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posté Yesterday - 02:32:38 | #1
Sounds like a misunderstanding. You'll need a permit for crafting professions, which nowadays only means talking to someone who teaches the desired profession. (Originally you got a book and had to answer a few questions about the job.)

It was and is possible to learn and train all professions.

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posté March 29, 2015, 14:09:27 | #2
NPC: Miranda, such a classy sassy lady.

Monster: Tofu! Cute little guys.

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posté March 29, 2015, 13:22:05 | #3
Heals don't profit from critical hit, berserk and damage from behind. But otherwise you're rather free to choose your secondary stats accordingly to your personal playstyle.

As a reference, my personal rule of thumb for my ranged supporting fire/water ecaflip for example looks like this:
duo/tri elemental damage (1)
single target damage (2/3)
ranged damage (2/3)
critical hit damage (3/5)
heal (1/3)
The fractions are my way to compare these stats with each other.

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posté March 28, 2015, 17:19:36 | #4
[Mounts] Some Crit for destruction mounts Currently one of the four mount types is far less interesting than the others.
Destruction pales in comparison, since there aren't a lot builds using AoE attacks to a sufficient degree, without a focus on either ranged or meele.

My suggestion ist rather simple: swapping some of the +aoe damage% for 1 or 2 critical hit chance, since it benefits all attacks and thus would increase the mounts usability.

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posté March 12, 2015, 18:56:13 | #5
Lepytri is currently spamming at the Almanax on Amara.
Same Account like before: cvnsfg

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posté March 12, 2015, 17:47:39 | #6
A bit too much fire in my opinion, maybe think about swapping the Feca to Earth/Water, the water glyphs and armors also provide useful buffs for your team.

Adding Enu and Iop sounds quite effective.
Water/Fire Enu: PP, high range, might remove MP(Earth), DrHeller helps positioning the team.
Earth/Air Iop: nice damage, a tough meele might be useful to keep enemies of your more vunerable team members.

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posté March 10, 2015, 15:16:42 | #7

Quote (Sting-Shotter @ 10 March 2015 13:33) *
It started again QQ
My thought. Gobasi(cvnsfg) is currently spamming on Amara.

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posté March 10, 2015, 13:36:38 | #8
Some of the stuff mentioned here isn't fully accurate.

The one nation, one guild limitation only applies to companies (Main + Heroes), players won't be forced to choose the same for all characters but characters which differs in these regards can't be put into a company.

The letter itself doesn't speak about professions at all, just mentions thoughts about managing Kamas, Pets, Mounts and Costumes on account level. The items through a catalog like feature but this wouldn't happen right away (too complex). Trades should also be on account level according to him (Aza), so you won't have to switch characters for it.

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posté March 09, 2015, 15:03:47 | #9

Quote (Fluffenstein @ 09 March 2015 13:51) *
Iop, Fogger, Rogue, Feca, Enu and Eca
Let's see:

Rogue: Swaps boss next to obstacle, if needed. (He's able to teleport enemies next to bombs.) Claw can push enemies in up to 7 fields distance.
Feca: Drip Armor pushes Boss backwards, might be able to grand AP to allies.
Fogger: Rails simplify movement. Blockades limit walking options of the Boss, he might also be pushed against them.
Iop: charges Boss and pushes him, escapes by Jump, Super Iop Punch, Drheller, or because Boss shifted back.
Enu: reduces the MP of the Boss to ideally one (or zero except every third turn). Drheller swaps team into secure places, if neccessary.
Eca: Bow Meows and Kitikaze are moving red shirt obstacles. Cat tree forms another obstacle (dangerous). Might be able to heal with Rough Tongue and Flea Hopper.

Yes, a different class combination might be more convenient but I think it's possible.

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posté March 09, 2015, 13:54:30 | #10
Edith: "Always try to read the source, kids. Or at least a translation."

The decision to limit companies (Main+Heroes) to the same nation and guild might pressure players into choosing the "right" nation instead of the one they're currently interested in or fits the character, since it's a decision affecting the account as a whole. Most servers already got an imbalance regarding nation's population. This change might make it worse.

Many players create and play their characters with a certain style and build in mind, roleplayers additionally attribute them with personality and a sometimes very elaborated backstory. Its sad the feature won't allow more variation in companies. Permanently account shared Kamas, knowledge and mounts hurt immersion. Which some might consider a first world problem, but drive away others. (The possibility to opt-out of it would be great.)

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posté March 07, 2015, 16:18:01 | #11

Quote (kurausu @ 07 March 2015 14:03) *
We don't need to trivialize most boss fights in the game by being able to immobilize bosses while the rest of the team picks off the minions. Besides this, i think a tactical game should focus on mobility, not on sitting on one square hitting a target.
I agree, like Gynrei, "fighting" enemies (near) permanently sticking to a tank is as challenging as beating up a pinata without a blindfold.

The importance of characters which are specialized healers or tanks was reduced, that's right. But keeping enemies away from more vulnerable allies is still important, since the possibilities to heal received damage are also more limited now. All in all, avoiding damage got more relevant, so there's still space for tanky characters.

1. Yes, but i prefer the "sturdy guy taking some blows because he's in the way to an easier target" over the "wandering rock the enemies attack in blind fury".

2. It is, but not in the way you'll see in many MMOs. Having high values in specific stats is less important.

3. It might be obvious by now, but i prefer a less binary view of roles. Thus i disagree with some of your conclusions.

4. Who knows, Ankama suprises us regulary.

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posté February 27, 2015, 15:22:11 | #12

Quote (Sabi @ 23 February 2015 11:00) *
And to finish with a bang on the last day (Thursday, February 26th) [...]
So from February 23rd to the 26th, help us blow out the candles and get to unpack gifts with the WAKFU Anniversary Calendar!

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posté February 20, 2015, 16:59:37 | #13
According to the encyclopedia 15 135+ Items grand range. Click here
If they're worth it is a different question.

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posté February 20, 2015, 15:36:37 | #15
Different Ecaflips, different opinions. I care far less about Critical Hit Dmg than single-target or, depending on playstyle, ranged damage, since it's conditions aren't fulfilled as often. Regarding secondary damages my preferences for my ranged Fire/Water Ecaflip look like this:
single-target dmg >= ranged dmg > critical hit dmg > heals
The mostly meele-oriented Water/Fire one obviously doesn't care about ranged dmg and threads heals and critical hit dmg equally. The following websites might be helpful to find interesting equipment:
official site

Thread : Ecaflip  Preview message : #832068  Replies : 4  Views : 484
posté February 18, 2015, 20:27:53 | #16

Quote (MuriCat @ 18 February 2015 19:44) *
I'm not here to rally for Ankama or lick their boots, but jesus, we get new content and all the forums ever yell is 'I HATE NEW CONTENT, WHY NOT FIX THE BUGS?!'
We had a patch centered around bugfixing a while ago, guess what happened?
A lot of people who complained about "too many bugs" two weeks before moaned about missing new content.

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Reason for edit : Changed an error and a rather harsh expression
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posté February 17, 2015, 21:12:26 | #17

Quote (Intrade @ 17 February 2015 18:20) *
"It degenerates the interaction of dungeon visits to the level of driving in the same bus" My guess is that you are like my friend in thinking that riding on a bus is something that 'lower-classed' people do as opposed to people who may just want to save on gas money and/or car payments, but if I'm wrong then forgive me... your post simply came off that way. Anyways, I disagree and think that automating the process encourages people to use the Dungeon Finder as opposed to ignoring it because of how awkward it is to use currently.

"Building up networks to find groups becomes obsolete", wait what? If you have a good experience with a group then you'll likely want to group with them more in the future improving your network as opposed to grouping with the same specific bunch of people which is likely happening in Wakfu right now o.o

Keep in mind that the social aspect of the game could be improved by having a global chat built into the game, but such a feature doesn't exist and so you can only have conversations with people on your friends list or people you encounter even though there may be plenty of people online
Different countries, different cultures. I'm from Germany, the thought that using public transport is class related is completely strange for me. Here, people from cities and densely populated areas generally simply prefer public transport over cars because of it's convenience and often don't own a driving license up into their late twenties. The analogy with the bus aimed at the fact that it's rather silent in them (at least here), most passengers just want to reach a certain stop and aren't interested in social interaction if they don't already know each other. The bus transports everyone independent of their behavior as long as they're keeping to certain basic rules. It will be there to transport them if they're at the stop at the right time, completely independent of their social network.

If you'll dependably find a complete group without uttering a single word you won't need a network aside a well-rehearsed team for truly challenging dungeons. Having one is nice, yet becomes unnecessary.

My experience with global chats: If everyone might use it freely, most players will deactivate it within the first week, because of trolls and spammers.

Yes, the current group finder is improvable:
How about the possibility to enter "interests" combined with a messaging service which informs you once a group for one of these activities/dungeons enlists?
(If you're not already in a dungeon. The difference to enlisting into the group finder: The interests are preserved if you're entering a group or log out and you might choose if they are visible to others.)

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #831263  Replies : 192  Views : 5266
posté February 17, 2015, 17:38:03 | #18

Quote (Intrade @ 17 February 2015 16:57) *
[...] automatically join/merge individuals/groups into other groups once a player signs up, and also allow for the option of teleporting to the door of the dungeon. I don't really see a problem to this [...]
Horrible Idea. I've seen how such a completely automatic group builder destroyed the server communities in another game. It degenerates the interaction of dungeon visits to the level of driving in the same bus. Team members become easily exchangeable, building up networks to find groups becomes obsolete. The game as a hole is a lot more anonymous and asozial now.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #831167  Replies : 192  Views : 5266
posté February 04, 2015, 23:32:41 | #20
Logging into Amara was also a problem roughly 15 minutes ago.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #827277  Replies : 2  Views : 276