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Musical Chairs, PK Style!
posté October 15, 2013, 06:55:10 | #1
Musical Chairs Hey everyone!

Skai, Ecologist of Amakna, here to bring you another crazy event!
Amakna Government will be hosting an International of Nox Event, Musical Chairs!
But, my fellow Noxians, this isn't a simple Musical Chairs game. I'm giving this game a spice of PK (Player Kill)

Time: 4pm PST/7pm EST
Date: Sunday, Oct 20th
Location: Bilbiza Island next to the Jellix Dimension Portal

Here's how it works:
  • A government coordinator, most likely yours truly, will play an instrument for a period of time.
  • During the music being played all participants in this fight must goof around: Dancing and other emotes that include a long term effect (Such as Pleading, Reading a Scroll, etc.)
  • Don't concentrate too hard on getting your groove on! Once the music stops everyone must PK a contestant!
  • All PKs will be carried out 1v1, no groups or aid will be allowed or risk disqualification to both (or all) members of the team. Losers or those unable to find a challenger to PK are out of the game. (By entering this event you agree that you will not reenter the competition if and after you have lost) Spectators are welcome so long they stay away from the PK area.
  • This is a last man standing event! Winners get's a fabulous prize!
The Prizes:
  • The winner of this event will only be the last man standing. As a prize he will receive the complete collection of Dance Emotes (Sharkie, Liesin, Rogue, and Travalta) earned from the Trool Fair. (Thanks to our Weather Engineer, De Leon, for having God Ecaflip on his side and farming the emotes in no time, while your lame Ecologist just got two Sharkies OTL)

Sign up with your character below. One account/character per person.

Stay tuned for further details!
If you have any questions please contact Skai, Ayre, Ayden, or Akyna or leave a comment below.
Skai, Ecologist of Amakna

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posté October 17, 2013, 08:13:19 | #2
Hope to see everyone there even if we aren't in cabinet anymore!
Random events that bring us all together are so exciting ^__^
Plus, Musical pk chairs? Um. WIN.


posté October 17, 2013, 17:28:38 | #3
Due to the lack of sign ups on this forum, I will have either post their character as before or simply just arrive and participate.

Let's have some fun and show how quickly you can stay on your toes!  

posté October 21, 2013, 03:03:40 | #4
Kudos to all who came to the event and a round of applause to those who fought in the event!

The Winner goes to Ierp who fought against Tremor in the finals.

Give any feedback if you would like to see this happen again or if you want I can bring up the Hunger Games again in Emelka

Your Ecologist of Amakna