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Important Information 08 July 2014, 22:01 By : [Sabi]

Check our FAQ page to keep yourself updated and find the answers to your questions: Click Here.

Today (Thursday April 16th 2015) we had an exceptional maintenance at @ 2 PM GMT / 9 AM EST / 6 AM PST, in order to resolve the community restriction issues for the Phaeris players, for server status: Click Here.

A new Phaeris forum section has been added to the forums, please make sure to relog your account on the website in order to be able to see/use it, and welcome home to the Phaeris players! A migration FAQ and troubleshooting thread was created: here.

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Forums Rules of Conduct
By : [Sabi] - January 21, 2014, 03:21:47
Welcome! These forums have been created to be a friendly environment for our community, where they may share their WAKFU experience, ask questions, get help, share feedback and most of all… to socialize and have fun. Therefore we feel it is important to share with you the guidelines for the overall wellness of the forums. We have compiled a few basic pointers to follow that will help you o...
The : 2014-01-21 03:21:47
-- / -- January 21, 2014, 03:21:47 By : [Sabi]
Forum threads
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Class Revamp: The New Cra Strikes! DEVTRACKER  Ankatracker  DEVBLOG  * 1 2 3  6
By : [Dy7] - March 12, 2015, 16:00:00
Cras have had trouble staying competitive compared to the other classes for some time now. When playing alone, Cras are penalized by the small size of the battlefield and the number of monsters that can easily reach them. In group play, Cras inflicted less damage in comparison to other classes.This rework aims to correct Cra’s weakest elements and bring Cras up to level with the other classe...
The : 2015-03-12 16:00:00
103 / 3989 April 18, 2015, 12:23:36 By : Hearttyace
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WIP: Craft Revamp DEVTRACKER  Ankatracker  DEVBLOG  * 1 2 3  6
By : [Sabi] - January 21, 2014, 14:00:00
It’s been a long time coming for the craft system to have a "small" dusting done so that it becomes a really interesting piece of WAKFU. It has now been quite a while that the GD team planned to tackle it and the task is not easy, as there is much to do, since the current craft system is a pile of  gameplay layers, one on top of another. That is why, instead of trying to rebal...
The : 2014-01-21 14:00:00
119 / 13689 April 14, 2015, 19:58:12 By : BrainInAJar
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Class Revamp: the new Iop is coming! DEVTRACKER  Ankatracker  DEVBLOG  * 1 2 3 
By : [3xited] - March 10, 2015, 16:45:00
Although the Iop can properly deal damage, it has trouble keeping up in a fight due to its game mechanics and the fact that it only has close-quarter spells. This especially holds true in multi-player mode, where the monsters are often very tough melee fighters. Its movement spells are also somewhat costly. All in all, it isn't easy for an Iop to survive combat that goes on for a longer period of ...
The : 2015-03-10 16:45:00
56 / 2483 March 23, 2015, 03:54:18 By : Lecrua
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Pandawa's Revamp DEVTRACKER  Ankatracker  DEVBLOG  * 1 2 3 
By : [Sabi] - December 05, 2014, 17:00:00
Despite his musky smell, the new Pandawa is far from being repulsive! Everything has been done to give the class a more enjoyable gameplay, while keeping the basic structure of the class! Ready for a taste?First, any Pandawas reading this can be reassured. The fundamental principles and mechanics of the class remains the same. You wi...
The : 2014-12-05 17:00:00
56 / 4223 March 15, 2015, 19:40:13 By : iannis623
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Class revamp: Iop and Cra DEVTRACKER  * 1 2 3  4
By : [Troyle] - February 08, 2013, 16:00:00
As you already know, over the last months the Game Designers have been working on revamping the character classes. Their goals are simple: more fun, more clarity, and above all: more balance. We expect these modifications to enhance the tactical aspect of the game, and improve coherency. Starting today, we will publish devblogs listing the main changes for the classes revamped in the February upda...
The : 2013-02-08 16:00:00
72 / 10459 March 02, 2015, 21:04:43 By : The-Boss-PK
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Changing Nation DEVTRACKER  Ankatracker  * 1 2 
By : [Hito] - May 16, 2013, 10:00:00
​Today we will talk about an improvement that has been long awaited: Nation change! This Devblog will introduce you to this new feature and its implementation in the game.Migration?Join friends, access unique monsters or bonuses (without having the worry about wars and politics) or only save the poor nation of Sufokia, these are some of the reasons that justified the idea of implementing a Nati...
The : 2013-05-16 10:00:00
39 / 12620 January 29, 2015, 23:02:15 By : HatoriHiei
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The Black Soul of the Dark Master Ankatracker  DEVBLOG  * 1 2 
By : [Sabi] - January 15, 2015, 17:00:00
Those who have ventured to Srambad know him as the one leading the chase on the Dimensional Voyagers. But who – or what is this dark being? Want to find out? Well, why not listen to a dishonest citizen of Srambad speaking about the leader of the Malicious Militia?Once in a while his presence is palpable. It can be felt across Srambad, at front and center stage or down in the back; in the mor...
The : 2015-01-15 17:00:00
21 / 2079 January 26, 2015, 18:26:42 By : Niddhoggy
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Kama revamp DEVTRACKER  * 1 2 3  15
By : [Azael] - April 04, 2013, 16:00:01
The : 2013-04-04 16:00:01
294 / 20066 January 26, 2015, 12:23:42 By : sinnnner
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Wakfu, Alpha Test and Renovation works... DEVBLOG  * 1 2 
By : SmilyCelly - July 05, 2007, 17:33:12
-Hey! What’s the Gobball doing in the sea?!*Pneumatic drill noise*- Who ca…...
The : 2007-07-05 17:33:12
21 / 5421 January 07, 2015, 16:23:44 By : [MOD]Itsade
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Devblog should be better on Mondays! DEVTRACKER  DEVBLOG 
By : Zidrune - May 27, 2009, 11:17:07
Changing Devblogs is like moving house… First you are delighted by the entire thing with big clear…...
The : 2009-05-27 11:17:07
19 / 4729 December 23, 2014, 11:07:17 By : Rokugatsu
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Haven Worlds - Azael answers your questions DEVTRACKER  Ankatracker  * 1 2 3 
By : [Troyle] - May 31, 2013, 16:00:00
 We went to Azael to get him to answer the most important question we received about Haven Worlds, that will be opening their doors on June 18!How many Haven Worlds will come out evey week (after the first 60)?We’re still looking into the technical aspect, but to begin with we should have 4 to 8 implemented every month (so 1 to 2 per week).  Don’t you think that Haven Worlds ...
The : 2013-05-31 16:00:00
55 / 5404 December 16, 2014, 09:38:06 By : [MOD]Lenaw
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Focus: Shustuft Crust Dimension Ankatracker  NEWS  DEVBLOG  * 1 2 3 
By : [Sabi] - January 28, 2014, 09:00:00
This devblog is going to give you more details on the Shustufft Crust Dimension which will arrive soon in WAKFU!General  Shustufft Crust consists of a series of islands that includes one or more specific ecosystems related to each Shushu family and their dungeons. These are organized one after another in a way that you must have completed the previous island’s dungeon in order to acce...
The : 2014-01-28 09:00:00
49 / 7291 November 16, 2014, 15:19:03 By : semir2222
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Focus: PvP DEVTRACKER  Ankatracker  NEWS  DEVBLOG  * 1 2 3 
By : [Sabi] - September 08, 2014, 16:00:00
Starting from the next update, Nations will be able to take one another on in intense NvN combats. Players will now be able to choose to become Guards and defend their Nations, or join the fearsome Riktus rebels whose clan is about to hit the game. Read on to discover all the details of this new feature.The Big Choice: Guard or Riktus?  When you reach level 38, a tutorial window will pop...
The : 2014-09-08 16:00:00
43 / 4379 October 07, 2014, 06:22:10 By : Chompers
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Who is Merkator?
By : [Hito] - October 21, 2013, 16:00:00
The : 2013-10-21 16:00:00
10 / 2943 October 06, 2014, 14:26:14 By : Asthis
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Letter to the Community - September 2014 DEVTRACKER  Ankatracker  NEWS 
By : [Sabi] - September 05, 2014, 16:00:00
Hello everyone, it's been a while since I did not write a "Letter to the Community." I know some of you were asking for its return and it is now here!Hello everyone,   For several months now, we have been working on the various international versions of WAKFU, concentrating on our production methods as well as on the content itself. The upcoming patch is a turning point for the ...
The : 2014-09-05 16:00:00
13 / 1624 September 10, 2014, 19:24:07 By : ThatEiji
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KROSMOZ: When Sram and Enutrof unite... Ankatracker  NEWS  DEVBLOG 
By : [Sabi] - August 12, 2014, 16:00:00
Since the beginning of time, the Gods have influenced the World of Twelve. But it must be said that the faith of their disciple has fallen somewhat since Ogrest gave them a real good bashing from up there on Mount Zinit... So, to compensate for the decline of their divine dimensions, some of them have achieved the impossible: to unite! From greedy to thief, there is only one step! And this is...
The : 2014-08-12 16:00:00
9 / 1953 September 06, 2014, 13:46:19 By : Runatex
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Haven Worlds: Final Q&A * 1 2 
By : [Troyle] - June 21, 2013, 12:00:00
The : 2013-06-21 12:00:00
29 / 4604 August 21, 2014, 14:42:42 By : Tsukimara
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Class Revamp - Eniripsa DEVTRACKER  Ankatracker  DEVBLOG  * 1 2 3  16
By : [Sabi] - August 06, 2013, 00:00:00
The healing class of WAKFU, the Eniripsa, get its turn on the revamp table! Today we give you more details about the planned changes, to establish an early dialogue with you and ensure that they are as close as possible to your expectations.We have deliberately decided to not mention certain values, as they are in the process of being balanced,  so that you can focus on the new mechanics, whi...
The : 2013-08-06 00:00:00
305 / 17774 August 17, 2014, 12:23:30 By : WNxSidewinder
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Sidekicks DEVTRACKER  Ankatracker  * 1 2 3  10
By : [Troyle] - November 28, 2013, 17:00:00
A few weeks ago, we revealed the Multiman, and the Sidekick feature to be implemented on December 10 in WAKFU. These Sidekicks will allow you to play up to three entities in a same time, on a single account. One of these entities will be your main character, while the other ones will be Sidekicks that can be added to your group. Many questions were asked regarding this feature, and it is now tim...
The : 2013-11-28 17:00:00
195 / 17765 August 03, 2014, 04:22:50 By : IvanSouza
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Focus: Srambad DEVTRACKER  Ankatracker  DEVBLOG  * 1 2 
By : [Sabi] - June 11, 2014, 16:00:00
Soon you'll be able to discover the Divine Dimensions and enter the heart of the subject! Accompany Pandora in her adventures beyond Astrub, the World of Twelve, and even time. Set foot on unknown lands. Discover Srambad, its murders, its plots, its corruption... and so much more!Will you dare set foot on Srambad ? You are level 140 (or more) and you have completed the "prelude" ques...
The : 2014-06-11 16:00:00
36 / 7918 July 28, 2014, 05:10:54 By : Letall
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Smithmagic Revamp: Round 2 DEVTRACKER  Ankatracker  * 1 2 3  8
By : [Grou] - November 21, 2013, 16:00:00
Today Grou tells you about the novelties coming with the new revamp of Smithmagic, which will be implemented on December 10th. Why another revamp? What are the new goals? How will it work? Read the answers to these questions now.Hello, today I will introduce the new improvements that we will be making to Smithmagic and explain the choices made by the team. First, an important thing to know: We ann...
The : 2013-11-21 16:00:00
142 / 11389 July 27, 2014, 03:29:32 By : kurokat
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Class Revamp - Feca DEVTRACKER  Ankatracker  DEVBLOG  * 1 2 3  19
By : [Sabi] - December 16, 2013, 16:00:00
   The long-awaited revamp of the Feca will arrive with the next update, and today Grou want to share with you the planned changes! Discover later on more details on these modifications to continue to have an early dialogue and ensure that they are as close as possible to your expectations. We have decided to present to you this revamp spell by spell as if we were presenting a new class ...
The : 2013-12-16 16:00:00
375 / 27776 July 15, 2014, 21:54:39 By : PinoGames
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Encyclopedia Improvement Ankatracker  NEWS 
By : [Sabi] - March 27, 2014, 16:00:00
Today, we have implemented some changes to the Encyclopedia in order to improve it and here is the list of them!  General It is now possible to publish comments on the pages of the Encyclopedia items. In case of TOU breaking comments, you can use a button to report them: its operation is identical to the one used on the forums. Optimization of the pages loading time. It will be possible ...
The : 2014-03-27 16:00:00
12 / 2032 March 29, 2014, 12:24:21 By : BlackCatVll
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KROSMOZ: The Protoflex DEVTRACKER  Ankatracker  DEVBLOG  * 1 2 
By : [RyF] - March 07, 2014, 17:00:00
The Protoflex is the new Sidekick that you can choose to have by your side starting with the next game update on March 18th... But who or what is this Protoflex? Where does he come from? This great robot of a new era…Of all the strange things that have been found off the Sufokia’s shores, the Protoflex is probably the most enigmatic and the most disturbing fact is not so much the amou...
The : 2014-03-07 17:00:00
31 / 4939 March 22, 2014, 09:24:20 By : KiwiTang
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KROSMOZ: Saharash
By : [Sabi] - March 14, 2014, 16:00:00
Aaah, Saharash... Its wild and abundant nature, its fresh water sources and its friendly people... Do not make that face, Saharash has not always been a dry wasteland and desert like it is today! And for proof, here are some testimonials from former residents or passing adventurers who tells us of a time that whoever less than twenty years old may not know...Dofus Era "38th day. What an excit...
The : 2014-03-14 16:00:00
12 / 2955 March 21, 2014, 23:16:17 By : PaulMundane
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Focus: The Protoflex DEVTRACKER  Ankatracker  * 1 2 
By : [Sabi] - March 11, 2014, 17:00:00
A new Sidekick will be arriving in-game with the upcoming March 18th game update: the Protoflex! Discover in this gameplay devblog, his spells, and much more!  The First Dual Element and Dual Purpose Sidekick March 18th marks the arrival of the Protoflex whose gameplay will reveal how the next set of Sidekicks will be inspired from. Indeed, several new brothers-in-arms will be added to WAKFU...
The : 2014-03-11 17:00:00
21 / 5518 March 14, 2014, 21:09:55 By : 0Cataclyst0
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Revamping the experience curve DEVTRACKER  Ankatracker  DEVBLOG  * 1 2 3  6
By : [3xited] - December 04, 2013, 16:00:00
In this Devblog 3xited (aka Exi) will explain the experience revamp that will be implemented in WAKFU. Why this revamp? How does it work? What purpose does it serve? Find all the answers here!You probably thought that it was only a matter of changing a few experience values for each level, and that’s it. You’ll understand that this matter is much much more complicated!  First...
The : 2013-12-04 16:00:00
103 / 10330 February 09, 2014, 20:58:29 By : naiges
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By : [Hito] - October 26, 2012, 17:34:08
Greetings, adventurers of the Krosmoz! Hito, at your service! I'm here to explain all about how Krosmaster will soon be available in WAKFU!How will Krosmaster Arena and its figurines be incorporated into WAKFU? The Gambling Joints of the four Nations (as well as Astrub!) will be equipped with board game tables that you can use to play Krosmaster Arena! One click and you're off! When you p...
The : 2012-10-26 17:34:08
19 / 7405 December 17, 2013, 09:45:35 By : Kog55
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Letter to the Community - November 2013 DEVTRACKER  Ankatracker  * 1 2 
By : [Azael] - November 27, 2013, 16:00:00
Azael comes back with a new Letter to the Community. In this issue, he will talk about the November update, as well as the upcoming one in December.Hello there and welcome to our now monthly talk. As usual, I will talk about the last update and what’s coming in the next one.  Last UpdateI think this was a rather positive update, even though it wasn’t perfect. The new organizatio...
The : 2013-11-27 16:00:00
35 / 5070 December 10, 2013, 14:57:29 By : Starkblood
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Class revamps: Sadida and Ecaflip DEVTRACKER  * 1 2 3  8
By : [Troyle] - April 08, 2013, 16:00:01
A new class revamp devblog appears, about Sadidas and Ecaflips. With these modifications applied on April 16, Eniripsas will no longer be the one and only healing class, since these 2 classes will get their own healing abilities!SadidaHow will these changes impact you?With these modifications, Sadidas will now have the ability to stand up to other classes. Overall, we clearly enhanced its support ...
The : 2013-04-08 16:00:01
158 / 15577 November 25, 2013, 12:44:58 By : Kikuihimonji