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posté Yesterday - 20:39:52 | #1
Serprieuse remove WP permanently Location: Villany Vineyards
IGN: PHA-Nerida

It seems that with every hit Serprieuse attack, it remove 1WP. What's worse it remove max WP, which after 6 attacks make player with initially 6/6 wp to have 0/0 wp, and as a result it makes it even impossible to recover WP. Passives that recover WP won't help, mechanics that recover WP wont help. Heck, even Meditiation skill that give 1WP (speed turn bonus) won't work (as you can see on the screenshot below).


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posté Yesterday - 18:56:49 | #2
Following Pokemon logic, you should be able to capture anything, also humanoid type of creatures (such as Jynx). But then you have to keep in mind that kannibals for example are sadida people. If osamodas would be able to tame them then he could as well tame any class, any person. Yeah capturing people into pokeballs. There's the need for limit.

This is no pokemon game however. And osamodas is meant to be beast master, not "anything that is not player" master.

Anyway let's go back on track with this topic and give some actual feedback on the dungeon, shall we?

Quote (saphiLC @ 03 September 2016 23:06) *


Goes invisible at the start of the battle and every time its turn ends, except when they are the last mobs alive. Everytime you hit one of the other monsters, they teleport next to you, usually blocking LoS. Not so annoying but they hit 3 times.

Papy Crate:

Drops a lot of wine tiles, no idea what those do. When you hit them they get a buff with the damage you did to them, not sure what it does. They are tanky and have range attack, can push if in CC

Mami Lésime

Invulnerable to ranged single target attacks, so hit with her with aoe. She's runaway type and when the battle starts she summons 4 "canes". Each turn she buffs those canes and at a certain point death tiles appear from the "canes" that cover the whole map, linear to where the "canes" are. She have a range attack. Kill her first so the "canes" don't trigger the death tiles. The canes can't be killed, you remove 1 hp per hit and stay at 1hp. They have some buffs that i don't know what they do, maybe hit them based on the buff type to destroy them (?)

The other are the bosses, you fight them at the same time, invulnerable, not sure how i removed it... but at some point she casted invulnerable to a mob, next turn it changed to high res then to medium res and then disappeared. I would need to run it again to have more details but is annoying to solo, for some reason that i still don't know, when you hit mobs, your hp drops like crazy, no -hp is shown so if you are not careful you can die pretty fast.

Got a wine plant as reward from beating dungeon :3

7.5/10 dungeon, but i don't see lvl 135 ppl beating this easily

Boss room

The names of the monsters have been translated.
They are as follows:

The Enutrofs are Mama Lenyal, Grampycrat but the female sadida-sram hybrid is still called Serprieuse.

"Canes" are named Spectral Scepter. You can't kill them, but you don't have to. It's enough if you hit them twice for the KO zone lines created from it to disappear. Note: They must be at full health for Mama Lenyal to make KO zone lines from them. Also you need to hit the scepter that was the one from which the ko zones were created, else, they won't disappear. This can be tricky if you lost track of it or didn't pay attention and if 2 diagonal scepters are have created the ko zones. Also the KO zones can be placed on top of other KO zones, so yeah, we can have double layer of ko zones if all of the scepters are activated.

The KO zon'es themself are quite easy to avoid though. You just need to be careful not to get pushed 3 cells in line by Mama Lenyal and to not start turn between KO zone and Grampycat, while being in his lock zone, as this Gramps is pushing away by 1 cell at start of his turn (passively, with no AP used, similar to how Kokolerics or Psykoko have their first attacks activated if you are close/in line with them at start of their turn).

Appearently the dmg done to Grampycat seems to be the damage this passive push aoe skill will do. I mean, it has some base dmg, but the more you charge up the Grampy, the more dmg this skill will do. Do note however that this damage is spread between the cells in the aoe he make.

I don't know why some people are suffering the HP loss like they say they do, but maybe it has something to do with the Stained state (the one applied when you walk on the cell with Vine). It seems you suffer more damage if you are soaked in it, at least from scepters. Scepters are also nasty in that they ignore armors, so heal resist will become serious problem for the 135 lvl team. I think they just hit too much.

When you kill Grampycat, all of the vine cells he created will disappear. Killing him first can be good idea, but if not attacked, they do little to no harm (aside from potentially deadly push if you close to them and the ko zone is behind you of course). The assasins can be easily killed as first, and that could be good way to clear this dungeon in my opinion. You just need to hit Grampy once (or Mama Lenyal) and one of them will show up, so kill him when this happen, it will save you some problems, and you won't be surprised of suddenly not being able to move away due to invisible blockade on the cell you want to step in.

Technically you can kill Mama Lenyal first, but it doesn't matter as long as you are far away from ko zones. Being in the middle of the map and ideally not moving from your spot (if you are not on vine cell, but all other cells has vine) seems to be smart decision. With that being said i can tell this dungeon is favourizing melee characters, who can stand in the middle and fight what come close to them (and assasins jump to you by themself, you just need to hit other enemies with any skill first). Those same assasins can be troublesome for ranged classes, especially if their los will be blocked, or if they get locked near ko zone.

Worth mentioning is that entering KO zone doesn't kill you, but it will remove all of your MP! So if you enter it, you need to hit the scepters twice or more for safety. This is where being ranged can be handy. It feels as if melees are meant to be doing dmg here and ranged is meant to take care of managing scepters hp.

At boss room the bosses are invulnerable and doesn't attack you, until you kill both Mama Lenyal. The lady boss herself can also heal scepters, so propably this is the case why she "awaken". She put protection on one random target every turn, sometimes on herself.

It also seems that the 2nd boss, has some state linked to the scepters state, but i have no idea what they do. Perhaps they unlock some spells on him or give him extra dmg to certain attack types. I have not confirmed this, but if that would be the case, then it would be adviced to not touch scepters at all. Or maybe quite the opposite... hmm..

Anyway i think that all of the monsters are quite well made for their level, EXCEPT for the scepters. They hit way too much, and they were the main HP loss that i had. I was more afraid of dmg from scepters then from bosses.

Still i have no idea what those states on the scepters do. One is called collisioning, other is single target, etc, but regardless they all lose 1 hp when i hit them with any spell, so perhaps its just linked to the 2nd boss (that gargoyle thing).


I also have different issue with this dungeon. When we enter fight, the lady boss (i forgot the name) is having some monologue, but it skips so fast that i couldn't read all of it. The same issue i had with other quests NPC talks, for example in the quest with Ocarina, osamodas and the team rocket (or whatever you called them). Seriously it would at least help if i could read those dialogues in the chat once they are done talking, so that i can at least read what they said. But slowing it down wouldn't hurt either. You should try to put some stranger in front of the screen and ask him to read what the npc is saying. If he won't manage to do it in time before the npc enter another text, then you need to increase the delay between text appearance. Thank you.

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posté Yesterday - 18:18:36 | #3
The update server is out of sync. Is there patch today or something? Can't play the game because the update server is out of sync. This is the first time i see this error.


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posté September 25, 2016, 18:24:02 | #4
Disappearing from timeline doesn't necesarily mean KO, nor the transformation. You see there are things that you can attack that are not in timeline, yet they exist (Cra beacons as simpliest example). I can only assume SB becomes something similar to this (its icon is gone from timeline, but it still exist). Definetly it was clasified as summon in p3 and p4 -people were abusing it a lot, so if its not the case anymore, then thats good. I havent been with osa to SB in few months. People simply doesn't bother doing SB anymore nowadays, at least nobody i know does it, as everybody already got all they wanted from it, exept maybe emblems, but they are not much better then other emblems (+ there will be better emblems in the future, so why bother). All people do now is Moon island dungeons and arch bosses.

But to go back to topic, yes Osa without Whip is viable, but so is cra without Poisoned Arrow. The point is, it has its uses and its worth having in certain cases, but its not the end of the world if you don't have it.

Thread : Osamodas  Preview message : #980425  Replies : 6  Views : 146
posté September 25, 2016, 18:00:07 | #5
I have tried some low level dungeons and i must say that MOST ANNOYING thing is that auto-walk to the next room. And it will be really frustrating in dungeons where entering boss room trigger fight. So please remove it. We can walk on our own. What if someone disconnect but we see him entering boss room and we start without him, assuming he is fine and ready with his deck? Yeah, bad feature imo.

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posté September 24, 2016, 22:23:39 | #6

Quote (SplingSplingSpling @ 24 September 2016 20:55) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 24 September 2016 20:30) *
(for example in arch bosses or in Steal Beak, where steal beak himself is clasified as summon on phase 3 onwards).
Are you sure about that? When I tried it in my runs, my guildie's whip outside dragon didn't do more damage towards boss in those phases. You could see a considerate damage-increase on whipping his summons.
Last time i was with osamodas in there, it was stronger on those phases. Not sure if they ninja patched Whip for this fight recently though. However i am certain SB in phase 3 and 4 count as summon. Why? Because you can do challange to kill boss from close combat and from distance with no failure regardless of how far the attacker is. Ankama simply make real SB far far... FAR away so that we don't see it, and the code is so that SB (the flying one) summon his copy of self on the ground, while he himself is still alive, hence why the fight doesn't end. It also had mechanic that it is KO'ed when his copy dies (hence why those challanges don't fail, since they don't fail if enemy KO self), which give players an ilusion of SB landing personally on the ground.

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posté September 24, 2016, 20:50:02 | #7
I think bug reporting is for the most people too much of a time waste. Reporting bugs from the game should be fast. You have experienced bug? Click on bug report button! And thats all the players should do. But unfortunately, clicking on the button doesn't do anything by itself. You also need to open your browser, search for the zip file and then upload it, then fill in some required text and then send it to Ankama, only to realize that the zip file is too big to be send. Yeah, bummer, they won't let us even report the bugs even if we try.

What need to change is for the bug report button to send all the data from the past 1 minute or 2 to the Ankama team responsible for bug fixing. The time of this data to arrive at their office would be the exact time of when the bug occured, and if there happen to be something wrong, then Ankama employees would have to track it down.

Or after pressing bug report button, make the player have to type in some short text about bug such as "the inflatable doll didn't healed anyone during its turn, even though it could" or "doll AI bug" at least and then this would be all the player had to do to report a bug. This should be enough for the designers to find the bug. Especially if its just 1 minute of data to be checked.

TL;DR reporting bugs is not convenient for the players.

As for the forums, it would be good if players knew that their bug has been read by the Ankama team. A simple mark near their title would solve it. Ankama employees wont even need to reply to it as we would already see it has been noticed by them. You know how we get "Event", "News", "Promo", "Dev" marks on forum right? Make the one with "Report" for reported bug or just "Bug" mark so we know you noticed this bug. And if you happen to fix the bug you could even change that mark to "Fixed", but that could be too much work for you, now wouldn't it?

If Ankama want to make us report the bugs effectively, then they should make it convenient for us to do so. And worst is that i have reported doll AI bugs since 3 years ago and they are still existing. So i am actually tired of reporting them. Best i can force myself to is to post bug report on forum, but without all the details they ask for, because half of it is often not important.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #980314  Replies : 6  Views : 167
posté September 24, 2016, 20:30:43 | #8
It's recommanded to use it for pvp (vs other summoners) and also in some cases for pve, where monsters are considered as summons (for example in arch bosses or in Steal Beak, where steal beak himself is clasified as summon on phase 3 onwards).

I don't see a reason not to use it, unless you are heavy aoe build. But your concern won't matter soon, when we get patch that will allow us to have all of our elemental spells equal in level to our character level (we won't need to level them up).

So, for now, play how you like to play and dont worry about it. When the situation call for it, you will be able to use Whip at its full potential (as long as it will be put in your deck that is).

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posté September 24, 2016, 20:26:31 | #9

Quote (auizoo @ 23 September 2016 22:11) *

Quote (HunterRabbitt @ 23 September 2016 20:28) *
I take offense to this thread. We sexydidas are the best looking class! Our entire head is covered in a glorious facehairbeard that if we shave off the world would fall to its knees to our glorious handsome looks and sexiness that would complement our amazing pecks.
True, I think male sadida should be the only class allowed to be fully naked.

sadida! use vine whip! Whapooosh!

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posté September 24, 2016, 20:14:51 | #10
Crafty Elf costume. The best costume for real osamodas. You won't want any other.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #980309  Replies : 27  Views : 495
posté September 23, 2016, 21:45:52 | #11

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 23 September 2016 20:18) *
u should start reading more what i post then, since ive been saying that for a while now (in other words, though, sorta)

sadida has 1v1 pvp on godmode, they can move rogue 1000000 squares away with the block buffed by fertilizer and then hit herself with some greedies to apply nettle on her entire army permanently. And no she doesnt need to get hit hte previous turn because sadidas can easily juke rogues in a bigger map.

its not tank and damage dealer, mostly its the fact that sadida can cover 1/3 of entire map in dolls, which are extremely resistant to aoe (basically indestructable). Only reason i can never beat a sadida is because even if i get them to 10% hp, they can just put 3-4 layer of dolls around themselves and heal up back to full while my health drops lower and lower....

also you can realistically have 5 dolls full nettled by your 2nd turn, that is not that much buildup, and it already offers more than most normal classes, and the power scale only increases from there.
You mean they can move with block buffed with fertilized by 11 squares, not 1000000. The numbers you post makes your arguement look not serious. And mind you, for that to happen, the target (rogue in your case) would have to end his turn 3 cell in line with the blocker doll that was previously buffed fully with nettle, and sadida need to be able to reach that block doll from 3 cell distance itself, so it must be close to rogue or move closer to rogue, which would be counter productive trying to move rogue away by walking yourself closer first. This situation is highely unlikely to happen, or rather very situational. Sadida cannot simply place doll, fully nettle it, and give it extra mp on the same turn. I wish it could, because it used to be possible, but its not anymore.

The ability to cover part of the map with dolls is sadida's nitche. Aka, terraforming the map to give trouble to enemy to reach the sadida (or allies). Its what sadida do, and will always do. Just like panda will be able to carry and throw targets around, or how elio can travel to far away corner of the map with just few mp to basically become invulnerable to any attacks that cannot reach it (and in some cases even cra can't reach it, if map is really big, like those in Ecaflipus). Thats what makes classes different. I agree sram has problems dealing with sadida, and also with being reliable in moon dungeon bosses, but thats sram class design issues, not the sadida class, so let's not mix them up. I am open to sram suggestion improvements too, because belive it or not but i like to play every class in wakfu... maybe except for fogger because i dislike robots, but thats another thing, i still got fogger and i like using rails with it, but i like it less for the robotical design. Dofus look was nicer to me.

Getting 5 dolls fully nettled on 2nd turn is not possible. Please try it yourself. For 3rd turn, yes, but not for 2nd. They can be nettled but not to full, and in case you use them to attack yourself, you are losing dmg potential from them on those turns, while hurting yourself (so technically while helping enemy). Also if you make 2 madoll dolls in first turn just to reach higher resist on 2nd turn (and to reach those "5 nettled dolls on 2nd turn), you will only gimp yourself by having to remove them with inconvenient dolly sacrifice.

I have already explained to you why power of dolls need to scale the way it does: because sadida lack of any other better way to deal with other tanky enemies. IF ankama were to increase sadida own spell dmg, give sadida better poison and logical for a ranged class spell ranges, then i would be all for removing the permanent dmg boost the dolls have and replace it with 1 turn effect bonus + sic'em more nettling one targeted doll at 1 wp cost, instead of making all dolls stronger. That would make sadida more balanced, more welcome in party, stronger yet not overpowered over time like it is now. But thats half of the changes. You really makes me want to spell out my full suggestion so perhaps i will stop here with conclusion for you to suggest improvement to the sram skills, for the sram to have some counter to multiple enemies. And let's be honest, as an assasin class, the sram should have all the tools that would let it hunt down the target it "was paid for to kill" (select it from the crowd). I am actually surprised how badly designed the sram is, aside from nice weak point mechanic and useful trap summoning with single spell, during sram turn (though its not really convenient and put time pressure on players to execute all they want within 30 seconds).

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posté September 23, 2016, 21:26:10 | #12
I think its time for an update. I've made few adjustments to make it good (not abusive, counterable, easy to code).
The main change is that it can be used all the time, every turn, on the same target, UNLESS that target end turn on the cell it started by himself (can walk few cells forward even and then walk back, or simply stand still for 1 turn). If that will happen, the targeted enemy (! note: only enemy !) will become immune to Shadow Pinning for 3 turns. I have compared this spell to Feca's ability to keep enemy in place with Provocation (in pvp player can choose to not move to avoit constantly being pinned to the place every turn). In pve, if boss is locked, it will gain immunity, but in the same time it propably won't need to return to his position. In case people will decide to not lock the boss, they might keep making boss return to where it was. Its as if there was "shadow tank", but obviously it allow boss to run lose with all of his mp and rampage every player. That's why i also added an effect of -2MP to enemies under Shadow Pinning. You could also consider this as support to tank in mp removal, in case you have tank in party. However it will help for 1 turn, as on other turns boss will become immune to shadow pinning effect (which include mp reduction).
I also made the spell with fixed 0-3 range, but linear, to not make it too easy to use for melee class. You can use it on self every turn, also on any ally who need to move forward but want to move back in the end (any other melee will love this support from sram). The spell itself has 1 use per target limit, which is justified with decent damage and -2MP.

Hope you like it.


Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #980206  Replies : 27  Views : 437
posté September 23, 2016, 20:12:21 | #13
In Ankama's way, the longer the build up time, the better the outcome. And sadida dolls takes a lot of turns to build up. Spending 12AP to nettle only 1 doll is also the worst AP investment ever. The balance is propably that sadida can be hurt badly on first turns and when its low on health it start to make up for it, become sturdier and capable of actually winning. Without this design, the sadida would just die slowly, and that would make it pointless to play as sadida.

The sadida you mentioned also needed several turns to survive the burst of the rogue for it to be able to kill it with 1 turn. And any damage dealer can 1 hit ko other people with 60% resist and they dont even need as many turns as sadida does to do it. Usually 1 or 2 turns is enough for some glass cannon to beat other glass cannon. So the issue i see here is that sadida dmg is growing too slowly and make the fight pointlessly long.

On a side note, the dolls does have increase in sadida burst if they happen to live very long and so if sadida enemy live very long too. But thats intended, to finally determine the winner, as otherwise the fight between 2 tanks would never end. Thats again the issue in low dmg for tanks or lack of strong armor piercing spells. If you ever seen sadida fighting feca you will know what i mean. And when feca teleport self to corner, its impossible without transparency for sadida to do anything to it, while cornered feca also cant do anything to sadida. Its never ending battle. I mean it has end, because of the constant dolls build up, that eventually allow sadida to dmg feca past its armor every 3rd turn. But thats way too weak.

You could say tanks lack of dmg, but also dmg dealers lack of resist. And you'd be right about it. There shouldnt be that huge of a difference between tanks and dmg dealers. As long as this difference exist, we will keep having issues about pvp balance.

And don't get me wrong but i rather have strong dolls right away on first turn, with less potential power in longer run (with 1 turn nettle, not permanent). And... i would say something more but i would reveal too much of my suggestion that i don't want to reveal yet.

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 23 September 2016 19:58) *
Why dont just let dolls come online sooner, but limit the amount of power they can accumulate in total?
For once i see you agree with me on something about sadida class. Thats a good start.

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posté September 23, 2016, 19:53:28 | #14

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 23 September 2016 17:13) *
^ yeah such as remove aoe resist, remove sic'em more transparency, reduce % of shared masteries as well as make dolls suffer the negative damage done% the user inflicts upon himself with passives.

other than these i got no idea
Those are all bad suggestions. Well not 100% bad, but you are not doing anything good with them.

1.Aoe resist is needed.
Most of meta monsters use aoe spells, and without this halved dmg taken from aoe's, the sadida wouldn't be able to make the dolls live even 1 turn. This would make it impossible to reach doll link full resist bonus to sadida, nor make full use of control the sadida has. Both of which need to be achievable. Even if we put that aside, the Sadida army of dolls should be considered as one summon spread in multiple bodies. But due to balance sake, the sadida is unable (and shouldn't be able to) summon all of the dolls from the first turn. Instead it need its dolls to survive the hits for several turns until all of the dolls are made. I have said this before, and i am surprised you make me bring this up again, when you were the one that i talked to about it directly.

But i also said this before that Aoe resist should have been replaced by a mechanic that make dolls suffer less dmg from aoe spells, based on how many of them were in the aoe zone. This way players with aoe build could still use their aoe spells on single dolls to deal 100% of dmg, but if they were to hit 2 dolls, then dmg would be halved. 3 dolls would make every doll take 1/3 of the original damage, 4 dolls would take 25% of the hit, etc. That would be more logical, and would make sadida less likely to spread out dolls, making dolls act more like a unity.

2.Transparency on dolls is needed.
But i wouldn't mind if it was applied in different way. Ergo it might be removed from Sic'em more, like you suggest, but then it should be applied in different way. Why its important? Because of allies who are annoyed when the doll (often not controled one, but also controled one) blocked their line of sight. Its cool that doll blocked the way to monster and saved ally from harm, but when it also make the fight derail pointlessly afterwards by making allies in need to come closer to push dolls or to kill dolls first or for sadida turn to happen for it to remove the dolls 1 by 1, then it only add frustration frustration. People wouldn't mind each doll turn taking few seconds more before they start their turn IF they could actually attack as they planned in their brains, before the sadida made the dolls where they didn't expected. Thats why transparency is important for allies. However making dolls transparent for enemies in the same time make it frustrating when allies expecting to not get hit because doll protected them, were suddenly hurt or even killed, because transparency was on. This make Sic'em more quite double-edged ability, and in my whole gameplay with allies in party i hardly decide to use it because of that.

3. Dolls, and all of the summons are technically unable to have negative values inherited. What's more they doesn't inherit stat changes during combat that happen to the summoner. It's the technical issue that i doubt would even be solved, because negative multiplier in wakfu spaghetti code might result in dolls doing 0 dmg. I actually wouldn't mind such change except for the fact that dolls are already weak to begin with, and if this suggestion were to come live, the sadida fights would become even longer then now and even less bearable. People who'd play sadida would propably hang themself on trees. Belive it or not, but its sadida players who suffer the most from the long sadida fights, not their allies nor enemies. Why? Because they can't help it, they play this class, while others might simply avoid playing with sadida. Its just saddening and rather then making sadida even worse to play with, we should think of ideas to make sadida more player-friendly. To be honest i'd rather remove the negative values that all of the passives gives. Because some hp steal spells are weaken with carnage and some are not. This makes it unfair and confusing too. If your spell need to steal hp from enemy, then your heal is based of your dmg you deal to him, but if carnage increase the damage but reduce the heal, then will that make your heal steal weaker rather then stronger? And let's be honest, damage dealers use carnage anyway, with no penalties if they have healer in team, while people who are secondary healers cannot really use it for dmg boost, and then start healing when someone is in trouble. This is also why eniripsa is the one and only healer that everybody want, with all of the other healers being unused.

Thats why they need to review and redesign general passives. And in same time your concern about dolls not inheriting damage wouldn't exist.

4.Other then that you see no idea.
Well this is the common issue. People need to think outside the box, or actually put more thought to see the bigger picture, to give suggestion for a class that they dont want to play for this class to be nice and for them to want to play it too, instead of making it worse to make nobody want to play it.


And the solution exist, but i would rather wait for people like you to be open-minded before i post it. That and i also doesn't want my suggestion to be yet again used for another class design (and ouginaks are incoming).

~Peace out

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #980182  Replies : 121  Views : 5397
posté September 21, 2016, 23:12:01 | #15

Quote (saphiLC @ 19 September 2016 19:59) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 19 September 2016 01:07) *
Well to be honest, the damage decrease would do well for the tactical aspect of the game. So that's good. We just have to accept it and play as if it was supposed to be our damage to begin with.
funny coming from a tank class that will get even more advantage in pvp due ppl doing even less damage to dolls

Quote (zapman89 @ 19 September 2016 19:07) *
1st of all is the compensation multiplicative or additive ? Secondly, whats the point of removing the elemental mastery from spells when they can easily make it 1% elemental mastery of that particular spell per level.

From PvP point of view, this is equalised, from PvE point of view its a nerf and regarding the guild bonus, its very inconsistent, as a player need to be in a guild with that particular bonus, and not all guilds are active or eligible to unlock it unless, unless they make that 8% FND or Dmg_Dlt freely unlocked for all guilds.

Also this reductions in elemental mastery will also affect classes who need armor to protect themselves and their allies.
pvp will be even more broken since res remains the same but damage is lower, thats why sadidas are like "i dont mind huehuehue".
Seriously? Can you like find different arguement? I assume if i were to use different account to post this message, you wouldn't say this at all, because you wouldn't know its me and you wouldn't know what class i play. And i already complained before that this is nerfing sadida too, especially in pvp where armoring is crucial. The fact that dmg dealers losing their power only evens it out for pvp, but give slight an improvement to tactical pve. I say slight, because like Gelgy pointed out, this change is not that huge of a nerf. People will still hit hard and propably won't notice this change, unless they were to 1 hit KO some monster exactly thanks to all of the mastery % they had, then they suddenly will notice that their enemy will live on hp leftover instead. So much drama over tiny nerf. Look at the positives: you will be finally able to actually make some use of different deck setups, without the need to waste hours, days, weeks to level up one more spell to actually use it effectively to its full potential.

Sure, this change could have happen without the nerfs or any other changes to our masteries, but it seems Ankama doesn't want us to get even more powerful then now, and so they finally start to tweak our damage. Someone out there must have realised (or must have listened to feedback) that people ignore monster AI mechanics with burst of their skills. In the long run It only means people will have to start thinking to win their fights. The increased difficulty of gobbals and tofus is also a sign of this. I wouldn't be surprised if either players would lose some more damage indirectly due to some mechanic change or if all of the monsters became overall harder to kill. I sure hope so. Dunno about you, but i don't like easy wins, nor the brainless grind.

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Quote (Gimonfu @ 21 September 2016 22:19) *
ups, Double posts cannot be simply deleted, antoher thing you should fix in this forum...
How do you even double post? Every time i try i just have my 2nd post merged with previous one. Thats quite annoying for people who want to make guides and are limited to 20-25 pictures only per post (and its more convenient to quote smaller posts).

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Well to be honest, the damage decrease would do well for the tactical aspect of the game. So that's good. We just have to accept it and play as if it was supposed to be our damage to begin with.

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Quote (Sabi @ 15 September 2016 17:30) *
You left your pet behind while you went on holiday, and you’ve been beating yourself up about it ever since. Well done! But since everyone should be entitled to a second chance, take advantage of our 30% off sale to get a new one!
You have abandoned your beloved pet. To make up for it, buy different pet?

What have i just read? You are promoting behavior of leaving your pets and getting new ones as if the first one had no meaning. Thats cruel and heartless. Not only your first pet was starving, but now you will show him you don't care about it anymore and want to replace it with different pet? What are you teaching kids?

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Quote (saphiLC @ 15 September 2016 19:29) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 14 September 2016 20:45) *

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 13 September 2016 02:04) *

Quote (Crimson-Cowboy @ 12 September 2016 02:40) *
they should make the old barrel guy capturable by osamodas
Why would they make people capturable? Osamodas doesn't capture people, they capture animals/monsters.
What about robots from xelorium?

Osa shouldn't really capture them. In fact they shouldn't capture plant-monsters either. But the problem here is lack of content for those level ranges with animal-monsters that would let osamodas have proper summons. And i doubt it will change any time soon.
xelorium mobs are not humanoid, they are robots/monsters, the ones you can capture are not even human robot shaped ._.U

why not plants either?
Please explain to me how can you tame a sandglass, a watch, a car, a microwave, a walking mechanical toy, basically anything that is not an actual animal but a mechanical creation, with no heart, no feelings, just a tool. Go on tame a hammer. Yeah because it seems to you its normal that osamodas can tame anything, even grass or pretty flowers. Osamodas tame animals, nuf said. Not plants, nor robots, nor humans. Animals. Only.

And in case of plants who walk - they are simply carnivorous plants who evolved further to chase after their prey, because it seems that sweet atractive odor wasnt good enough to fool their potential prey anymore. But they are still plants, not animals. They have no blood, nor heart, nor feelings. And so they cannot fell in love with osamodas. Not to mention osamodas god has no interest in plants other then using it as food for his pets.

And with an example of a treechnid - it would be far more logical for sadida to tame these creatures then for osamodas. Can osamodas heal plant? No. It's the sadida who can repair the plant body, make it refreshed and grow healthy. Even in the early season 1 episode, the Amalia is healing huge talking tree-monster. An Osamodas couldn't possibly do that.

And if it comes to robots it would be more logical for xelor, feca or foggernaut to capture and control them, since they are experts of technology.

To sum up, like i said, the only reason osamodas can capture plant monsters and xelorium robots is because of lack of content for certain level ranges for the osamodas to be able to have some new summons. And propably someone responsible for osamodas design doesn't have time to change the way osamodas work.

With that being said, from moon island only Nyl crocs should be capturable by osamodas.

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Goo breastplate is full set by itself Just like title says.
It seems you have merged piwi items wth googoo items to make a set, but you left breastplate away from that set, and as a result, the googoo armors are now working as full set (with just 1 item).

There seems to be no googoo rings anymore too, but thats a side note.


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