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posté September 15, 2014, 16:25:38 | #1

Quote (Dedlaw @ 15 September 2014 13:37) *
Nice guide, I'm looking at making an Earth Cra so helps when there is some reading to do about them ^^

A few questions:

1. Regarding your spells, from what I understand you combo either Piercing with Beacon or Riddling with Destructive, so why did you level Lashing instead of Beacon?

2. Regarding your stats, you put 20 into Earth resist & damage. Wouldn't it be better to spread the resist to cover other stats that have lower resists? (AFAIK the damage adds to all elements, not just Earth, unless I'm mistaken in which case your choice makes sense)

Also you put 12 points in %HP, wouldn't it be better to max out the 10 in resists first? ( I know I'm nitpicking, just curious if you have a reason for the choice)
Good pointers. It isn't my thread but I will comment on those.
1. I'm personally using 2xriddling + 2xlashing (2xlashing+destructive after getting reasonable amount of riddling) for single targets, obviously 2x piercing for aoe. I'm using beacon only for piercing range extension when needed. At lvl 160 I had to leave beacon at 60-ish lvl to get other spells at 150+. This allows me to keep 10ap build an use powerful, non-exotic AP relics like nettlez
2. You are correct, for now, stat dmg+res gives general dmg + elemental res, so it is better to spread it evenly. Not guaranteed that ankama won't decide to meddle with it in the future though;
3. Getting general res to max will happen anyway at some point at higher levels, so it is a matter of personal preferences to level it paralel to hp% I guess.

To OP:
1. -res on beacons is a remain from ancient times when unbeaconing could cause resistance drop on enemies nearby to the beacons. I don't think this feature is still in game (I never bothered to even check);
2 To use riddling for destructive arrow, you need to have equal amount of reach. Triggering riddling damage lowers both states by the same amount. Stealing mp with riddling consumes only riddling, you can use your "reach" to shoot destructive arrow at other enemy in case you have few enemies riddled (by piercing arrow for example).

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posté September 09, 2014, 16:49:58 | #2

Quote (Degrader @ 09 September 2014 15:28) *

Quote (WNxSidewinder @ 09 September 2014 12:13) *
"im new in this game only a week but (...)"
Sorry, but this makes any point you bring moot. The point is, that those "ranting kids" are ranting about shit ankama throws at them for LITERALLY years. After few weeks you can see only rants, but you haven't been forced to deal with those excuses for developers for extended period of time. Believe me, many of those rants are completly justified.
Until this mass ogrine problem appeared, it was only matter of ignoring serious, game breaking bugs and people who were affected by them. But they always seemed to care about real money issues. My bug-wiped HB never was fixed, but ogrines problem got resolved within few days (both cases were about year ago). Now it is different. People are being ignored, soon™-ed, thankyouforpatience-ed on case that includes real money.
On the other hand, I must agree that screaming "I will sue you" on forum is pointles unless person doing it has actual knowledge and means to do it. But I think that WNxSidewinder and other anti-ranters must agree, that if such person actually exhausted all means of getting compensated, legal action is in place.

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posté September 06, 2014, 22:18:51 | #3

Quote (Taqo1 @ 02 September 2014 12:12) *

Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 02 September 2014 11:46) *
keep the 30 second timer but do that krosmaster suggestion (timer stops for spell animations) that everyone has been saying for the past forever D:
thats a really good idea +1

The animations can be so long sometimes, I got adhd and is very easily stressed. The challenges makes me feel stressed out with the timer being so fast sometimes. This game is not very adhd friendly

Quote (azalyn @ 06 September 2014 20:41) *
As someone else mentioned in this thread..

The problem is NOT the timer. The problem is that the animations take too long for some classes.

Agreed completly.
Animations (that can't be turned off) is the worst thing in gameplay in wakfu. DD simpletons like iops will never understand it. I play with fire eni and bomber rouge in team. If someone triggers both mark and bombs explosions, he has to wait for explosions animations (one by one, just to annoy) and for ridiculous animation of mark symbol flying to the receiver. Now imagine that xelor uses aoe and in the process triggers mark and bombs, and still has to use devotion and timekeeper. Nightmare.
Similar for sadis placing dolls, controlling them and using direct spells, cras repositioning with beacon sneaking, pandawas with barrel manipulation, mentioned fire eni chaining refund marks, feca placing armors and moving glyphs,and probably other classes too.
Even if it happens that animations are not crippling gameplay, they are just so damn annoying.

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posté September 02, 2014, 22:09:07 | #4

Quote (Genrou @ 27 August 2014 19:57) *

Quote (semcorda @ 27 August 2014 18:54) *

50% final dmg of boss cut? I think you're misunderstanding Provocation. That debuff only applies on players, not monsters. Awkward, that you didn't understand the skill. And like Riza said it is unreliable and horrible. Spend 3 AP every turn only for the monster to "maybe" hit you 1 out of 3 times is not worthy of spending points on.
Man, did you even play the game? Or read my previous posts?
It is incredibly usefull.
I don't know if it is just description bug, or spell bug.
Best skill for feca, especially tank.
Talk about awkward...

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posté August 27, 2014, 18:54:01 | #5

Quote (SeriousBelly @ 27 August 2014 16:54) *
Provocation is too unreliable in PvM.

Unreliable? Any time I prefer 50% final dmg of bosses/hard hitters cut over redirecting mobs attention. Dmg cut is 100% reliable when mob gets provoked.

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posté August 27, 2014, 17:26:25 | #6

Quote (3xited @ 22 August 2014 19:28) *

Quote (Genrou @ 22 August 2014 18:42) *

He wasn't correct with his maths. Loosing 200% CMC with 600 general damage% is 200/(600+200+100) = 22% base loss

Also, we are increasing bombs base damages by 10% (multiply by 1.1) and bombs now use rogues's AOE and Range damages%
In this particular configuration, you need around 120 damage% total Range + AOE (assuming you still have 600 general damages%) in order to reach the same damages as before.

It seems fair.

Ahh ankama, master spin doctors.
You know I meant that 200 is 1/3 of my mastery and I will loose 33% of my precious dmg percentages. But ok, I simplified too much. I should have wrote "now I have base + base*(mastery+cmc)=base*9, I will have base+base*mastery=base*7. (9-7)/9=0,22". Still, a loss i a loss.
Since we were granted clarification that 10% will be applied to base dmg lets see maths now:

Example - a bomb has 50 base dmg, 600%mastery, 200cmc.
Now: 50+8*50=450
Revamped 55+6*55=385 (not counting situational dmg, but bear with me for a moment)
Loss (450-385)/450=0,14
So finally we are losing 14% FINAL dmg.
Why I didn't count situationals in? Because ALL classes are receiving them, but ONLY summoners/mechanics are losing part of dmg that wasspecific for them. All item changes and situationals are changing the same way for all classes, so in comparison, these things cannot be considered as buff for any class. Only cmc classes are losing something.
"Hi little Johnny, I see your sister has big apple, and you have small apple and a plum. I will give you both one more small apple, but I will take your plum away. It seems fair, doesn't it, Johnny?"

It does not seem fair at all.

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posté August 27, 2014, 16:34:45 | #7

Quote (VoidSettler @ 26 August 2014 14:49) *

Reflections from the playerbase:
- Unhappyness about the vagueness of the Provocation skill.
- Earth shield mechanic might change, considered too powerful:

What unhappyness? Provocation is currently second best specility for tank feca. For those who don't know: mechanic in descripion of this spell that is supposed to work only in pvp works also in pve, making it awesome for heavy damage bosses (50% final damage cut!!). I just hope that description is bugged, not the spell and it is supposed to be like that. If they remove that pve damge cut, they would have to make this spell to really provoke, making mobs to literally rush at feca no matter what. Without this and without pve damage cut (bugged?) it would really became pointless.
Earth shields - ridiculously OP. It was supoosed to be utility for tank builds, but it became near invulnerability skill for earth DD builds.

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posté August 24, 2014, 12:31:36 | #8

Quote (WNxSidewinder @ 24 August 2014 08:43) *

Quote (rdager @ 24 August 2014 05:16) *
I have been playing this game since Closed Beta and played Dofus for years. I love the world of the twelve and all that it contains, but Ankama is seriously slipping more and more. Yea crafting is terrible. The fact that almost nothing you craft is worth the time or money you put into it. Whats the worst is that Ankama knows this is an issue. They say they are going to do something about it, but that will take God knows how long. 6 months to a year IF we are lucky.

I don't know what you're upset about.

You want them to drop EVERYTHING ELSE to fix crafting? Some issues are more important than others at the moment; so stop berating them and voice your opinion without being obnoxious.
Game is a mess on many levels for so long, that "we can't drop this to fix that" is no longer an excuse. It hasn't been for at least a year. They had more than enough time to address all issues, but instead they kept adding "meh" content nobody asked for that brought even more problems to fix.

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posté August 23, 2014, 14:56:32 | #9
Regarding secondaries - how xelor's aging works? Spell itself is AoE, but damage inflicted through hand's ini steal is single target, damage inflicted by t.dust ini steal is AoE again...

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posté August 22, 2014, 17:45:35 | #10

Quote (3xited @ 22 August 2014 16:59) *
Rogue :
  • Increases bombs damages by 10%.
  • Bombs will use rogue's secondary damages (single target, berserk, range, ...)
My rouge now has 600%dmg and 200cmc dmg. Bombs are getting 33% bonus. This "revamp" is basically over 20% dmg nerf (secondaries are still rouge's dmg, not actual bonus for bombs).

Thanks for nothing, ankama (again...)

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posté August 20, 2014, 16:41:05 | #11

Quote (Neneko88 @ 18 August 2014 18:17) *
wakfu isn't level 200 yet so they would say that you would sell/abandon those equips later on anyway.

Dy7 do your best! Rooting for you ^^
Oh right, I can walk around in either non runed eq or runed eq which does not fit my build for next 10lvls (until ~170) because ankama screwed equips again. Great! Pure fun!

Dy7, or whoever is managing ankama's "we don't care about you,cattle" projects, please stop "doing your best" and try "doing your smartest" for once.

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posté August 18, 2014, 18:11:29 | #12
What about runes? I max runed some of my current +150lvl eq, it was enourmous pain in the ass. After eq revamp, some of it becomes useless for me. Ankama is going to do smt about this or they don't care, as always?
And please, don't tell me "you can sell/trade", such advice would be offending

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posté August 12, 2014, 16:34:37 | #13
Anybody knows any explaination why so many items (actually, seems like all that got revamped on beta) have lost CMC dmg?
One of my alts is bomber rouge, and currently it has ~190cmc. I really doubt that dmg increase will compensate for this. I don't know much about summon osas, but they seem to screwed too.

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posté August 08, 2014, 22:04:47 | #14
From my experience, fragments droprate is object of some strange meddling. While most cases can be claimed as cognitive errors, some "hotfixes" were changing droprates significantly enough to confirm actual effect. After one of them, during one week I dropped amount of nettlez frags being more or less equivalent of 1,5 month dropping before "fix". Hotfix was made after about two weeks when bosses in high duns were not dropping almost anything (literally nothing, even resources for keys were scarce at boss fights). Then came mentioned period of high droprate, then they meddled again and things seemed be back to standard.
I think it is very probable that they messed up something again, and "ranting" and "whinig" of people at topics like this one should not be dissmissed so quickly.
Remember, combination of ankalogic, ankamath and ankafixing is enough reason to expect anything.

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posté August 07, 2014, 16:28:26 | #15

Quote (Gynrei @ 06 August 2014 18:39) *

Quote (MereBytes @ 06 August 2014 18:30) *

Quote (Asthis @ 06 August 2014 09:51) *
Zwombit dungeon is stupidly hard. I wish they'd nerf it some.
It's very easy. Doesn't need nerf. Bring a sacrier or feca. Also you need decent dmg dealers.

If you need 'decent dmg dealers' there is some level of difficulty. Don't forget that many players are not attempting these dungeons at level 160.
Well, I'd say it is moderate difficulty (extremly annoying though). I had reasonable difficulty with this dun at lvl 140-145 (and recently i died there being 150lvl, after some break from this dun, because I forgot routine. Only problems there are sudden death and incurable debuff (zombiefication - makes me wonder why eni's and skale's curing spells are useless in situations where they are most needed).
Players who are not attempting zwombit dun while being +150lvl should reevaluate their gameplay, because something is not working.

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posté August 01, 2014, 14:53:56 | #16
Derp overload in OP is so great, that I got too weak to explain anything after reading it.

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posté July 15, 2014, 17:12:50 | #17
If you indeed are using eni only for heals and attack seldom, the UR seems pointless. Even refund mark's extreme (direct) healing power gets much less attractive when you have to spend 2ap to utilize it.
On the other hand, 1ap healing spell +UR is very useful for finishing any autoressurecting mobs (ice chafers, zwombits) remains/corpses.

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posté July 13, 2014, 15:32:34 | #18

Quote (Jaiice @ 13 July 2014 11:40) *
Massacuring Mark is based on the creature's HP as a max of 20% that you receive.

Wrong. They changed it during eni revamp. Massacr mark has now base heal/dmg determined by this skill level, boosted by eni's fire dmg and target's level.. They also made heal+ stat working with fire heals. Sadist mark seems to be exception, since it is using killer's fire dmg (which, btw, is retarded idea imo), so probably also killer's heal+.

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posté July 13, 2014, 00:56:40 | #19

Quote (Dranmarth @ 11 July 2014 19:35) *
2) The heads of each nation set the taxes for each area they control.

Quote (Freefrom @ 11 July 2014 21:05) *
2) While the government of each nation decides this, they are nearly always kept as low as they can go.

This is true for selling items from haven bag shelves. Marketboard taxes however, are, as far as I know, fixed and independent from governments.

Kelba market is connected with guild markets, you can use it to access marketboards that guilds have in their Haven Worlds.

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posté July 07, 2014, 16:21:46 | #20
With team you proposed, I'd say that lumino is best choice, for heals and reviving.
For team composition, from my own experience I can say that fire eni works well with xelor. Xelor has a lot of aps from various sources during the fight, if you combine this with refund mark, you can pulll off some crazy combos. In this case I would advice skale as secondary MM, his +2ap/+2range, passive +dmg and lock immunizing are invaluable for xelor.

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