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posté June 30, 2014, 21:26:08 | #1
Ticket number: 1108784

Issue: Can't purchase Ogrines - at the choose payment method no options are given thus cannot proceed with purchase.

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posté July 31, 2013, 18:43:40 | #2
I see.
Wasn't aware the compensation was given with these and the quick search didn't return meaningful results.

Thanks for bringing back the enjoyment to my day.

Thread purpose fulfilled.

PS: Ankama, review smithmagic 

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posté July 31, 2013, 18:14:00 | #3
Pack of xxx Class x Sparkling Runes I just saw these items in the encyclopedia, Wakfu-Elements, could be old news but i've never seen these before.

Click here

My gut hints me for something i dare not to think it out loud so i rather play naive and assume these are either "old" coded items never implemented, are or will be ingame exclusive rare drops, token rewards or something ?

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posté July 18, 2013, 16:29:10 | #4
Judging by the "radio silence" since this revamp was implemented, i wouldn't hold my breath waiting for an official reply.

To me at the moment, my equips have some funny looking squares in them which may be used in the future.

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posté July 18, 2013, 16:10:36 | #5
Interesting post OP which brings some interesting "flaws" when experiencing Wakfu - particularly for new subscribers.

*unfotunately, my TL: DR key is broken*

The game improved a bit since i played last year and when the motto was "WG till your eyes bleed", making the lvl'ing experience poor and frustrating in the fun department. Back then, WG was bursting with activity to powerlevel solo players or those multi accounting.

Sadly, multi account players still have the edge when dealing with "gameplay flaws" such as lvl'ing, item drops, trade items among same account toons and beating group content - the catch however is paying more subscriptions which Ankama seems to advocate more instead of making solo account player's experience more enjoyable which i personally think would lead to more subscriptions versus the multi account'ers. Being a single account player in a big and active guild makes these flaws have less impact in their enjoyment but unfortunately small guilds and casual players see this more often than they'd like.

This becomes more evident to people who played many other mmo's and experienced their gameplay mechanics and then compare them to Wakfu implementations - they seem a step backwards.

Currently with challenge quests, the lvl'ing situation is improved, although i think the "Hordes" quests rewards need to increase a little given the time and effort to do them compared to the other challenge quests. But lvl'ing is still regarded as a choir and most people look for powerleveling, specially when making alt toons where the lvling experience doesn't change other than maybe choosing a different nation which leads me to the point where i see Brakmar,Amakna (a bit busier at trees) and Sufokia lacking activity compared to Bonta ( nationwide activity and market) other than maybe some dungeons.

Gear wise, the easiest (and most boring) way to gear up for those lacking buddies, big and active guilds or the patience to drop that last missing item after the 666th kill, is to mine,mine,mine,mine,mine,mine and camp trading for the parts they need. Crafting for the moment is lacking good enough gear to surpass the popular sought after sets but this could change in the future.

Bottom line, the game is improving(?) but at a slow rate where players will probably choose another game to devote their time on while Ankama still tweaks with their (beta) Wakfu.

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posté July 17, 2013, 19:39:08 | #6
This certainly looks like a step in the right direction to me, in providing flexibility when making builds. Quite frustrating to be "sub-optimal" when one last piece of equipment is missing to complete the set bonuses and either solution is to grind the PP or/and check trade for exquisite priced entries. The +AP gear bonus being applied to a greater item variety is a big improvement.

Looking at that work in progress screenshot, i hope you'll be providing better multi element gear bonuses in the future aswell. Having one of my classes preferring to play Earth main / Air secondary pretty much since inception, i found the currently offerings ( ex: Whisper set) a bit lackluster while day dreaming with DP set - forfut is a nice set (minus the -bonuses) but lacks a worthy follow up for me at the moment to develop my build further.

Really happy to see this carrying over to crafting aswell, making it more valued outside the current legendary crafts and a few other things - who knows, it may even allow to compete in the market as an actual business with a greater item variety and demand.

I'll also echo the PP complain trend, even when i don't have an enutrof toon or multi accounts dedicated to item drops. Although, spending most of the time in PP gear instead of my better fighting gear to boost the current drop chances and locks, leaves me with an uneasy feeling more often than not. Somehow, i think this situation could be improved without adding (even more) grinding to the already increasingly grindy game for the sake of longevity and sanity.

Overall, intentions look good and reasonable but we have yet to see their execution and reception.

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posté July 07, 2013, 02:47:38 | #7

Quote (everat @ 07 July 2013 01:47) *

Quote (IYesWayI @ 07 July 2013 00:53) *
  • Players with high level gear and their end game sets have nothing else to spend there money on.
Heaven Worlds!

The cost for the runes would be quite alright though if there were a way to reduce randomness at least. Getting 1 prospecting from a level 120 perfect rune is just plain sad seeing how many items i had to salvage for it.

Pretty much this ^

Being the current system so random in giving desirable bonuses, it also adds "insult to injury" by giving random strength even when using perfect runes - it's hardly player customization other than leaving whatever rune was revealed or remove it.

Too much of a time/money sink, specially when playing several toons. In it's current state, it's also generally not worth to (waste) socket mid lvl gear and save them powders/runes for a better near/end game set if playstyle is more casual.

I've been tempted to go play the lottery game as it stands but just the thought of Ankama changing the mechanics again without any consideration for the players who invested too much in overdue flaws, holds me back.

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posté June 26, 2013, 17:31:22 | #8

Quote (Snowy09 @ 26 June 2013 17:01) *

You will now receive profession experience when using the Workshops in your Haven Bags
This should be sung from the mountaintops or something. Best news ever. Thank you.

Very good news indeed.

Any word for the future on providing guild points to crafting outside dailies ?

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posté June 26, 2013, 15:43:31 | #9
Once i saw daily quests for guild points i knew it would be bad.
Previous system was better for casual contribution to guild progression and covering more (and better) ways of said contributions - crafters get shafted now.

It's no surprise Ankama development team only think about game mechanics 2-3 moves ahead and then patch them out several times trying to fix - this is due to the lack of depth of thinking, even replacing whole game mechanics with new and improved failed ones.

Wakfu is funded beta development

Still i appreciate the effort put into it, like the "new rune system" but the planning and forethought of these "Improvements" makes me wonder if they actually play their games to the point of obliterating common sense.

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posté June 25, 2013, 21:43:13 | #10
Charity is what the community is doing for Ankama by paying to beta test.

I'd expect by now, skill change patches to throw a restat aswell but after seeing the new addition of such "commodity" to the boutique (together with the 1200 item monthly quest), i'm not surprised they'll try to milk it out.

... and to complement your words - a business which is too greedy, loses it's customers.

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posté June 25, 2013, 20:04:33 | #11
here goes nothing...

...+1 for restat

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posté June 25, 2013, 14:24:23 | #12

Quote (Gynrei @ 25 June 2013 13:08) *

Quote (Shaleigh1 @ 25 June 2013 13:06) * respec?

OMG no respec. This game, my brain hurts.

Was thinking about the same thing...

I guess i better start collecting those 1400 items :/

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posté June 24, 2013, 17:15:24 | #13
I made a similar thread about this recently, so i'll add my support here for the implementation of some kind of dedicated storage for dungeon keys.

+1 (i'm pretty sure everyone would welcome such feature)

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posté June 20, 2013, 11:19:17 | #14
Key'ed out of space Dungeon keys are taking over the world of Wakfu!

I'm willing to bet this has been suggested before...
I have 30 slot inventory bag full of different keys and i'm still missing some and room is getting too short to do my everyday tasks.

My suggestion:

Create a new tab in inventory next to "Bags" and "Quest" just for dungeon keys which can be taken out if necessary.

Alternatively, introduce more bag slots - storage is a premier asset particularly when working with different profession's resources.

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posté June 19, 2013, 10:42:25 | #15
Was thinking about this tonight and decided to throw my last 2cents with the hope these tweaks could go live sometime soon...

I seem to think the current system customization through randomization which works like:

- randomization of bonuses with too low chance of main element/stats(?) bonuses
- randomization of strength of said bonuses even when using best runes

Retries are too harsh :

- destroy a similar equipment
- use a 1 use smithmagus hammer which seems to have a low drop chance (ingame atleast)

Without going even more in depth, consider these (all of them or some) which wouldn't change the system purpose too much other than changing values (fine tuning) - forgive me if this has been suggested already, if so i'll just echoe those

- increase bonuses randomization % reflecting character's main elements and/or stats
- lock strength of bonuses accordingly to quality of rune used or allow a 2 quality headroom for bonuses to apply - Ex:

-> Used a Perfect rune - bonuses will use strength of Perfect or Sparkling quality
-> Used a Sparkly rune - bonuses will use strength of Sparkling or Glossy quality
-> Used a Glossy rune - bonuses will use strength of Glossy or Basic quality
-> Used a Basic rune - bonuses will use strength of Basic or Broken

- Increase %? Smithmagus hammer drop rate
- Increase Smithmagus uses per item - ex: 2-5 uses per hammer before it breaks
- When using hammer to remove(destroy) slotted rune give a % of powder with "X" quality used for said rune

Just a few tweaks which i think, would improve the current system and most likely Ankama.
Feel free to correct me above if any mistakes.

By the way, i won't even suggest anything about the mirror gear destruction to remove a rune since i think it's too crazy to even been implemented like it is.

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posté June 17, 2013, 21:01:16 | #16
While i can understand some of the motives behind this new system i think they are pushing it far and end up frustrating players more than retaining a loyal fan base.

When i started playing last year, i was a little apprehensive after i saw the makabra gear in shop but later found out they are reasonably easy to get ingame through other players and later lvl's have very nice equips both crafted and dropped that are better than the shop ones.

Still, makabras, unlike smithmagus hammers are not consumed upon use so the ~5kk are way more reasonable to pay than the ~4kk which is just another chance to play the lottery again.

Throughout the years i've seen mmo's implementing more "convenience" items to the shop than ever which sometimes go borderline greedy since convenience plays/pays better than "wasting" time ingame being inconvenient - lottery type of items are "winners" when it comes to F2P because of the gambling appeal to human nature.
Luckily, the player base is becoming more aware as time goes by and shop "features" are a popular information requests through game development/beta stages.

As i wrote above, people lvl'ing up will probably give up wasting runes on gear after seeing the nature of the system. I don't think many will feel motivated to slot their shiny lvl 60-80 gears and burn more kamas on smithmagus hammers than what they spent on the whole equips - i say this leaving the shop convenience hammers out of the equation but you can imagine with those aswell.

Suggestions and opinions have been made by players regarding this new system - i'd think they should be taken into account to tune it out.

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posté June 17, 2013, 16:18:01 | #17
New rune system is too random, time consuming, expensive and frustrating.

I'm surprised devs didn't implement :
"chance to destroy equipment/rune while socketing a rune "

wait... they kinda did.

Since i returned to the game, i've only tried socketing a couple runes (sparkling lvl 8) with questionable results:

4% fire / 4% air on my earth eca
2 ini / 1 pp on my earth/air osa

This new system makes players question if they want to socket "mid - close to end game" gear with better runes (glossy/sparkly+) or instead hoard everything until they get to "end-game" gear because the new lottery system promotes this.

From the blog:
"Why not making the hammer used to break runes a craftable item?
It’s only a “comfort” option. It wouldn’t make sense to ask the players to waste time on gathering the resources necessary to craft it for the little benefit they would get from using it."

With the current new system i'd think Wakfu customers would have more than "little benefit" for their own "comfort" if this was possible.

I have yet to loot a smithmagus hammer from a week of playing but if 4-6kk ingame or 600 ogrines /ea is a cheap alternative to destroying a mirror item to play the lottery again... i don't know, i guess i'm cheap but i'm used to see this in F2P games and last i checked, this is a subscription game still ?

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posté June 09, 2013, 03:21:55 | #18
Returning cat is confused Hi
My Eca was parked at lvl 88 for almost a year and is(was?) running an hybrid water/earth build.
With Flealine Army at lvl 13, i remember it triggering Flea Love but from the little bit i played this was not the case anymore.

Flealine Army current description ingame:

"The Ecaflip's fleas are all itching to go. they steal more health and have a chance of applying themselves with fire and earth spells."

I go search for patch notes and find :

April Patch :
Flealine Army: This passive now gives chances to cast Fleahopper instead of Flea Love and also grants bonuses to heal (+2% at level 0 and +40% at level max).

May Patch :
Flealine Army: No longer has 20% chances to cast Fleahopper, gains +5% to Water dmg for each dmg inflicted by Fleas (removed if no dmg is dealt, maximum +80% Water dmg).

confused... me or the devs ?

While free respecs are nice, this worries me not only on my Eca but other classes when i find myself having to replace gear because of short sighted game changes such as these.

Considering... the confusion look my cat has and i still have to check the changes to 2 other classes i was playing, was the 1 week re-sub a wise move to beta test Wakfu or am i delusional expecting this game to reach a "final" beta status sometime this decade ?

edit *PS: Rants aside, i think Wakfu is a special game among the current crowded mmo flavours but just wish the game would be a bit more consistent when it comes to "fixes"  

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Thread : Ecaflip  Preview message : #556559  Replies : 2  Views : 657
posté August 29, 2012, 18:27:59 | #19
Another Eca's Kittykaze bug I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who's a fire eca.

Since hotfix, whenever he gets Hairy Moon, the kitty is bugged.

The kitty is like an hologram and we can walk over it.
I can see the kitty but he (who casted it) can't see it and can't control.
The kitty "lags" next persons turn for a bit and that person (me unfortunately) misses the turn.

This only happens to him and although i have Hairy Moon problems ( dmg and control posted on a thread below), my kitty doesn't bug out like his.

This is worst than the no dmg kitty bug, makes next person loose a turn. 

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posté August 28, 2012, 14:28:16 | #20
I can confirm this issue.

Ecaflip's Tarot: Hairy Moon was rebalanced as follows:

Normal effect – Summons a controllable Kittikaze from lvl 1 to 100 (depending on the level of the Ecaflip), damages are 1d2 x Level.
Eca God effect – Summons a controllable Chuper Kittikaze from lvl 1 to 100 (depending on the level of the Ecaflip), damages are 2 x Level.
Ouginak effect – Summons a Chuper Kittikaze from level 1 to 100 that attacks allies, damages are 2 x Level.

From what i've noticed so far:

Normal effect - no dmg dealt, controllable (broken)
Ouginak effect - no dmg dealt, attacked foe, attacked eca* (broken)
Eca God effect - dealt dmg, attacked foe, not controllable* (partially working)


It seems only the Eca God + Hairy Moon combo is partially working.

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