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posté Today - 14:47:08 | #1
Panda, Sadida, Sacrier, Feca, Sram, Masqueraider

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posté Today - 03:46:07 | #2

Quote (epicmanzor @ 27 November 2014 03:43) *
I'm pretty sure srams are dominating pvp and no one complains about them?
I complain about them. Or rather i complain about them because other classes have not been revamped yet, so we still struggle with old-fashioned spells and can't get compared to them really. Though I did some group pvp with srams and masq's and i must say masq is pretty much as op as srams.
Not sure if feca isnt the most op, but its in top 5. I saw (LONG) pvp Sadi vs Feca - and feca won eventually because heal resist was increasing on Sadida from inflatables, while HP REGEN ability is NOT giving ANY heal resist to feca.

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posté Today - 03:41:47 | #3
Iop - propably they will make it interesting after revamp
cra - propably they will make it able to keep distance and escape close combat easier
osa - propably they will give more synergy between spells, i sense complete change of gameplay
ecaflip - somehow i feel it means nerf to DoQ, propably overall change to all elemental branches to make each interesring and with synergy with all specialities (i hope)
steamer(foggernaut) - they are op in power so propably they will benerfed in dmg, but in return they will get better specialities i suppose

Not sure if i should be happy about these choices of classes. The burst dmger could be left for the last (Eca/Foggernaut) as they are fine to play now in high lvl content and pvp.

While waiting for Sadida revamp... it would be nice if they would fix the annoying BUG that make fire doll not hurt anyone when it score critical hit... This bug is there since the change to make dolls crit! And is frustrating in frigost where you may rely on it. Seeing that Sadida revamp propably wont take place till 2016, i hope some minor fixes are planned.

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posté Today - 03:26:09 | #4

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 26 November 2014 22:47) *

Quote (SupersunZeratul @ 26 November 2014 22:28) *

Quote (Heartyace @ 26 November 2014 21:17) *
As for example Sramvas are a largest problem in Srambad, and they're able to summon them.
Good thing because of crappy AI you can counter summoned Sramvas by just standing 1 space diagonal from them and then they will only damage you once every 3 turns :/
they are low ini, and everyoe uses fire so... i think solo sramvas are the most hunted thing in srambad.

I felt offended by those words as Sadida. > 

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posté Yesterday - 19:55:50 | #5
I am surprised that people ask to nerf osa and even more that they want to nerf Sadi, where sadi is currently the weakest class that only have adventage over Cra maybe, that it can cage with dolls and make cra run out of wp for teleport and push, but Cras are getting revamp and i am sure they will fix this for Cra.

People should rather cry to nerf Sram or Feca - those are the most op in dmg and op in defense classes.

They should remove WP cost from summons completly just like they did with Glyphs of Feca.

Oh and btw running out of WP method to beat someone will not be viable anymore once they revamp every class to have wp refund in some way. I suggest you think of something better then making players run out of wp to beat them.

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posté Yesterday - 19:29:06 | #6

Quote (Xillor-The-Shadow @ 26 November 2014 19:23) *
What I don't understand is... why does every summoning class have to have nearly or completely unlimited resources?
Because they are freakin summoners! A summoner without summons is like archer without bow - it can still throw arrows but they wont have much impact, you know? Sadi without dolls is a dead sadi, thats why it got WP refund. But on one thing i agree with you: WP cost on dolls shouldn't exist, to make WP have the meaning for something that can change the tide of battle (something like 1 turn invulnerability, a teleport far away) instead of having it on summons that are meant to be present on the field in great number.

Yes you read me: Sadida is meant to play WITH its army of dolls on the field, but it fails to do so because enemy keep killing them. If you want to kill summoner by killing it summons then you are doing it wrong. Hence why even osamodas have some ways to make players not bother to kill their summons (prespic hair, phoenix spirit), BECAUSE you are not meant to kill them to beat osa.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #801349  Replies : 82  Views : 1220
posté Yesterday - 15:12:04 | #7
Imo problem are not the summons nor the osa, but lack of revamp for all the classes, wich could give others more dmg or more durability, or perhaps some incurable or zombification states and such.

Imo the only OP thing about osa summons is their unlimited MP and huge range of spells. The Sadida has dolls that heal only at 3 cell range AND need LoS for that, while these dolls have only 2 mp that can be boosted ONCE PER turn with nettle, by 4 more, and even that doesn't guarantee that other dolls/obstacles or enemy itself won't block the LoS for these dolls to heal. You can counter Sadida with that pretty easily. Often the dolls will get nettled and run away, then the nettle might not trigger and Sadida have no heal from dolls for 1 or 2 turns even because of that (if not more, depends how ai derp).

From Sadida point of view, the Inflatable dolls are too costly, often not reliable, and die too fast, making me have to spend 5AP 1MP per each doll to summon back, making it less dmg deal from myself to enemy, making my heal resist increase while i do close to no dmg per turn and eventually make me die. This isn't even funny to stall the fight with no chance to win.

As for Osamodas the "no LoS" heal with aoe effect from healing spells of Shawpshootew is op because you can't make it not use it. The high MP, wich get even increased MULTIPLE times EACH turn from animal link make those little wabbits ALWAYS reach range to heal osamodas, and never run too far away.

But that wouldn't be the problem if Osamodas was limited to 1 summon of its own level to be present at given time, like it was suppose to in oryginal concept. People wouldn't complain to deal with 1 shawpshootew and osamodas, but they do if they have to face 2 of these creatures AND osamodas. Osamodas base dmg of spells is HIGH, as if Osa was dmg dealer class, YET it also have burst of dmg from summons it can summon within ONE turn for JUST 6AP.

As for Sadida 6AP = 1 healer doll only, that has way too many restrictions to MP/range and LoS, and is low on resist.

Sadida can THEORETICALLY have summon power equal to that of osamodas, BUT it has its own penalizing restrictions:
*Only 2 dolls per turn. Comparing to Osamodas it would mean Osamodas can summon only 1 summon per turn with dmg reduced by 70% (final) on first turn.
*Summoning 2 dolls consume most of the AP (if not all of it) from Sadida, wich means Sadida can't do much of dmg itself after summoning 2 dolls. If it was meant to be balanced then Osamodas would have to spend 2 turns summoning 1 creature, while doing no dmg at all for those 2 turns.
*If a doll die Sadida need to invest full cost to re-summon it. Meanwhile Phoenix spirit give your osa full-on-health (with high hp and res) summon back with prespic hair making it harder to kill in the first place. It also heal passively the osamodas based on max HP of summon that died. Sadida won't get heal from ko'ed doll unless it ko it manually with dolly sacrifice or is VERY close to doll when it die (and 99% of the time dolls are away because: lone sadida design is bad) and even then that heal is as good as half of hp spend to heal (read: not worth it).
*Sadida "power" is the "power of many" summons, BUT because of the way the world of twelve is build in wakfu game (square cells) - the dolls will often block the way for other dolls, making that potential dmg decrease. The dolls not only block LoS to other allies, but also they block the way for other dolls (and los of Sadida, wich means less dmg too). The Osamoda "power" was supposed to be "power of one" strong summon (wich was changed because of Osa fanbase to "power of two" strong summons) and (if ai wont derp) there is no problem for those 2 summons to co-operate (they dont block the way to eachother, not as often as dolls do at least, and in shawpshootew case los is not even an issue).
*Sadida base value of its own spells is low because of "potential dmg" from its summons. It isn't the case in Osamodas. Wonder why...

Should they balance game on 1 vs 1 pvp? Imo yes. They will never balance the game on group pvp, because some combination of classes synergy can be overpowered (ie: you move some enemy so that all of your allies can kill it fast - this will always be possible and its impossible to balance the game around that).

TL;DR: Osamodas is overpowered from Sadida point of view. If Osamodas complain how "weak" they are, then they haven't played Sadida. Yes for Osamodas Sram and Foggernaut are overpowered, but then again, for who arent they? We have yet to see revamps coming for each class, but i do belive Osamodas is not overpowered the way it is, its just other classes underpowered. For sure Osamodas specialities lack of synergy, and it have some boring spells but they shouldnt complain about the dmg imo.

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posté November 25, 2014, 19:24:00 | #8
I dare you to dance with Sumens costume on male character.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #800943  Replies : 25  Views : 1104
posté November 25, 2014, 12:49:46 | #9
Dancing with Eliotropes  

To those who doesn't get it: its bug with dance emote. Those are not eliotropes.

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posté November 25, 2014, 02:11:15 | #10

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 24 November 2014 03:22) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 24 November 2014 03:19) *
I just hope panda will be good enough to counter the Srams if played well.
If they will be able to beat revamped srams, then you can tell revamp was well done for panda. Otherwise i am afraid people will just play as srams eventually.
You're saying you want a support class to be able to beat a burst damage class in 1v1 pvp for the revamp to be good?

Maybe you shouldn't be playing panda in the first place this is a horrible mindset to have
I am saying that every class should stand a chance vs another. If nobody can beat sram except sram itself then the game will be broken. And as for now Sram can beat even those sturdy feca's. Panda may lack of burst of dmg as you call it, comparing to sram, but it should made up for it with its own jumping skills and drunk effects. Perhaps panda should have ability to make enemy drunk so that it will walk in random direction instead of where it wanted to move. That would be fun imo, and would give problems to srams, without the need for panda to be as op as them.

Maybe i am naive but i still think that expression "brain over brawn" should be really seen in so called tactical, turn based mmo.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #800639  Replies : 506  Views : 13656
posté November 25, 2014, 01:28:58 | #11
Its nice feature and its not p2w... but just look at all the struggle you need to level certain classes, that have slow fights, so it means slow level ups *cough* Sadida *cough*. I can already see some rich kids lvling their Srams and then swaping to the class they want.

Thread : News  Preview message : #800632  Replies : 48  Views : 1311
posté November 25, 2014, 01:24:59 | #12

Quote (Lethalen @ 25 November 2014 01:17) *

Quote (PrideOnMe @ 24 November 2014 14:10) *
Is final damange worth on sadida? it affect the doll now as summon osa?
Nope, the changes from the last update only affected Osa summons. Dolls received nothing.
It just proves what i said some time ago, that Ankama favorizes osamodas.
Why shouldn't they right? Afterall osamodas in order to have top summons need to pay for new released content. Its all about the money. You can dream about balance in game, osa will be always that better child.

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #800631  Replies : 10  Views : 366
posté November 24, 2014, 03:19:43 | #13
I just hope panda will be good enough to counter the Srams if played well.
If they will be able to beat revamped srams, then you can tell revamp was well done for panda. Otherwise i am afraid people will just play as srams eventually.

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posté November 23, 2014, 02:43:03 | #14

Quote (jubeli @ 22 November 2014 22:46) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 05 November 2014 10:46) *
If you don't need aoe (manifold bramble) for example if you aim for single target dmg gear, then you can use Bramble and Wild Grass from earth spells.

As for Water, it depends if you play with dolls or not.
Personally i level Sadida's Tear high, and i also level Rust to deal about the same dmg as Mudoll with it, when i summon 2 dolls with it while hurting enemy. The Drain is leveled but not high, same for Mudoll. My main heal comes from Inflatable dolls, wich doesn't require me to have high healing myself. Its just useful to have Drain at certain level for extra heal at the time you summon the doll near ally.

Nobody says that you must max 2 or 3 spells in water. Divide them as you please, just make 1 hit hard in case you need to play without dolls. Its easier if you rely on doll's dmg as it let you choose better spells. I just suggest maxing Wild Grass as much as possible, because its great dmg dealing spell and your best shield source (i just wish it was limited to 2 use per target rather then 2 use per turn).

I disagree a lot with you about drain. To me, Drain is the best spell ingame and should be max leveled.
Its great for supporting allies, its useless to lvl if you are using only to make inflatables (for example in 1 vs 1 pvp you wont benefit from Drain's heal, wich imo is stupid, because Ecaflip can heal self with fleaches hp stealing as well as allies).

Drain also cant be cast in close combat, wich add to difficulty in casting it. It also cant be boosted with range bonus, making it hard to really use for dmg if enemy isnt positioned well. You'd do better using voodoll instead, as it doesnt consume your mp and you dont have to dodge or gust away to use it in close combat + if you had voodoll summoned it will do decent dmg.

Close combat enemies are your worst enemies, especially if you rely on spells that cant be cast in range 1. I find Drain not reliable (unless for healing allies, but without doll created is mediocre heal. And in higher level content you will rarely make use of healing dolls, for example in Flaxid or Srambad dung or Tormentor, where your heal is pointless and dolls may only interupt more then help).

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #799971  Replies : 9  Views : 742
posté November 22, 2014, 15:28:15 | #15

Quote (joselitoeu @ 21 November 2014 21:00) *
I was so close to finish my kill 666 achievement

I thought it would last till the end of the month.
I killed 663 ghouls... So gotta wait WHOLE year to kill the remaining 3 lol.

Thread : News  Preview message : #799776  Replies : 18  Views : 492
posté November 22, 2014, 15:24:40 | #16

Quote (FateMaster-RJ @ 22 November 2014 00:51) *
doing that would make no sense, since you can use your voodoll to target some more mobile enemies and some bosses that cant be target by melee players, like iops and sacri's, also, water sadidas that use main tear would be completely useless
You don't really understand right?
Not inflicting dmg on voodoll as in redirecting the dmg cast on it, without making voodoll loose hp. It is how it was before the infamous revamp of Grou. It was like that for about 2 years if i am not wrong. Grou just destroyed it by making voodoll suffer hp loss too, as if the dmg was cast twice instead of once.

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #799774  Replies : 4  Views : 428
posté November 21, 2014, 03:33:43 | #17

Quote (ThunderDash @ 21 November 2014 01:31) *
They're like Adamai if he were human like.
Wait whaa....?
So if Adamai were to do the same thing, he would create... Odamai... Odomai... Otomai! OF course! It explains it all. Yugo clones are like adamai, so Otomai is Adamai's "evil(?)" clone! Or adami is evil. Lol plot overload.

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Thread : General  Preview message : #799102  Replies : 11  Views : 661
posté November 21, 2014, 03:27:10 | #18
What will be next scroll to teleport to entrance of dungeon?
Scroll to teleport to mine?
Scroll to teleport from 1 dragoturkey to another?

Thread : News  Preview message : #799099  Replies : 31  Views : 639
posté November 21, 2014, 03:17:53 | #19
I saw it on youtube (beta version), and i must say that i didn't expected it to actually "teleport spells" by making it possible to have LoS from each portal, by targeting one of them, making the possible range, once set up, higher then that of Cra's! The ability to hit in mulitple places in same time will be better at Eliotorps then that of Sadida or Osamodas, and set up of portals will be easier and seems to last permanently , making it better then set up of Foggernaut rails!

This whole "redirection of spells" from 1 portal to another only reminds me of the TOTEM of Sadida from open beta days, where when Cra was casting Strom Arrow on Totem the aoe of this spell was appearing from the target linked to it, instead of the totem. The push spell cast on totem was also pushing away the target linked to it, not the totem. I get the feeling all the classes got nerfed several times, little by little, only to introduce this one and only class: eliotrope, that will do HC Spore dungeon without any problems.

And first i heard its possible to block them from entering or using protals by "caging eliotropes" (surrounding, cornering, locking in place, etc) BUT it seems they ALSO have iop's jump with better distance.

GG you dont need any other class. Eliotrops will do everything: mobility top quality, range top quality, aoes all the way, dmg, some dmging traps, tanking... Propably even healing, but maybe not, maybe they wont even need healing lol.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #799097  Replies : 90  Views : 2535
posté November 21, 2014, 03:10:23 | #20
The most bugged part imo is that once you register your team and someone join it, then you cant update it, but the person that got added can! Then if someone leave and you re-invite the one who left, NOBODY will be able to register team or do ANY changes to it. Its really not convenient, frustrating sometimes. And what more registered people are still available on the list even if they are offline... Sometimes you dont see your team members in team search window even, just yourself.

Don't get me wrong i am happy for this feature as thx to it i was able to join some people i didnt know before AND on our first Wa run (out of 3) i dropped Woboots! XD
Also first time since .. like 2 years (?) i have experienced a problem: wich team to join, because i got asked by 2 different teams to do 2 diferent dungeons in same time. But i must say i much more like that kind of problems then problems with not having anyone to make a group with.

So +1 for group finder
But FIX the bugs in it please!

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #799094  Replies : 11  Views : 719