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posté Yesterday - 19:26:29 | #1
Both are cool bosses, but i slightly prefer the Wa Wabbit. I even have a statue of him!

You ever dressed up as a zombie?

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posté August 11, 2015, 22:53:22 | #2
There's already at least one suggestion regarding marriage systems.

Nice, but currently less important, in my opinion.

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posté August 03, 2015, 07:13:38 | #3
True, more or less. Miranda, such a classy sassy lady!

Next person might rather relate to Kabrok's expression in the picture?

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posté August 03, 2015, 06:43:28 | #4
A clear split dividing between effects which last over the whole fight, depend on the round or affect the next attack/action would be nice. Showing all permanent class related buffs just needlessly bloats the list, in my opinion.

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posté August 03, 2015, 01:28:57 | #5

Quote (lyricalglitchen @ 03 August 2015 00:38) *
Guilds fluctuate in activity, it may of been busy at one time, but often activity drops, HW's are a lot of work and losing it due to being less active is a bad idea, as long as the guild is not totally dead. [...] If you limit the lvl the guilds being able to bid, and make it more fair because you bid with guild points vs kama, that should be enough.
To bid with guildpoints is also an interesting idea, but i fear it might result in guilds hoarding their guild points instead of using them for bonuses, just for the potencial chance to get a haven world one day. I agree in regards to the minimum guild level, it's currently a bit low.

Ankama decided to resell all haven worlds which haven't been used during the last seven months. The additional suggestion also had very low or no activity in mind. To keep the ranking points over 1000 with the formula shown above a guild would only need to generate 146 guild points per week. If they don't generate any guild points it would need 70 days to fall from 1000 to zero. Zero common or guild oriented activity for over two months is quite death, in my opinion.

P.S: It's over 9000, with more than 100 points per day or at least 729 per week. *giggles* Sorry, just had to...

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posté August 02, 2015, 23:35:53 | #6

Quote (MereBytes @ 02 August 2015 17:05) *
Well I think this bidding on HW is stupid. I think there should be limited amount of guilds and everyone should have right to get HW by guild points.
Yes, it shouldn't be too easy to create a new guild, to further encourage players to join already existing ones instead.
But a fixed limit would bring other problems. First how would you decide which guild gets which haven world? Second, and more importantly, being a good guild leader is a quite challenging task and a lot people actively seeking the position aren't suited. A limited number of guilds and guild leader positions, which also come with full control over guild bank and haven world, just call for trolls and griefers.

A guild whose ranking points fall below a threshold might also lose it's HW, if there are a lot guilds with a higher activity without a HW.

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posté August 02, 2015, 16:34:56 | #7
[HW Auctions] Limit auctions to active guilds Currently the community faces the same problem like several times before. The amount of HWs is very limited, yet some might fall into the hands of single players using guilds where they are the only active members. Which goes against the HWs basic idea, like Ankama stated again in the french forum a few days ago.

Thus, i'm suggesting to limit the right to bid not only by reaching a certain guild level, but also the guild's activity in relation to other guilds of the server. Read, only the more active guilds get the right to bid onto a haven world. This way most likely more players might get the chance to use one of them.

One possibility:
Add ranking points to the Guild List. These points would rise with every guild point earned, but diminish over time. Like for example by 10 + 1% per day. The guilds with the most ranking points get the right to bid on haven worlds.
The amount of guilds with the right to bid (if they don't already own a HW) might be determined by the number of existing HWs. Twice that number would for example ideally result in every second of the most active guilds owning a haven world in the long term.

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posté August 01, 2015, 15:40:49 | #8
Currently there are only three possibilities to gate a pen. Either the doors created by handyman, placing decorations into the entries or using the guildhall, like shown above. The first two methods regulary result in troubles because lazy or unreflecting guildmembers didnt close the entry behind them. Decorations might also only be shifted by the person who placed them and people with the right to change havenworlds, including the ability to destroy buildings. And the guild hall is the only building with two entries.

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posté July 31, 2015, 21:04:42 | #9
No, it was pretty clear (ranged, mobile, ability to heal itself); especially once my Ecaflip wore the Tree Pistes Set with the bucket helmet.

You still own items you'll never need again, because of their sentimental value?

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posté July 31, 2015, 20:50:21 | #10
You're right. Should have tested it properly.

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posté July 31, 2015, 20:19:41 | #11
The search option of the Ankabox also includes the possibility to search by character name.

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posté July 29, 2015, 16:10:36 | #12

Quote (Markzs @ 28 July 2015 19:14) *
I left the nation by using a teleportation scroll and now I can't go there again. Neither by boat nor zaap.
What do I do?
1. Take the boat to a neutral nation
2. Take boat to 'problematic' nation

This method normally works for me.

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posté July 29, 2015, 15:40:43 | #13
[Haven World] Cattle Grid 'building' Currently the most effective gate for a monster compound is the Guild Hall. You don't need a door since monsters don't enter buildings. Everyone or with a guild door every guildmember can access the monsters area, but even if someone doesn't close the door the monsters won't break out.

My suggestion:
Another building type for haven worlds: Cattle Grids, which players might pass, but monsters won't. Additionally or alternatively, the possibility of small fancy gatehouses of different styles would be nice.

Different suggestion covering the same problem: Self-Closing Doors

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posté July 29, 2015, 15:11:00 | #14
I would love to see some dresses in guild colors. Like the 'Spring has Sprung' costume.

And a combination of the Jack-O-Lantern leaf-suit with a leaf hat or a green headband. Maybe connected to a certain Wakfu value condition or ecology related archievement.

P.S.: Sailor School Uniform in guild colors. *ducks and runs*

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posté July 29, 2015, 11:32:25 | #15
That amount doesn't sound too strange for me, if two dozen people did throw their money into the guildbank to finally get a HW. If it's a single person it's far more suspicious, but (s)he's might simply be very active on the markets.

I wouldn't lock the possibility to own a HW behind a higher guild level, but rather connect it to a relatively high activity. If the ranking points in the guild list would diminish over time and only the guilds (e.g. twice the amount of existing HWs) with the highest amount would be able to bid, the problems with guilds which are only created to buy a HW wouldn't exist.

@skater: A flat "average GP per character" massively prefers old exclusive guilds and might result in guilds kicking new or less active members or not inviting any new ones - which would kill the guild in the long run. Something like the following would circumvent the second problem, but still gives death guilds an advantage, if they're simply old enough: max(190% of the 10 most active guild members; 100% of the 20 ...; 55% of the 40 ...)

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posté July 27, 2015, 14:32:38 | #16

Quote (Axxort @ 27 July 2015 10:43) *
What about the HW of Amara?
Well, until a few months ago everyone could buy a HW for a 100 Kamas if they wanted, it's not like we've got a real competition. But i agree, roughly a third of our HWs are unused or abandoned.

But how to deal with this touchy matter, without driving away people which are easily influenced? A list with dozen of unused HW isn't the best advertisement for a server in regards to people which measure potential fun with the dung principle. (translated: "Eat it, millions of flies can't be wrong." - A critique towards people which value mainly depending on popularity.) Several resells with a few weeks distance might be better than one with a gigantic list.

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posté July 25, 2015, 22:33:19 | #17
Only five truter stations per nation (which had to be unlocked by the community first), no Almanax, no international market boards and kamas being far more valuable than today(Zaaps) made the nation choice far more severe in the first year. Sufokia was the Nation which was added last in Beta, originally had a very labyrinthine map and suboptimal city distribution. All Attributes which made the nation less popular.
Since people tend to run with the herd, the nation which has a reputation of being less populated is rarely the first choice of new players, even after most of Sufokias disadvantages have been removed, respective aren't relevant anymore.

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posté July 24, 2015, 13:31:18 | #18
I'm aware how a standard group finder works. *smiles* And thought about possibilities to extend/improve the current group finder (aside from fixing bugs and design flaws). The idea behind this addition is the possibility to reach those which are to lazy to search actively, but happily join if a group for a dungeon they're interested in is offered to them. The way i suggested they don't have to keep an eye on the group finder, but still get informed.

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posté July 17, 2015, 23:20:46 | #19

Quote (visitor888 @ 17 July 2015 20:35) *
The Passive-Aggressive Bragger: Usually a DD class like Sram or Iop who constantly complains about how little damage they deal even after you just watched them rip through half the boss's health in a single turn.
Especially annoying if it's also a:

Pampered Kid - doesn't appreciate value and effort and isn't aware of the games difficulties, since (s)he got lots of gear gifted and visited most dungeons with too powerful characters.

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posté July 17, 2015, 20:30:04 | #20
Partly true, depends on the response time and how helpful it is.

Next person rarely uses a bicycle?

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