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posté Yesterday - 21:34:18 | #1
Cra is ok in damage, definitely not the best in the game but not entirely awful.

My biggest complaint would be the staleness involved with playing Cra. Cra probably has one of the lowest "fun" factor in it's class, and some sort of change would be more than welcomed.

Honestly, making beacons have modifiable range would satisfy me. With more and more range gear being implemented and easily accessed it's a shame a Cra is sometimes stuck with choosing between getting close to the enemy to use beacons and risk getting mauled or skip using them because a Cra's spells are reaching 10 tiles across the board while Beacons are lagging behind at 6 range unmodifiable.

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posté September 19, 2014, 22:47:44 | #2

Quote (Bl1tzcrank @ 19 September 2014 19:20) *
I'm starting this topic to gather input on the state of cra's in pvp. With the release of the new patch I've decided to start playing this game. Did some dofus way back in the day and I've always been interested in wakfu but the lack of pvp discouraged me. Now that it's here lot's of people are coming over.

I generaly pick my class from a personal like and fun factor. I'm not big on the OP classes and such, I wanna RP and character that I 'like' so to speak. Nowadays there really isnt a problem with this as most games are pretty close to balanced even if there are 'some' imbalances.

I've gotten my cra to lv 94 and I've done my share of pvp. I get to looking on the boards and see that I'm the highest ranked cra on nox. I was astonished because I feel like I lose quite often. It seems I always fall short of being able to go lethal. I know you can kite a little and beacon sneak and all that, yes it can be a headache for your opponent but in the end, it's still hard to get the win, especially against ANY even level class.

Back to being #1..... Being level 94, i didnt think this made sense. After delving into the leaderboard Ive found that cra's are almost nonexistent. After reading forums on multiple wakfu sites it seems the general consensus is that pvp cra's aren't really very good at all. I'd like to get some input from you guys.

IS PVP cra Garbage? Is it even Viable? Shouldn't we at least have a few favorable 1v1 matchups?

Unfortunately, PvP Cra, is awful in it's current state. I've done my fair share of PvP with high levels and one of my characters occupy the #1 Ranked spot on Nox. I would love for it have been my Cra to take that spot but Cra is just one of the worst PvP classes in the game at the moment. I'll explain.

Cra only has two tricks up their sleeve for them to win a match that they would normally lose.

1) Kiting
2) Destructive

Cra's ability to kite currently is not in a good place. You are completely dependent on one ability to kite and that is Beacon Sneaking. It allows you to give your self 6 tiles of room between you and your opponent for 2Ap 2 Wakfu. The biggest problem as you might already know is that this can only be used 3 times in a fight. Small maps, coupled with the huge consumption of wakfu, and tankier people leading to longer fights usually leaves a Cra unable to kite halfway or near the end of the fight. Add along the fact that 90% of Cras in the game rely on a spell that consumes MP to generate more damage and you're left with a cra that either has to deviate from his most powerful rotation or sacrifice his ability to kite for more damage. Yes, I am aware disengage and the new dodge system also allows you to easily break away from opponents but it's not enough for you to kite someone with that ability alone. The only way to kite someone an entire match is with a large map, but unfortunately 90% of maps are small/medium size. Favoring other classes more.

So you're depending on your second trick to win, and that's destructive arrow. It's simply comes down to a race in "who can kill who first".. If any Cra is to advance into serious PvP, they most definitely would have to take advantage of Destructive Arrow to do so.

And that's it. Those are you only tricks to winning, if you can't utilize either then you better pray you're better geared. This is end game PvP I'm referring to, in lower levels the ability to kite is a lot more powerful simply because most people don't have all their spells level that give them map manipulation (sac's attraction).

My cra will be staying in the shadows when it comes to 1v1 PvP because it is simply outclassed by Sacs/Fecas. Cra has a much better place in a group PvP setting, so I would wait for that. If you want to be serious at PvP, I wish you the best of luck my friend but I will tell you that I have a 0% chance of winning against a stronger PvP class. It's not even a skill thing anymore, its simply an impossibility.

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posté September 17, 2014, 12:23:52 | #3
Hi Orchygame, and thanks! If you are a non-relic user I would highly recommend that you start working on a relic soon. Pick one and stick to it, the current meta of the game allows any player to obtain a relic with relative ease assuming you are able to pull together a group to run dungeons. I see you opted for a ranged weapon giving you amazing range, in my guide I highly advocated range mainly because rotations generally left you with 2 mp left so you had very room to move around. So the less moving done, the more damage I could essentially dish out without putting myself in harm's range. But with the new gear; it is very easy to get an extra +1 range from the amulet and +2 if you go with a ranged weapon. So the effectiveness of range may start diminishing like you said if you are able to reach almost the entire map now.

I am aware my guide is somewhat outdated and I've been somewhat too busy to update it. In my original guide I am not a fan of tri-elemental builds simply because pre-update the availability of general damage gear + stat system was not very favorable for tri builds. Although, with the new gear + stat system there is a chance things may have changed so I cannot comment on effectiveness of these builds anymore. Oh, and great news for you. There will be a spell allocation revamp coming allowing for more spells to be maxed out in level, so if you are struggling to find the right tri build it might be in your best interest to remain your current build and just wait 2-3 weeks for the change to come around. Like you mentioned, going tri build forces you to skip spells that just to good to be left out so it might be better to just wait for October's update.

There is a possibility of me retiring from this game so if that happens, unfortunately this guide will stay as is.

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posté September 09, 2014, 09:24:36 | #4
What are you thoughts on hp % though Drowns?

Seems like damage dealt is a definite, but the other two still seems up in the air.

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posté September 09, 2014, 09:13:14 | #5

Oh joy.

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posté September 09, 2014, 07:28:05 | #6
Wakfu 2.0 bringing about longer fights? From what I've seen on the beta server, PvP doesn't appear to be much longer than what it is live. Generally you see 2 turn battles because the damage is so high it's usually comes down to intiative being the deciding factor on who the victor is.

Does anyone know if this will remain true after the update goes live? Based on the ability to stat hp + res, I would assume it would but what are we talking about here? Another turn of pvp, or maybe even 3+? Anybody care to chime in?

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posté September 08, 2014, 22:04:16 | #7
For the hp drain vs. HP regen, I believe it is more beneficial to pick HP regen over the two.

The way I see it;

4000 HP = 400 HP regen

for you to reach the same numbers on damage dealt you would have to deal
4000 Dmg = 400 HP returned. And the latter doesn't seem quite likely so if you were to pick one of the two, I would recommend HP regen.

The deciding factor will of course be your hp vs. how much damage you usually deal per a turn.

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posté September 06, 2014, 19:46:55 | #8
I agree

+1 Neneko.

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posté September 05, 2014, 12:43:23 | #9
Thanks for the quick responses Mango.

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posté September 05, 2014, 10:56:46 | #10

Quote (kurokat @ 05 September 2014 08:53) *
Do we have a reason why Crit Damage is being reduced from 1.5 to 1.25?

- Kat

Could someone elaborate on this?

And to Mango;

I've asked a few times now and I assumed you didn't answer my question cause you did not know the answer at the time. It was regarding a "Spell exp change" that you announced would take place in the Sept update a few weeks ago. You also mentioned that spell exp change would take place in beta that next week and it has already been a couple of weeks past that point. Can you provide us with more insight regarding this spell exp change? I'm incredibly excited for this change but have not heard any details yet since the announcement of it. So I would appreciate it if you could shed some light on this.

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posté August 30, 2014, 14:18:33 | #11

Quote (Gynrei @ 30 August 2014 13:13) *

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 30 August 2014 02:42) *
why is this any different?

It's different because most games follow patterns and systems players can plan around. I can look at the gear in existence and get an idea of the weight item level and rarity has. This gives me an idea of what to expect from a new update. I know full well when i rune an item what will last and what i'm taking a chance on.

Look at Wa Seal for example. It's the only fire/air ring above 150 giving it two slots. Meaning Ankama would have to release TWO rings above that before i dropped the Seal. Also, what are the odds the ring would have more dmg to justify dropping the Seal.

Ankama doesn't typically release multiple legendary gear with the same elements near the same level either. So dropping a Srambad BP for a Earth/Fire character means you know it's going to last.

Players need to judge the cost of placing runes in items vs their value and life expectancy. How often does Ankama add new end game content? How big of a stat boost is higher level gear? Is the item 150+ for more runes. In the current system, runes account for a large amount of power and last ages. Making their investment warranted. It's not cheap.

After global revamp runes will offer a smaller dmg% compared to the whole. Gear is now any element you want meaning a much larger selection. The 150 tier has dropped to 120. You do the math.

Players frustration over this is simple. They've invested a great deal of time, energy, and resources. Ankama doesn't seem to value this because they tear apart and change fundamental game mechanics constantly without considering what they give players in return for the effort spent in their old system. This isn't exactly the first time this system has been revamped.

If you really think this change is no different... why not just wipe the servers with global revamp. That makes about as much sense to me. Most updates only change a few slots because better gear was added. These changes are on a much larger scale. Reducing gear in levels and thus stats so old gear is now better... is also different than adding new gear.
Very well put. Couldn't have said it better myself.

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posté August 30, 2014, 02:44:53 | #12

Quote (KrabbyFatty @ 30 August 2014 02:42) *
It's called wak F U for a reason.

Oh my god. You sir, win at the forums.

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posté August 30, 2014, 02:29:40 | #13
One drops from a family of monsters with 0 PP lock at a .1% chance that everybody exps at from lvl 100-130.

One drops from a dungeon boss with a 1% chance that nobody does anymore except for people farming Otomai, even then they don't always choose the jelly that drops the crown.

Which do you think will be worth less? The one that everyone is dropping or the one very few people are dropping?

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posté August 30, 2014, 00:29:53 | #14
What happens if you get outnumbered in pvp after patch? Like getting 2v1ed or 3v1ed?

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posté August 30, 2014, 00:25:44 | #15

Quote (KHfan22 @ 28 August 2014 21:18) *

Quote (Meowsa @ 11 August 2014 22:05) *
I have found myself in a financial pinch, and as Cras have no place in dragon pig runs,
Wait. What??
Cras can deal Air, Fire, and Earth Damage, Take away Range, and take away MP, and give backstab during Phase 2 of frenzy. That's 6 possibilities of frenzy right there.

Have you even tried to take your Cra to DP? or did you ask for a group and they say no that cannot take Cra because Cras are useless in DP?

She's 100% right. The group that turned you down either didn't want to take you and made a lie, thinks you're undergeared and lied to make it sound like it wasn't their decision, or they have no idea what they're doing.

Cra is 100% fine on dpig unless they were lacking a frenzy builder and you don't have bat's eye or blinding arrow leveled. That is the only reason why a cra would be turned down. The only classes that should be turned down are close combat dpts like sacs and mono air iops. Even then, it's possible to build a strategy around having a close combat dpt.

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posté August 29, 2014, 09:27:28 | #16
What they should have done was make the secondary stats distance/close combat/backstab/aoe rerollable.Separately, cause rerolling for the right elements + secondary would be pretty painful.

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posté August 29, 2014, 09:21:12 | #17
Imagine if beacons got consolidated into an active that had the same effects as beacons now depending on which element is used. Allowing 3 slots to be freed up, 2 of those slots to be riddling effect related air/fire, while 3rd I have no idea.

Hell, even if retreat arrow activated riddling causing the enemy to be knocked back an extra tile for every 15 riddling I'd be pretty damn satisfied.

Boom, 100 riddling retreat arrow and the enemy goes flying across the map.

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posté August 29, 2014, 08:40:54 | #18
Probably the only thing I would like to see is; riddling be more useful for fire/air and cras to have the ability to kite.

I heard that old Cra use to have riddling that ate mp at the start of mp every turn. Now that is awesome. Spending 2 AP 2 WP to jump 6 tiles away is not what I had in mind for kiting as a Cra.

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posté August 29, 2014, 02:58:23 | #19

Quote (Neneko88 @ 29 August 2014 02:42) *
Anyone who says the old system is better was never one of those weird classes that used water damage. I ignored sram dimension completely because it didn't have any water equips, but now I can actually get equips from there that I can use.

It means content is now for everyone and not the lucky element that gets them (air/fire with Wa

Do we actually know the drop % of the rerolls?

And, I did actually have a weird class. New system won't change anything because you'll be restricted by the distance/close combat/aoe/single stats. Look at Enu zone gear for example. Close combat and back stab. No reason for me to go to enu zone since all my classes are ranged. Oh srambad is berserker + single target + back stab. None of your class benefits from these either? No srambad zone for you then. The current system gear's elements dictate what you can or cant used. Even if you can use every new content gear it won't be optimal, therefore unlikely to be better than your current gear. So why would you go there? Nothing will change,

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posté August 29, 2014, 02:12:45 | #20
I think the current system is much better than the upcoming new system. The only thing that I see coming from the new system only benefits ankama. Can you say hello to more revenue since people will have to buy rerolls? Oh and plus, they only need to introduce one gear set each time they release new content now. Win win for ankama. Meanwhile for players instead of more diversity we're all stuck with "XYZ gear" or else risk being subpar to someone who had better gear selection choices than you did.

It still isn't live yet, so I'm still praying that the French side is stirring up a storm over there and it'll catch the dev's attention before it does go live.

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