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posté February 03, 2014, 19:19:51 | #1
"Hello brother, might I ask what do you think you are doing?" a familiar voice asked Zorn, he whipped his direction to the source of the voice and saw the Cybot on the ground looking up at Zorn, "You... you're Doctor Steemenhiem... the wacko that let out all those Foggernauts to their death." a chuckle was heard from the Cybot, "Death... what is that? We are immortal my dear Foggernaut, they may stab us, crush us, shoot us down, rend us asunder, smash us against a wall, strangle us, dismember our limbs, cut us to pieces and even blow us up but they can't kill us, for as long as we have the right tools we can fix ourselves back and stand once more, we... are superior to the flesh, we are close to the point that we can call ourselves as Gods." Zorn listened to the maniac as he looked at his own reflection on a metal pipe that seemed to not have a tint of dirt, "You are one of us, a Foggernaut that has been blessed with Immortality and Immortality my friend is the biggest step towards being a God."
"Why strive being a God when it means betraying our God that we believe in?"
"The successors must always challenge their masters and so should the disciples of their God." the Cybot crawled up onto Zorn and crawls near his ear area, the Cybot whispered: "I know who you are..." Zorn's eyes widened in surprise but didn't say or do anything, "Zornelius Staheart... First and only candidate in becoming the 1st Foggernaut to retrieve the blessing of Immortality."
"Don't you remember? I don't blame you, the project was a failure, they managed to transfer your soul into the vessel that you are forever stuck in, the downside to it is that you lost your memory, it is touching, that now you are striving to return to normal, it is touching yet so sad... no, more than sad... hehehe... it is BRILLIANT!"
Zorn was frozen, he was trying to process everything in which he did not understand, he was a normal person before? he had flesh and skin? why did he do it? is there a way to reverse it all? all these questions kept running back and forth in his mind that it almost feels like his main central system is going to implode, "Psst." the Cybot signaled him to get his attention, Zorn shifted his eyes on the little bot and listened.

"There is a way..."

Zorn gasped softly in shock, he was shaking that his metal platings were making clicking sounds. "There is a way to make you what you were all those years ago and I can help you." it was a dream come true but part of Zorn realised that he is the enemy, "How do I know that you are not lying?"
"Zornelius, think back, how do I know your name? your real name to top it off? How do I know your history? How do I know that you are not just a simple ASU?" the Cybot barraged him with questions that weren't explained, Zorn realized that and began to question himself. "That's because Zornelius... I am the Doctor that made your vessel and I am the one that made the machine that transfered your soul into the vessel AND I am the one that convinced you to take the project." Zorn began to shake even more, his legs felt weak and could collapse anytime from all the shock that he is taking in, "I can help you Zorn, I want to help you but there is one tiny thing that will prevent you in returning to your former self."
"What is that?"
"The intruders... exterminate them, tear them apart and show them the true power of a Foggernaut, after that I will turn you back into a living person."
It was silent, all that was heard was Lorenzie fighting all the Foggernaut's that were trying to get to Zorn, he then slowly stood up straight, took his hands off the console, the Foggernaut army weren't around anymore, Zorn slowly turned to Lorenzie which seems to be panting with mild exhaustion.

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posté February 02, 2014, 20:57:15 | #2

Sorry for being dead, I will post tomorrow during work so look forward to that.

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posté January 21, 2014, 19:39:48 | #3
I want to post but i am waiting on Mitsu which is yes MIA  

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posté January 01, 2014, 20:12:52 | #4
Lorenzie sounded concerned for her friends that were fighting against the growing army that kept spawning from left to right until she turned to Zorn with a determined face, Zorn stood tall without changing his expression when Lorenzie accepted the idea, he walked up to her, went on one knee and picked her up. His one hand was supporting her upper body while the other was supporting her legs by the knee joints, he gently stood up again and was surprised how light Lorenzie was, he looked at her and said: "Let's move." he stood in a stance that made his metallic shoes clip on the rails that were grounded on the floor, "Hold on tight milady." he says to Lorenzie as they zipped past everything and grooved against the wall, they zig-zag through capsules and huge pipelines that would've hit their heads if the rails weren't placed properly, Zorn sped faster the longer they rode on the rails that they are managing to pick up the resistance of the wind.

Moments later they arrived at the end of the railing which was a huge room with consoles and monitors, some ASU's were working and fixing some of them, operating them so that the capsules could draw power, Zorn immediately placed Lorenzie on her feet and quickly drew out his weapons, he shot a few Stasis rounds on a few ASU's and decided to go melee. He formed a mechanical hammer out of the device that Haruko made for him the balance of the materialized hammer was so light and easy to use, he swung his hammer on a few ASU which were successful hits, Zorn managed to find the Master Console, his hammer crumbled and he turned to Lorenzie, "Milady! Cover me, I am going to try and deactivate the console and also try and bypass the security protocols!" as he instructed her; he ran to the console. "Hmm pity I used up all my Cybot's, I am going to have to hack the system the old fashion way." he then clicked stretched his fingers and clicking sounds emitted form them and he began to mash buttons on the console, entering from system program to another to a very fast pace that it is difficult to follow if someone was watching him at work, all he hopes that no one behind him will try and interrupt him during the process but he lays his trust on Lorenzie, knowing that she wouldn't him down, even for a second.

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posté December 28, 2013, 11:01:08 | #5
Zorn continued to examine the area and noticed Darci having a really good idea in taking out one of the power cores to slow down the spawning process but it won't stop the whole thing completely, they are going to have to find the main power console and deactivate it or destroy it and Zorn has the right idea where it could be located at. Lorenzie appeared close to Zorn after dealing with a group of Foggernaut's she placed a weak barrier around her and Zorn so they could talk and discuss the situation: "So can you tell me how any of this is supposed to work? Details or items that might cause the group we're fighting to stop spawning?"
Zorn did not look at her, he kept looking around and kept note on many things until Lorenzie said something that caught his attention: "Please answer me before this barrier spell breaks...?" he looked at her and pointed on the floor which looked like some kind of rail, "This rail network is connected to various different locations, it is easier and quicker to get ASU's to important consoles to fix something that malfunctioned, my hunch as an ASU is that one of these rails are connected to the Master console that operates this room, I could go there but I may need some assistance." he then turned to face Riko, which was dealing colossal damage all around her.
"For as long as Riko is in this enraged state, the Foggernaut army will have problem dealing with her, she also has Meier, Darci, Inamora and Isart by her side for support, if you and I go to the Master console, we can shut this place down without blowing this underwater base up." he turned back to Lorenzie and gave off a somewhat creepy smile: "I can carry you while I roll on the rails to the Master console, going on foot will prove difficult."

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posté December 26, 2013, 22:52:56 | #6
Lol funny story Meier, btw sorry for not posting my PC got busted so I had no access, but now that it is fixed I will pokes tomorrow.

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posté December 16, 2013, 20:17:20 | #7
When the group entered the new room a high pitch sound emitted from a unknown location and then a voice was heard, "Weeeeeelcome Actors! I have awaited anxiously for the next act."
"Who said that? Show yourself!" Riko shouted out in confusion.
"Ah forgive me, seems my manners have wandered about... allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dr. Steemenhiem, head researcher of the 8th Sir Flexington Brigade." the said doctor replied to Riko's question. Zorn slightly flinched from shock, "Sir Flexington?!" he gasped, the doctor was busy insulting Riko about her IQ and her religions IQ, which was working, Riko's Wakfu was rising around her along with fiery energy.
"Now my actors, I do hope you don't bore me, I have staged this just for this occasion and now that you are here we can finally begin Act 2, let us begin... Security!" the doctor shouted, the lights lit up and the room revealed thousands of capsules which housed Foggernaut's, the capsules opened and the Foggernaut's walked out of it and armed themselves for combat, "Why is a Flexington Brigade still around? The Foggernaut war is over, the Flexington Brigade disbanded a long time ago." Zorn muttered to himself, Riko then walked towards Foggernaut enemies and ended up punching one of them straight into their face, it was so hard it make a deep dent in its face that screws and metal peices flew loose, Zorn's jaw dropped in shock on how strong Riko is from all her anger, "What is she? a Iop or a Sacrier?" the other Foggernaut's were also shocked by how strong she was but continued to attack, Lorenzie joined Riko in the fight, Zorn looked around and examined the room, other capsules were slowly activating and if Zorn doesn't think of a way to stop it everyone is going to end up fighting an army.

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posté December 10, 2013, 19:13:17 | #8
"Hey guys... I don't wish to alarm you with other problems but I think you need to know that this place is situated underwater. I am not good with all that high-tech stuff but I think this is the reason why I am getting this feeling that my Wakfu is slowly... seeping, Pure Stasis comes from underwater right?" Inamora spoke out, Zorn stopped in his tracks and turned his head to the right where a open window was present, he looked outside and saw what Inamora spoke of being true, they were indeed underwater and this place was kept hidden from Sufokia all this time? How did they manage to stay undetected for so long? A curious Snapper appeared on the other side of the window and looked at Zorn with it's puffy eyes only later just swimming passed again, Zorn stood up and turned to the group, "It is no surprise, if all the Foggernaut's here are mechanical it would be obvious that their sanctuary would be underwater, this is where we came from and it is the home of Oktapodas, something like this won't surprise me." he paused for a moment and looked around, "But what I do find disturbing is that this underwater base is right next to the Sufokian kingdom, if there really is more of those Foggernaut's in here then Sufokia is in deeper trouble than we all thought we are." Zorn felt uneasy with the fact of knowing something so dangerous is right under his kingdoms noses and there is barely anything they can do about it, since Amakna is constantly attacking them with every soldier resource they have.

Zorn turned to Inamora and replied again: "About the Stasis issue, yes, Pure Stasilli ores are at the deepest end of the ocean and judging but the depth of this place we are bound to find a good supply of them, the Stasilli ores that we harvest in mines aren't pure and only have half the potential than pure ones can give, since we are down here I guess this is the reason why I am starting to feel a little energetic and full of energy, however for you all, it is not healthy if you all stay down here for too long... seeing as your Wakfu is seeping out of you." Zorn explained as he continued his walk with the party.

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posté November 22, 2013, 18:47:40 | #9
Zorn shifted his attention when Riko asked him a question, he then turned to the console and examined it again, judging by the looks it is a lift that goes down but then goes up again automatically when all passengers has gotten off of it, he then came to a conclusion that once they are down there, they can't go back up unless special conditions were met, turning to Riko again he replied to her question: "With this we can do down to the next level of this temple, but if we do that we can't go back so you all need to make sure if you are really prepared for this, because we are now entering the heart of the enemies domain and I don't think they are very fond of guests." he turned to the console again and began to slowly operate it, "Let me know when you are ready everyone, I will then begin operating this thing to take us downside.

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posté November 21, 2013, 20:37:53 | #10
Wow Aacher thats pretty intense, better your phone than you but you sure showed that guy whos boss!
any ways sorry for not posting I have been super busy of late, I will post something tomorrow after UNI

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posté November 16, 2013, 23:26:50 | #11
While Riko was telling everyone the plan Meier teleported to Zorn to praise him, "Nicely done." turning his focus to Zorn's arm, "Is your arm going to be a problem?" he gestured to the damaged metal, Zorn looked at the arm and then replied: "Oh this?, no only the Temple Keepers parts broke, when I salvaged it I managed to make his metal into a type of glove so I can use a Stasis Strike on the door, my layer is under this." that said, Zorn immediately brushed off the extra layer almost like stripping a glove off your hand and the damage layer fell on the ground, exposing Zorn's undamaged hand.

It appears that everyone was heading to continue the expedition, everyone walked passed Zorn as he stood there allowing everyone to go first, he took out a small bag that contained his Edible Stasili stones, grabbed one and threw it into his mouth and began to chew on it and then joined the party. When everyone was right by the door the Osamodas walked up behind them and said: “So I'm guessing I'm going with you? Well.. this should be interesting.”, she seemed eager to venture deeper in the Temple even knowing the dangers, Riko and Meier then began to speak with Darci, while they were busy he looked at the dark doorway, it was pitch black in there that nothing could be seen, Zorn adjusted his sight allowing him to see in the dark, to where he is standing it looked like a plain chamber room but nothing else, not another door that will lead them anywhere. As the group continued they entered the room, everyone was struggling to move around they even have their arms forward to prevent bumping into something, it was quite amusing for Zorn because he has the ability to see in the dark, he could see anything and even... do anything like touch them and they won't even know who it was... but no right now is not the appropriate time... although this may be the only best opportunity... but stuff like that has a average probability anyway.

Zorn was focused to his thought but at the same time arguing with himself in his thought that he wasn't paying attention, until he heard Riko argue: "Urgh it is so dark in here you can barely see your own hand in front of your fa-" Zorn saw stairs by Riko's next step and immediately said without emotion: "Stairs ahead." but it was rather too late and RIko went tumbling down the stairway, reminds him when he fell down the stairs, "Ow, ow , ow... OI! Zorn! Why didn't you warn me there were stairs earlier?!"
"For-" he was interrupted when the room began to lit, his eyes readjusted back to normal to prevent sight damage, with the room lit he could clearly see a control console, he immediately walked towards it and tried to examine it to see if he can somehow get it to work... not really Zaap Science, the console just has one panel that can either go up or down. Darci was overjoyed by this that her energy has returned to her like a child that had too many sweets, he kept watch on her while chewing on his stone making sure she doesn't break this room into inoperable conditions.

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posté November 16, 2013, 13:10:56 | #12
OM3GA and I discussed about the RP so he will have a dialog of me in his post, also I will post later tonight

I see OM3GA beat me too it in posting XD

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posté November 09, 2013, 12:23:13 | #13
Personally the re-connection system is way overdue, when will that come into Wakfu, in serious battles like UB's when a UB does something that creates way too many effects I have a 50/50 chance that my game freezes entirely.

I never DC but it is the freezing of the game that screws me over, when will the re-connecting system come? Oh yeah and since groups in UB's get penalized due to people disconnecting in the middle of the fight shouldn't it be better to focus on the reconnecting system to avoid these unfair penalties?

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posté November 09, 2013, 01:03:00 | #14
Hmm, somehow I feel that I am only going to have my time to shine here and later you gonna bend me over very hard in the RP lol

Anyways I am really liking this new area I have a feeling it is going to get even more intense than the battle against the Temple Keeper

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posté November 07, 2013, 00:47:58 | #15
Zorn was able to feel the cables of the Stasilimeter being connected to the two Stasis pipelines, Meier seemed to be working extra careful for not damaging the Stasis Core in anyway but also not being in direct contact to it, after awhile it was silent, in Zorn's guess Meier was monitoring the meter, "Is something amiss Doctor?" Zorn asked in curiosity and after a while Meier eventually responded: "Zorn, looks like you've got some damage in there..."
"I thought as much, after that fight my body seemed to be reacting rather slow to my commands." Zorn replied, knowing that there was a problem, but he obviously couldn't fix it himself, since he doesn't have a proper view of his whole core. After that Meier began to look for the crack with the coil, Zorn could feel the coil trying to retract the Stasis energy from his core but the energy will only get retracted if there is a crack, which Zorn won't be too fond of, a coil retracting some energy is like trying to rip a piece of your soul out, although non-lethal, it still hurts like a Boowolfine, "What kind of alloy are you made of, by the way? You took a pretty full on hit and bar that damaged gear and a few loose things, you're in good shape..." Meier asked, he seems to be interested in Foggernaught tech even though he is a Xelor, Zorn gave a small chuckle and decided to enlighten him, "Many different types of Foggernaught's uses different alloy, it all depends on the weight of what Foggernaught can handle but the most common alloy that every Foggernaught has is Grievous Kroomium, they are highly resistant to any elemental origins, from fire to water and acid to the harsh forces of time, this alloy makes up last much longer than anything, and they are easily mi- Urgh!" Zorn was interrupted when he felt a surge of energy being ripped out when the coil retracted energy from a crack. Meier put down the coil and informed Zorn, "Ok, found it. Just gel it up, right?"
"Grmmh, yes Doctor." he replied in a slight irritation, he wasn't irritated by Meier, he just hates running diagnostics when trying to look for damages on the core, Meier began to pull the stopper and when released a horrid smell escaped, Zorn with his eyes still closed could hear Meier gagging by the smell of the tube, he couldn't help but chuckle in amusement. "Urgh! This is awful!" he hissed in disgust.
"One of the advantage of being a machine I guess." Zorn joked, it is true though, machanical Foggernaughts can't smell or taste things that others can, all they need is Stasis ores and oil as supplements. The gel could be felt on Zorn's Core it was being applied carefully and as well as being spread around the cracked area, Meier made a final check and then disconnect the cables of the Stasilimeter and then reconnected the black wire onto the Core, "I think that's it. Everything ok?" Meier asked Zorn. Zorn sat up and checked himself, then slowly stood up and checked his joints functions, everything was responding smoothly, "Yes... YES! Everything is so much better now, even myself in particular, I feel... I feel alive!" he shouted in excitement as he gave Meier a tight hug of gratitude, quite disappointing that he is just covered in bandages but it was better than nothing, upon realizing he let go of Meier and cleared his throat: "Oh ahem ahem, forgive me, I have lost myself for a second, well then I shall begin opening that door, stand back." Zorn approached the door and placed both of his hand onto the door, his face became stern as he concentrated all his Stasis energy, the flow between him and the doors stasis energy began to flow to one another, "Hehe, I won't be defeated by a mere door, I have survived much more things more threatening that a mere do-" A huge bolt of purple lightening struck Zorn which sent him flying, bouncing like a pebble on water and ended in sliding his face on the ground which dug itself deeper into the ground, he slowly planted his hands on the ground and pulled his head out of the ground and stood up. "Hmm, that was rather embarrassing, luckily it missed my Core... Right, lets try that again." he muttered to himself and then whipped around and ran towards the door, slammed both of his hands onto it and surged his Stasis energy to it, the door kept trying to repel it but it appeared to be losing this fight, the Stasis energy that flowed around the door faded and then Zorn hopped back twice and the lifted up his new metal covered arm that he salvaged from the temple keepers parts, "I never tried this before but apparently this is the only way to force this open... Stasis... Strike!" he shouted as he charged his Stasis powered fist into the door, upon impact a shock wave of Stasis burst out at first it looked like nothing happened but after awhile the door began to crack and crumble but unfortunately the metal covering on Zorn's arm was also crumbling into pieces, the path has been opened, Zorn turned and walked to everyone and said: "The way is open, we may proceed whenever you are ready."

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posté November 05, 2013, 00:26:42 | #16
Full Moon - Beck

The Anime series that is about a kid that learns how to play a guitar and joins a band that start off small and ends up doing live shows, I agree with you that anime was really good, they are Japanese but they sing songs in English which was amazing.

Fun Fact

The some of the voice actors that starred the characters of Beck don't know SQUAT about the English language but they still sing it amazingly.

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posté November 05, 2013, 00:13:06 | #17
It appeared Meier was ready for the serious part of the diagnostic, before Zorn were to give him instructions he listened to what Riko had to say first, Riko however was not impressed again when he addressed her as 'milady' and so she sighed and spoke: "How many times must I tell you, just call me Riko and if that is too difficult just call me by my full name Shariko, addressing me as milady makes me feel like a snob." that moment Zorn noticed Riko shiver for a second, maybe something appeared in her mind in which she did not want to remember but what would he know, "Very well, I will address you as Shariko for now on, I don't feel comfortable addressing anyone with nicknames." he told Riko straight and it seems both can come to an agreement with that.
"Anyways, yes I want to talk about the door... you mentioned you can get it to open right? How long will that take because we should really get going before something else makes it's move." Riko said impatiently, Zorn narrowed his eyes and looked at the door then back at her, "Not long, this is also one of the reasons why I need Doctor Meier to run a diagnostic on my Stasis Cores conditions, if I fail to open that door due to my Stasis Core being too weak then it will repel me and damage my core directly which could lead me to my death ahaha!" Zorn burst out laughing again and stopped looking at Riko, "Hmm I guess that was an inappropriate time to laugh but in all seriousness,once Doctor Meier is done with me we can move, it will be quick."

He turned to Meier which was waiting for him, Zorn took out three additional tools out, one had two cables attached to some kind of meter, the second was some sort of tube that contained a sort of gel and the last one was some some sort of hand held stasis coil, he handed all three of them to Meier and began to explain: "Alright Doctor, this is where the real diagnostic procedure comes in, the one tool is a Stasilimeter, it measures the Stasis energy that flows through my Core all around my body, that red cable connects over here." Zorn pointed out where it goes and it connects to a sort of pipe that has Stasis energy flowing through it, "The blue cable connects at the deep end back here, which is the most difficult part." barely being able to get his hand in there only being able to point the small thin pipe that has a cable socket which the blue cable is suppose to be. "Once you have those two cables connected the meter should get a stasis reading on how strong my Stasis Energy is flowing." he then held the meter in a way Meier can also see, Zorn pointed at the certain points, "The meter needs to point here, if it points on the opposite side it means there is a non-lethal crack on my Stasis Core." he then gave back the meter to Meier and then got to the next tool, "If there is a crack somewhere it will be difficult to see it due the glow of the Stasis within the core, that is why you need this Stasis Coil, if there is a crack you just slowly wave that coil around the core closely, if you hear a buzzing noise or feel a sudden shock from the core it indicates that the crack is there, you see since there is a crack a jolt of energy can leak out of it and get retracted from the coil." he breathed out for a second to catch his breath and then continued with the final tool, "This tube is mixed with Kralove chemicals, it was made to fix dangerous or unstable machinery, once you have found the cracks you just apply the gel on the area, the gel will fill up the crack and whatever gel is left over on my core will simply evaporate overtime, it is completely safe to put as much as you want but I do advise that you preserve that gel in case I would need it again in the future." Zorn stood up from the rock he sat and then made himself lie down on the ground with his core still exposed, "I will lie down to make it easier for you to work, please do be careful Doctor, if there is something you are unsure of please don't hesitate to ask, once you are done disconnect the Stasilimeter and reconnected the black wire into my Stasis Core... well then Doctor, I am ready whenever you are." Zorn gave his final instruction and awaited for Meier to begin the real diagnostic, he trusted Meier so he showed no fear, a Xelor has compassion for machinery that has gears so there is no reason why he would be afraid, it was quiet until he heard Veronica's voice singing a beautiful melody, it was soothing, Zorn slowly closed his eyes as if he was drifting into a calm slumber with only the whirring sounds of his core, Meier beginning the procedure and Veronica singing the song of the Foul Moon.

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posté November 04, 2013, 01:21:06 | #18
Zorn sat there as he watched Meier begin to work, he slowly and carefully reached for the black wire and disconnected it, Zorn began to feel 'numb' by the torso area, like everything was disappearing until he could no longer feel it, Meier picked up a tool and began to check all the screws and gears, "I feel like I'm diffusing a bomb..." Meier muttered jokingly.
"Did you know Doctor, smaller Stasis cores are compressed into a small handheld shell which are used as bombs? Technically speaking: you are working with a bomb right this moment." Zorn gave Meier some food for thought without the ocnsideration that he might be adding more pressure onto him. Meier was working nicely on the gears, testing to see if some are loose or damaged very closely.
Zorn dazed in a distance as Meier worked on him, he was use to having some fixing him up when he got damaged, it seems being a machine is easier and less painful when trying to fix yourself than being organic that maybe the only thing that Zorn is afraid of, if he manages to become a living being, "Zorn, you can't feel this, can you? This is like the foggernaut equivalent of heart surgery here..." Meier asked suddenly, Zorn got out of his train of thought and looked at Meier, "Oh, this gear should be changed over..." he murmured, Zorn looked away again and responded to his question: "No... since you pulled out that black wire I can't feel anything, my torso is... how do you say? paralyzed, I will only feel something if you directly poke my Core but that wouldn't be funny." he politely warned Meier, as he continued working on him.

Riko appeared over Meier's shoulder and asked curiously: "Hello, what you two up to?"
"Running a diagnostic... but that's just giving a fancy name to Zorn telling me which bolts to tighten." Meier said with a grin. Zorn looked up to Riko and responded: "I just need to make sure that I don't fall apart from the inside while something important happens." turning to Meier, "Also Meier, this is only the preparation phase, the real diagnostic is after this so I hope you are up for a little engineering lessons." Zorn gave a grin to Meier, he then looked back at Riko and said: "I can't do any labor tasks at the moment milady but is there something you wish to talk about?"

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Meier thought for a bit and responded: "Diagnostic? I'm used to working with machines, yes, but not Foggernauts..." although he was considering it he then said: "Of course I'd be happy to help - I will need you to direct me, though." giving a unsure laugh he ended his sentence saying: "I don't want to accidentally damage you." Zorn's expression didn't change instead he gave a slight bow with his one hand on his chest and said: "Then I thank you for accepting the task." standing up straight he then signaled Meier to follow him, he sat on a rock which was big enough to be sat on, opened his torso plate revealing his Stasis Core, it was glowing brightly, the Core gave off a whirring sound as it was exposed, "Not to worry Doctor, just relax and follow my instructions and nothing bad will occur, worse case scenario I blow up into bits... ahahaha!" Zorn burst out laughing for no particular reason and then stared at Meier with a straight face, clearing his throat he said: "Hmm, I guess that was an inappropriate time to laugh... but in all seriousness, the probability of me blowing up in my condition is only 0.1% chance, 99.9% of diagnostic success so there should be no pressure in this situation." Zorn then reached out his bag and took out a few tools and handed them to Meier, "First reach into my torso and disconnect the black wire that is connected to the right side of my Stasis Core, that will disconnect all my functions of my torso area except the Core itself, this way you won't shock yourself, after that with the screwdriver and wrench try and tighten all my screws and bolts or replace them with these if some of them are too damaged... oh yes and see if some of my gears are alright, if they are damage please try and replace them as well, I have spare parts that can replace them." Zorn instructed, he placed a small bag that held nuts and bolts with some gears also, he sat there awaiting for Meier to begin the diagnostic, "Oh and if you see something out of the ordinary please tell me, which I doubt there is but you can't be too careful right?" he said with a reassuring smile.

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Zorn kept scanning through the melted wreckage, what more does he need to look for? He already has all the info he needs in order to open that door, maybe there was more information hidden in there that he would expect but no matter how many times he uses his Salvage ability it will not make any progression,other data has been completely corrupted and there is no way to restore it without the proper equipment, good thing that he managed to retrieve the important data before that became corrupted as well. He felt Meier appear right next to him but he kept his eyes fixed onto the melted pile,
"Hello." Meier greeted, Zorn's eyes turned to the right corner and then fixed back to the pile and responded: "Good evening Doctor."
"How'd the salvage go? Sorry it's so melted... I hope any parts you were after weren't too damaged." he said, Zorn turned to Meier and nodded his head from left to right slowly and replied: "Actually I did manage to obtain the most important piece of information that will allows us to continue on our expedition, with this I will be able to open that door with ease." Zorn stood up straight stretching his arms, he could still feel that little sting from that time when he use Salvage on the pile.

Zorn had a thought that maybe he should run a diagnostic on himself to make sure there is no serious error in his core system, after stretching himself to loosen up he turned to Meier and asked: "Doctor, since you are familiar with machinery, is it possible if you could help me run a diagnostic of my core system before we continue our expedition?" he placed his hand on his torso rubbing the dents on his torso and continued: "A Foggernaut's Core is our vessel that hols our very self, it is one of the things I do not wish to lose, it is best to be safe than sorry." he smiled at Meier hoping that Meier would accept the offer, "Don't worry, if you are not entirely familiar I can help guide you if needed."

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