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posté May 18, 2016, 20:12:46 | #1

Quote (OrehRuoy2 @ 18 May 2016 04:34) *
Passives are fine. You should be able to use all actives though.
^ this pretty much. And players should be rewarded for leveling all of their spells by having their utility spells or situationls spells strong while people who play less would have the same amount of active spells, but weaker since not leveled. It would also make people stay longer in game "to get better" instead of leveling only the spells that need for deck.

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posté May 18, 2016, 10:29:41 | #2
It should have been impossible to multi-account in the first place.
Or rather multi accounting could be possible but without more then 1 account online at a time (unless you use 2 or more PC's that is).
But since its already allowed, you cannot suddenly ban people from playing the way they used to play.
Ergo, Multi Accounting shouldn't be banned from wakfu.

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posté May 17, 2016, 14:43:27 | #3

Quote (Flatops @ 17 May 2016 04:25) *

Quote (xXx-sarah-xXx @ 16 May 2016 18:43) *
I would participate but only digital art wins.

One of our winners for the previous fanart contest was a traditional art.
It is never first place though.

I think Ankama should look more about the ideas and fun people put in their art, less on how well its made. Only then people with less drawing skills will be able to win.

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posté May 17, 2016, 14:31:54 | #4
It's a bellaphone-wannabe costume

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posté May 17, 2016, 13:19:13 | #5

Quote (arcanvs99 @ 16 May 2016 23:32) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 16 May 2016 17:32) *
I am dissapointed in how much you cared to create this picture.

You might want this, it might help with your butthurt
No, for real, i get you don't have photoshop, but the amount of time you had put in to create this "art" only shows how much you really care.

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posté May 16, 2016, 17:32:27 | #6
I am dissapointed in how much you cared to create this picture.

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posté May 16, 2016, 14:04:24 | #7
I belive nobody want to waste time making such guide.
Personally i would make such guide myself IF i was happy about this new design AND if i had time. But, feel free to ask questions, this way you will get answers faster then hoping for someone to make full detailed guide.

The class has no interesting interactions with own summons, is making you tired to play after longer while if you use dolls, or make you feel weaker then others if you dont use them. It also lack of any interesting spell rotations in turn. Most common is just Sudden chill x2 and Gust x2. Even K'mir + drag to dolls + Earthquake isn't satisfying enough to bother using it (Earthquake power diminishes with dolls due to lone sadida, and increases with dolls due to spell mechanic, making it generally weak and not practical in use).

Nontheless if you still want to try out this class then i can give you some guidelines.

1. This class is nice for old-style tactical playing. If you play alone and don't use sidekicks, this class will make you happy and you will be able to win great victories in dungeons that other classes might have struggled to beat if it wasnt for the high dmg they deal.
2. By all means, do use dolls. If you refuse to use dolls then you can as well choose better class who will have better, more reliable healing (Eniripsa, Masqueraider), better dmg (Rogue, Sram, Cra, Foggernaut) or better tanking capabilities (Feca, Sacrier). Dolls are sadida's nitche - covering map with multiple walking summons that derail enemies is what only sadida can do effectively (Ecaflip could, if not for the long cooldown on Bow Meow and lack of controling tools).
3. Learn that dolls can be used for Explodoll dmg boost and keep that passive in places where you expect dolls to not live long.

Put in general dmg if you want all your skills to be decent or if you want to have stronger Greedy dolls and single target attacks (most of your skills are single) to kill each enemy fast 1 by 1 - single target dmg. Your dolls swarm already count as ability to hit multiple enemies, so you shouldn't need aoe dmg. Better to have general or ranged if you really want to make your aoe stronger while not diminishing other spell options. Do mind though that your self heal is affected by close range, so ranged dmg will make your own healing to self kinda lame. General dmg is safe bet, i'd say.

Take AP, MP, Resist and 2 Control for doll gameplay.
Eventually replace one of these for Range. It depends on your planned equipement.

Basically Sadida summon The Ultrapowerful doll and either give it AP (Mudoll, Vaporize) or armor it up (Fertilizer) and then this doll make dolls. Repeat every turn, remember to keep dolls alive (for defense) and tank dmg yourself (for nettle boost dmg to dolls from Green Guard) while armoring self or let dolls die and kite with your spells while removing MP (Wild Grass). Eventually you use (in team) Gust x2 to buff allies (cant buff own dmg, sadly) and Sudden chill x2 (to reduce enemy res). On other turns you can heal up allies (if you dont reach enemies) or make your dolls if allies don't mind.

Thats generally how it is, in short. I have no time to go into details. Feel free to experiment.

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posté May 11, 2016, 15:30:55 | #8
Interesting we got Xelor and Panda gods designs leaked in one of the pictures here. Xelor meets my expectations but panda ... ugh grow fat?

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posté May 10, 2016, 00:17:52 | #9

Quote (t0dos @ 08 May 2016 20:24) *
Yep that's what I am doing but how can you buy figurines you choose? I only know about that gem option that gives you a random drop?

And yes I kinda lack in figurines i have some special ones like Yugo, Evangeline, Nox and Regmington.
There are 2 buttons on main screen where you can obtain figurines.
One is "Shop" - there you buy krosboxes with random figurine for 150 kroz.
Second one is "My Teams" - inside it you can view the figurines you already own and the ones you still don't have in your collection. On the right side of the screen (still inside "My Teams") you will have 3 tabs. They are as follows:
1.Statistics - allow you to view details of selected figurine (Initiative, AP, MP, Level (1-6), its spells and information about its special passive effects)
2.Illustration - reveals the picture of selected krosmaster
3.Recycling - here you can see "pieces of figurines" you have (those cubes). At first you have 0, but as you complete some achievements you can get several of these pieces. You can also recycle the figurines you have to get these cubes (only available if you have duplicate of figurine, as you cannot lose your only copy of figurine). Level of krosmaster recycled will determine how many cubes you will get from recycling them (when you destroy level 4 krosmaster, you get 4 cubes). Don't get surprised though, when you will have 2 identical krosmasters and you won't be able to destroy one of them - this won't be available if selected krosmaster can be present twice in the team. In such case you would need 3 copies of this krosmaster to destroy one of it.

You can buy the krosmasters you don't own yet here - in recycling tab (select krosmaster you don't own yet and click "Get this krosmaster" button). This is how you get the exact figurines you want, without relying on luck. Do note however that its not going to be easy to get these cubes once you done with Adventure mode, so choose wisely. Also, as long as level 4 krosmaster will give you 4 cubes when you destroy it, buying the same krosmaster (or other lvl 4) will cost you 26 cubes.

Basically the cost in cubes based on level of krosmaster is as follows:
5 cubes for level 1 krosmaster
11 cubes for level 2 krosmaster
18 cubes for level 3 krosmaster
26 cubes for level 4 krosmaster
35 cubes for level 5 krosmaster
45 cubes for level 6 krosmaster

Small note: You need at least 3 figurines in team and their total level cannot exceed 12. It means you cannot have 2 krosmasters level 6 in the same team, so dont make such mistake when you choose figurines. You also cannot have 2 krosmasters in the same team with "Boss" title. It means you cannot have, for example, Luk Ylook (lvl 2 cra) and Henual (lvl 2 xelor) in the same team, even though their levels aren't high. Make sure to remember this or else you might waste cubes for a figurine that won't be able to join your planned team.

Hope it helps.

p.s. Funny, i got Remington and Nox too. Remington gave me my first victories, i belive i had like 8 in a row victories with him, so it ain't bad. Though its best spell require it to have enemy within 3 range at start of its turn for best effect, and after using it, Remington cannot retreat, so it has its flaws. Nox itself can be dangerous alone, but can be countered easily with Unfazed enemies who cannot lose AP. Having 2 Brotherhood of Tofu is also nice, especially if you got Yugo! I must say Yugo is superb if there is another Brotherhood of Tofu alive. Pretty much you have good krosmasters already. I wish i had yugo myself (with other brotherhood of tofu members). People call me lucky though, because i got Goultard (from random krosbox, same was with Remi), and even though its nice figurine (my best moment was when enemy with Gein gave up at start of combat right away when he saw i got Goultard - LOL) i kinda dislike using it (its quite boring) and appearently i won vs enemy Goultards with my Remington. Right now i am working on different team set up - a dream team that i once got to experience during Krollosium and won 4 times in a row with ease. Wich is why i also recommand playing krollosium - for experience in fights. Also, you can sometimes get cubes and figurines there. So definetly worth doing it. I do them daily.

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posté May 08, 2016, 11:13:29 | #10
Using K'mir on boss and then walking through eliotrope Portals.
The boss just... ignore every cell mechanics on its path and get dragged diagonally to the portal i was in.
Man, this never gets old, and it makes me smile every time.
And those who didn't see it before are laughing hard as well.

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posté May 07, 2016, 10:16:59 | #11
It's not that hard to be honest. At first do Adventure mode with all krosmasters available for it. In case you tired of it, do 4 fights in Arena (not ranked though as you lack figurines right?). It should give you some free Kroz enough to get few figurines and some figurine pieces (achievement rewards for doing adventure mode) enough for you to buy 2 lvl 6 figurines even (chosen by you! no random!) + some more.

My advice is to play it daily: do 4 krollosiums every day and complete one of the 3 daily requests (challanges): one of them is to do boss in adventure mode with certain figurines set up - something you can do even with lack of own figurines (and it gives 40 Kroz).

It's bearable belive me, as long as you don't want to sit in Krosmaster Arena 24/7 but do it casually.

In case this is really not fast enough for you, then by all means buy krosboxes with ogrines.

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posté May 04, 2016, 10:06:53 | #12
First incarnam after game launched from beta state was the best:

- You had emote wich needed co-operation of 3 people to get it (2 had to stand on "foot cells" and 3rd could pick emote).
- There was a quest to kill 1000 wodents
- There was celestial gobbal spawn mechanic for emote as well
- There was also gemlin introduction (you had to save the little buddy from bow meow!) - your guide and a pet in one (it was nice concept)

I dont know why they changed something that was nice to something that is worse.

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posté May 03, 2016, 22:03:59 | #13
Assuming you are not being power leveled, i'd say that if you are leveling up in dungeons you will eventually drop Infernal Set from cloudy gobbal dungeon. Its not like you have something else to do at that level, so why not getting it right? It would be your first complete set, unless you spammed gobbal dungeon for first AP set (wich isn't bad idea either). After that spam kraken dungeon in both brakmar and sufokia and with that set you should be ready for most enouncters and just fill in missing pieces of gear with what you drop best. At ~100 level you might consider grinding on northern chafers to get Solomonk hat (though it depends on how easily you can deal with them, some classes have serious problems there).

But i wouldn't bother to rune these equipement. You might start thinking about good items at ~140 level, when Srambad begins. Srambad has some really good items out there that can help you survive Enurado and Xelorium. Heck - some people still use Happy Sram Kimono in their build even at lvl 200.

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posté May 01, 2016, 02:45:28 | #14
Sacriers really enjoy the dolls on the field, to help sacrier perform his swaping/positioning actions.
I've been even asked many times by sacrier players to place doll in exact cell so that they can swap with it.
The synergy is really nice between these 2. Especially in pvp, where sacrier can protect the UP doll and the dolls can cripple enemy movement decisions, further helping sacrier. You just need to be careful not to armor up the sacrier when he use own earth spells, because in this case armors will negate eachother (armor will completly vanish after sacrier turn, stupid bug). However if sacrier will be using fire spells (punishment!) then by all means armor him up instead of healing. Sadida also lack of mobility, and sacrier can help sadida with this. Funny enough both of these classes benefit from boost to dmg when they are hit (Angrr and Nettle). Its as if these classes were meant to play togather.

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posté May 01, 2016, 02:14:54 | #15
WP cost on dolls ... been there, saw that.
If not the game mechanics wich prevent use of WP, steal your wp or make you lose 2 wp right away (some map edges), critical failures, the punishment of suffering hp loss with each use of WP spell, etc then i could accept WP cost for dolls (with proper WP regen mind you). But right now WP is not something that you should often use, and dolls definetly are of frequent use. Just imagine summoning dolls in Nun dungeon for WP cost, or vs Tofulix. Ever tried Tsar dungeon at its proper level with sadida back in the days when dolls had wp cost? Nightmare i say, it was nightmare.

However it seems that Elio can use WP without suffering penalties from using it: the exalted state make elio lose WP, by avoiding "using it" yet still having it being drained out of Elio for extra dmg. If dolls had requirement "1WP or more" and would make sadida lose WP when the doll is created then we could avoid some of the issues related to WP spells. Some, but not all. Lets also not foget the major points distribution: if you had only 6 WP the extra Control from major wont give you any doll if you already had 6 control before. You would then have to waste 2 major points: 1 for control and 1 for WP. You don't want that forced choice. Especially that you also need AP, resist and Range and heck you have no points left for MP or Final dmg sadly. You dont want less choice from major points, so please stop suggesting WP cost for dolls. It didnt worked well for 3 years, it wont work now either.

In fact considering the Sadida god loving creation, we (sadida disciples) should be rewarded by our god with WP each time we create life (summon dolls). Maybe we could have state like feca, xelor, osamodas, sacrier, etc (natural state, dont require passive) wich give us x number of state when doll is created, when we heal or armor up, etc (actions that doesnt make sadida hurt enemy). And at lvl 100 state we would get wp back. You want more dmg? You use WP. You want to recover WP? You switch to defensive/support role.

However i agree about 2AP cost for dolls. Again though this cost shouldn't be based on the power of the doll, unless someone dare to justify osamodas summoning cost. No. This 2AP cost is there to limit sadida decisions in turn (what it can do during own turn). Summoning dolls would limit the use of, for example, fertilizer or heals. If you spend 4AP to make 2 dolls, you will have 1/3 weaker armor then you normally would if you could spend all AP for armoring. Thats the only reason to actually give initial cost to doll summoning.

If you want to have WP cost involved, you can make WP cost Sic'em More 1 use per target to boost each doll manually for reliable dmg. Weak doll? Just AP. Stronger doll? spend WP.

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posté April 30, 2016, 02:06:36 | #16

Quote (hugoegon @ 29 April 2016 23:57) *
Well, the problem is the ramping up part, isn't it?

Why not change it in a way, that dolls are more powerful individually and immediately (no need for a million nettled stacks), but it's harder to swarm the field with them?

Nobody, including most Sadida players I know, likes to see a battlefield with tons of dolls on it.

I personally would welcome to see the seed system back in action. Getting different dolls for different elemental attacks used on seeds sounded like very interesting tactical gameplay. Sadly right when I decided to make one, spelldeck patch hit and turned it into a mindless "UP just spams dolls every turn" fest.
The seed mechanic the way it was won't come back because people abused summoning seeds to block cells, to ensure that enemy will have to waste 2 attacks to clear that cell, regardless of its power. In the end sadida became seed summoner, not doll summoner.

However i had a solution for this: seeds that doesnt block cells (in the same way that rogue bombs can be stepped on, or heck, the eggs of scaraladies, wich pretty much have even the same background under those eggs that sadida seeds had). Complains that sadida cannot activate doll because someone is sitting on it could be also solved by making seed crushed (vanish) when someone step on it (to not occupy Control). This solution would have been nice along the change with the spells giving their cost refunded when cast on seed (except aoe spells) to standarize the cost for every doll to be the same (equal the cost of seed).

However as long as the decks limit our spell numbers, the mechanic of seed + different spells needed to activate the seed won't return. Simply because sadida would have to waste most of its spells in deck for summoning spells, even if it wouldn't want to use those spells for attacking. It is also the same reason why we won't see spells that only summon 1 doll type. That would be seriously stupid, and i am glad that Dy7 actually made the change to summoning mechanic. Dont get me wrong though, he could have done it better but the pressure of time didn't allowed him to experiment.

It is in fact possible to make a summoning method with the deck system wich would require only 2 spells max to summon all type of dolls. That is of course if Ankama insist to not give us the "osamodas summoning window" for sadida (because that would require only 1 spell in deck to summon any doll). Alternatively there could be 1 spell that summon 1 type of doll and that doll could have ability to transform to any other doll during its own turn, but that would definetly not be fast, and could be even annoying after longer gameplay.

@Neneko people in SB (what matters in wakfu according to you) actually do complain about dolls there. Why? Because they can make timer bugged (timer of first person will be lost due to dolls animation death on phase 3 start), block cells and force allies to take more collision dmg then they wanted to, block the way to boss (and you want to reach it from close range to avoid his jump), or simply cripple sadida's own healing abilities (and creating inflatables will take too much time after p3 start, and at p4 those dolls will be useless). Dolls can be still used to remove traps there, but its far less convenient then it was back in the days when sadida were making dolls during own turn and buffing them with MP right away. And you don't care much about traps if you want to kill SB within 30 minutes for achievement, in wich case you dont want to summon dolls either.

In fight vs magmog or excarnus the dolls will not even bother to attack the boss if you wont control them, so thats pretty annoying. I belive sadida players are more frustrated about this mess then the allies in team.
And we dont have the ability to remove selected dolls anymore, at least not from convenient positions. And positioning self to be in line with a doll instead to reach ally/enemy is ridiculous with sadida lack of mobility and short-medium range spells. You have to either remove all the dolls togather with the UP or you dont remove any. And maybe it wouldnt be the drama if not the cooldown on UP and long build up times for dolls to be effective.

Another issue is that when you just want to have ONE doll, it will only be possible to have UP doll. We cannot have just 1 Blocker doll anymore. No. The UP will be there and annoy you for extra seconds wasted by it coz all you wanted was locking doll, so now you gotta have 2 dolls minimum, and that is annoying in longer gameplay.

Man i actually start to miss the 2AP cost seed +4AP cost bramble summoning of 1 blocker doll, because i could make it instantly when i wanted, and i could make 2 of them or 1 every turn, it was up to me what i wanted to do, it was so nice... The cost was ridiculous indeed, but still i miss this ability to make all dolls instantly during my own turn.

And to make things more annoying, i was suggesting long time ago a spell that would pull towards dolls and now that we got Mass Charm spell, we simply cannot make doll at distance and use mass charm on it (coz dolls appear after our turn). Thats dirty move, ankama.

I actually think that osamodas and sadidas way of summoning is reversed! Imagine osamodas with gobgob (just like sadida now have UP) to summon creatures from it, then it would be normal, logical, this would be exactly gobgob summoning things from his body - thats what they are supposed to do, right? And that gobgob wouldnt take much time to do his actions because it will have to keep only 1 summon (except for self) on the field, under control. In fact it wont need to cast any controling spells at all. It could have its own healing/swaping spells and summoning/unsummoning spell (aka swallow and spit out). And osamodas wouldnt need their "gobgob window with the list of summons available" anymore, because those would be in gobgob spell bar. Heck osamodas spells cast on gobgob could make summoned creature inherit these buffs for convenience, why not?
Now imagine also the sadida with the summoning method of current osamodas: from 1 pop up window (leaf-pocket with seeds). You could have a list of all 6 dolls there and you could summon any type you want from it, during your own turn!

I mean, it definetly would take Ankama some time to do it this way, but it would be far better gameplay-wise and more intuitive.

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posté April 29, 2016, 20:12:40 | #17
It won't stop the complains. People will complain that their x good skill is not as strong or not working properly or have different cost (and thus becoming inconvenient) then the same x spell for pve scenario. The rage will be real. It will be harder to make it good separetly for pvp and separetly for pve. Its double balance work for ankama. Just make 1 good system that works well in pvp and adapt monster difficulty to that. Thats doable and imo it should be Ankama's goal.

Lets not forget how impractical pvp gear is. Say you use your normal pve equipement and suddenly you get pk'ed after your combat ended. Now go quickly swap all the pve gear you had to your pvp set within placement phase, and dont foget to change deck too, and eat proper food, and actually position self (or else you might get backstabed with no effort on first turn). And god forbid you have delay or lag!

No. People should have equipement and skills that work exactly the same way for pvp and pve. What work for pve should work for pvp as well. To me its already stupid the way it is that my pve deck (DD) wont work well for pvp (need tank deck) when i am attacked. Also because of different equipement needed for different decks (for example dagger + 1h dd weapon instead of shield+tanky 1h weapon). Placement phase is too short for that and i dont really want to make it even longer. We are already separated with own decks for pvp and pve, and now you want to also separate skills to make things even more divided? What will be the next suggestion, to make spells work differently in solo pve and group pve, differently in 1 vs 1 pvp and group pvp and differently if its 2 or more vs 1? Or maybe also differently on UB's? Please stop. It will only make things worse.

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posté April 29, 2016, 16:31:52 | #18

Quote (unknownsl102 @ 29 April 2016 11:41) *
or buff other class on resistance
Basically give more resist in equipement. Problem solved. People, unlike monsters, are too fragile when they want to hit hard (unlike monsters).

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #960819  Replies : 25  Views : 806
posté April 29, 2016, 16:26:38 | #19
Teleport to x location as emote Teleport to Almanax Temple
Teleport to Ecaflipus Arenas

Imagine those were not taking up your precious inventory space, but instead be an emote that you can use as... any emote! Wouldn't that be great?

They could also make people automatically learn teleport to almanax temple once they visit it - without the need to talk to machine to buy this "book" for 0 Almokens (some new players even won't be aware that this exist until someone tells them).

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posté April 29, 2016, 16:21:36 | #20
I think that armors should stay the way they are now. However there could be an armor immunity state that trigger on the following turn after the person was armored. Or a cooldown to the spell, or limit per use in turn, per target, etc.
Alternatively they could give every class a spell that bypass armors (poisons), reduce armor generation (such as incurable for heals), remove armor (but not by fixed amount, normally boosted with player elements) or prevent armor creation (as if incurable lvl 10 for heals) though such spell couldnt be used every turn, to actually make armors worth using.
There is a reason why armors can block all of the incoming dmg. It is prediction game. Unlike the heals, if you armor someone who won't be attacked, then you wasted your spell for nothing.

As for dolls taking actions for 15 seconds only - i wouldnt mind that to be honest. Question is, can ankama do it without players having bugged timers?

If you dont know what bugged timer is do the following:
Enter SB team with sadida. Make sadida summon as many dolls as possible before phase 3 start. When phase 3 starts, watch them dolls all fall and die one after another. Now the first person who start its turn after SB actions (the one with highest initiative) will most likely skip its whole turn without being able to cast any spell.

This is basically the problem of animations taking place "in between" turns, and thus cutting the next person's turn to "fix the time".

The 15 seconds timer may therefore results in enemy player having 15 seconds bonus to their timer, per doll, wich would be ridiculous and wouldn't help to make faster fights at all.

But 100% control of every doll all the time can make fights faster (less time for the player needed to waste for thinking wich doll to control and wich doll to leave uncontroled and wich doll to send Sadida's Orders to). I can tell you from my experience that i could make my fights 2 TIMES FASTER if only i had full control of every doll all the time. Though when i disconnect the dolls should become AI controled OR skip their turns (prefered turn skip to be honest, AI can screw up the fight).

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