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Quote (Kokonaut @ 31 July 2014 21:53) *
O for Overpowered
S for Summoner
A for Awsome

Now i dare ankama to play this game because they seem to buff up those strong classes and keep nerfed the weak ones.

Maybe i am overreacting but in myopinion the first classes that should get buff should be the weak ones, not the already strong. Welcome to the World of Twelve Osamodas.

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posté July 30, 2014, 18:41:27 | #2

Quote (Neneko88 @ 30 July 2014 16:22) *
PS ty for being dellusional about beta sadida. Totem is fine and could've been changed like beacon that could be placed anywhere to box things in.

classes that have push spells
eni, iop, sadida, panda, sram, xelor, cra, sacrier, rogue, masq,
if you were one of the few without one don't get totemed or let one of the other classes break the totem for you. I guess the class that shouldn't have high damage shouldn't have a great support spell.
Having push spell alone doesn't help if you have nobody to push on totem. It was bad design and Ankama realised that, hence the change was made. We could go on and on about it, but the fact is that if something can be destroyed with pushback dmg only, then its wrong.

Each version of voodoll have its flaws. Ankama still didn't made right decisions about voodoll and we keep complaining after each revamp of this speciality.

Quote (Neneko88 @ 30 July 2014 16:22) *
We already have eni's coneys
Enutrof's drheller (madoll that removes -1mp)
Osamoda's LOS lock summon (osas do a better job at this now with the new shushus)
Xelor's sinistro (lethargic doll)
Earth osamoda's armor (osa's is better)

Adding "feca" glyphs that actually don't do any of the things that feca glyphs does is fine with me.
Eni coney is weak comparing to inflatable. I am suprised about it, considering that eni can have only 1 coney at time.

As for earth osa i agree they got better version of it. Though brambly armor also inflict "some" (unknown amount of) damage.

About drheller i think its bad comparison. Drheller got plenty of HP, even more then Blocker doll. It is also used to swap around like tiny version of sacrier. It can reduce mp by 1, but i can tell you its the least used spell from it. You should not compare madoll to anything that also reduce mp. Thats just bad.

Funny thing is that current hypermovement mechanic is flawed/bugged. Some monsters (example: Wild gobbly in Wild Gobbal dungeon) will ALWAYS remove your mp, even with 500Lvls of hypermovement. They simply ignore it. Also current Sram Trap wich reduce mp by 1 - it will always reduce MP, ignoring your hypermovement.

Though obviously if this trap would not guarantee mp removal, then it would be pointless to use it for that purpose. I know srams will get revamp and this thing could become forgotten, but the fact is that some spells are meant to always work. Bramble is not reliable for reducing mp, but without guaranteed mp removal Sadida cannot win the fight vs melee classes (unless it use poison wind bug). I did some testing pvp with sacrier who had the same dmg% and resists as me and we were pvp'ing in maps that created many "swamp" cells (those -1mp cells), wich also ALWAYS reduce mp, ignoring the hypermovement. With the use of Gust spell and the terrain i managed to win, though the fight was still hard and i had little hp left in the end. This sacrier was multielement build for semi-tanking. I would loose to pure element sacrier right away. But the point is that just like cells with -1mp ALWAYS reduce MP, the spells should also be always reliable. Its not tactical when you plan that you will remove 2mp and in the end you remove 1 or none due to silly hypermovement mechanics.

I wouldn't mind cooldowns of some spells as long as they would guarantee to bring their effects when i use them. Hypermovement should be completly removed or reworked.

Ok... that was a bit offtopic, perhaps new topic in general section could be made for this.... But anyway madoll would be reliable if the mp it remove was guaranteed as before. It was technically possible to keep someone with 0 mp this way, but madoll need 3 range to remove the mp, wich means it will every 2nd turn come too close to enemy, leaving it open to get killed (i think every class has the ability to attack something 3 cell away) + many classes can jump or attack at better distance, so maybe without hypvermovement, Sadida could be fine in pvp, with madolls support, even with lower dmg. Fight wouldbe long but tactical. Ankama should think about balancing stuff with range, costs, and perhaps cooldowns or limit to possible mp lost, but spells need to be reliable and always remove mp if they have 100% to do so.

Same thing could be said about xelors and sinistros.

But what i wanted to say is that i don't want glyph mechanic on sadida. Simpyl because glyphs have charges. I hate charge system. I could explain how flawed it is in another topic perhaps. I suppose i've already made wall of unnecesary text. But glyphs are meant to be Feca's speciality. Feca should be best at it. Having worse version of other class mechanic is not something i want to see in Sadida. But i would like dolls with aura effects, since they have no charges and you can move them and control them. Tree could similar thing but you cant move a tree (unless you can?) and i belive its one of the things that Ankama would have problems to implement. New sprites, new effects, checking system mechanic, make it apply to control.... Thats almost like making new class or new monsters family. A lot of work... and not needed work, as you can simply add auras to dolls and i belive effect would be better practically.

I think i said it already idea for trees is nice alone, but its not needed and would give Ankama some unnecesary extra work, wich in the end might result in introducing new mechanics like we got in last revamp, wich turned out badly as we all know. IF you will give the reason why its necessary (because maybe i am just too blind to see it) then i would change my statement.

Quote (Neneko88 @ 30 July 2014 16:22) *
About numbers, I don't care about numbers. It makes ideas too complicated for them to even think about.
Its bad that you don't care about numbers, because numbers are the reasons why people complain after the revamp we've got from Grou. It seems Grou didn't care about numbers either. He just cared about new ideas being added (new dolls, bramble armor, etc). Knowing this i must say to you: STOP! And think about numbers first. Think about possible scenarios in combat and think about the gameplay, how it would improve if it will, or how it would make things worse.

Numbers are not making things complicated. Wall of text does. Why? Because it takes time to translate and some sentences might be difficult to translate if you don't use simple words. It leads to misunderstanding that we already got with passive dmg% bonus (we wanted dmg% that increase per turn, even without dolls, but it seems some translation error happened and Ankama might have receive information in french that we want passive dmg% that increase per turn, without dolls only - this is only my speculation of what happened but i think it is quite accurate as i doubt someone would want to ruin the class to troll players on purpose).

So "not complicated" = short, with simple words. But don't ignore the possible numbers, such as range, use per turn, cost, etc. The values may change and propably will, but at least give some sketch for a base.

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posté July 30, 2014, 11:25:27 | #3

What i like:
1. The ability to make walking obstacles (dolls)
2. The concept of summoning dolls and playing with them
3. The ability to shield self or allies with brambles
4. The ability to re-direct dmg via voodoll to target previously linked with it
5. Watching how enemies "kill themself" in their own turn due to poisons
6. Changing positions with Gust and K'mir and also with the dolls who have these spells remembered
7. The ability to heal
8. The fact that it has air, water and earth elemental spells (i dislike fire).
9. The concept of doll link redirectig dmg from sadida to its dolls
10. The concept of explodoll punishing those who were too close to doll when it died.
11. The concept of activating seeds to get different type of dolls
12. The concept of making dolls run berserk when Sadida is hurt
13. The concept of becoming better as the fight progress
14. It has overall nice utility

What i dislike:
1. The cost of spells and specialities is too high to the dmg output given
2. The values given by chromatic specialities is way too low
3. Voodoll loosing hp when its being used for redirecting dmg is wrong
4. The fact that voodoll run away to the map corner is not convenient
5. Summoning dolls cost too much (and changing Ultrapowerful's spell add another cost to summoning)
6. The fact that placing seed involve wp cost has no sense and make Sadida unable to use other spells with WP if it want to use dolls.
7. Shields are too weak for the cost and make it impossible to attack while using them. They either should give more armor or they should last permanently (one or the other).
8. Inflatables doesn't benefit from general dmg% of Sadida (bug)
9. The poison dmg is overlapped by dolls air dmg% (wich is lower) if Sadida want to apply poison directly and via dolls in same time.
10. Due to high cost of summoning, the Sadida has minimal impact in dmg per turn, wich prolong every fight.
11. Playing without dolls is more beneficial then with dolls, wich is completly awkward.
12. Explodoll doesnt feel anymore as punishment for killing dolls (its too weak)
13. The doll link concept is flawed as it shows the non-existant link between Sadida and voodoll, instead of showing the true link between sadida and other dolls (note: we link voodoll to TARGET, not to self).
14. If you play with dolls, your shields and heals are weaker (lone sadida effect vanish for no reason).
15. Cost to Control your dolls vary from 1ap to 6ap
16. Sadida need los and short range to control dolls
17. Earthquake is not reliable. It was better in beta
18. Sadida lack of spell that would heal all dolls on the field (it had one before revamp: Drain, but it got completly changed)
19. Overall Sadida lack of spells that would improve all dolls on the field with a single cast.
20. Sadida lack of protection from damage while building up power with lone sadida or while trying to make enough dolls.
21. Lack of synergy between specialities. Some are working against another, wich makes it a bad design.
22. Even though Sadida has utility spells, it usually becomes 1 trick pony and spam 1 or 2 spells to deal dmg, as its usually the best thing to do, but even then Sadida lack of dmg comparing to other classes.
23. Intoxicated poison doesn't "feel" like poison. It feels like Hemmorhage with different name and element. Lame
24. Dolls are way too fragile and their resist doesn't scale properly to match the new content.
25. Overall Sadida lack of flexibility

The reason why i play Sadida: because i hope that it will get proper revamp, and i enjoy these little things that i listed in "likes".

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Quote (kurokat @ 29 July 2014 21:12) *
- Dolls had insane HP
- Statting HP got exponentially better that it was the best stat and really the only stat Sadida's focused (along with other stats), Since Dolls had an ever higher base HP to work off the Sadida's, you had an unkillable army.
Actually dolls had low HP but passable amount of it. People were complaining that Greedy could be killed in 2 hits back then, while now greedy die in 1 hit. People wanted buff and received nerf instead.

The HP was valuable because of dolls HP % being higher then now. I think it was good because of the support role the Sadida was meant to be. However some cry babies wanted Sadida as warrior hence why all the nerfs to dolls and appearence of lone sadida: to make us not use dolls. Some people... seriously should not suggest anything as designers, like Grou, follow them without thinking on consquences.

Personally i would love if dolls had more HP from Sadida and make HP useful to increase with stats not just for Sacriers, but for Sadida too. Sadida can't add Control from stats, neither CMC%. Rogues already took initiative to spend their points in, enutrofs got prospecting, masqueraiders got dodge and feca got lock. There isn't much left that Sadida could focus on, especially with the current game mechanics. Making Sadida have more interest in HP was good idea and was great concept in beta, and here's why:

1. Dolls HP were higher (blocker had even 42% of Sadida max HP)
2. Sadida had no passive with HP % increase, but instead it had redirection of dmg from self to dolls when Sadida was attacked, leading to "semi-HP-bonus" that was not making Sadida have more HP (to not interupt doll's max HP when it would suddenly increase) but instead to make Sadida suffer less dmg. Due to higher HP on dolls, it was fine build.
3. Dolls had enough HP to tank properly (at least blocker had enough) in pve, however they could still die fast from enemy dmg. The sad thing was that once doll got killed, it was not giving back WP, wich was leading to fast defeat of Sadida by enemies who were simply killing dolls 1 by 1 and leaving Sadida with no WP left and no "semi-HP-bonus".
(EDIT: added 2 more points to this)
4.Explodoll was based of doll's max HP, wich was nice source of dmg that a support class that invested in HP could deal, without being dmg dealer.
5.Green Guard concept means that Sadida will be exposed to receive damage, wich means it needed some protection to tank the dmg, while hoping for the hits received to trigger Green Guard effect. Focus on HP with stats, combined with Doll Link that was redirecting dmg to ALL dolls, made this Green Guard passive work pretty well togather. Due to doll link mechanic sadida could survive many hits, while the dolls were getting nettled. Though with the same doll link the dolls were gradually loosing HP. This however was not that bad if we take into account Explodoll that was revenge killing enemies who were too close to dolls. All these 3 passives had awsome synergy thx to the HP.

Now even though Dolls had even twice as much HP as current ones, with doll link redirection of dmg, the Sadida had to constantly sacrifice the dolls and re-summon new ones or heal them up every turn, just to keep up the "semi-HP-bonus", wich was making Sadida able to tank, but was, sadly, forcing Sadida to only do that with very little AP left to attack, making fights safe but extremly long.

People were stupid to ask for removal it (if they wanted it, that is, because i cant belive someone wanted this nerf). The ONLY 2 things that Sadida needed back then was passive dmg% bonus to not get behind others in terms of breaking resist % of bosses (and fecas) and dolls without the WP cost. That was the only 2 things that we really needed.

The concept to build up dmg% per turn that Lone Sadida offers would be nice if it was working with the doll-link from beta days and basically if it would work with dolls (so that sadida would use dolls to "buy time" for this passive to increase).

Current Sadida has some nice ideas in it (such as brambly armor) but even these nice ideas are not working as people would want (brambly armor is too weak for the cost, and makes you not able to attack so it should either add more levels of protection or should last permanently until removed with damage). Brambly Armor here is just an example of something new that came with revamp that was nice in concept but turned out to be misscalculated in process.

So its not like Grou did all the bad stuff. It gave us new dolls, brambly armor, ability to use mudoll on self, a voodoll as walking doll that cannot be disabled if someone steps on it (as nothing can step on it now) and a passive that increase our dmg per turn. This all sounds nice when you read it. Too bad that these new dolls cost too much to summon (and former ones cost too much too), too bad brambly armor is outclassed by feca armors and sacrier's coagulation (both of wich let their caster attack while giving protection, unlike brambly armor), too bad voodoll WALKS instead of standing where we have summoned it (and too bad it loose HP from ALLY attacks, wich is ridiculously stupid) and too bad that this passive dmg% is NOT working with dolls, when everybody thought it would when reading first PDF that Grou showed to us.

Another good thing was introduction of chromatic mechanic, but i feel Sadida was here as a guinea pig as the values of the specialities with chromatic element seems to be halved to what they really should be, hence why many players asked if Grou hate Sadida class.

To sum up there were some good things that Grou give us, but the values, costs and the mechanics that were either making some effects outlcassed by others or making one speciality work against other ones, overshadowed the good things and made them all look bad. This current Sadida we have looks like few scraps from different materials sewed up togather. A very bad design, even though a single scrap alone look nice. In contrary, the Sadida in last open beta days, before the offical release, was fine and just had 2 flaws i mentioned before. You could call them a 2 holes that could be patched up. However instead of patching these holes, the Ankama ripped apart the whole material and started sewing it with some other. You can clearly see the action taken was not smart. Who on earth destroy the material that just had 2 small holes and tries to cover these flaws by sewing togather totally different scraps? I mean... ok some extraordinary fashion designer could do that, but it would propably look like one piece, wich is not the case in Sadida situation, and thats the problem.

TL'DL: Grou gave some nice ideas, but ideas were messed up togather, everything on Sadida is underpowered or doesn't work with eachother, hence why so many complains.

The mistakes of Grou can be fixed, but i don't think that introduction of new summons (trees) would change anything in that matter. If anything people might start complaining that they cannot move these trees, just like they couldn't move totem (first voodoll).

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Quote (kurokat @ 29 July 2014 12:27) *
If anything, control should be added to an active specialty, not a passive. While this wouldn't be a perfect solution, but why not have something like Sic'm More self cast cause control over your dolls for a turn? Then you could get your control when you wanted and no control when not needed. Again though, a simple thought.
^ My thoughts exactly.

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posté July 29, 2014, 11:09:07 | #6
The concept to have summons with auras that are standing in one place is nice, but i think it would be nicer if these summons could be moved. Somehow i can't imagine moving tree (pushing it) to next cell, but hey - dolls can be moved.

I know that "tree" as summoned plant would be nice visually, but here i'd like to mention practical aspects. Nobody want to stand still around 1 non-moveable object. Even pandas move their barrels and even Cra's would like to move from place for better aim if they don't want to use no-los spells only (+ they might want to flee away if enemy come close to them). Standing still may work on Feca who tank some Ultimate Boss perhaps but i don't want to see yet-another-ultimate-boss-exlusive-specialities.

Now there are already classes with non-moveable objects that creates dmg-dealing or buffing auras (Rogue with firewall and Feca with glyphs). Therefore i doubt ankama would add such mechanic to another class. The whole idea of having many classes is to make them different one from another. The tree with aura around it would be a worse version of glyph as it will block the cell in the middle, making it difficult to move around, and usually ending to giving allies a trade-off their used MP to walk around for the bonus, that, again, might last only for 1 turn if the tree will not be moved (as allies move, but tree doesnt), wich would be lame addition to sadida spells.

Now i think that since Srams got more attention and they got traps, i think Sadida could get some love too and get... better dolls.

Here's the thing:

Step 1: Dolls with auras that buff or debuff (poisons) or heal perhaps.
Step 2: Ability to control all dolls with a single cast of 1, cheap spell.
Step 3: Blocker with 0 mp by default
Step 4: MP bonus to controled dolls.
Step 5: Make Nettle Stabilize dolls properly (for 1 round of turns).

How this would work: if you would want some kind of "non-moveable" summon with auras, you will make blocker dolls and buff them with the aura. The aura will be permanent (until doll die) with the ability to change the aura to different one, without the need to kill the doll, to simply speed things up and save time from timer. If you will want to move the blocker with aura, then you will cast controling spell that would add it MP and move it to desired destination. If you won't want to move blocker and want to ensure that enemy won't push it - nettle it. Other dolls would act as walking auras (wich could be nice combined with poison aura for attacking dolls and with healing aura or resist bonus aura for run-away ai dolls). Note that there is no class with walking auras, except maybe feca's armors, but they doesn't last long and are meant to protect targeted ally rather then support those around it (except maybe fire armor, but its just -res?). So anyway this idea would give us something new that no-other class have. Something that Ankama could consider adding.

These auras combined with Explodoll could make a nice combo. Combined with Green Guard and old-Doll linlk (the one that redirect dmg from sadida to all dolls) would make another great synergy between specialities. I am getting excited when i think about such gameplay.

But i bet haters gonna hate it as they play without dolls.

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Quote (Moongrove89 @ 25 July 2014 00:38) *

Quote (aquabeauty @ 24 July 2014 20:12) *

Quote (Moongrove89 @ 23 July 2014 08:01) *
A second clarification that would be helpful is the order that you level your spells in. In the description of Dolly Sacrifice, your last spell in the list, you state that you are baffled as to why Sadidas do not max this skill. With your current spell order, you would have to be level 160 (or level 161?) to have this skill at max level. Perhaps showing your actual number values at max level? That would help to clarify your specialty leveling order, which is really confusing right now.

2. Work in Progress, need to edit copy-pastes. Also there is no reason why by 153, you can not have 8 skills leveled. So it is not an option for 160 or 165.

Interesting. I have never noticed before, but Specialty skills only cost 90 skill points, while Specialty passives cost 100 skill points. I had just assumed that each skill cost the full 100 skill points.

Perhaps the reason why most people do not have Dolly Sacrifice leveled then is because most Sadidas are not level 153. Any Doll using Sadida that waits until level 153 to max Dolly Sacrifice will most likely run into problems though. I would suggest to have this skill maxed before level 153, for anyone new to the Sadida class.
Dolly Sacrifice was like 3rd or 4th speciality i leveled because of its utility (after Doll and Knowledge of Dolls). Tree is too weak at low level to give any utility and Sic'em More is good only when maxed and i'd rather use Poisoned wind once rather then sic'em more twice. Voodoll is not needed at low level as you don't fight vs UB's. It can be fine to get it cost single WP instead of 2WP if someone really want to try using it but thats about it. Explodoll and doll link both are lame and can be simply ignored in any build. Green Guard may ruin your support by making inflatables run to far away after it triggers and if it won't trigger next turn, the inflatable won't come back for even 2 turns to make it of any help, hence why i don't level it either. Lone Sadida is decent on its own and maxing it is enough to play without dolls and it could be taken as 1st or 3rd speciality. Dolly Sacrifice however helps to "heal up to full the doll that didn't died or change it to ultrapowerful doll with no los and sudden chill wich i find quite helpful. The no los on dolly sacrifice help turning blocker to inflatable too, wich saved my allies few times. I don't understand why someone would wait so long to level dolly sacrifice. Its even useful for lone sadida with voodoll as it helps removing voodoll and linking it to different target (or clearing cell to move through). Its also necessary when you fight UB's such as black crow in case it reflect voodoll and link it to you (wich seem to always happen to me on first try).

Yes the heal it give is very low for the total cost of summoning and sacrificing and its not convenient to remove more then 1 doll due to flawed design of forcing us to cast it twice per doll that we want to remove, leading to too long animation and making us end up with 6 or more unused AP's when the timer ends, but still its the only way for us to remove dolls manually and with no LoS. Its an utility spell and should be leveled as soon as possible, right after the "must have" specialities.

Quote (Moongrove89 @ 25 July 2014 00:38) *
Interesting. I have never noticed before, but Specialty skills only cost 90 skill points, while Specialty passives cost 100 skill points. I had just assumed that each skill cost the full 100 skill points.
Wow i am shocked. You play for so long and you didn't notice this?

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One of my characters had 6 days+ respec before the patch. After patch it still had it but instead of 6 days+ it was 12 hours left only. So it seems the quest didn't vanished completly just got reduced by 6 days or so. Those who had less then 6 days left lost the chance to respec.

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posté July 23, 2014, 16:50:20 | #9

Quote (Gynrei @ 23 July 2014 15:25) *
Can you gather while on your mount?
You can't. What's more each time you PRESS on ressource to harvest you dismount dragoturkey right away, instead of dismounting it right next to ressource when you start gathering. This means that the only way to use mount for gathering proffesions would be to keep using it from shortcut each time you finish harvesting one ressource and point the destination cell next to another ressource instead of targeting resource directly and run there automatically.

So technically you can use mount to help you get ores or fishes (would be pointless to use it on flowers or trees that you can plant close to eachother). Its slightly faster but less convenient.

Note: its slightly faster with 25% speed mount. Could be worth doing it with 50% or 75% speed mount.

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Quote (Moongrove89 @ 23 July 2014 08:01) *
You should note that any air spell cast on the Doll will have a range of 1 - 4 with line of sight regardless of what the Sadida's spell description states.
Except K'mir wich remain 1-1 range.

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posté July 22, 2014, 16:27:17 | #11

Quote (saphiLC2 @ 21 July 2014 17:34) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 21 July 2014 12:58) *

Quote (Neneko88 @ 21 July 2014 03:25) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 21 July 2014 02:51) *
I just hope that with the nerf to the amount of possible Control from gear Ankama will finally remove the WP cost from Doll.

Quote (Karrd @ 21 July 2014 12:56) *
Mind talking about urself? stop whining and derailling threads... dont use "WE" use "I", ok? every sadida i know is happy with their class, gosh... most of them are a key piece for UB battles and bosses... and please, stop comparing sadidas to osamodas, they are different classes, aka u cant compare them, they use different mechanics, even an iop can see that... if srams got over masqs doubles... why cant YOU do the same about another class that can also summon things? anyways... if you think your class is so horrible... why are you still playing it? or you like it? because if you do like it that means nothing is wrong with it.

It looks like you dont know ur class very well anyways... you should be able to summon 10 dolls? nope, thats why they are limited by wp, wp that u get back once the doll dies... i agree that mechanics is stupid, they should just limit the number of dolls per player to 6, regardless the control you have... but requiring to have 6 control to summon 6, but dont start stupid things like "fecas use 1ap to summon a glyph", they used to use WP instead of 1 ap, and it was a really bad system.

Anyways, what i want to tell u is... keep sadida whining in the sadida whining forum pls, is really annoying how the same 3 persons always try to derail every thread... Grou is gone, the "new" dev just came and is changing osas, wait your turn?

this is not a hate post or anything bad tho... its just so annoying how every post that have nothing to do with sadidas, becomes a post about sadidas.
To your information i left this forum long ago because of the haters like you who won't let other players make their opinion. The reason why i decided to come back and say what i think is because of the recent change to control gear, wich affects me. It was on topic and the people who derail it are those who keep replying to someone who said their opinion, afterwich the reply to your reply is desired and the topics get derailed.

Everybody has rights to say about their own class in any topic if it is on topic and THIS was on topic. I was commenting the change to Control on gear and wanted to remind Ankama about the issue related to limitation of dolls to both control AND WP, something that Grou was too blind to see was wrong.

You don't want derailed topics? Then how about not making them derailed by not replying to those people who you think are derailing them, because by replying, you know what happen - YOU derail them.

And by the way talking about Sadida or Feca (NOTE BOTH WERE MENTIONED EVEN XELOR BUT YOU JUST SEE SADIDA) or any other class that has something to do with Control in a topic where the change to control is mentioned IS ON TOPIC. So stop the nonsense. Forum is for the people to give their feedback from their experience. If we say nothing Ankama would not see the problem and will leave things as they are. Osamodas were complaining and they have been heard. Sadidas have to wait and i am cool with it as long as we are not forgotten, hence why i repeat myself.

And if you are so curious i am playing Sadida since open beta days and i;ve been making few Sadidas to try out each change given, because i like this class concept, the look and the hope for the revamp keep me playing this class.

I know Sadida are useful for UB because of Voodoll. I know that K'mir and Gust are handy tools for positioning. I know shielding help on Sacrier tanking and its nice to be able to heal and make obstacles to potentially avoid being damaged. I know and i play well my Sadida. The dolls helped me win many fights safetly while protecting allies from being stunned in Drheller dungeon or to trap some crows and force them to go around or waste attacks on my blocker dolls. But the point is that other classes are handy too while they dont loose the damage potential when they support. Yes Sadida may just sit back and heal in Black Crow fight after it made Voodoll, and Pandawa can just focus on throwing people around there to make them not destroyed when Black Crow fly down, but it doesn't mean that one or the other class should be doomed to be unable to do high dmg when its desired.

for the plus Sadida has utility spells, while for the minus they are costly and damage output of sadida become poor because of it and because of lower base dmg spells. Sadida is great support and fun to play - hence why i keep playing it, but it have a lot of flaws that are waiting to be fixed in order to make it able to participate in pvp.

Do i want to be able to win pvp as support class? Hell yes! Every class is meant to be able to win pvp. If one class is forbidden to do pvp then thats bad design of this class.

Now i am saying this because i could gear myself up on dmg dealing set and play without dolls on higher level content while my Kwoac's Leg was enough for me to have 5 Control (usually 5 is enough even if i could use per with control i prefer pet with dmg). This way i could still deal some decent damage after few turns (lone sadida) while not loosing the ability to start using dolls when the situation turned bad and some lucky locks from blockers( or healing dolls that can reach ally when i cant) would save the run. And this nerf to the Control on gear will cripple me, making me in need to replace some dmg% gear for control gear or forcing me to use control pet instead of tofu. It nerfs my damage in-directly so i have to mention this.

And stop nit-picking the word "everybody" because EVERY Sadida I KNOW agree with me and even those who doesn't play Sadida can see that i do very little for the too high cost. Things i do are handy but too costly. Those who are fine with current Sadida are those who just shield allies or heal them and doesnt care to do anything more then that. Either that or they are too blind to see the impact they do in fight vs the impact others do.

EDIT: One more thing: How else you want to make one class fine without comparing it to other? So stop saying to stop comparing one class to another when its the right way to do. The reason why people compare Sadi to Osa is because both are classified as summoners and because they can make few walking summons. In other words they are similar and people see it so they compare them more often but they also compare sadi to rogue or feca or xelor. If someone compare Sadida to osamodas but didnt compared sadi to something else in that post then there's no reason for you to start argues as it was simply saving you time for reading (bigger) wall of text then it already made. And i wanted to avoid posting this wall of text myself but it seems for some people things have to be explained with details. Belive me it could be longer as i have lot's to say about it.


1.Sadida has potential and got nice tools but thats about it. Everything it does is either costly, too weak in effect or not worth doing and it lack of synergy between specialities.

2. If you don't like derailing then don't derail yourself by replying to those you think have derailed topic.It will just keep topic derailed.

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Quote (Nox16 @ 21 July 2014 11:59) *

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 21 July 2014 07:10) *

Quote (Nox16 @ 21 July 2014 06:27) *
so i was in beta messing around with the new starting quests for astrub. The plant puzzle pushing thing is so cool ... and its where you find the grambos
Wait theyre bringing my favorite mob into relevancy?

im to lazy for screen shots but just do the beginning quest line it should reappear when you go into beta its like the second thing you do is go to that area. The area is the bowmeow tomb near the witchs dungeon if that helps with directions on where the flower puzzle is.

After i did that you get sent to the sewers and another game or puzzle and its to make larva pizza... it was all in french so i didnt finish the challenge cause .... couldnt really understand what to do but yeah id guess after that you would see more grambos later on.
I hope everybody will be able to do this quest, not just new-made characters.

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For the K'mir there are few uses:

1. K'mir on seed to make ultrapoweful doll and then vaporize on it to control it and make it move either you to run further away (when you used up all mp), to move ally away from dangerous place (example: in edge of the map in vampyro) or to move monster away but that require you to be on 2nd cell diagonally to enemy for effective move. Its classic use of K'mir on doll.

2.K'mir + poisoned wind spam then run around as you please to hurt enemy. It helps stacking Intoxicated and give some nice Tetatoxin to enemy. USeful if enemy got close to you and you want to make him regret that. If its not in close combat: spam poisoned wind instead and run away. It will either have to run to you or run away from you or stay where it is to avoid poison on mp. In case it run away you can heal up or set up dolls or bed of spikes, voodoll - up to you. In case it run to you it suffer poison dmg and if it end up in same distance - repeat the poisoned wind spam. If its in close combat, then don't bother pushing, just K'mir +poisoned wind. This is obvious use for lone sadida air.

3.Trick 1: "Follow me". Use K'mir on ally then cast gust twice to push self further away. The trick is that k'mir doesn't stabilize you only the target you've cast it on, wich allows you to push self away from it. Keep 1 mp spare and then AFTER you have pushed self twice, move with that 1 leftover mp and your ally will "travel across the cells to you". It is useful for example in Black Crow fight to reach middle top rock togather with Panda during your first turn, after wich the panda can throw you right behind the rock that is closest to Black Crow. Gust becomes the extra mp for you and your ally. Can be used on enemies too.

4. Trick 2: "Free dodge". Use it on stabilized enemy and it will let you dodge with 100% rate. The enemy simply won'y follow you but you won't be locked. Note: doesn't work on all enemies for some reason. I think if stabilization is added during fight then it works but if its permanent "passive" of enemy then it won't work. To be confirmed.

5. Trick 3: "Assaulting Sadida". This combo involes K'mir and Gust. When you are at map edge and there is 1 free cell behind you use K'mir on enemy in front of you then push self behind. It will make 1 empty cell between you and enemy but you are still under K'mir link. Now step forward to that empty cell and enemy will move behind you - in other words it will trap enemy in map edge. Handy in use. Can trap Drhellzerker for good and force it to turn back to human form if it will want to get any dmg bonus from moving from cell to cell (if it stays you can spam poisoned wind on it and win the fight or push self away and make blocker doll, up to you). This won't work vs stabilized enemies though as they cannot be moved.

6. Trick 4: "Jumping Mario Brothers". In certain situation if there are cells that teleport you when you step on them (celestial tofu dungeon for example) you can use k'mir on someone (aly or enemy), step on that cell and then move with 1 spare mp to make you see the K'mir-linked target follow you by flying across everything on the way, in direct line, ignoring the game's square shaped cells characteristics. Hint: Might be nice trick to try with revamped sram and that new air trap.

7. Trick 5: "Invincible". If you are lucky enough to fight vs 1 enemy on a map where edges are pushing you back 1 cell then cast K'mir on enemy and walk with it to the edge (you don't have to start fight near edge, just make sure you have enough mp to move to the edge after you cast k'mir). What will happen: the enemy will follow you but you will be pushed back... and land on the same cell where enemy is! The AI will then be unable to target you and monster won't move. Now spam Wild Grass and Bramble or Mudoll spells on self and enemy will be injured while you get shields or heals in same time. Epic.

8. Trick 6: "Bribe". Same situation as with Trick 5, just that this time on the map there are more then 1 enemy. Do the same trick with one of them and the other one will attack you... and his own ally. It will basically help kill his own mate! You can try it in Kelba or in Ohwymi desert during tornado environmental quest.

9. Trick 7: "Anty-sacritifce". This trick do wonders in PvP or vs Hoodlums with sacrier on enemy side. If Sacrier Sacrifice his low on health ally, you can cast K'mir on Sacrier and attack the low on health ally freely (they need to be close enough though). This was better before revamp when K'mir could last whole round of turns, making it possible for your allies to also benefit from stabilizing enemy sacrier. You can still use it in your own turn to attack and finish off the Sacrificed enemy. Note in the time you cast k'mir the sacrier will swap because dmg is applied before the link, but every other spell cast on Sacrificed target will make Sacrier not able to swap. This trick can be used also in Vampyro dungeon to damage boss even if he made one of our allies suffer dmg for him. Note: you don't damage ally with K'mir so its safe to use.

10. Trick 8: "Kiting". This is funny trick that you can only use in fight vs Lenalds by using their combat map edge. Make ultrapowerful doll with K'mir on map edge and cast vaporize on it. It will make the doll appear next to Lenald as it start and give you the posibility to move the lenald further away from you. Its as if you could cast K'mir at distance to make dolls next to enemy (something i wish we could do). I tried this vs Gwampa Lenald and it was fun because he couldn't even reach me to attack me. Sadly i couldn't do much dmg to him that way and the fight was just neverending story (if only dolls were cheaper and lone sadida would stack with dolls...). ITs more of a gimic but you can try it for fun. Maybe in group with others this trick could have more use, to position lendalds for allies attacks. But for solo its not effective way to kill a lenald.

11. Trick 9: "Take cover". If you need to hide in map edge but enemy happends to be not in line or not in range for you to make voodoll right away while standing there: make the voodoll where you can and then use K'mir on it and drag it to the map edge. If there will be 2 cells with negative effects on both sides of voodoll (note: the cells cannot benefit monsters) then voodoll will stay where it is, covering you from attacks. If enemy won't have no los, ranged or aoe spells, then you are safe from harm and can safetly win. Gust can help here just like with "follow me" trick 1, just that voodoll itself cost 3ap when maxed so its 1 use of Gust not 2.

With these tricks you can solo certain group of monsters in Ohwymi desert - you can even win vs 5 or even 7 enemies alone. Just make sure to NOT use sidekicks as they will mess up ai of enemies and they might not move where you want them to.


Another use that i forgot to mention:

12. If enemy has high lock and you are in situation on map edge where you cant push it nor self away (2cell edge instead of 1) then use K'mir and move by 1 mp to move enemy to the cell where you was and make it possible for you to push self in next turn (or push self after that right away in same turn if you feels like it would be good to use your 3ap for push now instead of dealing some decent dmg but personally i suggest attacking after k'mir reposition and push self away and try to kite on next turn).

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Quote (Neneko88 @ 21 July 2014 03:25) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 21 July 2014 02:51) *
I just hope that with the nerf to the amount of possible Control from gear Ankama will finally remove the WP cost from Doll.
WP cost to dolls is one of the worst systems in wakfu..they're the essential gameplay of the class but let's look at this

masqueraider mask (no wp)
rogue bombs (no wp)
panda barrel (no wp, and is a support class like sadidas)
eni enisraise (no wp)
enutrof mine mover (no wp)

WP should only be for totem and tree, nothing more. Or even add it to sadida elemental spells so we can finally do some damage. Put it for earthquake, manifold bramble, rust, we don't mind
Actualy we DO mind. We don't want WP on elemental spells. We have voodoll for additional dmg source or range for our attacks and it cost WP already so no point adding WP to elemental spells.
I agree that WP should be only on Voodoll and Tree but if they are gonna add WP elsewhere then i'd rather make Sic'em More with WP.

Quote (Karrd @ 21 July 2014 12:56) *
those wp on dolls is only to make it a limit of 6 at a time it's not really a cost since it gets refunded
It is still a cost, because it make us not able to use other WP spells when we have dolls and if we use WP elsewhere, then we cant make dolls. WP refund is only a temporary solution so that Ankama could see if it will be fine for Sadida to not loose access to dolls. And it is fine so no point to keep it with WP. Just remove that WP. Feca lost their WP from Glyph or Armor during revamp and it can spam it as often as Sadida seeds.

And dont tell me that Ankama is afraid of 8 dolls (knowing people could get 8 control max after that patch). Imo Sadida should be able to make 10 dolls even, just like the Sadida god who had 10 dolls according to lore. I know that many people won't be making that many dolls, as usually 2 or 5 is enough but its people's own mind that tells them how many they will need to use and limiting us to max 6 with a WP cost just kills the concept of WP. Every class should use WP for something significant, just like Feca or Xelor.

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I just hope that with the nerf to the amount of possible Control from gear Ankama will finally remove the WP cost from Doll.

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Srams will have traps.

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Quote (Niddhoggy @ 20 July 2014 19:16) *
I think that we just have to wait now, this forum has already given too many nice suggestions. All we can do is wait.

At least now my hopes are up when it comes to Sadidas. Following the fact that Grou quit, I expected better class revamps, revamps that are more about strategy rather than just damage. Look what they want to do to Srams now, lovely isn't it? Let's just hope they do the same to Sadidas in the future.

As for the Tree idea, Ankama impressed me with the traps they added to srams in a such smooth and simple way. This could really be done to Sadidas with dolls and Trees, this would make summoning much faster than it currently is.

Like, each branch has three spells that when you cast on yourself they return all AP and change your summoning state. Depending on your state you will directly summon a Tree or a Doll.
What works for one doesn't work for the other.
As long as self casting spells work for Sram to create different traps it will not work with the dolls as we are unable to create fire doll without damaging seed. Seed itself also do something: block cell and los.

But the main problem is that Sadida self-casting spells already have effects such as heal (mudoll) or shielding (first 3 earth spells), unlike Sram who just have attacks. Whats more it works for Sram idea because of the close-range spells that Sram have. Activating traps the way Sadida does would be horrible for sram with just 1-1 range spells and even if traps would be cast directly by some spell it would be still 1-1 range. I am happy that they listened to the feedback i gave to them about traps and adapted revamp to it, but like i said, it won't work with Sadida.

Or it could but would require too much of revamp to current spells and to the sadida gameplay and the way dolls are being summoned. Sadida could activate dolls by casting spell on self instead of a seed but whats the point to do that if we have range to cast the spells on seeds directly. The thing is that Ankama should not copy-paste the mechanic that one class have to keep each class different and oryginal in its own way. Hence why we have dolls created from seeds instead of direct cast of spells on empty cells like sinistros. It saved us spell slots for more versatile moves unlike xelor who have 4/5 spells for attacking in water and fire branch, where remaining one is just summon. The design of Sadida summoning is nice and different then of other classes and i would like to keep it. However animation of doll appearing from seed should be 2x faster and seeds themself should cost nothing. Imo seeds could be just like Scaralady eggs: people can walk on them and if you look closely they are of similar size and with similar "ground" around them that those of the dolls.

My idea is to make it possible to walk on seed (seed would not block cell) just like we could walk on pinned-doll voodoll, but instead of making it impossible to make use of it, the seed should crush upon steppin on and maybe reduce mp by 1 for those who stepped on seed and crushed it. Normally people need to waste 3mp to go around seed, this new version would make people waste 1mp instead, and would not block los but with cost of 0AP it would give sadida the cheap dolls that it desire.

Trees - they could be made as you suggest with Tree speciality cast on empty cell or they could be made with 1 out of 5 elemental spells of each branch (Sadida's Tear, Fertilizer, Woodland Stench) cast on seed. Still the tree is just an addition. Question is if those Trees would be of any help or would they act as another summon that we won't use or would they be better then dolls making nobody use dolls again or so weak nobody would care to use trees making them pointless addition?

Personally i think that as long as the idea for summoning trees is interesting i see no need for such change. Sram needed traps to be effective and not just single target dmg dealer who run forward or hit and run. Traps were needed to give something special to Sram that would make it able to fight in different ways. Sadida already have dolls for that, just that those dolls need modyfications. IF you want a summon that stays in 1 place and buff allies around it, then how about blocker with 0mp doing that? you could then Control the blocker and give it mp to change its position, wich can't be done with tree, unless thats a treechnid but i dont think sadida should summon treechnids.

Idea: nice
The need for it: close to none. A comsetic change to fit some taste.
What would it improve for sadida: hard to tell: either nothing will change or sadida would just use trees as the "reliable" summons who doesnt derp with ai.
Conclusion: Its just idea for more summons that do different stuff then current ones. Do we need more type of summons or should we modify current ones? A dolls with walking auras might be better, especially if they give us full control over them.

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Everything fine but invisibility should cost 1wp when maxed imo.

I also think that Sram reflex should give Sram a chance to avoid being damaged, wich could be handy while invisible to change position when enemy for example locked us and figured out where we are. In the world of aoe spells Sram desire to still keep the "20% chance to jump away and gain 1mp" passive.

The suggested change for sram reflex seem boring to me.

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Quote (Pantamime @ 20 July 2014 02:18) *
...the Seed spell it self could be used then the corresponding spell can be cast on it to make a tree instead of a doll.

Thats what i meant:
sadida's tear cast on seed = water tree
vaporize/rust used on seed = greedy
mudoll/drain used on seed = inflatable

Quote (Pantamime @ 20 July 2014 02:18) *
That way they could get rid of the current tree specialty and give you guys something better maybe? I am not sure if people like the current tree spell but it doesn't seem like it is so great.

I don't like the idea to get rid of certain speciality. Tree is nice (though the heal given is too low (7 base for 1mp... c'mon! Even 1ap spell of eniripsa heal more!)) as it can stabilize you, making sacriers unable to pull you or swap you and it also give you resist with some heal that could save you some fights when you used all ap's for attacks. Yes it needs rebelancing as i said the heal is too low, and yes people don't use it with dolls because dolls still cost WP. But the concept to turn to tree and getting heal+protection from that form is cool. If adding "trees as summons" would lead to removal of "transfomation into tree" then i don't want such change.

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What about Sadidas? Ain't nobody got time for that?
People keep talking about improving osamodas summoning where even now osamodas is doing great in pvp and Sadida is no match for osamodas no matter what it does. You are improving class that is already decent (osamodas) instead of improving class that struggle (sadida)?

Why removing control from ratty riot shield? Control was the only reason to get this shield. And its not just about osamodas, some Sadidas uses it too. What i see is nerf to control gear because of Osamodas, wich give a nerf to Sadidas gear unintentionally.

If you are troubled so much with control gear that osamodas can use, ankama, then why you kept adding fire equipements with control and cmc that make osamodas benefit fully, while ignoring the water/air Sadidas who need water/air gear with control, that osamodas won't benefit from that much?

And when we will get cheaper dolls with more resist that we need so much? While revamping osamodas and giving it MORE summoning options - have you thought about the damage per turn Osamodas summons deal? And if so, how can you justify the cost to summon them with the cost to summon dolls? Because theres huge gap between these two and everybody can tell that summoning doll for 6AP who will do a dmg worth of half of the cost it was made with (or less) is simply not worth doing. People dont want to spend 8ap to summon 2 greedy dolls that will inflict dmg of 4ap AND only in close combat (while osa summons have variety of attacks with different range).

Another thing is that animal guard give osamodas summons +5MP each time it triggers, making it impossible to run away from osamodas summons. Meanwhile Sadida give +3MP to dolls from green guard and its capped at +3MP even if sadida is hit more times.

So i have to ask: What is the reason to cripple Sadida class o much and improve Osamodas who is FAR better then Sadida already?

.....Don't get me wrong: i'm cool with improving Osamodas, just don't forget how much more improvements Sadida need.

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