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Quote (EarthyMadness @ 27 August 2016 19:52) *


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Thats' actually smart suggestion, i think they should do it.

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Quote (wanasll @ 27 August 2016 07:43) *
my build is fire / wind only one earth ability (claw hammer) thank you in advance s2
There is no wind (air) element in foggernaut spells. The purple spells of Figgernaut are of unique stasis element and they always hit lowest resistance the enemy has.

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posté August 26, 2016, 17:56:19 | #4

Quote (Guts13 @ 26 August 2016 14:02) *
Just don't screw CC classes over again with your ridiculously unfair "We love ranged classes and would like to remove all CC classes" mechanics again.
Iirc that Ub will have big hammer to attack. And guess what, that's gonna be melee attack. Though i assume he could have some hammer throw skill. Also Moon in Krosmaster Arena has Moonwalk skill - its like dragging skill of Sadida/Masqueraider. Would be funny to see boss do that to players. But yeah that's pretty much making melee in troubles. But SB punish badly players if they attack him from range higher then 3 (in phase 3 and 4), making it hard to be ranged there in most difficult part of the fight.

The thing is, Ankama made tanks only able to sponge the hits, and in same time they made it a must have to have a tank in all moon dungeons. There will be no point to be a tank if any melee class could survive the hits, thus its not surprise that boss fights are usually hard for melee characters.

The only way i could see Sham Moon hard for ranged classes is if it would be very mobile monkey, that like i said would drag the tank with him anywhere it would want to, making it dangerous to be anywhere on the map without good resists. Maybe then people would stop building self for ranged glass cannons and melee would be more welcome due to more resistant gear and defensive mechanics.

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posté August 26, 2016, 10:25:09 | #5
The resist on this shield is now a-OK, the range bonus is cool to have. There is however huge loss of block from Wind Shield (-9 block) and additionally you lose crit rate. Seems to me like shield is made only for feca's who don't need crit rates and have already too many block.

If there is no stat value then they should remove that crit rate penalty and add in 9 block this shield is missing - then i would call it worth the upgrade from wind shield and i would actually want to craft it.

If there is stat value however, then they need to review it and add more value stats to items crafted from other equipement. Those should be better versions, not stats swaped around.

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posté August 26, 2016, 02:27:50 | #6

Quote (deadcafe @ 26 August 2016 02:08) *
I have almost never seen someone post an "I'm quitting" message and not come back.
Clearly if someone doesn't come back you indeed wouldn't see him.

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posté August 26, 2016, 02:24:21 | #7
I belive they will leave gobbals and tofu togather with their dungeons in nations the way they are. We will simply get extra gobbals and tofus (+ dungeons) in astrub. I mean, its not like they need to remove dungeons from nations yet. We can access both dungeons in 4 different places already, 5th place won't hurt. For sure they will remove them from nations when nation revamp comes in. Though i am unsure what will happen to the Clan Members there. They will propably need new avatars, not related to gobbals... or maybe they could stay the same and instead become profession related Clan Members, that teach people about crafts, or maybe gobbal hats could be related to Gobbowl game. There sure is space to be creative.

p.s. Make sure Dragoexpress turkeys are in convenient places. A gap that exist between Kokobana dungeon in sufokia and Snapper dungeon is HUGE. Don't make the same mistake with Astrub. Dragoexpresses doesn't need to be next to dungeons, they can be somewhere nearby, from where people could reach several interesting places. Somewhere that will help people do quests. A dragoexpress near Otomai disciple and Melmac would be nice for example. And in sewers (if they will exist), having dragoexpress in all 4 corners of the map was convenient for EQ. There was no reason to remove them.

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posté August 26, 2016, 02:11:24 | #8
They need to make it like that: If you click a monster to harvest from it, that monster should stop moving until you reach him and start your harvest animation. Also harvesting from monsters (except seeds) should trigger Capn' Atcha + monsters inside dungeons should have disabled option to harvest anything else then seeds from them. This way capn'atcha won't surprise you inside dungeon, and you won't accidentaly "not make it in time to join your team who started fight".

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posté August 26, 2016, 02:06:20 | #9

Quote (RynthZero @ 26 August 2016 00:43) *

Quote (Tiefoone @ 25 August 2016 22:17) *
Marteau de Foul Moon (Legendary lvl. 180 Hammer)
1 AP
1 Range
1 Control
189 Health Points
50 Lock
6% Critical Hit
120 Mastery 3
30 Elemental Resistance

Please for the love of god improve the stats on this, its damage is too poor to be particularly tempting to control classes. Meanwhile melee classes are starved for any endgame weapons that are well rounded like Millennium Sword is.
I'm still waiting for an upgrade from the shushu bow , the game needs some love for both
I'm still waiting for an upgrade from Frappus shushu. Because Frappus shushu + shields are best i can get for resist and control in weapon slots. And its low level equipement. Ankama make terrible stats in these new equipements. I get that this extra range is nice, but it will make me lose 19 block and 18 resist and tons of HP. I ain't gonna sacrifice that much. And there are better offensive weapons for those who doesn't need much control (or for those who doesn't need control at all).

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posté August 26, 2016, 01:57:30 | #10
You know what they need to do in crafting revamp?
Make it so that players can master every resource they harvest.
What i mean by that is each resouce would be harvested with less time needed the more you have harvested it, and you would eventually get more of it. Its like a level up for every ressource. You wont need to level them up to level profession but the more time you will spend with 1 ressource, the more and faster you will start collecting it. Aka, you will master harvesting that resource.

This would make getting materials more enjoyable, as you will have the feeling of little success every now and then. And little success makes people happy and make their struggle to reach higher goals easier to handle.

Also crafting should require less drops. People who focus on crafting doesn't want to engage in fights that much. Sure some resources would be needed but when i see you need 60 frakin wool that is not harvested, just to craft silly gobbal helmet, then i can tell you i will get that helmet faster from simply dropping it or from token machine if i am desperate. By the time someone would be able to craft whole gobbal set, he would already drop 10 whole sets if not more. Thats what need to change: realistic amount of materials required.

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posté August 25, 2016, 21:30:12 | #11

Quote (Dy7 @ 25 August 2016 20:54) *
Hello there !

Glad to see you are excited about this revamp.

Here are few answers and confirmations :
  • Monsters will now have a level range instead of a defined level. +1
  • Gobball and Tofu Dungeons are moving to Astrub. +1
  • Astrub will allow you to stay and go higher level (up to 35). +1
  • The Astrub's Bank is just a Guild Bank, like the others ones. +1
  • Astrub will be Much more beautiful and rich area to begin. +1
  • More coherent with references to the era of Dofus. +1
  • New dynamic and mostly collaborative environmental quest system. Information there :Click here +1
  • And even more we are going to talk about soon. +1

Have a good evening,

Wow you actually did moved gobbal and tofu dungeons to astrub? Cool!

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posté August 25, 2016, 21:26:52 | #12

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posté August 25, 2016, 20:06:59 | #13
I remember the times when i played at my own pace, waiting for friends to log in to exp togather with them. In the meantime i was enjoying the game, exploring, searching for hidden emotes, fighting in all nations, testing all classes past nation levels, leveling professions and overall enjoying everything that game had to offer. My level was underwhelming because of that but i felt sorry for those who actually rushed content to reach top levels as fast as possible just to quit the game. Now, i stayed playing while those top level people quit long ago, without a word.

There is nothing wrong in playing the game casually and not rushing to the top. The level will come eventually.

People who simply want to quit, usually just do it with no announcements. Those who want to return one day however, do post on forum that they quit and why, in hope that the game will get better and fix the reason why they quit.

And problem exist, but Ankama do work on this already. Slowly, but we can notice they care. Astrub revamp is a good step forward.

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posté August 25, 2016, 16:36:11 | #14
Move Three Piestes and Gobbal/Tofu dungeons to Astrub and make nations for 30+ levels.
Increase difficulty of monsters.

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posté August 25, 2016, 16:28:55 | #15

Quote (Flatops @ 25 August 2016 16:00) *
Please note: Sham Moon will be accessible to level 180 players: he won't be in the beta.
Thats great decision (as long as you have tested the fight yourself)!
Why? Because people won't be able to prepare for this fight in advance in beta.
Finally people will again work togather in normal server to figure out the mechanics!
That is as long as you have stopped with separating subscribers from free2play community.

Looks promising.

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posté August 25, 2016, 08:45:28 | #16
I do hope that nation will have their level raised to 30+.
Right now if you fight in astrub, do mercenar quests in there and hunt for Otomai quest shin larva legs (basically if you want to do all that Astrub has to offer), you will end up having too high lvl for first few dungeons that are in nations (Three Piestes, which should definetly be moved to Astrub, gobbal and tofu, wich either should have be moved to astrub or should have their levels raised).

And why on earth 34 level character would go clear Celestial dungeons of tofu/gobbal family if the gear inside it (Infernal set) is for 64+ levels? It ask for its level to be raised too.

I am happy to hear that there will be various levels of the same species. Following this i wish monster difficulty overall would be increased. That include all monsters in Astrub and whole regions of every nation.

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posté August 24, 2016, 19:25:10 | #17
As long as all of these changes sounds awsome i am afraid not all classes have equal chances in some of them:

For example:
1.Dash to kill x monsters within time;
2.Competitive defeat as many monsters as possible;

These 2 EQ will be impossible to win for classes that are build defensively and kill things slowly IF many players will participate at the same time. Feca and Sadida are good examples for that. Their killing speed is very low.

I am overall disapointed with the ideas to rush things. How about making quest where you need to survive for x amount of turns vs strong and sturdy enemy/enemies?

While we are at this, i would like some changes in achievements:
Achievement to kill every boss within 30 minutes should be replaced with achievements that require you to kill boss within x amount of turns. The attempt is similar: you have to kill boss fast, BUT with turn requirement you are not doomed if someone lag or disconnect also when some classes use summons that do little yet still take time to do their actions (sadida dolls). You should promote thinking over spamming strong spells if you want this game to be called tactical. Right now 90% of content is a damage check, not a strategy check.

But back to EQ, i would like if some of them reward players with emotes (the ones you can't get elsewhere in game), like they used to. They could also reward players with runes, seeds, instant bonus to prospecting buff for an hour, some extra resources that drop from killed species in the zone or even keys to the dungeons etc. They could also reward players with Bronze Tokens, and people could then choose their own reward in Trool Fair (for example).

p.s. Please give some love to Trool Fair too.

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posté August 24, 2016, 16:05:03 | #18
Power level your hero/alt.
Get kamas from treasures.
Delete the alt.
Make new alt.


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posté August 24, 2016, 09:46:08 | #19
In consequence people will not bother to level up past the point where there is pvp cap. Wakfu will die faster and high lvl content will be meaningless.


What wakfu need for pvp is something that is going on in many players heads since open beta days in 2011: Colloseum.

The idea is to make it an organized pvp. In order to participate you need to register yourself or your team (if you in party) in a queue.
Once you are registered and there is an opposite team ready to fight, you will be moved to inside of the collosum, where your pvp will take place.
Your pvp ground will be randomly chosen.
The matchmaking system will be implemented.
If your opposing team total level is lower then you, you will receive initiative, dodge, lock, crit rate, block, damage, resist, armor making and healing penalties to match those of opposing team, to make it a fair fight. In addition if opposing team highest AP/MP will be lower (for example they have nothing higher then 11AP/5 MP while you have 12 AP/ 6MP), you will receive AP and MP penalty as well to match theirs. Your passive and active spells limits will be adapted accordingly, and your spell levels will be downgraded too.

Initiative system will be changed: you will be able to chose whom in your team start first, 2nd, 3rd, etc but sum of your team initiative will determine what team goes first.

Finally, Pvp ranking will be reset and based on the fights inside colloseum only. Wings will be able to be displayed or not, but you will be able to attack anyone at any time, but those fights will be meaningless for the ranking - however they will provide you an experience as if fighting monster.

In addition you will lose citizenship points if you lose pvp fight outside of colloseum.

Riktus nation people will gain citizenship points for destroying ecosystem in other nations, but they will be banished from nation if they happen to be defeated in pvp (temporarily, say for 24h). Other nations will gain citizenship points for harvest, monster hunting and planting actions within Clan Member wishes limits, with more points given if they are helping fix the ecosystem.

Citizenship points will determine how many stats you will benefit from your nation bonuses.
It will give people a reason to fight outside of colloseum, to protect territories, but it will not affect pvp ranking.

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posté August 24, 2016, 08:48:22 | #20
My guess is its some stasis related monster that exist in incarnam. There is also spot on the right side where i assume will be creature of wakfu. Are they planning to give people an UB in incarnam - an actual reason to return there?

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