16:00:00
Due to the complications experienced during the most recent Haven World auction, we have revised and updated Haven World rules to make it clear to Haven World owners and eager bidders, what the rules and conditions for bidding and owning a Haven World are.   As Haven Worlds are feature reserved for active guilds, if Haven Worlds are left abandoned or inactive, they will be relisted for auction at...
The : 2016-09-15 16:00:00
30 / 1663 October 23, 2016, 01:12:03 By : dillybug1
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Adjustable Levels Postponed Ankatracker  DEVTRACKER  NEWS  * 1 2 
By : [Flatops] - October 03, 2016, 16:00:00
We let you test the Adjustable Levels in the beta server and the tests were very positive. But they also allowed us to identify a number of points that needs improvement because the long-awaited system is the base of many other functions in the game. To give us time to perfect this system, we have decided to push back the release date.   As you already know, we have been working on a new system f...
The : 2016-10-03 16:00:00
37 / 1627 October 16, 2016, 06:07:22 By : Aacher
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New York Comic Con: Ankama at the Big Apple! Ankatracker  NEWS  * 1 2 
By : [Sabi] - September 23, 2016, 16:00:00
To all World of Twelve inhabitants, Ankama is proud to announce our presence at New York Comic Con on October 6th until October 9th at the Javits Center!   We were very happy to have been present at several conventions last year for many great events giving us the chance to get closer to our Community. So get ready because we are now even more thrilled to announce that we will get to do this a...
The : 2016-09-23 16:00:00
20 / 1590 October 13, 2016, 13:35:06 By : ShLaCk
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Coming soon: New Times in Astrub Ankatracker  NEWS  * 1 2 
By : [Flatops] - October 05, 2016, 15:45:00
If you have been on the Beta server, you already know the basics of the Astrub redesign. You have'nt seen 'em? Log on to the Beta server and give yourself a behind the scenes tour! Would you rather wait for the release date? Well, you don't have to wait for long, the update will happen on October 11! Behind on your quest for national glory? Catch up with the latest installment of the ...
The : 2016-10-05 15:45:00
37 / 1527 October 12, 2016, 03:47:28 By : Syrdaio
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Boost Mystery Box Ankatracker  PROMO  * 1 2 
By : [Shop] - October 06, 2016, 16:00:00
We are well and truly back to school (and work!) and morale has hit an all-time low – the permanently gray sky isn't helping much either! Fortunately, the new Mystery Box has arrived to help boost morale, and not only... Motivation: zero... Morale: low? No need to hide any longer! Even the feistiest of Iops and most devilish of rogues sometimes needs a little boost. So if all those freshly sq...
The : 2016-10-06 16:00:00
20 / 977 October 07, 2016, 19:51:26 By : PutThatSwordDown
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Doctor Darkli and Mister Sham… Ankatracker  * 1 2 
By : [Flatops] - August 25, 2016, 16:00:00
On this date, the full moon rises in the night sky: it's time to lift the curtain on the Ultimate Boss who will underscore the next patch… A curtain that's so transparent, you were able to identify the terrible Sham Moon… the adversary who'll drive you crazy!   Moon would have been happy reigning more or less peacefully over the Kanniballs, enjoying his island, where only a few intrud...
The : 2016-08-25 16:00:00
30 / 2149 October 01, 2016, 22:18:15 By : LilyTheDRagonPrincess
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An Eliotrope Emote in your Basket! PROMO 
By : [Sabi] - September 29, 2016, 16:00:00
Picture this... you're quietly shopping and have spent at least 6,000 OG* when...surprise! You discover the emote of the most mysterious class in the Krosmoz is in your basket, the Super Eliotrope Emote! That is just what will happen up until Monday, October 3rd!   If the Super Eliotrope Emote reminds you of something (or someone!) it's not surprising with all these portals opening, one a...
The : 2016-09-29 16:00:00
15 / 729 October 01, 2016, 21:36:38 By : saphiLC
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Beta: New Times in Astrub! Ankatracker  NEWS 
By : [Flatops] - September 08, 2016, 15:00:00
How would you like to spend a night in Astrub? While you wait to be enlightened by the powerful aura of Sham Moon, you can test all the other functions of the coming update right now. Even in the dark, our dev team is waiting to hear about any bugs... So, now, booster pack or no booster pack, access to the beta server is available to everyone! So hurry!   How can I access the beta version? Dow...
The : 2016-09-08 15:00:00
17 / 1256 September 30, 2016, 09:25:09 By : Rakakiki
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Get a reward for adding your phone number! Ankatracker  NEWS  * 1 2 
By : [Sabi] - February 04, 2016, 14:30:00
Several weeks ago, we told you that Account Management was going to undergo some improvements. And not just graphically: your phone number is also going to feature significantly! Make your life easier by linking your number to your account right now... and win a prize! Your phone number is going to play a greater role in the management of your account and your personal details. So, why wait? From ...
The : 2016-02-04 14:30:00
23 / 2017 September 30, 2016, 07:35:44 By : [Flatops]
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The Heroes boost your account!
By : [Sabi] - September 22, 2016, 16:00:00
Heroes never get tired! Not only do they help you gain experience and fights, but moreover, up until Monday, September 26th, they will earn you a 7 day Booster Pack! Who can beat that?   The Hero Service is the service of champions! One or two characters from your account to back up your favorite adventurer and create your dream team! They also gain the same experience level, their own dungeon to...
The : 2016-09-22 16:00:00
7 / 491 September 24, 2016, 20:51:08 By : JamesB