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posté Yesterday - 15:50:14 | #1

Quote (aka42 @ 07 February 2016 14:41) *
Oh wait, I just realized something: Valve and Ankama are legendary with their slow responses. What happens, if they start to communicate with each other..?

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posté Yesterday - 09:41:41 | #2

Quote (dorkycrocar @ 07 February 2016 00:24) *
This is opinion based !
If u share Why whit us its great

so witch class is in your opinion best in:


Is balanced in all
You need more detailed question.

PVP: group or 1 vs 1?
If its group pvp then Feca, if its 1 vs 1 then Sadi

Dungeons: clearing them in fast possible time or in safest way?
The first will be Fogger or Cra, the second will be Sadi, Feca or Eni

Solo: Again fast solo grind or effective soloing dungeons?
First would be Fogger or Cra, the second will be Sadi, Osa or Xelor

Party: Depends what your party is like but most of the time you just want Feca and anything else except Sadi, coz Sadi's buffs and debuffs are nothing in comparison to Feca (and lone sadida is weaker then other DD's, while dolls may be useful but slow down combat).

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posté Yesterday - 09:34:29 | #3

Quote (Hearttyace @ 07 February 2016 04:31) *
I said Sadidas were easily counterable as well, doesn't matter if the majority of classes can't do it if certain classes do it really well (Osa/Rogue). I mean obviously sadida would have to go through a rebalance to account for the changes.
If thats the case then all sadida need is rebalance while keeping the possibility for dolls to exist like now, without some weird duration.

Quote (Hearttyace @ 07 February 2016 04:31) *
But currently Sadida doesn't contest with other classes in PvE in the same time allocation and isn't actually strong in team pvp considering they're easily countered or rather better classes out there. Which is a problem to me. My suggestions remedy those situations. So simply, won't use sadidas till they're fixed to fit the meta, unless I was going to lone sadida which would make playing sadida pointless.
Except that your suggestion make sadida worse then it is now in 1 vs 1 while not making it any better for group fights. So, no. I'd rather keep sadida the way it is now rather then get your idea implemented, sorry. "Charges" on dolls to make dolls dissappear after several turns were suggested before by Grou and people didn't liked it. It was disliked so much that Grou fortunately didn't implemented that change.

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posté Yesterday - 00:35:14 | #4

Quote (je44 @ 06 February 2016 20:21) *
nerida still playing
why you not coming online to play or you went to play to other server?==
Check your ankabox.


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posté Yesterday - 00:18:16 | #5
The goal is not to make sadida "Wait for full potential to be achieved" or billions turns but to make sadida able to summon dolls in need. But nobody want to make a doll that will vanish after few turns. If doll died from monster attacks - thats fine as long as i can make more of them so that some will not get attacked. And this is not the case in current sadida due to UP being vulnerable so much to fixed hp loss and the very long cooldown to make next one. You seem to not understand problems of sadida players who'd want to make dolls when they feel like it would be better thing to do then use ap for own spells at given situation.

I can already imagine the headache people would get when trying to pvp as sadi with your idea implemented - you will have to keep resummoning the dolls that are about to get vanished, keep removing some, keep summoning new, gosh, we had that before (when dolls were fragile) and it sucked. And i suppose you'd want dolls to cost 3ap each - now thats something wrong, because osa can make 1 powerful creature for way cheaper. The cost shouldnt be higher then 2ap, considering the possibility of summoning more of them. Mind you every ap used for making dolls would be ap less used for sadida own spells, wich include debuffs, healing and shielding and maybe they could even add more fancy effects.

To be it would be even fine to make 1 doll at start of fight - a blocker for example and just play with that 1 doll until the fight ends. But your suggestion wont make that possible and my attention would have to be kept on some number above doll head. I dont want to focus on keeping my attention on some dolls duration, especially in bigger number. That would give too much time thinking to sadida, and theres already a lot to think about. Other classes can play fast and they dont need to think much, thats why they are bearable to play. Go make a sadi and play only as sadi, use your dolls and keep them controled so they wont derp. I wonder how long it will take you to get tired of playing.

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 07 February 2016 00:15) *
No that's not true. However Sadi currently takes down most classes 100% of the time.

And I don't really think that sadi is an abomination , dunno why I said it like that.

Actually I am not a ranged sram yet, but I will be for the sake of doing effective PvP (you can kill almost any target in 4 turns if it all goes according to plan) and in general because it would be highly effective even in current endgame (but I will wait for more content to see if it supports such playstyle to change).

I simply don't care about defeating a Sadi in 1v1 and I will not change my build only to do so (even if it's possible) because then I will only be better at defeating Sadi, and lose all the other qualities of my build that I care about more than some e-peen.
And see this is how people build their sadidas too. You build your sram to beat 100% of classes except that sadi. Sadi build to beat 100% of classes except that xelor or osa who got their build that counter sadi well.

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posté Yesterday - 00:04:09 | #6

Yea only Masq Feca and Osa can pose an actual threat to the abomination that is Sadi. To defeat Sadi for sure? Such class doesn't exist.

Wait what, so you do confirm that you want to take down sadi 100% of the time?

The fact that you seem to claim that there is no class that can beat a sadi 100% of the time would mean for designers that its a well made class (balanced for pvp).

And i do have pvp experience, propably more then your aoe based sram build. I am not gonna guide you how to use sram vs sadi, maybe after 1 year you will learn how. But i can tell you that yes it wont be 100% win all the time, coz you are facing thinking enemies not pve monsters.

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posté February 06, 2016, 18:39:19 | #7

Quote (Hearttyace @ 06 February 2016 14:08) *
Example: summon inflatable and heal like an eni the first turn, heal better than the eni second since you didn't burn any ap. Doll then dies.
Not sure if troll, but it made me laugh.

And no. Osamodas shouldn't be beaten by making you kill all of his summons. Hence why it can whip them away and re-summon full on health. You are not meant to defeat osa by defeating his summons. You are meant to defeat osa while dealing with both him and the summon he create.

Same could be said for sadida. You are not meant to kill sadida by making it have no dolls. This is just silly suggestion from dy7 who designed UP with this flaw and called it intentional. In fact you should be fighting vs sadida and full potential of his dolls (even 10 dolls if sadi has that much control), just like you fight osa and full potential of his summon (1, but very strong summon).

The difference is that osamodas summon once and might only care to heal 1 summon up or replace it with another. In sadida case it takes TIME to summon all of the dolls that sadida can create, wich is the con for being able to have more summon power then osa. If sadida could possibly somehow summon all 10 dolls during 1 turn then i would agree with your suggestion on duration. This is however not the case and i doubt it would ever be. The fact that sadida is capable of summoning 10 dolls does not mean it should summon all of them asap. Some dolls will survive, some will die. Those who died can be resummoned. Those who didnt died might be actually a hindrance if they are too far away from enemy or sadi to benefit from their actions. This is again a con, because it require sadida to spend something to remove the doll and then spend something again to summon it closer to enemy, orcloser to ally.

The point however remain: sadida should be able to have as many dolls as control allow it to. Some 3 turn duration will never make it possible, especially if you give dolls cost to be summoned, without limiting them per turn anyhow. Sadida in the end would end up being a worse version of rogue with dolls being worse "bombs" that inflict dmg to single target only or in smaller aoe. In fact only sacrificial doll is meant to have suicidal thoughts, other dolls not. Thats why this idea where dolls are vanishing after some turns is silly.

Once again Sadida's nitche is swarm of dolls. Other classes have their own nitches and most of the classes have some positioning, jump, teleport or at least pushes and no los spells to counter this nitche of sadida wich is great in pve but not so great vs players.

The only reason why sadida feels imba is because of the nettle state being permanent buff. If it was a buff for 1 turn, then you will see more and more of sadidas losing pvp. Its funny because never before nettle was permanent. Dolls got angry because sadida got hit - ok, but hey what if there was a turn when sadida wasnt hit at all? Why dolls still mad?

Anyway RainphaseA is right - there are several ways to defeat sadida, and even more in group pvp. And once you know how, you are most likely going to abuse your method with no chance for sadida to counter it. Thats just sad.

And its obvious that some aoe dmg dealer build sram might fail - none of the builds is perfect. Sadida's defensive build has its cons too, especially with the rock passive vs xelor.

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posté February 06, 2016, 13:51:20 | #8
Whip UP to death within 3 turns and you won.

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posté February 06, 2016, 13:44:35 | #9
I dislike the idea of dolls having duration of existance. Thats like having dolls with charges like bombs wich runs out. The concept is to make dolls out there somewhere, ready to get nettled. With several doll summoned it would be hard to remember wich doll will vanish - and question when it will vanish, at start of my turn or on the end of my turn? Not only dolls would die fast from attacks but they will also disappear anyway even if i try to protect them? Thats horrible idea. Say a sacrier planned to swap with a doll that was somewhere out there but the doll disappeared suddenly making sacrier in need to quickly rethink his planned action. Or sadi itself planned something but some dolls got killed, other vanished by itself and sadida need to spend own AP again to resummon them... You know it would lead to sadida gameplay when sadida does ONLY the summoning and nothing else with own spells? That is bad. Really bad.

Seriously i dont feel like being the bad sadida who cant even sew his own dolls properly so that they won't run out of sand (or whatever is inside their bodies).

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posté February 06, 2016, 13:24:04 | #10
Depends on the stats they give

Just why the voting page is in french....

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posté February 06, 2016, 13:15:17 | #11

Quote (Scab @ 06 February 2016 12:18) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 06 February 2016 11:57) *

Yes we are good in 1 vs 1 pvp, but thats about it. And not even vs everybody as there exist classes with builds that can beat up sadida (rogue, xelor, osamodas, pandawa - they can do it). Since 1 vs 1 pvp is not important to Ankama, it as well means sadida is not important.
what? u sure?)
For rogue, xelor and osa i am 100% sure of it. Its possible for them to win vs sadi, though not on every map (depends on map size and placement of obstacles but most of the time sadida has less chance to win). The only moment sadida can win is when it manage to cover his UP for 5 turns while not getting ko'ed itself. Osamodas can easily remove UP (Whip) if he knows what to do and if there is no place where up can run away from osa's swaping + with his summon. Sadida also will need to try to move osa away from his summon to prevent those swaping, hence it depends what summon osa make too, and how he changes them, as some can push (lapse) while other might be locked by blocker dolls (cullers, though currels is pretty deadly when it gets to UP or to sadi).
Xelor need to reap sadida's AP so that it will be unable to neither buff nor shield the summoned UP, and on next turn it should remove AP from UP to prevent it from summoning more dolls - all that while doing dmg (if sadida has the rock passive then it will loose this fight due to lack of healing power). If sadida try to armor UP, then xelor dmg sadi, and if sadi protect self, then UP is target. Hydrants + temporal dust can also give problems to sadi who might try to shield up with own body. Not to mention on those first turns sadida resist is lacking and might loose quite a lot of hp. The only moment when sadida might win vs xelor is when xelor doesnt have aoe in deck or when map is big enough for sadida to hide UP, but then dolls might have problems trying to reach to kiting xelor, so sadida need to play defensively and struggle a lot. In group pvp sadida would be a goner fast if enemy has xelor.
Rogue need some good placement of bombs and should try to keep sadida within range of own (earth) spells. If sadida can run away from rogue's range of attacks for 1-2 turns then sadida will be likely the winner, but if rogue is not a coward then he will beat up sadida. Trying to run away from sadida dolls is rogue's mistake. The defensive sadidas (pvp ones) lack of range, while rogues (all of them) got plenty of range.
As for pandawa i cant confirm this but i heard other panda players claiming they can win any sadi build with their own poison, and i think its quite possible. Heck with huge map even Cra can beat sadi, if the map doesnt have many obstacles for sadida to hide behind - how? Simply put when dolls are send to reach cra (greedies, blocker dolls), then cra use beacon sneaking and these dolls cannot reach cra. Build up the riddle and then get clear shot for destructive arrow. If sadida armor self - aim for UP, forcing it to protect up instead and thus leaving self open. The cra however need to be build for glass cannon to do this job fast.
The conclusion is that sadida is not op, unless certain situation appear in wich sadida can build up heavy amount of fully nettled dolls. Most classes can't counter sadida tactic, but there exist some who can.

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posté February 06, 2016, 11:57:32 | #12
Playing without dolls to make combat faster and then use dolls only "occasionally" does not work well because your "occasional" dolls will be weaker or not as helpful as they should be without certain passives. Not to mention you'd most likely want this occasional doll to be controled so its ai wont derp and not do anything for 30 second or move to wrong place, or get locked while trying to do whats you didnt expect it to do. Thats another passive required. One does not simply build a deck wich is based on lone sadida but has doll passives in it instead of other (for example hamrless toxin, medicine, wich would make sadida an bearable healer, though still not as great as eni).

Also dolls wich are not fully nettled feels very VERY weak, especially inflatable. When you want to make doll to effectively heal then you must nettle it to max as soon as possible, for that you need to be hurt several times with green guard passive (while keeping those dolls alive) or waste whole turn of AP to spam vaporize on single inflatable, wich in the end does not bring as much to the team in that turn as other classes would.

Before deck system and with previous design of doll summoning, i could agree that sadida was "viable in team" as it could indeed summon dolls only "in need". Right now it doesn't feel this is the case.

I also agree with dolls costing some (2) AP from sadida instead of being completly free after 4ap investment. But i disagree with limiting us to 3 dolls, as having huge amount of dolls is what sadida was always known about. This is Sadida's nitche to swarm enemy with dolls. Thing is it takes to long right now to maintain dolls, its not convenient to summon dolls, and deck system limit us to either doll-less or full-doll builds. Its like 2 separate classes in 1 and it doesnt feel good. Its like old osa style (dragon or not dragon, deal with it).

Funny is that osas got now viable options to switch in the same combat between dragon and non dragon effectively. So now osa is the versatile one and sadida is the limited one. It was the opposite before... I cry over current sadida state.

Yes we are good in 1 vs 1 pvp, but thats about it. And not even vs everybody as there exist classes with builds that can beat up sadida (rogue, xelor, osamodas, pandawa - they can do it). Since 1 vs 1 pvp is not important to Ankama, it as well means sadida is not important.

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posté February 04, 2016, 23:15:16 | #13
1.5-2m is quite a lot in phaeris server tbh.
By looking at prices in remington and the amount of people there even if each of them only do the quests for chests only on first 5 characters, thats still a lot of kamas out of tin air that was added to the server.

And how many people ever buys haven bag gems when they can be easily farmed the way you said? I dont know anyone who would buy one, nor anyone who sells.

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posté February 04, 2016, 21:28:23 | #14
If i recall well their excuse was that they cannot do it due to some server limitations.

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posté February 04, 2016, 21:14:25 | #15

Quote (Hearttyace @ 04 February 2016 01:38) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 03 February 2016 23:43) *

Quote (ZweiFates @ 03 February 2016 19:38) *

Quote (lyricalglitchen @ 03 February 2016 19:28) *
The chests should of given items rather than kama. Between the chests and kama drops, it was the nail in the coffin. I think kama minting is fine to keep but the recipes / system needs revising.
But item do become useless quite fast, kama mint is useless with today's rates.

Ankama has already removed some cool things from wakfu (*cough*Arenas*cough*) because "they were wasting data that wasn't necessary. Now if minting is pointless they should have remove it and kill another thing that was fun and made wakfu special.
Minting fun?! That's just straight delusional. None of the crafts are even "Special". Any game could literally, say upon obtaining X, you are given O as a reward. You don't even have to use any particular skills or even bring your brain to the activity. You just have to go to X place get materials, and come back. Tell me how that's special.

There wasn't even gratification in completing it, It was just exhausting. Kama minting needed to go. It was closer to a job than an activity. But more importantly I'm playing a game.
The "fun" i talk about is when you try to outsmart someone by messing up nodes order while in the dark caves when he doesn't notice this and when spawn is quite spread to perform this. Then that person is confused and either wait for "another round to spawn" or figures out that someone was there and runs about back and forth trying to figure out wich ore will spawn next - this often make people give up ore-hunting and you can "take the spot" without any fight. Another fun is when you can actually pvp eachother to fight for the spot. Another fun is when you simply have a race between 2 people trying to catch as many ores as possible and "to be first who gets the most of ores (example you avoid 1 ore to take 2 that are next to eachother or you pretend you took something and run further and then run back to grab what wasn't taken as didnt spawned yet and your opponent was tricked by your movement). Bringing psychological tricks by predicting how people react) to fool other players sure is fun and sure require "some" thinking.

And lets not forget the great feeling after gathering tons of ores and leaving your character afk at kama minting machine to return and make evil laughter on how much money you have earned this way. That feeling was good. I don't know about your experience by competition with other people (even something trivial like who will be able to mine next level ores first you or your friend/guildmate/random opponent in mines) for me is fun. And those wakfu days were one of the best ones. It was only boring when i was alone, with all guildmates asleep so that i had nobody to talk to even. Then yea it felt boring, but simple solution was to not hunt ores if you have nobody to talk to and you find no competition for a longer while. Then again not having anyone interupting you can motivate you to get as much ores undisturbed as you can before someone arrive, wich can give you a thrill too (you want to be back at start of the ore spawn cycle before someone arrive there!).

Seriously its far more entertaining then you can imagine. And i'd rather do that then constantly create and delete alts over and over with the same char leeching them to 100, then going all over every map repeatadly just to grab every chest.

And the thing is that new players can mine ores too, but they can't "leech themself" as first they need to level up to high lvl to even start thinking of making alts for chests. Thats why high level players got huge adventage over new comers if it comes to economy. Thats why new players cant afford to buy stuff that veterans had put in market for (for them) ridiculous prices.

Minting kama is good in that it makes everybody equal: new or old player, doesn't matter. Everybody can get ores, if not from one place then from another, if not in that hour, then on another. And if people didn't felt like minting much ores, then there would be less kamas in servers, wich with good kama sink would make prices and worth of kama stabilized.

I mean, c'mon their original idea to make the money in game made only by player's own hands and effort dedicated just for making money was briliant. People could even focus on kama minting to buy equipement before they level up to use it - instead of getting equipement from drops after they are higher level then the gear due to low drop rates and too much exp gained while trying to get it.

Its sad that all you gotta do now in game is fight monsters. You want exp - you fight monsters. You want money - guess what - you fight monsters. And THATS boring. Especially if you have to kill the same monsters over and over in meta of the game. And mind you not every class and not every build can kill monsters equally fast, but every player can mine ores with equal speed (except lag situations obviously).

EDIT: I forgot to mention the fun part when you meet people who also try to get ores and you start negotiating, creating new relationship even become friends if you leave the spot and let him mine in peace. Its supposed to be social game (known as mmo) and power-leveling alts to farm kamas from chests is avoiding social interactions as you do it all by yourself - you want to do it fast in sequence so you dont even invite others to party to not slow down your progression. Thats sad.

Even back in the days when kama minting was the only source of kama income, there was a choice to get kamas without minting - by selling drops. I remember i had an arguement about whats more effective to get money back then: minting or selling drops. It turned out in average they were equally effective, with the difference that kamas was guaranteed from minting while drop wasn't but trying to get drop was giving players the exp and was "more fun activity to do when you done it in group with other people". Right now its a no brainer decision to go for drops and not the kama minting - that was obvious right when they added kama as reward from every combat in pve. Chests with kamas inside was like nail in the coffin. And there we have our current situation.

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posté February 04, 2016, 10:42:08 | #16
People who abuse this "feature" of farming chests with alts leeched to 100-120lvl within 1 day will always be against the idea i suggested. But like DanielTheBrawe has noticed it would help in longer run. Yes market would shake at first but there's no way to solve this without some consequences.

@nsiccaa if people get even more kamas per fight/chests it will only increase the difference in kama between hardcore alt-farming spammers and new casual players who won't keep it up with them. In fact the difference will be even more drastical! Giving more kamas to players might only change the cost of items by additional "0" at the end of their current prices. This leads to nowhere. The best Ankama can do is limit how much kamas people can gain daily and make people put some effort in it, even fight for ore nods. This is to slowly start fixing prices, not to get rid of bots. For bots they need the mute (chat ban) system.

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posté February 04, 2016, 10:29:22 | #17

Quote (Infirc @ 04 February 2016 03:07) *
it's easy you just add a "weight" to Control, in Pve control stays the same, in pvp it'd take 2 control points to achieve what 1 control point does in Pve, that way you have a balance without nerfing a class that honestly needs a lot of help to actually function.
That cannot happen because people with 2 control would have as many dolls as people with 3, making 1 control gained useless. The best they can do is reduce amount of control people can achieve. However just like WP used to be limited to 6 and its now 10, they increased the amount of possible control to 10 too. Thus in their mind it should be possible to benefit from all 10 of them. I mean, since they did that then they find it "OK" for players to have 10 summons.

If you however, want to avoid "doll spam" then you have to make dolls cost AP again (aka make sadida summon them itself) and perhaps add some mechanic that limit the amount of dolls that people can make in 1 turn.

They also need to make dolls "expendable" as in: something that sadida doesn't need to summon in bigger numbers to achieve some rewards. Sadida should not suffer loss of anything from losing dolls, aside from initial cost to make them that is. And in same time sadida shouldn't suffer stat loss when it summon dolls.

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posté February 04, 2016, 00:29:52 | #18
I said it elsewhere but maybe here you will notice it:

Remove kamas from chests (wich can be found in game after people get Artifacts). Replace those kamas with runes instead or emotes or food or other items but dont give players free kamas from chests. Period.

Also remove kama gain from every fight. If people want money then they should work hard to get them either by minting kamas or by selling what they got. The inflation you talking about is also because many players found out that the fastest way to earn kamas is by creating alts and power-level them to ~100-120 level and then opening chests with free kamas. THIS is where are the roots of the problem. The problem was non existant back in the days when kamas were only player-made from ores (minting).

You want to stop prices from being unfriendly to new players? Then stop giving huge kama income for players from those chests. Especially because those chests are always in the same spots. Seriously.

When you do that you will eventually notice stabilization of prices. People can easily value kama per time spent to mint them, and then value their time to get drops and sell them properly. Well thats how it USED TO BE before you added free kama from fight and free kama from chests. You basically overfed your children (i.e players) and now you cry that they are fat.

As for kama sellers - do NOT remove them as they will only realize that they were noticed by players (and thus reported) and that will only encourage them to create new kama selling character again and again. If you dont have hired people to sit in game 24/7 then by all means leave those chat-spam botters there BUT mute them so that nobody can read what they are saying. If possible make it so that they see their own chat but nobody else does. This would be far more effective way to stop them from annoying players and from selling anything. They would only appear as characters that doesn't do anything to anyone.
Alternatively limit chat (aside from whisper) to be available only to players level 10+. This does not take long to level but it would for sure give problems to those botters.
Another action that you may take is change the location of zaap and the spawn spot for players who use teleport to alamanax temple to be INSIDE the building, where nobody else can be as its individual for every players - that would not only stop people from noticing any botters outside but it will also stop the lag at alamanx temple and maybe even change the gatheting place to be elsewhere.

Peace out~

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posté February 03, 2016, 23:43:19 | #19

Quote (ZweiFates @ 03 February 2016 19:38) *

Quote (lyricalglitchen @ 03 February 2016 19:28) *
The chests should of given items rather than kama. Between the chests and kama drops, it was the nail in the coffin. I think kama minting is fine to keep but the recipes / system needs revising.
But item do become useless quite fast, kama mint is useless with today's rates.
Chests could have contain runes of proper level when we can access them. This way people with high lvl won't spam alts to get those chests as they will be meaningless for meta of the game (and high lvls might just get lower level equipement faster) but it would still give the incentive for people of desired level to get them when they finish the questlines and get the artifacts, though it wont be a must to do on every char and some people could skip getting chests if they could deal with not getting some free runes.

That and emotes. Who didn't liked to find secret rooms with emotes as reward? Obviously emotes should be account-shared but thats another story.

Basically chests with kamas was bad idea. Even worse then kama from every monster as drop.

Ankama has already removed some cool things from wakfu (*cough*Arenas*cough*) because "they were wasting data that wasn't necessary. Now if minting is pointless they should have remove it and kill another thing that was fun and made wakfu special.

No. What they need to do is to stop this alt-farm-for-chests madness as soon as possible! Replace what chests has inside them (kamas) with runes - i know its not much because some people already got tons of kamas this way, but the sooner they do it the better. This is almost as bad as duped items that people were selling. If Ankama doesn't realise that then i don't know what to say. The difference is that Ankama doesn't need to punish players, nor delete anything and they dont need to track anything. All they need to do is change the rewards in few chests. It can be easily done within 1 work day, just make this decision already!

p.s. And bring back Arenas - those were fun ways to waste time in game.

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Its actually easier to solo it, just run to top right corner asap like some people suggested. Those tentacles have limited range of attack too. Its doable on any class, even without heal.

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