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posté January 07, 2014, 13:29:55 | #1

Quote (FeldePard @ 07 January 2014 13:06) *
So, I'm a little confused about multimen still, in regards to prospecting... And I went through the thread, but it was still confusing...

WILL A MOD/DEV PLEASE CLARIFY or if someone has already gotten the clarification straight from Ankama, will they please link to the info?

Basically I want to know this:

I have base 100 + 20 pp from gear on my character.
One multi has gear that has 82 pp, the other has gear that has 115 pp.
There is an item that is a 400 pp lock.

I can or cannot get this item that has 400 pp lock if it is just me and my 2 multis? If yes, please explain. If no, please explain.

Multiman only reroll for items you dont drop with 100 pp, and also only count for 100 pp each. Wisdom and PP from gear don´t work on Sidekicks!

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posté December 27, 2013, 18:44:22 | #2
Well... in the end i have a third acc now xD (don´t ask )
Actually i wanna keep my Good old enutrof with me then, but im not sure if i really wanna change his element... guess i still try to handle it the best way between water damage and some pp against the new pp cap now. For the third i actually considering a Ecaflip, where i guess i take the Fire Branch and let the dices judge...

Im still working my Future Team out^^
I also thought to myself, why should i take an Eniripsa if i have Lumino who is kinda pretty good at Healing literally on later levels, has also a revive (so with my mummification we have even 2 then )
and can come with me/us to anything except UB´s...

In terms of Multiman i think that let them fill in the Healer or Support Role is actually more effectiv then making them your Damagers! Not to mention that the choices are a bit limited since Shadow and the Knight are chromatic but atleast mostly Melee, while your only real Damage Multiman beside them is Beelzebug which is linked to fire...

So i actually have the Theory that they can do very great Support like Healing, Ap buff, anti-dodge buff (so huge!!!), Skales overall Damage Buff for the Group or just leting Trank take some Hits and lock enemys (which i guess is pretty efficient later on thx to his wakfu lock buff spell)
In the end i think it will be more effective to bring the Destructive Power on your Own, and let fill in the Multiman the Gap! I could be wrong about this, but actually it really feels like this for me, and im coming closer to a good Line-up now

Ofc anything can chance soon, and my third only have a month of sub yet so canßt tell 100% if i keep him^^ Lets see what the Future brings

sincerely your favourite Xelor


P.s. : So my Multiman actually will be Lumino,Trank and Skale

So i still try to get my Multiman Stronger and more viable
Since there is not much Information or Material on the web for Multiman (Trust me, i searched often )
beside Kat´s nice comparisons above, i wanna try to upload some stuff (guess mostly Dungeons or atleas Dungeon Bosses) with a party of my 2 and 4 Multiman.
So maybe some people can take a better picture of what the Multiman actually can do on a decent level.

Click here

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posté December 26, 2013, 04:48:33 | #3
He don´t used 2 Tranks, it was Shadow in the 4th Spot

I have on of those Zerker Type Enutrofs in my Guild, and hes definately Strong... but im pretty sure i don´t like to play this on my own :/
I would like to use a Sram, but im a bit curious about the Viability of this class.
Well the most of my Informations belong to Stuff i found on the Forums but ppl often say that Srams are not useful to Teams and Stuff...
I also think that Cras are useful but still boooooooooring... as already in Dofus
Ecaflip could be interesting... can you say that Ecas are good actually, and also have great Damage Potential yet? I kinda like odd stuff... If you say its viable, then this would be enough for me to give it a try  

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posté December 26, 2013, 04:28:04 | #4
Well... i actually planning to swap my Enutrof out, since i just want more Raw Power!
I am actually following Mangos Fire/Air Xelor Build and im pretty pleased so far.
Even if im only lvl 89 yet my Damage feels like good enough to Destroy a whole Island... well maybe not... Not totally decided yet about the second Char, maybe i take Cra, since i don´t like Sacrieurs (or atleast don´t like to play them) or either Iops...
I just want Devastating Power!
I think i will Stick with Lumino,Shadow,Skale and Trank in the end

P.s. i edited some Video Links to Multiman vs. Dungeons in my last Post in, just in case you don´t noticed yet^^ Worth a look imo  

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posté December 25, 2013, 17:16:12 | #5
Hy Kat (or Cat? )

What do you think generally about running a full Group with Multiman?
I have 2 Accs and don´t really want to start a third.
So do you think i will be effective if i do Dungeons and Stuff Solo with a full group including 4 multiman later? I actually plan to take Lumino and Skale definately with me... maybe trank as tanky one too and Beelzebug or Shadow as 4th (Still not decided yet about that one )

Your comparisons obv. make it look like that this should be possible

I Am actually a Timelord styled Xelor (no im not Doctor Who... or am i??? )
And have this Old Enutrof Grandmaster at my side



Edit : I found Videos here of someone doing Dungeons with 4 Multiman

Multiman vs Yech´ti´wawa

Multiman vs Vampyro 

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posté December 19, 2013, 12:30:32 | #6
What about Gear for Lumino? I mean Shadow (and i guess the Astrub Knight then also) are logical, but what is useful Gear for a Chromatic healer? D: Please Help...

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posté December 16, 2013, 09:46:15 | #7
At first again Thank you for your Analyzing and your Opinion about Multiman is a Dimaond in the rough of this Whole Forum

Well i thought about maybe using both...
So i definately want Lumino and Skale! Maybe i use Shadow and Beelzebug both then and leave Trank beside...
To answer your Question above, i honestly would Prefer to take an Fire Cra instead of an Fire Iop, or an Iop at all. Well if the Iop is not played by me, he would be ofc a great Meatshield but i mostly Prefer the Ability to Deal Damage also without staying in the Face of an Enemy.
So i guess as Fire Cra or Beelzebug the Advantage of doing Damage from far behind without the need of being able to tank alot of damage is quite Awesome...

Well as Solo Player it´s ofc different, but now with 2 Accs and Multiman i think in Portals now... uhm i mean in Multiman  

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posté December 16, 2013, 07:07:18 | #8
Well i think now that Shadow is really the better Damage Multiman (Over Beelzebug!)
I also thought about using the Astrub Knight, but i think Shadow is the better Choice because he have stronger Abilities and can Hit Multiple Enemys sometimes (Especially with the Shadow Explosion thingy^^) In your Comparison we saw that Shadow Menace is not that strong, but i honestly don´t saw it as a Tool to dealing damage... i would just use it as a Gap Closer to maybe save an MP to Hit the enemy harder and stuff  

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posté December 15, 2013, 15:02:35 | #9
I think an advantage of Skale is that he can bring his nice Buffs already from the first level on...
Even a Skale on lvl 1 with no gear can Buff 2 AP every round and use the 100% Dogde Buff to maybe save you.
This imo is a great advantage against Multiman like Astrub Knight, Shadow or Lumino (in terms of healing) which need some time to bring out their Potential.

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posté December 15, 2013, 08:50:50 | #10
Nice Comparison, thank you very much so far for that

I just want to hear your Opinion about Choosing Shadow or Beelzebug as 4th Sidekick.

I actually play to use 4 different sidekicks on my 2 Accs (Water Enu and Fire Sram) and i definately will use Lumino, Skale and Trank, but im not sure if my 4th Multiman will be Shadow or Beelzebug.
In general i think Beelzebug is the nicer Choice since he have decent Range and can play Artillery to Support the Frontline...

Would like to hear a Opinion on that  

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