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posté Today - 19:50:42 | #1
Vs others op strong classes you get smashed to the ground, thats why you call them overpowered. Sadida lack dmg itself and it lack of ways to reduce incoming dmg to survive those strong hits. Hopefully revamp will change it. Right now i suggest you to not pvp or at least not pvp vs the classes that received revamp.

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posté Today - 12:42:06 | #2
This shift+arrowkey is still buggy and i have to hold down both for 2-3 seconds for my character to turn. Please fix it.

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posté Today - 04:18:58 | #3

Quote (Ounce @ 29 March 2015 03:24) *

Quote (Thannas @ 29 March 2015 00:53) *
Yes - it is useful. Dolls become better once you get more ap though. Sadi's will also greatly improve come next revamp as well. So good things in store for you.

Could you give more details? Is there a change to sadida coming that I'm not aware of?
The next to-be-revamped classes are Sadida and Eniripsa. No details are known yet.

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posté Today - 03:53:43 | #4
Few things for incoming sadida revamp All revamped classes seems to have some "states" that they gain and use with spells. We can therefore expect the same for Sadida.

I suggest making Sadida spells give Sadi 'Nutrients" (state) per AP/MP of each spell. Some spells, for example sudden chill and drain, could consume those to apply -resist or to heal selected ally for greater amount of heal. There could be also self-casting speciality that would consume these Nutrients and give Sadida WP.

Another thing is that considering the nature of Sadida god, i think Sadida people should be revarded by their god for "creation". This is why i think Creating doll should make Sadida gain WP. Removing doll with dolly sacrifice could then cost WP, as its an act of destrction (or rather could cost nothing, but if Sadida have WP, then it would loose 1 WP each time it remove doll).

I was also thinking that it could be possible for a doll to "transform" themself into another type of doll, though that could require dolls to be always controled by sadida. This way if we would just want to remove the doll from the field, without loosing wp (as dolly sacrifice could also give heal for removing the doll, or ap maybe), players could still have such option by making the doll turn into sacrificial and explode.

As for speciality "Tree", i think it should not be used every turn. It needs a cooldown, but also it need better protection. Considering that sadida is not agile and it have no jumps, i think it would be fair to make this speciality turn Sadida invulnerable from dmg (with 3 turn cooldown). Otherwise sadida might stand no chance in pvp, and please do note sadida used to have invulnerability from Tree, before Grou changed it mercilessly.

Equipement with Control stat are also not good as they are usually 2 elemental or have low resist. Perhaps a bonus to resist per Control bonus (similar to how Cra have final dmg from range bonus) could make sadida players consider using equipement with control.

Doll link should also show a link between sadida and ALL dolls. Doll's feeling pain when sadida is hurt, and taking part of the dmg for it, to make sadida suffer less was a nice concept and imo should be brought back.

Having more dolls should be rewarded. Perhaps some spell could deal more dmg the more dolls we have summoned.

Removing dolls from cell should be fast. We don't need to turn them to seeds.

Voodoll need to redirect all attacks properly, even from spells that doesnt hurt allies, and please make voodoll not walk away and not loose HP when we redirect spells via it. Just look at Trank for example - ally under Symbiosa is not hurt when attacks are redirect to Trank. So please make voodoll work properly, right now it isn't.

If you want sadida to have some spells that affect dolls (such as shield dolls or buff dolls dmg), then please make those effects work globally on whole field, as dolls are most of the time spread out on the battlefield, in many little bodies.

Earthquake should not hurt allies, and it should target the cell under sadida (range 0), instead of the cell in front (range 1). Keep it random though, thats fun part of it.

Imo Gust cost is not good for this small push. A Cra with 1 beacon and 2 uses of homing arrow on it can push someone away by 4 cells for 6AP. Sadida with 6AP can push by 2 cells only. Also if we are surrounded, pushing enemies by 1 cel only won't make us avoid being tackled by one of them, forcing us to cast it again... So please make Gust push by 2 cells instead of 1. Modifiable range would be also welcome.

Give Sadida some spell that will let it heal all dolls (and give dolls the resist of sadida).

p.s. I also have small wish that Sadida will be able to use brambles/vines to throw targets to different cell (aka: animation of a vine that appear from the ground and slap target to other cell).

This post has been edited by Kikuihimonji - March 29, 2015, 12:40:08.
Reason for edit : i meant ally under symbiosa is not hurt when dmg is redirected
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posté March 27, 2015, 23:08:35 | #5

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 27 March 2015 22:59) *
Nobodies disagreeing with you we're just calling you out for STILL finding a reason to complain about something that you have nothing to complain about yet

God these next three months are going to be literal hell between you and neneko
In that case sorry for being pessimistic, but i had the point in what i said, and its better be told now, before they start doing anything.

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posté March 27, 2015, 22:58:02 | #6
People are getting so personal. It was my optinion if you disagree its ok.

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posté March 27, 2015, 22:31:14 | #7
Am i the only one who dislike this pair to be revamped togather?

I mean... eniripa's heals will be propably superior to any other class, wich might result in nerf in sadida's heals, wich i doesn't want to have.

Then again sadida can use water spells for doing dmg without the need to use unnatural remedies, wich makes me feel eni will be buffed here again, and sadida will remain as weak as now, wich doesn't sound good to me as i wanted improvement in water dmg dealing on sadida.

Next thing is coney and inflatable dolls - we can expect a huge boost in coney when they compare these two summons, and a nerf to healing dolls, wich i also dislike already. I fear they will limit sadida even more to the number of summons. This will bring no good for sadi. Eniripsa on the other hand will be all happy.

The only good thing is that Explodoll might get buffed in dmg when they compare it to massacuring mark of eniripsa.

We might hope for heal resist review though.

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posté March 27, 2015, 09:34:52 | #8
The best out of poisoned wind can be achieved by making a Ultrapowerful doll with K'mir spell remembered and making it drag enemy (control it) on wich enemy you will apply Poisoned Wind yourself. This require some set up and you gotta be lucky for enemy to end turn next to ultrapowerful doll without killing it.

This is technically the best dmg you can achieve with it, because the dmg% of poison spells takes into account the caster's air dmg%, and do note that dolls have it lower then you, wich is why its best to cast it directly on enemy instead of redirecting it (if you have choice).

Now you may ask why the doll with K'mir and not using K'mir yourself after poisoned wind. This is simply because you'd want for poisoned wind to reach lvl 100 state on enemy, so you gotta spend all AP on it. Obviously when you get 12AP build you may cast Poisoned Wind 4 times and then use K'mir and drag someone with you - as they will be hurt per cell crossed when you drag them (in other words the more you spend mp on moving them, the more they will suffer from it IN ADDITION to suffering poison dmg in their own turn with their own moves and actions). However even at lvl 170 (current cap) you will not reach Tetatoxin to lvl 100 by casting Poisoned Wind 4 times (unless all of your hits resulted in critical hit). This can be achieved at lvl 200 without critical hits (read: its impossible to do it right now). For now people have to deal with just casting it 5 times or relying on not maxed tetatoxin....

Alternatively you may summon Ultrapowerful dolls and make them remember Poisoned Wind - each doll will cast it 3 times, and unlike Sudden Chill effect, even if those dolls die, the Tetatoxin will remain on enemy. This may be a possible way to get max Tetatoxin state, especially earlier in game, but it will take into account air dmg% of dolls, so obviously it will be weaker then what it could be. You just have to accept it.

Fun fact is that Tetatoxin redirected by other dolls (other then ultrapowerful) will dmg from sadida's air dmg%, but the direct dmg of poisoned wind redirected this way will check those doll's air dmg%. You can test air spells redirected by blocker doll. It is bugged but ankama doesn't care or is unaware of it.

TL;DR Using K'mir help you deal more dmg to enemy who has Tetatoxin on them, as they are hurt when you spend MP and drag them with you. Also try to achieve as much base dmg from Tetatoxin (as high lvl of the state) as possible. Enemies with more AP/MP will obviously suffer more. Redirecting spells by dolls can help you achieve full dmg potential of Tetatoxin, but the air dmg% that this poison will take into account will vary.

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posté March 27, 2015, 01:24:13 | #9

Quote (androgyous @ 27 March 2015 01:14) *

Quote (Crimson-Fist @ 27 March 2015 01:07) *

Quote (androgyous @ 27 March 2015 00:47) *

Quote (Crimson-Fist @ 26 March 2015 23:55) *

Quote (Matt5150 @ 26 March 2015 23:36) *
Is it another "I lost against XXX" thread?
This is an "I just watched an Iop beat someone 15 levels above him and with way lower level gear without breaking a sweat" thread. So you're almost correct.
1 vs 1 has NEVER been fair, and it will NEVER be fair.
While 1v1 may not be fair, this also directly translates into imbalance with PvM as well. They can kill players faster than other people, they can also destroy mobs faster than other people. Just because they're on your team doesn't mean its not a problem.
I do not think you understand how team play works. You are mistaking someone doing good damage to one target as good, when in group play solo-target attacks are often something that is not good. Say you can take someone that does 1200 to one target or someone that does 900 to 4 targets, the 900 to 4 targets is better. So while this might come off as over powered at first glance for 1 vs 1, it is actually pretty balanced in group play.
Thats situational. If you get rid of one person by focusing your dmg on it then you will have less players in enemy team to deal with. A team of 6 iops can easily win any pvp by making them SiP enemies 1 by 1. I don't mind high dmg as long as it has conditional requirements that require build up. I also noticed that ankama likes to give players an option to do doubled dmg of certain spells, but in case of iop's sip the dmg is tripled for very cheap cost and with no chance for avoiding it.

They have crazy burst dmg power and they will be nerfed because of that. It will help iops to make their own build without the feeling that SiP is a must have. At least i hope so.

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posté March 26, 2015, 21:38:15 | #10
I can't access APAC forum, nor the phaeris server.

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posté March 25, 2015, 23:53:40 | #11

Quote (Aquallia @ 25 March 2015 22:57) *
Ok, Thanky you.

I didn't know there was a limit to how far you could level spells.

I've not yet tried Manifold Bramble yet.

How do you de-level spells?

I keep a bunch of planting items on me, as I do all jobs, and seriously need to atone for my early bad behavior with over harvesting (I got 76% S (currently down to 68%) still long way to go to make up for it). I can plant an entire forest at will.

I also don't understand about items with control, what that mean?

I was thinking damage from Strength already, also is getting a little regen from Intelligence a good idea? Or maybe some healing somewhere to get Mudoll to heal more when used on myself?
You wil be able to de-level spells only when you hit level cap (currently its 170, might be higher soon). Alternative way to "fix" your spell exp are respec quests. At level 30 and 80 you get free quests (limited in time, so don't miss them) that will let you respec. After that the only possible ways to change your spells would be via Farmagency quest, wich require you to collect a lot of drops and you may do it once per month OR by buying restat scroll in boutique (via Ogrines).

You will be basically limited in spells with your spell exp. Once you will be in respec room, you can try different builds as many times as you want, and check out your spells on Dummies, as long as you won't leave that room (note: if you disconnect while inside there, you will be still there when you connect back, so don't rush with decisions). You will see for yourself how many "maxed" spells you may have in each branch. It is adviced to max spells for their effectiveness in terms of dmg. Usually people who hit level cap are deleveling the "utility" spells or are using quests of farmagecy/scrolls of restat to fix it. Its how the game works.

The "Control" is a stat, wich determine how many dolls you may have summoned at given time. With 1 basic control that everybody have when they are lvl 1 and even naked - you may summon 1 doll, no more. With passive (Knowledge of dolls) or items that have "Control" stat in them, you may have more dolls summoned. You are still limited to 2 seeds/turn, but it doesn't mean you can't have more. Technically you can even get 10 dolls summoned, though there's usually no need for that many of them and most of the players are fine with 6 or 7, though due to lack of high lvl equipement people sometimes have to deal with just 4-5 control sadly.

Don't get hp regen. Don't get healing bonus. Your healing dolls is all you need. Note that the more HP you have, themore hp your dolls will have too, and the more hp you have the more times the heal you receive will be effective due to heal resist mechanic that reduce heal received after each heal (and that heal resist is worse for those with low max HP). You will also need as many resist as possible to minimize the dmg you take. Classes that pick hp regen or other options are usualy those who can't have their own healing, and sadida have, so don't waste your points on those.

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posté March 25, 2015, 22:42:40 | #12
Is the next revamp planned already?

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #843379  Replies : 212  Views : 4959
posté March 25, 2015, 03:06:51 | #13

Quote (gsya @ 24 March 2015 12:27) *

I want to ask, is secondary damage better than elemental or general damage?

Thank you.
In terms of how much dmg they give - they are equal.
In terms of how much of them you can have in equipement piece - secondary damages are better
In terms of conditions - elemental is better as it will always apply for the spells you use

Thread : General  Preview message : #843135  Replies : 5  Views : 245
posté March 25, 2015, 00:44:26 | #14
Kelba 2 item expectations by players I am curious what you'd like to see in stats of those new items?
As far as i know they have no stats put on them as of yet. I wonder if our feedback could be heard about it.

Personally i hope for tri elemental amulet with range, because there's a huge lack of those (Rarity: legendary). I also hope for better legendary helmet with tri elements and range bonus, so that we won't need to craft tormented helmet or use epic/relic in helmet slot (i am kinda sick seeing all those wa cwowns on 70% of high levels).

This may also seem like a wish that will never come true but i'd like to have items that will let me build myself as high resist character with range bonuses, that keep 12AP build and is tri elemental.

There is also lack of items with control and tri elements, and they are usually having low dmg%, wich i dislike as sadida player (and i know osas are fine to be 2 elemental, heck they are even fine with just 11 or 10ap, and sadida doesn't have that luxury with high doll costs, dmg% of dolls based off sadida and earth dmg% required for shielding).

I also wish they would add a dropable pet with Control and resist. A crow pet with control could make sense since Black Crow is osa in disguise.

This post has been edited by Kikuihimonji - March 25, 2015, 00:46:36.
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posté March 25, 2015, 00:36:14 | #15

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 24 March 2015 23:19) *

Quote (Delaz @ 24 March 2015 22:19) *

Chill hack the homie. Sacrier and Mask are the next classes to be revamped anyway so

Are you being sarcastic about their hackles being raised or about the claim you are making.

If you mean this sentence, sauce plz?

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #843095  Replies : 81  Views : 1751
posté March 25, 2015, 00:33:09 | #16
I feel you bro. Sorry but thats how you will feel most of the time as sadida.

As long as it may seem dissapointing, you can still help people there by killing archers and those northern trackers, wich have low water resist. You may summon healing dolls, however do remember to always control them in boss room to not heal the revived allies or remove them with Dolly Sacrifice. You may also summon blocker dolls near the monsters that push with shield attack (and stun players if they can't be pushed). The trick is to let them push the doll instead of a player - they will most likely stick to the doll and you may even make them push themself away from other's if you place that blocker doll well. Saving allies from stun is what you can do.

You can't really unfreeze anyone, unless you create sacrificial doll that will explode on ally, but this is costly for you, and its better for others to unfreeze people.

Also note that as long as your healing might not be welcome on undead allies - they will still appreaciate your earth shields, that will mitigate the dmg they would receive.

Pushing allies with gust to also prevent them from risking stun or from getting ko'ed will also make you look useful for the team. If needed you may summon a doll with k'mir to drag someone from Freeze cells, to not make them get more freeze (or drag them out personally if you are close).

You may also use Ultrapowerful dolls with sudden chill to -resist boss. Additional decoys that would prevent allies from getting hurt - in form of any doll - should be welcome. Only rude people complain about the dolls. Though obviously if a team member can kill monster with his burst dmg and your doll will block the way to it, even though he will have its turn before that monster - then you are to blame. Pay attention to initiative turn order and try to help positioning allies to make THEM reach their full dmg potential. If all is ok use sudden chill for -resist or heal them if they are not undead.

Also note that you may use your (controled) healing dolls to dmg chafers there (as they are hurt from heals) wich will bypass their resistances - hint hint.

Something else... you may try to get rid of bones with Earthquake spam, though its better if its NOT leveled. If you are near wall (facing it) and surrounded by bones, you can clear them all with these quake's.

I know sudden chill is air, but its always helpful, and nobody complain about it.

Oh and of course you may link Miss Freeze with voodoll for potential aoe for allies, to kill it faster, or to help allies hit it, even if they are too far away.

There are stuffs you can do, just that dmg is not one of them... I mean you can help killing archers and trackers... but thats all in terms of dmg, and it won't be even as great as others, i know. Do summon dolls, but dont summon them brainlessly. Seriously try soloing northern Guard with the use of 1 blocker doll and see how this guard will move, then do the same trick in dungeon.

Again you have to just deal with it that we are most underpowered class in terms of dmg. Our revamp is yet to come. We have to be patient...

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #843092  Replies : 4  Views : 225
posté March 24, 2015, 12:05:59 | #17

Quote (IceeeDz @ 24 March 2015 11:37) *
Regardless of this new bug, reconnect system was always bugged. Specialties level 0 are the most annoying thing. The skills acts like they are leveled, but the conditions to use it is like they are level 0.

In my case, Xelor class, I can only use Timekeeper if I have 3 or more AP, but it will consume only 1. And I can't store more than 1 AP. Devotion has same problem, range 0, etc... well, you guys know, everyone knows...
Nothing can beat the 5AP 2WP 1MP cost for A SEED when that bug happened (with range limit to 1). But they haven't fixed it, they made it worse.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #842886  Replies : 8  Views : 549
posté March 24, 2015, 12:04:31 | #18
This reminds me of the situation we had after the game was officialy released and where iop and cra were so op and were easily hitting lvl 100 (back then, the cap), making all the other people feel that playing other classes is pointless and those were either quitting or changing to iop/cra. Other's who were lvl 100 cra/iop got bored fast of the game and quit too. This is how my guild fell apart after 3 months. They never came back.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #842885  Replies : 212  Views : 4959
posté March 24, 2015, 11:59:37 | #19
Try to drop weapon with control. First one can be dropped even from Bow Meows in Astrub (cards). Also try to get belt with control from larvas (preferably water one). When you get those items you should have enough control for now so remember to first max your Doll speciality. Go hunt gobbals for your Gobbal set afterwards if you haven't yet. This will make you gain 1AP, wich combined with 1AP 1WP for a seed will allow you to use Rust with 2 seeds placed during 1 turn, while attacking enemy with that Rust. This should really help you level up. Obviously gobbal set has belt in it so you will have replace larva belt for it, however gobbal breastplate has control, so you loose no control. The next step is to get Royal Gobbal set and mix it with other control items that are not required for it.

Try to focus yourself on 2 elements at low levels. I suggest water/earth. Water/earth will help your dolls and heals to be nice, while also you can use Manifold bramble for faster clearing of multiple enemies. Yes, even if you won't use manifold bramble later on (you can reset spells and stats at lvl 30 and 80 for free) it will simply help you level faster.

Keep enemies busy with dolls while you heal up in combat, before you finish it, and you won't have to waste time sitting or eating bread (that you also need to waste time to make too) after each fight.

From Intelligence stats max HP - your resistance will not give much of a difference early in game anyway. After 40-50 lvl you might start adding resistance from Intelligence.

From Strentgh stats always get dmg% with resist (do NOT pick hp with resist). What resist? Its up to you. If your nation is sufokia, i'd suggest getting high water resist first. After 40-50 lvl start to add other resists, to make them all even in the end.

From Agility get Dodge to max (even if you will want something else later on, dodge will help you more). Unless you really want to start before certain monsters, then max initiative. Again, your choice can be changed at lvl 30 and after that at lvl 80.

From Chance stats max crit rate - it imporve your crit rate and crit rate of your dolls.

From Major stats get AP first, then MP. Unless you will be satisfied with 6AP before you get Gobbal/royal gobbal set, then get MP first and AP as 2nd. Note you can get 2nd Major at lvl 75, so think twice before making this decision. There is amulet from snapper dungeon that give you 1AP, making you able to replace Royal Gobbal set with other items. Kokokobana give boots with MP for lvl 43 and its pretty easy dungeon, despite its level (it also look sadidish). At lvl 59 you should be able to have 9AP if you picked AP from major.

If you have problems killing monsters, try planting some trees before starting combat (terraform your battleground). For that sake keep some cuttings in inventory. Better yet find a place with small bridges, that monsters need to cross to get to you 1 by 1, and use your dolls on them for adventage (just careful with spearshark as he aoe and push).

From spells you might be abusing Gust spell a lot on low levels. However you won't want it leveled at higher levels. Same goes for Vaporize spell - its actually weak spell and you will be basically getting wasted spell exp on it while summoning greedy dolls - you can't help it, until of course you get 7AP to summon 2 dolls with Rust (or if you can deal with summoning greedy dolls from mudoll spell, but thats 1AP higher cost then vaporize). You also shouldn't level earthquake. I know its tempting but if you hurt yourself with it, you just help enemies kill you faster. Its not self-friendly, not doll-friendly and not ally-friendly. I know spending mp on it is tempting and fun at times, but de-level it as soon as you can in respec room (lvl 30 and 80 - reminder).

Poison wind won't be effective in early game as you need high lvl Tetatoxin to make it worth it. Gust can be leveled high early game due to useful push and potential of increasing its dmg when you cast it on doll adjacent to enemy, but later in game this won't be effective, so de-level it too. Woodland Stench is fine, propably one of the 2 air spells worth using in early game. Sudden chill will help you and your dolls - if you manage to get 8AP build and summon few dolls beforehand, your dmg per turn will be really nice (as long as dolls will be alive). Obviously you may rely on Rust too, wich is why i suggest Water/earth in early game, even if you will go tri ele later.

Therefore i suggest:
Mudoll, Rust (water)
Manifold Bramble (earth)
Those are like mandatory for early game. Get 2 more earth spells or 1 water and 1 earth, for example Drain (water) and Wild Grass (earth). Drain can help you keep dolls alive, wild grass can be helpful for close combat fight or by making you shield self - if you summoned healing doll before hand and a dmg dealing doll you may shield self and win vs tough enemies that you can't escape.

Or if you really want to be tri ele in low level, get 1 more earth spell (wild grass) and 2 air (woodland + either gust or sudden chill).

Note this is to help you in low level. At higher levels you might get rid of Rust and Manifold bramble, in favour of sindle target spells, as in meta game its important to deal with certain enemies faster, rather then injuring few.

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #842881  Replies : 11  Views : 353
posté March 24, 2015, 11:19:35 | #20

Quote (Xander-is-Kander @ 24 March 2015 01:52) *
Eww no. If anything they should get rid of hunter with the revamp.
Actually hunter is useful right now and is strong when it trigger. Its spell exp limitiations and the fact that we end turn after casting it that makes it look bad. Do note however that last time i checked it prevented Ecaflip from receiving dmg from attacks that a monster (or iop) used to dash towards ecaflip (dmg of attacker who charge on you will hit empty cell, while you will strike back). If it still work this way Ecaflip's Hunter is a spell to counter the Charge's double dmg of Iop's.

I definetly want Hunter to stay. There was a reason why they added it back. They just need to improve it. For example make Hunter not end the turn of Ecaflip and make it possible to have more then 1 such "glyph".

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