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posté Today - 03:29:00 | #1

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 01 February 2015 03:19) *

Quote (kurausu @ 01 February 2015 03:14) *
herp derp give us better damage than srams and iops. Hell, i've been comparing myself to pandas and eniripsas.

herp derp. make us stronger than support classes while weaker than melee classes. please.

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 01 February 2015 03:18) *

Quote (KingEragoFP @ 01 February 2015 01:07) *
Stop basing your opinions on 1vs1 pvp...
It isnt even worth to put things on that side, everybody knows that for own on pvp you just have to create a Feca
And you people stop insisting on telling that 1 vs 1 is non existant or non important.
It was a simply example to not make a wall of text in situations where ranged and ranged and ranged and melee vs melee and melee and ranged and ranged or othr scenarios would appear. Seriously the arguement "do not say it because its 1 vs 1" is dumb.
1v1 exists and is pvp reality, but you simply cannot balance a tactical game on 1v1 pvp. it simply cannot be balanced without breaking the game a bit.
Ikr, still i can;t give a damn short example without someone saying its not 1 vs 1 game.

And as for dmg, i was just giving designers the overall idea to not nerf the dmg of Cra because its ranged, because if its nerfed to the point where you need 2 turns to deal as much dmg as an iop within 1, then theres no point being cra. Damages will be (hopefully) adjusted. And no, i dont want cras to be ranged iop's sending wrath with arrows - that would be sick.

Oh and Charge is anti-Cra, who HAVE to move away from iops every turn. Those iop players who dont want Cra to be away from them even for 1 turn... i see what you did there, you Charge lovers. And i can't blame you i will propably make my iop with Devastate and Charge spells - if enemy run all the time - i use Charge all the time, if enemy don't run i use devastate = no way to avoid high dmg, no matter what enemy do.

I wish Cra would get MP and Dodge if it ends up being in cc at start of its turn 2 times in a row.

Oh and for those iops who think being Cra is better then Iop because range is so awsome - i suggest you to try one thing: solo gobbal dungeon (no sidekicks) as iop and solo it as Cra (at low lvl obviously). I bet in boss room your cra will have more problems then iop, since you can just wrath around self and cra need distance. So its more about situational maps and different enemies encounters then saying that ranged>melee.

ALSO i was thinking.... Cra used to have passive that reduce damage taken by Cra from ranged attacks. Perhaps it could make a return.

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posté Today - 03:18:15 | #2

Quote (KingEragoFP @ 01 February 2015 01:07) *
Stop basing your opinions on 1vs1 pvp...
It isnt even worth to put things on that side, everybody knows that for own on pvp you just have to create a Feca
And you people stop insisting on telling that 1 vs 1 is non existant or non important.
It was a simply example to not make a wall of text in situations where ranged and ranged and ranged and melee vs melee and melee and ranged and ranged or othr scenarios would appear. Seriously the arguement "do not say it because its 1 vs 1" is dumb.

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #826053  Replies : 1095  Views : 36910
posté Today - 02:27:08 | #3

Quote (Asgreth @ 01 February 2015 01:47) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 01 February 2015 00:59) *
You should complain about it in general forum or report it as bug that you get no pouch dropped next to boss.
The pouch "drops", it's just "immediately picked up".
Its because it drop "under" boss, instead of "next to it".

Thread : Enutrof  Preview message : #826043  Replies : 7  Views : 824
posté Today - 00:59:11 | #4
You should complain about it in general forum or report it as bug that you get no pouch dropped next to boss.

Thread : Enutrof  Preview message : #826029  Replies : 7  Views : 824
posté Today - 00:52:09 | #5
I should propably add to the list of what is wrong with Sadida each individual spell.

For example Sudden Chill - you think its good right?
Well it is good "in team" as it reduce resistances so obviously that feature alone is good.

You can't benefit from that - resist yourself as Sadida, because you have to spam that Sudden chill, and thus the only spell that beneft from - resist is 2nd and 3rd cast of Sudden chill. This makes this pure-support spell as only allies can fully make use of all of the - resist you apply.

This is not the case for panda or feca.
Panda can reduce resistance at start of its turn and fully benefit from it with all of the spells it cast afterwards.
Feca can place harmor that last 2 turns, wich means there is at least 1 turn for Feca to fully spend AP on the -resist target.

Sadida theoretically can achieve the ability to use - resist for itself on the following turn, but it require it to play with dolls. However if the doll that used Sudden chill die - the whole -resist debuff is gone as well. You might try to summon 2 or more ultrapowerful dolls that remembers sudden chill, but enemy only need to kill the one that reached -120% resist with its spell cast - if it kill that 1 doll, all the - resist is POOF gone.

Not to mention sudden chill used to cost 3AP, not 4, before grou's nerf.
Not to mention panda can have -150% resist at early levels, with single cast of one spell when its needed. Panda was revamped, yes i don't argue on that, so this makes it look better. And this is exactly my point: the spells need improvement because in current state they aren't synergizing well and sadida need to spend all AP on either shield OR heal OR -resist OR re-summoning 2 dolls every turn. There is not much flexibility there. I mean utility options exist, but we can't really make good use of them if we don't focus on 1 specyfic role. Spamming sudden chill only every turn if there is no need for shield, no use for dolls and no need for a healer is quite... boring, don't you think?

I know for sure that people who use Sadida as a "hero" (read: alt, sidekick) to reduce resistances or shield the tank (or as a healer for some reason instead of quick to act eni) are satisfied with sadida the way it is. BUT this is not the way the class should be used. It should be effective on its own and not take 20 minutes to kill a group of monsters that others can kill in 2mins.

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #826027  Replies : 14  Views : 489
posté Today - 00:32:42 | #6

Quote (Dy7 @ 31 January 2015 17:39) *
The Pandawa has +0,01 base damage ratio (per level per AP) on his fire spell, due to his old fire damage passive, that skew the comparison.
This part is what makes me fear the revamp of those underpowered classes that people treat as "support-only" or "not-supposed-to-be-top-dd", because it means the problem of the damage gap between classes won't change. What was worse will remain worse. If Cra was worse then panda then it will remain worse then panda. I really don't like the fact that you are looking at the base damage ratio's of current class in order to make it "keep" its damage ratio's about the same. This is where the problem is. You should look at one class with top damage (Sram) and adjust other classes to be able to challange them.

There should not exist classes that are "support only" or "weaker because its ranged". The melee has the same problems as the ranged. Melee has to reach target and suffer damage by tanking, but ranged need to escape from suffering damage and can't attack in close. Things seems equal on both sides. However you making melee spells have more dmg then ranged spells, wich is completly unfair, especially if you consider that melee classes have extra HP, shields, invisiblity, jumps and other stuff to actually not be a punch bag if they dont want to.

The things are unbalanced however because of the lock and dodge.

Situation A:
Melee vs melee - they can both sit in place and punch eachother

Sitation B:
ranged vs ranged - they can both sit and shoot eachother

Situation C:
ranged vs melee - ranged could sit and shoot, but it cant because melee will come close to it, however once melee get to close combat with ranged, it can sit and punch it if the ranged wont move, and due to lock it might not be able to. Lock is just cheap -AP and -MP mechanic that bypass hypermovement and hyperaction states and doesn't even require melee classes to use any spells to do that. Meanwhile dodge doesn't debuff melee in any way, its just there to counter lock, but you need way more dodge then enemy need lock to make you loose AP and MP. Read: they are not equal.

I see no reason to make ranged classes weaker then melee.
The fact that x class had x base values of spells or dmg boosting, does not mean they shouldn't be increased, if the class had them too low in the first place.

Saying this the Explosive Arrow seems pointless to use if there are no beacons in the zone (as that WP loss will not boost the damage anyhow comparing to Milkin It). I belive thats the issue with this spell.

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posté Today - 00:02:43 | #7

Quote (Madd1 @ 31 January 2015 21:03) *
[...] hoping Ankama will in their good graces (which I'm going to drop the sarcasm for a moment and point out, Ankama will screw everything up twice before getting it right *COUGH, RUNES, PVP HP REVAMP, Ogrest Chaos/Riktus, ect, COUGH*) will scrap everything and modify the class the way you want.

(Spoiler alert: They won't.)
Sadida was better before Grou's revamp and Grou's revamp changed a lot and even scrapped some spells and made them work completly different then now. Sadida was a guine pig to chromatic damages and those values were (unlike for stasis fogger) put under the average values due to misunderstandings of Grou with cap level being 200, while he designed them to be maxed at 100, wich only streached them and made us gain something useful half way too late.

Yes he added us more dolls (we had no inflatable, no lethargic and no ultrapowerful dolls before), even though we didn't need them before. Yes, he added us brambly armors, but the values are lame comparing to later revamped Feca (when they realised what the shield values should be). Still after that Sadida didn't got their rebalance in hotfixes. We got ignored, trashed and left a "lone".

I WILL expect ankama to scrap or rework some spells preferably back to bring back the abilities that we lost (such as higher survivialabiltiy the more the dolls we summon due to Doll Link and the ability to heal all dolls on the field with single spell cast - wich was Drain's job) and improve what we have now in same.

They already screw up sadida more then twice, so its time for them to do the job right.

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #826020  Replies : 14  Views : 489
posté Yesterday - 17:57:34 | #8

Quote (Heartyace @ 31 January 2015 16:36) *
I dunno about other people. But Sadida is used as a main healer in my parties.

Also, the only issue is your damage. The characters currently consist of damage while niche. Dolls are you niche. THey're just underpowered. THat's all.

I don't know why you keep saying your heals are in a bad place. If there's 2 healers in a party, heal resist makes the other redundant. That's all.

But yeah, only damage/doll issues. Unlike Sram who is the jack of all trades, Sadidas niche doesn't necessarily put them too high above other classes.
The dolls and the damage is not the only problem. I made full list of what is wrong for the people that are even unaware of Sadida struggles to view them. And i am not saying sadida heals are bad. They are good, but i didnt't started playing sadida to be a healer. Besides the heals of sadida is limited to 3-5 range from drain (eventual 1 range if ally is between you and enemy) or single target mudoll, wich is just good, nothing special or you rely on dolls heals, but that has its own issues, such as not enough mp/range for doll to reach ally in need or ai bugs or weird target choice (sometimes they ignore healing who need the heal the most). So heals are good, with broken dolls, the damage values are lacking, but thats just tip of the iceberg.

Sadida can be main healer in team, i dont deny that. The problem is that ... thats that. You don't need sadi for anything else, so why pick it over eni who can revive or deal higer dmg at better range? And the problem alone is that we have what, 15 spells right? But you only gonna use 3 of them? (mudoll, drain and sudden chill to debuff res)? If thats the only spells worth using then Sadida has more problems then people think. People think its fine to be sadida because when they use those 3 spells they are good. Well i doubt you would be happy if iop would had only 3 spells worth using.

Like you said our nitche is sucky, and i detailed it in first post. I suggest reading it before commenting with the same old "but you are good healers".

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #825930  Replies : 17  Views : 220
posté Yesterday - 12:53:28 | #9

Quote (Onofriss @ 31 January 2015 07:57) *
How many times do I have to explain. I do not care if water branch becomes the most DD among the branches, its just that I would hope its healing capabilities are reinforced.

That is my opinion. You vocal Sadidas are very keen on shutting down other people's opinion. At least that's the impression I'm getting in this forum and it gets annoying sometimes.
I think we misunderstood your intentions because of the first sentence:

Quote (Onofriss @ 30 January 2015 20:03) *
I wouldn't want the water branch turned into the DD branch. I'd rather it become even more of a healing branch since Sadida is the class that can heal well aside from an Eni. I think Drain and Mudoll is ok, but the other 3 should be tweaked.
Perhaps you meant that you don't want for water branch to be DD only with no heals. I have to say i don't want to loose healing posibilities either, however as for spells such as Rust or Sadida's Tear i'd like them to be good for damage dealing because without that the only spells any sadida choose from water is the healing ones, and i don't like that, as a former water sadi from beta.

Drain is also imo not "ok" because it doesn't let Sadida heal itself. Even Ecaflips can heal themself with fleaches life steal, so i see no reason why not letting Sadida to drain heal by making the Drain spell with minimal range changed to 1. It would also help us to not have the need to move away from enemy, in order to heal allies next to it (as well as giving us heal too).

I did not forgot the Tree, as i generally mentioned the low values of specialities that is the problem. In case of Tree it does pretty low heal per MP (7HP per MP used at lvl 100, thats really REALLY low, considering the spells with MP deal ~14HP or more damage per MP at the said lvl 100).
The Resistance the Tree provide is not even good for survival imo, as it give only 50 resist at lvl 100 (and at lvl 20, when you can max it, it give only 10 resist). Those are slight increases and unlike Feca - temporary ones, as once you out of WP you loose that. Not to mention you need WP for dolls. Also i still remember the Tree spell that was giving us invulnerability for 1turn. Comparing to that, we got really nerfed in Tree spell. That resist bonus not gonna save you alone, and you'd still need to shield self with brambly armor, but for that case you have to spend AP on armor, not for attacking. Like i said in team you may stall for time by self protecting, but they could then replace you with Trank, who has higher survival due to huge HP pool. So to sum up, the Tree give "something" but its just not much to make me consider it a reliable survival mechanic. I can see Tree potential in revamp. As of now... we traded invulnerability for slight dmg reduction from resistance, that doesnt add up to final reduction from speciality point or doll link, wich by the way i think is bugged if it work without the voodoll. I will be in respec room today maybe tomorrow (got all mats from farmagency) to test it out.

p.s. I didn't mention individual spells problems to make it shorter, but we can clearly see problems in them, such as Earthquake being random AND hitting allies is really bad. I mean the fact that it hit randomly is ok, as we already have manualy targetable earth aoe (Manifold bramble) but the fact that it may hurt allies (or us) is just making us not level it. Making it ally-friendly would also prevent casting it to trigger nettle from Green Guard. But perhaps its better to mention this in suggestion topic or the"Random ideas" as here i just wanted to point out all the flaws of Sadida for the dev's to take note on that.

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #825854  Replies : 17  Views : 220
posté Yesterday - 02:57:50 | #10
You also missing the fact that we cant max all of our spells. Someone who like water element might prefer to choose it for damage, not for heal, while other would choose healing spells from it.

Not to mention "Sadida's Tear" is related to Sadida god sending heavy rain. Heck it must be strong spell !

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #825726  Replies : 17  Views : 220
posté Yesterday - 00:24:28 | #11

Quote (Legendary-Pokers @ 30 January 2015 20:58) *
Lies saddis are op u guys need a hell of a nerf unlimited summon no fair u guys need max 6 summons. I've been with Ankama for 6 years and saddis need power but need to remove the unlimited summon
And when you saw sadida summoning more then 6 dolls anyway? Besides more then 6 dolls is usually just the "extra" doll that might come in handy in case other dolls were ditched far away by enemy such as cra or panda. Currently its too easy to counter Sadida dolls, if you have problem with them then i dont know what class you play.

I have clearly listed everything that is wrong and you just came here to troll and say sadida is op because it cannot run out of dolls (wich is a lie because it can if it run out of wp). You could as well want for rogue to run out of bombs i suppose or for feca to run out of glyphs.

In between revamps we had situation where we could run out of dolls (we had no wp regen when doll died, except for fire doll) and that made Sadida too weak because killing dolls was easy way to counter any sadida in any form of pvp. I am glad grou at least gave us wp refund. It wasnt perfect solution, but temporary help.

Summoner should never run out of summons and killing summons shouldn't be the way to kill the summoner. Thats how it is in every game.

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #825678  Replies : 17  Views : 220
posté January 30, 2015, 20:07:56 | #12

Quote (Onofriss @ 30 January 2015 20:03) *
I wouldn't want the water branch turned into the DD branch. I'd rather it become even more of a healing branch since Sadida is the class that can heal well aside from an Eni. I think Drain and Mudoll is ok, but the other 3 should be tweaked.
Water branch was oryginally a summoner branch, with mp and ap bonuses to dolls and the only self-heal we had was from sacrificing dolls and from tree, while the only heal ally option was with mudoll cast via voodoll (only). I played water since beta and it was DD branch back then. The fact that we got more direct healing in it does not mean that it should be heal only branch. Sorry but no. I don't want to turn to eniripsa with their water branch being heal only. So spells that doesnt heal should deal dmg. Heck even elio's earth spells are DD (Clash, Cataclysm) and it have healing option in earth too (Hiding).

I mean i don't mind the heal in water, i just want other spells to be worth leveling too. I don't want water sadi to be healer only.

Also water masq can be dd or healer. Same for panda. Why not sadi?

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #825598  Replies : 17  Views : 220
posté January 30, 2015, 20:02:48 | #13
I think it would be pain to wait for your turn UNLESS there will be just 1 enemy (boss) to fight.

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #825593  Replies : 37  Views : 901
posté January 30, 2015, 19:58:19 | #14
"If it isn't broken why fix it?"
Well ok, but it IS broken.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #825592  Replies : 17  Views : 620
posté January 30, 2015, 19:55:12 | #15
I like how they removed MP from cra spells.
I also like the beacon sneaking that doesnt remove beacons I bet every Cra will enjoy that as it not only saves you AP to summon new beacon, but also set up beacon next to enemy, if the enemy was near you when you beacon sneaked. Thats awsome.
I can see that they split long range damage bonus to 2 passives with one being single target and other aoe damage bonuses. Not sure why they did that, but perhaps it better fists the name of those passives (precision being for single target and powerful for splash damage spells).
Quite unsure if i like the 10% final dmg past 7 range and no more then that... Feels underwhelming, but maybe its ok with spending all MP for buff.
I belive the damage and state values stacking per shot were just rebalanced, so not a big deal to complain. Might get back up if it will be too low.

As for iop i like what they did to Devastate. +6% final dmg per MP remaining (and doesnt consume it)? That will be for sure devastating if iop lock someone in place, or if someone doesn't bother moving from iop! Feels good. Also shaker got nice improvement. I was surprised (in good way) for sure. I also lack that "Off balance" state from Charge - really awsome when someone keep escaping from lock! Now enemies wont know if they should run from devastate or stay to avoid 2nd charge! Reading those makes me want to create earth iop. No mp on fire spells means that iop will have no problems chasing after enemy, but i suppose Devastate will be superior to fire because of dmg bonus from unused MP. 3AP Super iop punch seems crazy cheap to me. I mean - nobody would run away from iop, propably not even panda. Gutting Gust for sure will be a filler to spend MP.

And i still hope they change lashing arrow to be able to hit at range 1. Air and fire have 1 range spells.

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #825590  Replies : 1095  Views : 36910
posté January 30, 2015, 15:52:56 | #16
Everything wrong with Sadida "Hey! What's wrong with you?
You're lookin' kinda down to me..."

To the people that always wonder why Sadida players are complaining, i've finally made a list of everything that is wrong with this class. Bear with me i tried to make it short.

  • Seeds need to be activated with elemental spells, wich often force Sadida to waste precious spell exp on unwanted spells.
  • Spells also have their own conditions (use per turn), wich means if Sadida use them to activate seed, it will be unable to cast it afterwards (example: summon 2 Blocker dolls with Wild Grass and then you can't use Wild Grass to damage or shield in that turn)
  • Animation time taken to summon 1 doll due to 2-step summoning (step 1: place seed; step 2: use spell on it) is too long for Sadida to move afterwards and do other actions.
  • Placing seed is often better then summoning doll (because attacked seed turn into doll, while attacked doll may die). I doubt we are meant to play with seeds.
  • The spells that are used to activate the seeds does not refund their full cost, wich leads to conclusion that its best to activate seeds with spells that have area effects only.
  • For each doll you need to have Control and WP to summon. This means that bonus Control alone (from aptitude points or from equipement) won't improve anything for Sadida.

Controling dolls
  • In order to prevent random bugs in dolls AI (such as doll doing nothing for 30 seconds, or just walking and ending up doing nothing) Sadida need to control its dolls, but it can only do that with targetable spell - Vaporize.
  • Controling each doll with Vaporize make Sadida waste 1AP per every doll that it want to control, every turn. This means that (for example) with 6 Dolls we would need to waste 6AP for nothing else then prevention of AI bug, wich make summoning dolls in the first place pointless as we are loosing the ability to use our own spells effectively.
  • Controling with the use of Vaporize makes us waste precious spell exp on this spell, even though our build might not include Vaporize for damage dealing.
  • Controling with Vaporize is limited in range and LoS, while usually the doll that need to be controled by us is the one far away (example: nettled Inflatable doll walked to border tile in Wa castle, and we need to move it out from it (else we get -2MP to whole team every turn), or better yet prevent it from moving there).
  • Due to many mechanics in game, the cell on wich the doll will end its movement is important. Such detail can't be left to be decided by AI if it means the difference between life and death (few examples: KO zone in Blackspore dungeon, cells that heal enemies in Lunar dungeon, or previously mentioned -2MP cells in Wa castle).

  • Sadida spells have awkward range, in average making it 2-4. Some spells are shorter in range with K'mir range 1 only and Poisoned Wind range 1-3 only, while the highest range is Bramble (2-5 range). This makes Sadida very vulnerable to -Range effects. Loosing 2 or 3 Range usually is as good as making Sadida completly blind.
  • In order for Sadida to play with dolls, it need to be close to them to heal them (example: with Drain) or buff them (with Rust, wich require Sadida to be often diagonally to enemy to fully benefit from it). However being close to dolls means Sadida is easily destroyed by aoe spells.
  • Due to summoning los and range limitations, as well as awkward range of Sadida spells - the Sadida need to run around a lot for the sake to target properly, wich can be a hindrance or often impossible.
  • Lone Sadida (5th) passive is propably the worst passive for damage boosting ever designed, as even though it may work with dolls, we cannot keep dolls alive without healing them up with drain, wich is limited to 2-4 range, and it makes it hard to use it without loosing dmg%. Not to mention that allies are not working around Sadida to keep its dolls away from Sadi and without controling dolls you can't tell where for example your healing doll will end (and with 1-3 range of its healing spell it usually is always too close to you (or too far to heal you, wich is also bad)).
  • K'mir spell has only 1 range, making it difficult to be cast on doll at distance and to actually get benefit from this doll's dragging away movement, usually making Gust a better (and faster) option.

  • It walks away. That alone is huge pain to even use it by team. It often require Panda or sacrier to help Sadida to keep voodoll in place (or to simply keep it from entering border tiles). This shouldn't be the case.
  • When we use Voodoll it loose HP instead of redirecting it (should redirect spells in the same way Trank's Sylvan Symbiosis does, without hurting initial target - in Sadida case: without hurting voodoll).
  • It has only part of target's HP. This means that 1 voodoll is not enough to KO single enemy (wich is bad). The HP of enemies also vary a lot, making it hard to balance. Would be better if Voodoll had % of Sadida max HP (like other dolls). This again, might not have been an issue if the Voodoll would not loose HP when we use it to redirect damage.
  • Because of the above the current voodoll is more enemy-friendly then ally-friendly (and that should'nt be the case).
  • It may also bug out for 30 seconds doing nothing (as it has its own turn) and Sadida can't even control it with Vaporize to prevent that.
  • Spells that doesn't hurt allies (such as Wily of Sram, or water spells of Masqueraider) are not redirecting damage to enemy linked.
  • Area of effect spells are halved in effect when used on Voodoll, even if the target linked is not in the zone of the spell (wich means, for example that Sram doesn't want to use Forceful Blow on Voodoll only, and will still need to aim for real enemy to not get halved damage - and that makes voodoll often pointless to use).

Cost of spells
  • Cost of Sadida actions are too high for Sadida to make good use of them in one turn (for example: summoning Voodoll and using Sadida's Tear twice is not possible even with 12AP build (require 13AP due to voodoll costing 3AP)).
  • Shielding is not cost-efficient as its not triggered with damage and usually Sadida need to spend all of AP to shield single target.
  • Changing the spell that Ultrapowerful doll will use does not refund the cost to Sadida, wich leads to cost-heavy dolls and wasted AP.

  • Damage values of Sadida spells are very low for unknown reason. If its because of the summons, then explain to me how come Boohowl (osamodas spell) deal way higher damage then Rust (sadida spell), when both of them do the same (+summon dmg%)? Things are even more dissaponiting when you realise Sadida can target max 5 dolls with Rust (and most likely the doll in the middle won't even attack so its more like 4), while Boohowl can target both of Osamodas summons (read: all of Osa summons).
  • Damage and heal values of Sadida specilities are way way under the average line. They feel like being halved to what they should be (especially Explodoll and heal from Tree per MP used).
  • The amount of poison applied with the use of Poisoned Wind is acceptable at lvl 200 (require 8AP for maxed state) and therefore can be used at lvl 200 with K'mir for full effect. However below 200lvl this is not possible (can't have 14AP build as there is cap at 12).
  • The values of poisons are very low, and often its better to just kill enemy, instead of letting it attack allies.
  • Pandora (sidekick) hit harder with Dimensional Dumb then Sadida with Sadida's Tear...
  • Its often better for Sadida to attack with weapon as it have higher values then Sadida spells (awkward).
  • Doll Link values are so low, its not worth maxing. Ever. Not to mention it shorter life of voodoll. Not to mention it give NOTHING at first level (and every 2nd level after that).

  • Sadida lack of it. The poisons are designed to work togather with other poisons of Sadida, however there'es not enough AP to apply all of them alone. Therefore Sadida use dolls for that. But here's the problem: doll's doesn't survive long enough, and are often not controled by Sadida (lack of AP for it, or los issues). It is possible to make army of poison dealing dolls, but it takes so much time that its often better to not toy with enemy and just kill it with burst dmg.
  • Changing one doll to another is time consuming, and again limited within certain range for unknown reason.
  • Removing doll takes too much time because it is 2-step mechanic (step 1: turn doll to seed; step 2: remove seed) making it impossible to remove multiple dolls in same turn, then move to target and attack it within 30 seconds. Go try it out, its worse (longer) then what Drip (Feca spell) animation had. Not to mention turning doll to seed is pointless or at least could be avoided if we could simply remove the doll instantly and place new doll in its place (would be more flexible overall).
  • You can turn existing doll to seed even without los, but you can't place seed without los in the first place.
  • Aside of qustionable Poisoned Wind + K'mir combo, the spells lack of synergy.
  • Madoll and Lethargic increase hyper states too much, making them not reliable as they could be replaced by dmg dealing dolls (i.e: the Greedy doll). Sadida doesn't have a good way to reduce Hypermovement and it has no way to reduce Hyperaction...
  • Voodoll was supposed to help Sadida to be more flexible and reach far away targets, but right now its very limited in summoning it and not effective to use it outside of (chosen few) boss fights.
  • Lone Sadida passive is anti-flexiblity.

  • Let's face it, if Sadida doesn't have Inflatable dolls focusing on healing Sadida (and sadida only - wich is often not the case in group fights) and if Sadida doesn't shield self with all AP it have - then Sadida have no real survivalability, aside of questionable blocker dolls who were supposed to stop enemy from reaching Sadida (but its often ignored if enemy jump, teleport, etc. Not to mention it have very poor lock (+1 lock per level? Thats so low increase...)). This means that Sadida may try to not die, but its just stalling for time and that alone not gonna win the fight. Not to mention the values of shields are very low, and Sadida can't prepare them in advance for next turn...
  • We lost the Link between our dolls and Sadida (Doll Link) in exchange for useless and not practical link with voodoll (now this is not even logical as voodoll is not linked to us, but to target of our choice). The redirection of dmg from Sadida to dolls (to reduce damage taken by Sadida in exchange for making dolls suffer) was great design and would help current Sadida. I think this is the main thing that current Sadida is lacking of.
  • In group pvp there's no place for selfshield spam as if you do no damage, enemies can just focus on you and kill you despite your shield.
  • In group pvp trying to keep enemy away with the help of doll is non existant, so you can't really count for that in terms of survival. It may be possible in 1 vs 1 pvp, but then again only in huge maps and only if enemy doesnt have high range or high mobility (oh wait there's no such class, except iop, who will get revamped to have no problems reaching Sadida... oh yeah and sadida also is exception). Right now anyone have the same or better range then Sadida, so tactic to keep enemy away is outdated and may work only at low levels where players have 3 or 4MP max.

  • Current meta game asks for positioners or burst damages. Sadida is not burst damager and has very limited (in range, in use per turn, costly with dolls memorizing air element) positioning abilitites (gust, k'mir, the doll with one of these 2 remembered, blocker doll's pulling spell).
  • Right now Sadida is "fine" as the healer, but only if it use Drain spell on seed next to ally, AND only if the summoned doll this way will actually heal (if no ai bug happen). Heal resist is nightmare for Sadida, and shields are low in values. Its still better to just have better position and kill enemies fast.
  • A lot of mechanics work against the use of dolls.
  • Sadida used to be off-healer, not main healer. That being said i wish water branch will be the DD branch of Sadida when it get revamp, with just heal as posibility in 1 or 2 spells.

TL;DR:Sadida is outdated.

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Thats not so simple. You still need control from gear as requirement to make doll. However that bonus alone is useless if you don't have WP (lets say you have 6 control, but so what if you have no WP left?).

You are correct about WP usage of sram and elio. However this only shows that either dolls should not cost WP (and leaving voodoll and Tree with WP cost) OR we need some WP gain passive (other then WP recovery when doll die).

People don't reliase but Sadida was first class with WP GAIN available (with speed bonus - yes it had +1WP speed bonus, as the only class). Its also a class closest to nature and is capable of "creating" plants. It should be full of Wakfu source.

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Eca's tree is ok. You can use it against eca.
Blockades are ok, as fogger cant deal much dmg to you when it make them (+there are states like hemo or other poisons that trigger at start or during target turn, wich bypass any sort of shield (except maybe coagulation after first use of earth spell by sac)).

What is broken is the ability to hit 5x the damage of others with 2x dmg from all in + 2 successful DoQ as there is no tactic that could let you counter that, wich imo is bad in tactical game (especially that people are building self for certain methods of dealing with circumstances, but nothing can prepare you for DoQ x2). Everything else is ok for ecaflip or need buff (i am looking at you water branch). DoQ is also broken because of heal resist. So say what you want - it need change.

As for fogger their "op'ness" comes from stasis element, not from blockades. A little tweak and they are good. Or perhaps other classes just need buff in their defenses.

Oh and dont ask to get separate spells for pvp and pve. I can already tell it will only lead to complains that x spell is too weak in pvp or too strong in pve. I still remember the PvP HP, that made dolls not get HP bonus from sadida's increased hp in pvp, wich made the dolls weaker in pvp then they were in pve (and they were too fragile in pve even (still are)). Belive me you don't want to see that. You can just get more bugs and see your pvp spells effects in pve, or other way around, when you dc. Better not mess up the spells more then they already are. Things can be balanced around (group) pvp and ankama then can adjust monsters for pve.

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Quote (Filipushek @ 28 January 2015 22:23) *
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AI of all monsters is messed up. Every day i see Lapses skipping their turns or not using all of their AP's. Every day i see dolls not attacking at all after moving to the enemy, if they could kill that enemy (if enemy has 500 or less hp). Every day i see monsters randomly choosing their target, regardless of the resistsnce (including my greedy doll summons who choose to move to attack Clork instead of Lapse who has low water res). Every time i do Factory dungeon, one of my allies is completly ignored by Inflatable dolls, and never get heal from them, even if its the only ally they can reach....

The only conclusion from this is that AI choose targets at random, or in some weird order decided at start of the fight. Once i thought inflatable dolls are choosing targets with lowest HP/max hp (amount, not %), but it just got messed up when they don't heal the only ally who need the heal and i no longer know the case (this even happened to me in 1 vs 1 pve, that my healing dolls didnt wanted to heal me - the only ally available, for whole fight!).

AI is messed up, and i am surprised that fixing it is not priority, as without AI, the game just doesn't exist. Its core of any game.

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