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posté Yesterday - 21:59:06 | #1
I can't even fight. It requires me to respec in beta but when i click on respec it does not send me to respec room, it just teleports me to some place on the map i am in with panda NPC and training dummies there but the map doesnt change and i can't move nor interact with anything. Relogging doesnt help, restarting doesnt help either. Can't test anything in beta because of that.

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posté Yesterday - 20:36:33 | #2

What i like:

Being able to summon multiple dolls, wich block the way for enemies and can help me win tacticaly the encounters that raw dmg wouldn't win. Winning fights with full HP. Being able to solo most of the dungeons.

What i dislike:
The spells have weird and impractical limitations, hard to do any combos, often leaving unused AP. Spells don't co-operate with doll gameplay (except Earthquake, but its 1 per turn wich is problem for combos). Lone Sadida design suck as we can't switch between having and not having dolls instantly. Playing with dolls is the only way to make Sadida shine, but is not needed and not effective for short fights. Summoning dolls is delayed (we have them AFTER our turn, not IN our turn) making it not convenient. -Range effects from meta monsters (Dwarf Bulldagger, Lapse, Steel Beak) making Sadida blind and it feels like playing weak iop who cant jump. There is no way for sadida to escape zwombit traps anymore, dolls pulling is not helping because they take time after we end turn and ending turn on those cells = KO. Basicaly no mobility moves sucks big times, and is a shame when you can see Amalia in anime being carried by vines/brambles instead of running. Voodoll has too small range to help Sadida with range problems. It also cost AP making sadida first turn less effective so its better to just use all AP on Sadida's Tear. Sadida revival spell makes ally stabilized so it cant help when ally land in ko cell. Losing Ultrapowerful is too big problem especially vs enemies who 1 turn KO summons, who deal higher dmg to summons, or simply with game mechanics that can ko any target (ko cells for example, or hammer from wobots). Sadida is worried to not lose it while it should not worry about loosing any doll. In order to control 9 dolls i need to wait 12 turns total at least for 3 Ultrapowerful dolls. AI of dolls is unreliable and not controled may cause serious problems (for example inflatable healing enemy boss is horrible but happen if its not controled, or greedy dolls not being able to hit 3x3 cell size bosses if they not controled is also a problem). Being forced to control every doll by targeting each of them manually is time consuming. Our collision dmg from push got removed. Gust is considered as aoe dmg but it hit only 1 cell (middle cell). Can't buff ally with Gust without pushing enemies next to them.

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posté Yesterday - 20:16:12 | #3
As sadida you want to be as defensive as possible, so block definetly is what you will like to get.

The chance to remove MP is nice idea as it make Wild grass effectively remove the mp's it should remove. However you wont need venomous passive if you will stack AP/MP removal in points THOUGH you may, but wild grass is 2 turn cooldown spell and fertilizer is short range. Dolls that remove mp does not inherit the MP removal chance, sadly.

Your dodge is inherited by dolls. Now you may either want it, or not want it. If you have high dodge, your not controlled dolls will most likely dodge whom they should attack and attack something else, wich can be annoying. When they cant dodge they will attack what is close to them, but again if their dodge is semi good, they will dodge with penalty and not attack at all. That flawed design makes me want to control all dolls i can all the time, and usually i dont need them to dodge. Dodge on Sadida may help in certain situations, for example if stabilized enemy is locking you, or when you simply want to dodge without loosing any AP, or when you want to use gust at distance twice (its 2 use per turn only, so you'd need to dodge on your own in that situation).

Lock is not needed for sadida but may be helpful. Because most of the equipement with higher resist (what sadida want) have lock, increasing it further may be good idea to make it reliably high. You may obviously use blocker dolls for locking, but with lock on yourself you can keep monsters close to you when you shield self, while doing dmg dealing dolls instead.

EDIT: Lock is not inherited by dolls. Mind you blocker doll has lock based on his own HP remaining (so injured blocker doll lose lock).

Initiative is another option, and despite sadida not needing to be first in 1 vs 1 pvp, it does need to be first often in group pve meta (especially robowl hc). You may even need to sacrifice passive for +120 initiative, but its nice if you dont have to (if your ini is highest in group without it). I am also having some food with initiative and Angora Bow Meow pet (it give 45 ini) for those special situations, In ADDITION to 80 initiaitve in stats, because dodge and lock are not mandatory at all.

I suppose it simply depends on your build and how you want to play sadi. I do regret sometimes not picking dodge over MP removal, but then again i am happy when i can remove MP on Robowl who already has some high hypermovement. I belive nobody can remove MP as well as Sadida, too bad its only every 2nd turn, and linear.

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posté Yesterday - 02:28:18 | #4

Quote (D3trix @ 29 August 2015 01:49) *
Those prices lol rip Phaeris
^ This.
Most of the people dont even have 10mil kama. Heck they feel rich with 5mil, wich is the price of a legit relic/runed. How on earth would we get those kamas for receipes? I do hope its only sick price on beta and that it will change.

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posté August 27, 2015, 22:54:10 | #5

Quote (Aigees @ 27 August 2015 22:26) *

Quote (Sabi @ 20 January 2014 00:00) *
Before posting:
  • Always use the search function in order to make sure that a similar thread was not created previously, or that the information you are looking for hasn’t already been provided elsewhere.
And so i did. Search function did not show any pictures with the "kannibal" you know.

Quote (Crimsh @ 27 August 2015 22:39) *
Are they are ancestor of Masqueraider? they are Sadida wearing the masks.
Like you said they are Sadida wearing masks. They are not related to masqueraiders. Those masks are there just for the look (to scary people) and have no power in them (unlike masqueraider masks). Its a kannibal tribe of sadida, living on moon island.

I am just disappinted they keep making small monster families in meta. Even if they make 2 monster families, thats just not the same.

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posté August 27, 2015, 22:10:27 | #6
Rly? gosh so much bitterness. I did look around in most parts of the forum where i could expect someone to announce it, including beta sub forum, and there was no such thing. The lore thread is not about news coming into the game, so why would anyone interested in what will come in next update even browse those many pages in anticipation to find it there. Please. I am sure some people are actually happy for that pic to be showed in general forum, where all people are looking.

p.s. on twitch it was 2 hours before i posted it here. Its not about being first if thats what you guy trying to say. I just wanted to give people some sneak peak into what we will fight next. Haters gonna hate.

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posté August 27, 2015, 21:27:42 | #7
Well i havent seen it anywhere yet and not everybody reads general lore, so there it is.

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posté August 27, 2015, 20:57:28 | #8
Found on twitch.

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posté August 27, 2015, 20:45:41 | #9

Quote (ppmonsters @ 27 August 2015 00:34) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 26 August 2015 18:10) *

Quote (Afoxi @ 26 August 2015 07:17) *

Quote (ppmonsters @ 20 August 2015 07:19) *
Your HP is getting low but the healer is dead. What will you do?
Didlydoo I am the healer.
What will you do? you will wait to be revived. lel

Or cry because you died on HC Past death tiles and can't be revived.
Ok then, so maybe... you will start thinking about whom to blame for your death xD

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #902196  Replies : 85  Views : 3097
posté August 27, 2015, 20:32:02 | #10
Many dolls is ok, as not every doll will hit if there are many of them. This is ok for pvp, however time taken in group play pve is another factor (especially for achievements to kill boss within 30 minutes). For that, Sadida need to be better and dolls should act just as bonus, not a mandatory to get resist.

...nettle...I think it should not grant any AP to the dolls though).

The fun part of it is when dolls can hit multiple times.
They would not need the final dmg bonus though.
Then again the scaling of Nettle should then grant 1 ap always per hit (and dolls would need 1 ap hits, or spells that consume up to 3ap, to make every ap gained being used), otherwise no progress would be seen from single trigger. Perhaps thats why they gave it final dmg bonus. The point is that it is ok for the first nettle levels, but when doll starts to gain AP for 2nd hit, the final dmg keeps increasing, wich make it that bit too strong too early. Imo the concept of Nettle is fun and fine, but the way it scales is the problem. Another problem is hard way to increase it manually by sadida, without using sidekick's hitting sadida for that, but also another problem is nettle doesnt decrease, aka the dolls doesnt get calmed down when sadida is not hit anymore. If that would be the case, people could stand a chance by simply self healing and killing just dolls or just self healing, because it will make dolls less nettled or not nettled, making it possible to hit sadida again few times. So the concept is ok but the designed values are not perfect.

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posté August 26, 2015, 19:25:22 | #11

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 26 August 2015 18:21) *
Don't be so close minded and dont tell me what to do, especially since I appear to understand better than you.

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 26 August 2015 18:21) *
Nothing forces your team to engage knowing that if they stay safe and play defensively they will have a doll army to fight for them which will likely lead to victory , especially if the enemy team decides to engage you.
I dont know what bamboo milk you drink but it must be good. I am quite jellous of you - living in the dream world with enemies being unaware and static.

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posté August 26, 2015, 18:10:24 | #12

Quote (Afoxi @ 26 August 2015 07:17) *

Quote (ppmonsters @ 20 August 2015 07:19) *
Your HP is getting low but the healer is dead. What will you do?
Didlydoo I am the healer.
What will you do? you will wait to be revived. lel

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #901945  Replies : 85  Views : 3097
posté August 26, 2015, 18:02:26 | #13

Nobody forces you to rely on UP a lot , heck you can put it in a safe place behind everybody and build up healing dolls etc. there for a turn or another, geez.
What you basically saying is for sadida to make UP doll on first turn and then ditch it away in some corner to make it not involved in combat. wtf man, seriously. It has limited range to summon dolls, so it must be somewhere in the middle to actually summon dolls in right place. If you put it in safe corner then it won't help your team. The safe spot basically mean a spot where neither enemies can hurt enemy, nor the UP can reach the desired range to make dolls. Plz just go play your sram and don't speak in a matter that you dont understand. Geez.

Quote (l-Xaloxflow-l @ 26 August 2015 04:43) *
Actually, a sacrier can beat easily a sadida if he knows how to play. In fact, at least in elbor sacriers and rouges are the truly counters of the sadida.

You are talking about theory and about the vision of your sram, I talk about the truth that I see everyday in my fights and the fights on my server.
Osa can, panda can, now people learned that rogue and sacrier can as well. Soon more and more people will "know how" to beat a sadi, and once you get it, theres no way a Sadi can stop you from doing it. Sadida need some spells that can turn the tables. 1 cell push rly? thats nothing when you see dem jumps of masq, panda, iop, etc. Sadida rly need a buff, but also it need to change the way to summon dolls.

Still imo limit to 3 dolls is silly. Sadida even since dofus is about having multiple dolls. Is it possible to balance out? Of course it is. And they made good start by giving other classes boost dmg that can make them deal even double dmg if not more, wich may justify the dolls doing dmg with sadida. Summoning dolls however need to be instant, in desired number by sadida. The nettle however should decrease every turn.

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posté August 25, 2015, 22:44:42 | #14
I was against the idea of UP doll summoning other dolls since the beggining. And that broke the class imo. I was also against the silly limitations on spells, including the worst one to be kept: dolly sacrifice, wich as expected received never-to-be-used mark on it. My feedback was not taken seriously "coz i couldnt access beta". So lol. Maybe next time whoever revamp sadida will care more. It is still better then Grou design as we can at least protect ourself in 1 vs 1 pvp when we get pk'ed, wich was not the case before (well we could win some classes who were mediocre too, like enu or iop, inb4 iop revamp wich made iop just eat us, now we can survive iop pvp again).

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posté August 25, 2015, 22:01:48 | #15

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 25 August 2015 21:16) *

Quote (l-Xaloxflow-l @ 25 August 2015 21:05) *
Put poisoned chalice in your deck and stop complain, pandatank is really powerful in pvp.
You must be kidding, reducing your resist even more against a Sadi... You probably never felt the Wrath of Sudden Chill*2+Sic'em More and barrage of damage from ~7 dolls, or the anguish of wasting your Cyanosis by focusing all your damage on the UP and likely not being able to finish it off...
If your dmg is high enough you dont need much resist. I.e. Rogue can cut sadi's HP by 35% (with the rock) on the very first turn. Thats unbuffed by Feca rogue. And that ignore any armoring. You kill sadida fast or you have to play smart. In group pvp sadi can just die before its "build up". That alone is huge flaw for group play. Sadida also need to take care of his dolls esp. UP, so it have to support the dolls instead of supporting allies. That is another anti-group play design. Sadida should not care if it lose dolls or not, right now this is not the case. In group pvp even if someone kill Osa summon, that osa can just call it back or summon other one right away in case it was killed twice in a row. Sadida lossing UP doll is handicapped for 4 turns, with no ability to make ANY doll, and considering it must use the rock for dolls to not die fast, it will be of no help for allies, other then playing a meat shield with lame resist coz no dolls. In that case sadi can just armor self but enemies can then ignore a sadida for those turns. Its -1 ally for your team. The -resist of sadida look ok in paper, but in practice sadida need to get closer to enemies first, and with lack of mobility and teleportation moves, its not gonna be easy, not to mention without first set up of dolls sadida moving closer to enemies has a death wish. Lets also not forget that sadida has NO escape tools, just a push that may not always be possible due to obstacles on themap or stabilized enemies with high lock. And range penalties cripple sadida so much that you have to rely only on earthquake, sadida's tear or fertilizer, as other spells will have too small range, wich for a class with no mobility moves IS pain in the butt. People also dont realise that sadi can make only 1 healer doll per turn and only after own turn, so it cant buff said healing doll to actually heal good amount of hp. Unbuffed inhlatable heal maybe 300-350 hp only and has only 3mp, so its not of much help if not build up. and for said build up you need to hit sadida 10 times AFTER it made that doll. If enemies ignore sadida, then sadida is like sacrier on full hp who want to be hurt, but unlike sacrier, sadida cant force enemies to hit it. In the end sadida in team ends up building self for a healer deck only, without dolls, but that build can be replaced by any healer eni with better healing and cool marks. Heck sadida poisons are so weak that even with passive boosting them they are too weak still. And there's no real posion that sadida could apply every turn, other then poison from heal taken, wich aside from Bwork dungeon is useless, as its just too weak. Armoring is limited to 3 range if you want effective shield. That again with no mobility on sadida is problematic. K'mir is also limited to range 3 only, i keep having k'mir in my deck but i rarely have the opportunity to even use it. I rather use blocker doll instead. and that doll is like the only reliable one for team support, but again unbuffed it only has 3mp and cant pull and drag, just pull or drag. And if blocker doll get hurt, it lock value decreases fast making sadida want to remove it, but oh sadida cant remove its dolls even. Coz 1-4 linear los range 1 per turn dolly sacrifice is not practical and simply not worth putting in any deck. When you want to remove doll its the one that is usually not close to you, the one that you have problems to heal. And when we talk about healing, rust is nice? No its average, heck its heal ratio is very low, and using sadida for a healer is fail mission when you can get eni, like i already said. Being mediocre does not justify sadida as being good team support. Best you can do is use Gust on allies, but that is 2 per turn only, Eniripsa can do same dmg bonus with the same cost... in aoe, to multiple allies. Voodoll is also not practical due to short range, small duration and los needed to even summon it, making it easily destroyed after its summoned. Teleporting enemy with a xelor is far better and flawless if that enemy not gonna start turn any time soon. The utility sadida is suppose to bring to team are dolls, but like i said this can be neutralized by enemy osa pretty fast, or will just take too long to set up. I did group pvp,es mind you, and with xelors in team i feel like i am just there to look pretty. I also forgot to say that -resist is capped, while +FD is not, and -resist from Feca is enough to make sadida's -resist pointless. And feca also give more FD. And AP. Heck osa can give nice buffs too and osa has nice mobility with swaping with own summons or teleportation of allies. Killing UP within 3 turns after its summoned can make Sadida just give up if it had the rock passive, and if it didnt, then the UP died easier and sadi could just play lone and be mediocre.

TL;DR: you made me post it.

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posté August 25, 2015, 19:12:23 | #16

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 25 August 2015 19:04) *
LOL I literally laugh at your post, Kiku... Sadida has literally the perfect kit for teamfights and is likely one of the most desirable teammates. Teamfights don't necessarily end up being short (net everybody has no-los high range moves) and Sadida may feel handicapped only if teammates do not work together with Sadida. Xelor is indeed highly valuable in teams because of the teleport,I do not argue about it at all, but certain other classes do not lose in this aspect to Xelor a lot.

And about the AoE moves, not everybody builds their deck knowing they will have to face the 50% reduction (some players actually build like that), and even ST moves sometimes do not help against the feca-like resist of dolls.
And i literally cant stop laughing at your post. I dont even... to list all the flaws, oh boy. No that will be too long, sorry but i have no time to proove how wrong you are... i just ROFL. Maybe go play a class first, use spells in practice in group.

And again who cares if you build for aoe, you benefit from that most of the time in like 99% of the content, so deal with 1 flaw in your deck or make other build/deck instead of complainign that your aoe build is not ultimate. As sadida i have like 4-5 decks and i also dont hestitate to change spells in them if i feel like it.

Quote (milkyponey @ 25 August 2015 18:15) *
your post ia too long so ill make it short for lazy people:"i main sadi ,devs should make everyother class op instead of nerfing mine,stop crying ."
Not even close.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #901618  Replies : 182  Views : 3173
posté August 25, 2015, 17:53:13 | #17
Literally people who want sadida nerf has never actually experienced the pain of being a sadida. Why dont you make the sadi yourself? Too slow to play you say? Not practical to level you say? Range limits are stupid and you have no mobility you say? Heck yeah. Playing sadida right now is not practical because of how spells are limited to linear and close ranges with only earthquake being able to co-operate with doll summoned (and its 1 per turn spell only).

Sadida also lack of the good gameplay for groups, also because of those limitations. Summoning is flawed, not convenient for sadida and unfairly-cost free past first 4ap.
Yes you read it right, its not convenient for a sadi. 1-2 linear summoning of UP to then summon other dolls is not convenient. It was far better when i could place the doll during my turn. It is also not practical if for example UP get 2x hammered by wa wobots and suddenly you cant summon dolls for 4 turns. Or other game mechanics that KO summons, even in spore, heck if UP get Frozen by norther chafers you suddenly cant do sht about it either! And sadida has no fire source dmg anymore to help with it. Removing dolls by Sadida is not practical either, while it should be fast and convenient, simplified. It means that Sadida cant even remove the dolls "once they did their job" and are not longer needed to slow down combat. A blocker doll for example has nice lock at first, but then it get hurt and you cant have much use of it, you just control it and try to pull something with it, but its just forced and you'd wish you could replace it with other doll already.

People who complain about 1 vs 1 are either trying to beat sadida brainlessly, using wrong deck or have class that lack of certain spell effects/mechanics to actually counter sadi. It does not make sadida op. It only shows where other classes are lacking.

In pve i can tell that monsters DO attack dolls, and far more often then one may think. It is hard to make army of dolls when dolls are constantly attacked and sadida gameplay is about having army of dolls. The dolls need high survival i'd say even higher then now, because they just die too fast (summon dolls in hardcore tormentor and tell me how long they last) and make it hard for sadida to achieve 100% summon potential, unlike osa who got it right away. The dolls do achieve higher dmg then osa summon but they also take way longer to be summoned. Something that takes more time to build up must be rewarding.

And if the healer doll annoy you so much - why on earth you dont kill it? Kill off all dolls except UP, while running away and healing self up eventually. Sadida self heals are pathetically weak, and it require passive sacrificing to be decent, wich sadida cant afford. Using the rock also decrease self healing. Nbody says you must kill UP to kill a Sadi. And nobody should attack a sadi who armored self, unless he can ignore armor with hemo/bombs/poisons or remove it with -Armor spells faster.

I still laugh at people QQ'ing that they cant use aoe spells to kill something that takes halved aoe dmg. Heck change your deck then. Thats what decks are for. Or ask for more single target spells for your class, or some other neat effects.

And again in group play there's no time for sadida to build up. People can kill off sadida or UP fast, wichever is not protected. A xelor is pretty OP in group pvp, with those abilities to teleport enemis at great distance to opposite team. Eniripsa can heal their team 3x more effectively and 10x earlier then Sadida would with dolls.

People are also forgeting that each doll can block other doll's way. And linear casting of sadida spells with limited distance is giving sadida serious problems to do anything, so it end up just buffing dolls or shielding, coz there's nothing else it can do. And thats the problem. So does sadida need changes? Heck yeah! But it need improvements: for summoning, for gameplay, for group play. The only thing sadida is good at atm is surviving, wich is good... just for soloing, and not even everywhere. A xelor can solo the same things a sadida can, but faster, and xelor does not need the bulk for that - it has op teleportations, crazy high dmg and hydrands that are enough of blocking the way and dont have derpy ai that would make them move away if not controled.

Sadida's main utility is to create multiple obstacles, yet the person who started topic want to nerf that aspect. Like seriously, go ask for nerf in eni heals or go ask for panda throwing/jumping nerf too. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

I can tell you a team of 6 people with 5 members being the same and 1 having sadida while other one having any other different class will make the team with sadida lose. Its sad but true, sadida need a buff in that aspect.

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posté August 24, 2015, 22:41:29 | #18

Quote (Drowns @ 24 August 2015 21:17) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 23 August 2015 16:53) *
p.s. it used to had its own turn and was wandering away to corner of the map - that was horrible so lets be glad it stays in place now.
I could be mistaken but doesn't k'mir allow you to move it? It does the damage from the ability to the enemy but allows you to move the voodoll correct?
Correct. And you can push it with gust too, or move it with blocker dolls. Its not stabilized mechanic. It just have no mp (and no turn).

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posté August 24, 2015, 19:07:02 | #19

Quote (Ziekden @ 24 August 2015 15:45) *
So does that mean that we've been killing the innocent people of the Sram Dimension?

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #901295  Replies : 17  Views : 535
posté August 24, 2015, 18:10:26 | #20

Quote (Markzs @ 24 August 2015 09:13) *

Quote (Avann @ 24 August 2015 05:17) *
It is normally used to damage a monster, that you do not want to get close to, from far away with close range spells.

I see.
To I guess it's very situational and people tend to not use it, right?
I would use it for Black Crow and Steel Beak IF they didnt had bugged bodies when they fly (and cant be targeted with spell). It used to work for Black Crow to allow CC people to fight it in his first phase, but now they messed something with coding and its no longer possible.

I still use it occasionally when i am in my DD deck in group, for example in Vertox (rarerly) or Robowl (often). In Vertox you may swap with allies while doing dmg to boss, having voodoll give allies alternative target to hit, after unfortunate swap. Though its difficult and conditional due to its los and linear restrictions to be summoned. In robowl hc it is often used by me in phase 2, to help melee allies dmg boss after positoner moved boss far away back to corner (it is adviced to keep boss away from us, but we have to deal dmg too). Aside from that however i dont use it at all. Spending 3AP to reach something that i can normally reach with other spells is not worth it.

You should NOT use it as a sponge for dmg. Unless you are very desperate to do that.

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