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posté Yesterday - 22:42:26 | #1
I think rogues were meant to be master of illusions. Therefore i think they should get speciality that let them make multiple clones of themself wich would act as mirages, making enemies without aoe to choose wich one to hit. Xelors before revamp used to have Temporal Images - this got removed, so i think its high time to add it to Rogues.

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posté Yesterday - 22:14:28 | #2

Now just make the game not slow down when someone is reconnecting.

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posté Yesterday - 21:54:31 | #3
EDIT: another idea is to make Sufokian wings look like Leviatan wings/fins, with the leviatan heads. Something like this i found in google right now:


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posté Yesterday - 21:51:28 | #4
Why Sufokian "wings" are so ugly? What that freakily looking at us octopus is doing there? I don't like it. I must say i like Amakna's gobbal there, though they all seem to be too big.

But seriously change sufokian one to something better. I can clearly see that they were basing them on coat of arms of each nation, but seriously the sufokia need change.

Imo sufokia should have some ancient looking or tropical wings. Perhaps wings made of corals, with some bubbles or maybe they should look like water waves instead of some freaky creature. Not sure. But the ones you showed us (for sufokia) need complete rework.

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posté Yesterday - 15:38:04 | #6
I know there are MMO's where players can upload their own logo to the game and use it as coat of arms for their guild. Not sure if it will be technically possible in Wakfu but i'd like that, even if we will have to make the logo in 2 colors only.

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posté Yesterday - 15:26:28 | #7

Quote (Niddhoggy @ 01 September 2014 13:19) *
Stopped reading when you said that I disagree with AP refund.

Quote (Niddhoggy @ 01 September 2014 01:14) *
[...]if they don't want to refund the spell cost when changing UP's spell the doll at 4 AP cost should be more than balanced.
From this quote it seems that you are fine if the spell used on UP doll to not refund AP, if the said UP doll will have 1 ap less cost, wich is showing that you simply doesn't get the problem that i have described in my post. Too bad you are ignorant who doesn't bother reading full post after seeing one sentence that you dislike.

And nobody said we are not happy. We are! But its just the beggning and we all know it. We are just calming your excitement down as you sound as if Sadida was godly and this might make Ankama give less attention to this class problems, wich i have also listed, but you didn't made it that far.

Reading only part ofthe post is like reading only the cover of the book and judging it.

I am one hundred percent sure that they are going further with the class
Of course you are - they said it they will revamp every class, starting from Sram. Nobody argue with that.

it is just that you guys seem to want the current changes TO BE CHANGED AGAIN INSTEAD OF WAITING FOR THE OTHER CHANGES BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE.
Said the person who doesn't read whole posts. We ARE waiting, but while waiting we are pointing out what else need to be changed, so that in case Dy7 or 3xcited read this, they could make a note about it for the future revamp. It is the best time to talk about it now, knowing that they are browsing the forum and pay attention to players feedback.

"I can do that and that and i win vs this and that! I am so awsome" ~ that stuff

In a hypothetical scenario where they hear you I can only predict two scenarios:

  • They leave Sadida unchanged with just small rebalances, making problems the same as they are now.
  • They nerf Sadida considering its too good (either though it not, but you sound like it is)

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posté Yesterday - 11:36:12 | #8
Wow those are awsome! I envy you for your drawing skills!

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posté Yesterday - 11:24:16 | #9

Quote (ALastLegen @ 01 September 2014 08:56) *
roublard should have 3 types of bomb not just fire but dont make it like sram traps T.T maybe agi bombs making a gliph with less dmg but a small chance of take pm ?

on dofus roub are a really dificult class to play and extremely tactical i miss this on wakfu almost all class are No brain playstyle
Before the official release the Rogue had water,air and fire branches and each of them had 2 bombs: one with smaller aoe, other with bigger. Air bombs were pushing enemies away upon triggering, water ones were reducing resist. There was also Powder mechanic wich increased the dmg from bombs and the bombs were leaving powder when they exploded (permanent powder on cells) Though there was no firewall mechanic i must say i liked that rogue more then the current one, as it was more tactical, less about burst of dmg.

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posté Yesterday - 11:16:58 | #10
Its funny reading that you say you can win vs x classes by using dolls or kill x number of enemis without receiving dmg or with full hp in the end. Guess what? I can do that too, in RL server, without the changes. You sound to me as if you are experiencing dolls for the first time and get excited about it. xD A bit late for you to notice the tactic the dolls give. But better late then never i suppose.

Still putting any tactic aside, the main problems linked to cost of dolls is that they cost WP just like Osamodas summon. Now before you tell me that WP is refunded - yes it is, but using other spells with WP (i.e. Tree) will reduce the number of your dolls available (and Tree doesn't refund WP). If the WP is refunded then they can as well remove it from the dolls cost, right? If they will remove the WP from dolls cost then 5AP to summon Ultrapowerful would be more justified comparing to Osa summons, as Osa summons will keep their WP cost in them, while dolls won't.

I just don't understand why you are against the idea to make air spells refund the cost to Sadida when they are cast on Ultrapowerful, where all it does is CHANGE the spell it uses. If you cast air spells on any other doll, then it will remember it for 1 turn and use its normal attack followed by the Puffle from the air spell. This means other doll's doesn't loose their dmg potential when you cast air spells on them, or rather Sadida doesn't loose the dmg output per turn as the AP used for air spell wasn't wasted. In case of Ultrapowerful doll if we cast air spell on it, the doll won't use its "default" spell as it has none. It will change the spell the doll is using only. Such change of doll spell shouldn't make Sadida waste AP for it to happen, because it make Ultrapowerful dolls LESS effective for air sadida to redirect air poisons then other dolls. I think its awkard. Therefore when we use air spell on UP doll, then it should either make doll get extra AP to cast that 1 more attack for 1 turn like other dolls with Puffle OR it should refund Sadida the AP used on UP doll. Its also hindrance to make UP doll with Poisoned Wind as it makes it an 7AP doll to summon. This is ridiculous as no other spells in the game have higher then 6AP cost from AP pool.

So the AP refund or extra AP for 1 turn when air spells are cast on Ultrapowerfull doll is A MUST HAVE for the revamp.

As for PvP i can tell you that as long as enemy doesn't have overwhelming dmg % compering to Sadida (wich will happen when we all get ~1000% damages), then Sadida will win via tactic. This is something i noticed long ago, during my PvP experiences, back in the days when we had to buy sub to play outside of asturb.

I can tell you that i can win vs Earth Sadida who just rely on shields or doing direct dmg to me, with the help of my dolls and poisons as water/air sadida. I also won vs Pandawa by tricking it to make it unable to reapply Dizzy on me, and i made fight long enough to make it Worn Out and out of WP.

Your point that Sadida is fine is invalid, though. Its the changes to HP (Removal of PvP HP) and the way resist works along with the increased dmg% from gear/spells wich made Sadida not fall as much behind as other classes. But class itself need some rework still.

All we got was refund of part of the things we lost before due to Grou's nerfs and ability for Lone Sadida to increase with dolls too (wich now is not that much of a difference with the high dmg % everybody get).

For that i will give you something to think about: the Iop can stun you and make you die hard just because of that. The Rogue can push 1 doll and use Roguery to escape from them and then aim for you with earth spells, doing high dmg. The Sram can use dolls to its adventage to move closer to you and sacrier can even make some dolls too are away for them to help you while getting closer to you. If you won vs Iop then its not surprise as you can win vs iops even now as long as they doesn't know what to do and have less then 6MP, but not with shields - with pushing them away. Enemies who focus on killing dolls are asking for loosing. I had PvP recently with people who are so silly that they were still hitting dolls instead of me, even though i was within their range and los. I won those pvp's but its because they were silly, not because my class is good. Sadida is good vs AI or those mindless players who think that killing dolls will help them kill me. A Masqeeraider won't hestatiate to use dolls for coming to me with air spells and using them as obstacles for more pushback dmg (and it hurts a lot!). Masq can also dish out so much dmg in first 2 turns that you will struggle to do anything in the following turns to him. If the dolls can't protect Sadida from dmg, even partially, then Sadida loose. Simple as that.

Sadida lack of protection from Doll Link that it used to have when it was redirecting part of dmg from Sadida to dolls. The Explodoll should deal dmg in element of the doll that triggered it to not ruin elemental challanges and for the sake that we use certain element doll to deal certain element dmg. It should also deal twice as much dmg as now at the very least. The Nettle should stabilize dolls AFTER they end their turns, NOT during their turn. Nettle should also give better effects then some dmg%, wich seems to be not so good with low base dmg and high dmg% of everybody. I'd love to see Nettle giving AP to dolls instead. The only use of Nettle is for the extra MP the dolls have or higher chance to remove AP/MP, but thats all and i dont think its that good, looking at Animal guard of Osamodas that greatly increases Osa summons dmg (due to their high base dmg) and MP (wich is for some unknown reasons higher and can trigger multiple times for even more MP! Wich is not the case for nettle.... WHY?). Applying K'mir to doll is also counterproductive if it makes you in need to go close to the doll that have to be close to enemy to use it well. Voodoll should not loose HP from allies attacks and should stop running away (should have 0MP) especially with recent changes to Lone Sadida. The controling of doll should be made via self-cast cheap spell, not via targeting each doll individually. The osa can control only 1 out of 2 summons, yes, but thats HALF of the controled summons it uses and he can do that with no LoS and with higher range. The possesion itself need improvement (i think osa shoudl get less dmg under possesion) but it doesn't change the fact that wasting 6AP to control 6 dolls is ridiculous and nobody is gonna do that, even if they'd love to, to stop dolls from trolling on negative cells in dungeons for example, or to make Inflatables not run far away after healing us under Nettle.

There are basically many things that need improvement or rework and the above are just part of it. The class is playable though and you can hold your own thanks to the tactic it have, but its far from perfect, and we aim for perfection in every class revamps. Now revamp won't take place any time soon, wich is the only reason why i am happy with these temporary fixes to Sadida. Its just the beggining and even Ankama said that, so stop acting as if class was already fine. I get it that you are excited for finally trying out dolls, but we all know how to play with them, you don't need to tell us.

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posté August 31, 2014, 22:49:28 | #11
I can tell you that from my pvp experiences if i fight vs someone of close to equal to me dmg% and resists, then i win via tactic as Sadida. In the world where everybody have ~1000% dmges and the passive 150% dmg seems to be as good as current 70% dmg bonus only, the Sadida has finally a chance to win PvPs.

The Greedy doll from what you are saying is nice, but then again calculating how much dmg a class can deal with x number of dolls is wrong. The dolls may or may not reach enemy, the more dolls, the less likely is that all will attack. Having multiple summons have its pros and cons. Pros are that you can block enemy way, cons are that you can block your own way of escape. Pros are that you can have multiple attacks from dolls, wich combined can make you deal as much dmg as dmg dealer classes, cons are that the more dolls, the harder it is for each doll to deal its dmg, wich reduce your dmg output, instead of inreasing.

Therefore its always important to use the proper number of dolls - only the necessary amount. Summoning for the sake of summoning is silly and might give you problems. Its also good to always have spare control "just in case" you might need that extra doll for example to push enemy back to other dolls, away from you.

This however doesn't change the fact that summoning take whole or half of Sadida turn for the very little damage in that turn. Osamodas or Masqueraider can do much more dmg with the said AP. Masqueraider might actually loose its dmg if you survive long enough (i dont know how the pvp vs masq look like in beta). However Osamodas can make 2 powerful beasts in ONE turn, where Sadida would need 4 turns AND some kind of guarantee that the summoned dolls won't die in those turns to keep the said dolls in proper number, wich would make Sadida do equal dmg output to Osamodas. Then again killing one summon of Osamodas takes too much time, so people ignore them and attack Osamodas instead. In case of Sadida people aoe dolls and then aim for Sadida.

Worth mentioning is that the whole effort Sadida put to summon 6-8 dolls in 3-4 turns can be vanished in just 1 turn. Correct me if i am wrong but investing 18~24 AP (for greedies) or 30~40 AP (for ultrapowerfuls) is not justified if they can be removed in single enemy turn (that has equal or less then 12AP). What enemy won't kill might be propably too far away for attacking it too, so its an useless too far away doll that you'd like to sacrifice but your limited range won't let you.

This is why dolls need higher durability. They cannot be easily removed if we are thinking about playing with multiple dolls. By multiple i mean enough to deal as much dmg as 2 osamodas summons do combined (putting aside that some dolls may not reach enemy).

The people may reach 7MP and none doll (except Blocker) has any Lock, wich means it will be piece of cake even for class without pushing spells to move around dolls and hit Sadida for heavy dmg.

IF people try to kill doll when they could attack the Sadida, then no wonder they are loosing PvP to Sadida. But soon or later people will learn how to beat Sadida and they will ignore killing dolls most of the time. This is why increasing resist of dolls won't affect much PvP for those who can ignore killing dolls. It will only improve Sadida gamplay in PvE as well as giving some guarantee that the doll won't die easily, making the doll effectively block the cell for Sadida tactic, wich i think is needed for future revamp.

For now i suppose i will try to get as high rank on the unexperienced in fight vs Sadida noobs as possible, till they finally learn...

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posté August 31, 2014, 16:14:01 | #12
They all look like being made for Feca class...

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posté August 31, 2014, 15:20:02 | #13
The sand is STILL too bright in sufokia...

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posté August 31, 2014, 13:35:44 | #14
Wait what relics made from tokens are not having aura? Why's that? Makes no sense to me. The whole point of auras is to see if someone have relic and what kind of relic it is. I hope its some kind of joke. All relics should have visible auras, no matter how they were obtained.

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posté August 30, 2014, 21:39:41 | #15
Those wings are ugly. I like the idea, but i don't like how they look (except those brakmar bat wings, those are cool).

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posté August 30, 2014, 21:32:55 | #16
In my eyes its like that: if you want stronger dolls - you aim for dmg/crit; if you want durable dolls - you aim for HP/resist. Sadly there's no way to increase dolls resist via our own resist, hence why they die so fast. The cost is only not justified because of how fast they die. If they could do their job longer and therefore if they can be more durable, then they would be fine with current cost i think.

[warning: suggestions below]

The things that should be done now:

1. Make madoll and lethargic more reliable (it sucks if they dont remove AP/MP after 1 turn). This however might need the review of hyperaction and hypermovement overall. If there was no hypermovement/hyperaction then Ankama could simply add limit to how much AP/MP one person can loose in turn. This would make all spells reliable and you could do simple math to know if your next madoll/lethargic will be of any use or not, instead of relying on luck due to hyper-states. Therefore removal of Hypermovement/Hyperaction togather with limit to potential AP/MP loss in turn is needed for Madoll/Lethargic to be viable and it will be ok with their -1AP/-1MP. There won't need to be -2MP/-2AP, nor higher chance for debuff to work.

2. Make dolls have resist from Sadida so that we can create our dolls as we seem fit. Currently its only viable to have offensively build dolls (all stats put for dmg/crit), while for defensive we only have HP wich itself isn't much. Personally i would like to choose to be more defensive and have more defensive dolls because of my build instead of just aiming for dmg as if i was some iop. We should have the choice!

3. Make air spells cast on Ultra-powerful either refund full cost of Sadida OR give the cost of the spell as bonus AP/MP for Ultra-powerful for 1 turn. Imo Ultra-powerful and all dolls should have base 3AP and therefore there should be no air spell of Sadida that cost more then 3AP from AP pool. Buffing Ultrapowerful, who have base 3AP, with Gust spell would make the said doll to change its attack to Gust and have 6AP for 1 turn, but 3AP for the following turns if no AP air spell is cast on the UP doll. This would make this doll more balanced, as well as making it cost 4AP, instead of 5.

4.The Greedy doll should have spell with 1AP cost, instead of 3, and with a chance to steal AP or gain AP. - this would show the "GREED" of this doll indeed. Currently the name have nothing to do with what the doll is doing. I'd like to see it changed. Perhaps Lethargic doll could be changed to, instead of AP removal, apply Critical Failures to enemies and maybe give Crit rate to sadida. We could really use some crit failures on enemy if our tactic to cover ourself with dolls will futile.That or perhaps it could reduce Range and reduce chance of enemy to critical hit. This would be nice too, though propably less useful then crit failures.

5 & 6.I think each doll should have set 20% of Sadida HP, even Blocker and Voodoll. However Voodoll should suffer loss of HP only from enemy attacks. Perhaps earth shields cast on voodoll should shield voodoll and inflict dmg to enemy linked or shield voodoll and shield ally linked. Perhaps. As for the blocker doll i think it should have 2.0 of Sadida resistances (while other dolls would have 1.0 of Sadida resists). This would make every doll equally durable, except blocker who will obviously keep the tanking purpose. By "tanking" i understand taking hits well, not locking, though locking helps to keep enemy closer, its not defining the tank. Sram is not a tank but could use lock to slow down cra. Resist is what makes tank a tank. For voodoll obviously the resist of Sadida will be considered for enemy attacks, but allies hits should be fully redirected via voodoll AS IF they were cast directly on the linked target, by ignoring voodoll's resists and taking into account resist of the target linked.

7. The sacrificial doll should deal fire dmg based on highest element of Sadida.

8. The last but not least, the dolls should not cost WP anymore. This WP was set on Sadida to limit us to 6 dolls, however with introduction of WP equipement (with cap at 10) the limit by WP become pointless inconvenience of Sadida, nothing else. Removing WP from dolls could give us WP on Sic'em More for better buff to dolls. Tree could also give 1 turn invulnerability, even if it would cost 2WP (wich could be like a bless when fighting vs Masked Spirit + Masqueraider for example).

9. The Voodoll should have 0MP and it should be possible to change target linked to Voodoll manually, without killing the said voodoll. Such change would let us swap between enemy linked and ally linked based on the situation. It sucks that our heals are nice when cast on Voodoll, if we have to link voodoll to enemy...

^The above suggestions would fix the dolls themself. Wouldn't fix other issues Sadida have, but if i were to list them all this post would be TL to R.

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posté August 30, 2014, 16:07:50 | #17
Good news everyone.

After the nerf to dolls HP, the nerf to players HP and injustice to dolls HP not scaling in PvP with PvP HP - we can finally be happy about the incoming changes coming in September.


1.PvP HP will not exist anymore
2.Players will have higher base HP

How that affect us?
The dolls HP will be finally adapted to increased HP of Sadida! And the HP of players get increased, wich means increased dolls HP!

If a player level 160 invest all Intelligence points into max HP%, then it might achieve 6800 HP. This means the Greedy doll level 160 will have 1156 HP! I am not sure about resists but this mean that for example in dancehall, the doll will not get insta-KO'ed after attacking Bilbyboy (due to lack of synchronization)!

I don't know about you but i am really happy that 2 out of 3 nerfs will be fixed by september!  

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posté August 30, 2014, 15:31:54 | #18
Runes will suck indeed with just 3-10% dmg per rune, in a system where players get ~1000% damages. The whole rune system is still broken and not what i was expecting when they first announced them.

I thought that runes will be improving equipement greatly to fit certain preferences of the player such as more fire resists or more earth dmg, etc. I thought runes would be more common to get, easier to get, with different rarities, making rare ones with lower drop rate but with better effects. I thought everybody wouldn't mind using runes for their current gear if they drop often, even if they would be changing gear in next 5 levels.

The whole idea to DESTROY equip TO UPGRADE other equip is imo very stupid. Crushing items should give us pieces of the materials used to craft them or some powder useful for crafting. Runes on the other hand should drop like smithmagic hammers, or actually more often, but from anything in the game. I know there will be no refund to those who already got their runes, other then perhaps increasing the power of those runes accordingly, but seriously Smithmagic need changes. Currently i feel runes are only for the elite: top geared, top level. This should change.

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