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posté Today - 15:12:53 | #1
Ofcourse not but you can. Choose whatever spells fit your build and your tactic. You can go many ways about it. Fire build with fire mask is in kinda awkward place atm. You can wear it but I wouldn't put any lvl's to the mask 'cause you know "you lose resist".
To answer your question: Yes it's fire. Not pure fire but it's fire.

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posté Yesterday - 18:38:33 | #2
I've been waiting for a year for outlaw revamp. WTH I'll wait another year xD

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posté Yesterday - 16:20:22 | #3
What's this update managed to do is higher lvl players losing interest in lvling lower lvl players unless they're lvling an alt too
or doing Otomai bp quest.
Since lower lvl dungeons are not that interesting to veteran players who have grinded them to no end already.
Lower lvl players scattered and alone.
Some have found place in low lvl guilds in which they might or might not find lvling groups.
Some without guild since they think they can solo lvl to higher lvl's.
No group finder except yelling to chat at certain gathering points.
Camping infront dungeons for group.

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posté Yesterday - 12:32:27 | #4
It's still too easy to abuse Hemorrhage. Also max hemorrhage you can stack needs to be less (200 max maybe).
Just 2/per target with fear is better but still not going to solve the actual problem "the push range is too far" and combined with scram nothing except ranged attacks can get to sram.
Fear cost is too low.
I think Scram shouldn't give +2 mp.

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posté Yesterday - 10:15:25 | #5
It's very viable if you have 12 AP. Air mask and Fracture FTW.

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posté Yesterday - 10:04:49 | #6
3rd attempt. I used AI's behaviour to move at the other side of map using specific tiles. Then I ran back to the starting position but in the corner this time. Then I waited the turkey to run to me. I used the spell to remove some scared stats. Then just harness and capture.

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posté Yesterday - 10:01:04 | #7
I did it a bit differently. Too bad I didn't record it :F
Good vid Jer. A lot of ppl been stuck at the turkey.

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posté Yesterday - 09:53:33 | #8
I've finished the first dungeon but it's hard to get a group that can function there with you when you're full water masq.
And my current guild doesn't have pandas so GG.
So I gave up on getting tormented helmet and ignore every request I get for that dungeon 'cause I know I'm a hindrance there.
Also 'cause I can't heal.
That certainly sucks if it's requirement to finish the first dungeon.

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posté July 22, 2014, 14:13:43 | #9
Ankama should remove the whole spell exping thing. It's so silly.

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posté July 20, 2014, 01:31:49 | #10
I think the push should be nerfed to 2-3 tiles instead of 5 or cost increased since srams got scram too which gives mp and ignores lock.
Instead of portal trap think of something else like pushes enemy back or something.
Xelors already got portals and current srams do xelors job better and that aint right.
Stack less hemorrhage on ranged spell and more on single cell spell.
Kleptosram should have 1 WP cost.
Fear should have 1 WP cost.
Cold Blood should have 1 Wp cost.

Instead of MP booty how about HP booty. Like give HP to allies.
Since there's already Scram which gives mp to allies.

Quote (Krysmeth @ 20 July 2014 00:00) *
- Simply do not deal enough damage.
- Water TRAPS: Stealing 4 AP is great. However, it would cost me about 9 AP total and 2 Control to set out 2 traps. As a 10 AP build, that leaves me with 1 AP leftover. If a mob steps on a trap, also depends on chance. There is a chance nobody will step on the trap. I also am unable to treat the AP as loot. I agree that having 4 extra usable AP might be overpowered, but I also think the changes are unfair to water srams. We can also steal our own AP by stepping on our own trap, I think that's pretty dumb.
- Bloody Ripoff: Is exactly what it says. A bloody ripoff. If we ignore Kleptosram, somehow Bloody Ripoff seems to be the move that deals the most damage in one hit ONLY IF you manage to stack enough Weakness. Which so far, I haven't had enough time to. You can only use it once per turn and the heal is so weak (even coupled with damage booty) that it's barely even worth using even if you have 100 Weakness. This is what makes me have next to zero survivability anymore.
- Swindlesram: Spell only useful for setting traps. What is "Tackle and Dodge"?
- Sramshackle: This spell appears to work properly, however if you're not looking in game log but on the character menu (when you right click your character), it says that I have only gained 66% damage on a 3 stack booty.
- Kleptosram: Haven't really tried this one simply because it seems useless. Stealing MP for 5 AP (10 AP if you use it twice) seems kind of dumb when you can just use the air trap spell to teleport. I'm not too sure how much MP you can steal. With scram and teleport, this move may very much be useless other than the fact that it deals the most damage.
- Petty Theft: This spell seems to be working properly, however again, it will say I've only removed -66% of damage in the character menu despite having 3 stacks of damage booty.

I'd like to note that DESPITE gaining and stealing damage, my damage still sucks, and I still get dealt great damage after stealing damage. Therefore these spells, including the heal spell, aren't good enough to win-- Against anything. Water sram requires some great balancing, imo.

Air TRAPS: I love them. Control requirement makes it so I have to rethink my gear, however. How inconvenient.
Tricky blow: Like stated above, I think this move should still push you away from the target. If a mob is stuck up against a wall with you, you literally have no way to get away unless you use the costly air trap teleport spell. Some builds may not have the control required to get away in one turn.
Guile: I have a huge problem with the guile nerf. We now have no spell to turn a mob around, and I've continuously had trouble getting backstab while testing the new sram. I refuse to use guile now because it is too costly, wasting 3 AP when I already have crappy damage to begin with. It should either stay how it is, or make it a 2 MP 0 AP move like suggested before.
Fear: Love it. It was confusing at first though.

AIR SRAMS: Deal too much damage to me. I was getting hit -700 HP per what I assume to be their strongest hit (and could hit me 2 times with it per turn) plus other moves. My damage to them was a measly -400 to -500 in comparison. (But they did have relics so I'm not too sure about this one.)
FIRE SRAMS: The hemorrhage is really OP. Like it is SERIOUSLY strong. At the end of every battle (which were only about 3-5 turns, I was receiving over -700 HP damage per turn from hemorrhage alone. 200 Hemorrhage deals about -1,200 HP in damage. No way of winning against a fire sram.

Shadow trap: Love traps. I just don't think it makes sense to lose AP for stepping on my own water trap. Fix that. They also do not take into account damage % (as someone else said.) I said more about traps above, so let's move on.
Scram: This spell costs 2 AP and 2 WP, and only gives you +2 MP. Maybe you thought we don't need MP because we have range or can teleport, but you are wrong. The teleportation in total is a costly 9 AP total, and we can only move within 6 squares +whatever MP we have left over, which is about the same distance as old scram. The AP itself to teleport consumes an entire turn, then the mob can just move again or attack you at that point. This isn't a very fair trade-off. If you decide to nerf something, you should really balance it out with something else. Scram is now a very useless spell. The nerf was too strong. If you plan to keep this spell, make it a little better. I don't think it should cost any AP at the LEAST, and spending 2 WP for 2 MP is really not worth it, lol. You need to buff it.
Stabber: I don't have too much to say about this one. I just find it kind of dumb. I don't really feel too strongly about it to even comment on it. Which means you might want to think of something better.
Double: I agree that double needs some more flexibility it terms of getting around the map. They don't really seem to do anything cool except for deal some extra damage, like before. They have more survivability now, but it looks like they can't get anywhere. And if they can't get anywhere, they're useless. The fact that they can lock is interesting though, but I don't feel strongly enough about it to care if it stays or goes.
Invisibility: I haven't tested it enough but I don't mind it, I guess. Other than the fact that costs a whopping 2 WP. Also, is it REALLY necessary to have the ability to make an enemy/mob invisible? This seems useless and only gives leeway for users to mess with their teammates.

- Sramulous: I also agree with above. The lock is weird.
- Sram reflex: The question is, do we still have reflex? If not, you should probably put it back. If this passive was supposed to be applied when the sram reflexes, then it's obviously not working right now as we don't reflex. As a sram, we probably already have a lot of dodge if we pick our gear correctly, so I'm not too sure how useful it is to gain more dodge. Keeping the +1 MP gain seems fine. If we have the chance to reflex the same as before, then you might want to put a limit on how much control we can get. Either way, if we can't reflex, srams have little survivability. So it should stay, hopefully without a significant nerf. (To those who say it's OP are wrong, because reflex doesn't work as much as they think it does.)
- Sram to the Bone: Again, what is tackle? "Tackle and Dodge" don't even appear to be working.

- Look Around You: Put this back, or something of reliable equivalency. It seriously does not make sense to have a backstab class with no ability to get at a back unless you waste 3 AP or risk getting locked. What's worse is if someone is hugging a wall. It just doesn't make sense to make getting a back impossible in this situation, especially considering what Dragons can do.

- This is only in Beta, and hasn't been integrated into the actual game yet, but I really hope it doesn't: Stepping in certain places displays red squares where you lose MP if you step there. I haven't played enough to know why this is, if it's related to lock/dodge, but it's stupid considering I'm a backstab class. A backstab class with no ability to get a back, without, again, wasting 3 AP (even more AP by teleporting)/risking getting locked, and no ability to turn a mob around. I found that I could walk around an enemy, but lose all my MP by stepping onto a red square before I could even reach the back. I would have to waste 2 AP and 2 WP to scram and get the back. It's not worth it. Please change it.

- We don't crit atm.

- Are we ACTUALLY a backstab class anymore? I see some passives which increase % damage with backstab. But I still can gather weakness and loot if I hit an enemy from any angle. As a sram I still prefer the back as it deals more damage, and I am very keen on getting the back because of how I've played this class for so long. Are you eliminating this? Will getting backs actually mean anything to us anymore?

- HP booty might be interesting.

Hope this helps improve stuff. I'll add more if I think of it.

Traps are fine. It's like a tiring technique a.k.a support.

Tackle and dodge == lock and dodge. It's fine if you want to give your ally more lock or double. Or to yourself which increases CH.

Did you even look at the dmg numbers on kleptosram? That's almost like spittoon only ~20 less.

Guile has dmg and you get behind enemy. I don't see a problem here.

I agree on hemorrhage it's op. It needs to stack less and maxinum amount needs to be less.

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posté July 18, 2014, 18:35:42 | #11
I'd skip that set entirely. Since you'll lvl so fast you don't need it.

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posté July 18, 2014, 18:28:27 | #12

Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 18 July 2014 18:19) *
As someone with no access atm,,,
Have there been changes to guile?
What decides what trap will be set?
What does it mean when it says "becomes visible when causes damage" for invisibility? Is that damage taken or damage dealt?
Do non air spells work with invisibility?
Can double be cast when youre invisible?

That should be most of themm,,,,
That's when you deal dmg. It's quite common feature in all RPG's. You're revealed if you attack. This is good change in my opinion.

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posté July 18, 2014, 15:06:38 | #13

Quote (rmw1 @ 18 July 2014 12:32) *
Anyone have advice for a Fire/Air masq?

Browse that:

Click here

Thread : Masqueraiders  Preview message : #754984  Replies : 35  Views : 1569
posté July 18, 2014, 15:03:36 | #14
I'll consider changing the titles on the videos.

"Wakfu: GM dungeon (Water masq)"
Something like that maybe

I'd join the club but since it's on facebook I just don't know. If I get around making another account there then sure.

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posté July 18, 2014, 14:54:00 | #15
I'd pay to see Jannet marching to Ankama office xD
Maybe do a kickstarter.

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posté July 18, 2014, 11:23:27 | #16
The political system sucks in wakfu and in real life. Too bad there isn't a quick patch for the latter one.
You can't make huge impact to Wakfu world no matter how hard you try and wasn't the enviroment supposed to change toward wakfu and stasis depending on how players acted...would be great if mobs changed and mood of area changed more towards either one when an area was impacted.
Also...That's one short interview and not many questions made by players either.

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posté July 18, 2014, 11:05:49 | #17
Yeah it's in the game. Celestial piwi dungeon.

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posté July 18, 2014, 03:13:04 | #18
Propably not but my info is outdated.  

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posté July 17, 2014, 22:47:49 | #19
Random Youtube streams by Trach Click here

Just going to leave this here

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posté July 17, 2014, 10:59:45 | #20
Since open beta ended. I would have played when open beta was but for some reason the game wouldn't let me.

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