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posté July 25, 2014, 05:51:27 | #1
Well damn. I lost everything in my haven bag! My 2 Garden Haven Gems, 4 Merch Gems, 4 Deco Gems, all of my haven bag's furniture, and all of the stuff I planted! I was happy when I saw I had free stuffs, but now... this just soured my day....

Ack. I totally derped. XD

Found my items on my second character.... False alarm!

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posté April 01, 2014, 13:11:55 | #2
Hehe.... Happy April Fool's Day! XD

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posté March 27, 2014, 12:25:02 | #3
I'd like to add another little tidbit to that... Just opened up my sidekicks menu and both of my sidekicks are MISSING!! Like, totally gone. Just thought y'all should know.

UPDATE - Whew, just relogged and they were back.... Thank goodness. Not sure what's goin' on, but it's scaring me....

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Reason for edit : had to add big UPDATE sign.
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posté October 15, 2013, 07:48:02 | #4
....You're right! There's no mention of that bug at all! What's up with that?

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posté September 24, 2013, 18:19:00 | #5
Great job, Ankama! Your actions (and the speed that they were taken) are commendable.

A question, however, will this affect that there live stream on Dathura today? And if so, will the timetable be altered?

Thanks in advance for the answer!

- Mayhew

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posté April 05, 2013, 20:09:23 | #6
Dat Eni picture on the link to this.... So cute!

And also, it's awesome that we Enis have a day in the sun.

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posté September 08, 2012, 00:33:09 | #7
Wait.... does this mean that someone could contract your... uh... "services"... to kill ANYONE (aside from the parameters mentioned above)? Like say I decide that I'll pay you a million kamas to kill the player to your right? :/

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posté August 28, 2012, 17:42:57 | #8
It wasn't fixed for me... I just tried logging in, but I just get stuck on the "Connecting" animation. Could someone help me out with this?

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posté August 09, 2012, 00:02:13 | #9
Who knew live Bellaphones made such nice snacks?

-1 = 35

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posté July 02, 2012, 01:36:46 | #10
Well, I've been writing in the RP thread about something similar to this.... except that what I write about is secondary to the main character's class (i.e. she's already an Eniripsa AND she wields her power).

But reading this thread gave me an idea: What if we could make a class that uses it's inner self (like the Anima/Animus and the Shadow from psychology) to attack/buff/debuff?

I was thinking something like this:

Fire Branch- Mainly focused on using your inner shadow. You can form crude weapons, traps, and even beasts from your shadow, and use them primarily to Attack/Debuff your enemies. These weapons and such are mainly ground-based.

Water Branch- Mainly focused on using your Anima/Animus. It's basis is Light, sort of like how your conscious is Day and the unconscious is Night. This form uses weapons made of light, etc. Mainly drops from above, and buffs allies slightly.

Earth Branch- These attacks use both aspects mentioned above, and are more physical in nature. Expect strong punches, kicks, and objects to be thrown.

Lastly, a special ability could be summoning your Anima/Animus into the field. It would cost some HP in the process, as the new ally would literally be OF you. I also liked the Enu's Drhellzerker (sorry if I misspelled it) ability, so I thought of something similar. If you summoned your Anima/Animus onto the field and used a certain ability, you could absorb both your Anima/Animus and your shadow into yourself and become an extremely powerful beast for 3 turns or something limit-like such as that.

I'd like some feedback on this if possible. I'm only just coming up with this, and I'd really like to see your opinions on it.

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posté July 01, 2012, 22:41:21 | #11
Yeah, I've been noticing that too... I thought it was just me until I saw this here post about it.

So far, none of the mobs I've tried it on have had it work correctly. I've noticed this chain:

1. I cast the mark.

2. The mark shows as if it's going to work.

3. I kill the marked mob, and it revives as usual

4. Instead of changing it's little red circle for a little blue circle it remains the same.

5. It sits there under the "Magic Control" state for the duration of it's turn. It should be noted that the usual change of spells that happens when you're in control does not happen.

6. The controlled mobs turn ends, and it dies, having completely proved that I wasted my time trying to control it.

That's what I've noticed anyway. Is it the same for you guys?

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posté July 01, 2012, 21:15:55 | #12
Feel free to join in! Wouldn't be an open RPing forum if we just started picking and choosing people to post, right?

Nice intro by the way.

Moving right on down to business, let's find out what awaits Vivienne when she awakens!

Part 8: Waking Up on the Wrong Side

Vivienne awoke with a gasp. She felt slightly disoriented as she quickly glanced around for any immediate danger. "Jules, wake up!" she whispered loudly.

"Huh...?" said Jules. "But it's still early..."

"I'd love to sleep in too, but I'm afraid we have-"

"Company! Right?" said a gruff voice.

Vivienne looked in the direction of the voice to see an unpleasant-looking man standing at the entrance to the abandoned building. At closer inspection, she could see it was a Sacrier.
"But see," the Sacrier began, "I believe you're mistaken. Saying that 'We have company' implies that you have ownership of this here establishment." He started stepping towards them.
"Of course, you're wrong! This here homely.... home belongs to me and my associates."

"Associates?" replied Vivienne, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, forgive me! I believe we haven't done the all around introductions yet, have we?" the Sacrier said, raising his hand to his lips and giving the loudest whistle Vivienne or Jules had ever heard. "Come on, lads! and.... uh, lady. Let's give our guests the tour, shall we?"

All around, Vivienne could see new adversaries coming out of the woodwork. Just like termites, she thought to herself. She eyed them closely, determining if any were a threat. A Cra, an Ecaflip, a Rogue, and... an Eniripsa!? She pointed and laughed. "Seriously!? You think you can take me!? What're you gonna do? Heal me to death?"

"I'd ask the same of you, jerk!" replied the Eniripsa in response. "You look like you're fresh out of Incarnam!"

"Besides," chimed in the Sacrier, "It's not who kills you. It's a team effort!"

"Whatever, losers." said Vivienne. She was trying to remember her diversionary training. Focus on the weakest link.... force them into anger....

"Let's get this over with already!" yelled the Cra from his high perch. "Let's kill this little fairy and move on!"

That was not something Vivienne wanted to hear. "What did you call me?" she said slowly.

Screw diversionary tactics. Vivienne charged.

The robbers obviously didn't expect her to, but they had their weapons at the ready. Unfortunately, only the Cra or the Rogue could hit her at the speed she was going. She flew at the archer quickly, dodging arrows and pistol fire. She slammed into him, pinning him down. She took an Infected Flask from her pouch, leaned down close to his ear, and whispered. "Hope you like gangrene...." and proceeded to shatter the flask into his face.

"AAAHHH!! It's in MY EYES!" screamed the Cra, writhing on the floor.

Vivienne moved on to attack the Ecaflip, who'd just drawn his lucky card it seemed, for he had an aura about him. Of course, no card could've prepared him for what she said next.

"Time to BURN kitty!"

Vivienne reached for her wand, and impacted the poor Ecaflip at terminal velocity. With her wand she drew the biggest, nastiest Refund Mark she could muster, feeling temporarily drained but quickly regaining her composure as it lit. "Fancy that... it was a lucky card." she said, looking at an unharmed Ecaflip sitting in terror. His cards had burst into flame, as if taking the punishment for him. "Too bad, though, I need you unconscious." She hit him in the face, knocking him out.

She moved to take out the Rogue next, but had to duck for cover. He seemed to be quite the shooter, hardly taking any time between reloads.

The Sacrier at the door wasn't pleased with the resulting stalemate, yelling, "Give her the Piercing Shot! We'll cover you!"

Vivienne peered from cover to see the Rogue loading a massive, pointy bullet into his revolver, and the Sacrier heaving a giant stone at her. The Eniripsa was lobbing Pain Flasks as quickly as the Rogue had been shooting, keeping Vivienne pinned.

Vivienne moved quickly. The jumped straight into the air, gaining a boost of speed. She then caught the Lethal Slingshot round in midair, using it as a shield against the Eniripsa's Pain Flasks. With all of her might, she kicked the rock straight at the Rogue, who shot his piercing round straight through the rock. Aw, ***, thought Vivienne. She barely had enough time to dodge, the bullet grazing her a little too closely.

As she hit the ground, the Sacrier was ready to use a Blood Rush on her. Using the last of her strength, she cast two spells in quick succession, Unnatural Remedies, and a Healing Word.

The Sacrier fell to the ground, moaning.

As she shakily stood up, Vivienne felt a sharp pain on her leg. Looking down, she saw what it was. A Pain Flask, freshly broken, it's shards leaving small gashes in her skin. All at once, Vivienne felt woozy and sick. She looked up at the Eniripsa, who was in tears. "But you need preparation time to give someone the squits..." Vivienne said.

Suddenly, she felt stabbing pain in her back. Then another.

Now she saw. The Eniripsa had healed the Cra, then used that hygiene to infect her. The Cra had just now put two arrows in her back.

"No," said Vivienne. "This can't be how it ends..." She fell to her knees. Jules, which had been hiding in Vivienne's flask pouch the entire time, yelled out from within. "C'mon, Vivienne! You have to keep going!"

Vivienne couldn't hear her. She simply heard a dull tone in her ears, followed by a deafening voice. "You're going to die, dearest. You're going to die unless I do something."

Vivienne snapped back into reality. "No! You can stay right where you are!!" She got up on one knee. "Because I am NOT GOING TO DIE HERE!!"

The Eniripsa looked shocked. She yelled at the Cra. "Dammit! Finish her off!!"

But before he could even take another arrow from his quiver, something had already shattered on his arms.

"This time, I really hope you like gangrene!!" yelled Vivienne from below.

The Cra was on the ground again, holding his arms and screaming as they became discolored.

Vivienne then cast a Healing Word on herself to help in standing. She then looked straight into the other Eniripsa's eyes. "Good Night." she said, hurling a flask at her.

The Eniripsa's world span out of control, and then faded into darkness.


Well, there you have it! I truly hoped you guys enjoyed it! Coming up next: the aftermath!

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posté June 30, 2012, 06:00:57 | #13
Well folks, It's me, Mayhew! After finally getting myself situated, I'm ready to continue writing Vivienne's story from where I left off!

Part 7: The Hated Dream

The rain hadn't let up, but it had calmed to a steady drizzle. The once blazing fire was simply a mass of glowing coals. Vivienne was getting ready to sleep for the night. Jules had already beaten her to it, and was happily snoring inside the cup she had drank from. "All that info and she still sleeps soundly," said Vivienne quietly. "I could learn a thing or two from her." She took one last look around the abandoned structure and settled into her sleeping bag. Slowly but surely, the steady pattering of the rain lulled her to sleep.

It was dark. Vivienne was alone.

She panicked, and slowly came to her senses. She remembered this dream. I've had it for 14 years, she thought. I should be used to this terror by now. She looked about, and realized she seemed to be in a tunnel. A light was shining at the end, so she slowly started walking towards it.

As she made her way towards the light, something made her stop in her tracks.

There was a human shadow between her and the exit.

She was terrified, and she didn't know why. I've seen this a million times, she thought to herself. Keep moving!

But she couldn't.

The silence was tense, but the tension only worsened when the shadow spoke.

"How thou, dearest?"

The voice boomed throughout the tunnel, almost unbearably. "Who are you!?" replied Vivienne. Her voice sounded almost muted in comparison. This is different, she thought. It's never talked before.

"You know exactly who I am." The shadow responded. "I'm always here, yet you deny me the chance to act. You know the power we could wield if we united, yet you bound me here a long, long time ago."

Vivienne shuddered. She did know who this was. "What do you want?" she asked.

"Only some confirmation of your safety, my dearest." It said. "If I'm not mistaken, I aided you back in that sticky situation not too long ago, but all I feel is disgust in return! Where's the love?"

"I would've made it on my own!" Vivienne answered.

"The hell you would've!" the shadow quickly exclaimed. "Don't forget. I know everything you do, dearest. So don't try to lie to me."

"How did you get loose enough to exert anything at all!?" yelled Vivienne. "You're bound here! Nothing should be able to break you free...."

"Nothing... but you." The shadow replied. "Remember, my chains are your will, and when your will fails, I can act upon your world. But fine, keep lying to yourself. You're the greatest! You don't need my help at all! Keep hating me like you always have! Just remember, I am always here for you. And one day, I will BE FREE!!"

The tunnel shook, and the shadow grew, and kept growing. "Seems like your dreams are about to be interrupted, DEAREST!!" it said, deafeningly. The shadow now completely obscured the light.

Suddenly, the shaking stopped, and a familiar voice pierced the darkness. "Come on, sweetie, wake up. It's time to get ready for the festival...."

"Oh, god, NO!" screamed Vivienne, covering her ears.
The tunnel then turned into a whirling vortex of familiar voices and screams.

Just as she started to drown within it, Vivienne awoke.

Hope this added a hint of creepiness to our story. Coming up.... What will our heroine find at her awakening? Stay tuned and find out!!

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posté May 09, 2012, 19:14:36 | #14
When I read your story, I loled. You like punching through trees too? Well, It's freakin' awesome that we've got another RPer among us! I'm just popping in to read some stories, but I'll post the next chapter of Vivienne's story soon!

Thread : Fan Art  Preview message : #406526  Replies : 97  Views : 7114
posté May 08, 2012, 20:21:40 | #15
While I must say that this is a more fitting place for your role-playing thread, you may want to move all of the awesome stories you guys wrote over here.

I won't be online for a little while, as I am currently moving. This of course means that I won't be able to write the other parts of Vivienne's story at the moment.

Just wanted to let you know.

Thread : Fan Art  Preview message : #406519  Replies : 97  Views : 7114
posté May 06, 2012, 20:41:28 | #16
Loving your story, poppyo! Well, I'll be in-game after this, so I'll try to find you. Who do I invite, though, Mimie or Aquilia? Oh, well, whisper me in-game sometime, so we can get the ball rolling.
For now.... here is the next chapter in Vivienne's story...


Part 6: The Faded Past

Vivienne added more wood to the flames quietly, as if mulling over Jules' last question. She sat down, her gaze turning vacant. The chaos outside had turned for the worst, and water was now pouring down from both the hole in the ceiling, and from various smaller leaks within the structure. Their little camp remained dry, however, a haven against the storm. Vivienne began to speak.

"I was born on an island, far from any other. The people who lived there never named that island, but it was always known as 'home' to our fishermen out at sea. Thinking back now, I'm pretty sure it was an extinct volcano, since it looked like one. At the center of this island there was a lake, located in the old caldera of the volcano, yet accessible through one of its broken sides. The lake's sands were pure white, and you could always see the bottom, even though it was really deep. It was full of fish, and we would hold festivals there every year. It was said that if someone swam in the lake long enough, their darkest, most horrible memories would be forgotten. Thus, the lake was named: Lethe Albion."

Vivienne paused. She shut her eyes hard, as if straining to hold back tears. "If you don't want to talk about it, I understand," said Jules. "It must be difficult to-"

"It's all right," said Vivienne, quietly. "This is something I have to say."

She opened her eyes again and continued talking. "From the lake, there was a path leading straight down the mountain, into our village. It was made that way so children who wanted to go to the Lethe wouldn't get lost if they went on their own. Of course, most of the children who went on their own were about nine or ten, so there was never a problem. The forest surrounding the mountain was peaceful, pleasant. The orchards began slightly past the village, so people could pick fruits on their way there. Never was there any conflict, any dispute among the people. Everyone was happy, and I was too, of course."

Vivienne paused again. She dug into her bag. From it, she took out a small necklace. It was a beautiful yet small conch shell, with a small bottle inside it. Within the bottle, white sand sparkled in the firelight. "This is a dreamer's necklace," she began. "It's made for warding off nightmares. Inside is the only reminder that my home once existed: white sand from the bottom of the Lethe Albion itself."

She put it back inside her bag, carefully. "I was about five at the time. We were making preparations for the annual Lethe festival. Everyone was so excited, even my mom and dad..." Vivienne stopped, deep in thought. "Mom and dad... I can't even remember their faces anymore. Sad, isn't it?" she stared into space for a moment, then began again. "Anyways, we were getting ready for the Lethe festival, but one of our fishermen came back with some news: there was a major storm coming."

"We knew of Ogrest's Chaos, of course," explained Vivienne, "But while we'd had our share of great storms, there had never been one just before the Lethe festival. We made preparations for the worst, and we braced ourselves against the storm. When it hit, though, we were in for the worst surprise ever."

"From the storm sprang monsters. We'd never seen the likes of them before. The fishermen tried fighting back, I guess, because all I could hear were their screams as they were wiped out. My dad didn't do so well either, I guess. Pretty soon we were all rounded up in the village square. They only wanted us, the children. There was a man commanding the rest of the monsters- I know they were Fey - he stood tall and imposing before us. I'm pretty sure he was The Released, the leader of The Fey. As he ordered the others to kill anyone who remained, a dark mist surrounded us, and we fell unconscious."

Vivienne dug in her bag again, and took out two wooden cups. She made her way to the hole in the ceiling where the water was rushing in, and filled the cups to capacity. She walked back to her spot near the fire, and took out her thistle bud wand. Uttering a silent word, she touched each of the cups with the wand, and the water in each glowed momentarily. She offered one to Jules. "It's purified now. Want some?"

Jules accepted the water without a word.

Vivienne drank hers and continued. "When we woke, I could only be described as hell itself. We were beaten and forced to train for hours on end. We were barely given any food or water. Any who resisted or tried to escape were killed on the spot. All of my friends, neighbors.... dying around me. Only a few of us remained. Then, one day, it happened. One of the overseers tried to take my necklace, and I resisted. As he raised his blade to kill me, everything just seemed to stop. I felt strange, renewed. I kicked at his knee as hard as I could. That was the first bone I broke. The overseer fell to the ground, screaming. My Binding Seals appeared then, and a man I couldn't recognize came to my side and said 'At last, a candidate appears.' From there, the next 13 years of my life went by quickly. I was taught both to heal and fight, to summon my Shadow, to kill. Then I found both the truth and my Sanctuary, and I escaped from the Fey Compound. Of course, I was aiming for my Sanctuary, but my plans didn't quite turn out the way I had hoped. That's why I'm here."

"What truth? What Sanctuary?" asked Jules.

"The truth about The Fey. It's not something you should know. I'm not really sure what it really means, either, so it wouldn't help if I told you now. As for the Sanctuary, it's only a set of coordinates, that lead to a safe place. And for now, my one objective is to reach that place, at all costs." Vivienne had a serious look in her eyes. Clear, focused. Outside, the storm was waning.


Well, that's part six. What is Vivienne's next move? Find out in Part seven! ;D

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posté May 06, 2012, 09:34:19 | #17
Very nice... I haven't actually been to that Bow Meow dungeon yet. Well, here's Part 4! Hope you like it! This will hopefully shed some light on our heroine's hazy organization.... and I'll outline my guild's purpose while I'm at it.... at the end, of course.


Part 4: The Fey Soul

Even though there was a cheerful fire in the fireplace, the moonlight streaming in from the gaping hole in the ceiling sobered the mood inside the abandoned house Vivienne had chosen to shelter her and Jules for the night. Distant thunder forewarned that Ogrest's Chaos was approaching.

"Glad we found this place before the storm hits." said Vivienne, setting up the area around the once-grand living room to accommodate its new guests.

"I believe an explanation is in order, Vivienne. Isn't that what you promised?" said Jules, a worried look in her eyes. "First of all, who are The Fey?"

"You don't skip a beat, huh?" said Vivienne, looking down towards the ground. She sighed. "Well, here I go. I'll start with The Fey."

"I should probably start by telling you the organization's full name." began Vivienne. "We only refer to it as 'The Fey' as a sort of nickname. The full name of it is 'The Fey Soul that binds Eternity', and as of Yesterday, I am no longer loyal to them. The Fey have ties to all major events in the World of Twelve's history. Hell, it's rumored that Dathura was one of them, and used Ogrest to try and bring the Dofus under The Fey's control. As of now, they have heavy hands in all four governments' most important issues, from taxes to weather control. They're specialty is remotely controlling the current situation, so I'm not surprised you haven't ever heard of them."

"But wouldn't someone have stood up to them by now?" said Jules, intrigued.

"That's the thing. The Fey have no problem eliminating potential threats and those who have outlived their purpose. Do you remember what happened to the Governor of Sufokia about seven years ago?"

"Didn't he die of old age?" said Jules. Her face suddenly became shocked. "No way... how would that even be possible!? The Governors have entire armies at their beck and call- not to mention their personal guards are the best in the world!! How's anyone supposed to-"

Vivienne held up her hand. "After what you've seen me do... do you still think it impossible? Because I might just take offense to that..."

"What are you-" Jules started, but soon got the point. "It was... you?"

"Yes, I was the one responsible for the Sufokian Governor's untimely death. It was one of the missions I had to complete before ascending to the ranks of the Elite Fey. Before that I was taking down small fry, like wealthy merchants, head guards, minor political officials and the like. You see, we aren't constrained by the boundaries of the world around us. Most people believe that this world is only about the balance of Stasis and Wakfu, creation and destruction, not to mention the blessings of the Gods given to their Disciples, but they're wrong. There exists another realm of possibility, mastered by The Fey eons ago, even before the Dofus age."

"You're talking about your scary tricks, aren't you?" said Jules.

Vivienne laughed. "'Scary Tricks' indeed! You should probably know that The Fey began just to master this other realm of possibility. They weren't always so involved in the affairs of the world."

The thunder sounded directly overhead. The chaos had arrived. It began to rain, but fortunately the pair's camp was far enough away from the hole in the ceiling to be unaffected by the moisture.

"It's known among The Fey as 'the power of the Soul'. It also has different branches, just like how elemental spells work. Except that this time around, the branches only dictate the route you take to access the power within your mind. The basic premise it to form a fixed 'piece of mind' and to externalize it by binding it to your soul. Unfortunately, I don't know the specifics how exactly it works."

Vivienne paused to add more fuel to the fire. She sat back down and continued.

"I am what is known as a 'Shadow Master'. I've specialized in the usage of my primal, instinctive side, and from it forged a being known as a 'Wrath Beast'. Ugh, that reminds me." She dug in her bag, and removed from it a piece of her old Elite's suit. "I need to make a bracelet from this."

"Huh? Why?" asked Jules.

The Binding Seals around Vivienne's wrists began to exude darkness. It surrounded the piece of cloth, and it began to unwind the threads, one by one. Vivienne spoke as this happened.

"This cloth is special. Aside from being stronger than any armor known to the World of Twelve, Fey use it as a conduit for their special abilities to work. In short, no cloth, no using the power of your Soul. There's a good chance that it would backfire against the user without it. So, I'm making an inconspicuous bracelet made from the cloth so that I'm able to use my Shadow in case I'm attacked by another Fey."

"Are you saying that they're looking for you right now!?" exclaimed Jules, looking around the abandoned living room warily.

"More than likely, no. They probably think I died at the Fey Compound's gate..." responded Vivienne, finishing her bracelet and trying it on. "How's it look?" she asked.

"Very nice! Maybe you should be a jeweler or something!" said Jules. "What do you mean by 'died'? What's the Fey Compound...?"

"One question at a time, please!" said Vivienne jokingly. "Imagine a city bigger than all of the four capitals combined, hidden from even the Gods. THAT is the Fey Compound. At each far side of this city, there is a Zaap gate, able to go anywhere with the right coordinates. I went through the southern Fey Gate, and one of my pursuers decided to destroy the coordinate board, the thing which sends people to places, thus basically leaving me to either die in some remote location, or die by being ripped apart by the Zaap's energy."

"How'd you survive?" asked Jules.

"Well, using my Shadow, and... someone's help... I managed to stabilize the Zaap's energy enough to send me to Incarnam. An enormous explosion happened though, which more than likely places me on the 'dead' list."

"Who helped you?" said Jules.

"I... don't want to talk about it." replied Vivienne.

"Aw, come on! Tell me!" insisted Jules.

" I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!!" yelled Vivienne, without warning. Jules was startled.

"I'm sorry... I just don't like talking about him. Can we end this part of our conversation, please?" said Vivienne.

"Sure... why don't you tell me about yourself?" asked Jules. Outside, the storm grew worse, and the rain began coming down even harder.


Who could this mystery helper be in Vivienne's past? What will we learn about our heroine's life? Stay tuned and find out in.... Part 5!

Okay, now to talk about the guild. It only has one member, me. I'm trying to gather other avid Role-Players to level up, have fun, and, foremost, Role Play! I have the ranks set up to mirror The Fey Soul that binds Eternity's ranks in an opposite fashion. I've also got ranks set up for people's specialties, be it crafting, fighting, or support. While it's main purpose is for Role-Play, I hope we can grow stronger while we do it, so go ahead, join, and suggest new stuff for us to do!

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posté May 06, 2012, 06:04:11 | #18
No, the guild "The Fey" isn't the same as the organization, "The Fey". You'll learn why later. In the meantime, I shall add some sillyness to the mix, and make a fun part to this tale.


Part 3: The "Threat" revealed and a Long Drop.

"What the hell's going on over here-" Vivienne started to say, but was rudely interrupted.

"Who're you!? Come to laugh at me as well, huh?" the Iop said, pointing the wooden axe she was using straight at Vivienne's face. The Iop looked flustered. She was panting hard in between words. "I'm- *pant*-gonna- *pant* -cut- *pant* -this tree down! Leave me alone, or I'll chop you to pieces too!!"

Vivienne slowly turned to look at the tree. There wasn't even a dent in it. The axe, on the other hand... looked like it was about to shatter into little wooden pieces. She turned back to the Iop girl. "Maybe I can... help y-"

"YOU CAN'T HELP ME!! NO ONE CAN!! I HAVE TO- GRAAAAHH!!" the Iop girl interrupted, striking the tree even harder. Typical Iop, thought Vivienne. I'll bet a million kamas that she's trying to prove something to someone. "Maybe you should give her a nice beating?" whispered Jules.

"That's not a option here, Jules," Vivienne whispered back. "She's obviously upset." "Look, miss, I think we got off on the wrong-" she started saying, but it seemed the girl was now blocking out any distractions. "Wow, she's really determined..." said Vivienne. "Normally, a lesser person would be cowering in fear of me.... why-" she looked down at her clothes. Ugh, that's why, she thought. I look like just another Eniripsa healer, and she doesn't respect healers. Iops respect one thing and one thing only: Power.

"Hey, Weakling!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. The Iop girl stopped at mid-swing. She turned to face Vivienne. "What'd you call me!?" she said dangerously.

"I called you a weakling, 'cause you can't even cut down this tree with such a fine axe." answered Vivienne. "I'll bet you I can cut it down with my bare hands." She stepped up to the tree and said "You should step back, this could get hairy." I won't even need to unbind, thought Vivienne.

The Iop scoffed. "What kind of lame joke is this!? I could snap you like a twig!" With that, Vivienne flared.

She struck the tree with the strongest punch she could muster. The shockwave passed through to the other side, breaking it clean in half. "A woman can cut down a tree as good as any man. And an Eniripsa can cut it down as good as any Iop could." Vivienne said. That had done it. The Iop girl dropped to her knees, her jaw dropping. "H-how did you d-do that...?" she stammered, trying to absorb what she'd just seen.

Vivienne started flying, and made her best Wakfu master impression. "Master thine Wakfu combat, young Scaraleaf. It shall open new paths for you." A blatant lie, of course. She floated by, Jules following.

"Whoa..." said Jules when they were beyond earshot. "How'd you really do that?"

"I just can," replied Vivienne. They were at the Xyts again, about to cross the bridge when Pappy stopped them.

"I heard that from here, lass." said Pappy, a serious look in his eyes. "Didn't I tell you to be wary?"

"She's young, and kind of lacking in the brains department. She'll never tell anyone what happened. Her pride depends on taking credit for what I've done." explained Vivienne. She continued across the bridge.

"So why didn't you scare her away like that Bow Meow earlier? That would've been a lot easier." said Jules as they took the Zaap gate across to Soul's Crossing.

"It would've been a lot more dangerous, too. I can't have people commenting on powers they don't understand. That's bound to bring The Fey sniffing around, and I don't need their attention at the moment." Vivienne said.

They arrived at the center of Soul's Crossing, where Sokay, the giant cat guide, sat. "I need to head down, Sokay." said Vivienne, stepping on a trapdoor leading to the World of Twelve.

Without acknowledging Vivienne's request, Sokay opened the trapdoor, allowing Vivienne to drop.

"WAAAAAHHHH!!" screamed Jules, terrified.

"Calm down!" Vivienne reassured, "We'll slow down as we get closer to the surface!"

Just as promised, they started slowing down at about a mile up. Vivienne started flapping her wings. "We can't land at the center of Astrub. Too many prying eyes." she said. They started to drift towards the northwest, landing near an old abandoned house in the flooded fields of Astrub.

When she had calmed down some, Jules asked a question Vivienne knew was coming. "What are these 'The Fey' guys you keep talking about?"

Vivienne looked around. "Night's falling. We need to find shelter." She started moving towards the abandoned house. "I'll tell you everything in there. I think it's time you knew who I really am."


Well, how you guys liking the story so far? I'd love to hear your take on it. Oh, and poppyo, I don't mind anyone picking the same class as me. So long as you've got an awesome story, I could really care less, so pick away! Oh, and on a side note... sorry for being the grammar/spelling nazi here, but could you please slow down as you type? It minimizes errors, and it'll have the added benefit of allowing you to think of the flow of your story better, too, which will mean an awesome story when you're done! (Not that your stories aren't awesome already... just commenting on the grammar/spelling, and slowly typing my story is what helps ME organize it better.) Screw it, I'm not gonna tell you how to write your stuff. Doing as you wish is a key element in writing fine stories, such as what I've seen here. Disregard my bellyaching.  

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Thanks for the praise. I liked the happy part of your tale. Seemed like Aquilia needed a break. Well, here I go again.


Part 2: A new friend, an old friend, and a new threat

"Ow... this hurts a lot more than I ever thought it would..." An achy and very disgruntled Vivienne rose from her sitting position painfully. "Ugh, and I'm a mess, too," she said as she assessed the damage to her clothing and equipment. "Well, it's not like I can stay hidden in this gear, either." Her pride and joy for the last seven years, the suit which marked her as an Elite among The Fey, had been shredded during the explosion at the Fey Gate. Her white cloak and hood were torn badly as well. In reality, however, she was only still alive due to the sacrifice of these articles of clothing. Though made of a material light and flexible as cloth, it was as strong as fifty Cracklers stacked on each other. It was really a miracle that she was even here, but she knew exactly who had helped her on her way... and she hated herself for it. "Damn you." she said to herself. A high-pitched squeal turned her attention ahead.

"I-it's gonna eat me!!" said a voice in distress. Vivienne couldn't make it out clearly, but it seemed to be coming from a raised platform-like rock ahead. She raced towards the voice only to stop and laugh.

It was a Gemlin. Almost transparent and about the size of a baseball, it was cowering in fear of a Bow Meow that was trying to get to it. "Stop laughing and HELP ME!!" It yelled. If I was still with The Fey, I would've just left, thought Vivienne. Instead, she stepped forward and said in her nicest voice: "Hey kitty, I'm sure there are better things to eat than this crawling heap of gelatin." The Bow Meow paused. Then it hissed at Vivienne, and proceeded to continue its harassment of the Gemlin. "Oh well, had to try the polite route." Vivienne said. She turned her back to the scene, took a step forward, and took a deep breath. Then, without warning, she spun around and had the most horrible, vicious head of a black dog she could muster materialize over hers. She made it growl, and the Bow Meow turned and hissed at Vivienne again, the hairs on its back standing on end this time. Still not working, thought Vivienne. Guess I have to turn it up a notch.

The dog-headed Vivienne roared.

The Bow Meow, now terrified, scurried away into the bushes nearby. Vivienne released her concentration, and the dog's head eroded into nothing. "Whoa, that was scary.... but awesome, too!" exclaimed the now-liberated Gemlin. "How'd you do that?"

"It's a secret," replied Vivienne. "Listen, now I need your help."

"What with?" asked her new-found friend.

"Well, first of all, I need some new clothes. Second, I need to find a quiet, hidden place to change."

"Can't help you on that first item," the Gemlin said. "But maybe Pappy can... oh, and can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, go ahead and shoot."

"Did you really mean that whole 'crawling heap of gelatin' thing earlier?" it asked.

"Of course not! I just needed to make you sound less appetizing to it. Sorry if it offended you..."

"Not at all! You saved me, which means I owe you my life. I was just wondering, is all." the translucent glob looked relieved. Vivienne sighed internally. She now had her first ally in this long journey.

"Well, who do we have here? I haven't seen you in ages!" Pappy said. "You look like you've been through a war, or worse!"

"Well, I may as well have," said Vivienne. "I heard YOU were the one to see about clothes around here."

"Well, just so happens that I have a spare starter kit for a disciple of Eniripsa. I might be brought to part with it for... one kama."

Vivienne felt around her pockets. They were torn, empty. "Hang on a sec," she said. "Lemme look in my bag." Today was her lucky day, it seemed, for a kama just so happened to be in her bag. "Here you go." she said cheerily. "Where do you get these, anyways?"

"I make 'em. It gets boring sitting on a pile of money for eternity. Helps me pass the time." Pappy replied. "So," he said, changing to a more serious tone, "You finally decided to go out on your own. What prompted this decision?"

"I found out the truth." said Vivienne. "Nothing more." She handed over the kama and took the kit.

"Well, good luck... and be wary! The Fey have eyes everywhere." Pappy returned to his money-sitting as Vivienne walked away.

"Well, what do I call you anyways? If we're friends now, I'd like to be able to call you by name." said the Gemlin as they made their way back to a secluded area.

"Wow, I'm surprised I hadn't introduced myself earlier," said Vivienne. "Forgive my manners. My name's Vivienne Blythe Mayhew."

"Quite a name," said the Gemlin. "I'm Jules."

"Nice to meet you, Jules," said Vivienne as they stopped in front of a large, old tree. "This is the secluded place?"

"Yep, not even Pappy's X-ray binoculars couldn't see you from here."

"Wait, what?" said Vivienne, starting to blush.

"I'm just kidding, of course," said Jules. "Hurry up and change. What are those duds, anyway? I've never seen anything like them before... and even torn up like that, they're pretty impressive-looking."

"These 'duds' have a long and dark history. It's not a story that should be told out in the open like this." said Vivienne as she stepped behind the tree and began to undress. "Keep watch for me, okay?"

"Got it!" replied Jules. She slid off to survey the area.

Yep, a long and dark history indeed, thought Vivienne. If anyone knew what I've done to gain what I have, I'd probably be public enemy number one...

"Uh... Vivienne?" Jules was back.

"I'm not done changing yet... what's wro-" Vivienne was interrupted by a loud THWAK! THWAK! THWAK!

Vivienne finished changing and went around the tree to assess the new threat.


Well, that's the second part. Not as action-packed as the first, but it's there to help flesh out some more of the story. "D

Oh, and I'd like to take this opportunity to invite any interested parties to my new Role-Playing guild, The Fey. My in game name is Mayhew, so whisper me sometime if you're interested.

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(Yeesh. Your story's getting spooky.... )

Part 1: Arrival

She had to move quickly. The guard change would happen swiftly and she was nowhere near the Fey Gate. She had wasted enough time getting rid of that Operative. "Ugh, now I'm thinking I should've killed him," Vivienne said to herself. "But he was too young to die. So much to live for. Who knows? He might just discover the truth and escape like me." The nighttime gloom of the Fey Compound's courtyard wasn't helping her concentration, and she hardly noticed the shadows inching closer.

"What's this? One of our Elite out for a stroll at this hour?" Said a female voice. A close voice.

"Oh, I do believe I recognize this one, too," said another, even closer. Male, too. "Mayhew, was it?"

"Why don't you just look me in the eye and find out?" Said Vivienne. "Not sure if you could even DO that, though, with your cowardly ways and all." She knew who they were, of course, and what they were planning.

"Calling us out won't help. We're not cowards. Just... Tactical." The male voice replied. Did they know of her plans? Or were they just picking on her? Other Elite just loved to pick on each other... just for the fun of it. And the status gained from killing another Elite. Vivienne hoped that they hadn't found out about the Operative yet...

"What's a matter? Got something on your mind?" The female voice said. No. They didn't know, they would've attacked by now if it was a matter of treason. The Code of The Fey was clear. No messing around with defectors. Kill at opportunity. Yet here she was, watching twin shadows circling about her, like vultures about to dine on a fresh corpse. She could barely make out their signatures. Sram were difficult to track anyhow, but these two had slightly unbound their seals, making them even more difficult to see.

Ugh, Vivienne thought, I don't have any more time to waste with these two. The guard will change soon, and I still have a ways to go. "I am an Elite. I may do as I please on the Compound. I shall pass to my destination. Remove yourselves from my path or state thy issue with my presence." She said. Words right from the Code.

That did it. "Fine! What say you, Melony? Shall we improve our standing with Orville?" Said the male voice, his shadow halting.

"Well... lemme think about it... " Replied the female voice. Vivienne already knew what she was going to say. "Time to di-"

Vivienne didn't wait for the answer. "Oh, great Shadow within my soul, I summon thee!" With that, Vivienne's body was consumed in darkness, like a slip of paper within flames. From within the shadow, however, two great glowing eyes, red as metal in a forge, peered at both adversaries. "WRATH. BEAST." A voice within said.

She could see them both now. Clearly. For of course, the only way to fight an unbound Fey was to unbind one's self as well. Within the Beast she waited for their next move. Dammit, I'd better hurry, she thought.

"Dammit, Mel! What now!?" The male voice cried nervously. "She's unbound her Shadow!!"

"Jeez, Talony, c-calm down, will ya?" Stammered the female voice. "Strike! We still outnumber her!"
But I can see you, idiot, thought Vivienne.

From the shadows standing idle erupted two Sram, each brandishing a scythe. Yep, it's them, thought Vivienne. The twin Sram, Melony and Talony. These amateurs were killing other Elite like it was going out of fashion, using the Code to raise their standing with their master, Orville the Hidden. They'd only killed two other Elite, and they were both amateurs as well, but an Elite was an Elite. These fools knew nothing of TRUE combat. Time to move on, she thought.

From the smoldering shadow, Vivienne lashed out! An eruption of darkness consumed the small center area of the courtyard, knocking the two attackers away, and slamming them into the bushes. What remained in the center was a giant black dog, a manifestation of the primal dark within Vivienne's very soul. From the long, flowing fur on it's back emerged Vivienne herself, smirking in spite of herself. "And you call yourselves Fey Elite?! Pah-leese! It's a wonder you even slayed ONE of us! You're one-trick ponies, the lot of you! And this Dog has seen enough. If you value your lives... you will NEVER bother me again!!" With that, Vivienne bolted, a white rider on a black steed. There was still time. And she was fast.

"Okay, friend time to return from whence you came. I appreciate your help." The Beast of Shadow started to dissolve away, returning within the Binding Seals around both of Vivienne's wrists and ankles. Though quick, a Wrath Beast was easily detectable, even by amateur guards. She'd have to run from here.

"Finally, some relief!" Said one of the guards on duty. "Took your time getting here, eh?"

"Hey, man, It's gonna be four hours of boredom out here. I may as well enjoy the midnight walk, right?" Replied one of the relief crew.

"Just don't enjoy it too much, or I'm gonna have to report your ass!" Said the other guard on duty. "And I mean it. Just remember, we ALL have to do our term as guards, or we'll never move up in the ranks! So-"

The normally silent night was interrupted by noise. Flit-flit-flit....

"The hell?" Said one of the relief crew. "Is that a Scarafly I hear?"

"What do you mean, Scarafly!?" said the other relief crew member. "They don't live around here!"

"Wait, doesn't one of our guardsmen keep one-" the guard never finished his sentence. Vivienne came down from above, using deft motions to incapacitate each of the four guards.

"Jeez... these guys are hopeless." Vivienne said to herself. "Though, this one was right... one of our guards DOES keep a pet Scarafly. I'm a lot stronger than one, though." she said, flitting her wings in the torchlight.

The Fey Gate was clear. All she had to do now was input her coordinates. But, just as she began, a harsh, deep bellow came from the direction of the inner compound. They knew now. The Operative must've woken up. She had to hurry!

She could hear the guards mobilizing from their barracks. They were marching straight to the Fey Gate! She moved faster, imputing the coordinates and messing up. Correcting.

"Halt! You are in violation of the Code of The Fey! Cease at once!" Yelled a guardsman. Dammit... thought Vivienne. Busted. "Too bad, friend. I'm outta here." She said to the guard. She pressed the "Initiate" key.

A field of light surrounded Vivienne, just as the other companies of guards arrived. They were powerless now. Least I have a send-off, thought Vivienne. She would soon be in her Sanctuary.

"Destroy the coordinate board!" said a voice within the crowd. Aw, NO, thought Vivienne. Nothing I can do!

The owner of the voice stepped through the dazed guards, pushing them out of the way. With a powerful unbinding strike, he punched through the board where Vivienne had been just moments before, shattering it to pieces. "Good luck, Vivienne. Hope you have a nice trip!" he said with a sneer. It was him, the Operative she'd knocked out earlier. Though terrified, Vivienne knew there was nothing she could do. She was helpless as the field of light grew brighter and more unstable. She'd heard of the stories of coordinate boards going haywire, either killing or sending people to places never to be seen again.

Wait! She thought to herself. There IS something I can do! She looked the Operative in the eye. "Hope you like surprises" She said her look of terror replaced with one of confidence. "Oh, great Shadow within my soul... I summon thee!"

A great explosion tore the area apart, knocking the guards and the Operative back. Vivienne saw black, and slid into unconsciousness.

The first thing she saw was a field of stars. As she regained her faculties, she sat up with a start. She was in pain. But she checked for further injury. Her arms and legs had minor scratches. "My wings!" she exclaimed, and checked her back. They were gone, stowed within Binding seals within her back. Safely, of course. She unbound them and checked them for damage. They were fine. Her assessment complete, she surveyed the landscape before her. "I know this place...." She said. Then it clicked. She was at the starting point of every incarnate's journey: Incarnam. "Great... what now?" She said to the world.

Sorry it dragged out for so long. But it should explain a little without revealing too much of the overall story.

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