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posté Today - 14:02:49 | #1

Quote (Blasting-Veles @ 28 May 2015 12:57) *
2) It has to completely ineffective while having dolls at field, to not ruin the balance and be unusable in doll builds.
How about no? Passives should not work against other specialities. Does cra have dmg decrease with beacons close? NO. Does Feca get dmg penalty from using glyphs? NO. Or maybe rogue bombs are making rogue weaker? NO. Oh wait so osamodas is weaker with summons? NO it isn't (it just doesnt get 1ap 1mp bonus from dragon mode, but its not huge loss that you want to bring to sadida).

I can agree to have dmg % increased per Control bonus in equipement, but i disagree to make us loose dmg when we summon dolls. Like i said its like making Cra have less dmg with beacons, wich is stupid idea.

I dont want my heals or shields to be weakend only because i had to use 1 or 2 dolls for tactical purpose. Heck i dont even want to loose dmg if i made blocker dolls only to keep one of the monsters away from ally. Why i would get penalty to my dmg from that? Does panda get penalty when it block something with barrels? No! It is even adviced to do that for Milkin It to do more dmg. It is same for the dolls and Earthquake spell and i wish there were more spells that give us more dmg the more dolls we have, not the opposite. Dolls are meant to be your improvement, not your penalty. We shouldn't think about removing all dolls suddenly because we'd need to waste 2ap per doll to do that and most likely wasting whole turn of dmg due to how low our Dolly Sacrifice range is in beta.

Think again!

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posté Today - 10:02:47 | #2

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 28 May 2015 08:34) *
BTW the weak DPT of Sadida's spells is to compensate for mp rape/high range/other utility/heal.
No it's not. Our live server sadida's are weak even with mp cost in spells in them. Removing those mp cost just makes us EVEN weaker then before, while we needed buff in dmg, we receive another nerf. I don't know if i will be able to kill stuff anymore without my dolls help, wich means my grinding for fragments will be much slower then now, and i will be unable to help in burst dmg killing vertox when the blue zone appear under my feet wich is very disapointing. Every class need an option to be build as dmg dealer. Heck the whole deck system is for build diversity.

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posté Today - 03:03:05 | #3

Quote (Neneko88 @ 28 May 2015 00:36) *

Quote (kurausu @ 27 May 2015 23:03) *
In the FR forum he said he would change voodoll look into a tree (I love this change).
But we still need a redirect voodoll/totem (remove the current tree into a new redirect voodoll/totem)
Don't be naive. If you say you love the change of voodoll to tree you will not get voodoll back, ever. Period. Once removed they won't bother bringing it back, so get real. Don't be happy about loosing voodoll. It's bad that we loosing it. I dislike that it turn to Tree. There is already other speciality called "Tree" wich could summon some trees if cast on empty cell instead of on ourself - that effect belong there. Replacing voodoll with a dofus tree is the worst move of this spell revamp.

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 28 May 2015 01:06) *
I believe sadida shields are overpowered now, i think they need a nerf / cooldown to make ordinary classes able to bypass them.

i would also give k'mir a damage buff and a cooldown cause it is too powerful imho.
How can you ask for nerfs if sadida is already so weak in dmg dealing. If other classes can bypass the shields easily then its pointless to even shield yourself. If i don't use all ap on shield, then they bypass it. If i use all ap on shield, then i dont attack (and mind you there are -AP spells, flaming, etc). If i spend 4ap to make doll, thats till less armor on me. If i armor self while having dolls summoned - enemy goes to kill my dolls, making all of my ap wasted in turn.

So no, shields aren't too strong. Other classes have or will have a way to deal withit, either by -AP or by hemorhage and other poison effects. I want to be able to give shield to 3 allies, without feeling like making it not worth it (wich is in live server). Its like... i have to spend all ap on shield to make it worth it, and thats not good (in live server). Hence why i love the fact that armors get higher values finally.

Also don't look at 1 vs 1 pvp, because you trying to balance it around it. In group pvp people can deal with shielder in many way.

Quote (Aquallia @ 28 May 2015 01:11) *
Maybe could make the revamped thing into a tree or totem, and rename it as such, then put back Voodoll as Voodoll.
Like i said before: once they remove voodoll they wont bring it back. Keep dreaming. Its our last chance to keep voodoo doll as redirecting tool, so don't ask for the change they made in beta.

As for K'mir - it is nice utility and i use it more often then i thought and i will most likely put it in my deck, also for the air dmg in close combat. You can shield yourself and put k'mir on enemy to drag it closer to your allies, or away from their healer or close to other enemy for aoe sake. Perhaps 2AP 1WP cost would be more convenient for that sake, as with 12AP you could try to drag some enemy and use 2x manifold bramble aoe.

The K'mir in live server can be also used by dolls, to drag someone away from us - this however wont be possible anymore, wich is a bit saddening.

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posté Today - 02:44:25 | #4

Quote (Ristty @ 28 May 2015 01:25) *
They increased the base dmg a bit, but not even close to DD Classes with 35 to 50 DMG per AP. (Water Masq for instance)

Please realize that is a SIMPLE total dmg at lvl 200/AP cos (with no mp cost, disregarding if its aoe or not).
what does "he" mean on 3rd water spell? And i see Sadida's Tear is nerfed greatly as its potential dmg with voodoll is higher. Earthquake also suffer huge nerf in dmg, from 78 potentially 5x to 17.33.... potentially 69,3333 if 3 dolls and 1 sadida is close to target (hardly possible) but once per turn. The Drain spell also receive nerf in dmg, not to mention we cannot heal with remaining 2AP with 12ap build from drain anymore, wich means our heal DECREASE a lot in the end. I am still very disapointed that both air and earth can reach high numbers in dmg, but water can't. I remember the days when sadida had 4 water spells doing dmg and just 1 for heal allies. They turned water branch upside down and now its more of a fake eni branch, wich i dislike a lot for that. 1 or 2 healing spells is enough for us to choose from, for the deck. But if i want my water sadida to be dmg dealer? Why there's no such option??

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #867287  Replies : 130  Views : 2168
posté Yesterday - 21:02:42 | #5
The "broken" part of the voodoll was that it was loosing HP when dmg was meant to be redirect through it and some of the spells that doesn't hurt allies (such as Wily of Sram) were not redirecting dmg to enemy linked at all - all those "broken" things appeared after Grou touched the Voodoll and made it broken. Before Grou, we had a nice Voodoll that was properly redirecting all spells in form of a static Totem, wich was easily destroyed by pushback dmg.

Another thing that people complained about is that voodoll wanders away and is not controled where it walks. Making it have 0mp solve problem (or turning it into static mechanics such as Dial).

Half of the people playing sadida does not use dolls, but they do use voodoll. Removing voodoll's live version from the game completly and replacing it with some "sort of tree from dofus" is like telling to these people to stop playing this game as you basically removed the reason they played sadida.

The utility in form of the voodoo doll MUST exist in sadida tools. Heck the whole concept of sadida and dolls is taken from voodoo dolls.

Its one of the core mechanics in game that some teams are build around too. And you are killing it? I am trying to not be angry about it but i just can't! I can accept not redirecting air spells when cast on dolls, but at least leave us an option to redirect spells via voodoo doll! I appreaciate that you tried to create something different but we don't like the voodoll that you gave us in beta server. We HATE it.

So please don't remove one of our core utilities from the game. T_T We know you want the best for the game but removing it is wrong no matter what you give us in exchange.

If the problem was multiplying the dmg of aoe spells by 1.5 when enemy linked is close to voodoll then simply make the aoe spells inflict halved dmg to enemy IF voodoll is in the zone - problem solved. I still think such change isn't necessary even as supporting allies by giving them an option to kill things faster (note: IF monster is close and IF team members have aoe's) is as good as giving them AP or dmg% bonus that iops or xelors can give.

TL;DR: DO NOT replace our live server's voodoll utility with something else. Pretty please. With the cherry on top.

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posté Yesterday - 16:18:11 | #6
Foggernaut can stabilize self with Motherfogger.

In p4 my team did not burst dmg him in 1 turn and we still won twice in a row like that.

During phase 4 if you don't 1 turn boss, he will make crazy dmg in aoe around him if you cage it. He seems to jump if he has someone to him diagonally. Being close to other ally (within 4 cells) seems to also prevent his jump, but only if we are no diagonally with him. Caging boss is the way to go. Allowing boss to walk around is asking for defeat.
In phase 4 if you cant burst dmg boss but manage to kill him within 2 turns, you will most likely be very weakened in HP and you might have troubles to kill off remaining 4 raskaws, as there will be no heal. It is therefore adviced to have some summons who can collision with them in your place, or to have ability to pushback dmg them manually with spells and retreat to safety. In my team i was sadida and i was using dolls in p4 after boss was dead for that purpose.

There is no phase 5.

p.s. You need 2 people tanking boss, otherwise if he have only 1 person +summon caging him, he will be able to use his "other jump" spell wich doesn't need diagonal nor los.

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Thread : Combat Strategy  Preview message : #867114  Replies : 15  Views : 1022
posté Yesterday - 16:03:17 | #7
I think Enutrof in Drhellzerker form should have an option to jump (in line) with the use of Shovel Kiss. The animation already make him spin in mid air, so if there was no target at the end, it should land there.

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #867111  Replies : 90  Views : 1819
posté Yesterday - 11:16:26 | #8
I gave some more thoughts and here is what i realised:


Oh so we doesn't have -AP doll anymore? That sucks! I often used one or two in pvp vs sacriers.

Maybe make "greedy" doll really "greedy" and have an option to steal AP? With 1ap cost spells it could then try to steal 1AP and attack one more time - imo that would make it interesting.

There is also the problem with lack of dolls that could help deal the dmg when one enemy is already surreounded by 4 dolls (for example Crolk). In live server we can summon Ultrapowerful dolls with Sudden Chill no LoS remembered, wich allow them to still attack it. The Puffle spell on live servers also make other dolls cast their spells from range 4, and because AI does not like to move to diagonal 2nd cell but doesn't mind going to diagonal 4 cell, i think that we need a ranged dmg dealing doll that would either attack from range 4 (at any angle, including diagonal) or a doll that may attack with no LoS.

In fact if Greedy doll's attack was 1-3 range no LoS (not linear) then it could be very nice. And i would love it.

Problem with Ultrapowerful doll being the "attacking doll" is also what bothers me a bit. We simply cannot have other dmg dealing dolls without summoning this one in the first place, wich force players to have Earth element at high % all the time to not make us "Waste" the doll.

Perhaps Madoll/Lethargic doll could be our ranged doll with "run away AI" that would hit in earth element, while Ultrapowerful doll should either attack lowest resist of enemy or should attack in chromatic element.

Summoning dolls.

In fact i think that its BAD that we are forced to loose 1 potential doll of any type to always be Ultrapowerful doll. I don't mind having some summoned tool that let us summon dolls but such tool shouldn't count as one of our 10 possible dolls (with 10 Control bonus).

Solution to that would be Voodoll (or Totem, called voodoll). Sadida could summon the voodoll (wich would NOT use up Control stat) and this voodoll would have spells to summon every doll type. Such voodoll could be furthermore improved by passive to make allies near it healed, while enemies near it damaged. Some sadidas could pick this passive, some could ignore it. Still there should be 1 more spell that would let Sadida link live of existing Voodoll (max 1 voodoll per sadida) to one of the targets on the field (to self, to allies, to enemies, but not to other dolls). I think this way all people would be satisfied.

Controling dolls.

As for controling via ultrapowerful doll... i have this concern that it won't be practical and will often make us waste precious second to target every doll one by one, wich can be hindrance for example to kill Steel Beak within 30 minutes, where every second will matter.

Speaking of Steel beak, without flaxible way to control ALL dolls to make them not block the cells that we don't want to block (to make allies not collide with dolls for example) we should rather have a "self cast spell that make us control all dolls that are on the field and all dolls that will be summoned after we end current turn, until start of our next turn". This would be simple and faster. It could be any spell.

Because we are not loosing more AP from Ultrapowerful doll controling dolls, i think such spell should also not make us loose the AP.

Another thing is... what if our Ultrapowerful doll die - then suddenly we will be unable to control any doll! Or what if we have 2 ultrapowerful dolls but due to actions in combat one ultrapowerful will die or will be unable to reach other dolls to control them, forcing our 2nd ultrapowerful doll to be used for that - but here's the problem:
If our 1st ultrapowerful died, then 2 dolls he summoned will have their turns BEFORE the 2nd ultrapowerful doll will even have the option to control them. This means that killing 1 ultrapowerful doll will unable us to control the dolls it was summoning. This in fact makes this NOT CONVENIENT, despite looking like that on the first glance.

The only concerns of designers when it comes to allowing players to control all dolls all the time would be the disconnections. The AI that will never work as people expect it to work and the fact that they always comes glitches when AI based summon will do nothing for 30 seconds leads players to belive that controling all dolls all the time is a MUST HAVE. Then again it comes the problem with disconnections.

Solution for that is what i already suggested above: Give sadida self cast spell (0AP cost) wich would make all dolls that happen to act after the sadida to be controled by Sadida. This way if player disconnect before it start his turn - the dolls will rely on AI, but if the player won't disconnect, then it will be able to control all dolls with no problems.

Alternatively you may give Sadida such spell for 1WP cost. But WP regen might need to be improved then.

Sadida spells.

I actually don't like that Sadida's Tear cannot be used to heal Sadida. Its again the same problem we have in our live server Drain spell: Sadida is currently unable to use Drain to benefit from heal itself. You are changing Drain in beta server to fix this problem and i am glad you did (though i dislike Drain linear restrictions), but you are making beta version of Sadida's Tear face this problem. If it could be 0-5 range instead of 1-5 range, then i would like it. However it would simply mean it will be like live version Mudoll spell, and people (including me) doesn't like that mudoll won't be able to dmg enemies.

Oryginally Mudoll was a dmg only spell, wich was turning to heal only when cast on (live server's) voodoll. I always had hopes that (looking at the icon of Mudoll) this spell would be an AOE that hurt enemies in the zone, while healing allies in the zone.

Sadida's Tear on the other hand has the option to attack with no Los at higher distance. In our live server version we can even use Sadida's Tear to hit enemy no matter where he is hiding, as long as it was linked beforehand to voodoll - and i really love this (live server) effect, just that its too weak without direct attack. Imo Sadida's Tear should be the damage-only spell of water branch (no heal), and the fact that Sadida could "send the rain to enemy at any distance as long as it is linked to voodoll" was really awsome feature.

Special effects on spells

Each spell when cast could have some effects on dolls. For example casting Vaporize (doesn't matter on who) could make dolls motivated (+1MP to all dolls) or casting Bramble (doesn't matter on who) could make dolls act more defensively (+resist or +shield to dolls) by just looking at Sadida actions.

I think sadida need more spells that would affect all dolls, such as Earthquake. Before Grou changed our spells, we also had a spell that was giving us an option to heal all dolls on the field but we needed enemy as target to use it (It is how Drain was working, and i loved it).

In fact looking at the icon of Drain spell it still shows some energy that travels from one spot to all around the globe (all around the planet) and this energy is the HP stolen by Sadida wich is send to every doll on the field. I fell in love with such spell back then and i wish Sadida would have such spell returned.

Short Summary of how it should be done (TL'DR).

  • Ultrapowerful doll no longer summon other dolls. It becomes earth dmg dealing doll (attacks in aoe).
  • All dolls can be now summoned by Voodoll (voodoll may look like totem from open beta days)
  • The Ultrapowerful speciality replaced with a spell that allow Sadida to link targets to the voodoll. This speciality could be called Life Control.
  • This Life Control speciality, when cast on Voodoll would give Sadida control over all dolls on the field that exist AND that would be summoned during current round of turns by own Voodoll. Does not require LoS. Range 0-10. Cost 1WP
  • Each time Sadida cast elemental spells, it gain Nutrients state, wich when reached to max lvl give Sadida 1WP back and reset.
  • Mudoll spell becomes aoe (Square of 1 (9 cells total)) wich inflict dmg to enemies but heal allies in the zone. Range 0-3 modifiable.
  • Sadida's Tear becomes dmg dealing spell. It doesn't heal anymore. Its purpose is to hit hard and if Sadida need such spell in deck it would be their option. If voodoll is linked to enemy but we doesn't attack voodoll, nor this enemy, then Sadida's Tear will inflict 100% of its base dmg to the enemy linked.
  • Drain spell remain as linear, but can be modified in range. It now heal all dolls on the field instead of healing targets around and heal all allies around each doll. Cost of the spell and healing values up to designers.
  • Greedy doll can attack with no LoS. May steal 1AP to attack again (50% chance).

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posté Yesterday - 01:24:32 | #9
I would have to see it for myself first then.

Anyway. Anything changes to Madoll/Lethargic dolls? Maybe they get merged into 1 doll that remove both ap and mp?

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posté May 26, 2015, 21:36:17 | #10
A class that doesn't need to move much or shouldn't move much (example: sadida,s being lazy, watching grass grow, making dolls do the job for them, tanking dmg themself) should have some MP in their spell cost, but only with good range to simply not move that 1 cell closer to attack, just attack from where they are standing. Meanwhile a class that need a lot of mobility (Masqueraider being dancer, acrobat, Cra being in need to keep distance from enemies) should not have mp in spells.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #866842  Replies : 35  Views : 847
posté May 26, 2015, 19:18:58 | #11
The next step would be for Dodging penalty to not make us loose AP, just MP.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #866805  Replies : 35  Views : 847
posté May 26, 2015, 19:07:33 | #12

Quote (kurausu @ 26 May 2015 17:32) *

Ressurection of enemy? I don't see a purpose of this. Please explain.
You can kill any class with a Cling mechanic using this, deplete their HP, then use the spell, they will die instantly =D.
I still don't get it. People can simply hit koed person 3 times and they are instantly removed from combat. So what for wasting wp for that?

Quote (Neneko88 @ 26 May 2015 17:39) *

Quote (Lethalen @ 26 May 2015 17:31) *
Your suggestion is perfect

Voodoll aura -> give it to TREE (make tree not castable on sadida anymre, make it castable on map to have the aura)
This is not what he suggested. He suggested to make it castable on self, but also castable on empty cell.

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posté May 26, 2015, 15:45:55 | #13
Killer Spade could cost 2AP and when cast on self it could dig out a mine. Just a thought.

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posté May 26, 2015, 15:37:08 | #14

Quote (gatekeeeper101 @ 24 May 2015 14:55) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 24 May 2015 11:11) *
jelly lvl 9

You know what is more of an achievement? We basically 5-maned it.
You see we had sram in team who was doing nothing in phase 1 and phase 2. During phase 2 he accidentally clicked with his mouse on the edge and fell. So we had to deal with boss from p1 to the end without his help.

Dare to 5-man it too. \( 'o')/

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posté May 26, 2015, 15:30:45 | #15

Quote (Dgrayman4ever @ 26 May 2015 15:20) *
4) and, while the heals are too low, the shield is absolutely not balanced!!! it shield by 100% of dmg, every turn... all the shield in the game can't shield of 100% of dmg or can't be used every turn... and it's not even weak!!! It's a lot stronger then heals!
Basically, a Sadida that can shield himself, is immortal vs a class (like another sadida) with low dpa
The shields are wasted if you are not attacked, unlike heals. The heals have lower base value then shields but its never wasted AP. This is what makes them different.

As for being unable to beat shielding... there are hemmorhage and poison spells that completly ignore the shield. Dmg dealers are also having higher dmg ratio so even with our 100% base dmg sadida shield, the 100% base dmg iop attacks is higher. Perhaps it is too strong considering the resistance, but our live server armors are too weak and do note we loosing reflect.

Now i have some suggestion for it:

Keep the shield values of beta as they are (equal too 100% base dmg) but if the shield is not removed completly, then it cannot be increased futher on next turn. The shields would therefore remain permanently once cast until someone remove them all. If the shield won't be removed comepletly, then it will be impossible to make new shield on it, wich means on next turn the enemy will for sure break the weakened shield and deal dmg to HP.

EDIT: Now that i think about it, just rebalance of shield value would be better. If its too good on beta and too weak in live servers - find the middle ground.

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posté May 26, 2015, 15:19:02 | #16

Quote (Yuri-CaptainOfInfiniteSpace @ 26 May 2015 15:04) *

Quote (smallz117 @ 26 May 2015 02:46) *
Hello Hackwork, Welcome to Hell.

If you want a full HP Live Voodoll, gotta make it expensive in cost.
If you want a cheap Live Voodoll, gotta make it have low hp.
(A powerful spell but be costly to the player)

Also, for anyone who actually wants to know why sadida's shouldnt NEED a Redirect because of this excuse called "Dolls in the way". The way you do this is by using dolls to distract 1-3 mobs. (Depending on the situation and how many dolls you have) And then, assuming you have a team of competent players, you have them focus the things in their LoS while the dolls soak up the damage from the mobs they are distracting.

Only 1 mob on the map? Reducing dolls on the map to give people access can be considered a wise decision, since you and your dolls damage is no where near as important as 5 other people's damage.

Other situations that fall under an actual need for Voodoll include:
Black Crow and Similar fights were only range can reach the target
Nothing Else
Clearly you're all talk and have no actual experience... In fact, did you even think it through? Or do you just say the first thing that you think will make you sound good? "team of competent players"... if you hadn't put that in I might have just ignored you. Do you think you are competent? Here's how the beta dolls work: NO CONTROL. Yes, you can use them to soak up some mobs' damage, but in the end they choose where they end, which WILL block los even if your team is "competent". Furthermore... what will you do during boss phase? Kill all your dolls? Dolls are USELESS during boss phases now and will do nothing but hinder ally los. At least in the past I could control where they ended and block the boss off, now it's wherever the doll wants to go. You've also never actually used voodoll in team play, have you? Voodoll + boss close together + AoE = double damage. Is it necessary? Maybe not. Is it extremely helpful? Definitely.
I agree with Yuri on this. Voodoll is far more useful then people think, despite the fact that it doesn't redirect all spells properly as it should.

Still small correction: boss+voodoll close = 1.5 of aoe spell dmg, not double.

The voodoll is also used to deal more poison dmg, or to use Woodland stench 3 times (2x on enemy, then voodoll it and 1x woodland on voodoll). Voodoll also is giving Sadida's Tear some dmg to make it in par with "Xelor's Punishment" (though Voodoll iself cost 3AP, while dial cost 2, making xelor easier to cast his 5AP spell twice with 12ap within first turn). People were asking for 2AP voodoll for that sake. Voodoll also helps in fight vs Cledus to allow melee dmg dealers to hurt it, without risking being in close combat with it after boss move. It indeed helps in fight vs Black Crow (though for some unknown reason it doesnt work on Steel Beak) but like yuri said, it was also used vs any boss (even used it in tormentor) to deal 1.5 of the aoe dmg. Some people still use Voodoll on Steel Beak in phase 3, after it lands.

Voodoll was also a counter to the invisibility (though only if you manage to link it before someone go invisible) and it was like that since old open beta days and is still like that even now.

So its a great utility (bugged, but bugs need to be fixed) that should remain in our arsenal if we like using it now. Guess what: some people have build around voodoll. Removing voodoll is like telling them goodbye.

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #866721  Replies : 48  Views : 795
posté May 26, 2015, 14:54:39 | #17

Quote (Dy7 @ 26 May 2015 00:57) *

Thanks you for your feedbacks.

Don't go angry, try to do some constructive feedbacks, about what you like, what you dislike, with some testings feedbacks about concrete builds. This is the kind of feedbacks that contribute the most to improve the class — and the most enjoyable to read for us !

Here is a temporary changelog I wrote in french : Click here

Don't hesitate to comment !
Ok ok. I will try to not go angry. I also love some changes you did in that changelog.

So from this changelog:

The things i love:

  • Rust cost 4AP
  • Gust modifiable range
  • K'mir effect is back to what we have in live server. (i hope it last 1 round of turns instead of 1 turn)
  • K'mir cost 3AP 1WP
  • Ability to always keep dolls controled with the Ultrapowerful spell
  • Sacrificial doll doing air dmg
  • Greedy doll doing water dmg
  • Block will have 20% of his remaining HP as Lock
  • Ultrapowerful can deal earth dmg and it does so in aoe

The things i hate:

  • Rust minimal range of 2
  • Rust "require target" condition
  • Gust minimal range of 2 (yes we can use it on ourself with range 0, wich is ok, but why we can't use it from range 1? It will be awkward in use)
  • Our live server Voodoll utility is removed
  • The ability to have pushing doll is gone
  • The ability to have doll with K'mir is gone
  • Gust "require target" condition (please don't make it need target in middle)
  • Can't ressurect itself (before Grou interupted, Sadida had passive that was making it revive with 30% HP)
  • Sadida's Tear is very weak now, and it should be highest direct dmg dealing spell as it is related to our god.
  • Mudoll is just a heal. Its boring.
  • Vaporize is just dmg. Its boring.
  • The range of all "modifiable" attacks is too short. If we are often having dolls on the field, our range need to be better.
  • Too many spells restricted to linear casting. Especially Drain and Sadida's Tear are too similar beacause of that.
  • Explodoll wont have effect if the doll was controled (seriously why? It's not like AI will not make dolls end near enemy anyway, for it to kill them, so there is no reason to make Explodoll not work if we make our controled doll away from enemy's potential Wrathing, etc. We will usually control dolls to NOT end in close with enemy, because AI does it by itself.)
  • Dolly Sacrifice has too short range and is linear only. That's horrible. Remving dolls should be quick and effective at any range, without the need for sadida to move.
  • EDIT add: I also hate the Lone Sadida concept and how it scales so slowly and how easily we can loose twice the turn waiting then gaining (if 1 doll happend to be close, our dmg% decrease but we also loose the potential increase in dmg, so we loosing 2x as much). Its too much penalizing.

The things i have mixed feeling about:

  • Ressurection of enemy? I don't see a purpose of this. Please explain.
  • The new "voodoll" is interesting but not needed. It kills the purpose of having water branch for healing.
  • Not sure how poison works in beta
  • I don't know the aoe size of Ultrapowerful doll's new earth spell.
  • How much AP's will Greedy doll have? It would be fun if it could hit several times in turn with 1AP spell. If, however, Greedy doll will have only 1AP max, then i will hate it as it will be too weak to use over other dolls.
  • this "new" speciality that replace our live server's voodoll could be good if the voodoll would still redirect dmg to enemy linked with it. Otherwise its just not needed and basically it kills the purpose to choose water spells for healing as air or earth elements will heal from it anyway, wich is why i dislike it too.
  • Theres no synergy between Wild Grass and other spells. This spell is too conditional to pick it.

The things that i would love to see:

  • Pulling spell in water branch - to pull for example towards doll, or towards ally or towards Sadida itself (if we want to tank). Pulling spell could help us use K'mir in range 1.
  • Lock bonus to the target that has Brambly Armor.
  • A doll (tool) that will let us redirect spells to enemy when we cast them on it (voodoo doll). It could look like totem from open beta days, as it was really amazing and was one of the reasons i picked Sadida class. Its ok if it will look like doll though. The important is to still have our live server's voodoll's utility in game.
  • The ability to use vines to throw people

Some suggestions from me:

1. Merge "Tree" speciality with "Eveil sylvestre". When cast on ourself: turn us to Tree and heal us by x% HP. When cast on KO'ed ally: turn ko'ed ally to Tree and heal it by x% of HP. End the turn. Target under Tree is invulnerable for 1 turn. 3 turn cooldown.

2.Vaporize - add effect: when cast on doll it sacrifices the doll and give Sadida WP. Make it possible to cast it on doll at any distance and without los restrictions (look: eliotrope portals's ability to remove Portal). The doll would be therefore "vaporized", wich fit the name of the Vaporize spell. When used on enemy Vaporize should -1AP enemy. When used on ally make them not block line of sight for 1 round of turns (Transparent). When cast on self it give Sadida +1 Range for current turn. Condition 4 use per target. 2AP cost is ok. 0-4 modifiable range with los requirement (unless target is doll, then no los, infinite range).

3. Dolly Sacrifice replaced with this "new voodoll" thing, wich can look like totem and work as you made it work in beta.

4.Voodoll - remain as life server's version, wich look like doll but doesn't move. 30% of Sadida hp. For enemy attacks: has sadida resistance. For allies attacks: spells cast on voodoll are redirected to enemy linked.
OR (other suggestion):
When cast on ally or enemy while "voodoll from beta" (look: Point 3. Dolly Sacrifice suggestion above) is on the field: link target's life to voodoll.
This way we can have both: the voodoll with mechanics that you created on beta AND the voodoll mechanic from live servers. It would be awsome.

5.Rust - make it have range 0-4 modifiable. Aoe zone changed from Cross of 2 to Cross of 3. No more heal to target allies (but doesn't dmg them either). Instead make it pull towards middle target IF there is target in the middle (otherwise no pull). Cost 4AP is ok.

6.Drain - make it able to cast it at any direction (no more linear). Range 1-6 not modifiable. The effect from beta server and the aoe remain the same. Cost changed to 4AP 1MP. With such change it will be possible to cast Rust to make allies closer to enemy and then use Drain on them twice, with 12ap 2mp used, at possible range 6 if sadida have +2 Range for Rust. Such changes to Rust and Drain would make both spells interesting to have.

7.Mudoll - Make it have 0-5 modifiable range. When cast on enemy - it deals dmg instead of heal (like live server version of it). The range of Drain should be 1-6 not modifiable while Mudoll should have 0-5 modifiable - this way if Sadida have +2Range then it will be albe to use Mudoll at better distance then Drain, wich will give Sadida some thinking before deciding on spells in Deck.

8.Sadida's Tear - cost 6AP 1WP, linear, no los, range 1-5 not modifiable. Strongest dmg dealing spell of Sadida that can be used when high dmg spell is needed. Does not heal. Its single target. Can be used twice with 12ap.

9. Sudden Chill - make it have it's "no los" from live server again. Cost changed to 3AP (instead of 4). It will consume poison's stacks to apply - Resist. Range 2-3 modifiable. When cast on ally or doll - bounce to nearest enemy (to make up for the loss of air spells redirection from dolls that we have in live servers). Does not hurt allies.

10.Gust - Range 0-4 (instead of range 0 and 2-4 ). Modifiable, no los. Does not require target (just like live version). 2AP cost is ok. 4 use per turn (to make up for the loss of air spells redirection from dolls, as we could have more pushing). Does not hurt allies.

11. Poisoned Wind - it will now appear in aoe around every doll too (just like Earthquake). Poison apply to enemies only. No direct dmg.

12.Fertilizer - range changed to 0-6. Not modifiable. linear. need los. Other effects the same as beta version.

13. Wild Grass - Single target spell. Range 0-4, no los, not modifiable. Can be cast at any direction. Cost 2AP. Apply "To-Be-Thrown" state to target. When cast on empty cell within 3 range from target with "To-Be-Thrown" state - teleport that target to destination cell. When cast on ally also give +1MP (does not dmg). When cast on enemy inflict dmg and remove 1mp. 2 use per turn.

14. Bramble - Range changed to 0-5 modifiable. Inflict additional dmg per Hypermovement. Consume Hypermovement from target. 3AP cost. The animation from live server's Critical Hit now appear when Hypermovment is consumed. There is no condition to use per turn. Give armor when used on allies.

15.Lone Sadida replaced by passive that give us 3 final dmg per Control bonus (similar to how Cra get +dmg% per Range bonus). We get dmg% bonus at start of the turn (max 30 final dmg because max 10 control can be achieved). However if we end turn (instead of start of turn) while having at least 1 doll within 2 range (not 4) then our dmg will decrease 3 final dmg per doll that was close. If on next turn we end our turn with no dolls close, we recover the loss final dmg. Why range 2 instead of 4? Because range 2 is considered as close combat and this usually happen if we tank someone with 3 dolls surrounding him - wich will make us dodge away before ending turn.

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Quote (Syritien @ 26 May 2015 13:03) *

Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 26 May 2015 11:43) *
Looks like there will be atleast one change to voodoo

  • "Voodoll · In addition to the care of allies, now causes damage to opponents in the end turn around her Sadida"

Translation may be out - read it here with all the other planned changes to sadida.
Click here
At least some changes in the right direction in that changelog.
Kimir gets his old effect back.
some ap reduction on some spells.
greedy will be water damage
sacrifice will be air dmg

but yeah still all spells boring as hell casue of no interaction with anything.

And yeah i hate thoese people who were crying "give us some useless trees from dofus which wont find any use in wakfu" thanks to you guys we lost our usefull vodoll for some crappy more useless pandawa barrel.
But hope you are happy you finally got your trees
I feel exactly the same.

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Some changes translated from FR (google translate):

Rust will cost 4AP [finally]

Fertilizer will correctly steal mp [was there bug with it?]

Gust will have modifiable range but can be cast only on self or 2-4 range [for some unknown reason it cant be cast with range 1. Still we don't know if it require target or not...]

Poisoned Wind efect last 2 turns instead of 3; damage lowered.

K'mir cost change to 3AP 1WP and dmg modified accordingly. The new effect of decreasing dmg per mp used by enemy is deleted. Former effect is back: binds target and user [Yay!]. Can't be used on stabilized targets. K'mir bind is removed if one of the targets is pushed, pulled, etc. [Nice change i like it]

Sic'Em More will cost 2AP 1WP instead of 3AP 1WP. Can be now cast on self. Fixed tetatoxin [was there bug with it?]. Tetatoxin will take into acount AP used by target. [Can someone explain to me this new tetatoxin in beta?]

Eveil sylvestre (new spell) Can no longer be used on target that was ressurected before [bug fix]. Can now be used on Ko'ed enemies too [not sure what for]

Voodoll In addition of heal to allies it will dmg enemies around it at the end of sadida turn. Temporary visual effect added. [Does it means it still doesn't redirect dmg to linked target? It doesnt even link to anything anymore? Sucks]

Green Guard will work correctly [some bug fix]. Effect (nettle?) last 2 turns. MP given to dolls changed to +3 instead of +4. [nerf]

Murmures Sauvages (new passive) - now i don't understand translation. I think it won't give us 1 turn of control for dolls anymore. Instead Ultrapowerful doll will get unlocked spell that will let us control selected dolls. Also it seems that with this passive there will be no more heal to enemies hitting voodoll. [I still doesn't like this new voodoll concept, mainly because we loosing huge utility from live server voodoll].

Explodoll - it seems that if the dolls will be controled by Ultrapowerful doll spell, then explodoll will give no effect to sadida when these controled dolls die [seriously? why? I think i won't bother with this passive then. ankama give us better control for dolls but countering it in giving us passive that wont work with it. Just why? Stupid decision].

Dolls - the information about each doll's AP and MP will be now listed in doll's summoning spell. Bug fix to bizzare effects that appeared when UP doll was summoning 2 different dolls.

Sacrificial doll - will be doing air dmg [thats fine with me]

Greedy doll - will be doing water dmg [thank you] with spells costing 1AP single target.

Inflatable - AI will prefer to use armor on targets with heal resist 50% or higher. It will also use armor on zombified allies.

Block - his Lock will be equal to 20% of his remaining HP [if i understand POS =HP?. Thats nice change. It meanc Blocker doll wil be reliable to lock something, but if damaged it will be less likely to lock. Very good decision. I like it.]

Ultrapowerful doll - can have now up to max 4 dolls summoned [Correct me if i am wrong but we can have 2 Ultrapowerful dolls? So it means max 8 dolls +2 UP dolls?]. It will now have damaging spell too with earth element [So we have 1 dmg doll type for every element. Not bad.]. This spell is aoe [makes me think its the best doll... all sadidas will be earth].

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Quote (MiniMikeh @ 25 May 2015 22:54) *

just bring back this

make it stationary and redirect damage like it used to do

the only reason current voodoll walks around is because grou was butthurt about voodoll and UBs
If only it could block the cell like other dolls (cannot step on it, cannot place anything on it) then i would be happy with it.

Quote (Madd1 @ 25 May 2015 23:28) *

Quote (Hudski @ 25 May 2015 17:41) *
Slap voodoll down, drain. Heal everyone around it including yourself, steal 50% of your damage as even more healing. How is this not the greatest spell ever? It's basically the new Doll Seed only when you use it for blocking it's permanent, doesn't erupt into dolls and passively heals you every turn. Come on, guys, be clever about this.

Kikui do you not realise that you just asked to be immortal?
Except that it does the same for enemies, so your enemies can heal off the same thing for 10x the HP and they don't have this super cool thing called Heal Resist. Since we have 0 control over dolls it's just going to run right up to the enemy like everything else.

It still seems like garbage to me, useful for a very specific kit that I would virtually never want to use. I was hopeful to try PVM on Beta with Enu/Sadi to see how I liked the changes to my team, but to my dismay I can't freakin PVM.... so I can't even test how it will work in real combat, kinda pissed about that.

- Madd
This is something that players asking for about PANDAWA's Barrel. I think designers messed up feedback. Give this to panda barrel so when allies hit it they drink the milk from it and get healed.

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