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posté Yesterday - 12:13:31 | #1
I belive such bug is due to the coding that was recently added for an unequipped items.

You see, before patch 1.49 (or was it 1.47?), items that you have equipped were landing on the slot in your equipement, and the item that was there before was moved to the slot where the item you used was. However past this patch, no matter where your item that you want to use is, the unequipped item will land in the first available slot in inventory, looking from top left corner, as if it was newly obtained drop.

Now perhaps is your first, default inventory is full and item is supposed to land on your other bags, the bug might appear. This is just a guess though, but i haven't encountered this bug and i always clear my top slots for the drops, so i can see them right away. Auto sorting button is not helping with this. I really hate that button because if i click it, it moves all items from top to bottom and again i need to clear top slots manually.

Before you quit, try to do the following:

1. Check out if your ring slot in equipement doesnt have it hidden on different build for some reason (click that arrow to see if its not there maybe).
2. Try to move items in inventory to different, empty slots - perhaps its just invisible, such bug was happening before too.
3. Use sort button and try point 2. again.
4. Make trade with an alt account and try to reach the point of your inventory being full, and thus not allowing trade. Count the empty cells before you do that and count the number of slots the items traded to you will take. If you will have 1 empty slot left but you wont be able to trade in another item, chances are, your ring is still there, just invisible like i said.

I really don't know how to help you more, but this is what i would do if it would happen to me.

Nowadays before i unequip/equip something i am making screenshot of my inventory, just to be sure to be able to provide both before and after screenshots for the report.

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posté December 03, 2016, 19:53:44 | #2
The Zoidberg has spoken to Ankama about their Mega Pack decision:

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posté December 03, 2016, 19:43:18 | #3
Today i've realized something. A way to make wakfu better (in this case: more social), without removing heroes and sidekicks.

But first, i will ask two important questions:

1. What was the purpose of sidekicks/heroes in the first place?
2. Why (some) people who use sidekicks/heroes don't want to invite other players in place of them?

Now the answers:

1. The purpose of sidekicks (who were invented before heroes) was to fill in the spots for party, to get full team for dungeon run, to not get overwhelmed by being outnumbered too much by enemies, and thus lacking of power or lacking of friendly allies to tank the hits for you.

You see, the goal wasn't to make single player get more loot. It was made as remedy to lack of players online with whom you could create a full party for dungeon runs. Heroes were just an updated version of sidekicks, to make you able to get a "sidekick" that is exactly like real character, with all of the utilities and passives it would have normally.

2. (Some) people doesn't want to replace their heroes for real player in team, because they paid for it AND because they get more loot to self. In other words, greed is the issue.

Now imagine if heroes and sidekicks wouldnt drop anything (exactly how sidekicks currently can't drop anything from arch bosses, though heroes still can for some reason). This would make people use heroes only when there will be nobody else online to play with. When someone would log in and will be willingly to help, they will most likely be invited in the place of hero, coz they would get the drops, unlike hero, and maybe even some people would then make friendship and bonds that they would give their own drop to a friend who needed it. I have two friends like that, though none of them is using heroes, but if they drop something i need then they give it to me and vice versa. And i also have other people in friend list who are using heroes, and they dont want to invite me to team coz they use heroes and their party is thus always full until they stop paying for hero slots.

So Wakfu game can be saved with the change of making heroes not drop the loot.

Ankama never wanted to make this game become p2w (pay to win, if someone doesn't know what it means), but heroes does make it p2w game. Though they are not used for pvp, thanks god, but they still let a single player get 3x more drop rolls from loot table (1 per character it uses).

Of course loggining more then 1 account at a time should be impossible, by either making the launcher detect if the client is currently running and thus not allowing for 2nd window to be opened, or by making people disconnect from first account if they log in 2nd one, from the same PC.

And before you rage at me, i use multiaccount right now, and it would suck for me to be unable to trade items back and forth and use my other accounts as mules or to use them for extra loot. But i belive this is the right thing to do to save this game, by forcing us to play with others.

And finally, party search tool need to be reworked to be more intuitive like in other games.

These 3 steps would turn Wakfu back on track from being solo online game to again become an mmo (massive multiplayer online) game.
Of course people will rage, some will rage quit even, but more will come and wakfu will begin to grow well.


I know, i know, one can dream right. But give it some thought, and think about others and how fun and great it would be to have more people to play with. Lets also not forget that sidekicks were not using keys in the first place. Then ankama made mistake that made it inconvenient to use sidekicks for dungeons when someone dc'ed. Now keys are being removed and using sidekicks or heroes will become more convenient, to the point where people will like to have heroes just in case. Who knows maybe then heroes service would be cheaper too, and more people would use it casually.


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posté December 02, 2016, 23:41:11 | #4

Quote (caicomics @ 02 December 2016 15:32) *
-Need to re-position portals all the time to buff, damage, support
-Many linear spells
-Non-modifiable range spells
-Takes at least 2 turns to set up all 4 portals

Could always just replace it with an enu for more drops honestly. Six characters need a lot of gearing.
Non-modifiable range spells is a pros for eliotrope due to his infinite range via portals. It simply means you cannot have your range lowered while you still can boost it at will (due to portals).

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posté December 01, 2016, 21:54:07 | #5

Quote (AndersonMenezes @ 01 December 2016 16:24) *
I had a dream, wheres Amália finisher was a true. And i wake up...

Quote (FinalMaiden @ 01 December 2016 16:49) *
Aw.. no Amalia finisher? D:

Exactly. Why no Amalia? And no Ruel?

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posté December 01, 2016, 18:30:06 | #6

Quote (Rokugatsu @ 01 December 2016 18:02) *
Do I have to be subscribed NOW to participate? I did sub many times and bought many items but still cant click anything.
You don't have to. Try different browser maybe.

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posté November 29, 2016, 22:31:50 | #7
I miss the times when advent calendar was for everyone, the poor ones included.

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posté November 27, 2016, 00:02:04 | #8

Quote (Chloe-la-guerisseuse @ 25 November 2016 18:05) *

  • The "Quest" and "Achievement" interface now opens up on "to do" instead of "all".
Finally! Maybe now the game wont freeze when you open quest list. Thank you.

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posté November 26, 2016, 22:41:36 | #9

Quote (Markzs @ 26 November 2016 21:51) *
Ajustable Level System is only the beginning for a PvP revamp in the near future. Mark my words.
You attack low lvl? Your own level will drop automatically with ALs system! Yup, that will propably be it. Expect more item loss, now also due to PvP. Coming soon.

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posté November 26, 2016, 22:29:13 | #10
Actually heroes aren't doing any good to the gameplay of an mmo. It turns it into single player game with an option to challange other players online. Kinda like in pokemon game on console, where you can conect to wifi to fight with others but normally you just play with yourself 99% of the time.

Now dont get me wrong heroes are great for those who have them. They basically increase the drop roll of each item by 100% for you, per hero in team. And don't tell me you need to gear them as being the problem. If you have 3x higher chance of getting drop, then you have an ability to gear all of your toons faster then a single player who got only 1x chance to get item, and as such might never even get the gear he need without buying it off someone.

And a good example could be arch bosses. Today i went there with 2 of my underleveled, poorly geared heroes, and i won, because they could die and i would still win. In fact i did it with a friend, who also used 2 undergeared heroes to make it more interesting fight. So basically we had to fight maxed amount of summons with just 2 charcters being above level 190, and other 4 being between 110 and 130 levels. We did koko rico and dandy with them, and it wasn't easy but was a lot of fun in same time. And the point is that even if the heroes would die there, they would still give an extra drop roll for stele mat and heck even for gear. It is a proof that having in control more then 1 toon gives benefits.

I even dropped Wind Shield on my hero that day, in that fight. I think i took a screenie even, so might upload it later.

Problem is that Ankama allowed to have more then 1 window with wakfu game openend at the same time, wich promoted multi accounting. And this made ankama unable to revert this without making players rage that ankama made them have useless accounts with characters that they cannot use togather anymore. Thats why instead of fixing the main issue of this MMO, ankama decided to go around the problem without fixing it. And thats how sidekicks were born, with multimen being the first ones. Later on better sidekicks were added and finally - heroes.

Now heroes just like sidekicks may help a lot when you lack of people online. That is true. But soon or laters, playing without heroes will seem unplayable. The more people will start using them, the more each of them will alienate from other players.

And i do know what i am talking about. Several months ago, a friend of mine (other then the one i played today in arch bosses) bought hero slots, claiming that with them WE will be able to run dungeons without the worries that WE lack of party memebers. At first it seemed right. He even said that he will willingly remove his alts from team for other players who would like to join, if they happen to be online. This sounded wonderful and too good to be true. And so it was.

Recently this player is playing only with his heroes. He doesnt want to invite other players, and heck he even doesnt want to replace his 1 hero for me. And no, he is not rude. He just doesn't want to waste his real money that he paid for heroes. He paid for them so he feels he must use them all time. And thats the terrible truth. The dark side of heroes that make people not socialize even if they could.

Nonetheless, ankama wont remove this plague that fills in their pockets with money. Not just because of the money it provides, but also because players who leveled their alts on the same account for heroes sake will rage - exactly the same issue that would have happened if they would make it impossible to play on more then 1 acccount at a time.

I did warned Ankama back in open beta days, before the game official relase, that they need to change their game launcher so that people wont be able to play on more then 1 chactacter from one PC, BUT i got ignored it seems, or Ankama's programmers didnt know how to code this limitation in java. Whatever the reason was, it is too late now. You have to deal with it. WE have to deal with it. I suggest to try to socialize with people who doesnt use heroes yet. And god forbid them from starting using them. Heroes can be addictive like cigarrettes. Once you get used to them it will be hard to stop. So better dont start.


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posté November 24, 2016, 19:01:50 | #11

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 24 November 2016 02:24) *
Sorry Kiku, but in this case the description is right. You're targetting a single cell with the spell. The fact that it's an AoE spell doesn't mean you targetted all those cells, you still only chose one.

Why would both the spell's effect AND the description be wrong in the same way? The description says what the spell currently is doing: applying the effect to only one cell, and that is the targetted one.

Further proof... In Koko Rico, targetting an undiscovered cell will kill you if it's not a mine. If you target a discovered cell or an enemy and your AoE hits undiscovered cells, you're still fine.
You missed my point.
I know how aoe effects work, heck in Yetchi'Wawa you can still damage the boss with Aoe spells, even on the turns when the boss is supposed to reflect all spells back to attacker. This is simply bug, a flawed code in Aoe spells that doesn't make all cells targeted by aoe work with all of the effects. Thats why, with current state of the game code, the passive of Rogue seems to work as "all of the other situations where Aoe act the same way", i.e. it seems normal for veteran players who know this stuff. However, the description clearly says "on the spell target". For single-target spells the target is one. For AoE spells, there are possibly multiple targets, or one if you aim on 1, but you not necesarily aim for them with middle cell of an AoE. The code of aoe spells simply need to be fixed, and then this passive will work properly.

Because its weird that only 1 out of 13 cells that you hit with aoe has an effect, different then remaining 12 enemies hit by said aoe. They are all targets of the aoe spells.

Ergo, the passive is not where bug is, but the aoe code is bugged.

I am aware that such fix would make Koko rico actually more difficult, but perhaps thats how it was supposed to work? Food for thoughts.

Just imagine if Nyl Shaman was taking normal dmg from Aoe spells but only if you directly target them with it, instead of taking normal hit from all of the cells that the Aoe targets. That would be wrong, just how wrong this passive is now, and certain other mechanics. People don't report them as bugs because they think they are intended. Or because they doesn't care and just deal with it the way it is.

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posté November 23, 2016, 22:36:08 | #12
Technically all "targets" in the AoE are... targets of that aoe. What else would they be? Bystanders who just happen to get damaged too when you cast a spell next to them? That may be the case with rebounds of spell, but not an actual area spells that hit all targets in the predefined zone.
If only middle cell of aoe is counting as target of the aoe, then any Aoe spell with description of having an effect on target should only apply to middle cell. This is of course not the case and it would be silly if it was. Ergo the desciption of Surprise shot is incorrect. Either that or the effect is not working as it should and in fact this passive should debuff all targets of aoe. Keep in mind that programmers are humans too, and they make mistakes like anyone. Heck just look at Tonic Glyph of feca - it still says the old effect of "Natural Glyph" on the yellow text, wich is completly inaccurate to what Tonic does.

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posté November 23, 2016, 22:01:25 | #13
There should be no mode suck as "impossible to complete". Every player consider top difficulty as doable, in all of the games.

Usually, from my experience, games have dungeons with modes:

Easy - for soloing noobs
Normal - for soloing casuals
Hard - for experienced soloists or for team of 2-3 casuals
Master - for very experienced team, wich may be impossible for solo, but its not impossible for full team.

I would like to see something similar done to wakfu, where top difficulty is still doable, even if it require perfect co-ordination between the team mates.

I remember saying this before, but worst thing that can happen to the player gameplay, is when he know he did a mistake that result in failure no matter what he do afterwards. This is the case every time you don't bring an ally for certain dungeons that need 1 person to remove invulnerability of boss for 2nd person to be able to attack it (though summoners can work around it thx to summons). It also happens commonly if Feca die in meta dungeons (in that case all 5 players can just give up as they won't complete the run). Those experiences are harsh and unpleasant and make people want to change the game for a game that value the player's time and give players an option to stand up after falling. Wakfu need to change in this aspect. Redoing a dungeon is not funny, and it is nothing else then a time waste from a silly mistake of 1 player, or say, maybe not even mistake but due to disconnection. Reconnect system was invented to make people able to log in back to the game and win the fight, instead of being send to phoenix. But if due to game mechanic, the player die while offline and before he log in back, and if the death of this person makes all other people unable to complete the dungeon, then this is nothing else but a punishment with no crime commited.

As long as disconnections will remain as the issue, the game mechanics should be reviewed to let players fix their mistakes while still in combat, without telling them they must start from scratch and just give up this fight. But for that to happen, deck system would also need to be changed, or perhaps certain passives should not give penalties at least.

Anyway, my point is, that even though after failure due to mistake, the player can redo the boss room/dungeon, and win it if they do no mistakes this time, the "impossible" difficulty doesnt make people able to redo it in case of failure. Why? Because they are impossible to do, no matter what strategy players create. And creating content for nobody to be able to complete it is bad design.

From a fresh player point of view, if he sees top difficulty as an option to choose, he consider it doable eventually if he "get good", use best equips, max runed, with full team of pro's talking through team speak to communicate (for example). But if he enters such dungeon and get 1 or 2 hit KO shot instantly, then he starts to think, what he did wrong. As soon as he realize that no matter what he do, it will be impossible to finish this dungeon, he will claim that the game is not balanced, and that characters are too weak, or that monsters are too strong. Once again, do not create content for nobody to complete. This leaves players only with bad memories from the game, so do not expect people to stay after they experience inevitable defeat.


With that being said, i would like to say that the dmg increase value with each difficulty point is too big if it ends up on master difficulty killing players like an Ogrest beating up tofu.

May i suggest to add difficulty to dungeons, wih something else then the dmg increase that make it impossible past certain point?

For example:

Every 5 (or 10?) difficulty levels, there will appear KO zones randomly on the map (but not closer then 3 cells from eachother, and never under players). Such twist would make people in sudden need to review their usual strategy that they had set in stone ( a tactic that people can repeat with every dungeon run will suddenly need to change as players wont be able to safely end their turns when they might have ended in normal mode).

Alternatively ou may also make some Mud cells appear instead, every 1 point of difficulty level past normal (for example). By Mud cells i mean the ones that remove 1 mp when you step on them. Between hard and expert difficulty, those cells could be -ap, and between expert and master, they could be critical failure cells (give player some critical failure chance for current turn).

Basically this change is more difficult to code in the game, but would result in giving players higher difficulties, while not making the runs impossible.

Damage increase past certain point simply make the game unbeatable, especially that when we lack of resist. This dmg bonus increase would be fine IF players were able to reach 90-95 resists while having high dmg too. This is not currently the case, as it would require every item in game to be revamped with better stats.
The dmg bonus to monsters is simply growing too expotentionally with the low resists players have.
And permanent bonus to dmg is even worse design. Very simple to implement, but in same time worst thing you could have done to the game. We've already seen this with Royal Tofu buffs. It's bad concept, so dont continue this route.

Please remember the old saying: "the simplest solution isn't always the best one". We would gladly wait till march or even longer, but don't make this interesting feature of stasis dungeons to end up as a content in game that nobody will want to touch. Make it doable, interesting, add maybe with funny buffs to monsters, similar to how steles change fight, anything that will keep the dungeon run harder but not impossible.

And i know it would be difficult to program for every dungeon individually, but that's best you can make. Take it slowly, step by step. We don't need stasis dungeons mechanics with every dungeon at the same time. Maybe choose 10 dungeons and create stasis levels for them. Do that every month, progresively, but with nice twists in combat.

Finally, i would like to say that its common thought that we rather wait longer, for cool features, then have them added in rush and make people dislike it. And here, with stasis dungeons idea: nobody asked for them, its your fresh idea, so nobody should cry for it being implemented asap (people will rather complain that PvP system, politics, conquering islands, GvG with prims and crafting is still not revamped).

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posté November 23, 2016, 01:00:03 | #14

Quote (Yunru @ 23 November 2016 00:14) *
Does epic fail count as show-off?

Yes, if you lose, at least do it with style.

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posté November 23, 2016, 00:47:24 | #15

Quote (yaps @ 22 November 2016 18:42) *

- Has skill to summon a maddoll that disappears after it attacks

If madoll dissapears after it attack (with no dmg, but current effect of -mp/-range) then the debuff it applied also vanish, making it pointless unless they change the effects to remain even after caster die.

As for fire elemental doll: even though sadida has no fire spells, i do remember having sacrificial doll as fire element. Still i am not sure if we need one, aside from maybe Frigost encounters, where i used to order sacrificial dolls to hit me to remove frozen. This is no longer possible, but its just 1 part of the game that we can deal with just like any class who cant hit self with fire i suppose.

Generally i also think that if UP is meant to summon something, it should summon only sacrificial dolls, as his own remote-controled aoe attack.

However i dislike the idea of UP being our one and only doll, even if it change form. The idea of doll changing form match the theme of the class, as technically sadida is capable of turning madoll into greedy doll in anime, by inflating it, so it should be just natural if we could do the same here.

2 control is however too heavy cost, especially that we would gain no doll for 1 control from gear alone, making gearing up even worse then it already is.

As for final comment, i wouldn;t call having 9 dolls on the field stupid. You would value such ability when you do 3-stele runs in moon dungeons, where ending in line with summon will save your life and basically might prevent you from instant failure of whole team. Sadida's nitche is the ability to have those many dolls summoned. Thats what makes it cool and great. However how people play and use them is another story. But here also lies another issue: once we summon dolls, we cannot selectively remove them from any point of the map. And that leads to some dolls pointlessly walking about or doing silly things when not controled. Add to that the design of permanent nettle and you will have the answer on why on earth sadida keep making more and more of dolls even if it doesnt have to. Maybe if dolls were bulkier and faster to nettle, but not permanently, then people would stop worrying to summon many of them as soon as possible. The flawed lone sadida also adds to the problems, where if you make UP+blocker doll at least, your dmg and heal drop significally, to the point of not bothering to have lone sadida in deck (especially for heal sake).

The dy7 put us into pressure of either summoning many dolls or not summoning any at all, with just an arguable option to do dmg ourself with 1 UP + sacrificial doll triggering explodoll (but that doesnt boost heal).

There are basically many things that need complete overhaul, as sadida is just in bad shape for party play, and doesnt seem to fit in the game with deadly mechanics and ko zones. Lack of convenient removal of dolls combined with lack of own mobility and lack of good skills to move dolls + time consuming controling (i mean, you need to wait 4 turns before you can control more then 2 of greedy dolls, thats seriously retarded, no offence, dy7 if you read it, but its absurdly long wait) all adds up and result in the class being the source of many complains from both sides: allies and enemies. And often its also sadida itself who cry for revamp of his own kind.

But lets not forget (if you played 4 and half years ago) that sadida was better and more fun to play as one. It was back in the days when you could summon dolls in your turn, for the cost involved in your AP or WP. Back in those days you could even charge up the dolls with air spells, wich then would be redirected from dolls during doll turn. Kinda similar to how portals work, except with mobility of dolls. Back in these days you could make doll memorize sudden chill, and then on the following turn your sadida could benefit fully from the resist penalty applied with all of the AP it had. Back in those days voodoll was redirecting all of the spells, including aoes and backstabbing voodoll was doing backstab dmg to target linked. Generally the sadida was fantastic in design. I could really make an essay about it. Sure it needed changes, improvements. But changing something that was fun into something that people complain about is wrong direction of changes.

And while having 1 summon like osamodas would fit for the meta of the game better, this is not what sadida is meant to be. Instead we need to be able to summon and unsummon dolls at will, based on circumstances and the actual needs at the time given. Having spare control to summon extra doll if needed is very handy and it makes me love this class for it. A shame though that cooldowns on summoning certain doll types ruin it.

That being said i wish we could summon dolls directly in our own turn, not via UP (except maybe sacrificial doll like you say).
The ability to change doll type should also exist, to avoid unnecessary unsummoning and resummoning (aka to make it faster as we only got 30 sec in turn).
Dolls should cost some AP to be summoned (i vote for 2AP per any doll kind) instead of being cost free past initial UP for 4AP, but in same time they should be more durable. Say what you want but i am using tanky gear and nyl ripper or psykoko (heck even kokoleric) can still kill my dolls like if they were nothing. In the event of upcoming increased difficulty to dungeons (stasis dungeons), we will need our dolls to be sturdier for the team sake. If nothing changes, sadida will be useless there, aside from -resist maybe and -mp every 2nd turn (so basically useless, as other classes would do better in sadi place in team).


I was even thinking about sadida summoning via "menu" similar to osamodas gobgob summoning, with just different look (leaf pocket/pouch) and name (and of course with fixed type of dolls you can summon, you wont go capture them like osa does), but then i became uncertain about it. Don't get me wrong, the idea is great and i even made whole revamp idea based on it (its not on forum yet), but the point is that in practice you need to click twice, sometimes 3 times if you missclick, to actually summon creature from gobgob, and that could turn impractical with the need to summon multiple dolls and still use skills within 30 seconds.

Now i am thinking more towards the inital idea of 2 step summoning that we had before deck system (seed on the ground, then use skill on seed to make certain doll being summoned). That system had flaws in that it allowed people to leave seeds untouched, and that created some abuse of seeds to trick enemy AI.

Now with the "self transformation" of doll concept, we could have summoned some "not animated doll" on the cell, who will, in his own turn, transform into what you choose it to. This way we wont need to activate it with own spells like in pre-deck design, but we will also became able to interact with it during our current turn (for example summon it and stabilize with wild grass, to prevent ally from falling in steel beack - just a simple thought of potential fun actions). Whats more, it will not replace the body, it will transform, so all of the HP remaining and states will remain on it. It will also means that if boss inflict -5000 hp fixed dmg to it (example from xelor past boss) then it will free the cell like it should instead of turning seed (pre-deck design) into sacrificial. So we avoid the issues we had pre-deck and solve the issues of current (deck) design in same time.

This is of course just a brief idea that i havent worked on as of yet, but it might give you some food for thoughts.

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posté November 20, 2016, 02:24:45 | #16

Quote (Hearttyace @ 20 November 2016 02:22) *

Quote (AndersonMenezes @ 19 November 2016 14:22) *
Do u real think +6.5x hp, and 4.5x damage is good enough to +3x drop IF u must been at dungeon lvl range?

Do u think will do any chall, or be cool? Lets see just a picture, and u all say what think about this, ok?

U should try ur chances on beta before say anything
Wakfu's LoC mode

But seriously lol, I wanted the game to be difficult and rewarding not just... impossible.
If drop rate won't scale better, the game will become difficult but not rewarding for the effort and time spend.

Thread : News  Preview message : #988676  Replies : 66  Views : 1830
posté November 20, 2016, 02:23:16 | #17
Well to me its just unfair for ankama to decide when a player becomes too strong for something based just on his level, by ignoring that hes or her equipement haven't changed from say, level 150 to 151. And even if 1 piece of equipement was replaced, it doesnt make a player suddenly x times stronger like the monsters inside dungeons. I am just saying that there isn't a clear limit on where a player should stop joining certain dungeon other then if you 1 hit KO monsters, then definetly you are too strong for it.

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posté November 19, 2016, 22:36:20 | #18

Quote (Neneko88 @ 19 November 2016 21:44) *
Isn't the reward for the community that we don't have to waste time on keys?

time is more important than keys
Time is our reward
But the time to get keys was already wasted IF nothing is given as exchange from their loss.

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posté November 19, 2016, 22:33:30 | #19
Those difficulties would be possible if we could get more then 85 resist. The damage increase is just huge for our poor resist to take. Basically every monster will be like boss itself, and few hits (if not 1) will KO you. Guess you will have to play "avoiding all dmg at all cost" game, but then i can't imagine fighting boss when even Feca will die from it if not protected by his invulnerability armors. We just dont have enough resist. I would say hp, but no, its resist that matters if the dmg scale so high. You can do math to see desired resist that would make it possible to make those master difficulties doable.

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