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Quote (noknives @ 23 August 2014 00:04) *

Quote (Genrou @ 22 August 2014 22:28) *
There is no class that can fit both tank and healing role at the moment.

water shields + grey mage wand + ~14 AP per turn = a pretty good healer

Might as well grab a lumino if you're depending on a feca's weapon to heal an entire party xD.

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Quote (Thebystandard @ 22 August 2014 18:13) *

Is there any one class that you can actually 3 man or 4 man the hardest dungeons with ? And has anyone here ever tried a team of 1 class ?


Unless you're completely over geared for the dungeon, some of the end game dungeons require a tank and of course a healer. There is no class that can fit both tank and healing role at the moment. So unless you assemble MMs to fill in as a healer or tank. It will be impossible for you to say; 3 man osa or 3 man sadida the dungeon Wa castle at say level 145.

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Quote (wellwater @ 22 August 2014 20:12) *

Quote (Genrou @ 22 August 2014 08:33) *
So anyone who might be interested, leave some feedback to motivate me!

Interested, be motivated. Do it.

I will try to get around to it. The reason why I thought about the con/pros of a build section was because I recently tested a earth/fire build that had one very annoying factor...

That lashing arrow has 1 range shorter than blazing arrow. Ugh. Having to walk towards an enemy, use a rotation that consumes mp, will almost always leave you within range of being attacked by that enemy if he survives.Only with a large amount of range will you get away without being hit the next turn. It's terrible and it was probably one of my biggest things I dislike about earth/fire cra. Synergy between spells is very important. I will try to update my guide soon but it will most likely only be about; 12ap fire/air, 10ap air/earth, and 10ap earth/fire.

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Quote (semcorda @ 22 August 2014 17:45) *

Quote (3xited @ 22 August 2014 16:59) *
Rogue :
  • Increases bombs damages by 10%.
  • Bombs will use rogue's secondary damages (single target, berserk, range, ...)
My rouge now has 600%dmg and 200cmc dmg. Bombs are getting 33% bonus. This "revamp" is basically over 20% dmg nerf (secondaries are still rouge's dmg, not actual bonus for bombs).

Thanks for nothing, ankama (again...)

Can someone explain this? Is he right?

I'm confused. Bombs at the moment use distance and aoe modifiers. So say, if i have single target and aoe modifiers as my primary and secondary strongest stats does that mean bomb will then take into account single and aoe? Or woudl it be single, aoe, and distance still?

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No problem! I edited my reply a tiny bit so give it another read. I hope you enjoy fire/earth!

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Thanks showan41!

AP and MP is a given. I personally prefer the range stat next, which I believe is up to preference but as for dmg vs crit it can be a complicated issue. The range is invaluable on dungeons with large battle fields, but for the smaller battle fields range will feel almost pointless to have. You will lose approximately 10-13% damage for statting a range. It's entirely up to you to decide based on your play style, people you play with, or things you fight that will determine if statting range will be worth it. If you are really struggling with damage, then I would recommend skipping the range stat until you get better gear. There comes a time when a monster is one tile short of getting in your face and mauling you that will make the range a worthy investment.

I believe dmg is definitely the way to go when you're still under 500-600%. Once you break that threshold, crits will be far more beneficial. There are many threads out there that address % vs crits too so if you really want to get the exact details I would go take a look at those threads.

If you have any suggestions or more questions feel free to ask. I'm maybe thinking about including a section that summarizes the pro/cons of each type of build since they all have their weaknesses and strengths outside of numbers. So anyone who might be interested, leave some feedback to motivate me!

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Quote (ThyHolyOverlord @ 19 August 2014 18:34) *
If you want cold hard cash you might want to farm the boss drops from the 2 jelly dungeons, they sell for 200-250.000 kama in remmy.

the queen jelly dungeon is easy if you know how to fight them. If you want to fight the emperor and dont care about the royal set just fight him in his weak form.

I think that is the fastest way to make money at the moment assuming that you're capable of running the dungeon. Arachnoshima dungeon is some what profitable also cause it drops Toxispike and is a lvl 80 dungeon (not sure how much it will be worth after update though).

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To break 800 pre combat you usually need to use all your stat points on damage. For rogue/masq its easier but for other classes you'll need nettlez/flax to break 800. That's not including almanax or food or anything.

My rogue personally breaks 810 with flax, only about halfway runed, and is statted into crit. Could easily reach 50% more dmg from runes, respec into dmg for another 40% dmg to break 900.

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So basically, anybody who relies on CMC to boost their damage is going to get screwed until they do revamps next year?

That doesn't sound very fair.

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I don't understand. Are they removing CMC? If so, why? Is it being compensated in any manner?

Isn't that the same thing as slapping anybody who is currently using cmc damage to up their damage? Rogues, Osa, anyone else?

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I've played mostly sacs and fecas, with a bit of panda as far as "best" go, it really depends on the fight.

In a majority of fights though; I firmly believe Feca comes out on top.

Sacriers is stronger a map manipulation and pandas have strong map positioning. But for pure tanking one target fights, Feca is definitely the king.

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Quote (thesellero @ 10 August 2014 23:41) *
lol You created a thread asking for help on this particular class, so I don't know why you are insisting on arguing with people giving you advice you asked for. This thread seems borderline flame bait. There are plenty of obvious reasons why feca can't compete with a DD mathematically and mechanics wise.

Bottom line, if you want to make a feca for damage go for it, no one is stopping you. All I can tell you from my experience is that you will probably be disappointed later on. I am just trying to help you by preventing future disappointment. If you truly want to deal damage my advice is just to stay away from feca. Feca is a great class for many reasons but damage is not one of them no matter how hard you try to build into it. Frankly if you try to build into damage as a feca you are wasting the most valuable resources that make feca so potent, which is their tanking abilities.

100% totally agree

I've personally never done the math to decide whether feca was a strong dpt but from what I've seen through eyeballing.. I have not been impressed. I have a feca tank I'm very happy with and like thesellero said, he's saving you from a big disappointment in the future so you should thank the guy cause I know I have with many other classes.

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Oh, hi there Kaitato. I saw Skai had answered your thread so I didn't bother looking at it not realizing you wanted my opinion. Next time, either ankabox me or reply to my cra guide thread if you want to get a hold of me.

First off, the things Skai said is very informative and she is a very well known cra on our server but we both have our own opinions on what we believe is optimal so decide for your self on what you think will be best for you.

Alright lets talk about Cra . My first recommendation to you is... to go mono element!

Getting duo element gear is a huge hassle cause of 1) availability and 2) accessibility at lower levels. The time spent to get said gear will generally outweigh the usefulness since leveling can go by fast leaving gear to be out leveled at a faster pace. Generally, you will tend to out level the gear you're farming before you're able to attain it (welcome to wakfu). So, take my advice and go mono element untill 90+ where the gear is used for longer periods of time and the availability is greater.

Now let's talk about your build. Air was a good idea to go with since it seems you're playing with a bunch of close combat people air is known for its ability to work around people where earth/fire would struggle with hitting their own teammates. Storm (curve shot) and Plague (no los), makes a great addition for when you have team where obtaining LoS on the target is not always possible. If you decide to stick to duo element, refer to my official guide if you're looking to squeeze out the maximum damage from both elements. As for specialties I highly recommend precision or heightened vision as your first two skills. Do not take long distance yet, it is a complete waste of points until you are higher level because it is of no use until level 9 and those points could've gone to much more useful specialties. I highly recommend you to take riddling if you decide to do earth and a single target enemy is staying alive for more than 3 turns in your fights.

As for statting order: 1 AP, 1 MP, 1 RANGE, and the rest into damages or crit.

Lastly, let's talk about team synergy. There's really not much team synergy with sac and srams... you just won't find much synergy there. Your panda friend is a different story. Pandas are all about teamwork but first you have to figure out this; if you're the setter upper or if you're the pew pewer. You will know this based on intiative order. If he goes first, he should be positioning enemies with karmarch (however you spell it) for him to AoE and then for you to follow up with your AoEs. If you are, then you need to be using Windy Beacon + Homing/Storming or Retreat arrow to put the enemies into position. The key is understanding how each person's spells work, communicating with this person, and lastly watching the turn order. Its a very advanced tactic but once you get it down, you and your panda friend will shine and make the rest of your teammates jealous (trust me).

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask I'll check back here once in a while.

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Thanks for referring to my guide Illien

Most of the things in my guide are for more advanced players so you may not comprehend much of it but it doesn't hurt to take a look.

Genrou's Guide.

Basically, as fire/earth you are given 3 spells in one branch and 2 spells in another branch to max. The first question is which?

Do you prefer fire more over earth or the other way around? The second question, is how much ap do you have now? How many can you achieve?

Wakfu is centered around the more AP you have the more base damage your rotations will have, therefore the more damage you will do. It's not all about damages though, for example, the satisfaction ring takes one mp from you to give you an ap. Is it worth it? Most likely not. When I was leveling up as a cra, it was all dependent on how well I can kite the monster I was exping on.

For example, if I was in your shoes and I was say solo exping this would be my spells for say an 9 AP build.

Earth: Lashing Arrow, Riddling Arrow, and Destructive Arrow.
Fire: Blazing Arrow, Explosive Arrow.

If you are able to kite the mobs with -1 MP then you would use : Blazing + Riddling + Riddling.
If you can with -2 then I would use: Blazing +, Blazing + Riddling.
If you need all your mp then I would use: Riddling + Riddling + Riddling or Riddling + Explosive.

Get the idea? What I provided you with isn't optimal because it really depends on your build, the stuff you are killing and how you are killing it.

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Buying large amounts of Smithmagus Hammers Looking for someone who's willing to buy between 10-100 Smithmagus hammers in exchange for 30.000 kamas per hammer.

Message Genrou or Jinrou.

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posté August 04, 2014, 23:52:57 | #16
Arcus Shushu not showing Character name: Genrou
Date/Time: Any time
Map: Any map
Server: Nox

Bug description: Item does not show in preview or in combat. Completely invisible except you can see the character holding an arrow but nothing else.

Reproducibility process: Simply equipping the bow or looking at it from preview will show that the bow is invisible.


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45 frags for a dungeon thats been open for a week? holy 6 boxing

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bombs still broken? oh joy wish they would fix this stuff already

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WTS Otomai fully runed ankabox me with offers

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Bump. Still looking for an ammy.

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