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posté October 17, 2014, 00:09:13 | #1
I think the problem might be in the game mechanics itself. Its not even about the blocking LoS for allies that might be annoying for some classes in team (though my friends usually are happy that i blocked enemy's LoS, rather then complaining that they can't reach enemy, as i don't mind if they hit enemy while aoe'ing my dolls). Its about lack of the need for the support that Sadida give with dolls. Players will rather spam fights fast with raw damage, preferably with fast animations too, such as All In of Ecaflip. For some unknown reason Sadida is weaker in dmg then other classes, even has lower base dmg of spells similar in mechanic to other summoner class: Osamodas (compare Boohowl with Rust). I find it akward that class with summons that deal low dmg has lower own dmg then class that has high dmg dealing summons. This is completly twisted. Even with Voodoll and Sadida's Tear, the Sadida is less effective dmg dealer then Xelor with Xelor's Punishment. Both of these spells require some tool to be summoned beforehand to be used or to be worth using, but one of them is limited to be cast in line and hit only single target, while other is aoe that can be used at any angle within dial. The dial is also more durable then voodoll, when attacked. The Xelor Punishment can be utilized without destroying Dial, while Sadida's Tear if cast on Voodoll will most likely destroy it. Dial also doesnt need any target in line to be summoned so its easier to summon then voodoll. Dial also last for whole fight if operated well, while voodoll die fast and need to be resummoned per each enemy to keep being effective. There are many inconvenience in Sadida class and it doesnt come up with enough reward in dmg to make up for the effort invested.

If certain situations, such as keeping voodoll in play or trying to summon all dolls possible with the control someone invested to get are hard to maintain, then they should come with more rewarding dmg then a simple spam of dmg. This is why summons dmg (no matter wich summons, even osas) should be not considered when deciding about the dmg of the summoner spells. This is well done for Osa, but somehow isn't for Sadida. The Wild Grass spell is good with voodoll, but since summoning voodoll has its own cost and voodoll loose hp when its being used by Sadida, it makes the dmg done by Sadida per turn really limited, especialy if you look at other classes spells that consume WP to be used such as Die Alright of Ecaflip.

I don't mind if Ecaflip can double its own dmg with luck, i don't mind even crit failure making you loose whole turns of dmg, or the avoid of Pandawa, and other mechanics that make some classes able to deal twice as much dmg as normally or avoid the dmg for whole turn, but it must apply for every class, even Sadida. The ability to keep enemies away with dolls need to be improved, by for example giving Lock to all dolls. The dolls need to be bulky, durable, they need to endure hits well, so that Sadida can summon many of them and so that they will support Sadida dmg without the need to be resummoned often as summoning is investing the cost for future more dmg income. The ecaflip can double its own dmg or even make it 4 times higher with luck, or can spam crits like it was nothing, with high base dmg, while the Sadida should be able to survive long enough to also deal as much dmg possible with dolls support or avoid half of the dmg somehow. One class is about bursting dmg fast but rely on luck, other is about improvement every turn, with tactical gameplay based on surviving. Its just ... not as effective in Sadida case, making the class look so bad in comparison to other classes. If the doll gamplay was improved, with cheaper controling of all dolls included, and if Sadida dmg was not dropping with dolls, then Sadida will be more welcome in teams, especially for long boss fights.

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posté October 14, 2014, 14:32:26 | #3
Using Fire of Love to light up all the candles

Then some random troll follow you:

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posté October 13, 2014, 10:27:14 | #4

Quote (Wanneer @ 12 October 2014 16:32) *
I did get attacked by someone, it didn't clear anything. Besides how do I find this guard. It's bloody annoying and has ruined the game entirely. I can't farm high lvl anything in bonta and now am an outlaw in all the others because I was farming. Bloody hell. It's a shitty system and it F***ek the game up.

THE END. All the reasons I played this game for is ruined.
You don't understand the system and rage about it. I agree there's lack of guide or information should pop up when you broke the law and explain you what happened and how to fix it, etc. but for now the Wakfu game still isn't "complete" imo.

So chill out and try to understand the following:

1. If you broke the law of protectionism (or any?), then you turn to outlaw immediately, even with positive citizen points.

2. The only way to remove it is to ask around for someone who is Guard to kill you. It must kill you in pvp, if you give up, it won't count. If its not a guard, it won't count. Some people say it just need to have guard quest done, other say it must wear guard emblem for it to work. Some say it must be any guard of any nation, other say it must be guard of the nation you broke law in. Sadly you might not even know if the person who kills you is a guard or not. You have to ask people. They should change the way it works, but for now you have to deal with it and... next time avoid breaking law.

3. Planting something may lead to breaking law too, especialy if you are in enemy territory. Note: press N to check your nation status with other nations. Its propably enemy with the nation you broke law in. Press W while in the map to see Clan Member wishes. Try to keep population in their limits. Don't overplant, don't overkill. Also make sure if the animal or plant is protected by law, in wich case any interaction with it will turn you to outlaw.

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posté October 13, 2014, 10:17:45 | #5
So what would happen if a shushu was bound into metal that was used for foggernaut body and then it act as his prison, and when someone else touch the foggernaut, the shushu can possess it and... fuse self and foggernaut... with it... huh? Foggernaut fusion with organic body via shushu?

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posté October 13, 2014, 10:07:36 | #6
You can find shushu in weapons, armors, etc so i think its possible to find them in Foggernaut too. Question is, will they be passive shushu like in weapon, that they cant do anything on their own, or will they actually possess the foggernaut...

Imagine foggernaut with each body part with shushu eyes xD Still not possessed?

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posté October 12, 2014, 13:52:44 | #7

Quote (NillaSteph @ 12 October 2014 13:20) *

Quote (Cabran @ 11 October 2014 13:16) *

Sometimes in phase 2 the Empelol does a massive insane aoe on the entire team which also lifesteals, healing him up several thousand hp - anyone know what triggers this? Seems like it's either caused by having too many characters tanking him/adjacent to him, or having too many summons...

Did you attack him with 4 elements? He does that huge aoe and heals a lot when he does this, like every other lenalds. (And you will see tons of numbers on everyone xD)

oh also note that knockback damage gives him earth buff too, so you might have only used water air and fire, but somehow a push spell made him knock into something. Or something else knocked into him. That will make him have all 4 buffs :3
Youalso need to be careful if one of the team member use Makabrakfire ring, as it will reflect his spell and add element charge to him. Your team need to not use 1 element, or perfectly, use only 1 element. Take note that Sadida's shield will inflict earth dmg when shielded person is hit (little dmg, but still will trigger earth charge). Reflect from Makabrakfire also triggered earth charge when i was doing this dungeon last time (Empelol used earth spell on me). So... do use earth attacks freely, and try to not use one of the other elements if you are in such situation.

Prespic hair passive of Osamodas might also give you the same problems as Makabrakfire ring reflect. Ask your osamoda friend to not summon there, or keep his summon away, or kill his summons.

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posté October 12, 2014, 11:07:13 | #8
I think there is no actual reason why water and fire spells cannot be cast with barrel carried, other then the lazyness of making more animations, where Pandawa jump with barrel with Dairy springer, throw barrel up to attack and catch it back right away after attack, etc.

So, i think they should simply remove the limit to using only earth spells with barrel, and the synergy between branches will be already viable.

In addition the water spells could be cast with range 0, when Pandawa carry barrel, for the aoe around self.

I also think about more gameplay with barrel.
One of water spells could become cross of 1 aoe and let us jump to the middle cell if we have barrel in close combat (something like using barrel as cannon). And one of the earth spells perhaps could let us kick the carried barrel onto enemy (animation similar to how Lenald kick his own stick) - you know an attacking spell that we can use to deal dmg while barrel is moved, so that we won't have to rely on karchamrak all the time. It could be linear, while Karchamrak could let us throw barrel in any direction, without doing dmg, with cheaper cost.

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posté October 12, 2014, 10:58:07 | #9
Enutrof can't get pouch from 3x3 size bosses.
Dolls that need LoS ignore attacking 3x3 size boss completly.
Inflatable occasionally heal 3x3 size boss.
Blocker move away from 3x3 size boss, if there is still other enemy.
Pandawa can't carry the 3x3 size boss.
Pushing, swaping, pulling - they are all useless vs 3x3 size boss.
Moving behind 3x3 size boss (by actually moving around, not jumping) takes up way more mp.
3x3 size bosses limit movement of the team in tight map.

Other then inconvenience or the bugs though, i see no reason why they couldnt implement this.

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posté October 12, 2014, 01:12:03 | #10
A tank can benefit from stabilization. The person who also wouldn't mind getting it can pick it so that others won't have to. I usually pick it on my Drhellzerker as i dont have any teleportating nor pushing moves in that form anyway, or i make my SK pick it. This bonus was quite handy to me several times, in dungeons such as Brrrbli Spear, Miss Freeze or Vampyro. Though it can be troublesome in fight vs Gillgamush, as you might end up not being moved from the death cell.

Then again they are just bonuses. You shouldn't rely your strategy on them, so even skipping them can be adviced, if they will bring more troubles to you then help.

That being said other bonuses can screw you too. The dmg dealing bonus can ruin your challange to kill monsters in order or to focus on 1. It can also trigger certain unwanted effects on your enemies, when they are hit. Other time this bonus can be completly wasted if you have to pick it and no enemy is close.

The AP giving bonus can screw you if it will buff few enemies in same time, wich might result in more pain then gain. The pushing bonus can screw you if you will push monsters to unwanted cells, for example in Brrbli spear dungeon you might accidentaly push 1 brrbli close to another, making them both invulnerable, where otherwise you could kill them both in that turn, or you might push an ally on cell with negative effect... wich can even KO it in certain situations, or push it away from enemies or too close to enemies.

The annoying part of these challanges is that you can't drag this pop up window and see what you are close to, just to be sure about the result of the push, and what not, in case you, for example, play on few accounts in same time and need to jump from one window to another quickly. Was there an enemy behind that other enemy, or will my push get no effect? Was that enemy within the aoe range of the dmg bonus or was it 3 cell away? Yes those situations are annoying, if you dont focus on the fight on 1 account. Maybe its just me resolution, but i wish i could move that pop up bonus window to side. As long as i can skip to another account window to try to get better view, its still not convenient in use and make me waste time.

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posté October 11, 2014, 10:34:08 | #11
As Sadida i am sometime strying to summon the Sacrificial doll with my dagger, and control it afterwards to remove the freeze state from myself or my team mates with it, but sadly if this doll attack result in critical hit then i simply wasted 5 AP doing nothing...
Also i used to use my 2-handed weapons when they were doing more base dmg then my Sadida spells (under 100 lvl). Right now i use my sword only if i want reliable 4AP damage in close combat, as none of my leveled spells are 4AP, and my Poisoned Wind is usually less effective.

I think it would be interesting if each type of weapon had its additonal effect when used. The Bow could reduce MP of target, the Shovel could reduce Lock, the Dagger could increase own Dodge, etc.

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posté October 11, 2014, 10:26:57 | #12

I would say Enutrof or Rogue, but they don't tank well.

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posté October 11, 2014, 10:24:11 | #13

Quote (Nox16 @ 11 October 2014 07:57) *

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 11 October 2014 03:41) *

Quote (Nox16 @ 11 October 2014 01:17) *
They sure do love making dungeons the shape of mobs... not that im complaining mind you but i was quite fond of the giant sandcastle dungeon.
I honestly thought the crab one was kinda charming? Idk its cute x:
I mean its fine but a crab building... before it was a giant sandcastle that was massive and could be seen from the map. The castle came off like OMG these crabs are a problem look at what they did. Now just a crab building... I like sand castles ok :c
I think it would be best if that giant crab was at the top of the sand castle or at the front gate of the sand caste. I kind like this sand castle too.

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posté October 11, 2014, 01:03:21 | #14

Quote (FajneCycki @ 10 October 2014 21:17) *
Firstly we will set off to the revamped nation of hot sand and Kraken.

This map looks pretty cool. And i like how they added the actual sand-colored cells up there. I just wish they would get rid of that "salt" (white sand?) or at least make it white only at seashore.

I also wish they would add some splashing sound effect when we walk at seashore and... let us splash in water, like we can in Astrub center now. Its the little things that matters. Sufokia should be land of paradise, not land of cold snow salt sand.

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posté October 10, 2014, 02:32:11 | #15
Oh my... so someone can actually fail this? Not sure if i should laugh or feel sorry....

It wouldnt happen if the Tarot was ACTIVE speciality that eca MIGHT or might not use at start of its turn.

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posté October 10, 2014, 02:29:18 | #16
The Merry state could be changed to a fixed number of (final) dmg% bonus. The state could be the same at all levels, but if reached certain level it would get the Worn Out state (as in if you are merry for too long, though your dmg wont be different). Pandawa could lowers its merry state or stop being merry for 1 turn to reset the merry to 0 and not get the worn out. Such change would give some interesting mechanic to Pandawa gameplay, where Panda can decide when to stop drinking to not get worn out and when to keep being merry. I dont have any details on how it could look as of yet. This is something i made up just now.

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posté October 10, 2014, 02:19:35 | #17

Quote (MyriadGuru @ 10 October 2014 00:05) *
Any of the classes that start with E.
Except Eliatropes, they are non playable/non existant in game...

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posté October 10, 2014, 02:12:47 | #18

Quote (Blasting-Veles @ 10 October 2014 00:09) *
If someone still needs a solution, I found it out.

It's a green artifact (don't confuse it with yellow one). When you (or maybe even bwork, didn't test it) end your turn on top of it (standing on the same cell), Thork loses one stack of wild regeneration. Plain and simple.
Ending turns on these artifacts usually lead to a bug where player cannot do anything during their next turn. I dont know if its fixed, but i am not gonna bother testing it as i have no reason to go to that dungeon anymore.

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posté October 10, 2014, 02:10:38 | #19

Quote (Seguchi-sama @ 10 October 2014 01:13) *
From my experience, drhellers and ice chafers DO stun a lot. Way too often and it feels like a 100% chance. But hey, let's better leave this unbalanced subject and continue with fucking the classes up.
Lately, I was dumb enough to bring my iop to help with powerleveling some dude at Frizz, I almost forgot how to fight these nasty mobs so the poor iop has ended up skipping almost every turn because that meelee chafer kept crit stunning him.
Where on earth is it fair.
Drhellers stun only if they charge at you. They can charge only from 3-5 range in line as far as i remember. Position yourself better to avoid their charging attack and you should be fine. I had no problems with them... but then again i use my dolls to limit drhellers movement.

As for northern guards - they seem to stun 100% of the time if they cant push you while using their pushing skill. They might not use it if they are surrounded (they like to aoe around self) but its never guarantee. Worth mentioning is that their priority is to use the protection spell, wich they use when some other chafers are within 2 cells. This make them save AP for that protection spell and most likely making them not use the stunning spell.

As for northern brutes, they stun on crit with 100% chance. You must simply be lucky to not get the stun. You can't say it always stun, because it doesnt always crit. The stun rate is the same as their crit rate. Though i wish there was some way to make them not crit or not stun. Again i am glad i have my dolls to take the stun for me.

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posté October 09, 2014, 00:21:04 | #20

Quote (Calamar-Chan @ 09 October 2014 00:19) *
so you would have been happy if they just renamed the Iop stun to something else?
That should be the first thing to do. Second is making better state for Iop's, different then AP reap that Xelors were meant to be master of.

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