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posté January 03, 2017, 07:39:45 | #1

Quote (Onofriss @ 03 January 2017 06:18) *
Eni and Feca or any pure healer and pure tank builds really are not required in any dungeon. You can run a moon island dungeon with support and dpt combos or even all dpts without sacrificing efficiency if you study the mechanics enough and come up with working strategy and keep refining it. Even more so now that it is easier to experiment with easy modes and no keys required.

Personally I really believe that initiative as being part of the gear is what's keeping me from exploring strategies with others instead of just my heroes. A lot of times I see dpt oriented chars playing high initiatives and by the time a support member moves the team is already in recovery mode in the first turn.
what is your strategy for runnign fecaless? just kitting around with ranged characters? curious if this is true :p

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posté December 30, 2016, 20:56:02 | #2

Quote (EarthMinion @ 30 December 2016 20:42) *
I would just like to inform everyone about the extremely misleading warning statement they provide when you go through this process.

When you transfer a character from one account to another, you keep:

  • All items in your inventory, including quest items {-----This statement is very misleading because for whatever reason equipped item's are not concidered part of your inventory.
  • The character’s spell deck customization
  • The character’s Haven Bag.
  • The character’s nation.
  • The character will remain in the same guild.
  • The character’s citizenship points.
  • Equipped items cannot be transferred. All your items must be put in your character's inventory {----This statement also should be clarified by stating all equipped items should be UNEQUIPPED!
I just wanted to share my experience with the community so no one else is mislead. They did not offer any assistance with my case, and I highly doubt they will do anything to clarify their misleading statements.
oh interesting. thanks for the heads up and hope you didnt lose too much :c

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posté December 09, 2016, 19:50:27 | #3
Balance pve and make Feca as unnecessary as the other classes

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posté August 26, 2016, 17:21:24 | #4

Quote (honeycitrustea @ 26 August 2016 09:06) *
uhhh i tried. and then i got lazy. so she has no clothes. and she's terribly shaded but! here's the wonderful cawwot cake. yeah, i kinda just got super lazy and just put a body on her LOL cos it was weird just having a head.

Awe this is adorable! i still vote cawwot cake best sadi nox

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posté May 24, 2016, 21:01:50 | #5
i like playing with







dont like playin with

Doll sadis

summon osas

sry summon classes

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posté May 24, 2016, 20:15:44 | #6
come back bella you inspire me to eca  

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posté July 25, 2014, 17:35:09 | #7
No one told ankama part of the F2P model is to make it too easy to pay for stuff.

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posté January 28, 2014, 18:27:18 | #8
the gauwds replant them selves at a rate that makes it pretty impossible to get it down, even if the whole server was farming them i dunno if it would go under required number for a good ecosystem. it really is a pain to kill gauwds because random groups pop up everywhere.

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posté January 28, 2014, 16:19:20 | #9

Quote (Gynrei @ 28 January 2014 15:55) *

To answer the OP, No, don't raise the PP cap, especially not just for Enu's.

Improve the loot system instead.

Also, remove the dodge cap on Masq's. Why on earth Ankama decided to slap Masq's in the face I'll never know.
Mostly this. Enus had way to big of an item drop advantage. They could sit around soloing things while being able to drop items that were supposed to be group drop only items (400pp capped items) by themselves. The loot system should be improved on.

I dont agree with removing dodge cap while leaving the lock cap. That logic makes 0 sense to me. I also dont think certain classes should be above certain caps. The idea just makes no sense to me and isn't fair to the classes that dont have a 'cap stat' to overcome. Ankama has slapped a lot of classes in the face, not just masq's.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #670925  Replies : 63  Views : 8532
posté December 07, 2013, 18:21:55 | #10
this is still not fixed.. mods pls report, i cant fight tofulix without glitching out.

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posté November 27, 2013, 03:28:45 | #11

Quote (Gynrei @ 27 November 2013 02:50) *

Quote (Asthis @ 27 November 2013 02:15) *
Sabi, Troyle, please tell them 150 is too low. We need 200 pp at least. T_T

I want a 300PP cap.

Treasure Tracker maxes at 150% dmg. I need 300PP and I don't want any of it to be wasted,

Personally, I'd rather see prospecting removed and drop rates universally increased.
They said pp can go over 150 it only caps at the end of fights for loot distribution. but id like if drop rates were increased. i personally am happy to see ankama is at least trying to bring the master race of enus back down to the rest of the classes. enus have such a huge advantage right now in terms of dropping loot. right now enu is the only class that can break 400pp locks by themselves and they can break monsters for extra drops. they dont even need groups to drop group loot... it was out of control. Enus also make the terrible drop rates justifiable because they could boost prospecting so high.

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