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posté Yesterday - 22:05:12 | #1
I wonder if its one of the part of the quest to get sham moon relic epaulettes.

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posté Yesterday - 12:57:13 | #2
I never said sadida is the ONLY class with problems. Eniripsa also have this problem, but it doesnt even have self stab to begin with. That being said i belive Eniripsa should have the ability to fly (no los teleportation) and enutrof should be able to dig a tunnel in the ground to also escape. There are far more then just that but it just happen that i play as sadida the most of the time, thus i mentioned it. I dont stop anyone from giving their own suggestions to their classes. Like you see, i didn't deny the suggestion to collision hitting through armor.

Peace out~

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posté Yesterday - 11:40:52 | #3
You really didn't need to bother posting your stats, since i said its none of my concern anyway.

As for tree stabilize - i would rather have a spell that doesnt give heal and resist, just stabilize but do it every turn then that Tree.
(p.s. i hate current Tree design, because in my opinion Sadida shouldnt transform into a Tree so often (just show me where in anime amalia become a tree while fighting? Never. It happened once but it was due to nox actions on the ... well no spoilers, i bet you know when it happened). And other time her father became tree, but it doesn't seem to be something that sadida should abuse using). And thus i do not want sadida to be tree every turn. Yes it was possible before decks, but i just want the ability to stabilize self every turn to exist, while becoming tree should be rarer, say with 4 turn cooldown even. You are meant to fight sadida not a freaking tree. Just saying so you know my feelings about it.

If you compare me to a kid, then by all means it would be a situation where i i get to play video games only every 2nd day, while my siblings could play them every day. And to add to the rage of a kid, i was able to play every day before, while my siblings weren't. And i did nothing wrong to deserve it, so wheres the justice? Be me, be this kid. How would you feel?

Why would sadidas be immune to positioning by a class with map control... well maybe because its highely vulnerable to it and has no counter for such situation. If a panda for example, trap your sadida in map edge and start stabilizing self every turn then you wont be even able to make a single doll, you will have low dmg and low resist as a result. If a xelor kidnap sadida then it canot support anyone and it cannot survive either, because in order to make doll it would need to armor self less, and xelor can also steal AP, making sadida literraly unable to do anything. Even if after being kidnaped sadida would make a doll, that doll would become obligerated by xelor allies. And there is still the issue of SB fight. You either do nothing in phase 1-2 or you struggle to go back to allies before p3. I dont want to give problems to my allies. I dont want them to wait for me or to help me get back. I AM a support so I should support them, not the other way around. It's really discouraging to be a sadida player, being unable to help allies much and then being a drag to them even. Imo the team focus should be to support damage dealers, not to support the supporters. That's just wrong, but its often the case for sadida.

As for masqueraider's clone and Aoe. I also think its unfair. I think Ankama has problems to code a mechanic where if 2 certain targets are hit by the same Aoe, only one of them suffer. I actually wish Ankama would work on this, also for the sake of Voodoll to redirect aoe spells as well. They should make clone of masqueraider have a state that make it suffer 0 dmg if Masqueraider was hit by Aoe spell source and make Aoe hitting priority to trigger on summoners first (if you don't know what i talk about, Aoe's in wakfu seems to hit enemies in random order - you can see it when you KO multiple enemies with an Aoe - they dont die at once, but one after another). I belive it would do a good for the game health to make Aoes hit enemies in same time (and make them die at once, some death animations are just too long). And if such change was to be implemented then concerns about masqueraider clone and Voodoll could be solved with what i just suggested.

Just so you know i don't like easy victories, and neither the inevitable failures. And i dislike many aspects of current sadida design, despite being one.

But like i said i have nothing against collision dmg ignoring armors. So there's that, sorry to derail topic.

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posté Yesterday - 10:43:00 | #4

Quote (Tiefoone @ 22 October 2016 10:14) *
Lets have a look, 70% res Mr.Punchy:


You haven't the foggiest idea what you're on about and everything you've posted is a kneejerk response to this hypothetical situation that would give like 3 classes the ability to deal some chip damage through armor. Are you aware of the fact that stacked Sram traps can basically one turn someone while ignoring armor and trap Srams trash most Fecas? Oh wait, you're not concerned about that because Sadida dolls trash Sram traps. But if someone was able to deal like 600 damage a turn past armor, clearly Sadida must have some way to laugh in their face like it can to literally every other class except Osa, in fact maybe the doll should no longer be considered a summon so Osa whip doesn't trash it, because clearly it's unfair if anything has the slightest chance against Sadidas.
Maybe the wording "king of group pvp" was too much, but i wanted to point out that it would be very welcome considering most of DD classes use armor from stats, and masqueraiders would break through it right away, making it less of a value on them.

Basides i like how you hid the name of the spell used, the cost of it and the dmg% of your character is also not revealed. So its just some random numbers there. But thats aside from the point. I don't care if you break through armor, i just dont want to move from place, as a sadida, because its problematic in SB and in group pvp (mind you: GROUP pvp) when xelor kidnap you. I am not sure if you have general idea of how classes have problems to escape from such situations. Feca have no such problem, neither sacrier, and heck masqueraider can escape from that too. Sadida cannot and will be just a sitting duck trying to not die too soon by armoring self up, as if that would change the inevitable.

And yes i am aware of sram traps. And i am also aware of rogue bombs. But why you bring that up? Do you want to make your masqueraider able to deal as much dmg with collision as sram does with traps? I don't think so. Unless you do, then i think this conversation is pointless.

You need to decide if you want collision dmg to break through armor for the sake of mechanic to work this way or do you simply seeking a way to avenge the loss in pvp vs sadida and just want to beat sadida up with collisions.

I am less concerned about the actual damage done from collision. I am only worried about being put in a place from where i have no escape or being put in a situation when i cannot do anything. If you wish to break through armor of stabilized targets then suggest the following:

1. Spells that deal high dmg on stabilized enemies (and do collision if its not stabilized).
2. Spells that apply poison. Some poison in your spitting skils could be added.
3. Spell that prevent stabilization (it would not affect pve this way, just pvp vs masqueraider).
4. Armor breaking skills (deal extra dmg to armor HP, scales with mastery of attacker)
5. Armor generating debuffs (such as incurable but affecting armoring up)

Like i said i care less about the dmg you do from collision. In fact i would enjoy this due to green guard triggering twice this way. So your concerns are different then mine.

Quote (Tiefoone @ 22 October 2016 10:14) *
Just stop posting jesus christ.
Please just call me Kiku.
And sorry but you are in no place to tell me to stop doing things.

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posté Yesterday - 09:26:25 | #5

Quote (HateSpawn @ 21 October 2016 22:44) *
Then remove the cooldown of focus along with the application of destabilized.
You are missing the point here. Focus is not making iop self-stabilized. Besides the cooldown it's there also due to dmg bonus to Super Iop Punch. However they could lift the cooldown of Focus for the sake of using this stabilization tool on allies (and just make enemies receive destabilization) + add the condition that Focus cannot be used on Destabilized targets, which would be as good as current cooldown on enemy (actualy better because you could use it every turn on different enemy) but would make it more reliable for fights such as Steal Beak (and group pvp, where Xelor's kidnaping players is main issue - preventing this to happen with ally-stabilization (or self-stabilization) is very important for a support class to have). Additionally they could modify focus to be a self-cast too, for iop to be able to stab self and actually make use of Lock vs classes who could break lock with pushing spells.

Quote (ByAllMeans @ 22 October 2016 02:16) *
The reason it's okay for pandas to have every-turn stabilization is that pandas are such WP hogs to begin with. Even using only barrelhop or only ether, it's a struggle to maintain good support / mobility and sufficient WP.

The reason it's okay for foggers is that it's a big sacrifice either way — you gotta be either wheelchair-bound or taking massive damage.

I'm not really sure what the big deal is with not being stabilized every turn in literally need it once per game; anything else is just bonus. IMO it's a bigger deal in places like the first three-ish turns in hc robowl... or pvp. And if this is about pvp, then sadis should really just take a seat. (tho I'm all for adding pvm functionality to sadis)

Back to the topic of knockback damage, I'd LOVE to see it added back to all pushback spells. Even if it's just like 5 base earth damage. There are too many monsters in the game now with invulnerability deactivated by knockback, and too few classes that can actually deal knockback.

I don't particularly care about the lack of armor-penetration on it now, although it would make some sense to have it go through armor. The whole issue with the armor thing seems to revolve around 2 classes in pvp, so dgaf.
1. Reading this i can only tell that if its ok for panda's then its ok for anyone. Because every resource used for self-stab (in case panda - wp) that could be used otherwise on something else in turn would be fine design.

2. Let's clarify something, Fogger can stop being on wheelchair whenever it want to, so its not really a big sacrifice. It would be, if fogger would be stuck on motherfogger for few turns without ability to go back to normal, walking self. And i already explained that stabilization on fogginator was a bonus added, not a reason why it take the dmg.

3. As for SB, there is no big deal if you can be close to the gathering point (middle top usually), near allies, so that you can make SB land down relatively close to all of you. But if you lack of range to hit the SB in the same time due to lack of mobility (sadida) and if you struggle to go back there after you are in front line tanking the hit with your armor up (also sadida case) or if you needed to use self stabilization to run back to other people on next turn but next turn will wipe anyone not stabilized out of the field, then you will see there is a problem. Sure you might make a party, where sacrier could help your sadida get back, or maybe cra with beacon pushes or maybe even the same cra could stabilize you, but this is not always the case unless you always do SB with the pre-set group and never help strangers. As a so-called-support, i think sadida shouldn't need other's support in such cases but should self-stab at will and help others to not fall instead.

4. You are right that every class with pushing skill should deal collision dmg. I see no reason why not, so i would like to see explanation from Ankama team on that. There is really limited amount of situations where i was glad that my Gust spell of Sadida didnt actually do dmg (for example to not break challange where hitting with air element would fail it) but in most cases i was disapointed that it didn't. And i used to do that abandoned dungeon in kelba with my sadida doing collision damage with Gust spell there to unlock explosions. I was seriously mad when deck came and i suddenly was unable to make any use of my sadida there, in a dungeon where time is a factor. And for the future sake when Ankama would invent more mechanics that would require collision - i think EVERY class should have at least 1 spell that can cause collision. I can already imagine Enutrof in Drhellzerker form using that roaring animation to push all enemies in contact away, and causing collision dmg if they hit the wall.

5. Armor is not just pvp thing. There are kannibals who gain armor at certain situations (when you heal near them). But yeah i guess just that. However Ankama might add more enemies with armor in the future, so we could already prepare for them to come. And let's not forget that any class in pvp can have armor, from stats (and most damage dealer's choose that option). Not to mention allies can be armored too, so its not just self-protection. Masqueraider, a class with a lot of collision, would become king of group pvp's because of that. Even if sadida would have self-stab every turn.

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posté October 21, 2016, 21:07:47 | #6
You dont need hooks = you dont need to waste time getting mats for hooks = you can fish what you want when you want = faster leveling of fisherman. Now being fisherman is no longer a nightmate like it used to (and some fishes are now useful in imporant crafts, such as osamodas powder). IF you like fishing in wakfu, you should be glad of this update.

Now only chef left for the necessary improvements. It's still pain to level it.

p.s. oh yeah and it wouldn't hurt if Ankama would add more fishing spots near eachother.

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posté October 21, 2016, 20:56:04 | #7

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 21 October 2016 13:21) *
i dont care if sadida can or no, because they are so cancer to fight that it can't really get much worse - either u fight them or u dont. im saying that permanent stabilisation is a gamebreaking mechanic and has to be costly.
lets say if i block foggers rail and he's stabilised - he's screwed. or even worse, put a trap on it. panda has it a bit better but lets say masq debuffs him with chains and GG.

not to mention sadida can pretty much already effectively stabilise every turn by blocking corners with dolls or turning into a tree.
Being surrounded by dolls doesnt mean you are stabilized. You can be still swapped out of there with no los spell, or fall from cliff in SB fight. Caged =/= stabilized. But if you feel like sadida already can stabilize self every turn, then by all means just make it with 1 spell instead of some time-wasting complicated positioning.

Remaining on rails cost nothing. So its free permanernt stabilization. If you come in contact with foggernaut who is on rail, then you only give him easy time on bursting you down after he goes back to his normal state. It still doesnt change the fact that foggernaut CAN be stabilized every turn, with no cost at all except initial microbot and motherfogger casts. Pandawa has it actually worse because it need to do certain actions in circle in order to recover WP that it uses for stabilization, but it can do it, and with a passive that make self stabilization cost no AP, the stabilization of self on a panda is basically as good as free. I soloed Villeny Vineyards dungeon as a panda lvl 188, and i wasnt even hiding in corner, no - i was in the middle of map and i kept stabilizing myself every turn and i won. It was fun in fact, but thats not the point. The point is that pandawa CAN be stabilized every turn. Ankama alowed this to happen. Ankama see there's nothing wrong in self stabilization to even cost you nothing (since you regen what you use or you dont need to cast anything in case of fogger on rail). Stabilizing enemy is different story though, hence why they added destabilization state. But somehow it seems that not all classes have their stabilization spells adapted properly (as if 2 different game designers were working separately on different classes).

Oh and the dmg fogginator takes every turn is not from self stabilization every turn (which was added to it later on) but because of the damage bonus it provide. Not sure if you remember but fogginator state used to KO foggernaut after the use of it, for the great boost to dmg for 1 last turn. This was changed to -HP at start of turn and tweaked. The stabilization was then added to it, to make it feel "heavy" in this mode, so thats about it. Ergo stabilization is not the reason why it lose HP. It's free bonus. And i think every class who can self stabilize should be allowed to do so every turn. The cost and conditions of the skills allowing this are separate question.

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posté October 20, 2016, 23:05:46 | #8

Quote (Captchphrase @ 20 October 2016 12:04) *
What is this automatic run to the next dungeon room? First time I heardabout this.
Its implemented in all dungeons in astrub for now. Ankama waiting for feedback about it, and if people dont complain then they might add this to all dungeons to annoy us.

Some "features" just shouldn't be implemented.

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posté October 20, 2016, 22:56:14 | #9

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 20 October 2016 21:05) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 20 October 2016 19:36) *
I don't mind any class that can self stabilize to be able to do so every turn. Foggernaut and Pandawa already can do that. And sadida used to be able to do it before deck implementations.
na hthat would be extremely cancer and gamebreaking.

panda burns wp like crazy if he wants to stabilise every turn, foggers burn their hp or restrict themselves to rail movement, so yeah, it's a large price to pay for permanent stabilisation
But it cost them nothing if they wish to maintain it. Panda recover wp pretty fast. And being on rail is no punishment if that prevent you from ever being swapped /pushed off cliff, etc. I can see panda and fogger players laugh at you now, seeing how naive you are and how you are saying that its ok for THEM to do it, but its not if the class would be called sadida. So much hatered about sadida class in the people... And nobody said it would be free stabilization for sadida either. Spending own AP every turn to maintain it would be higher punishment then being on rails or in need to do some pick ups of barrel.

you are so against sadida being able to stab self every turn DESPITE the fact that it was already the case before decks (and nobody back then said its unfair for sadida to do it!) then i demand for fogger and panda to also be unable to be stabilized every turn. They can and sadida cannot because its sadida? Thats racist.

p.s. And if i were to choose then obviously i would prefer no nerfs to panda and fogger stabilizations.

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posté October 20, 2016, 19:44:15 | #10

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 20 October 2016 19:35) *
What about reflect damage on makabrakfire being 0% now?
Iirc its only text bug, but reflect does work. But yea, would be nice to see the correct number.

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posté October 20, 2016, 19:36:51 | #11

Quote (Miichaelle @ 19 October 2016 03:14) *

Quote (EarthyMadness @ 19 October 2016 00:50) *
Isn't sacrier's motion sickness also supposed to go through armor?
Yes its supposed to go trough armor, motion sickness dmg shows up as hp dmg when hitting shielded targets, but it doesnt deal hp dmg at all ._.

As for sadida getting to be stab all the time completely negates lots of classes that use positioning to deal dmg, if this becomes a reality in game then i would like all classes with a self stabilize to be able to do so too.

And for the collision dmg hitting trough armor would be a nice addition, to masqeraiders against armored targets.

Maybe they should make a passive out of it, like pandas poisoned chalice, although with the severe lack of self armoring pve mobs it will turn this passive into a pvp exclusive passive which in turn isnt good at all.
I don't mind any class that can self stabilize to be able to do so every turn. Foggernaut and Pandawa already can do that. And sadida used to be able to do it before deck implementations.

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posté October 19, 2016, 22:25:52 | #12
Moon is easy to kill.

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posté October 19, 2016, 00:54:29 | #13

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 19 October 2016 00:40) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 18 October 2016 19:08) *
I personally dont mind such change, but all pushing spells should cause collision damage, and thats not the case right now. Also, every class should have at least 1 pushing skill in their kit.

But i would also like if sadida could stabilize self every turn like it could before deck system. Foggernaut and Pandawa can remain stabilized every turn, so why not, right?
youre saying that as if sadida needs to be any more powerful than it already is
Hey i accept the buff to other's if i get the buff too, to counter it. Its fair. You get something, i get something. Collision would be counter to armor, so stabilizing is a counter to it. And sadida is highly vulnerable to positioning tools/mechanics when it cannot become Tree to stab self. And mind you, i just asked for return of what sadida already had, and lost for no reason. Collision dmg as far as i am aware of never had ignored armors, and if it did, then it is also request to get back what was lost.

And i am open to more changes, such as giving masq ability to armor self. So there's that.

p.s. if sadida need to spend ap to self stab every turn, then it will also means it has less armor on self. Just so you know that having access to certain utility doesnt make you suddenly unbeatable. Collision is not the reason why sadida may die in pvp now, so why would it be later on. You had spend all ap on armoring? Silly you, i will collide with you now so you suffer and make your armor wasted. You have stabilized self? Fine by me, you have less armor on you, so i just use other spells or heal myself or maybe armor up if it will be possible one day, whatever. Masq is already crazy overpowered, and if it start first on small map then it can make sadida lose half or more of max hp at start of combat. And thats without collision dmg, its just pure backstab. Talk about starting combat with huge penalty and trying to struggle to make up for it.

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posté October 18, 2016, 19:13:52 | #14
It's actually funny that the reason they implemented this change was because of some people complaining that they missclick a rare resource and got cuttings instead of rare item.

Seriously, what will be next? Making it impossible to harvest seeds from living monsters because some people might missclick and trigger fight?

Or maybe they will make us receive pop up message before casting every spell, asking if we really want to cast the spell on that cell, you know just so we dont missclick?

It's hilarious when you think about this. This is one of the "features" that should be reverted back to how it was before patch. Another one would be the automatic run to next room in dungeon - what if i wanted to harvest those dead bodies for extra trapper exp? Its annoying to go back, and inconvenient to keep stoping yourself. It also wont let me see the cool animation of my character sprite when i level up after combat, because it just start running right away. I don't like it. I hate it.

I also agree with the OP, they should change it back.

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posté October 18, 2016, 19:08:29 | #15
I personally dont mind such change, but all pushing spells should cause collision damage, and thats not the case right now. Also, every class should have at least 1 pushing skill in their kit.

But i would also like if sadida could stabilize self every turn like it could before deck system. Foggernaut and Pandawa can remain stabilized every turn, so why not, right?

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posté October 18, 2016, 19:02:52 | #16

Quote (KyrieZalzy @ 18 October 2016 02:48) *
Its like after saying human can't possibly swim across a whole sea region, then someone put it to test and proves one can,
however the fact is that those people are the minorities, while most people are ordinary swimmers.

If what you meant is Wakfu should only contain those minority of players, so be it. Since most likely only those will reach to end games.
You are exaggerating here. It's more like having few cooks in the kitchen who need to prepare the lunch. One is master chef and others are rookies. They can prepare the food well thansk to the master chef. Now if there is no master chef in the kitchen, then cooks need to learn things by themself. They need to teste things, try it out, experiment and often fail with the dishes before making it well done. There are also some people who are no cooks and just want to eat, without preparing food. But sorry to say this, but in this game you at least need to be a cook who make mistakes and learn them them instead of wanting everything easy like a bought fast food to satisfy hunger (to level up).

Quote (Laplace93 @ 18 October 2016 13:16) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 17 October 2016 22:37) *
Obviously if a level 6 rush into fight with 20lvl warchief, then most likely he will die with no experience, bad map, etc. (some classes can win such fight but it require knowledge about class and mechanics). But its normal that a monster 2x of your level has adventage and easily kills you. Would you try to kill 180 lvl monster with 90 level toon? Good luck doing so.

It's not impossible, if you use something like a Sadida, a Fogger, a Rogue, an Eniripsa or an Enutrof, in short something with a controllable summon, you can beat an high level Dionatrap, even if you are level 90 or so, the battle will be long but teorically doable.
End of the off-topic.
I know it, in fact i did it myself on my 130-ish level enutrof. But it is also possible for certainc classes to indeed solo that 20lvl warchief while being level 6. I did it myself, but its long and if you make mistake you might die instantly or just get hurt badly and die on next turn. I am not saying its impossible to do it, my example was that its meant to be hard if you choose to start such combat. Expecting it too be easy is wrong. But thats what some people call for, and i am against the idea to lower monster difficulty.

Quote (Gelgy @ 18 October 2016 17:46) *
It would definitely help if the boss's buff/debuff mechanics were more visible. Might even help if there was an NPC in the area who would warn about the behavior of the monsters. Even something small like a very visible "state gain" icon, with a description explaining what the state does and why it increased.

Tuning the damage down enough that players can see it happen, understand what just happened, and then adjust their strategy accordingly within a single fight would be good.

Definitely DEFINITELy not a fan of bosses having hidden "mystery" mechanics at such an early stage. It's frustrating enough for high level dungeon bosses with teams wise to the kinds of tricks the game likes to play.
You have a fair point here. The difficulty is fine if you know the mechanics, but there is no information on what players doing wrong, and some classes (such as osamodas) might have deck with only aoe spells, which will make them unable to figure out what they doing wrong. Least to say new players don't even know that they should look at monster states, what they gain and what they lose, because they dont expect that to change during combat, and there is ideed no information stating that they do if you dont right click on the monster, which again newcomers doesn't know they should do.

I belive it would be nice if a pop up guide info would appear in the top left corner explaining what happened and why, at least for the first time people trigger the Royal Tofu buff.

Still as long as avoiding triggering this buff on boss makes the fight doable, its a nightmare if you happen to trigger it, and to the max level. Why? Because there is no way to revert it back. Ankama doesn't let players to do mistakes. With this whole deck innovation i get the feeling that Ankama want players to give up combat if they make mistake and redo it. Thats not really encouraging for players, so i would like if Ankama would go away from this mindset. Making mistake already derail the fight, so thats the punishment by itself, by making it slower, but if the mistake result in inevitable failure then it just want players to quit and not come back. More so if they dont know why things went wrong.


The difficulty is fine, but there need to be guide. And the buffs on Royal Tofu boss should last 1 turn OR they should decrease (reset) when single target spells are used on it. That would be more tactical even, and more newbee-friendly.

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posté October 18, 2016, 01:36:34 | #17
ALS system will be one big failure and wasted data IF players will need to have every set for every level in their inventories. Nobody want to keep low level gear in inventory. Heck some people store low level equipement on sidekicks.

Now if you can make ALS system to also store our set for every different level in its own separate tab, without making us lose free inventory space that we now have, then this system will be successful.

And while we are at it, i would also like to add a suggestion following such change:

Equipement that has harvesting/planting bonuses should have its own equipement slots.

You see, in some games players can have their fighting set, costume set and crafting set (gathering tools) equipped simultaneously.
Right now in wakfu we can have costume and our fighting set equipped at the same time, but what about gathering tools?

Miner Hat, Oak Killer (axe, i still have one, but you should add it back to the game for new players to be able to obtain it), Snoofle pet and all of the newly invented tools created from mimikible slobber - all of those items should go into different equipement slot, which would work all the time.

Why this even matters? I am no the only person who, when see ores and fishes and some flowers, trees, etc, want to gather all of it before moving on to change the screen scenario and gather elsewhere. Now trying to keep changing equipement before every ore mined, then again before you interact with tree and then again with some mineral and then with fishes, then flowers, then ore again, etc.... it will make you hate that you have these tools. They will give you more problems then help. AND they also waste precious inventory space. Also, when you want to do environmental quests you will have problem too, because WHILE waiting between them you want to harvest some ores, and so you would need to unequip miner helmet, snoofle pet and the pickaxe every time back and forth (unless EQ will not require you to fight). I tell you its frustrating to do it. And things get even worse if you get pk'ed by someone while you are in your miner tool set. Sure there is 60 seconds in placement phase, but you will also need to change your deck propably, and still consider your position, eat food for buffs, maybe bread too, etc. There's no time to change equipement from gathering to combat version.

Now i bet people would use ALS system for this, but i doubt it is intended for that. And it will be still inconvenient due to constant need to click changes before every interaction of different profession resource. That's why i would like if you could keep this issue in mind for the sake of the crafters and the casual players who would love to harvest all they see when they see it, at best efficency, without the constant need to swap tools and weapons.

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Amakna fo romuh fo esnes eht evol attog uoy.

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Quote (KyrieZalzy @ 17 October 2016 17:57) *
It is currently near to impossible for characters below 25 to complete tofu dungeon, even with 5 players or more together.
with constant almost 200 damage a turn (AOE) from just the boss alone and sometimes even get back to full hp at some point of the fight.
What are you talking about is pure speculation.

Just to make sure everything is fine, i started new character, i leveled it in astrub alone and it was all fine. Environmental quests were also fun to do, especially since now there is no quester block and you can jump from map to map to do them one after another. But fights are also easy. Obviously if a level 6 rush into fight with 20lvl warchief, then most likely he will die with no experience, bad map, etc. (some classes can win such fight but it require knowledge about class and mechanics). But its normal that a monster 2x of your level has adventage and easily kills you. Would you try to kill 180 lvl monster with 90 level toon? Good luck doing so.

Also i invited some randoms. Osamodas level 18, huppermage level 21, iop level 38 and me as 23 lvl sadida. We cleared tofu dungeon as 4 people, with just 1 being iop level 38, but that iop was new player too, not experienced and undergeared. He also wasnt doing much more dmg then we did ourself and he only had like 300 hp more then level 20-25 character. Considering we lacked of 2 people it was quite fair fight, or rather we still were at disadventage.

Mind you, boss does hit hard, but there is a way to play around it If YOU use tactic. Boss uses aoe on gathered targets, thats his ai preference. Using summons as decoys for boss to aoe them saves player's the trouble of taking the hit. Using huppermage to tank with stronghold fixed 1000 protection of dmg is also crazy good there. Staying away is adviced there, as its a dungeon for ranged toons. In contrary gobbal is easier for melee's then ranged, so there's that. If you run in tofu dungeon, surround the boss with your army of iops and you expect to win, then you will obviously die.

Soloing this boss also seems impossible, unless maybe you are eliotrope or huppermage with that stronghold, but i doubt that. But its normal that 25 lvl character cannot solo this dungeon. Its not meant to be soloed at this level, but it IS doable by party of 3 people i say, and its way easier if you have full team.

The players can learn from this fight to not stay close to eachother, to avoid being aoe'd thats a wise lesson for the future. The dungeon is fine, and monster difficulty is as well.

The only problem might be that there is no class guide npc's, which you'd expect to be in incarnam. But since people avoid incarnam anyway, then perhaps there should be some guide in astrub, maybe some quest that trigger right away that will teach each class how to use own spells, but that would require ankama to make such quest different for every class (and adapt changes to it in case of revamp). So likely won't happen.

Imo its good to make it tactical game right away. Having it easy at start and then complaining that you cannot beat dungeons that are not in nations will make you feel like you wasted time in a game that you expected to be easy.

The environmental bosses however, seems to have too much resist indeed (and dmg), for the area. It is possible to defeat them, mind you, but you need special map for it (long hedge) and special class skills for it, which some classes dont have (teleportations, jumps, throws, etc). Either that or using summons and playing around with monster ai by hoping it will go hit summons and not you. Either work, but its still long fight, of repeating the same thing over and over untill the boss die, which is too much of a time waste if you ask me. And appearently doing this environemental bosses in group will most likely lead to all of the players except one to die. I doubt its intentional.

TL;DR: the only monsters that are overpowered for their area level range are environmental bosses (not hordes). Bosses in dungeons are fine, i tested it with randoms of low level.


It appers Royal Tofu gain buff to final damage (and decrease of resist in same time) when players use aoe's. I learned this after 2nd run, so its not hard to figure. At first I thought its only when you hit the boss with aoe, but it just seems to work on any monster used. So its basically anti aoe boss. Also at some point it is also healed when you aoe it, but regardless of the deep mechanic behind it, just not using aoes is enough to know. Unless, of course, you dont mind to make boss a glass cannon berserk.

Also, its also possible to do this boss with 2 players (once you learn to not use aoes). Here's proof, i did it with just sadi and the newly met huppermage newbee:

So please stop saying the content is impossible to do for low level players. Belive in people being smart, even the new players. Those who join this game expect it to be turn based tactical mmo, so let's not dissapoint them at least with the turn based tactical aspect, because mmo is already questionable for wakfu description due to heroes and multi boxing.

I hope this time ankama won't nerf the monsters difficulty to make them boring and weak. They are fine as they are now, and i hope more monsters will be adapted to this level of difficulty.

p.s. side note but party search stil shows offline players being registered. [bug]

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Does sham moon also have this linear attack that make him fuse on first combat? What if players line with a totem as last one, just like they do on first combat? Then again if that totem get activated, it would kill you all, so first question is how is totem activated/what makes it create lazor beams that KO.

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