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posté Today - 02:57:20 | #1
It is a way of Ankama to tell you to care about ecosystem and plant monsters after you kill some (or before you kill). If all monsters would respawn by their own, nobody would bother with ecosystem or trapper leveling.

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posté Today - 02:54:30 | #2

Quote (samrux2 @ 24 September 2014 02:51) *

Quote (Calamar-Chan @ 23 September 2014 22:28) *
Also the conditional damage doesnt work for stuff like heals as far as i know.
They do! I've done the math.
They work for heals, but they dont work for shields. Also it seems they dont work for poison dmg (dmg in enemy turn). This makes it difficult for certain classes like Sadida to run 3 ele build with proper gear. Meanwhile other classes without shields and poison dmg can benefit fully from conditional damages in all branches.

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posté Today - 02:48:28 | #3
While watching Wakfu anime we can see Cleophee who jumps on enemies around while fighting or do some spinning on her hands if i recall well. I'd like if some of these "acrobat" style of Cra would be added in class spells. Perhaps moving Beacons into 1 active speciality and then giving air Cra spinning kick around self to kick away all targets in close combat while doing air dmg, and giving earth some kick-forward teleport, even on empty cell (dash?) would be nice addition and huge help to Cra gamplay.

Too bad we dont have water element on Cra. Freezing arrow would be just perfect to keep enemy away (by reducing its movement, or creating slippery cells).

Cra basically need to maintain is distance, but its close to impossible because of all these melee classes who just keep ending close to Cra every turn. Saying this i think that Long Distance combat should stabilize Cra, so that Sacrier couldnt Attract it. And perhaps beacons need to be able to block the way and placed closer to eachother, but with less charges (Sinistros can be placed close to one another, and nobody seems to complain). Becons should help Cra to form some wall that enemy need to destroy or run around - that would be awsome.

I also think that, perhaps earth arrows could remove MP directly (why we need to stack riddle to remove MP, when Sadida or Enutrof can do it right away from first cast?). The Retreat Arrow also shouldnt cost WP, even if it means less dmg dealing, it should serve as tool to keep enemy away.

Oh and i think Long Distance combat should consume all MP and give +range for each MP consumed. Getting closer to move back after that is not what Cra should do as it makes Cra spend twice as much MP.

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posté Today - 02:33:56 | #4
The moment when Ankama decided to allow Osamodas to have more then 1 summon equal to his own level was the moment when all the Osas went happy grinding and the balance said farewell.

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Quote (kurokat @ 24 September 2014 00:34) *
Vodoll is not a doll, so you will not get WP back when it dies.

If you have Doll Link, then yes, some of your damage is reduced and redirected to a linked target of the Voodoll (enemy or ally). If you have no Voodoll out, this ability does nothing. It is generally not worth getting till you have everything else you need. (Though at least it's better than Explodoll, useless skill.)

- Kat
Lately we could consider this lack of WP refund from Voodoll as bug. Why? Because Lone Sadida decrease when dolls are near, including voodoll. SO logically voodoll should refund WP from knowledge of dolls as well. Oh and following this, voodoll should explode with explodoll too.

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posté Today - 02:24:35 | #6
If i had to choose between Life Steal, HP regen or Heal % gained increased, then i would choose the Heal % gained increased as Sadida. Why? Because it give you +40% heal from inflatable dolls (though only 20% increase if you heal self with mudoll). And basically dolls do the healing for you most of the time anyway (at least in my case).

Though thats between these 3. I would rather pick all HP % to max to not get heal resist that fast. Resist will be good too, though sadly it doesnt improve your dolls resist, while HP increase dolls HP.

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posté Yesterday - 09:34:55 | #7

Quote (kurokat @ 23 September 2014 05:07) *
The point has always been the damage they deal through Aging. As the more Ini you remove with a Fire spell, the insane damage they deal. This has always been the reason for Xelor's to remove Ini.

- Kat
Have 0 ini and fire xel wont hurt that much? xD

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posté Yesterday - 02:19:05 | #8
You should get nice exp at larvas in sewers, or try doing Vault dungeon (keys drop from bow meows). Larvas also drop nice belts for classes that need control. You might want lvl 5 trapper though, to plant them yourself.

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posté Yesterday - 02:12:21 | #9
It should be at bug section perhaps.

Anyway the bug is related to dodge/lock mechanic and the fact that the AI was not adapted to these changes.

Basically a doll "plans to dodge and heal AFTER it move to desired cell" but in process it doesnt have enough dodge or MP to dodge, so it stop near monster and dont do anything, even though it had unused AP to actually cast a spell. This is really frustrating. Another frustrating thing is when dolls decide to heal my sidekick who is at 99% of max hp, instead of healing me when i am under half of hp.

Also dolls sometimes ignore attacking summons of enemy, wich, if forced to dodge to move to the actual enemy who is not summon, will make the doll end turn next to the enemy summon and doing nothing, because "it had in plan to move further, but dodge system didnt let it move".

Ankama please change doll's AI to cast spell on CLOSEST possible target with as few mp used to reach that target as possible. Only if there is more then 1 target within the same distance form doll, should the doll choose to aim for the one with lowest HP. Such AI would stop dolls from derping.

Perhaps if all dolls couldnt be locked, just like Voodoll, the dolls will be back to their... previous state. I mean they will still walk to weird chosen targets, but they wont derp next to enemy or next to ally when they could use their spells on them. At least not from the dodge issue.

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posté Yesterday - 02:07:12 | #10

Quote (Giudecca @ 23 September 2014 02:05) *

They still do tons of damage to me though, and the Osa has 6 of them.
Sorry , only five summons per battle.
+Gobgob as 6th

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posté Yesterday - 02:06:10 | #11

Quote (SeriousBelly @ 20 September 2014 02:39) *
Dis you knowan ecaflip can crit fail a speed bonus?

Did you know speed bonus that inflict dmg around you can fail some challanges, like for example to kill monsters at distance or Focus?

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posté Yesterday - 02:02:43 | #12
I want high level Piwi fighting alongside my osa.  

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posté September 22, 2014, 23:58:30 | #13
I think it would be nice if dolls wouldnt block LoS to allies (but still block LoS to enemies). Perhaps Sadida could have a spell that buff dolls with this (permanent buff, until doll is ko'ed).

As for dolls themself, yes, they need more resist. If they would inherit resist of Sadida then people could choose to have dolls with either higher hp or higher res. We wouldnt be forced to pick max HP% all the way just to make dolls survive on low health after being attacked. We could pick the resist bonus instead and achive same thing for doll survival, or perhaps better a bit, and i think thats desired.

Nobody need dolls to deal high dmg. Some of them need to attack, but nobody expect them to hit hard, if we not buff them.

One of the problems with dolls is also their own spell costs. 3AP for attack with 3AP in stats is lame, because 1 ap reap for example from dodging and the doll wont attack at all. This is bad design. Also there are situations where players can get 2AP (speed bonus, from xelor some state), but 2AP wont give anything to doll if he have 3AP spells.

Saying this i think dolls would need to have cheaper spells themself by 1AP and deal 1AP less dmg and also cost 1AP less to summon. It would be nice idea to have Greedy doll who cast cast 1AP spell multiple times (twice or three times?) itself. This would let this doll get benefit even from 1AP. And i also think Sadida should have ability to give AP to dolls, especially if there's nothing within Sadida range that Sadida can use its own spells on, but there are enemies that dolls could hit. Perhaps nettle should give AP instead of dmg%. Nettle basically give nothing to Blocker doll other then MP, but other dolls get MP and dmg% or chance to remove AP/MP. However if nettle was giving AP (like it used to in open beta days), then Blocker would benefit from that and could inhale perhaps twice not once.

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posté September 22, 2014, 19:44:27 | #14
I think that beacons could cost no WP but 1MP.

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posté September 21, 2014, 01:28:12 | #15
Fisherman need some more craftin receipes from gathered fishes (fillets for example). There should be also more spots to level. Perhaps time used to fish should be doubled, togather with doubled exp given and doubled amount of fishes received, to solve the problem with small amount of places with fishes.

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posté September 21, 2014, 01:15:37 | #16
If you dont like healers and you have osa yourself, get feca to tank dmg and sacrier to swap enemies around, help feca lock and also tank some for you, togather with your summons tanking. Feca wont need much heal if its earth and spam shield. Sacrier can heal up self at start of fight by getting bonus HP % from Blood pact, so it might not need to start fight with full hp even, and it can also shield self. Ecaflip can deal high dmg, though its related on crit, it can heal self passively if he draw lucky tarot card, so might not need healer that often.

As osa yourself you might decide to play as earth with gobgob - you can either deal dmg with it or heal allies or do both in aoe. If no healer needed you can turn to dragon and wreack havock togather with your friends. Ecaflip also can heal allies while doing dmg (heal drain effect of fleaches) and give them crit rate bonus if they are close to target they attack - so they are technically not healing only, just attacking and heal is a bonus. Sadida also have Drain spell wich work similary, Sadida dont need to heal - it can shield allies instead (it can do both shield and heal). It can also reduce enemy resist or trap some enemies with dolls, or give enemies some decoys to attack, to save allies from harm, wich can be handy if you dont want to heal much.

Some of your friends (ecaflip, feca or sacrier perhaps) might consider heal regen or heal drain from Intelligence point investment for passive recovery.

You should take note though that heal might be needed to keep ally alive, so a class that doesnt heal all the time but can heal if its needed (sadida, ecaflip, masqueraider) can be handy in tough situations.

I main Sadida and i am normally not healing anyone if i dont see such need (i hardly ever heal sacrier or feca, they usually dont need healing) so i am summoning offensive dolls or blocker dolls for support, but when i see that without healing an ally will not survive i do not hestitate to remove some dmging dolls and replace them with healing ones. OH also if they dont like healing but considering you might need the heal, a friend sadida could summon 2 healing dolls and then just attack. The dolls would heal allies by themself, so they can all focus on attacking, togather with sadida itself.

Classes that have extra heal while dmging enemies, wich you might consider are masqueraider (rebound from dmg), ecaflip (fleaches healing lowest hp ally within range), osamodas (gobgob aoe spell) and sadida (Drain). Yes you dont need to summon dolls to deal dmg and heal. Its up to personal taste and more about situational decisions.

Class with self heal: Sram (Bloody ripof for example), Masq (rebound can heal himself, and passive can heal him if he deal final blow on enemy), ecaflip (certain tarot card or flea love), sadida (dolls, or direct self heal from mudoll), osamodas (summons or gobgob charged with certain spell), Eniripsa (obviously, but i say its boring choice as its basically healer in 2 branches, though can deal dmg with them too with unnatural remedies swaping).

Class that is tanky enough to not need much healing: Feca (earth), Sacrier (any, but earth better for tanking).

Theres also Foggernaut class wich got hp bonus similar to sacrier, but suffer dmg from every attack ally take, so in the end it might need heal if it doesnt make blockades for defense support. Sadida can also shield self if needed to tank, as well as turn to tree, but again shielding self will make it not attack, similarry to foggernaut. Foggernaut is a brute force though, so your friend might consider playing as one. It has high range with fire spells and that comes with aoe spells, while it can deal high dmg to any enemy with stasis element or get tanky with earth.

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posté September 21, 2014, 00:57:51 | #17
Set bonuses could be wisdom and % chance to drop items (not prospecting bonus, just % chance for extra roll item drop). This way they could be called set, but wouldnt affect stats, not even enutrof dmg%. Or they could add something as simple as more HP. People would then choose to get full set for nice hp amount or different set pieces for better AP/MP build and perhaps more dmg with other items.

I would also like if items showed in "set" would reveal us the stats of the remaining set pieces that we dont have yet. This would help us decide if we want to get that set or not. Obviously we can see that in token machines, but right clicking set piece to check out stats of other items, perhaps when we are at market board, would be more convenient.

Special states (extra passives) such as canine dodge, would be also welcome when we get full set. I'd like that. They should have no weight.

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posté September 21, 2014, 00:51:09 | #18
Every craft require too many ressources. Its not worth making items with craft if we can get better ones or similar ones from spaming dungeons while getting tokens and exp and some little kamas for zaaps. While someone try to plant and harvest all wood, someone else could run dungeon once or twice even with good team and get the transmutation stones.

But like i said everything crafted require too many ressources, aka too much time investment for the reward given. Its not only issue with transmutation stones and i belive most people will only bother crafting 160 lvl transmutation stones as higher level dungeons are harder. Others will just drop another item or get it from tokens and wont bother with transmutation stones, just sell the unwanted element setup.

Proffesions need changes. Ankama is aware of this. When we will see this system improved? Nobody knows...

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posté September 21, 2014, 00:43:04 | #19

Quote (Niddhoggy @ 20 September 2014 13:42) *

Sadidas are all about damage and support. Dolls aren't supposed to do high damage or damage at all with the exception of Sacrificial. (just watch the video)
The video doesnt say anything about dolls not doing dmg. And who said sacri should be the only doll with dmg? There's no such rule. If a doll heal, then it can as well deal dmg. I dont want to be forced to use healing dolls only. In pvp i need dmging dolls to win.

And actually every class is about dmg, even eniripsa. Though each class achive their high dmg output in different way. Ecaflip rely on crit for that, sadida on building up more dmg with dolls. Ecaflip is faster to play but luck based, Sadida is slower to play but tactical, progresive. With die alright ecaflip can deal 1000 dmg to 3 enemies or even more (crit aoe). Sadida would need full team of dolls to do that, but it doesnt mean sadida cant deal high dmg. It also means that some dolls need to deal dmg.

Quote (Gako95 @ 20 September 2014 18:12) *
replace earthquake with a liana that attract enemies.
and doll link could also increase the sadida and dolls resistance.
Theres no need to replace it. Wild grass could move enemies, rust could pull to the middle cell, and k'mir could be improved to work at distance. Earthquake also need improvement, not replacement.

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posté September 20, 2014, 11:45:35 | #20

Quote (Tavish-DeGroot @ 20 September 2014 06:22) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 20 September 2014 01:33) *
So basically one player cannot gain rank by killing his other account alt, but he can use his alt to aggro someone and then join to "pretend to help" to the attacked person team and kill by using 2 characters and then give up fight on one of his account to gain easy merit?

Dat exploit...

Can't be done with alts, because you can't join a fight against a player with the same IP address at all.
But works with a friend. Ankama should really fix the "lock fight" button to actually work.

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