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posté July 31, 2014, 03:11:28 | #1

Quote (Neneko88 @ 30 July 2014 20:14) *
Your answer to everything is one setence 2 sentences

"sadidas are supposed to have the lowest damage % of all classes."
"Their support is supposed to be t he best of all classes"

How is this my answer to everything?

This doesn't answer a single one of my questions from before.

Also, if you are planning (on what I'm guessing) quoting something, where is it quoted from? Obviously not quoted from your link to the Dofus Sadida page. I checked just in case on there. Search the word "support" and the only time the word support shows up on that page is for contacting Ankama Support.

Since when are Sadida's "supposed" to have the lowest damage. They do, but I'm asking where it says this.

They yes, at the moment can currently only be used as support and an akward off-tank if you so try, but again, where does it say this?

Please tell me where it says their support is "the best" of all classes. Because I'm sure some Eni's and Feca's would like to have a word with you.

Quote (Neneko88 @ 30 July 2014 20:14) *
That's balance, adding another support option (dofus did this with their trees) takes this class from being slow and predictable to unpredictable and with many tools. Support = many tools.

Hahaha, support = many tools.... While it helps to have many tools, that does not equal support. Especially since support can mean many things. Healing, tanking, shielding, buffs, debuffs, even damage is support (such as "give me cover fire while I set this up" type situations). Support is such a broad term that anything but being a direct damage dealer can be consicered support in one way or another.

How exactly is it balance just to keep piling on more things? You could only really call it balance if you were willing to give some numbers, which you seem dead set against, to back it up. If you're going to be adding something so fundamentaly chaning to the class, are any of the other abilities nerfed in the process because of the balancing? Or will these new trees be so lack luster as to not need to nerf the current abilities? What is being removed or changed so that you can fit these abilities in (since you cannot just add more abilities when every class has 15 spells and 10 specialties, no more or less).

Quote (Neneko88 @ 30 July 2014 20:14) *
The last point I want to make again is why do you keep comparing trees to feca glyphs when we have

  • manifold bramble -mp glyph (this is something that feca does)
  • none of my tree effects are on fecas glyphs (zero)
  • we share a lot of other things with other classes like panda -resists, coneys (they can summon more coneys if they have the control for it), summons that lock (osa), sinistros (lethargic), and many other things.

I think that's really clear.

I bring up Feca Glyphs because that is what you are describing (though with a big tree in the middle.

It does not matter if you changed the effects. The mechanic is the same. From your description, you are placing a Tree/Glyph on the field that has an AoE. In this AoE is an effect that is either a buff or debuff.

In that sence, you could pop onto the Feca forums and ask for new glyphs with different effects.

You could change it so that the Tree's have HP instead of charges to make it different than a Feca Glyph or a Cra Beacon. But that doesn't change much. Will you be adding to a passive then more charges to the Tree so they last longer? Or are these trees indestructable?

Mani-Bramble's glyph works a bit differently in that it is consumed for each space that is stepped on. So it actually has a different mechanic. Unlike a Tree/Glyph aura, it cannot be stepped out of and then back on.

Kiku covers's the Coney and Drheller in great detail already on how different they, making them their own thing. So I shall only add a bit to Sinistro's.

- Sinistro's are imovable and use a charge system. They also deal damage. They are also a spell of the Xelor, not a byproduct of their specialties like our doll. Lethargics have HP, thus can be defeated in a single attack. Run about with flee AI. They can be nettled to run away even further thus not being able to do anything the next couple of turns as well.

You even mention Osa Summons, but that is a whole other bag with it's own mechanics. Osa's have much more than summons with lock. A leadership mechanic to being able to control multiple summons. Needing to catch the creatures they want to use. If you're going to compare any summon with lock to a Block, why not compare something like the Wabbit Shawpshooter to the Inflatable, because they both heal right?

Osa's are a perfect example of a class that uses summons but does it in a completely different way than the Sadida's. I've asked you time and again on how these will work, to which you avoid the questions. Thus you get things like comparisons to things that are similar or even relatively the same, such as Feca Glyphs because of your lack of details.

Does "many other things" mean you have a list or just ran out of ideas to type up? Please, I'm curious on what these other things are.

Numbers make the world go around and show an actual idea that could actually be used instead of a simple wish of something you want but it stops at that as you are not willing to put a little effort into your own suggestion. You do seem to have at least the time to insult and tell people they are wrong, or to even leave a thread as if it was your own personal space and not a public forum. Instead, I ask that you take that time to actually flesh out your idea. Convince us why it is something worth while. Something we should have. And not just a childish complaint of "but mommy, that kid over there (dofus) has one, why cannot I (wakfu)". Because that holds no basis.

It also probably doesn't help you that the title of the thread is in itself a complaint. Just starting everything off with a bit of negativity. Since when do Srams have anything to do with the Sadida? They don't even live in the same part of the world. This is the same situation I crudly listed in the last paragraph, but a comparison from Srams to Sadida instead of Dofus to Wakfu.

So again I ask on the topic of your trees, and I will keep it to a single simple question, how do they work?

- Kat

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #758720  Replies : 50  Views : 1705
posté July 28, 2014, 10:58:30 | #2

Quote (Elithril @ 27 July 2014 16:31) *
Osamoda, Sadida.... summons
Challenges "defeat all enemies in melee/ranged combat" - Akwardly it doesn't matter if your summon defeats the enemy in melee combat when the challenge is "defeat all enemies in melee combat". The only thing that matters is if the summoner is in melee combat with the killed enemy when the summon deals the killing blow (from across the map). So your pet can kill enemies with ranged attacks but the summoner has to stand next to the enemies to do as these challenge wants to. This is almost impossible, very stupid and certainly should be changed.
As my main is a Pure Water Summoner Sadida (has been since the beta), I can tell you this isn't a problem. Sure, Sadi's have their share of problems (but that's not a discussion for here, don't turn this into a Sadi complaint thread), but there are one of the few classes that can do EVERY challenge. Though some may take more effort than others. Ranged only is as simple as carfully summoning your dolls if you so choose to use them and on the harder close combat one, while you can still do it with dolls, you can easily decide not to use any. Both the Osa and the Sadi have spells of their own you know. Even as a Summoner Sadi, I can tell you it plays just fine without it's dolls as well and thus not as hard to deal with.

You could in this same complain complain how Cra's don't have close range spells (ignoring Retreat Arrow that no one levels) so they cannot do the close combat kill challenge, but even they can carry a weapon to finish something off.

If you are leaving things up to uncontrolled summons and their derpy AI (love their derpy glory as I spam the silly things out), then you should probably fail the challenge.

Quote (Elithril @ 27 July 2014 16:31) *
Multiple times it happened to me that, when the challenge was "kill the marked enemy last" one of my Sidekicks was marked.
Also not a problem. This has happened to me twice. Sidekicked marked. I laughed. Killed all the enemies. Challenge won each time for free Wis and PP for the fight and it didn't matter which enemy I killed last. This is probably a bug, but it works well in our favor.

Quote (Elithril @ 27 July 2014 16:31) *
Don't spend all your MP breaks when you try to dodge without success. Nice when the challenge wants you to spend all MP. When it wants you not to spend all, its frustating when you failed doding with 7 MP just to be treated as if you had spent them all.
Again, as mentioned in the Enu spot, this is so simple to deal with. Don't Move if in locked range. No matter how little the chance, there is a chance to be locked, even for my Masq (which they are known as dodging champions). use a spell to push, pull, teleport, or other wise get yourself out of lock position if you must, but this is another challenge that you don't need to leave to chance and can ALWAYS be won.

The spend all MP cannot be always won, but normally can. The only time that one cannot be won is be being either Stunned or Leglocked (and no spells to waste the MP with). But such is the fate of challenges.

Quote (Asthis @ 27 July 2014 23:37) *
I hate Underdog. Worst Challenge ever. The lowest level player killing off everything would take forever so I don't even try doing this one.
Simple to avoid. Play with like leveled players. If so, your levels may differ, but even the lowest level player in the group should then be able to kill anything. If you're power leveling people and have low levels with you, then they're probably doing just fine with experience as they're already in a party that is killing things faster than they ever could. Thus getting them experience faster than they could any way.

Challenges are optional. You don't have to do them. If you want, you can, and if you win you are rewarded with Wisdome and Prospecting for the fight. The are challenging because they are challenges and they are not meant to be doable at all times (as sad as this may be for some people). It is quite simple to ignore a challenge here or there, or you could build a team around being able to take on each and every one if you so choose (silly silly people).

- Kat

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #757923  Replies : 21  Views : 828
posté July 24, 2014, 14:09:56 | #3

Quote (CoreSorrow @ 23 July 2014 17:00) *
After that what? How about Specialties? Both for Fire/Air and Earth/Air.

Alright, off work.

Heightened Vision, Powerful Shooting, Archery, Cra Presicion and Beacon Sneakin' are all must haves no matter which element Cra you play (not necessarily in that order).

Disengage is also quite useful to give you another escape beyond Beacon Sneakin' and Retreat Arrow.

Long-Distance Combat also works well, but you need Crit's first (from your passive, gear and stats) to make it worthwhile.

Riddling is for Earth Cra's that use Destruction Arrow. If that is you, get this. Not all Earth Cra's use Destruction Arrow.

Do not waste points on Unbeacon. It is generally a waste and as long as you have the control (from passive and gear) you normally don't need to unbeacon your beacon's. They normally get destroyed fast enough before the need as well.

Do not waste points on Bat's Eye. It so far has only really seen use in PvP and even then it's very situational.

If you're looking on more specific help, need to know at least the elements and spells you plan on using.

- Kat

Thread : Cra  Preview message : #756796  Replies : 7  Views : 3386
posté July 22, 2014, 01:17:56 | #4
No more need finally for Larduous Mats after 4 long months of farming items (evil Icehorns and Blibli Helmets).

Really would like a Sugnuf Torso, but have no idea what the going rate is on those at the moment. Anyone have an idea?

- Kat

Thread : Trade  Preview message : #755814  Replies : 7  Views : 600
posté June 20, 2014, 16:25:58 | #5
If the hotfix is done (which I think it is, since it said this was to be posted after the hotfix was implemented), my Masq sadly has not recieved her "A Classy Restat!" yet.

- Kat

Thread : Changelogs  Preview message : #747421  Replies : 8  Views : 1039
posté June 18, 2014, 00:34:08 | #6
My Masq on Nox, Nyxkat, also does not have a restat, though all of my other characters on the account do.

- Kat

Thread : Bug Archives  Preview message : #746233  Replies : 16  Views : 718
posté June 05, 2014, 06:40:14 | #7
Yay, all my Moogrrplates obtained and two more Blibli Helmets. Just a bit more till I have all my Larduous mats.

- Kat

Thread : Trade  Preview message : #741303  Replies : 7  Views : 600
posté May 31, 2014, 03:29:05 | #8
Collected some more items. So those were removed from the list.

- Kat

Thread : Trade  Preview message : #739093  Replies : 7  Views : 600
posté May 27, 2014, 08:50:13 | #9
Updated as obtain some of the items, thus reduced numbers in quantity needed.

- Kat

Thread : Trade  Preview message : #736803  Replies : 7  Views : 600
posté April 16, 2014, 00:34:36 | #10
Added Perk Up's effects and hopefully fixed any problems listed in the list.

Anything I'm missing?

- Kat

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #716339  Replies : 22  Views : 2189
posté April 13, 2014, 13:06:43 | #11
Mini bump for adding the list (though incomplete) to the opening post.

- Kat

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #715339  Replies : 22  Views : 2189
posté December 17, 2013, 11:58:38 | #12
Alright on to the next one.

This time I'm going to talk about Krobax. Our little owl friend that controls the wind. Like Skale, he is a special case with some unique crowd controls skills to support your team. Krobax shall be compared mainly against an Air Sacrier (reasons you'll see below).

Also, updated the chart on Krobax as there were a couple things to add.

We're going to start with an Active Specialty as it defines most of Krobax's spells.

Krobax's Souitch vs. ---
Cost: ---
Range: 0
Area: Point
Conditions: 4 uses a turn

Souitch (if you're having trouble saying that, say "Switch" as that's what the spell is doing) is a unique specialty only to Krobax. Thus nothing to compare it to. It has no cost or damage. It also gains nothing as it levels. All it has is a "4 uses a turn" limit on it.

What this does is either places or removes the "Souitch" state from Krobax. The "Souitch" state alone does nothing. Instead it changes how Krobax's spells push, pull, or teleports.

The "Souitch" state lasts 1 turn. Therefore you always start your turn without it.

Krobax's Cyclone vs. Sacrier's Assault & Light Speed
Cost: 3 AP vs. 3 AP & 5 AP 1 MP 1 WP
Range: 1-4 non-modifiable vs. 1 to 1-4 with no LoS, modifiable by Lvl 121 & 3 Line, no LoS, modifiable
Area: Point vs. Point & Circle 2
Conditions: Assault requires you not being carried. Light Speed requires 25+ Angrr, not to be carries and limits to 1 use a turn. Also not mentioned, but the destination spaces 6 spaces away in a line must be open.
Lvl. 200 Dmg: -59 HP vs. -61 HP (or -80 HP if target is stabilized) & -140 HP
Cyclone non-Souitch Effects: Switches place with the target and turns the target toward Krobax. Not listed in the effects, but Cyclone does not seem to hurt a targeted Ally.
Cyclone Souitch Effects: 2 WP is added to the cost. Krobax teleports to target location. Target location must be an empty space.
Assault Effects: Switches place with the target and turns the target toward the Sacrier.
Light Speed Effects: Teleports toward destination space, 6 spaces away in a line.

Woo, that's a lot more text than normal for the comparisons in just the stat department. So many effects. I decided to compare Cyclone to two different Sacrier abilities because of the vastly different effect on the "Souitch" states.

First, a non-Souitch'd Cyclone vs. Assault. Costs are the same and once the Sacrier levels up, they have the same base range of 1-4. Damage is also very similar and the effects are close to identical. Where of course the Sacrier comes ahead is that starting at spell Lvl 121, Assault gains no LoS. It's range is also modifiable, unlike Cyclone. At low levels, Cyclone wins as it has it's full range right away, while Assault only has 1, but as the Sacrier increases the level of Assault, in becomes vastly better. The only benefit that Cyclone has is the unlisted effect of not damaging your Ally if you so chose to switch with them, unlike Assault, which hurts regardless of it being an Enemy or Ally. Sacrier wins this half of the spell, but it is decently close for a while and a very useful support for Krobax.

Second, a Souitch'd Cyclone vs. Light Speed. These are quite different. A Souitch'd Cyclone becomes Krobax's only WP costing spell and it costs a handful (2 WP added to it's 3 AP cost). This limits it to 3 uses a fight, but at least you don't need to save the WP for anything else. On the other side of cost, Light Speed costs a bit of everything. You need sufficient AP, MP and WP to use it, along with many special conditions before being allowed to cast it. A Souitch'd Cyclone is a teleport spell, and nothing more. It deals no damage and can be used for an escape or positioning. Light Speed, when conditions are met, deals a massive amount of damage to a large AoE of a Circle 2 and teleports the user a great distance of 6 spaces. While mainly used for damage, it can also be use for escapes or positioning. Also, like Assault, it has no LoS required for use, while a Cyclone needs LoS, Souitch'd or not. The Sacrier wins this again, but again, this is an immensely useful spell for Krobax. It combines two fun and greatly used spells of the Sacrier into one.

Krobax's Zephyrus vs. Sacrier's Rejectatoo & Sacrier's Fist
Cost: 2 AP vs. 3 AP & 2 AP 1 MP
Range: 1-7 modifiable, 1-2 Line, non-modifiable & 1-2 Line to 1-5 Line non-modifiable by Lvl. 85
Area: Point
Conditions: Sacrier's Fist is limited to 2 casts a target
Lvl. 200 Dmg: -42 HP vs. -73 HP (or -92 HP if the target is stabilized) & -72 HP
Zephyrus non-Souitch Effects: Attracts by 1 cell toward Krobax
Zephyrus Souitch Effects: Pushes back 1 cell away from Krobax
Rejectatoo Effects: Pushes back 1 cell away from the Sacrier
Sacrier's Fist Effects: Sacrier gets moves to the cell adjacent to the target (get's closer by 1-4 cells)

Yay, more text than normal still..... A-hem....

I'm going to start with the Souitch one this time.

First, a Souitch'd Zephyrus vs. Rejectatoo. Damage against a non stabilized target is -21 HP per AP vs. -24.33 HP per AP. Relatively close because the range on Rejectatoo is so restrictive. If you're lucky enough to have a stabilized target, the Sacrier gets a boost to -30.67 HP per AP, which is really nice. However, again on the range, the Rejectatoo is stuck at a 1-2 Line cast range, while Zephyrus has an amazing range of 1-7 and is not restricted to a Line. For damaging, the Sacrier does better, but for using that push to it's full potential, Krobax has that in spades. To top it off, Zephyrus has modifiable range, while Rejectatoo's range cannot be changed. I'm actually going to say Krobax wins this one for shear versatility.

Second, a non-Souitch'd Zephyrus vs. Reverse "Get Over Here"... cough... I mean, Sacrier's Fist. These spells are quite a bit different, but it was hard choosing something similar and this "kind of" fit. Both spells cause a target to move in the same direction. One just happens to be something other than the caster, while the other is the caster him/herself. The damage is the same as listed above in the Zephyrus vs. Rejectatoo comparison, so we'll leave it at that (other than that Sacrier's Fist does not get a bonus against Stabilized targets), they are relatively the same. Both also each benefit the caster. Krobax is not an in your face character, so he pushes the target away. To make it nice, with that range, he generally doesn't need to move to keep pushing and can keep doing it as long as he has AP. Very useful support. Keeping the enemy away causes them to waste MP just to get back. Sacriers on the other hand like to be in your face generally (yay for Angrr), so the reverse of Scorpion's "Get Over Here" is quite useful for sticking to your target. It is however limited to 2 uses a turn and requires it to hit Lvl. 85 to get it's full range. It is also non boostable. I actually after looking at all that, give the win to Krobax again. Still love that spell on Sacriers (one of my favorites of theirs).

Krobax's Sirocco vs. Sadida's Gust
Cost: 4 AP vs. 3 AP
Range: 1-4 Line, non-modifiable vs. 0-4, no LoS, non-modifiable
Area: Cross 1
Conditions: Gust is limited to 2 casts a turn
Lvl. 200 Dmg: -68 HP vs. -46 HP
Sirocco non-Souitch Effects: Pushes all targets back 2 cells away from Krobax. Cannot affect Krobax.
Sirocco Souitch Effects: Attracts all targets by 2 cells toward Krobax. Cannot affect Krobax.
Gust Effects: Pushes outward from the center 1 cell. Center cell is not pushed. Applies +39 Lvl's of "Intoxicated." Gust does not damage or apply "Intoxicated" to allies.
Intoxicated State: At max Lvl 100, -30 HP Air at start of turn, lasts 1 turn. -11 HP Air at the start of turn from 39 Lvl's of Intoxicated.

Sirocco is quite unique in that it literally is "crowd control." Sirocco can push or pull up to 4 targets at a time. To top it off, it has no conditions and it's push/pull is 4 cells. The only limitations on the spell is the line cast and that you cannot modify the range. A very nice spell.

Gust is more of a combination of crowd control and escape. Because it can push in any direction, it allows for great control along with not requiring LoS. It's a great escape spell as well for not only Allies, but yourself as well (something Krobax cannot do). Casting it on yourself pushes everything away, or you can just cast it to the side to push yourself or an ally in a desired direction. The limit is the only draw back on this spell, but it in no ways any less useful. The "Intoxicated" state increases the spells damage by an additional -11 HP, but it is delayed till the start of the targets next turn. Thus, the damage is similar to Sirocco.

With all those points, it's really hard to say which is better than the other. I'm actually saying a tie in this case. Both are incredibly useful.

Krobax's Burst of Wind vs. Iop's Gutting Gust
Cost: 1 MP
Range: 1-5 modifiable vs. 1 non-modifiable
Area: Point
Conditions: Burst of Wind is limited to 2 uses a turn
Lvl. 200 Dmg: -35 HP vs. -39 HP

Both cost the same and have the same area. Because of the limit on Burst of Wind, even though it has nice, modifiable range, it actually doesn't lose out that much on the damage. Both spells help the specific class as well, as Iop's are up close anyway, so the short range doesn't matter, and Krobax is (or should be) away from the target, so the range helps him. I'd have to say this is a tie. Very nice for a Sidekick for a MP only costing spell, with how we have no control over how they get stats and all.

Krobax's Turblo vs. ---
Cost: 3 AP
Range: 2-4 non-modifiable
Area: Cross 1
Conditions: Limited to 1 use a turn
Grants +1 MP 100% by Lvl. 100 and starting at Lvl. 101 to 200 a second chance to grant +1 MP 50-100% to Allies.

Not really something to compare this one to. It doesn't deal damage and instead is an AoE buff that grants allies +1-2 MP (depending on the level). It has non-modifiable range and cannot be used on Krobax himself. It is an "alright" support spell, but I feel you're better off using everything else normally that Krobax has to offer. Turblo finds itself in a very situational spot and I can only see it getting it's full benefit if you can group up your party for an AoE boost. Even though it is relatively unique and doesn't have something to compare it to, because of how situational the spell is, I don't really feel like saying that Krobax wins... It has its uses still.

Krobax's Crobak Blood vs. Shadow's Darkness Blood vs. Astrub Knight's Protector of Astrub

Crobak Blood: +50% Air Damage, +30% Air Damage per Ally
Darkness Blood: +50% Damage, +30% Damage per Ally
Protector of Astrub: +200% Damage, +60% Damage when the enemy is below Lvl 60

Like on Shadow's Darkness Blood's discussion in the previous post, I don't feel like going over this really again, but we shall quickly I suppose...

Astrub Knight Wins! There, it's been said. See Astrub Knight for a more detailed reason why he beats out both paid for Sidekicks.

On Krobax vs. Shadow, their Blood Passive's do exactly the same thing. Shadow's technically does a bit more as it helps any element, and he can switch up which element he's using. Krobax may be limited to Air, but that's all he can use... Shadow is also a damage dealer, with other boosts to damage and this to add on top. Krobax on the other hand is all about pushing/pulling/teleporting crowd control, yet this Blood Passive tries to make him a damage dealer, which he isn't exactly. Not that he can't be used as one, but that's not the reason you'd really purchase him. Shadow get's second place as his Blood Passive supports his type of build, while Krobax's seems out of place.

Krobax, you're in last for the least thought out Blood Passive. For shame.

That is all of Krobax (can't believe I'm still awake..... should have quit 3 hours ago and gone to sleep.....). He is an excellent crowd control support with many Sac'happy skills. That and he's an Owl. How can you not love that?

Kat shall sleep now.... (2 more Sidekicks to go.)
- Kat

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #653349  Replies : 51  Views : 12679
posté December 13, 2013, 08:07:21 | #13
Of course if I made any mistakes let me know.

One thing I liked when I looked at this was how nice the Astrub Knight actually is.
Of course you need to compare him to Shadow as they are both Chromatic Damage dealers.
Below are the more similar spells and specialties compared between the two.

Astrub Knight's Point vs. Shadow's Gruesome Sword
Cost: 2 AP
Range: 1
Area: Point
Lvl 200 Dmg: -52 HP vs. -56 HP

Very similar single target, close range skill with Shadow coming out on top, but by only a little.

Astrub Knight's Blade vs. Shadow's Shadowy Chain
Cost: 3 AP 1 MP
Range: 1
Area: Astrub Knight's area is a Point while Shadow's area hits at a Point and 2 more spaces to
the left and right 3 spaces away (seen below)

Lvl 200 Dmg: -94 HP vs. -104 HP
Conditions: Shadowy Chain is limited to 2 casts a turn

Shadow receives a fun area and a much higher base damage, but is limited to two casts, no mater your AP. The Astrub Knight may not have the two extra targets and a bit less damage, but with 9 or (much the much harder to achieve) 12 AP (as it would require a relic with AP in an unusual spot and a Satisfaction Ring as Sidekicks only have 7 AP base), the Astrub Knight can cast this damaging spell 3 or 4 times in a turn.

If not for how hard it will be to get the Astrub Knight to 12 AP for 4 casts of Blade, I say this goes to Shadow as it gives him a decent ranged AoE'ish spell.

Astrub Knight's passive Protector of Astrub vs. Shadow's passive Darkness Blood
Protector of Astrub (Lvl 200): +200% Damage, +60% Damage when the enemy is below Lvl 60
Darkness Blood (Lvl 200): +50% Damage, +30% Damage per Ally

Both the Astrub Knight and Shadow receive +200% damage from their respective passives. However, Shadow can only gain this full bonus in a full party of 6 (giving him 5 Allies for the bonus), while the Astrub Knight always gets his full bonus, no matter the party size. To top it off, Astrub Knight receives an additional +60% damage when fighting enemies below Lvl 60, giving him +260% damage in those instances. This bonus +60% damage to low level enemies also maxes out quickly (by Lvl 60) allowing you to use that bonus as soon as possible.

I would say this passive is clearly won by the Astrub Knight. Yay free Multimen.

Astrub Knight Skill vs. Shadow Skill
Both give +1 AP at Lvl 31.
Both give +1 MP at Lvl 51.
Both give +160% Damage
Both give +40% Resists

Astrub Knight gets +745 HP (starting at Lvl 52)

Shadow gets +10% Critical Hits (starting at Lvl 55, maxing at Lvl 81)
Shadow gets +98% Damage (starting at Lvl 83)
Shadow gets +24% Resists (starting at Lvl 86)

Shadow is all out damage with extra resists and some CH's. Astrub Knight gets looots of HP. I'd say this is more of a tie as it depends on the gear that you use to balance the rest out.

Now of course Shadow in the end is better with having AoE attacks and active Specialties as well, but I would say that the Astrub Knight is a fairly decent Sidekick.

- Kat

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #651563  Replies : 51  Views : 12679
posté November 17, 2013, 08:19:36 | #14
(This is said second account)

- Kat

Thread : Bug Archives  Preview message : #636211  Replies : 7  Views : 645
posté November 17, 2013, 08:11:20 | #15
(This is said second account)

- Kat

Thread : Changelogs  Preview message : #636207  Replies : 16  Views : 1798
posté October 26, 2013, 03:35:27 | #16

Quote (Arthropoda @ 26 October 2013 02:40) *
Interesting ideas.

I still think Voodoll should be merged with Doll Seed (see my idea in the other topic, I did some changes) though.

About the Earth Branch, I'd love, simply love to see it becoming the best branch in game that can reduce MP. In Dofus Sadidas can prevent enemies from moving with Soothing Bramble (that takes 6 mp) and reduce the MP of several targets in the area of effect of their version of wild grass (-2 MP). Currently the reduction of several points of movement is not very effective in pvm.

About Poisoned Wind, make it deal damage for MP lost too, it'd then be the perfect combination with the Earth Branch and Maddols
I believe if you want people to discuss a new Sadida Concept, you should instead create your own topic like Kiku here, instead of creating ideas in the old Sadida Revamp. As in there it gets jumbled with all the other ideas people posted mixing conversations that don't go together in there.

On that note, from what I read, I personally did not care for your doll/voodoll concept, but I'm not going to discuss that in Kiku's thread (nor in the old Sadida Revamp for reasons above).

On your not on Poisoned Wind, it is already listed that the target will take damage from most forms of MP loss. Your suggestion I do happen like as it would give an actual reason to use Madolls and it wouldn't be to powerful for the Sadida alone, as the only MP removal now in Kiku's revision if you didn't notice is only from the Bed of Thorns. None of the Earth spells directly remove MP anymore.

- Kat

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Quote (IvanSouza @ 20 October 2013 17:59) *
Stomp is a good choice for earth spells.

On your Stasis spell selection i would drop Ray of stasis for Stasis Strike (or even Aynaloxide).

If you get the first 3 spells into stasis you kill every possibility of AoE, and also Ray of Stasis in Fogginator state you end up taking more damage than you do (even being a free cast) so its situational and uses 1MP. Of course i can understand the versatility of a 1 AP 1 MP spell, but still its way lower Damage/AP than Aynaloxide and lower than Stasis Strike if you hit more than 1 enemy.

I also understand the versatility of Stasis, but i would go for:

Heart of Steam: (Max) 16.6 per AP at lvl 100 , Highest Stasified Boost, only good spell usable at 1 range
Ray of Stasis: (xx) 16.5 per AP/MP, Low Cost, Easy to Combo With
Stasis Shot: (Max) 14.6 per AP .Only No LoS Stasis Spell. Really easy to hit in motherfogger
Stasis Strike: (Max) 14.5 per AP on 4 Squares .Only Ranged AoE Stasis Spell, 3-6 Range Boostable
Aynaloxide: (yy) 17.5 per AP (15 including the WP), Amazing AoE and damage, specially in Fogginator stasis.

Now I do like the idea of getting Stasis Strike in there for some AoE, let me break down my thoughts on spells.

Remember, this is for a 12ap build, else we're going to need to rearrange some things.

Heart of Steam: Nothing more need be said. Everyone agrees this should be maxed for the high Stasified Stacks and decent damage.
Ray of Stasis: Easy combo's with nice damage for the cost as well. Fogginator makes the spell essentially free (just a single MP per cast).
Stasis Shot: Motherfogger's bread and butter because of the No LoS. Low cost as well.
Stasis Strike: Only ranged AoE. Loses some damage because of that.
Aynaloxide: While it does have a decent base per AP (though as you pointed out, if you count the WP, it's really underwhelming), you will most likely not be casting it twice in one turn anymore. This would be because Critical Turbo no longer stacks and with wonders like Flame Fervor's Escape, Fogginator, Cybot, and if you want to use Stasis Flux on an ally, a WP there too. On top of that, Aynaloxide damages your Motherfogger's Charges along with all your microbots, lowering how long the rails last.

(These are the base damages of each spell at lvl. 140: 114, 45, 60, 79, 144)
12ap use:

-318 HP base damage, +64 Stasified ~ 2x Heart of Steam, 2x Ray of Stasis
-240 HP base damage, +32 Stasified ~ 4x Stasis Shot
-237 HP base damage, +24 Stasified ~ 3x Stasis Strike
-288 HP base damage, +24 Stasified ~ 2x Aynaloxide

Now this is without Fogginator. As you can see, the Heart of Steam and Ray of Stasis combo have not only the highest damage output, but get almost 2/3rds of the Stasified State set for you in one turn. The spam of Stasis Shots is nice and has No Los. Stasis Strike is fine with Motherfogger for angled shots as long as you're hitting more than one target.

Aynaloxide however I feel falls very shot. You use 2 of your 6 WP in one turn for semi-decent AoE. I can only find this useful if you're surrounded. It possibly would have been nicer if it stacked the Stasified State quicker, but as it is, to me it's just meh. I would suggest saving WP on your Fogger for:
Flame Fervor: Fogger's only Escape. Costs 4ap 1wp
Fogginator: Should only cost 1wp unless you use a second time in a row.
Cybot: Great utility now once it is maxed. Helps place microbots, adds charges, is a lengthy Fogger Escape.
Stasis Flux: Costs 1wp when used on an Ally. Stasis Fogger's will most likely not use this one.

Now for Fogginator 12ap combinations (using the lvl 140 spell base damage again):

-432 HP base damage, +84 Stasified ~ 3x Heart of Steam, 2x Ray of Stasis
-450 HP base damage, +72 Stasified ~ 6x Stasis Shot, 2x Ray of Stasis
-406 HP base damage, +56 Stasified ~ 4x Stasis Strike, 2x Ray of Stasis
-438 HP base damage, +48 Stasified ~ 2x Aynaloxide, 1x Stasis Shot, 2x Ray of Stasis

As you can see, Ray of Stasis is a wonderful Staple of the Fogginator as it can be added to any combo. This being because the costs changes from 1ap 1mp to a simple 1mp per shot.

Both the first two combo's do as much if not more than the Aynaloxide combo and do not require any additional WP to be used. Or else you're using 1wp for Fogginator, and then another 2wp for the double Aynaloxide. You also are unable to cast a 3rd Aynaloxide without the help of a Xelor or Feca to give you 3 more AP.

Now to further think on the subject, we could remove the Fire Spell levels (since we have one at 120) and allow for 4 really high Stasis Spells (I recommend at least leaving at least 1 Earth spell leveled so that you can make temp blockades with that spell and through Motherfogger).

Looking at all the combo's above, I would suggest against leveling Aynaloxide. The other 4 Stasis spells however look nice.


- Kat

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Click here (redirect for top post on page 9)

Updated comparison chart for the Foggernaut as of 10/6/13 11pm Central Time.

If there are any mistakes, let me know.

Some things that answers from Devs that would be nice (text colored in Pink in the chart) are:

> Motherfogger: Stasis spells base damage (listed they are lowered, but not by how much).
> Fogginator: Listed that they are not going to do the Earth bonus by level, by putting a strikethrough through it and that they will be doing it by Water to Earth conversion, but just below it, it lists that they will be doing it by level without it being crossed out and no mention of the Water to Earth. Confirmation would be nice.
> Stasis Flow: Line of Sight or Not and whether it is Boostable or Not. It is not listed.
> Stasis Shield: The -7% of the max HP lost by Allies that the Fogger takes, it is not listed whether this is redirected damage (which we have all posted that we'd prefer) or if the Fogger is just a sympathetic robot taking extra damage for no reason (causing this ability to not really be desired at all).

It is now about 24 hours till the update (since that usually happens at night). Answers would be welcome.

- Kat


One more thing.

On the "Stasified State", the +50% damage when built up was there for when the Stasis Spells had higher base damage. Since the base damage has been lowered by quite a bit, would it be possible to see a boost in it? Not by much of course, but look at it this way:

> Earth recieves +Range and amazing new Blockades that can redirect damage. With Fogginator, they can even get a +150% boost (enemies not needing even resists).
> Fire gets even more range than before, +2 more range from passives, and +1 range from Fogginator. They also get an alternating +200% damage -20% resists with a -100% damage +40% resists every other turn. That's a lot of damage and resists.

> Now Fogger, got base damages lowered. Still needs to be cast in a line and Stasified State still only gives +50% stasis damage and if you steal WP (which is nice, don't get me wrong), you lose the state and have to build it up again. Added however, when you fight a boss or UB that has even resists (not many in the game that have the same resist for all resists), then you double the boost to +100%.

Now yes, you can use the Motherfogger to cast spells at an angle, but that will cost more AP and limited movement without building rails, but even then still limited and the Stasis Spells as it has been stated will have lower base damages. Motherfogger will also only help boost stasis damage if the enemy has even resists. Fogginator only decreases the costs of spells by 1 AP. Not a terribly large amount and they even put a limit on it to 5 casts a turn of Stasis Spells AND you hurt yourself for each cast.

If anything I would like to see the Stasified State give +75% stasis damage instead of the +50% it does now with the nerfs to damage. This would give a +150% to even resist targets, which I believe to be reasonable.

- Kat

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Here is the updated chart as of 10/14/2013 (after the revamp):

Hope people find it usefull.

- Kat


Quote (Troyle @ 04 October 2013 17:44) *
Some modifications in this Devblog:

Fire and Oil will no longer generate Oil cells.

Stasis Shield will now hit for 7% of the ally max HP at max level, instead of 10%.

Earth spells have had their damages slightly increased.

Stasis Mastery:
The Stasis Branch will now receive its own Mastery. Each Stasis spell will contribute to the Mastery just like any other Element, but the total bonus will be divided by 2. The other half of the Mastery will be calculated by the overall Mastery in the other Elements.

Two things.

1. While the first 4 Earth Spells have had damage increases, the 5th spell Bombardment actually dropped in damage.

2. On Stasis Shield's last effect "Fogger takes 7% of max HP lost by Allies."
- Is this extra damage the Fogger will take throughout the fight cause it is sympathetic for a robot?
- Or is this redirected damage throughout the fight?
- Does it occur whenever an ally is hit and takes damage?
- Does it occur only when an ally dies?
- Since damage to allies is being dealt to the Fogger, will Heals transfer too?

If it is like my first example, while the HP boost is nice, it really is just augmenting the enemies damage by them only needing to hit your Allies and then the Fogger is taking extra damage (instead of redirected damage), essentially boosting their damage output. In that cast, I'm not sure many would want to level this.

- Kat

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Kat here =^.^=

Aaaand here is that comparison (not that anyone asked):

Removed as a new one is posted below.
Click HERE to go directly to that post.

Hope some find it useful. It compares all the information listed on the Revamp as of 10/3 and compares it to what Fogger's used to have. I may go into what I think on the changes later.

- Kat

Oh, Sabi, I highlighted some of the Text on this in PINK to things that were not clear on the front page.

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