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posté April 17, 2014, 09:51:15 | #1
I will have to say no.

I quit wakfu due to it becoming more and more of a tedious, repetitive grind that it just was not worth playing again, I work as a nurse and studying to be a doctor and for that it takes up so much of my time I do not have time to run anything that leaves to no rewards, I'd rather study for my dream rather than play something that gives you nothing after the hard work you did after defeating a boss. so now I just hang around these forums on my 15 minute breaks and maybe do a little scene in the Roleplaying threads so I can stay connected to the awesome friends I met while playing Wakfu for that short time but farming for something late game is not worth the time or the money when there is something more important in RL that Wakfu is a potential threat towards. Ankama has in my own opinion no idea who their target market are

Kids 8-12 = no money so they have to ask parents and most say no due some areas being more expensive than others.
Teens 13-19 = Somewhat okay since they will have money and time to do everything until exams show up.
Adults 20-UP = Some will have the money in the world to do everything but they won't have the time to do anything especially playing in Wakfu to try and get the things they need unless you are unemployed and still living with your parents and just playing games then good for you.

I am not going to make Wakfu control my life so putting effort into wakfu to get 1 mangy item after 50+ runs is not worth my time, effort and money.

I am not saying the people that say yes are wrong, both sides are right but it is just how your lifestyle is, is what counts at the end of the day.

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posté February 14, 2014, 14:51:51 | #2
Veronica was dashing to the door where the others went to, she could see it was dark in there but it did not stop her for trying to get to her friends to help, she continued dashing until she missed her footing, she tumbled down and landed on her face, she struggled getting up after the fall, rubbing her nose which took the biggest impact, "Ouch... my nose!" Veronica cried in pain, the floor she was sitting on lit up and the room was visible, Veronica stood up and looked around the room, it was just a plain metal room with some sort of control switch, "Where did Riko and the others go?" Veronica asked in confusion not knowing where to go, Veronica walked up to the control panel and saw a few buttons and a lever which says 'Up and Down' even an Iop can understand how things like this works but Veronica learnt to never touch any mechanical devices unless certain it is safe or something that she can't break, it made her remember that she use to break her fathers gadgets when she was very little and thus forbidden to touch any machines. Veronica took a step back and turned to Tal: "Um Tal can you please work this out, I am too scared I might break something." she blushed feeling like a little girl that needs someone to hold her hand.

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posté January 16, 2014, 20:16:39 | #3
Tal and Moritz were exchanging words to each other in a way that it feels like they are not at best of terms with each other, Veronica stood up and wiped of some dust off her skirt and walked up to Moritz while taking out her brush, "Stand still so I can soothe that headache of yours." she instructed and began to softly heal without Moritz giving him a chance to speak, after awhile she finished healing his headache away and she put away her brush and turned to Tal, "Come on we have to meet up with the others, who knows what is going on down there!" turning to Moritz with a serious glare: "If you want to come then come, Tal and I are going with or without you... come on Tal." that said she ran to the open door that Zorn broke ahead of the two guys.

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posté January 14, 2014, 18:52:36 | #4
I'm super sorry for not posting, I have been busy with further medical studies and I just get super tired when I get home, Omega nagged at me Q^Q

so I will post something tomorrow.

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posté December 18, 2013, 21:54:58 | #5
Veronica listened to Tal's story about his family, it is sad that he lost them when he was still at a young age; thinking about it now, Tal must've been all alone through all these years. Veronica's smile turned into sadness, thinking how Tal lived and knowing that a nice person like that shouldn't deserve being alone. Veronica held her legs tighter while sitting silently next to Tal, "I wonder how the others are doing?" she softly asked, she then looked at Tal, "Do you think they will be alright without us?" before Tal could get the change to answer Veronica continued: "Riko always said that we are stronger together as a team but saying that already points out that the team has gotten weaker by losing 3 members, I mean... what if someone gets seriously hurt and I am not there?" Veronica was starting to worry, her Eniripsa instincts were taking over and she is having the compulsive need to go down there and help the group to make sure no one is injured, she placed her forehead on her knee and rested it, "I am really worried about them, I hope nothing bad happens, I mean everyone struggled fighting that thing and what if there are more of them down there." Veronica's worries are bottling up and she is starting to feel slightly impatient, she would try and wake up the Sram but then that might open some wounds that she worked so hard to close, "AAAH! Why do I worry so much!" she shouted in frustration.

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posté December 18, 2013, 21:26:15 | #6
Hey yall sorry for not posting but I finished my med exam 3 days ago and was out partying in those 3 days, now to wait for the results Q~Q

Anyway I noticed we hit 1000 posts in the RP hooray for us!

Now I am gonna break that number.

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posté December 05, 2013, 11:42:31 | #7
leaving a girl hanging?

and here I thought you were the gentleman echo Q3Q

anyways good luck with your exam finals

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posté November 29, 2013, 10:13:17 | #8
Veronica sat there quietly, she is just overjoyed that she gets to have alone time with Tal she was just looking at the ground slightly blushing shyly, she then realized that Tal seemed to be in constant odds with himself, his expressions changes from being in a sort of distress and then in some sort of encouragement, Veronica couldn't help but slightly giggle at Tal for being so goofy but in a sense, that is just part of Tal that she finds cute. Tal eventually came to terms with himself and decided to sit next to Veronica, both of them were looking away out of shyness until Tal breathed in and began to open a conversation with her, " have a really beautiful singing voice....where did you learn to sing like that?" he looked down at her with a smile, she whipped her direction to Tal in surprise that she was red on her face when she heard him compliment her on her singing, she immediately looked away again and twiddled with her thumbs stuttering: "Y-y-y-you r-really think I-I-I have a beau-beautiful v-voice?!" she then cupped her hands onto her face to cover it all up and shouted: "Ah! Tal! Y-y-you're a meanie! teasing me like that! M-m-my voice isn't t-t-that great!"

A moment has passed and eventually Veronica calmed down by her embarrassment and sat there next to Tal awkwardly, after taking in a few breaths Veronica finally replied: "When I was little, I was really scared of the dark, I always thought there were Shushu's under my bed or in my closet, my father always stays beside my bed and sing me the song until I fall asleep, my father told me this silly fairytale that the song has evil warding powers that will drive any Shushu away, he was always there protecting me and he always makes me smile, I wouldn't ask for any other father." she gave of a radiating smile of pure happiness when she was talking about her dad, "You should really meet him, I am sure he will like you." she said in enthusiasm.

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posté November 09, 2013, 19:20:58 | #9
oh wow this sounds tough and this is only Area 2, I can barely imagine what you have install for us in the Laboratory not to mention Area 3.

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posté November 08, 2013, 21:44:57 | #10
Veronica continued singing calmly, her mind felt so free from worry while singing the song, to be honest she hasn't been listening to anyone like she was suppose to because it could be something important. Riko was explaining their next course of action, she wasn't paying attention until her name was called, "Veronica, I think it would be best if you stayed here with Moritz, is that okay?"
"Huh excuse me?" Veronica asked, she didn't catch all of it but tried to interpret it a bit and came to a conclusion that Riko wants her to stay and look after Moritz, "Oh... yeah in a way I want to stay here and make sure nothing bad happens so don't worry." she smiled and then decided to really listen to everyone.

Riko then turned to Tal and asked him: "Tal, I want you to stay here and protect Veronica and Moritz if trouble comes along." when hearing that Veronica felt overly excited about that idea, 'Kyah! Being alone with Tal, nice one Riko!' she thanked her in her mind.
"When Moritz wakes up and can stand on his own two feet, the three of you come join us as soon as possible." Riko instructed, Veronica nodded in acknowledgement and after a moment of silence Riko continued and asked everyone: "Anyone have objections with this plan?"
"No, I think this is a good idea." Veronica added her thought.

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posté November 04, 2013, 17:23:02 | #11
Hiya all, about the song Veronica just sang is from an amazing old Anime I watched, lets see who can guess what anime is this song in, I just love it I just had to put it in

BTW I changed the word Full to Foul for Wakfu terms because the Boowolfine's call a Full Moon a Foul Moon.

Now... back to studying more drugs and chemicals X_X

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posté November 04, 2013, 17:15:03 | #12
Veronica silently sat next to Tal, slowly taking small sips of the Root Beer that Tal offered her, she doesn't know what to say to him, she is too weak to go somewhere else or to avoid this. She feels completely shy around him that it is becoming an annoyance to her, she is usually the talkative one but she is acting like a shy little girl meeting new people.
Still silent she took another sip of the root beer, although awkward this moment is relaxing because everyone was just resting and relaxing, the sun rays has faded and within the temple was a little darker than it was before, it was sort of scary but hopefully when everyone decides to keep moving that behind the door as more sources of light, with nothing to do Veronica decided it would be best is to relax and softly sing the song that always made her feel safe and calm especially at night. Veronica had the fear of the dark when she was little and remembered her father singing to her the very song she always sings to herself now, only mutters were heard from others, it wouldn't matter if others heard her sing, her father always told her that whenever she sings the song she will always be safe.

After awhile Veronica sat there thinking until she has finally made up her mind, she slowly inhaled some air and exhaled, then inhaled again but instead she began to start singing softly.

Foul moon sways

Gently in the night of one fine day
I was a fool, couldn't let myself to go. even for I feel...the end~

Oh my fair
floating like a bird that's in her wings

Foul moon sways
Gently in the night of one fine day

On my way
Looking for one moment with my dear

Foul moon waves
Slowly in the surface of the lake

You are there
Smiling in my arm for all those years

What a fool
I don't know about tomorrow whats it's like to be


I was sure, couldn't let myself to go.
Even though I feel... the end~

Oh my fair
Floating like a bird that's in her wings

you are there... Smiling in my arms for all those years
What a fool... I don't know about tomorrow whats it's like to be


I was sure, couldn't let myself to go.
Even though I feel... the end~

Foul moon sways
Gently in the night of one fine day

you are there
Smiling in my arms for all those years

Veronica continued to sing that song even though she got to the end of it, she felt she was safe from harm and there is nothing that can hurt her, she would continue singing unless someone speaks to her or they are ready to go.

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posté November 02, 2013, 15:21:42 | #13
Wow that really sucks OM3GA, thats basically close to stealing, I noticed you already sent a ticket to them since you have the ticker number, did you add the Transaction Codes so Ankama can't say you didn't pay for them in your ticket?

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posté October 31, 2013, 19:38:48 | #14
Without knowing, Riko randomly took Veronica's bottle from her, Veronica looked up and argued: "Hey! Give that ba-" she stopped when Riko put her hand on Veronica's forehead to feel her temp and said: "Geez you are burning up... how much Wakfu did you use?" with concern in her voice, that moment it reminded her of her mother when she always overuse Wakfu, Veronica can't help but use up a lot of Wakfu when seriously under large pressure, she wants to make sure that her patient or patients are okay and she will use up as much of her Wakfu as possible, sometimes she ends up fainting after using so much but when she wakes up her mother will always be there to either scold her or just be a loving mother. "Ehehe, yeah I think I overdid it just a bit." she said weakly.
"I guess it doesn't matter now, just relax and drink up, I will hold the bottle for you." Riko said while offering Veronica to drink from the bottle, Veronica looked at RIko and then at the bottle, she reached for the bottle with her lips and RIko helped, gently tilting it so that water can slowly flow into Veronica's mouth, bits of water droplets ran down her chin eventually falling onto her lap. she let out another loud sigh after swallowing all the water she drank and continued to breath heavily, Tal rushed over and asked with concern and worry: "Hey, Are you ok??" Veronica looked at him, too tired to blush and be embarrassed and just gave a weak smile and replied: "Yeah, I am okay... just a little tired." she gave off soft weak chuckles and continued: "Aah, to be honest I didn't really want anyone to see me in this weak pathetic state, it seriously isn't cute in my opinion." trying to make it as a joke, she looked at Riko and then said: "Don't worry Riko, just give me five minutes and I will be back on my feet again." she reached and took the bottle from Riko and put it back in her Haven Bag pocket, all thats left is to rest for five minutes to get at least in a state that she can get back to walking and follow the others next course of action.

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posté October 30, 2013, 19:49:07 | #15
Oh! then I am sorry to bother you Echo, I know the feeling, studying medicine is extremely stressful for me I am barely posting too XD

Anyways, grats everyone, lets keep it up and make this the #1 RP in this forum

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posté October 28, 2013, 17:01:54 | #16
It has gotten more quiet than usual, maybe they managed to defeat the enemy, that would be the only conclusion since she still seems to be fine, unless the enemy is waiting for her to finish up her healing but that can never happen, after awhile everyone began to talk to each other and come closer to Veronica, probably needing her healing powers as well, she doesn't mind but just don't disrupt her concentration, then she felt someones hand placed on her shoulder, Veronica twitched a little and heard Riko's voice: "Hey Veronica, are you okay?"
'Please Riko, let me concentrate.' she thought, wanting to say that straight to her, Riko let go and responded: "Okay... sorry to bother you.", it was sweet that Riko was worried about her, she was starting to get a little tired from using most of her Wakfu to try and get Moritz stabilized but she does not want anyone dying tonight.

Everyone was introducing themselves with the Osamodas girl, Veronica couldn't help but overhear everything that they are saying, she wants to be part of the conversation too but unfortunately she is on nurse duty which isn't that bad, she can practice honing her healing mastery much more this way than she did at Kat's Haven, normally the injuries are just common accidents which doesn't take that much effort in healing, that is excluding the Rushu's Roulette game because that event is barely held even so, this way she can be of better use if she kept tending serious wounds such as Moritz and Enzie's wounds.

Healing was starting to get a little more difficult, Veronica couldn't help but breath heavily through exhaustion, the healing process is almost complete though, she can't stop now. As she continued brushing the air with healing marks with her brush the blue light rays of the healing emitted more in the area, she then ended with one more mark which let off a small blue spark and managed to heal up most of Moritz wounds to a point that he should be healthy as a Drago-Turkey, Veronica collapsed onto her knees and began huffing and puffing with exhaustion, she began to dig in one of her Haven Bag pockets and took out a small bottle that contained water, slowly twisted the cap off and slowly placed it on her lips, her hand was shaking while trying to guide it to her lips and began to drink the water in big gulps, when she seperated her lips from the bottle she let off a loud sigh and wiped her mouth with her wrist still breathing loudly, she turned to everyone and gave off a forced smile and said: "Hi everyone... good job in dealing with that enemy." while sounding tired.

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posté October 25, 2013, 19:47:50 | #17
it is, but it seems like Ankama wants to cheat off the Supervillain winners from their prize

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posté October 19, 2013, 10:36:50 | #18
That is exactly how I feel in real life, I try to clean the house and there are alot of high places I can't get to which is really annoying Q^Q

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posté October 09, 2013, 03:14:52 | #19
Veronica was just putting her brush away until everyone turned their attention to the passageway, out came Moritz carrying Lorenzie, he fell right after that, he wasn't even completely in the room yet but his body couldn't handle all the strain much longer, Meier went to check on him, Inamora ran to check on Lorenzie. Right after the shouts and called for help were directed towards Veronica.
"Veronica!" Meier first shouted, then Inamora followed: "Veronica! Help!" Veronica flinched in shock, getting her act together she used her wings to get to them quicker, when she arrived she examined the two, Lorenzie took a few beatings and a few injuries but it is not a matter of life and death, Moritz on the other hand... His injuries are fatal, multiple open wounds with internal injury along with fatigue, Veronica could feel his Wakfu seeping away and that is not a good thing, Wakfu is meant to circulate around the bodies system, something fatal must've disrupted the Wakfu flow, it is then decided that Moritz needs immediate attention but Veronica wants to take care of healing Lorenzie and Moritz together,
"Zorn! Carefully carry Moritz and Lorenzie to a spot where Veronica can tend to their wounds, after that join the rest of us and arm yourself..." Riko ordered Zorn, Veronica looked up to everyone and said: "I can tend to their wounds, a plain Eniraiser along with a few words should heal them nicely, but Moritz requires careful healing, if I heal too much I will only close his external wounds but his internal wounds would still be there so I am going to need utmost concentration... I'm sorry I won't be able to help you against this monster while I am concentrating." Zorn arrived and helped Veronica to carefully carry the injured, Veronica turned around and said: "Everyone... please be careful." without a moment to lose she ran to where Zorn placed the injured and took out her brush again, she began to concentrate her Wakfu and raised her brush, energy swirled around Lorenzie and Moritz. Veronica swirled her brush in a drawing formation in the air allowing her to cast the Eniraiser spell, it was a success but the two are still unconscious but at least Eniraiser tended to the wounds that could've lead them to their death, "Phew okay... now I never done this kind of thing under pressure, I must just heal at a balance level." Veronica said to herself, her hand that was holding the brush was shaking, she was getting too tense, if she is too tense she can't right the proper Words, "Come on Veronica! Stop shaking and save them!" She held her shaking hand with her other hand trying to get it to stop trembling, she then heard a squeak and turned toward it. There she saw a Gobgob which was obviously the Osamodas, she doesn't know why but she felt that the Gobgob wants to help her, "Okay... Can you try and heal the Fecan girl while I tend to the Sram?" Veronica asked, a squeak of acknowledgement was let out of the Gobgob which made Veronica relax a little, "Thank you." she said, Veroncia let go of her one hand, feeling calm she closed her eyes, slowly inhaling and slowly exhaling and then she began to draw whilst her eyes still closed, fully concentrated on her task in healing Moritz and Lorenzie she forgets everything around her and what is happening.

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posté October 08, 2013, 00:15:47 | #20
Veronica had her arms crossed, tapping her one foot on the ground by being impatient with Zorn, "Zorn, I need to see if the Osamodas is injured or not and I can't do that while you are carrying her like that, if you haven't noticed I am smaller than you, even if I stood tiptoed I wouldn't be able to get a good look at her." Veronica complained to Zorn, just then the voice of the Osamodas could be heard over Zorn's shoulders: “Hey ah... Zorn right? Look umm.. I appreciate you carrying me.. but ah I'd like to talk to the Eniripsa. Please?” he looked at her for awhile but then decided to give of a sigh and obediently say: "Very well."
He gently placed the Osamodas on her feet and gave a bow saying: "If your legs fail to carry you milady, please call." and then walked off quietly to the others, the Osamodas was nice enough to give her reply to him but then ended up in pain again. Veronica was examining her condition by just watching her reaction, it doesn't seem that serious but it would be best to make sure that the damage hasn't gone too deep.

“Ah.. Hi!.. I'm Darci.. Do you think you could fix my head? I'm pretty sure I banged it pretty hard. If it's not too much trouble.” Darci asked, Veronica looked up at her slightly, giving off a sweet small smile and said: "Sure, could you please sit down so I can get a better look? You know... height and all, waiting for Darci to sit down somewhere, Veronica took out her brush and began to concentrate a little dose of Wakfu, getting ready to heal Darci's injuries, "I am sorry about Zorn's behavior, don't know what that was all about, it must've been awkward you." Veronica apologised, she examined the injury closer, it didn't look serious just a bruise, easily treatable, she began to write a few Eniripsa words which began to give off a cold refreshing sensation around the injury, "By the way, my name is Veronica, Darci was it? what are you doing here?" Veronica asked curiously.

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