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posté Today - 01:43:26 | #1

Quote (Lemean @ 21 April 2015 01:27) *

Quote (Gelgy @ 19 April 2015 11:04) *

Sucks for Sadida & Eni mains that their revamps are getting delayed, though.
It sux for everyone before revamp, since no brainers get 4k dmg even with low ele dmg and when mob has high resist...
Yeah it sucks to not have Damage Dealer as main. I see a lot of people spam killing xelorium mobs like if they were nothing, and it takes me a lot of time to kill them on my sadida. It saddens me even more because of how fast others (Iops and Foggernauts especially) can grind lucloak/bygone fragments and i see plenty of people with those top relics auras, while i have only 25 lucloak fragments so far.... And its all because fight takes too long. But if we have to wait, nothing we can do i guess.

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posté Today - 01:37:49 | #2
Shortcuts in battle (for spells) are available only in battle.
Shortcuts outside of battle (where you can place emotes) are available outside of battle only.

However you can swap between them with shortcut B if you feel like it.

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posté Yesterday - 10:20:51 | #3
Or Ctrl F2, Ctrl F3, Ctrl F4 to open them. Though they will appear one on another, so you gotta manually drag the 3rd and 4th one a little more up, to see them all.

I use all 4 spell bars, because of emotes that i like to have shortcuts to outside of fight. And i have all 5 elemental spells of each branch available all the time.

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posté Yesterday - 00:54:33 | #4

Quote (Neneko88 @ 20 April 2015 00:44) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 19 April 2015 21:19) *
All we know is that it will be more oriented around dolls.
That's grea kiku but where's the source? ^^
I cant bother myself to search for it, but it has been said by ankama team. Was it Dy7 or Azael, can't remember. But it was said that its Sadida's theme and thus sadida will be more doll oriented.

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posté Yesterday - 00:48:57 | #5
Theres no point adding resist at low level. The difference will be not even noticable. Just put all points in HP, until 30 lvl restat. Even when you hit 30lvl, try to gain more lvls before you go to restat room.

Personally at low level i increase Doll speciality first, to make it cost 4AP, then i put 10 points in Knowledge of dolls for 1 more control and 50% chance to recover wp when doll die. After that i increase Doll speciality to cost 2AP - by that time i also work on gobbal set, to get 7th AP, with wich i can place seed for 2ap and use Rust on it and enemy for dmg and doll that also deal dmg. When that is done i max knowledge of dolls, and then i work on increasing Doll to max for 1AP, so that i can make 2 dolls with rust for 7AP within 1turn. Only after that i am thinking about either lone sadida or cheaper cost of dolly sacrifice, wich is handy at times.

note: You might get 1AP from stats to get 7th ap earlier. Still try to get gobbal set, for 8th AP, for example for 2x sudden chill, or rust and mudoll or 2x drain or 2x bramble or 4x poisoned wind, or for push with gust before you Rust.

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posté April 19, 2015, 21:19:13 | #6
All we know is that it will be more oriented around dolls.

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posté April 19, 2015, 12:20:23 | #7

Quote (Vensaval @ 18 April 2015 23:11) *
1. Which class would you say best specializes in crowd control?

2. Which class would you say offers the most support?
I'll tell ya what sadida can do:

1.Crowd control:

  • Keeping enemies away from allies with dolls, by either trying to lock them down, blocking their path to reach allies or caging them with 4 dolls.
  • Bed of spikes glyph - it remove mp and is 3x3 size, often making monsters ai go around it or loose mp trying to get through
  • -MP spells and option to remove hypermovement via voodoll. Though at higher levels monsters seem to have hidden resist to mp loss even without hypermovement.
  • Aoe push spell in form of Gust and K'mir spell to drag someone by itself or with dolls - both are nice tools for positioning.
  • Blocker doll can pull to itself, ultrapowerful dolls can remember permanently air spells including k'mir and push.

That has wide description tbh. Doing dmg is supporting too. But putting dmg dealing aside, sadida can:

  • Heal allies directly or with dolls
  • Shield allies to prevent dmg
  • Use dolls to disturb enemies as mentioned above (overall mob control is a support too)
  • Reduce resistance
  • Help with locking enemies down
  • Use voodoll to make melee allies reach far away enemy or for 1.5 multiplier to aoe spells dmg if target linked is close enough to voodoll

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posté April 18, 2015, 14:40:49 | #8

Quote (-herve- @ 18 April 2015 14:21) *

Quote (kuwaz @ 18 April 2015 02:49) *
For people on Nox, Noorishes and I built an accurate representation of the steel beak fight map. A great idea suggested by Elenore.
Just go to the Brakmar outpost haven world, door is open. Nothing in the HW blocks LOS, so we had to mark things with an herb and manually put something in the fight to test out his LOS.

BC Statues = Boss is in the three cells between the statues
Reed = Solid tiles that block LOS
Edelweiss = Solid tiles that dont seem to block LOS
Thistle = Starting positions
Nettle = Semi elevated tiles that dont seem to do anything
Dendron = Elevated tiles that give +4 range
Orchid = Death tiles

Estimated "Safe" spots when boss is on the left: Click here
Estimated "Safe" spots when boss is on the right: Click here
Actual map of the fight: Click here

If we look at it closely, there is exactly 6 spots which are always safe.

I suggest sadida and sac/panda in team for the voodoll and to keep voodoll close to allies. Panda can carry 1 person. A cra in team can stand on those tiles away from the team (in one of the 2 separate safe cells), while others can remain on the top of the screen, in the 4 safe cells, with one person being carried by panda, or with 2nd cra being in one of those 2 separate safe cells. If you keep voodoll near the team, you can go from p1 to p2 with no difficulties, however you will first need sadida to make the voodoll, wich will be the difficult part. When boss is on the right side sadida should link voodoll. If voodoll is placed on elevated tile, it won't move (hint).


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posté April 18, 2015, 00:55:23 | #9
Maybe it would be nice for me if it didn't had this iop hair.

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posté April 17, 2015, 18:29:59 | #10

Quote (Scv0 @ 17 April 2015 17:58) *
- My ping increase from 100+ to 600+ (I try Remington, that's 400+ ping)

I might disappear again due to ping anyway.
My ping changed from 300 to 50 ms. I don't complain  

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posté April 16, 2015, 16:51:17 | #11
Here's a quote from other topic about class gods:

Quote (greenpeppereggz @ 21 January 2013 03:01) *
hoohoo the god sadida is a little confusing to me, but i'll give it a shot.

if someone comes to sadida looking for a peaceful and benevolent forest spirit, they should just turn around and look somewhere else. well, that's not entirely true, but one glance at this masked god in his divine form would certainly give that impression. his terrifying tribal getup and cruel sacrificial poses aren't exactly the painted picture of peaceful nature.
sadida is a god whose powers draw from every aspect of nature, but also from voodoo black magics. the powers he passes down to his disciples manifest as the summoning of brambles and other plant life, the control of living puppets, natural skill in the use of poisons, the ability to turn into trees, and the powers of dream prophecy.
though he may seem menacing, and though his powers draw from the magic of black fire, the god sadida is anything but malicious. all he really wants to do is chill out, sit back, and have a good time. his hobbies include sleeping, and spontaneously summoning anything that sprouts, blooms, and blossoms. he's also renowned the krosmoz over for having the smoothest moves on the dance floor.
they even say that the first ever living doll was brought to life from sadida's dancing. it was just another evening in incarnam and the kerubs decided to throw a party at the guardhouse, everyone was invited. gods and lesser spirits alike came from all over, shared a few drinks, told some great stories, and threw down some kickin tunes.
sadida was itching to show off his finest moves, but he couldn't find a partner anywhere. he didn't let that get him down though, he just grabbed a training dummy from the corner and danced the night away on his own. it was when he went to take a break and grab a refresher, that he noticed the scarecrow was still out on the floor, dancing on its own! everyone agreed this was Really Cool, and even after the party was over, sadida let the doll continue living out its new life.
life as a living doll isn't a particularly good one though. the doll was upset to find out that it didn't have a soul, and as soon as the festivities were over the next morning, a weird bitterness fell over its heart. it began lashing out at any incarnates it came across, and everyone agreed this was Really Uncool. when sadida heard about what was happening, he climbed down out of the tree he was napping in and ripped the poor doll to shreds with his divine brambles. satisfied that his handiwork wasn't going to cause any more problems, he went back to his nap and soon forgot all about it.
i guess that says something else about the god sadida's character. he's a no-nonsense kind of guy when he needs to be, and merciless to boot. he also hates when his naps are interrupted, a trait his disciples seem to have inherited as well.
unlike their god though, sadida's disciples have an actual reason to act grumpy when they've been woken up: their dreams are sacred. when a disciple of sadida sleeps, their god sends them dreams telling of places or items of interest, dreams teaching them how to find or use certain herbs or plants, and even dreams telling of future events. a sadida's ability to summon and control living puppets is rooted in his dreams as well.
still, first and foremost sadida is the god of all plant life in the world of 12. he takes his job of protecting the forests seriously, and if he catches anyone with dubious intent intruding on his verdant sanctuaries, they're likely to meet the same fate as that first dancing doll. anyone else is welcome to stroll through his leafy domains - as long as they leave their axes at home!
this masked god's role in the early era of the world of 12 was to create 10 living dolls to seduce osamodas' ten dragons and make them lay their divine dofus (a dragon only creates a dofus out of love). only six were successful, but that's all that was really needed.
speaking of seductive living dolls, sadida has an unfortunate reputation of using and abusing them. in fact, it was one of these victims of circumstance, cast down to the earth after her purpose was served, who ogrest fell in love with, and who prompted the beginning of a story that ended in the ascent of the sacred mount zinit and the drowning of the world. her name, of course, was dathura.
sadida's disciples are considered to be the most devout of all the incarnates in the world, possibly because of the close contact and attention he gives each of his followers.
the god sadida isn't known to have any special feuds with the other gods in the pantheon of 12.

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posté April 16, 2015, 15:04:40 | #12

Quote (Ruukokoko @ 16 April 2015 08:10) *

Quote (Gelgy @ 16 April 2015 06:08) *
  • Flesh & blood Foggernauts (standard in Dofus, show up in season 2 of the show. Not very likely because.. we already have a Foggernaut class)
*upvotes for flesh & blood Foggernauts* aha
Oh yes make this please. Cyborg approves.

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posté April 16, 2015, 13:35:59 | #13
I wonder... what about all those Kelbabs and events we had on phaeris server?

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posté April 16, 2015, 10:24:11 | #14

Quote (KrizzLaKrizz @ 15 April 2015 20:40) *

Quote (Mini-Qoo @ 15 April 2015 20:16) *
My friend and I live in Asia

but his new create account can not login Phaeris

what should I do?

It always say "This server is not available to your community"
^this someone i know wanna join our guild and make new account, but they cant access phaeris..
so how our server will grow from now on if new account made from the international one cant access phaeris?
Its funny that my account that i made long ago on remington can access nox and remington servers but the one made on phaeris before migration can access phaeris and remington. Both accounts can meet in remington but only one can be in nox and the other one can only be in phaeris. Wich is ... weird as i am using 1 computer, so why one of my accounts have different servers then the other?

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posté April 16, 2015, 08:43:19 | #15

Quote (Aquallia @ 16 April 2015 01:33) *
Madoll is also too delicate and keeps running away from enemies.

That's why I like the Block, instead of steal MP it just holds enemies in place for you, and can take a couple hits. It does what its name implies, it's a block.
The Block have 0 block. Irony.

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posté April 16, 2015, 00:16:13 | #16

Quote (Niddhoggy @ 15 April 2015 23:35) *
Thing is, Sadida already can heal himself. Making Drain heal the Sadida will just justify loss of power in other spells during the revamp (unless if they make it consume states like Cra healing spell or Sram healing spell and make it the main way of self healing).
I was thinking that sadida could use spells to gain "nutrients", and when using drain on self or on ally it would consume those to heal them for greater heal. Those nutrients could be also used for example to -resist enemy for 2 turns (poison effect) or make sadida gain wp (some speciality). Those are just examples but i seriously wouldnt mind that, as long as it will be worth using. They are changing all classes to "states based" anyway, so we could expect something like that.

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posté April 15, 2015, 18:09:42 | #17
May i suggest cra? Its ranged i know and it has no protection from dmg other then... keeping enemies away in many possible ways.

You can also clear dungeons fast, alone, thx to explovie arrow. The WP recovery is quite nice on them too, and they can self heal with enough Flamboyant with the use of Voracious arrow. They can steal mp, push, teleport, roll to avoid being locked, etc. I soloed with my Cra and i enjoyed it. I didn't even used sidekicks, just pure brain on where to move and where to place beacon to make enemies not get to me.

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posté April 15, 2015, 18:02:10 | #18

Quote (Sabi @ 15 April 2015 14:50) *
@ Bluephantom: We surely want you to be able to play with your friend
Ankama - they want to play with your friend.


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posté April 15, 2015, 15:20:29 | #19

Quote (Aquallia @ 15 April 2015 00:00) *
No, just typical Drain spells. Actually why would Sadida even have a Drain spell anyway? Or... wait... maybe it's not "drain" in a typical gaming sense, but... a drain like in a sink?
Drain spell used to steal the hp from enemy and heal all dolls on the field, hence why it have such icon (where multipled energy spread around the ground to reach dolls). It was a spell that allowed sadida to maintain dolls number, though back then dolls were more durable too and fertilizer was giving resist to dolls... good ol'times.

As for "vampires".... so you'd call water ecaflip, water/fire sram, earth eliotrope and fire cra a vampyre too? Coz they can clearly drain health.

A dark magic and voodoo magic is very close. Zombifying enemies, controling them with voodoo dolls, putting on them some curses and poisons as well as stealing their life force is what sadida's "shamanistic" part is about.

Oh and i think sadida is basically master of dmg redirections. Doll link redirect dmg from sadida to dolls, voodoll redirect dmg from voodoll to enemy linked, air spells cast on dolls are redirected too.

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posté April 15, 2015, 15:14:39 | #20
The Greedy doll is my favourite one.


1. It was the first reliable doll for doing dmg (other then sacrificial doll that was ko'ing self), wich means i spend a lot of early gaming with just that doll.
2. Its cute little karate kid dolly (those kicking attacks so awsome).
3. It looks adorable when it get angry (nettled).
4. It deals water dmg - c'mon in the world where almost all classes deal fire dmg, a water dmg dealing is desired.

I also like inflatable because of the pink flower in its head and well... its the only doll worth summoning most of the time (with drain spell) as it makes it cheap (equal to cost of seed) with no ap wasted on creation (if seed was next to ally). Its also the doll that can help you win pvp vs those others "medriocre" (read: unrevamped) classes, except maybe osamodas, who just do the same thing as sadida but 3x faster...

I quite dont like madoll, mainly because they are not even removing mp from monsters lvl 100+ with 100% ratio as they are said to do, wich means they waste turn doing nothing (because appearently monsters past 100 lvl seems to have invisible resist to mp loss). Its not reliable because of that, and there is no single target spell that would let me summon it. Multiple bramble and earthquake both used to summon Blocker dolls before - and that was useful to aoe enemy and leave blocker dolls near them in same time. As for madoll summoned with aoe spells... kinda pointless, especially with uncontroled ai. There is no place where i would use this doll, unlike Lethargic that can help fight off sacriers. Madoll is prooly the worse doll, and its a shame its the iconic one (Amalia has it).

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