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posté Today - 01:02:16 | #1
I knew there will be some global amnesia involved in their lore.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #811699  Replies : 22  Views : 793
posté Today - 00:50:06 | #2
I can see some improvements that could be done to elio (lol revamp elio now! xD)
For example the spell that remove MP could be cast with no los and regardless of distance at any portal, to hit in cross of 1 around the portal and remove mp. The pulsation animation shows a ray between 2 portals and water branch lack of some "potentially doubled" dmg mechanic that earth (cataclysm) and air (torrential flux) has - therefore i wish pulsation could do more dmg if more then 1 portal has range to the enemy targeted with it.

Another improvement could be to let elio cast portal with range 0, to self-teleport to closest portal (or more likely other spell should do that, to not make us remove portal when we want to teleport ally standing on it to other portal, wich sometimes happen).

Also summoning 1 portal should be possible from other portal extention, without the need to place one portal in front, run back and place 1 portal back, to "prepare" for next turn to jump. Simply put if i could make portal 8th cell away by creating first portal on 4th cell away and using it as extension to my portal spell, then i could use portals not just to jump away or for spell redirection, but also to run forward to enemy, wich would help earth eliotropes and lock-builds.

Next thing that could happen is to give some ap refund or better dmg to Flood, or some more interesting mechanic to it. The barrier also is very costly and not effective for dmg dealing, and considering it doesnt protect from enemies that were hurt by it (unless you push them away and move yourself to edge, wich add to the cost, making that 20% reduction dmg shield not worth doing) it makes no use for an aoe (especially with cataclysm available) and a very costly shield to support allies (5AP 1MP) for mere 20% final reduction, wich by the way, with 70% final resist allies will only make them gain as much as 6% final resist more, and only against enemies that attack from distance. This is not worth it, and i wish that this barrier was protecting from dmg from enemies inside the zone, wich would itself add some more survival for close combat that you may seek.

I also think more spells should be redirected via portals or had some effect on them. For example whirlwind could be cast on allies/enemies on portals to teleport them to other portal (to unlock existing portal) for 2ap.

I also find it awkward that we need to loose resist to get healing up from Hiding. And in same time i wish Hiding had 3AP 1MP cost (and increased dmg/heal to adapt to cost). Perhaps fortification mechanic would be good for elio (the lower the hp, the higher the resist). Not sure, but i can tell a lot could be already improved.

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posté Yesterday - 21:38:57 | #3
Imo berserk is a risky type of figher who want to get stronger without bothering to suffer to do so. That being said lack of resist/hp bonus seems ok and the earth spells are used in similar way to sacrier's fire spells - to lower your hp (but instead of self dmg you rely on dmg done to you only). The sacrier however is more of a tank, while elio only need someone locked or in close combat to suffer, for the sake to get hp below 50%. After that you can use clash or heal up with hiding - its up to you.

The hp bonus passive could even be not welcome for me, as it would always recover my hp when i start fight, while i may want to keep it low and kite enemies while having less then half hp all the time. The resist bonus could make eliotrope not bother much aboud Exalted final resist loss (or loss of resist from teleportation). If you want to play on low hp and still tank the dmg, then you should use Feca or other made-to tank classes. Lock is not only for tanking - if you have high lock and use cataclysm then your enemies will either suffer the doubled dmg or will have to loose AP/MP to dodge away. In same time if you use cataclysm you may force (in pvp) players to move away from you, wich can help you to move to portal and kite them.

Again its a berserk class and berserks from my experience in other games are not sturdy.

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #811463  Replies : 3  Views : 162
posté Yesterday - 21:15:28 | #4
Personally Rage passive was the first i leveled (after portal for 1-3 range), because that 1 extra MP and 1extra AP itself make the difference. Combine that with 100 berserk dmg bonus (note: panda got 40 aoe and 40 ranges, so even ranged aoe is 80 boosted togather, while your berserk passive alone give 100 dmg! Add to that 60 long range attack power and you can be kiting berserk).

You may want to play risky at first turns, to lower your hp, hence why you can even benefit from close range earth spells. After your hp goes below 50% you can start wreaking havok with Clash and exalted state, wich combined with some portal set up (wich you do on the first turns when you dont care to suffer dmg) and with berserk dodge (wich i max all the way) can give a lot of fun. If needed you can use Clash and then 2x Hiding to heal up (10 ap build) and you can do it via portals, while maintaining your +1AP and +1MP from rage, and being at safe distance.

The -MP spell or +lock spells can be combined with the 5AP 1MP aoe (first air spell) to keep enemies on wakfu trail. The reflect armor (the one with lock, aegis something, forgot the name) can really benefit from lock, to force enemies to hit you in front, instead of going around you, and therefore forcing them to get reflect dmg, wich make them suffer while you getting your hp from full to half for extra dmg.

It all depend how you play but you can be a close combat earth fighter with high lock, who uses portals not to attack via them, but to always get close to enemy.

In other words you can play eliotrope on few different ways. You may even not use portals at all if you want, and it may not be a problem for you with relfect armor and barrier, though you will lack of range.

My Elio is lvl 104 and i have 6 spells leveled to max, 2 from each element. Though i wish i could max 2 more from air (air is so good...).

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Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #811432  Replies : 16  Views : 489
posté Yesterday - 11:02:30 | #5
I see no reason not to give free respec to the class when a change to dmg/range was made to their spells, even to single spell, as it changes a lot in player's decision making to choose spells. Considering the panda had respec not so long ago (my happy panda is still in respec room so i could care less about it) there should be no reason not to give panda the respec. Same for elio, if the change was made soon after the character was released, the respec should be given.

Restat is not a big deal. In fact the "mistakes" or rather "change of plans" of ankama for certain spells is not players fault, so players should not be forced now to buy respec scroll or waste their gameplay experience time on Farmagency quest (on side note FARMAgency quest has nothing to do with farmer or any other gathering proffesions, wich force players to get Stasis % up, though it has no meaning, it would be better if Farmagency quest was requesting players to get harvestable resources instead of random drops).

Another thing is that there should be an option for players to lock spells from getting any experience, but still make it possible to use them in fight (these spells will therefore gain no experience as if player was using fist/weapon). Such mechanic should be available from the very beggining.

There also should be an NPC that explain game mechanics to players (perhaps Bossowl could be our in-game FAQ/Help option). Or few NPC's spread over the world of Twelve, that you may visit while doing questlines.

Since i started i also would like for mercenary quests to give more exp - make them worth doing! And the "learning receipe" reward doesn't make us learn any receipe so this should be also fixed.

Giving the nature of quest rewards, i think it would be also nice to give players an "floating spell exp" that players can distribute to the spells when they feels like it. It could be the same spell exp gauge that we see when we are in respec room, but without forcing us to distribute it.

As for "free respec" i think 80 lvl is "a relief" for some, but being the last free respec with so much quest exp given later in game is not good. Perhaps there should be 3rd respec in game at level 150, or there could be alternative respec quest that request players to get "rare" drops from high level bosses (in the number of 1 from each boss, similar to otomai quest, but less tedious as you only need 1 from each boss). Or perhaps there could be Chef receipe that let us reset our spells - this receipe would require gathering resources with "star" mark on it. The receipe could be level 0, but gathering materials would be of different levels, giving new reason to level gathering proffesions or to buy some materials from other players.

If it comes to the respec room, i think players should have an option to also choose fight vs mobile Chuck Novice (mobile training Dummy), as some spells (such as poisons) can be seen only when enemy move. Also it would be awsome if player could choose the resist the dummy has and the dmg this dummy will have, to also test reflect mechanics. There could be simply an option to "customize" the dummy with stats, including lock and dodge to test them too.

Or maybe better make it possible to leave the respec room and come back to it within the period of time, to test your build out in the wild - in dungeons even, and then if it turned out to be not so great, to return to respec room (withint duration of it) and choose different spells. I always thought that those training dummies can't really tell me if i my build will be good or not, and i can't even test it in pvp there.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #811061  Replies : 199  Views : 3948
posté Yesterday - 10:28:13 | #6
Team A:
This team has high dmg in every member as well as reliable healing and ressurection from eniripsa. Its good team, thought in Black Crow fight if your ranged allies won't make hit black crow for you for first turns, then sram will be useless there killing some small crows only. But thats just 1 fight in the game, and you can still do it. Eniripsa healing mark and high base dmg can be more worth using (and simplier for a hero to use) then -resist from sadida. However your elio can revive others too (with prevention).

Team B:
This team lack of reliable healing power. The dolls have derpy ai and this may cost you fight if they decide to go on negative tiles that debuff all allies or heal up all enemies (Wa castle, lunar dungeon as examples). You can't use dolls vs Moowolf because they will turn to enemy side and attack your team instead - you will therefore need to rely on mudoll healing. On the other hand if Sadida link voodoll to black crow, then your sram can attack it without problems (at certain lvl sadida+sram can duo this fight). There are funny tricks that Sadida can do, especially with eliotrope in team. Combined with heal from panda, some heal from elio portals and Sadida heals you may no need the eniripsa, but take note that without dolls Sadida have to either heal or reduce resist - it cant do both effectively without dolls, and dolls may die fast. On the other hand with panda and feca in team you may not need much heal. I would go for 2nd team, but just take note that sadida will be your weakest link there, and it may be hard to master if you multiaccount/use it with hero system.

Thread : General  Preview message : #811052  Replies : 4  Views : 231
posté December 17, 2014, 00:17:36 | #7
The event is fun if all people know what to do and enjoy playing togather.
The event is no longer fun when you repeatedly do the same thing over and over and over...
That dungeon you lost in - its not meant to be done in team of 4. It was designed for 6 man team. Still aside of special Craft-Elf Costume there's no real need to do it. Perhaps the first-timers who joined the game via Steam not so long ago may find it interesting. I still hope for some improvements on next year. More dungeons, different monsters, different spells to use maybe...

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #810359  Replies : 9  Views : 622
posté December 17, 2014, 00:00:54 | #8

Quote (Saargus @ 16 December 2014 23:49) *

Quote (Whiterummy @ 16 December 2014 23:36) *
I don't understand why they don't just put you under a state in PvP, It wouldn't have any direct effects on your character just the spells. Eg Gobup: one use per turn while under the PvP state. Allows summon Osas to still function in a PvM setting and balances them in a PvP setting.

This x100.
Oh please pve is so easy, its actually good that they added "some" difficulty. And 1 turn later you are back to normal owning with 2 summons. Perhaps some osa will consider lvling magpie to heal up the first summoned creature.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #810350  Replies : 199  Views : 3948
posté December 16, 2014, 23:57:20 | #9

Quote (AduroT @ 16 December 2014 20:27) *
Last I heard all attacks thru a Portal counted as being from the front, regardless of where it, they, or you were positioned.
But you can teleport behind enemy with the use of portal and backstab it.

Also you can end your turn on portal to make enemy unable to teleport to you.
Another way to prevent them from using portals is to apply Crack on them.
Also take note that if they teleport to you from further away then 5 cell distance, then they will loose 20% final resist, so you may hit them harder.

Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #810347  Replies : 12  Views : 615
posté December 16, 2014, 21:40:04 | #10
Rogue is pretty awsome to powerlevel people, especially in dungeons, where mobs always start in same positions.

Thread : General  Preview message : #810305  Replies : 30  Views : 1021
posté December 16, 2014, 13:40:28 | #11
More or less i want to stick to that.
However as for lethargic:
- It should not remove AP, if the Greedy doll can do it
- It could buff AP, but a doll doing dmg is worth of 2 or 3 ap in terms of dmg (and in terms of cost of seed) when its on the field. Therefore replacing greedy for lethargic doll should be worth it. Then again with more then 1 lethargic doll buffing AP the Sadida would become too powerful, exceeding even Xelors ability to gain AP.

In conclusion i decided to make Lethargic doll give 1AP only but also with 1 range bonus, wich could be handy for summoner that doesn't want to chase after enemy.

Right now my concern is voodoo doll. Or more likely how to summon it, to give an option to change target linked to it, without removing it from the field. The oryginal concept from me (wich can be seen in black/white voodoo idea) was to use the same spell that create seeds to determine target of voodoll. However i think it could be buggy with control available, if not too hard to program it. A spell that just summon voodoll with no specified link would just make it an obstacle with no purpose, until something is linked. This would make us in need to level 2 specialities, but i am unsure if this will be good design. It could be 1 speciality, that work different if cast on empty cell or on target, but this could give problems to range. I will try to figure something out to make using voodoll (and summoning it) fun and practical...

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #810113  Replies : 29  Views : 743
posté December 16, 2014, 01:27:15 | #12

Quote (Lukinerx @ 13 December 2014 19:03) *

Quote (SingrealGreiver @ 13 December 2014 18:53) *
Not to mention they nerfed what really made osas OP in 1v1 aswell , with the heals received stat now being reduced by half from summons aswell.. Though this was acceptable

Healing: The characteristic "Heals received”, which effectiveness is reduced by half when a character heals himself, will now also be halved when a character is being healed by one of his own summons.

the Combination of this and the Gobup hit us hard , I could care less about the cheifs its the end game Viability that got hit the hardest

lol Ankama please....

this also is hurting Sadidas
As a Sadida player i am GLAD that this change was made.

Quote (saphiLC @ 14 December 2014 00:41) *

Quote (LouCypher @ 13 December 2014 23:53) *

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 13 December 2014 18:50) *
people dont like playing with summon osas because they are usually (with some notable exceptions) terrible players when it comes to group dynamics.

has nothing to do with the AI.
Lets not forget the length of time a summoner adds to fights.
do you mean doll sadidas?

Oh please, A sram thinking about movement of his Double can take more time to act then non-controled army of Greedy dolls, where each doll take 2 seconds to move 2 seconds to hit target. People don't even realise that summons speed up the progress by making allies receive less dmg and therefore making eniripsa able to attack instead of heal allies, as well as making people waste less time for bread-making/bread-sharing/even afking-to-sit-out some HP lost. Not to mention that if Sramva KO the doll instead of a player, then you won't have to wait for De darm effect to be removed. And even if someone lags out, if there are multiple summons on the field, then there is high chance that he will reconnect before he get his turn, instead of loosing whole turn. So you should be happy to have summons in teams.

Thread : Osamodas  Preview message : #809798  Replies : 80  Views : 3108
posté December 16, 2014, 01:20:32 | #13

Quote (Kiwintessence @ 16 December 2014 01:01) *
Your latest ideas seem to suggest that same-element doll pairings would be better compared to independent mix and match. Is this also what higher content dungeons/battles seem to favour?
No, i just wanted to give some synergy between 2 dolls of the same element.

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #809794  Replies : 29  Views : 743
posté December 15, 2014, 23:42:06 | #14
As long as its free OR as long as i can buy it from market board from other players like i can do with sidekicks now - i can wait for it.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #809760  Replies : 40  Views : 1327
posté December 15, 2014, 20:51:19 | #15
Eliotrope is pretty fun and easy to level up on certain enemies (the ones that dont hit hard at distance; aka the ones that can be kited or the ones that you can fight at big maps or on maps with small bridges to use for your adventage). I can tell you my 20lvl elio could solo 45lvl shark with ease, thanks to portals (the shark can't reach me). Just make sure to have 1 or 2 control in equipement for more fun. One of the tactic (with bridge) is to place portal on the cell that will be behind the monster after monster move and then use other portal to warp there, move 1 cell away and push self and/or monster away from that portal with just 2AP, make another portal and then just jump from 1 far away to other far away as you please.

Thread : General  Preview message : #809721  Replies : 6  Views : 414
posté December 15, 2014, 20:36:20 | #16
Turn 1: you summon 2 healing dolls and because allies wandered away and drain cost mp, you were unable to heal them in same time, so you just make dolls in hope that they will reach the allies and heal them up.
Turn 2: your dolls dont heal, or heal fully healed ally (in srambad dungeon happen a lot) or they heal sacrier only, even if its too far away they try to move towards it and refuse to heal anyone else.
Result: you just wasted whole turn doing nothing else but slowing down the fight, and potentially blocking the way for allies movement or for their los, or even worse, your dolls wandered in not convenient position, allowing for example Sramva to use them to jump to allies and deal fatal dmg in aoe.

Excuse me but too many times the healing dolls have failed me to rely on them. I am glad when people invite eniripsa to the team, so that i won't have to make these dolls.

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Thread : General  Preview message : #809720  Replies : 10  Views : 1533
posté December 15, 2014, 20:31:05 | #17
I assume one of the following:
1. Its not priority for Ankama, deal with it
2. They don't care, wait for Sadida revamp in 2016 to make it fixed/changed/removed
3. They don't understand the problem
4. They don't know how to fix it

And the problem is that the "cross of 1 aoe" (range 0) is working as single target spell (range 0 as well) on critical hit, despite having clear description that its meant to be aoe (and basically its dumb that it doesnt do dmg on crit only).

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #809719  Replies : 3  Views : 152
posté December 15, 2014, 20:23:19 | #18

Quote (Neneko88 @ 15 December 2014 15:27) *
I like your idea for greedy kiku, it would add something extra and make them worth the 3AP (high AP cost, same AP cost as osamodas summoning).

What madoll and lethargic need is removing AP/MP based on level. 1AP/1MP normally, 2AP/2MP after level 100, 3AP/3MP after level 175.

Something like that

I will think about it more though :x I want madoll and lethargic to be useful and not ignore..
If they would remove more then 1ap/mp then you could completly immobilize enemy with just 3 dolls (if it have 6mp) or reduce players AP by half with also 3 dolls (if they have 12ap). You need to take note that we can have many of them, and since they are ranged, they all can reach target (unlike melee doll - greedy).

I gave some more thought and i think Madoll should be the earth ranged dmg dealing doll that remove range while attacking. If its effect to remove range has no effect on enemy (because its melee class, or its eliotrope) then it will be more handy then greedy by attacking this enemy at distance, to avoid the doll being killed. The greedy dolls would be still used to block los/way or make ranged enemies in troubles, but they will be easier to eliminate with aoe then spread out madolls. I think sadida really lack of ranged dmg dealing doll.

As for lethargic i cant find better idea then a buffing doll (in water branch inflatable is healing, in earth blocker may give shield to allies, and in air the lethargic would buff AP). Sounds fair enough for me, and i think i will follow this route in my new revamp suggestion.

Oh and i know i was once against giving dmg dealing earth doll, but giving some aoe to water branch or easier to charge air spells on dolls, i think it would be fair to have earth doll doing dmg too. Its a bit frustrating that in enurado all monsters have high water resist (lowest is 44, while lowest for fire is 15). I know ankama make things difficult for water and easy for fire for some unknown reason, but it just force me to use ultrapowerful dolls there to deal dmg. Having alternative doll to deal dmg would be nice, especially considering some monster mechanics that make them push targets in contact or dmg them at start of turn.

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #809716  Replies : 29  Views : 743
posté December 15, 2014, 15:22:33 | #19

Quote (Inortia @ 11 December 2014 17:11) *
Among these classes, which one of them are most likely to fit the criteria?
The classes are Eniripsa, Cra and Sadida.

1) Able to solo well without worrying to die easily. I don't mind to spend a longer time in battling but dying easily (and knowing it coming) kill my mood in an instance. Also, I don't mind to eat bread / sit down / extract speed and spawn to heal myself after each better (the less the better but I can live with it)
If you don't mind longer fights but want to be able to survive and win, then you may enjoy Sadida.

- can summon dolls that can act as decoy and take some dmg from monsters (imagine walking beacons that do dmg on their own)
- the dolls can heal you while you do dmg, or you may summon dmg dealing dolls and then just heal self up if needed
- you may apply poison to the enemy and leave it at low hp and heal up with what AP you have left (or with dolls) and make enemy die on its turn, to make sure you don't have to heal up much after fight
- you have nice spells for positioning to avoid enemy attacks
- you can separate monsters and in certain maps you can kill big groups by attacking monsters 1 by 1 (maps with small bridges)
- you can summon dolls to check out how the state is working on them, instead of putting self to danger to check it out - good for begginers
- you can adapt to situation: if enemy can be kited, you kite it, if enemy can't be kited - you summon healing dolls and attack him with own spells
- you can fight without dolls by stealing MP with fertilizer and pushing enemies away to still be decent without dolls
- you can use seeds or dolls to force enemy to go around or even trap it making it unable to attack you
- you can learn monsters AI/spells by observing how they attack dolls, and when they don't attack (some monsters can't attack from range 1 for example)
- unlike beacons, you can place seeds and dolls anywhere

- ai of dolls can be derpy, especially in group fights, but usually if you solo they somehow can be reliable
- you lack of burst dmg so your fights are always longer then for other classes
- some of your specialities (Doll Link, Explodoll) are useless and some are used only for dungeon boss fights (Voodoll) and basically you can ignore them
- summoning dolls is costly
- dolls may die easily
- bugs (such as fire doll not doing any dmg when it score crit) may be frustrating
- voodoll could be handy with sadida's tear, but only if you attack enemy directly, not the voodoll as voodoll loose hp too fast

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posté December 15, 2014, 14:55:36 | #20

Quote (Flaming-June @ 15 December 2014 14:41) *

[...] if the devs HAVE TO design a boss mechanic solely around delayed damage to try to convince us that it's good, I think by the very nature of having to design an enemy to be weak to something for it to have any use sort of proves it is by default underpowered, weak, and pointless. It's like, "hey, this spell does crap damage, can we please have it changed up?" and being like, "Oh no, that spell will be the only spell that can damage 1 boss we are going to add to the game eventually." I mean, it still seems useless 99% of the time to me even in that bizarre bad game design scenario.

People shouldn't be forced to change into a build that is weaker in every other instance in the game just for 1 boss with 1 mechanic that forces you to use an otherwise weaker spell. I'm not sure if game design can get worse than that, but who knows with Ankama. But yeah, I think having to force a mechanic to be built around something to give it a purpose is all the proof you need that something is by its nature garbage.

Thats so true.

Spoiler: (highlight to show)
I could now make wall of text about Sadida problems related to this, but i won't to not derail topic.

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