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posté September 09, 2014, 14:38:54 | #1
Can anyone who tell me which would be a better choice for a Cra.

After getting the usual 1 AP and 1 MP.

Should i get Range + 40% damage or choose 10% final damage.

Which one out of those 2 will give me better damage overall??

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posté July 24, 2014, 13:50:07 | #2
This is very frustrating, i am having the same issue. I just want to do the 1 month sub, pay the six dollars and play the game.

I don't know if they are doing this on purpose. Because they have no issue with me spending ten dollars even though i do not want to spend that amount. I only want to spend six on my sub.

I use Paypal, they are a a legit company and they are used many places. I find that the whole minimum ten dollar payment for Paypal with your company is outrageous.

With Paypal and buying things from any other company i have no issues with buying things for low dollar amounts below ten dollars. No other company forces me to spend ten dollars even though i do not want too. These types of business practices really are stupid on so many levels.

I don't know how things are done in France, or EU. But you need to get with the times and understand. Players in America do not need to run to the bank to get an "ok" from the bank to spend six dollars. Players do not need to constantly reassure you they are legit and the six dollars belongs to them so they can pay.

Please fix these issues asap, it's bad for the players. It's bad for you and your losing out on profits along with frustrating and angering your players. It is a lose lose. Try and understand that.

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posté January 04, 2014, 02:49:41 | #3
Only issue is see is with the 2 charges on the fire glyphs. That needs to be at least 3 charges. 2 charges is still a bit low. Why is 2 charges to low?? because sometimes enemys will not make it to ur glyphs on their first turn. So that is basically wasted. I like to set up far away and at times on the enemies first turn after i set up they have not even touched any of my glyphs yet.

That is exactly why 2 charges is way to low. It has to be at least 3 charges.

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posté December 31, 2013, 20:52:50 | #4

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 31 December 2013 17:43) *

Quote (Krisnick @ 31 December 2013 16:59) *
5.Just stop doing class revamps from a pvp point of view, i know you guys are one sided and only listen to those high lvl elite players who pvp all day. But Please there is PVE too.
If only what you said was true...

I actualy wish they would revamp sadida for the pvp sake instead of the UB fight only, because it makes it useful only at that one part of the game (voodoll has only decent hp when its linked to something that has huge HP itself, like the UB, but its pathetically low at any other pve content especially if you fight vs multiple enemies and its useless for pvp as well, aside from casting sadid'as tear, wich is the only spell that doesnt hurt voodoll but still use it).

The pvp is the reason to play. Unless you are just happy to beat every dungeon in game and reach level cap... Personally i see no reason to focus on pve, where in online games the whole fun is to test your build in pvp once you done "everything" else the game had to offer.

If you will be revamped well for the sake of pvp, then you will do well for the pve as well. Not the other way around.
I have nothing against PVP. But the game as of right now is dead especially on Nox server. Which is a fact. Alot of players kept leaving after nerf after nerf after nerf. Which usually was dealt with from a PVP point of view. Now what what do we have?? Some high lvl players standing around town chillin and pvping and multiboxing. So instead of making the game better for everyone and all players. Ankama focuses on pvpers and multiboxers since they are the only players left. Very one sided if you ask me. It's not like they could revamp stats and skills for pvp and leave PVE stats and skills alone...or could they...

So no new players coming in and staying..just old players standing around town for hours pvping all day every day. Then after a while some of those players will say..i can't keep sitting here for hours day after day in this game pvping and doing basically nothing..So they up and leave the game.

This is why many games fail and die. Because things get one sided and the only end game stuff they have to offer is pvp. Which is basically pointless, just standing around playing an ego measuring contest with nothing much else to do. Most of the the game is dead. So many maps and towns yet 90% of players hang out in Bonta 5th ave.

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posté December 31, 2013, 16:59:53 | #5
1. Return the old token system, it was great fun and helped players a lot.
2. Fix the challenge system, no one really likes it and punishes players more than help or rewards them
3. Remove the horrible PP cap
4. Stop Nerfing things and start buffing adding helpful things. This is why the player base is so low. Each Nerf you guys do. Players do not want to deal with it anymore and leave. Why do you think people multibox and now the multimen...A LACK OF PLAYER BASE... We are the ones paying for the game and playing the game. We need more players, but u keep driving them away.
5.Just stop doing class revamps from a pvp point of view, i know you guys are one sided and only listen to those high lvl elite players who pvp all day. But Please there is PVE too.

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posté December 30, 2013, 02:37:07 | #6

Quote (xCATZILAx @ 29 December 2013 20:02) *

Quote (JerryDB @ 29 December 2013 18:40) *

Quote (xCATZILAx @ 29 December 2013 15:58) *
1. I am very much offended that when I make a post with constructive criticism about Ankama they haven't answered any tickets
3.fixed any Dungeon bugs it gets deleted yet these posts are not.
4.That's what I meant when I said that some players get favoritism because they are friendly with the moderators.
5.Not a great way to run a business.
As this is relevant enough about the topic I will answer here.
I will assume you are talking about the topic When are you guys gonna fix the bugs in Dungeons? .
Here is the OP.

"Seriously. The miss freeze skip turn bug has been goin on for months.

What about the debuff bug in black wabbit? I know there's more bugs but these piss me off the most.

1. As someone who reads the forums often I am sure you can see this is more of rant then constructive criticism. Just so that I am 100% clear this is how I would have written the topic.
Title: Dungeon bugs fix estimation date
Can I have an estimation date for a fix on the following:-
  • Miss frezzie reported XX link here
  • Black wabbit reported xx link here
I would also re-submit in as much detail as possible the bug report leaving no room for any single excuse apart from laziness or utter incompetence.

2. You are not alone its a rare occasion when tickets have been answered on the international side.
3. I am not 100% sure what you are trying to say, if a dungeon bug gets deleted would that not mean it is fixed. Or are you implying they ignore the bug reports and didn't fix them yet. They are not very good at fixing bugs they are good at creating them though (that was a joke of sorts).
4. I am not going to justify this kind of bullshit with an answer.
5. I wrote on page one as did the OP about Ankama. I wrote about my plans for 2014.

Ankama as a company is one of the craziest companies I know. Companies usually exist to make money (as much as possible), companies who deal with customers usually try to treat their customer with a decent level of customer service as it usually leads to great profits. This is in both terms of support and the product they offer.

Ankama however are yet to do this on any level worthy of being mentioned.

Ankama as a business in general runs poorly, the amount of times on Dofus when I worked out how much money they are making on a single server which was rushu per year. Then factor in all the other servers and some costs they are making an insane amount of money yet what was put back into the game was peanuts.

The amount of simple things they could to do make money and don't is sad.

The example I use in terms of good customer service is Stream, I have never given them a penny however I respect them greatly for being the opposite of companies like Ankama and Microsoft.
You missed the point buddy. If we are paying for a game:

1. Tickets should at least be answered. i.e.) Hey, thanks for your ticket, we are aware of the bugs and working on them!

2. Posts regarding complaints (ranting as you call it) should be considered legitimate complaints. They should not be erased, ignored or removed. They should be followed up like any other company selling any other product would, after all, what are the forums if not a way for clients to express their opinions?

3. If the game is still full of bugs that have not been able to be fixed, money should be reimbursed back to clients OR game should still be in Beta.

4. My post was for the moderators.

Thanks buddy

Quote (Noobility @ 29 December 2013 19:19) *
Bug was reported on the French forum about 1-2 months ago in detail. Dungeon has a bug. Fix it. There isn't anything else constructive to add. If it doesn't get fixed, people get aggravated and make angry threads, naturally.
Yes, thank you, exactly.
I agree with you.

If players are paying for a service, then stuff like bugs should be dealt with asap and should take priority over adding new content. Thats like having a holes in your roof and water leaking, you got the money to get it fixed, but instead you go out and buy a big screen TV and invite your friends over. It makes no sense.

This game was in beta for years...

Fan boys need to stop drinking the koolaid, and grow a pair and stop agreeing with ankama and sucking up to devs and mods. There are things seriously wrong with the game. Open your eyes and ears. Just because your satisfied with the game as is, i am talking about those high lvl elite players that stand around town socialize and pvp and run UB runs. The game is lacking players. It is very dead compared to the past years and is getting worse. I see no issue with a player choosing to sub multiple accounts and multibox. However what does that tell you and say about the game?? It says there is a lack of players and a good community. Whats ankama's answer to this lack of player base of finding a better way to get players to come and play, and KEEP players happy and active. The multimen.

Multiboxing and the Multimen is still not enough to bring in new players, or bring back old players and keep them in the game engaged and active....

Some people might dislike my post and wanna start QQing or start flaming but what i am saying is true.

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posté December 29, 2013, 22:44:46 | #7
Stop Nerfing classes!! Each time you do this you chip away at the game and you keep losing players. At least on Nox. A player joins the game he is loving it learning everything lvling working on things. He has a solid build hunting their gear etc...Along come the retards at Ankama and nerf the class. The player is upset and frustrated a bit lost. So decides to take a break from that class and try another. A month or two passes by they are in the swing of things..along comes the Nerf Nazi patrol. Slaps players with the Nerf Hammer. At this point players do not want to deal with this trash and leave.

(The statement i posted above is one hundred percent true and everyone has seen this happen and knows this first hand)

The game is supposed to get better and grow as time goes along. Not nerfing everything left and right and punishing players, then having them up and leave. Players and the game is supposed to evolve in a positive way. Not turn into a dead wasteland.

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posté December 27, 2013, 17:04:53 | #8
You guys are liars, the dam multimen eat my exp when i have them in my group. When i don't i get more exp. You guys said they do not share ur exp...

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posté December 23, 2013, 19:21:25 | #9

Quote (Nox16 @ 23 December 2013 18:24) *
to me it seems like you want to join a guild and immediately be one of the major players. you have to work on things and you cant expect a whole guild to always do what you want especially if your some new person who appears to just leave after they no longer feel they can use a guild.

ON a different topic this makes me want to talk about player establishment well... thats what i call it. Its hard to be established. idk this has always been my own thought though and really doesnt answer your question only tells you about the people you talk about as doing certain things. im ranting now. Im sure if you looked in the forums by searching you will find the answers to your questions.

I never said anything about using a guild. I am fully aware that a guild is there to help everyone and that it is a give and take relationship. I also did not ask to join anyones guild, nor did i advertise that i was looking for a a guild.
I spent 4 days with that guild and within the span of those 4 days i was on Wakfu for eight or more hours per day. Each day i spent about four or more hours per day lvling and training thier alts on trees, for those four days. On the fourth day i decided, maybe someone could help me out a little. When that came into play it was as if the guild shifted and had a ton of excuses and things they had to do. Which i found very funny.
I am asking for good advice, that's insightful that can help me.
Yes i have looked around on threads, half the info is dated. The rest is random stuff and opinions on things not pertaining to my questions.
Thats why i asked my questions here in a new thread. Instead of trying to sift thru hundreds of posts or try and find the best words to use in the search tab to get some kind of answer.

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posté December 23, 2013, 17:28:38 | #10
Need Advice (Lost confused and frustrated) First i have played Wakfu on and off for years. I not a hardcore player, but also not a casual player i am somewhat in between.

I recently came back to Wakfu once i heard of the multimen. With hopes that they would help, and they do help to a certain degree.

I am a lvl 111 Air Cra, with around 318 air damage.

Once i came back the current guild that i was in was completely dead. So i had to left. I joined a new guild. Most of the players were working on alts lvling lower characters. So i helped out in lvling and training for a few days. I had hoped they would maybe switch over to their high lvl characters and help me with some training or Boss runs...but no. So i left that guild.

I ran around for a while exploring trying to find a good spot to train, so much has changed. Still have not found a decent spot.I have joined a new guild yesterday, but they do not talk much at least not to me.

To the main points.

1. How can i find a good group to train or lvl with?It seems most of the guilds are focused on other things and players in town. All they do is pvp, chat, goof around or are focused on the market. It is as if that's all they do. If i ask a question, i get ignored and thats even when i ask the same question on diffrent chat channels.

2. Since the kama revamp, and coming back to the game just a week ago. I have no idea how to gather kama at a steady and good rate. Mining?? selling Boss gear and end game mats??? making bread or consumables and selling??

3. One of my main goals is to get a Black Crow set. Idk if it is better to try and save up a ton of kama and buy the pieces until i get the whole set. Or hopefully find a group that runs Black crow alot and see if i can join them. Or start leveling all my professions, then gather/buy all the mats then make the set myself.

The grind seems harder, the drop rate seems to be worse. My air Cra build i have no clue if it is good bad or just ok. The world at least on Nox server seems to be like zombie land with afk players or people who have not even a a few seconds to spare to answer a question. Guilds seem to be dead or half dead or will only help or focus on certain members or only be doing high high lvl stuff.

Can some of you guys in the community help me. I need some good advice, because this is annoying me and i spent money on 4 multimen so far along with a sub. I do not want to think that i wasted money on this game when it is half dead and getting back into it is almost impossible, annoying and very frustrating.


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posté December 14, 2013, 20:40:18 | #11

Quote (Noobility @ 13 December 2013 20:43) *
Lol you guys, always doom and gloom. I like this update, challenges makes things more interesting and give free pp and wisdom, xp is faster than before, multimen change nothing for me as any serious team is using players not mms. The point of fragments was to reduce the influence of luck, so you can slowly work your way up to a guaranteed relic instead of having to rely on luck and possibly never dropping one while some random newb gets one at the first kill, and yet you still find a way to whine about it. Lol.

You know what I think? The #1 problem is that english servers are empty. As long as they are, that will impact fun a lot.

Good point the servers are empty. Great observation, but why would it be so empty???


1. People dislike the game play style of this game
2. People are sick and tired of all the nerfs
3. People do not want to pay to play this game
4. The game has become more greedy with the cashshop and now multimen
5. Constant change to the game and it's enviroment and mechanics people hate it and left

I hate out right say this, but it is true and it is facts.The fault is with the company not the players.

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posté December 14, 2013, 19:01:29 | #12
I have played this game on and off for a while now, i am not a hardcore player. However every time i come back i start playing getting into the game. This company has a horrible nasty habit of pissing people off and nerfing classes and things in the game. Each time they do stuff like this i leave because it is annoying and disruptive. Each time i come back i find the guild i was currently in is dead and players have either left the game or joined another guild.

If it is not broken do not fix it or even try to fix it, leave it alone. Players make the community and are the ones the game is made for and the ones that dish out the money. Change is good, but as long as those changes are for the better. By better i mean, as long as the players like it and are satisfied. But this company seems to have a hearing and sight problem. They do not understand players are not happy. That is why the game is half dead most of the time.

Everytime a new update comes out, they give you one or two nice things but then nerf five or six things that did not need nerfing or change.

When this game first started, the concept was great the game was great and it had a ton of players and people really enjoyed it. Now they keep chipping away at the game and the players, and seem to be getting more greedy and focused more on money.

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posté March 21, 2013, 01:11:42 | #13

I have friends all over the world, alot of them want to play Wakfu but only if they are able to play with me and our other friends all on one server. Merging the EU and NA server would benefit both players and Ankama. Players will be happy to play with friends. More players will join because they are able to play with their friends from other countries. Ankama will gain new customers and more subs. Thats what you call a win win.

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posté March 10, 2013, 11:06:58 | #14
I may get flamed or trolled for this post, but it is just my observation. I started playing Wakfu again, i played it years ago during the multiple loooooong beta this game has had. I decided to go with Air Cra. This was 2 weeks before the nerf. I was leveling fine i had decent damage, decent movement. After the patch, i found my riddling basically useless, even my friend's earth cra found it to be horrible. The range nerf was ok. The chance to proc was horrible since that goes with riddling. The beacon nerf..and range for beacon was absolutely uncalled for.

I was lost so i decided to look around the forum for info on a new build or ways around. As i looked around. I noticed how biased this game can be. Again this is just my observation, but it seems players who pvp alot. Also like to cry alot, or get angry when they are beaten in pvp by certain classes. They then come to the forums and post about it. Then the Dev team nerfs the class they are crying about, and it is a never ending cycle. They go back pvp more get beaten or dislike something,come back on the forum and do it all over again. I find it sickening. Not everyone pvp's!! But we all suffer from the nerfs that are based of pvp combat. This game needs to evolve past that garbage. Alot of other games have a system build in that seperates the stats and skills and values of damage etc..when it comes to pvp and pve. So when a player is in pvp his stats and skills function to be balanced for pvp combat only. When in pve his stats are reverted for pve combat since he/she will be facing monsters or multiple mobs or bosses.

So nerfs based of pvp combat imo is wrong, it is one sided and effects non pvper's in a house and negative way. Please Ankama fix your system and seperate pvp stats and effects from pve.

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posté March 01, 2013, 23:23:29 | #15
Last hordes not appearing For the past few days i have been hunting hordes with friends. Gobbal hordes and Blibli hordes in Bonta. Every time we clear almost all the hordes except for the very last group. We find our selfs running up and down the maps for 20-3mins at a time trying to find the last horde group. So within the past few days i literally wasted about 2-3 hours in total of just running around a map like a headless chicken. This is mainly for the large hordes that give alot of tokens and alot of exp. Please check and fix this issue.

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posté July 25, 2012, 07:56:05 | #16
So basically my fire sac has no protection with Sanguine armor now. So i get hurt by my own skills + i get hurt by monsters...which means my HP gets burnt out fast and before i can win a match.. I can be 1 shotted... I can take the damage nerfs i understand..but taking away sang armor...that's going way to far and is unfair. Sang armor should be protection for all 3 builds.

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posté July 25, 2012, 07:50:29 | #17

Quote (Tekknorabble @ 17 April 2012 11:43) *
Without Sang Armor, as a Fire Sac, it's game over. If I'm out of WP I have to either use Air Attacks which are rather under leveled or swing with my weapon.

At level 56 my Burning Blood recoils for 63 damage. In a typical solo fight I have 1000 HP which means I cut around 6% of my max HP off every time I attack. Now since Sacs, especially fire sacs require high Angrrr to deal comparable damage I will usually try and spend my time around 25% health or 250 health, now burning blood will be taking 25% of my health every time I use it. Without my current Rank 9 Sang armor is there no possible way i would survive fights, the difference between 1 Coag for every 10 and 1 Coag for every 5 is immense and if this proposed change went forward there would be no way to play a Fire Sac without someone carrying an ample supply of KenKO for you.
I agree 100% no Sang Armor for Fire Sac's means the end of it. Having damaging your self + having your enemy do damage to you really kills your HP fast. Sanguine is the skill that protects us while we are low on HP and keeps us from getting 1 shotted when all we need is 1 more turn to finish of our enemy. I do not see why they must take away Sang Armor from Fire sac's..can't they make it work for both earth and fire builds???

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posté July 25, 2012, 07:43:00 | #18
I am new just started a week and a half ago. I have a Fire sac..and just from reading the patch notes. It all sounds like a huge nerf. Especially for Fire and Earth. I really dislike this update.

I do not have as much knowledge as alot of other players. But what exactly am i to do with my Fire sac now??? I can take the nerf damage..but taking away Sanguine armor from my Fire Sac build. Bad enough each turn i do damage i am also damaging myself + my enemy/enemies are hitting me damaging me even more. Using Sanguine at the end of my turn really saves me, especially when i need one more turn to win, but also if i get hit one more time i am dead. So Sanguine Armor really protects me and helps me survive fights when i burn away my HP.

Now Sanguine is only for Earth Sac's......seriously one thing i notice about this game is alot of patches and rebalances...Which piss players off and constantly nerf classes...nerf nerf endless cyle...By the end of all this crappy nerf BS...all classes will be super nerfed and and players will get sick of it...

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posté July 21, 2012, 22:55:47 | #19
Fire Sac Leveling Spots I am new, I have a fire sac and would like to know of any good leveling spots. Atm i am lvl 38 and i have been leveling on Moogrr's, but it is starting to get slow with the exp. My build so far is max angrr, and working on sanguine armor then moribund. For my stats i put 20 points into HP before pumping all my points into critical. I cannot seem to find a party at all in this game, muchless come across players that are around my level. So i solo all the time.

Can anyone give me a layout for good leveling spots for lvl's 38 going onto 100??

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posté July 12, 2012, 19:52:49 | #20
Yes i know it is a monster invasion. Which is cool, but is that all to this event?? No exp bonus for killing these monsters?? No event/ rare drops??? ...whats our motivation to stop our regular gameplay to go to Astrub and kill these monsters???

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