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posté Yesterday - 23:38:42 | #1
If we prevent players from being able to pk others, then people will fight by ruining the ecosystem and stealing your crops/trees/flowers with no consequences. Players will become discouraged to plant anything because of that and soon the world would become empty of any resource. You should thank for pk system to exist and for not being as punishing for players as it is in other games.

Heck citizenship points were originally inroduced in the place of "pk system", for player to be able to make their own punishments and deal with the bots and the like, to form alliances and protect the land togather, to invite friends and fight togather, gather togather, work togather and play a real sandbox game.

Too bad it didn't worked out well, but only because it wasnt thought through well. The rights of governors are broken, the gain of citizenship points is weird and not rewarding in anyway. And last changes to the amount of citizenship points lost when you pk someone or ruin ecosystem only make it more beneficial to keep citizenship points low and quickly regain what you missing to stay slightly above 0 cp.

Generally i agree that the system is flawed, but we do need pk and we do need Pvp as pvp is the meta of any game. Why bother with pve only? You will finish the content and quit then. But if there is good pvp system, then players play in pve for the sake of getting the best possible gear for fights against other players to see who's better or smarter. A fight between human brains is better then a fight against ai afterall. Providing both sides got nice tools to play around with of course, but thats where class revamps are needed. Pvp must exist. It's shocking to me for a game with so little pvp to still exist.

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posté Yesterday - 23:26:15 | #2
Tofu dungeon is OK-ish, but there is need to be some warning pop up message (or some window with info scrolling down when we start boss fight) about the consequences of using WP (or just "Warning! Don't use spells with WP or boss will get mad!"). However gobbal dungeon is WAY easier if we compare them both. Perhaps the problem lies in the map size. Tofu dungeon was a cakewalk when the map was huge, while gobbal dungeon used to be difficult because of constand danger of stuns in small room. Now Ankama has shifted the size of boss rooms and Tofu dungeon has small room while Gobbal dungeon has huge room... for no reason actually. All of gobbals attack on melee (except the babies but they are weak anyway) so they don't need much space. Huge room in Royal Gobbal fight makes it too easy for players to fight with it and play with gobbals predictable AI. However Tofus likes to peck and flee, leaving the opening for more tofus to peck the player again and again. This is very dangerous in small rooms where you can't outsmart the enemy by making them reach you on one turn and then making them unable to get you on the 3rd turn after on 2nd turn they fled from you. All because of the room size!

Still boss room size is not the biggest of problems. The main problem is that there is no "learning and adapting" within the fight. LEt's say someone did that dungeon first time and he was smart enough to notice that boss became stronger at certain circumstances. Let's say he figured out its because of WP spells used, but then what to do with that information if the boss is already buffed? Logic would suggest that you should stop using WP spells for the boss to calm down. But nope, there is no calming down of the boss. Once it get stronger there's no going back to change it. And THAT is the main flaw of current Tofu dungeon.

As for Hagen Daz and Abandoned Workshop - they were designed back in the days when most classes had pushing skills, and every pushing skill used to cause collision dmg (equal to fixed -1 hp, but still counted as collision). Whats more there were plans of revamps for classes so players were propably correctly guessing that every class would gain the option to cause collision (every class would get pushing skill). This has never came to reality though, sadly, because original wakfu team members quit their jobs and new team was unaware of the plans. This also explains why the core mechanics such as wakfu and stasis gauge and gemlin that changed color based on it were completly forgotten.

So the problem with these dungeons is not that they are bad, but its class designs that are lacking. Just imagine fight with Steel Beak without that collision causing poison that we receive in combat. It would be impossible for most of the classes to do that UB. However Steel Beak was introduced with already changed Ankama team.

Now problem is that even if we were to get every class with pushing skill and collision dmg in it, there would be no guarantee that the players would have take such skill in their decks! You see, the mechanics in these dungeons were designed with the logic in mind that every class wil have all of the spells available for them to try and figure something out with them. This was fun and made people try to figure out different attempts and solutions to problems. But now, with deck system such "testing" would be nothing more then a nuissance because you might have to try several times with different decks set ups to figure something out. Godforbid the dungeon where you need to use certain AP-costing spells of different elements to unlock boss invulnerability, for players would propably quit before figuring it out with deck system (yes i hate deck system).

Now the alternative (read: worse) solution other then redesining deck system and revamping classes to be cool, would be to add certain debufs or mechanics within the boss room that would let players collide with the boss and monsters inside of these 2 dungeons.

But basically those dungeons are outdated now, aka they doesn't work with the spell designs we have now.

As for Wild Estate gobbal dungeon: I found nothing wrong with it, and it felt decent when i was grinding it for Otomai quest. However the problem here is that its impossible for majority of classes to solo it, even if they were to be level 200. This is due to flawed mechanic that asks for 1 player to remove immunity of boss, for 2nd target to be able to attack.... wich also means first player won't be able to dmg boss, ever. That's retarded. And i think similar mechanic is inside Black Wabbit dungeon. However summoner classes can work around this by making summons attack the boss. Though not every class will have summons, so the mechanics inside these dungeons should be changed to be solo-friendly. Black Wabbit isn't that bad in group though, as at least the boss doesn't turn you into harmless animal there.

By solo i mean no heroes, alts or sidekicks. Just you and yours spells/utilities.

Speaking of Wabbits, there is this increadibly imbalanced monster group that should be designed for 200lvl content: Zwombits. If your class happen to have no teleportation/selfpushing/jumps skills, you may simply just die there in 1 turn after one of the monsters remove all of your MP there and put you into KO zone that will make you die if you end your turn on it. This was doable for me back before deck systems, back in the days when my Gust skill could push me, but now that Dy7 has changes our only spells to move ourself with AP to be impossible to cast within range 1, this dungeon became impossible to finish for sadida, unless you can 1 turn KO the monsters (aka when you outlevel the content, but thats irrelevant). The Zwombits are so difficult that a 200lvl player can die inside like a fly if he were unlucky enough or have the class that cannot move self without MP (or both). Thats what grind my gears and puts Zwombits as my No.1 on the list of most retarded dungeon designs.

Stalagmotel is ridiculous too, as without Rogue's bombs that ignore armors, this feels like neverending frustration that will lead to failure no matter what you do. Even with outleveled players it feels impossible and just incredibly long. Either the monsters get too much of armor or they just hit too much (i think they should have no armor - its too early for players to be able to deal with such mechanic, unless you plan to revamp every class to have anti-armor or armor-ignoring skills that we could utilize here).

Northern chafers are actually ok, except for the unavoidable freeze state from northern archers. Well, unless you have more initiative and can trap/lock/kill these archers before they act, but thats doesn't sounds reliable, especially when they can ressurect and just choose whomever they want to freeze to death. The -AP spells added to their freeze effect rng can cripple anyone from the very first turn. I admit every character i played solo in Snowbound Village ended up KO'ed by these northern archers at one point or another due to rng. At least the stunning northern chafer (forgot the name derp) can be outsmarted by not giving it the option to push you onto wall (but in combination with archer's stabilization it makes you stun regardless). Such high rng mechanics shouldn't happen so early, but at least in Miss Freeze dungeon (Ambasador Wing) you are meant to die to damage the boss anyway. That fight is actually pretty cool but i still think that player's skills are lacking to remove corpses effectively there.

Miseyeum and Grand Orrok have ridiculous difficulty as well. Just like you have mentioned. I duo'ed those dungeon with my proper-level cra, and that Cra was constantly in the state of "about to die" or just "dead". I cannot imagine doing these dungeons on their desired level range. They would be still difficult for 110 level content. Thats how harsh they are. We can only assume the Ankama is planning to revamp player's statistics to make players better but then i will have to say it takes them too long to improve us.

But propably they just messed up something with the dmg those monsters inflict for their level range. The weird thing is that in Misereyum there's only 1 monster that's actually broken OP. Other's are fine for their level. What went wrong? Grand Orrok maybe wouldn't be that hard either if not for the very small room. You must be static and hit what come close to you there, thats seriously limiting players options.

Jellies are also doing WAY too much dmg. Maybe it wouldn't be the problem if not for their unlimited jumping abilities and debuffs that they apply. Again, players stats are not good enough for this dungeon to have proper difficulty. Its mostly runned by outleveled players for the sake of relic fragment hunting or Otomai quest. Its never done to level up as a group of lowbies inside there.

is also bad. Not sure whay nobody mention it. The longer the fight, the stronger the boss becomes, and there's nothing stopping it. Unless i don't know about someting important there, but basicallty people just go there with feca + healer and 4 glass cannnons there to kill the boss asap. In my opinion thats horrible design, also because its forced to do it like that. There's no "taking your time, regrouping, saving allies and thinking of different attempt to deal with the boss" there. If you did it wrong, you just die or give up. Godforbid feca disconnect there.

Overall i hate the designs of dungeons where you need to do them perfectly. You can't improvize, you can't do silly things for fun inside to make allies laugh at you - no. There's no freedom to experiement, as it leads to heavy punishment of hours being wasted in failure, and dissapointment and even hate from your allies. The game should not ask for everybody to be perfect right away, as this leads to the situations where only "elite players" play the game and "commoners" quit due to not being invited by the elite. 

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posté Yesterday - 22:28:26 | #3
I am all up for more interesting passives. The ones that just modify range or cost of single spell are lazy in design in my opinion (read: rushed).

However there is a reason why Gobgob cannot be used in Dragon form - the very same reason why Drheller can't be out when enutrof is Drhellzerker. It's a fusion of 2 species that makes this appearance possible. This may not be seen anymore as post-deck the osamodas doesn't need Gobgob on the field for himself to fuse with it to become dragon. They have simply shortened this to give you some more seconds to play, without waiting for whole animations inbetween summoning of gobgob and fusing with it to happen.

This does not mean though, that Gobgob cannot exist with other summons on the field. In fact i belive it SHOULD exist with other summons on the field. I will go even further and say that in my opiniong Gobgob should summon creatures in his turn (spit them out of his belly), for Osamodas, and it should also have swallow ability to summon them back inside (because technically all of osamodas summons are within the Gobgob). Making Gobgob as a spell that summon the gobgob who then summon creatures in his own turn would free up pointless active spell slots. Add to that the ability to click on self with that same skill (instead of clicking on empty cell) to fuse into dragon (regardless of where gobgob is on the field - it would just disappear for fusion sake) and you will have several skills of osamodas fused into one useful utility skill (becoming Dragon or summoning gobgob who can then capture or summon and unsummon creatures).

Gobgob cannot really have damaging skills (as long as its water elemental, unless they make every class have 4 elements to use), following the "logic" of Dy7 that "sadida's Sacrificial doll shouldn't deal fire dmg because sadida don't have fire spells", wich for osamodas would mean that "gobgob cannot have water dmg dealing skills because osamodas don't have water spells" (and by the way i wish osamodas had water spells, because it has blue skin and it would fit well with blue water skills).

Though, i am not a fan of Gobgob being a healer, or for osamodas to have the option to heal anything else then their own summons (and preferably at the cost of own health to fit sado-maso theme and the very first design of Magpie that made osamodas hurt self to heal his summons). There is also no need for yet another reviving class, but the gobgob has this interesting theme of swallowing things and keeping them safe inside that makes me want to suggest it to have the ability to swallow allies to protect them from dmg (in similar way to pandawa's carry, but more of a Dionatrap) and maybe even swallowing KO'ed allies to spit them out ressurected on the following turn with the amount of HP that Gobgob have left. That could be interesting reviving skill, also because gobgob can run away after swallowing ally. Maybe it could even have pulling skill and some rolling-onto-enemy skill that could cause collision. Basically some utilities that would be welcome to have.

I just belive there's much more that can be done to gobgob, more interesting then healing. Let's leave healing to the classes who actually have healing skills and instead lets make Osamodas be the best buffer class with some cool utilities.

I was also thinking about Dragon form - making it possible to fly over ally and remain there (as if they were carrying us, even if they are not pandas) - that could boost dragon form range while not changing the spells of the ally below. However if that ally move, we would land down (same if they get pushed). Condition of course would be that our targeted ally cannot carry anyone already.

Another cool active spell that osamodas could have would be flight - the skill that let you teleport on empty cell behind obstacles, cost MP to use per cell, so basically like walking but you fly over (WP cost to use as well). Not sure what it could do in normal form though, but i would just leave the idea here.

p.s. Oh and Gobgob should redirect spells to osamodas (technically gobgob is part of osamodas, made from his DNA even) while not suffering any HP loss itself. Kinda like Voodoll redirect spells, or how Trank's protection work, with the obvious improvement (that should also happen to Voodoll) that aoe spells that hit both targets would inflict halved dmg, for osamodas to take 100% of aoe dmg instead of suffering doubled amount of pain.

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posté January 15, 2017, 10:06:36 | #4

Quote (Gelgy @ 15 January 2017 03:30) *
Meanwhile, looking at the secure crafting feature..

This is the current UI for it on Beta

I can tell it's not finished, but I'm wonder if it would be possible to make more granular pricing decisions?

For example, just about everyone would agree that Chef is a much harder profession to max than most. And I think it would be nice to put a premium on recipes that require certain rare and hard to obtain recipe scrolls.

I would certainly charge more for making a Slippyneedle or Fanged Cards than I would for Bank Cards, even though the recipes are all technically the same level. And more than that, I'd want to charge more for high level chef recipes than for something simple like Class 18 Glossy powder. Even if my interest is offering my services at rock bottom prices, I still see a significant difference in value there.
I think they should first standarize receipes in value by making them give different experience based on the amount and rarity of materials used to craft them. Once this is done they can make an interface where players need to pay kamas based on the amount of experience such item would have give (aka based on the difficulty to obtain such item).

Or from a different attempt make user of haven bag select wich items he want to be able to craft, for the price stated by him individually for each item/receipe. In other words the interface would work like any other display window, with limited amount of items possible to be displayed. Then, instead of always going to the same crafter's haven bag, people could seek to find the one who has their desired item available for crafting.

Personally i would prefer 2nd idea.

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posté January 13, 2017, 21:28:33 | #5
Masqueraider or Ecaflip. Thank me later.

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posté January 13, 2017, 21:07:24 | #6

Quote (Dy7 @ 07 January 2017 16:21) *

I checked if the spell was correctly implemented and there is nothing special about this MP removal. I guess the explanation from Kikuihimonji are right then.

Hyperaction / hypermovement and the AP/MP removal capacities are global mechanic from classes that are in my list of things to improve for more deeper / strategical gameplay.
Perhaps you should make it so that there is a limit to how much players can lose of their AP/MP in turn. Simply make it impossible to lose more then 4AP/4MP. Otherwise people might feel stunned (as in: hopeless, in need to just skip turn doing nothing) when they lose all AP or all MP (losing all AP is more of a drama, because with 0MP you can still heal up or use ranged spells or skills that make you jump to move, while with 0AP you can't do anything just run like headless chicken).

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posté January 13, 2017, 18:30:33 | #7
1. Finally crafts will be safe! This was needed for SO long. Now crafting machines and crafting gems will get valuable!
2. Why oh why you are removing the ability of Koko the Nutt to summon Kokolerics? The part of the strategy in that boss fight was to cover the potential loss of summoned Kokolerics from boss line, to prevent the disasterous heal from happening. But after the change people will just faceroll the boss without bothering about tactic much. It will become more grindy and spamming dungeon, wich will promote glass cannons builds even further. I kinda don't like that approach but then again i understand that you want fights to be faster. However this leads to another question: can you make Kannibal dungeons faster (boss fight mechanics). As for Kokolerics, you should have simply made boss incurable and you would solve the problem while not removing the potential summoned kokolerics who could have been used by boss to revive corpses of other minions that players now can safetly leave without disemboding.

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posté January 13, 2017, 18:20:34 | #8

Quote (Owlie @ 13 January 2017 17:02) *
Hello everyone,

Thank you Picaro! As my predecessor said, I am your new International Community Manager, Owlie.

I am infiltrating the ranks at Ankama’s HQ and working mostly behind-the-scene with Community Managers to ensure your voices are heard, to bring your opinions to the team and also to get answers to your many questions. We will do our best to bring you the support you need and the attention you deserve.

I will be working in the shadows because I am actually secretly Batm… Um um..

Let’s move on to my name! Owlie comes from “owl” because I don’t sleep much and I always stay up late to finish what I’ve started.

I have loved video games ever since acquiring SuperNES (best console ever made). And since then, my passion for games continued from there. I’ve been actively playing Wakfu for quite a while now and my favourite class is Sadida.

If you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them!

Thank you for the warm welcome,

Hello and welcome!

I like your sense of humour already and it's nice to hear another sadida fan is out there.
While mentioning this, I do have a few questions indeed.
How long have you been playing wakfu? Were you around 2012 by any chance? Also what you like in sadida class?
I am really curious.

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posté January 12, 2017, 12:28:35 | #9
The only moments when i'd need to consume bread is when the time between combat is a factor. And this may apply to PvP when you need to heal up fast after your first pvp ended and 2nd started right away (you got aggroed). Also the condition to reach boss room in kannivore for NPC to appear also ask to use bread ASAP between rooms. Other then those 2 moments in game, i'd rather just go kill a treechnid in astrub and heal up in combat with it. Or simply put i try to not need to be healed when fight ends (i heal up before last enemy die). I just don't like wasting time to make bread.

Thread : Changelogs  Preview message : #995339  Replies : 37  Views : 1437
posté January 11, 2017, 22:33:57 | #10

Quote (Avryn @ 11 January 2017 21:41) *
More and more I feel they should keep reworking a lot of the existing classes before they worry about adding the next one. The last two to come out of the oven have been half-baked.

* Enutrof: Has never actually had a revamp since the game launched.
* Osamodas: Has been buffed and reworked to be weaker and weaker to the point now that they are technically usable, but are missing passives, still have shit for an earth tree, meaningless heals via Gobgob, and almost no passive buildup for anything other than semi-meaningful pet summons.
* Sram: This class literally has no flavor left. It's the most generic melee attacker imaginable, and has only a few small gimmicks. This class has probably been hit hardest by the revamps in terms of playstyle & class individuality.
* Eniripsa: This is the same as Sram except for heals. There is still a complete disconnect between Air & Water/Fire.
* Sacrier: Similar to Enu, this class has not received a revamp since launch. It has a niche build or two that people say works for end-game, but the working builds are not really "Sacrier" as much as they are hot-wired parts of other ranged classes.
* Pandawa: Revamped several times now, and they still haven't figured out how to make Dizzy interesting.
* Rogue: Bombs and guns are in a good place, but Air is still pretty garbage.
* Foggernaut: Needs a huge revamp. Its such an awkward and clunky class to use - the fact that it has Stasis as an element is the only really well-thought-out part of it.
* Eliotrope: "Let's make this class great in concept, and then shackle down all of its good parts behind a lot of arbitrary restrictions!" They need to loosen the reigns on this class, such as Portal range & Travel range restrictions. Otherwise it won't really shine.
* Huppermage: "Let's make a class thats a poorly put-together hodge-podge of other classes we've made!" Runes & Wisp are neat ideas, but the fact that the Light skills aren't designed to mesh with the non-Light skills, and the non-Light skills are just ripoffs of other skills (not even very good skills mind you).

Honestly there's a lot of work needed on existing classes. The last thing anyone wants to see is Ouginak come out and just be as poorly designed and implemented as the last few classes have. Even Masqueraiders - which were supposed to launch with the game originally, were released in a far-less-than-acceptable state.
Yes indeed there are so many changes needed in every class that i myself don't know where to begin. Some classes would most likely get revamped before other, thus leading to complains, but if ankama want to revamp every class in the same time, then they propably will leave us with no updates for months (if not for a year). I feel worried myself about the ouginaks role in the world of Twelve, seeing how awkward in use huppermages became, and how mediocre eliotropes feel.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #995274  Replies : 34  Views : 992
posté January 11, 2017, 22:17:19 | #11
more to Eliotrope:
  • Portals with WP cost to summon them (cost free to remove, maybe even give WP back when you remove) instead of AP cost (to make full AP combo rotations available in the same turn when you set up portals).
  • Barrier's AP cost changed to 6AP. No spell shall cost more then initial amount of AP that players get at level 1.


  • When both Masket Spirit and Msqueraider are both hit with the same AoE spell - make that AoE inflict halved dmg to both (so that Masqueraider receive 100% of AoE dmg, instead of 200% of it).
  • Masks in single active speciality (similar to how Srams use Traps). 1 use per target to not switch between masks during 1 turn (and to avoid complains about too short timer when you'd want to do that).

  • Voodoll spell to not cost AP anymore (to not ruin AP rotations on the turn you create it). Might cost MP though.
  • Voodoll itself to redirect all spells, even AoE's, though just like with Masqueraider and Masket Spirit, if the target linked to Voodoll and the Voodoll itself are both hit by the AoE spell, then the linked target should suffer 2x halved dmg of that AoE (so 100% of it, aka normal dmg) in order to avoid such abuse.
  • Voodoll to last as long as the target linked to it is alive, with no HP loss on it even if enemies are hitting it. However if any enemy makes contact with Voodoll, it should vanish.
  • Generally make Voodoll useful as it was in the past to help shorter range spells reach distant targets + to help melee team mates hit the boss with something else then Rails or Portals. Voodoll should be nice alternative support tool that would help sadida keep dolls on the field and not annoy allies by LoS issues (as allies would have LoS to voodoll). Current Voodoll design is so bad that every new person that i met in high lvl areas have never seen it before. Wich means people don't use it at all. How come people level 200 never seen it before and don't know how it works? Thats saying something. It cry for re-design.
  • Remove the concept of Ultrapowerful doll summoning dolls for the sadida. If you must have the Ultrapowerful to summon dolls then make it summon only Sacrificial dolls. Sadida should be the one who summon dolls during own turn (in order to make sadida have better interactions with dolls, such as summoning of Blocker doll + rooting it in place with Wild Grass right away (due to dolls being summoned not in sadida turn, the use of Wild Grass to stabilize dolls is close to impossible to use next to enemy, as enemy will move away from doll before you can use the spell)).
  • Make dolls cost something to be summoned. Cost-free summons means that there's nothing stopping sadida form making them over and over. If they had some cost to be summoned however, then sadida would have to think twice to either use full AP rotations or spend some of AP's on making dolls instead. It would also make it more balanced in pvp, because the AP spend to make dolls will not be spend on self-armoring for example.
  • Give sadida more convenient in use spells. Most limitations make no sense and are inpractical.
  • Bring back the collision dmg to Gust spell and for everything that is holy let sadida cast Gust from range 1 like it used to because lack of this option makes it impossible for sadida to do zwombit dungeon at required level.
  • Make sadida mobility class - with the use of vines, it should travel better then a Tarzan, because it can summon vines and be carried by them (to not walk, doh, plants are sadida's servants they should carry us (spell that cost AP to travel)) but in same time give it spell for controling dolls that would cost MP per doll used, so that it would be more static with controled dolls or more mobile when dolls stand still (non controled dolls would not move from place, just attack what they have within range).
  • Improved dolls to fit meta. For example make it so blocker doll has self-armor spell with -MP effect, while madoll become ranged multi-hit bullet-seeder with range penalties (and no mp penalty), greedy doll that steal AP to use for another hit if enough AP is stolen (make their name really mean they are greedy) and make inflatables with higher range to make them more of a static ranged healing support that doesnt need to be controled often if he got allies to heal within range (look previous point: if they are not controled they target what they can and stay where they were).
  • Ability to remove selected dolls when needed. Dolly Sacrifice is so limited in use that i can't imagine it being worse then it is, while it should be the most flexible in use. Because everybody hates dolls that derails fight without reaching enemies (aka when doll does nothing, you'd wish you could remove it, but just that one doll, not all of the dolls at once, wich is current design idea of UP +Dolly Sacrifice).
  • Make nettle as temporary 1 turn buff. The fact that it needs to stack to make dolls good enough is the reason why people feel forced to keep making dolls and try to keep them all alive. An option to remove wanted dolls freely + nettle that last only for 1 turn when triggered would make sadida stress less about making full army of dolls, and instead it would start summoning only when it find it necessary for the doll to exist. This is something that many teams with sadida in them would thank you for.
  • Following all of these changes above, the dolls that cost Sadida APs to be summoned should be more durable too. Say what you want but the dolls are too fragile for current meta where monsters hit for more then 10% of sadida HP easily.
  • Make sadida as viable tank from the very first turn. The waiting game to get that resist is annoying. Nobody want to wait 8+ turns for sadida to "get ready".
  • More reliable/stronger poisons to counter other sadidas in pvp. Also because current air tree is lackluster in terms of poisons. I even belive that sudden chill's resist penalty should act as poison (disappear if not re-applied, but if re-applied with 1 cast, then it would continue to last another turn, without sadida spendng crazy amount of AP's every turn on the same skil).
  • Doll Link that increase sadida's durability but at the same time makes the dolls suffer part of the dmg in sadida behalf. It was original concept and it was great.
  • Drain spell that let you heal all dolls, providing you get some enemy close enough to use Drain on. This again was great skill design that Grou removed (and thus Dy7 might not have even seen it, sadly).
  • Basically i wish for sadida to be the class i fell in love with, for other players to also get passionate about playing it, and not get tired/bored/annoyed of playing it.

All classes:
  • Make it so that every class has WP regen with natural state. They may have been placeholders to the future passive of the classes that already has them, but it turns out they are great concepts as it frees those classes from 1 "must have" passive. You could even add some extra effects to natural states that will make the classes more related to their lore. For example every sadida that is KO'ed should turn into Tree, because its is common knowledge that sadida people becomes trees when they die (they can also use potions to transform themself into tree while being alive, but i belive its only something like "faking death potion", wich makes it weird in my eyes that we can turn KOed allies into Trees... even if they are not from sadida tribe). Ecaflips could have a (low) chance to be revived multiple times within the same combat (9 lives of ecaflip concept) providing they are not KO'ed right after being brought back to live (need to for example not get ko'ed again within 2 turns after reviving to make it possible for revive to trigger again). These cats don't have much other then sheer (luck based) dmg anyway, so some extra love to make them more unpredictable in pvp would be welcome. Cra's on the other hand could be immune to range penalties effects (they have those incredible eyes, nothing should obstruct their vision no matter how far their target is). Xelors could be immune to AP loss and Enutrofs to MP loss. And other classes could also have something unique in their natural states too. These things are just the first few ideas i got out of my head.

p.s. I also keep wondering why Xelor doesn't have earth elemental spells (Sands of Time concept) and why Cra doesn't have water spells (ice arrows, c;mon best tool for archers since dofus era and it got forgotten?). Perhaps they could revamp every class to have all 4 elements to use, with limit to 10 elemental spells in deck (+ all active spells always in every deck on top of that, with equal number of active spells for every class to make it easier to standarize in coding). People could then choose to be 2 elemental with all 5 spells from both elements to be used with full power, or be tri elemental with for example 4 spells water, 3 air and 3 earth all while maintaining every active spell utilities, such as conditional reviving spells that normally nobody bring in deck in hope that "nobody will need it".

Another thing is that i think that every equipement piece should give general resistance (resist to all elements). Following this change, people will have to decide in their build window what elements they want to have increased when they level up (you can choose just 3, out of 4, so you will have 1 weak point resist on every class). This way it will be in player's hand what resist they want to have lower, and no more based on weird equipement stats choices made by Ankama's creative people.

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  • Increase drop rate for whole party, not just for self
  • An ability to remain strong dmg dealer in human form and then transform to tanky drhellzerker within the same deck (no more dmg penalty if you are not drhellzerker but have drhellzertank passive), in order to swap between these two states based on the needs (adaptability).
  • Digging tunnels between mines for traveling utility (improve enutrof's pvp combat)
  • An ability to make enemies broke while in beast form (Cutting usable in Drhellzerker mode for that sake)
  • Burrowing self to avoid dmg (making enutrof tanking abilities actually let it be the boss-tank in team with no feca)
  • Water spell (Refinement) removing AP on broke enemies instead of MP (to make AP/MP removal stat worth 100% of it instead of 50% for just MP removal).
  • Transformation into and from beast with fast self click of 1 spell (if Drheller is on the field, it disappear)


  • No limit to number of portals but each portal require 2 control. First portal require no control (so with 10 control you can make 6 portals).
  • Collision dmg added to pushing spells

  • Making gobgob useful - turn it into summoning/unsummoning tool and reduce the amount of spells needed in deck by doing so.
  • Summons that level up to match osamodas level (high level Bow Meow go!), with stats increasing based on their level too (ankama made stasis dungeons so clearly they can design this too).

  • Elemental Spells that deal no dmg to have the option for doing dmg. They are elemental for a reason to benefit from the elements.

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Quote (Kruzy99 @ 10 January 2017 11:27) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 10 January 2017 09:37) *

Quote (Kruzy99 @ 10 January 2017 00:15) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 09 January 2017 23:17) *
What's more i think that Sram should also have an ability to teleport to target's back, aka to "travel through shadows" and thus appear behin target, from that target's shadow. It could cost WP to limit Sram options if he spam it every turn, might involve MP cost too to make it counterable in pvp by mp removal while still remaining awsome in pve.
You mean like their current spell "Wily"?
No. Wily teleport Sram to the other side of target, wich might not be target's back but his side or even front if they show their back to us before we use Wily on them. What i meant is a spell that work like the spell that Ghouls have where the system seek the cell with target's back and teleport you to it. In case the back is blocked, the spell won't work (unless you turn target gaze). Plus it would have better range then Wily (though propably MP and WP cost, wich however wouldn't impact Sram's dmg output from AP's).
Yes but that's having 2 spells for almost the same result which will result in either of them being useless (matter of cost) and/or extremely situational.

A spell as suggested at first would be still better.
Indeed, ergo it would replace current Wily spell effect. Aka new version of Wily. I don't want to bring more new spells that won't find a free spot in already limited deck system, but rather modify "what could have been better designed".

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Quote (Kruzy99 @ 10 January 2017 00:15) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 09 January 2017 23:17) *
What's more i think that Sram should also have an ability to teleport to target's back, aka to "travel through shadows" and thus appear behin target, from that target's shadow. It could cost WP to limit Sram options if he spam it every turn, might involve MP cost too to make it counterable in pvp by mp removal while still remaining awsome in pve.
You mean like their current spell "Wily"?
No. Wily teleport Sram to the other side of target, wich might not be target's back but his side or even front if they show their back to us before we use Wily on them. What i meant is a spell that work like the spell that Ghouls have where the system seek the cell with target's back and teleport you to it. In case the back is blocked, the spell won't work (unless you turn target gaze). Plus it would have better range then Wily (though propably MP and WP cost, wich however wouldn't impact Sram's dmg output from AP's).

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I like the general idea of these improvements.

And i also think that if boss can be moved by Feca then it should be moved by others too.
I can understand why some bosses shouldn't be push-able (to make their lock count for something), but making them impossible to swap just ruin the concept of sacrier's as tanks/positioners and making these same bosses impossible to be picked/thrown just ruin panda and nobody else really. There is really no logical reason why only feca can move these bosses. Either feca shouldn' be able to move them or everybody else should be able to move them too.

As for maintaining Worn Out - i think the whole mechanic of Sober/Merry/Worn Out is flawed in that you cannot maintain Merry nor Worn Out forever. Imo these states should just have 1 level that you maintain as long as you carry/not carry barrel.

As for skills improvements - Bamboozle cast on Panda who carry barrel should pull towards it; Ether should make panda drink from pocket-bamboo (bambootle) to maintain current state without barrel; there should be passive that make Splash of milk heal on initial hit on barrel, to improve the healing. Karchamrak shouldn't be limited to line, but should be changed to use per turn and cost no AP, to make panda spend their turns on skills after, say, 2 throws, since timer is 30 seconds only; barrelhop cast directly on the cell with barrel should summon that barrel to pandawa's hand instead of making panda jump (the barrel hop, not the panda hop, get it? heh). It still let panda jump close to barrel the same way they can do it now. Bottomless barrel should make barrel recover litres when it is not carried. Also i think that picking up barrel should trigger drinking it at the moment you pick the barrel, not at the end of turn if you carry it. This is however my personal preference as i think it would be more convenient to change states like that, within the same turn (also because panda's love of bamboomilk should make them drink the milk right away without waiting). Milky breath and flaming burp should also be usable while carrying barrel and their aoe should turn into cone sized (hitting 9 cells total), with the use of litres in barrel to enhance their power. Also Milky Wave should have no los requirement when casting on barrel. The ability to pull someone towards barrel is missing the potential if you cannot see the barrel behind the enemy that you'd want this enemy to be pulled into. It could become nice live-saver tool and another convenient way to move allies out of danger (faster then jumping to the barrel, walking to them and throwing them away).

Also i think that other allies pandas should be able to use other allies barrels too, in the same way allies elios can move other allied elios portals.

Eh, when i said all that i realized panda actually need so many changes that it would count as revamp.

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In my eyes Srams should be able to turn target's gaze to the opposite direction they are looking at. I remember the skill where sram was throwing simple rock to distract targets and make them look towards it. Heck iirc Grambo's in Treechnid of Yurbut had such skill too. that skill wasn't perfect though as you needed free cell behind enemy to make it turn away, the passive on the other hand was random so it wasn't reliable either (at least to maintain Stabber every turn). What sram need is single cell spell that make enemy look in the opposite direction they are looking at. This way the corner won't save them, and finally people will fight sram in the open (i am tired of this silly mthod to use map edge/corners to counter other classes - thats just boring and flawed design of fights imo).

What's more i think that Sram should also have an ability to teleport to target's back, aka to "travel through shadows" and thus appear behin target, from that target's shadow. It could cost WP to limit Sram options if he spam it every turn, might involve MP cost too to make it counterable in pvp by mp removal while still remaining awsome in pve.

Some classes could also gain passives with backstab resistance, or some state where they turn around to face opponent if they are hit from side/behind (i recall Ecaflip had such passive effect in Paws Off, and i really have no idea why it was removed - it was cool and fun).

Besides srams spells, with easier access to backstab could be reworked too. For example, to make them more of the assasins, their spells could get extra effects on targets who are separated from their allies (aka alone, with no ally within 4 cell or so). Of course it would make Sram crazy OP assasin in pvp, but such mechanic also have its own counter (summons). Then again in group pvp it is very likely that there will be someone separated from others (cras) and i think it would feel godly for such sram to teleport to that cra and KO it if it was careless enough to run away from his allies. Perhaps condition to teleport to someone's backside would be to make it have no allies close, with infinite range (sram travel in "shadow dimension to reach someone's shadow" - think about it like of the stories about monsters under kid's bed who can travel between those beds freely in alternative way). You know, the assasin afterall is picking the separated targets to assasinate them.

Of course if such ability would cost MP, then CRa with higher initiative could remove the mp first to avoid it, but then sram could go invisible and actually reach cra on 2nd turn. Map size won't matter for sram anymore. Providing it would also get the ability to return to pre-set air traps or to have shadow pinning ability mentioned in suggestions, i belive it would make Sram really fun to play.

I mean... lets make classes what they are meant to be, make them great by themself and i am sure every class would turn out to have some counters to their counters to counters etc.

Just look at what happened to osamodas: their weakness was that they were unable to remove their summons, they also had problems when their summon was separated from them. Now they can remove their summons easily to not lose it and they can even summon it anywhere they want to and heck they even got (sacrier's) swap ability wich i still have no idea how they are doing it, but hey logic doesn't need to apply it seems if a class desperately need to have counter to their weakness.

Same goes to iop or cra - before their revamps (few months before decks) the iop was easily counterable by kiting them (they were eventualy out of WP to jump and were easy to kill afterwards), while cra had problems with keeping distance from enemies. Revamp blessed these classes with counters to their weak points and now iop dont need wp to jump and heck even got wp regen mechanic, while cra is now unstopable kiting people who can move VERY far away from their agressors. And has anyone remember when the only way for cra to get distance from close combat enemy was Reatreat arrow with WP cost in it? Man cras were the worse in pvp because of that.

Are you following me? Classes should be great in what they are meant to do, with all the tools and spells designed to help them do that.

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Quote (Fortugatow @ 07 January 2017 15:58) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 04 January 2017 19:17) *
There is no up to date guide for sadida. For various reasons that i won't mention to not discourage you.

Hello, Im playing as eniripsa, cause I really enjoy sup/heal classes, but to me sadida looks a way more sup/heal than eniripsa. (Oh, the elements of a sadida looks way more cool than eni too)

There is really various reasons that can discourage play as sadida? Would be rude ask some of them?

Thank you.
Read at own risk to get discouraged:

Spoiler: (highlight to show)
The main thing that can discourage you to play sadida is the speed of fights vs speed of fights of others. You grind slower and so it makes it harder to get for example fragments of relics.
Another thing is that controling dolls is a must but keeping track on wich dolls you have controled with wich UP doll can confuse you after longer while, especially if you are also talking or in need to think about enemies actions and your allies actions. This may lead to headaches if you try to keep everything organized with no mistakes. The fact that you cannot control every doll you make until 12th turn only adds to the troubles and mistakes. There is also no state nor aura that we used to have around controled dolls, to see wich ones you dont need to target. That combined with 30 second turn can be frustrating, especially if you need to give Sadida's Orders for most dolls EXCEPT for the selected few that you need to control. In the end you might experience yourself clicking controling skill from 2nd or 3rd UP on already controled dolls. People in the chat can easily distract you by telling you what to do as if they knew better. All that thinking make each UP turn take too much time, and it leads to annoyance of allies but also to yourself.
Basically long fights and too many decisions you need to keep an eye on due to lack of reliable "control all dolls" tool (because not controled dolls can mess things up and even lead to KO'ed allies, trust me its no fun when people blame you for dolls AI actions) makes you want to stop playing this class. Especially when others do better without you. Especially that eniripsa healing spells are more convenient in use, faster and strong enough to heal up falled ally to full within 1 turn after revive or healing feca far away with ease.
Whats worse is that we had great tool in form of Totem (current: Voodoll) that was possible to link to an ally and heal that ally from safety no matter where that ally goes afterwards. In short we were better, we lost a lot of cool interactions with dolls and overall sadida is not what it used to be. Yes, now at least we are good in 1 vs 1 encounters but thats about it. We are still slow levelers and got arguably most inconvenient spell limitations ever, with no real reasoning behind them other then making them exist for the sake of existing.
We also cannot remove selected dolls reliably. We got hit with nerfs in least expected places. Dolly Sacrifice was good, and now its close to useless, to the point where i rather ask ally to kill the doll rather then keeping this spell in deck. Speaking of wich, sadida were always multi tasking class, but the introducion of decks works against this concept as you need to focus on 1 role and stick to it for the whole fight, no matter the situation. We can't adapt anymore, at least not as effectively as we could. In fact we are worse at adapting then we used to, and in contrary osamodas got better adaptability then us now. Before deck system it was the opposite: osa had to stick to being dragon or summoner, while sadida was free to place and remove dolls at will, and heck we even once had "lone sadida" bonus that was working with dolls on the field. Now osamodas gained a lot, all the tools it needed, and sadida lost a lot, while it only regained the ability to be durable.
Constant complains of this class about its superiority in 1 vs 1 pvp with request to nerf us even more then we already are can also discourage you to play. People know nothing of our suffering and want us to suffer more. Thats just what grind my gears.

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Quote (ArtCrusader @ 07 January 2017 08:34) *
Thank you all for the many replies so far. I'm glad there are some Sadida players out there willing to share what they learned!

@castigon2: Google Translate kind of helped understanding what you mean in some instances, and I copied the info to my secondary build which I'll use for healing. only thing I am not sure right now is where to farm for higher gear right now.

As I said, I run the Kraken set right now (lvl 82). As I have reached level 89 in the meantime, I am considering already farming for my next gear. Where would that be?

@Kikuihimonji: That's some good advice on what elements to run. I have used Explodoll so far since I've kept some distance between foes and myself to let the dolls handle all the business. But maybe I can be more effective getting involved more. Will try!

@RaderElcaroman: I thought running Sic'em more would allow allies to not be blocked in line of sight? So far I feel that dolls are such an inherent part of the Sadida gameplay that I actually don't want to miss them.
Kraken (golden one, not red one) set is very good, as it will keep you with nice stats for quite a while. Next step for me iirc was to get breastplate from whisperers (Shhhhhudoku Kingdom), the Whispery Pristplate with MP and Control or better yet Milkar Fur armor, wich does not give MP, but give nice resist and better dmg then the former item. Milkar Fur is harder to get when you solo, simply because at this level you won't be able to fight Milkar (its an UB - Ultimate Boss, everybody can solo it at higher levels, but at its proper level it is difficult to fight him + he turn your summons against you, by making them belong to enemy team when the Full Moon turn happen). This Milkar armor might be actually easier to get from market board. It is often listed for cheap amount of kamas, as some people repeat every UB fight weekly for extra kamas reward that they give and thus they get leftover equipement that Milkar drop.

I suggest to also get Hushed Epaulettes wich give control (they again, drop in Shhhuudoku Kingdom, but you may try your luck at market board as well).

Basically aim for equipement with Control (breastplate, belt, epaulettes, maybe weapon too, and you could try to buy pet with control: Tamed Abomination (this is event pet that everybody can getr once a year, around Spring... so maybe you can even wait 2-3 months and get it yourself from event?)) and/or with high resistance (Doll Link give you resist for every doll on the field, basically turning every Control into extra resist... as long as dolls are alive).

Your priority for gameplay with dolls should be control and resist. But you may also want some Range (in helmet and/or amulet) to not feel hendicapped by "short range on ranged spells". Though resist is more important then range, it is still good to have it. Problem is that usually items with range has less resist then you'd want them to.

Also aim for 12AP build. I know its possible to be 11AP build and still be good, but with 12AP you can be more effective, even for your allies (2x Sudden Chill on enemy + 2 allies buffed with Gust = 12AP spell rotation that you might get even sick of repeating at meta of the game, as people usually just want you for that). Also 3x Fertilizer on self or Sadida's Tear once and then 2x Fertilizer on Ultrapowerful Doll is just too good to miss. With that being said you are very vulnerable to AP loss. Hence why you should put points in AP/MP removal resist. This may not be important at early game, but you will need it eventually.

If you are solo player, i recommand you to level Trapper profession (if you havent' yet, you should start doing it right now!). You will want to be able to plant monster seeds yourself for effective leveling up (some places, like Snowboud Village has monsters (northern Chafers) that doesn't reproduce by themself, so they can be extinct if you don't replant them).

Worth mentioning is that you should start thinking about relic and epic. I personally was aiming for Solomonk relic (120 level), because it has nice sakura petals aura following your character when you equip it, and fights vs northern chafers makes you more advanced player (fights in the Frigost maps are the first difficult fights that you will encounter - you will most likely die many times there until you learn how to counter enemies with your skills). Another option will be Harry Boots (140 level) from Ohwymi Desert. I do not recommand Dark Vlad epaulettes (150 level) as they lack of control (some items in specific equipement slots may have control, and as such, they should have it; other equipement pieces won't ever have control, unless they are relics or epics - but in case they don't have it even as relic or epic i would ignore these).

Technically you may get a relic eaelier then Solomonk. There is this Gelano ring from jellies in Blibliza, but those jellies are seriously strong for their level. Anti-UH boots can be guaranteed relic (lvl 80), but since the nerf of Gust spell not doing collision dmg and sacrificial doll not doing fire dmg, you will have to rely on repeating first room daily solo or get help from someone who know the dungeon and has collision dmg spells himself/herself in order to get these. Welder mask is also from the same dungeon that Anti-UH boots are, but those are epics, not relic. Its still nice epic to get nonetheless.

Speaking of wich, when you think about relics in build, you always think about epics too, to make a pair of relic+epic. You may only have 1 epic and 1 relic at a time. Those items give better stats then other types and if you want to aim for 12AP build with good stats (or 13/14 AP builds even), you will definetly want them.

Unlike relics, epics have no fragments that you can collect 100 to form relic. Epics are just drops, but they are also obtainable through tokens. And they are easier to drop then relics.

Most notable epics that you may be interested in:
Satisfaction ring - this is VERY EASY TO DROP epic - get it from Astrubian Treechnids family (only in Astrub, as Treechnids in Amakna and Bonta won't drop these). It may reduce your HP by 50, but it is worth it for that extra AP at early game. The resist on rings are ususally 15~20, so 10 resist to all elements is not that bad considering the AP gain. You should use it until you get better epic.
Welder Mask - it lack the range in helmet, but the resist for its level is ok and the extra AP can help. I even used it on my Cra until i got Solomonk (solomonk is relic, but it is also helmet - cant use 2 helmets you know)
Divine Orrok's Protection - very resistant armor with AP. It lack control in armor slot, yet, but it is worth it due to resist. Besides its not like you will use it for meta build, and early in game you don't need tons of control yet. Use it if you don't have anything better (and if you lucky to drop it or find it cheap on market - it is not a must have so you may aslo skip it). Just saying its nice.
Emiwlet Amulet - it is nice... but those stats fell short quickly. The resist is lacking and soon you may find items with more dmg% for amulet too. It is great if you happen to drop it, but don't stress yourself if you didn't. Its not that easy to get, unless you have good guild that will play with you in that dungeon often.
Genetically Modified epaulettes - the resist and AP in these shoulders is tempting. If you can afford lack of control in epaulette slot, you should use these.
Sigknight Ring - now this is new epic introduced to the game not so long ago and i must say its fantastic. This Villany Vineyard dungeon have really good items for sadida overall. Only problem with that dungeon was lack of wild monsters that would drop the keys (you had to craft keys from blood of any other monsters), but since keys are not longer existing, this is no longer an issue! Get nice friendly group and spam this dungeon - its actually great experience for players co-operation. And that epic ring give both range and control while maintaining decent resist. The resist is lacking considering its an epic but its not that big of a loss if you get control (remember 1 control = 15 resist if doll is out)
Woboots and Wa Cwown - they both drop in the same dungeon (Wa castle), though in different rooms (this dungeon has 2 bosses in 2 different rooms each). Woboots are great combo to make a pair with Solomonk, while Wa Cwown is good if you have aimed for Harry Boots. You will basically have epic and relic in helmet and boots slots no matter wich of these pairs you decide to go for. Most people aim for Wa Crown and Harry Boots. I personally went for Solomonk because it was earlier for me to get fragments to it. Whatever you chose its ok - those will be your usuall epics for quite long time. The Sigknight Ring though might add something new that players haven't aimed for before. You may decide to go for Sigknight ring with Harry boots or with solomonk now, but problem will be to convince the team to run Villeny Vineyards over Wa Castle.
Happy Sram Kimono - this is my favourite epic so far that i keep using in meta of the game. The amount of resist it provide is just crazy good. You will get best resist results with this item in your equipement, even with 1 less doll (lack of control). Some people use Withered Breastplate instead (it give 30 resist and 1 control, so technically you could get 45 resist from it, while HSK give 60 resist right off the bat) but its up to you. If you aim for best resist, HSK will be still superior.
Higher level epics are falling behind resist-wise too, so you will have to decide to sacrifice some resist to keep up with higher dmg meta propably, but i wouldn't bother with that until you hit 190+ level.

I forgot to mention some good relics that you may consider later on:
Souleater - you might spend a lot of time in Srambad, so might as well get it. Its an armor though so if you want some more dmg and extra MP at the cost of own resist then swap HSK for this armor. With that being said the resist on this relic isn't that bad either. Its good enough, just not best.
Golden Keychain aka GKC - bonus mp and range in a ring slot. Some people who really want that extra range aim for this relic, even if it means their resist will be more of a papper. Its great for support sadida who play without dolls, just an alt or hero of someone. And its quite good for Lone Sadida builds. The resist being just 10 for a RELIC and at THIS level, is just horrible and made me skip this.
Lucloak - best relic for a tank hands down! I use it in meta, even on my healer deck. A dead sadida cannot heal afterall, and our best heals are not self-heals sadly (Drain, Woodland Stench). I was looking hard for a replacement to this relic and i still haven't found one suitable enough.
Dora N.I.O. - its horrible, never use it. Better keep Dora Borette or Dora Maron for a best resist helmet once you drop it from Steel Beak UB.
Belt of the Winds - at times when you need more power and want to maintain 12AP build, this relic comes in handy. It is not good for tanking, like at all, but with meta having Feca tanking everything anyway, and dolls being useless now 95% of the time, you may consider this at least for 2nd build. The dmg it provide is really nice. However i wouldn't use it in pvp, just in pve with experienced team.
Monkey King epaulettes - ok-ish resistance with nice amount of block, CRAZY amount of dmg AND a control in it! Yes thats really fantastic, but the problem might be here to maintain 12AP build with this epic. This is where relics with AP in slots that normally doesn't have AP come handy. Belt of the Winds as example. Problem still is that those alternative ways to get 12th AP comes with less resist from them. However if you really want to hit hard (and to make your dolls more dangerous, at the cost of being a little more fragile), then you should hope to get these epaulettes. They are best for osamodas, since they don't need 12AP build as much as sadida does, but you may still work with them. Perhaps 11AP build might be considered with them.

Nothing else seemed to be of my interest. Hope this help you build yourself.

Battle strategy:
Staying away is good, but only if you don't plan to keep dolls alive. If enemy attack you then it might not attack the dolls, and if dolls are alive, then they build up more power overtime. It is important to learn when you should keep distance and when to start tanking yourself in dolls behalf. Sadida is far more complicated then people who don't play it claim it is. Learn to keep your army alive, and to not die yourself in process.

Sic'em more does allow allies to not be blocked by line of sight, BUT it can be utilized only every 3rd turn AND it still prevent melee class to make lock-contact with targets if the doll is there. Dolls are also meant to block that line of sight for ranged enemies to not hurt allies - thats where they come handy. This is why usually you dont want dolls to not block line of sight, as that makes them pointless to be summoned in the first place. However this is again not a world of black and white but with many grey color, and when you use Sic'em More can also vary.

The main reason why players hate the dolls though, is that they slow down the combat. This is handy when someone disconnect - to stall for time and let it reconnect in time before his turn start, but in other cases, it just pointlessly derail the end of the fight. At least this is how people see it - people who prefer to get hit and let eniripsa heal them up, instead of avoiding being hit thanks to doll. Also because most glass cannon builds in meta these days can just obligerate the enemies before these monsters even get a chance to attack (providing they can aim on those enemies). People would have to deal less dmg to enemies for sadida to shine in damage mitigation.

Solo tank build is still best for pve and 1vs1 pvp. I even made some experiment and fought 2 Nyl Shamans (ok it wasn't intended experiment as i simply didn't change my Lone Sadida deck back to Doll deck when i aggroed this crocodyl duo - gosh i hate these decks system so much!) and it took me an hour to beat them, while with doll (tank) deck it takes me 10-15 minutes or so. Heck i even asked the other sadida who was in Dmg dealing equipemenet and he said he couldn't beat these like at all. So sheer power is not always an answer unless you can 1 turn KO everything (and sadida can't, no matter how much you streatch it with dmg buffs, our spells are just lacking in power). A shame that Earhtquake can't be boosted with a class passive dmg% that we get (speaking of our class-passive lone sadida, wich is stupid design because of that; you may still boost the dmg slightly with Carnage, but thats general passive that anyone can use).

Sorry for the wall of text. Happy reading.

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Good steps forward. Small steps, but in the right direction.

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