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posté November 24, 2015, 09:50:19 | #1
What you saying is exactly why its bad. Changin g decks over and over with every different team you met is not convenient. Deck system is fine for those people who can set 3 decks or less and swap between them with no need to change anything in them. It usually happen for DD classes or when you play always with the same team (read: with your own sidekicks/heroe's or always with the same guildmates/friends). It is horrible if those 3 decks is not enough and you have to get through all passives/spells to review them if there's something you can replace or not. An example could be if i join some random team who goes enurado, and then i have to ask myself if i should bring my revival spell that i normally dont have in any deck or not for example. That again makes me in need to throw out some useful spell from x deck, and then i also need to use my future sight abilities to know if i will be in need to use dolls or not, and based on that i will have to choose different deck, wich i also need to modify for revival spell, and i also need to consider whether we will need my heals or not, should i let these low levels do their best and just do my own stuff withotu carrying of their safety or should i try to keep them all alive, rush it recklessly or play it safe but longer. Each decision, with every different team is important, but that just makes it a horrible experience in longer run. Maybe if fights were more significant, if spells were more universal and less restricted, maybe if there were more decks available with possibiity to name them without going to notebook, maybe if i could have all spells maxed earlier then at 200 lvl to actually juggle between spells effectively without worrying that i won't have dmg dealing spell.... MAYBE then it would be acceptable somehow. Right now the best you can do is to stick to 1 deck and play with it all the time. For me this is very limiting on classes wich used to be able to adopt to unexpected situations in combat.

And this is why wakfu is dying for me. I don't know why you even want to argue about my own personal feeling.

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posté November 23, 2015, 13:00:44 | #2
If matchmaking would put in 2 random registered players, based on their ranking, togather to fight against eachother, then i would laugh hard if the fight would become something like Feca (water/earth) vs Feca (water/earth) - neverending fight.

Definetly it must start off from 2 vs 2 at least. Ankama said they will not balance classes around 1 vs 1, so there's no point promoting such set up.

In fact i think it should start from 3 vs 3, because thats when things become unpredictable and interesting. The only restriction should be classes, to not make more then 1 of the same class in the same team.

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posté November 23, 2015, 12:49:01 | #3
I actually like balance, but there's no balance atm. Some spells are still underused / not worth leveling / having.

From one point you talk you dont want to be superior nor inferior to others, but from other point you want people to build differently, wich will eventually make some people superior and inferior to others. Things would be evenly good only when they will be exactly the same. You could as well as for 1 class with 1 spell for whole game. Go play mario you have balanced 2 players there, with exactly the same abilities just different outfit.

I want builds to be possibly different but not when it prevent people from having many weaker spells. Right now you have to put all exp into what you gonna use, even if you wanna use the spell for utility only. Because if you use not leveled for dmg utility spell, you will be missing out a spell that could serve as damage. Before deck system there was no problem with that, as you could use all spells you wanted to, and thinking fast in combat to adopt to the situation that happened was rewarding. In fact you had to think more and faster during combat, you had to pay attention to what is happening all the time. Right now you can go afk and come back and do your casual combo reagardless of what is happening, simply because you dont have any other option as you limited yourself with deck before combat.

And when i see sacriers in team who doesnt have "Sacrifice" spell in deck simply because its too situational and there was no slot for it.... i don't blame them but in same time i want to give up on what Ankama has done to us. More options to use in combat = more thinking on what to do. They removed part of the thinking for kids to stop complaining that they cant do all of their actions in turn, simply because kids couldnt think fast enough and were not experienced with their spells. So now kids can sit before combat and put in spells they like and go in combat and "see what will happen". Then you see those noobs doing silly thing and you ask yourself why he didnt used "x spell" instead? OH RIGHT, deck system, he might have not had it... Facepalm hard.

I wouldn't complain about previous system if they would simply give us more spell exp, and eventually allow us to max out all spells in old system. Like i said build diversity should come from stats. Wakfu spell progress system is not fully controled by player needs because often you will be using spells you dont want to put exp into. Hence they tried to fix it with spell re-allocation, but you also cant control the amount of exp traded between spells well... If we could choose say 30 points between 15 elemental spells with 3/3 max on every spell, with posibility to leave some at 1/3, then Wakfu would have its own builds and we could use all of the spells as we want, with just different power in them. And that would be way better. In a system where you are leveling spells by giving exp to them, you are expecting to eventually max the spells out, just like pets or weapons that earn exp in any game. Wakfu was flawed before that we couldnt max the spells. Spell exp gain in fight had wrong design. And deck system didn't changed it. We cant max spells to match our level before we reach next level... So until 200 level the deck system when you could eventually max all spells - has no reason to exist. And 200 level could be rewarding for allowing players to max all spells and use all spells. But deck... is just wrong. They overdid the idea of redesigning spell system.

TL'DR: In a system where your spells level up with you, the spells should be possibly maxed, all of them, and all of them should be available at once because you put effort to level them all. If you want build diversity in a system where spells are gaining exp when you use them, then you gonna make build based on something else, and leave leveling spells as a goal to achieve 100% of it.

p.s. And please dont even speak about sadida in your examples. Nobody in right mind would use 4AP fertilizer for 1 mp "buff" that require enemy within 3 range in line, if the spell would not do significant dmg while stealing that mp (so you gotta be earth not air/water), else 4ap trade to 1mp gain is too costly. You clearly have no idea what you talking about when it comes to sadida so just stop.

And you clearly didn't get the point of K'mir i presented. Its not about fitting K'mir into deck with dd spells. Its about the fact that you would normally use other spells, not the k'mir, but k'mir might come handy... eventually... but then you might not have it in deck.... bummer. Its not a spell you always have in deck, sorry.

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posté November 23, 2015, 12:21:47 | #4

Quote (Killwho @ 20 November 2015 15:05) *
I think another part is the absolutely horrific grind from about 120 onwards is just not enjoyable in the current state of the game. Maybe its the lack of significant character improvement except from gear, levels just don't provide much satisfaction, but I know I have to get them to access higher level content. I keep hoping Ankama will create something like large, complex, difficult battles at higher levels with huge rewards instead of making us do lots and lots (and lots and lots and lots) of little battles. It's not an action RPG, I want to fight very significant fights and be greatly rewarded, rather than to see how efficient I can make myself in easy quick battles in order to grind effectively.
^ This so much.

Tactical game that the wakfu was supposed to be should have difficult fights. Even tofu's shouldn't die easily. People should have more spells to use and use the knowledge of their skills to somehow manage to win the fight and then earn 100% guaranteed equipement drops. People should be tired and satisfied after every combat. Tired that it was long and tough, and satisfied that they won and got rewarded with awsome drops. The achievements to kill things within 30 minutes should be removed and replaced with achievements to kill things within x number of turns or to not loose x amount of HP total. That would make people really feel like its tactical game. Theres not much of this feeling when people can just start fight, 1-2 turn monster and start next fight. Thats boring and its killing the fun this game was supposed to provide.

In fact as low level i keep going into dungeons in astrub to have that feeling of rewarding victory. But the higher the level the more grind on weak monsters is adviced... Why we are not rewarded for taking down 7 enemies as solo but instead we get exp penalty, that beyond my reasoning. Nobody ever want to attack those big groups because every monster that outnumber your team makes things harder, and if number of monsters is 2x higher then number of players then why we don't receive doubled exp from that if we pull it off?

The smaller group of monsters should be 3, highest should be 12 even. Fights should be 10x tougher but 10x more rewarding. I still miss the old days when 2 people had problems to kill 1 Treechnid - those were GOOD days. But ankama started to make things less and less difficult and now treechnids are no longer of any challange. They also used to summon their own kind (treechnid summon treechnid) instead of spiders, and they had full HP heal with 3 turn cooldown that they could use if their HP dropped below 50%, so you had to manage your own dmg well to not try to rush it early. Those were most enjoyable days of my Wakfu playtime. Those were the days when people WANTED to group togather for monster hunting. If things are easy for single player, there's no point asking for group. If people would strive every fight, then they would want to team up. The game would feel more rewarding and more social. Ankama just went away from this idea and gave up on trying to bring people togather and instead made things easy to solo. Then they added sidekicks even and recently heroes, so that when things started to be challanging finally (moon island) to not need other people again.

In fact when i see the dmg other people can do to moon island monsters, i get the feeling those monsters are too weak. But when i try to kill them as support class, then - then they are challanging and fun. But thing is that its not fun when others can kill them faster effortlessly.

This is why they need to double or even triple the difficulty of each monster in game (and make exp and drop rate 5x better), while they should stop allowing people to make powercreep with the dmg% they provide us. Then with some spell improvements and more points allowed to distribute per level, the Wakfu could become really awsome game that people would love to return to.

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posté November 23, 2015, 11:49:05 | #5

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 20 November 2015 11:41) *
If we could use all spells and max them all at the same time the classes wouldn't be balanced unless all classes would be revamped again... They gave all classes tools to do pretty much everything and limited us on slots instead of limiting the classes on their spell kits.

It isn't sheer force, it's "being good at your job"... If you take crit resist, block, heals you shouldn't be trying to compete with DDs in damage, you should be healing and protecting them instead IMO.

You indeed can't have all spells until you've hit level cap, but you can have considerably more than before - at level 140 now I can have 8 spells maxed and 3 more mid-level for utility purposes in my secondary decks.
Especially you have to consider that so happens only when you hybrid branches that have no utility and need to do fake Tri in order to have utility... Let's say a Sram or a Masq, Xelor that hybrids with at level 180 can totally have all 5 spells from both branches.

The deck system, in my opinion improved spell options because certain spells were buffed up in order to be worthy of a space in your deck, it also made the gameplay much more enjoyable because now you have to think about what you are gonna' do next, not just go into battle wit hall your spells and do whatever the battle requires you to do without thinking. No thinking - no fun.
If i can't change my role with deck then theres no point for having decks to begin with. You are basically saying that if i make an eni as healer then i shouldn't change my decks at all, even if i would make DD deck option. But i didn't expected more from biased DD point of view.

The statement that all classes would need to be revamped is exactly my point. Dunno about you but i am for improvement.

You clearly didn't read all, so allow me to repeat myself. 6 spells was not enough, BUT they could increase spell exp gain without introducing decks at all. They could also improve utility spells for the sake to make them good on their own also as damage source and give plain dmg spells some secondary use too or conditional higher dmg. Making every spell cool would be better don't you think?

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 20 November 2015 08:41) *
It wasn't perfect before and its not perfect now either and i'd say its worse for tactic in combat but better in letting people try out different spells. Or actually scratch that as you cant actually use different spells then you leveled, unless for utility or till you hit 200lvl!!

Tell me how this deck system imporved anything in spell options, because it didn't. They increased the spell exp gain but it has nothing to do with deck system. They could increase spell exp gain without adding this decks that make people waste more time before combat then in actual fight.

Not thinking is not fun (hence why each spell required imporvement), but when you thinking too much outside of actual fight (constant spell changes even in prepared decks) then its not enjoyable either. It becomes a hindrance when your preparation to combat takes more time then actual fight. Imo you should know your spells well, rush in any combat with any team that quickly ask for help to not waste anyone's time and be prepared for any situation with all spells your class has to offer. Some spells are very situational (for example K'mir), but you can't expect to put it in every deck if you are not gonna use it 99% of time, even if it could be the best you could do for the situation that happened. Sorry, tough luck, next time trash out some spell that is useful most of the time just to carry your optional utility with you that you may never use... No. Thats completly wrong. This is not how utility spells should limit us. You could put the utility spell always in deck if this utility spell would be either always used or if you could effectively use it for dmg source. The 2nd option could exist only if we could max our spells earlier, not at level cap when nobody care anymore.

p.s. Build diversity is a joke to make people play longer and keep making mistakes until everybody realise the best 1 or 2 builds and follow them. A good example is Feca class - every damn feca is exactly the same sidekick buffer with exactly the same spells. There's no point for feca to have different decks even, its not gonna use them, ever (perhaps just for solo, but what you do solo doesn't matter). So please tell me what this deck system improved because so far you fail to enlighten me. And i tell you it improved nothing. Spells got imporved, but deck system did not made any good. In fact some spells got nerfed and split its effect between spells for deck sake (example mudoll is now heal-only, no longer heal or dmg, so you have to put dmg dealing spell in 2nd slot togather with it). The only thing i like about deck is the new passives, but i think only general passives should be chosen (select 1 or 2) while all class passives should be always working once you level to get them. In other words Ankama could give us better passives with option to toggle on/off some of them, without limiting our spell options with some silly deck design. Ankama clearly wanted to try something "new" and we are guinea pigs here. They failed but some people try to use what we have, and i can't blame them for that because its natural reaction to like what you have. Its also natural that people doesn't try to make their life better coz' they feel its "good" now. Only those people who think outside the box and see better possibilities achieve success in real life, and same things could be said about game designs. Once you open eyes and see that things could be and should be better, you will grow up and then we can start talking seriously about game future.

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posté November 20, 2015, 08:55:44 | #6

Quote (-Celio- @ 20 November 2015 00:52) *
If they are not atheist, probably Cra, the magic they use look like a diferent shape of cra arrows.
Cra would make sense also because of the new design of Cra goddess wich have similar nose as Bakara.

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posté November 20, 2015, 08:50:18 | #7
Funny how someone complain about heal resist when any dd with Feca buffs can 1 turn other classes. Heal resist what?

The game is broken because of the potential dmg the players can deal. If they would decrease the dmg of players you could expect some changes to heals... and WOOT suddenly you have to care for tactic and not for sheer force!

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posté November 20, 2015, 08:41:37 | #8

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 19 November 2015 14:28) *
You mention build diversity but miss the old spell system... Such hipocrisy... Back when everybody just max their DD spells and use low level utilities for free utility - you would be looked down on like some retard if you max fear as a Sram, if you max Gust as Sadida, Roguery as a Rogue... Right now those spells have meaning, they take a valuable place in your deck and it is nothing bad to max a spell you primarily use for utility.

Spell deck system is what made build diversity a thing - all spells, without exceptions, now are worthy of a slot in your spell deck. While 2 builds may be completely different judging by the spells selected, both of them may work just as well; That would be impossible pre-deck because there always was only one truly effective way to build a class, and that was to take your most damaging spells while using utilities.. There are no 'best builds' any more, and that is a good thing.

I can say for sure that I'd quit if we were limited to 6 max spells again. Dofus is like that but like much much better.
I am not saying that limit to 6 spells to use as dmg was good, i am saying that the spell system was better. And what i said what that we should be allowed to use all spells and max them all in same time. Build diversity could come from stats and gear, but they would also have to redesign the point distribution to give us more options and more variety of builds based on stats, not on the spells used.

Or they could have simply redesign utility spells to be useful as dmg source, to make builds different. Or give us more spells to max. I didnt say 6 spells was good, but right now its not better at all because you still have to use about 6 spells or less in combat and other are utilities, unless you are DD and dont like utility spells your class have at all then you gained something in deck system.

I think this game as tactical game also lack .... the tactic in combat. Instead it was replaced by the need of sheer force and despite deck system you still need to stick to certain build from points that will determine how effective your spells will be. If you put points in Heal + in stats and block, you cant expect to be as good dmg dealer as someone who put in crit dmg and crit instead. This means that this whole deck system is nothing but a joke for those who are not just pure DD.

What deck system give is allow people to try out different build set up without the need to respec fully. Thats about it. It wasn't perfect before and its not perfect now either and i'd say its worse for tactic in combat but better in letting people try out different spells. Or actually scratch that as you cant actually use different spells then you leveled, unless for utility or till you hit 200lvl!!

Tell me how this deck system imporved anything in spell options, because it didn't. They increased the spell exp gain but it has nothing to do with deck system. They could increase spell exp gain without adding this decks that make people waste more time before combat then in actual fight.

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posté November 19, 2015, 15:44:00 | #9
The bonus final dmg sadida get is realy low becuse of the low base dmg of sadida spells. The same final dmg bonus on sram would do terrifying dmg, but not on a sadi. Lossing fully nettled dolls is bigger loss then that 15 final dmg can give. Its not even good compensation to the time taken to buff the nettled doll once again from scratch.

And one does not simply armor all dolls, nor even single greedy doll, as it is summoned after sadida turn, not during sadida turn. Ergo its impossible to shield the doll to protect it unless that doll wont die first.

The reason why dolls have this reduction of aoe dmg is because sadida doesn't summon all of them at same time, but require them to survive several turns and build up the army slowly. Loosing all these dolls just like that because enemy had aoes would be too cruel and would make it too easy to win vs sadida and in same time will make sadida not viable in meta game with dolls, not even in defensive build.

I dont get why you keep whining about dolls. Go whine somewhere else. How about complaining about this new system design with deck and specification to aoe types.

I actually want to complain that this 50% reduction of aoe dmg is not enough if more then 2 dolls are hit by aoe. It should be 33.4% reduction if 3 dolls are hit, 25% if 4 dolls are hit, 20% if 5 dolls are hit by aoe, and so on (and 0 reduction if 1 doll is hit by aoe, to make it act as single target dmg).

The flaw is elsewhere, not in sadida. Stop crying that this game is unfair, every game lack balance and try to think about it like in rock-scissor-paper game. If Sadida is rock, then aoe users are scrissor and nukers who ignore armor are paper.

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posté November 19, 2015, 10:23:29 | #10

Quote (cinnamon666 @ 14 November 2015 18:54) *

Quote (Sabi @ 12 November 2015 02:41) *
Thank you so much Cinnamon666 for your WAKFU Fan Arts, this one was shared as our appreciation on our social medias!
And we would like to take this opportunity to also thank all of you for posting Fan Arts in this forum and your awesome creativity display.

I checked Facebook and Twitter and Yes I feel honored for shame my oekaki.
Thank you very much! Arigazou gozaimashita!

so I remember request about Sadida girl with Water Festival costume.
I hope I will get this costume someday ;_;

so btw Can I tell something?
I started Patreon. Please Check HERE and give me something to my jar
Sorry for my commerce.

- Tanpopochan
Wow thats so much my Sadida!

I love you! I mean i love it!

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posté November 19, 2015, 10:12:31 | #11
Just make it look like bakara. She's pretty the way she is, with the nose and the ears or headband that look like ears - i want that. Eventually give players "hair design" option that change the look of these "ears".

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posté November 19, 2015, 10:07:43 | #12
I used to enjoy playing wakfu even with all the drama and bugs around that we had to endure. But now with deck system, i don't feel like even trying to hunt monsters. Why? Because before every different encounter i'd have to change something in deck, double check if i have all the necessary spells and right passives and then i am unable to use the versality of the class in combat as i am limiting myself from start. I can't adapt to situation in combat anymore. If a healer eni dies and nobody else has healing passives in deck - gg, you may as well give up. Secondary healers, secondary tanks... there's no place for that. And utility spells that are forcing us to limit our damage option spells in deck is also bad.

I went to try out Tree of Savior cbt, and i must say Ankama could learn a lot from them. The most important thing is the build diversity there. The fairytale about being able to max all of our spells is such a joke. Yes we may max all spells... eventually... AFTER we hit lvl 200. It makes me ask myself why we got this deck system in the first place, because we can't really enjot having the ability to max all spells. It was way better before, where we could level the spells we want to level to use for their dmg/heal values but keep low level utility spells ready for the... utility they give! And speaking Tree of Savior as example, you can put 1 point out of 15 in the spell you want to use for its utility and just max the spells you feel like usuing for damage source. In same time the utility spells also have nice damage source wich may make other people max them instead - this lead to different builds. It used to be similar to this in wakfu, before the cursed deck system.

As for the passives - in Tree of Savior there is option to turn passives on and off if you feel like some passives would interupt your gameplay at certain fights. Wakfu could do the same - make all passive available and let players decide wich ones to turn off/on at will. The build in stats and the spells players level for dmg should determine the build. There's seriously no point maxing all spells if we can't max them until level cap AND if we are still limiting ourself more then before to what spells we can use.

This deck system basically killed the game for me, not the heroes system, nor sidekicks even. Those 2 things killed social aspect of online gaming, but they didnt impact my own gameplay.

Maybe its just the problem of the class i play - sadida - wich has disliked by me summoning method with weird 1-2 range limit and 4 turn cooldown and the fact that my passives work against eachother (lone sadida buff doesnt work if i make dolls) wich would be interesting adaptive passives to situation that happen during combat but right now its rather a hindrance as we have to use our clairvoyance to predict if we will need to use dolls or not, if ally will die or not, if we will need my healing or not, should i try doing dmg or not, where the dolls will be moving and if i will be able to remove them quickly if they are no longer needed to not slow combat, etc.... All these is so frusstrating. Its ok once i start combat - i just have to deal with it, but it just makes me spend too much time desining and modifying decks based on different team set up and wether i solo or go in group or just grind at torm, etc. There's only 3 decks saved and i tried to copy deck codes and save them in notebook, but its so much not convenient because i still need to change often 1 or 2 spells or even modify passives often. A pure DD class like Cra with no other role then DD wouldn't have problems, and i dont have problems on my Cra. In fact my cra have just 2 decks and doesn't need to change anything in them. In case of cra i choose deck based on what i would prefer to use. In case of sadida i need to think what situations may happen, what the team might expect me to do, how i could help my team in best way, wich spells need to be replaced, wich spells are useless in 1 deck but useful in other (example: mudoll is just a healing spell, so wont put it in dd deck), etc... This frustration makes me not want to play anymore. Nowadays all i do is stick to 1 deck - for grinding at torm, and i don't do anything else because that would make me in need to change deck.

I can't simply accept any party invite to any dungeon that people ask for and rush in the dungeon - i have to spend several minutes before we begin the combat to modify the deck to make it perfect. This is something i seriously dislike here in wakfu. And this is something that slowly makes me want to quit.

Not to mention the idea of having areas locked to premium players only, makes people tired of waiting for new content and quit, while premium people have no other premium people to play in new dungeons so they feel like wasting premium time... Wakfu's crafting system, upgrading of equipement system, pvp system, spell build system.... all that is flawed and need redesign.

Id' even say it would be better if there were all maxed spells available at all time (no deck system) as long as you spend time leveling them all. It would make builds less diverse but people will still have different stat point distribution so their builds would be different. And you could always expect certain class to have x spell to use. Right now you can't be sure and you might get the obvious result of the fight with 5 people alive and 1 important ko'ed if the alive classes would not happen to have revival spells in deck, even though they could, but nobody expected ally to dc or get owned so fast. Then, despite all 5 people alive, you might as well give up already if your fight needed the person who died (example: in robowl hc if the person who is needed to put boss away die after dc, or if eni die in SB when you need heal but your secondary healers doesnt have healing passives so their heals suck). This is seriously disheartening experience, and i blame deck system for that.

When you have a sidekick - you know all of his spells will be there so you can expect what it can do. when you have random team composition - good luck asking everybody what spells they have. No. Nobody does that, thats not logical and not convenient (waste of time).

Wakfu used to make me feel pro when i could use all of my spells and make some awsome moves that i didnt expect that i will be needing to do and save the day when x person made some mistake that could lead us to defeat. Right now i can't do what i could do if certain spells were not in my deck. This is just stupid.

And because of that, for me Wakfu is slowly dying. Even if they would unlock moon island to non-premium, i don't feel like i would be playing because of how the deck system messed up my sadida. If i would main a fogger, cra, or other dd, then maybe i would, but for my multiple-trick-pony needs with adaptive nature, i don't see a reason to play. Wakfu is now for 1 trick ponies. Its boring. RIP. And fights without Feca are always worse - this is also something i dislike. No feca, no eni, no dungeoning.

I can't say i quit, because i log in from time to time to chat or check market, propably in hope for better future of wakfu, but they better improve things faster and make wakfu back to what made it a fun game in the first place (including wakfu/stasis aspect), else i might eventually disappear without a word and others will too.

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posté November 19, 2015, 09:23:45 | #13

Quote (Raziel-Shadower @ 19 November 2015 03:28) *
so we finally have a concept art from female huppermage on wakfu so what did you think guys?
I'd prefer if those "mouse ears" would be put down, not up. Dofus design look perfect, why changing it?

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posté November 17, 2015, 23:13:50 | #14
Funny how + final dmg is not capped, but -resist is. Makes me wish some -resist spells were replaced by "increased final dmg done on this target" state.

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posté November 17, 2015, 08:50:08 | #15

Quote (Caliiintz @ 16 November 2015 19:37) *

Quote (Flatops @ 16 November 2015 10:46) *

Hi pet lovers,

I'd like to ask permission if we can post your adorable screenshots to our Wakfu Pinterest page?
You can post mine if u tag #phaeris
We need more english speaking players ! ahah
Same here, tag it #Phaeris to promote our server.  

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Foggernaut's stasis -resist to lowest resist can bypass this cap and on even resistances it reduce fire resist further.

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...TV series called Treasures Of Kerbub did exist which had a female Ouginak by the name of Lou as a sort of action'girl sort of a ex-lover to Kerub himself atleast based on the stories he tells, probably not the perfect example of what a female Ouginak (unless someone can shut me down on her race even though she looks very much like a dog'ish race).
She is Ouginak, you are not mistaken. It was even mentioned several times in that anime.

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If you like the playstyle - go for it. Don't play something that is most effective if it doesnt make you happy. However i can tell you that in most cases i either heal or shield, not both. Building up healing dolls is time consuming and their heal is really weak when not buffed up to make you rely on your armoring skills while your dolls heal. I am not saying its impossible because it is possible, but its not convenient from my experience, except for solo pvp. Sadida spells are very costly to what they do comparing to feca and eniripsa with feca is by far better then sadida alone or sadida with feca.

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There are some must-have spells in deck that a tri sadida should have. They are as follows:

Vaporize - for buffing up dolls. Can be used for damage if you feel like leveling it, though its not important.
Sadida's Tear - imo its best spell of sadida due to its no los and decent range not modified by range. Useful for healing and protecting dolls such as blocker doll or Ultrapowerful, wich are often in need to of heal up.
Mudoll - basic selfhealing spell wich is also useful to heal selected dolls while giving them extra attack.
Sudden Chill - the best air spell of sadida as it has no los and reduce resistance of target.
Gust - you level it usually for the final dmg bonus on allies but it can be also a damage filler in 12ap build after 2x sudden chill for no los air combo. It is always in every deck of sadida due to its utility of pushing.
Fertilizer - best spell for armoring and can be spammed with all of 12ap. Can be also used as damage source when enemies have high water and air resists.
Wild Grass - An utility spell for removing mp. Very useful if you have some MP reduction bonus in stats.

Those are the spells that i have almost in every deck, except for mudoll maybe wich i dont use if i use Lone Sadida with Carnage in deck for pure damage and no healing. Others spells are up to your preference. Don't level Poisoned Wind past 167 level though, as it wont change its damage penalty to enemies till it hit level 200.

Quote (GreenEmerald @ 10 November 2015 18:41) *

  • No teleport. It is difficult for them to tank multiple opponents. We have K'mir and Gust to help move targets, but it gets harder to tank more than 2. Tank sadidas are very dependent on MP and K'mir. If your MP gets drained then you're unable to catch up to fleeting opponents for a turn.
  • No lock boosting passives: Other tanks have plenty of ways to boost their lock, or reduce dodge. Sadidas have none.
  • Poor tanking passives overall: Most of the passives are for dolls. The only passives which helps tanks are Sadida Prayer, which boosts armor and Doll Link, which gives some resistance per doll on the field.

Sadida prayer in no way help tanking as the armor bonus doesnt apply to self. Unless you mention the wp regen for Tree spam every 2nd turn.
The lack of lock can be countered with blocker doll summoned.
Lack of mobility (teleports, jumps) moves and small positioning moves (k'mir, gust only) does bring a problem though.

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Quote (Flatops @ 10 November 2015 16:04) *
We have a poll on Twitter about the new class. Tell us what you think!
That poll make it obvious its ouginak...

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