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posté Yesterday - 21:42:07 | #1
Maybe some people doesnt like that i let others know how to deal with this dungeon.
Haters gonna hate ^^

Thread : Guides  Preview message : #894004  Replies : 4  Views : 132
posté Yesterday - 21:35:20 | #2
There, i made it for you.

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posté Yesterday - 21:34:33 | #3
Quick guide to Robowl Robowl dungeon can be a pain for unprepared team. You need to know wich person need to start first and either learn fast the mechanics or fail.

1.Getting started.

All you need to know when deciding about initiative order is that first person will most likely NOT be the one that can attack the boss. Put supports/positioners/summoners to be first for boss room. This is however not needed for first 3 rooms so just make sure to adapt your deck before boss fight.
Allies who can move boss away (push,teleport) will be needed, ideally with lowest initiative.
Allies who can summon obstacles will be also a bless in phase 1.
Allies who can reduce boss MP will be always welcome, though not necesarry.
People who can pull out (or swap) allies out of KO zone in map edge may be helpful when things get ugly (for HC).
Healers are not needed since you can heal via damage (and you should avoid damage). Basically anyone can heal if "Impacted" (details in Boss room main mechanics).

2.First 3 rooms.

In normal Robowl dungeon first 3 rooms are just normal xelorium present monsters that you can meet outside. Just kill them with what you got.

In HC Robowl first 3 rooms already give some increased difficulty: Each xelorium monster will explode in cross of 3 around self (3 cells in line in all directions from monster that get's KO'ed). This means that you need to be careful when you deal finishin blow on them, to not hurt self or other allies.
This also apply in boss room, including boss.

3.Boss room main mechanics

The main mechanic in both normal and HC Robowl dungeons that you need to always keep in mind is that you should avoid ending turn in diagonal with ANY enemy (this include Sadida's Voodoll, wich when summoned, become enemy-aligned). Otherwise you will get hurt badly. This is limited to 6 cell diagonal range (3rd diagonal cell) so if enemy is 8 cell away in diagonal or further - you are ok.

Each phase change (from p1 to p2 and from p2 to p3) make boss trigger an 3 cell circle size aoe around self - avoid it at any cost. It can easily kill you or leave you close to death. However boss trigger it at start of his turn, so don't panic if you "open" him and are close to it - you have allies to help you get away.

Ending exactly 3 cells from an ally will give them "Impacted" state. Fear not - this is a positive state and you WANT to get it. It give extra 100% dmg and turn your damaging spells on allies into heal (heal is still possible normal way). However just like in tormentor dungeon, the heal will bounce to nearby allies as damage (2 cell range) so don't heal allies when they are gathered.

Healing via summons is very welcome as it ignore damage bounce from heal.

HC version also has KO zone added all around in map edge, except 4 corners, wich are safe. Swaping and pushing effects from monsters may lead to unexpected death here, especially while Syclicks are alive.

Boss likes to aoe in a reverse cone (picture below).
He can also hit single targets individually.
He can even push if you are close (keep it in mind in hc).

Boss also get +2AP for current turn when his minions die. However, since you should avoid his attacks anyway, don't bother with this and kill his minions fast, ideally starting with Syclick as it gives most problems.

4.Phase 1
During phase 1 in both normal and hc, any attack from boss on you (even if you are shielded, even when you are under perfect armor) will reduce your max HP. Therefore it is adviced to NOT tank the boss. Avoid it in any possible way. While in normal difficulty you can just push boss away and lock it down with summon, the HC version of robowl is unlockable and stabilized in phase 1. However it is still possible to reduce its MP with MP removal spells. It is also possible to derail boss by placing beacons, blockades and other summons. Keep in mind however that if you cage boss with summons, the summons around boss will disappear at start of boss turn. Therefore: never cage the boss, but do use summons to block his path to you/to allies.

In normal difficulty Robowl can be hurt only from melee range in phase 1. Otherwise the damage will be very low (reduced by 90% or so).
In HC mode Robowl is immune to damage in phase 1.

5.Phase 2
Phase 2 in normal Robowl start at half of boss HP. During phase 2 in normal you will have to deal frontal damage to boss (at any range) but this will work only if boss will be in the "middle square" (the square zone between pillars of light). Otherwise you will deal very low dmg. It is possible to tank boss in phase 2 and make everybody heal up, especially if you have shielder class. This is easy part in normal where you can chill.

Phase 2 in HC is totally different and in my opinion most difficult part. This phase start when you turn all blue cells in dungeon into red (by stepping on them). When you trigger it, or before you trigger it, make sure all allies will be in the middle square before boss start its turn. Why? Because boss in phase 2 will inflict serious damage on whole map except edge (ko zones) and middle square, but you dont want to be in ko zone, right. So go to middle. Boss in phase 2 will also heal by half of the dmg it inflict. It can also heal from summons that are left ouside of the square (except mechanics that have no "alignment circle" such as beacons, those will be destroyed but wont make boss heal from them. Basically anything that can remain in ko zone will not let boss steal HP from it). From good news once phase 2 is triggered (once we have all blue cells turned into red) the boss lose his stabilization and CAN be pushed. It is adviced to push it away, ideally to corner (after other melee members attack it, or after you link it to voodoll with sadida). Also reduce his MP when you can. He will not reduce your max HP anymore but you don't want it to steal hp from you right? And while in tight middle square it will be difficult to heal up.

Also boss in hc p2 can't be hurt in the middle square.

6.Phase 3
In normal dungeon the phase 3 start... when you kill boss. Or rather when you reduce his HP to 0. When this happen, he "ressurect" and can steal hp. The difficult part is that in order to hurt the boss you need to have "Impacted" state given to you by ally. And not just that, you also need to step on the red cell (in normal dungeon to turn blue cell to red, you have to target it with a spell, can be selfcast if you are standing on it, can be any spell, even the ones that does no damage, just cast spell on it) AND attack boss while on that red cell. Boss may often be too far from red cells or too far from impacted ally. You will have to coordinate well and Impact eachother. Also take note that every turn boss will turn two red cells into blue to makes things bit more annoying. He will also summon 1 random minion (xelorium present monster) every turn (3 max). If you are not impacted or can't reach boss from red cell - kill minions. Especially kill summoned Poz, wich can place Balmed state on boss when boss will get low hp. Careful to not end in diagonal with those summons as it hurt too, just like from any other enemy.

In HC this part is easy if your team has good set up. Just like in phase 2, boss can't be hurt when its in the middle square between pillars of light. Unlike normal difficulty, in HC you don't need to be impacted and you don't need to stand on red cell. There is completly different mechanic, so forget what you learned in normal dungeon.

At start of every boss turn in phase 3, 2 blue cells will turn to green color and 2 other cells will turn to red. The green cells will give boss Final Damage bonus if they will be not deactivated. Boss can be hurt in phase 3 HC only when there is no red cells on map. You can ignore green cells in fact, just turn red to blue. In order to turn red cell to blue however, targeting it with spell won't work. You need to walk on it and then cast any spell while standing on it. Summons can do that too. People with highest initiative will have to turn those red cells to blue (usually i do that on my Sadida, with dolls). The less players it will require to turn red cells to blue, the more players will be able to damage the boss. It is even possible to kill boss in phase 3 during 1 round of turns. Hence why i said it is easy part if your team set up is well made. People can attack boss from any position (as long as there is no red cell and as long as boss is not in the middle square), wich is definetly less difficult then normal phase 3.

7.Additional notes:
In HC if you push boss in phase 2 to the ko zone, boss will not heal up from killed summons outside of the square. However boss also can't be hurt while it is in KO zone, even via voodoll it will be not possible. This is why most of the time people try to move boss to corner.

In HC mode be careful when you receive "Damned" state from Poz - it will make you push allies who are in line with you when you end your turn (while pulling enemies in line), and this may lead to allies being pushed to ko zone.

Another danger, aside from obvious pushing spell from Syclicks are Cullers of the Wind. One of Culler's spell make allies in contact with their target pushed to the side. Therefore if you expect cullers to hurt certain ally - do not hug it, as it may end badly.

Poz can also place Balmed state on any monster (wich work as player's Barrier of 800 value), however i advice killing Syclicks first because they are more dangerous with their teleports, aoe's and pushes (if you feel unsafe, stabilize self, run to safety corner or kill the teleportating tool that Syclick use to warp). Poz will use Balmed state only on lower-on-HP enemies. You can use this knowledge and either weaken other monsters to about half HP and finish them off next turn or kill them fast before Poz start turn.

You may kill Poz as last one "just in case". Sometimes none of your allies will be able to pull out someone who got pushed (for example by boss) to ko zone, and with a bit of luck, Poz can target that ally and swap it out, saving it from certain death (It happened to one of my team mates).

Balmed state last 1 turn so its not that bad (hit something else while you wait for it to disappear). Though obviously if its phase 3 then its adviced to kill Poz if you can't hit the boss, so that next ally won't need to worry about Balmed state.

Happy hunting.

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Thread : Guides  Preview message : #893998  Replies : 4  Views : 132
posté Yesterday - 09:55:21 | #4
They should fix continuous music option toggle first.
The music volume get lower and lower with every map change. Until you hear nothing.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #893851  Replies : 7  Views : 380
posté Yesterday - 03:39:09 | #5
Summons heal enemies. The Inflatable dolls are healing Emperor Jellix (dungeon boss 3x3 size) if they are not controled every turn.

Please fix it, its seriously annoying when your own summons heal enemies and not you!

INFO 08:56:49,843 [AWT-EventQueue-0] (FO:141) - [Game Log] The Inflatable casts Swelling. (Critical)
INFO 08:56:50,203 [AWT-EventQueue-0] (FO:141) - [Game Log] Emperor Jellix: +723 HP (Water)
INFO 08:56:50,859 [AWT-EventQueue-0] (FO:141) - [Game Log] The Inflatable casts Swelling.
INFO 08:56:51,218 [AWT-EventQueue-0] (FO:141) - [Game Log] Emperor Jellix: +569 HP (Water)

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Thread : 1.43 Bug Reports  Preview message : #893781  Replies : 0  Views : 57
posté August 01, 2015, 11:50:15 | #6
I wonder if it will allow people with meridia insygnia already to obtain it or will we have to gather almokens for another meridia again....

You know in Wakfu achievements can be buggy like that.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #893543  Replies : 90  Views : 2096
posté August 01, 2015, 03:16:37 | #7
Dolls are more durable then before if you have good resist.
However on my solo tormentor run they still die fast on first turns even with the Rock passive.
However when you manage to make more dolls, and if you have high resist build yourself, then they will survive a bit more. Mind you Ultrapowerfull IS durable, so does blocker doll, but other doll individually can die easily. This however is not the problem when you in group as monsters will aim for player rather then dolls.
A blocker doll can soak some damage and lock monsters, for your greedy dolls to avoid being hurt. Greedy doll can now hit from 3 range - use this and control them to kite. Remember its about withstanding long enough to make 2nd Ultrapowerful and then to make more dolls. The more the dolls, the more resist previously summoned dolls get.

If you build for dmg and lower res (say 60-65) then your dolls will be too weak defensively.

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #893431  Replies : 6  Views : 256
posté August 01, 2015, 01:32:10 | #8
Ok there's easier way to reproduce this bug then going to tormentor:

Summon Greedy doll, and make it nettled at least lvl 20.
control that greedy
Select its attacking spell to hit Sadida

yup just spam it and you will kill yourself.

Appearently with this, if you dont mind 1 doll hurting you few times, you can use 1 doll to nettle all the other dolls (including newly summoned ones) to max nettle 60lvl within 1 turn.

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Thread : 1.43 Bug Reports  Preview message : #893405  Replies : 2  Views : 127
posté August 01, 2015, 00:17:11 | #9
If you want to be well geared while you progress in lvling, ignore kamas and do dungeons instead.

1st get gobbal set, its better then royal gobbal even due to increasing all elements. And it give 1AP early on.
Then do your nation dungeons wich can drop 1AP amulet. If you fail to drop, you should get it from tokens eventually.
Then do Celesial gobbal for imperial set, wich is another great set for early levels.
After that you should be able to solo kraken dungeon (in imperial gobbal set), wich give nice 72~80 lvl kraken gear. Mind you you will need to do both mollusky (kraken) dungeons in brakmar and sufokia as they drop 1 different piece (forgot wich one).
By that time you should be either able to get last piece from tokens or get enough kamas from killing mobs to buy last piece (at least in phaeris market prices, not sure about remington, on remi prices are sick).

With kraken set you are prepared for most things till 100~110 lvl actually. Kraken set is just so good.

Oh and while in celesial dungeon, you may sell cloudy cottons for nice kamas in market board. Defineyl ignore kama minting. Maybe if hazy lead ore was closer to eachother and not in pitch dark cave that can make you tired of running around with not much to look at... then maybe you could (in phaeris server) make decent daily kamas. In fact kama minting was quite fine for those unlucky people who cant drop a thing, back in the days when wakfu/stasis islands were unlocked/unlockable. Now its impossible to access the hazy lead there.

At lvl 104 or so (after frigost quest) you may consider hunting norther chafers for solomonk fragments. Those sell well still, or you could just gather them for yourself. Those mobs also give nice exp. If you find them too hard to kill, hunt whisperers in shhhudoku island. Fill in missing equipement part with what you drop.

Also when you can, and if you can get the team with ~ your lvl: do flaxid and tormentor runs for runes/emblems. Those sell well at all levels. Especially emblems. They are good kamas on all servers.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #893386  Replies : 33  Views : 700
posté July 31, 2015, 23:57:05 | #10
It is propably because Sadida, unlike most of classes, can use the Rock passive effectively, wich give it 60% max HP bonus, making it able to survive first turn of incoming dmg.

Then, the longer the fight progress, sadida gain more and more resist. It is really a survival class.

Allow me to quote encyclopedia on this:

"They may be nicknamed “The Tree People”, but Sadidas actually venerate all forms of plant-life. When they’re not declaring their unending love to flowers, they can usually be found playing with home-made dolls infused with healing or attacking powers. It’s no wonder they can hold their own when danger calls - survival is in their nature!"

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #893382  Replies : 6  Views : 256
posté July 31, 2015, 15:33:40 | #11
Damage vs Final Damage
Heal vs Healing performed 

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #893229  Replies : 15  Views : 523
posté July 31, 2015, 14:35:53 | #12
Fights between 2 tanks is like fight of 2 rocks. One cant break the other and vice versa.
The solution would be to add more indirect spells/hemmo type of attacks for tanking classes so that they can actually kill eachother. Or maybe some spells that prevent armor gain, etc.

And the reason why people aim to be so resistant is because of the op dmg other classes (DD) inflict. Just get Feca in team and make it buff your Final Damage to extreme levels and your Rogue can 1 turn Sadida.

Again 1 vs 1 is imba and will be imba.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #893209  Replies : 22  Views : 669
posté July 31, 2015, 14:12:32 | #13
Infinite +3AP In tormentor dungeon, when sadida get the state that hurt it when Tormentor it hurt, the dolls that attack boss while having already lvl 60 nettle, will keep getting +3AP every time they hit the boss, wich leads to infinite amount of AP for doll.

Solution to fix this would be for dolls with lvl 60 nettle to not get nettle triggered on them again.

Thread : 1.43 Bug Reports  Preview message : #893202  Replies : 2  Views : 127
posté July 29, 2015, 23:46:00 | #14
Just wait and see people use it in pve vs high lvl bosses.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #892784  Replies : 82  Views : 1235
posté July 29, 2015, 15:52:31 | #15
Some fun with spells Eniripsa's Transcendance - you can use it on boss/ enemy player to prevent it from damaging anyone. Useful for example on Robowl in phase 1.
Cast Transcendance on Drhellzerker - it gets immune but can attack. Cool huh?

Use Feca's Provocation spell and enemy loose ALL MP - use it on Drhellzerker enemy and he suddenly get stunned (cant do anything). Then again if you use it on Enutrof in non-drhellzerker form, then he can turn drhellzerker, use Prime of Life and troll-dodge away.

Thread : General  Preview message : #892629  Replies : 1  Views : 162
posté July 29, 2015, 10:39:15 | #16
What about rose monster?
I heard it doesnt apply lead legs when its captured.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #892565  Replies : 82  Views : 1235
posté July 28, 2015, 20:24:03 | #17
How to reproduce:
Make team of 4+ members
Go to dungeon
Clear first room no problem
Start fight in 2nd room... bug. And every fight onwards in team of 4+ member will bug out.

Ankama won't reproduce it if they test only first fight after log in.
They also won't reproduce the bug if the number of the players in team will be 3 or less.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #892333  Replies : 67  Views : 2193
posté July 28, 2015, 03:24:27 | #18

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 27 July 2015 20:27) *

Quote (Madd1 @ 27 July 2015 19:58) *

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 27 July 2015 01:40) *
Have to admit Kiku you are quite good, sadly this just proves that Sadidas kinda need some more nerfs.
After a series of team-derps I was able to basically solo down HC Vertox boss (Boss only)... it's not too uncommon for instances like these to be possible to solo. We used to have to do similar things when Srambad wasn't as easy as it is now (and occasionally someone still has to if there's a massive team derp) The efficiency is absolutely god-awful, though.

- Madd
True, soloing the boss is no extraordinary feat; Kiku on the other hand soloed the whole room (quite easily according to screens and his comments) without getting hurt (finished fight with ~80%hp ) and even had his dollies prosper. I have noticed many times that Sadida dollies get next-to-none damage from Vertox's moves (and Lapse,Crolk) countless times.
Its 60% or so on the picture, not 80, and i was hurt a lot, just that i was healing up a lot too. I just prefer having as much hp as possible before fight ends, so maybe i could have done it faster if i wouldnt bother to heal, wich actualy i didn't have to i would just live with 20% or less hp if i ddnt.

p.s. i dont think i will try soloing robowl, even normal. Monsters got nasty effects. Swap can ruin everything, cullers can stack too much state on me if i dnt hit them then, and boss will reduce my max hp if i get hurt at least once, wich will effectively kill my dolls. its srambad nightmare 2.0 for me.

Oh and today i was doing vertox hc with 3 other people (4-man team). My conclusion is that it was EASIER alone, as i could maintain clock better for the dolls to not die. Yes in team it was faster, but i was in constant pressure about allies moves/swaps and dialing. I was in fact more worried that my dolls would die then that my allies would (as i could finish it alone if allies would die, but death of UP doll would create chain reaction of dolls death's, and that could lead to blocker doll's death, wich could then fail the attempt to keep boss close to spot, wich then could lead to mass deaths, if for example Ulti would be cast by boss with no doll to take the hit, etc.). I just didnt felt comfortable with this. A support class who care less for allies then for own summons... quite weird if you ask me.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #892121  Replies : 39  Views : 1948
posté July 28, 2015, 03:17:34 | #19
Sadida is summoner class and as such it is supposed to be better with dolls then without dols. That being said Lone Sadida is out of place, but thx to that passive we can grind normally/hunt for drops quite fast as others. If you were expecting sadida to be better without dolls, then no wonder you are not satisfied. I suggest you go play some iop instead.

p.s. Doll Link is awsome passive. The more the dolls, the more durable is sadids - it was the oryginal concept of this passive, though at first the dolls were suffering part of the dmg the sadida would have receive, but that was hurting doll's hp and some people didn't liked it. Now we just get plain resist per doll instead, wich is the same effect but without making dolls loose hp, wich satisfied most of the people i know.

The only problems with sadida right now is that controling each doll individually is what makes the fight long, and thinking with every UP doll, wich one to control and wich one to give Sadida's Orders, etc is also making sadida players take too much time to think. A simple control of all dolls would speed things up. 3 UP dolls could be also reduced to 1 or 2 with no limit per UP doll to how many dolls we can summon, wich would also give sadida less time for deciding wich doll to make and wich doll to not make now but with other UP doll, as they will simply summon it right away without worrying that they did it wrong. That and obviously spell limitations are weird. Spell effects also aren't that amazing if you compare them to other's. A 1 cell push is so small when you see osamodas moving allies or swaping with their summons at great distance, or even rogue teleporting 8+ cells away to a bomb, or sacrier's 7 cel attract or pull or masqueraiders 6 cell jump, etc. This all feels mediocre at best. The gameplay with dolls could be improved to be more player friendly and less hindrance. But still sadida has improved a lot, but then again it had a lot to catch up with others. Now sadida is really a survival class propably on top of survival togather with feca. Still Rogue or Sram can beat them, heck even burst dmg cra or masq could, but people dont build themself for high dmg only, while sadida build self for high res only. I know that a cra can achieve 1500+ dmg%, such cra hits like truck and give serious problems to sadida, especially to sadida with the rock passive that reduce selfhealing.

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #892120  Replies : 9  Views : 410
posté July 27, 2015, 12:56:25 | #20
Don't forget that there are passives with +FD. Right now summons don't benefit from them and that make people who are summoners avoid being burst dmgers, wich i think is ok. If what you ask would be added, people would just all go full dmg and kill you off faster. Carnage + Inhalation alone give 25% FD. Add to that explodoll dmg (wich can go up to 100 FD) and Lone Sadida and you will suddenly have to deal with Sadida that throw on you brambles with 161% FD. Such sadida would not even care to have much hp and will mp reap you first, voodoo, k'mir voodoo away and beat you to crisp. Belive me its better the way it is now. Sadida is about survival afterall. Its not a surprise it can survive well when you give it more HP with the Rock passive. But with the Rock your dmg becomes so low you are better off not attacking at all. Right now i feel like the Rock is picked only by summoners. Mind you self healing suck when you have rock, and classes like Rogue can ignore all the armor you may make, effectively killing you if you don't do something back. That being said rogue is natural nemesis of Sadida's now. The fact that you are loosing pvp to sadida becuase you are not thinking about tactic and just want to burst dmg it is the reason you fail. And even then classes shouldn't be balanced around 1 vs 1 pvp. The fact that sadida dolls can deal normal dmg while Sadida use The Rock passive to give dolls the desired HP is actually a con, as it limit the passives sadida can use. Not to mention that what is great for 1 vs 1 is lame for group pvp. In group pvp its better to kill one of the enemies fast, togather instead of playing your own doll-summoning game. Oh and if Sadida's would pick the Rock and that passive would decrease summons dmg, then players will be even more annoyed by sadida dolls. Right now these dolls at least do some respectable dmg.

p.s. And still if sadida make 2 UP dolls then with 2 of them summoning Sacrificial dolls, all the dmg penalty from the Rock vanishes, so you won't make the dolls weaker, you will just force sadida to have 1 less doll that stays alive and that will only make sadida fights even longer then they should be. This would bring nothing good. Seriously ask for your sram improvement if you feel its weak. I saw Sram's killing Robowl HC in phase 3 within 1 turn, with the help of feca buffs. If anything those feca buffs are op. Add feca to your team vs sadida team and you will 1 turn sadida.

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #891902  Replies : 39  Views : 1136