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posté October 01, 2016, 01:00:37 | #1

Quote (AgilePriest @ 14 September 2016 10:39) *
Are you sure?

EDIT: After ticking on then off the use anakama java again it changed the java used, however it did not change any of the params meaning that the global params this guide tells you to set are overridden by the params that the launcher sends.

I see, well I wrote the guide in Feb 2015. So I am not claimed created I didn't deserve, this guide was written on stream by a user then went missing so I re-wrote it.

I fully agree the game should not shutter in anyway consider it was released in Feb 2012, 4 and a half years should be enough time to resolve this issue.

I wonder if a game dev or genuis at java would know how to disable their set parameters and use custom settings.

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posté September 10, 2016, 23:15:01 | #2
Just create your own events. I am currently doing an event its called A.W.O.L. (absent without official leave) . To take part in the event, log in every 3 months or less, talk to some friends, read the forum no more than once every 6 months. This is a really great event and to be honest its lots of fun and there is no limit how many people can join.

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posté March 03, 2016, 23:31:24 | #3

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posté December 19, 2015, 02:15:25 | #4
1. I haven;t checked recently BUT best tanking gear does not normally have control ALSO with the +control I do not need to think IF I decide to buff the entire team with various stuff as I have more than enough control.

2. All my characters minus my xelor have 6 mp so its more about of habit then necessity.

3. I went crit as my feca never dies so gaining the extra tankiness which the stats are poor like resistance to ciritcal hits or resistance to backstab seem overkill or pointless depending on which fight.

4. If you want to add fecablades to your build go for it. For me as I started previously without a way to instantly DE-activate glyph this makes them annoying in conjunction with close combat character. For my team I use a sram, I can only take a few mp off the boss and chances are the stonger the boss the less I will be able to move the boss to the exact cell I want possible screwing over the srams damage.

Remember guides are merely advice and opinions. My guide was requested by many players who were interesting to see what my build and reasons for the build are.

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posté November 24, 2015, 19:06:04 | #5

Quote (asczxdsac @ 24 November 2015 11:16) *
What u suggest items for low lvls?
At low level it doesn't matter and you can not go tri element either. I would go single or dual elements so maybe focus on earth damage. You do not need to lock anything either.

Just get equipment that maximises your damage.

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posté November 19, 2015, 22:32:50 | #6

Quote (Quetzalzok @ 18 November 2015 23:14) *
i have a little question again but in the chance section, why max critical hit and critical damage instead resistance to critical damage and back damage?
To be the ultimate tank you could max those out.

For me the feca defense is very strong so I opting for a little bit more damage.

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posté November 08, 2015, 17:31:58 | #7

Quote (Monstrofo @ 03 November 2015 11:41) *
Do you feel that this information is still relevant as of November?

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posté October 19, 2015, 15:22:45 | #8
I originally intended to make this a weekly series, how this was just before the spell deck system do most of the myth I had lined up would have been instantly out of date.

Also since that time my PC blow up, England had a really hot day and my motherboard literally overheated.

I am not playing Wakfu at the moment so it is unlikely I will continue the series anytime soon.

If you want make your own, go head.

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posté September 04, 2015, 12:36:38 | #9

Quote (JuloDwa @ 03 September 2015 16:38) *
I have question about crushing wave its AoE spell so why do You have it in single target feca?
So as Drowns said it increase TEAM AoE so the panda does even more insane damage.

For me I use crushing wave to burn some WP and do really good damage in water and it uses up a full 12 ap.

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posté August 24, 2015, 00:27:45 | #10

Quote (Liangchoo @ 22 August 2015 05:10) *
hey jerry, currently im 125, can ya advise the equipements that is useful for a tri cra at my level till 175?
There are not many options.

125 dragon pig + mushmantle
130-ish sage/emiw set
140-ish emplorer lenald set
160-165 the gear I have above
175 steel beak for the most part

also bare in mind sometimes strong dual element equipment overall gives more damage then weak also not forget about distance damage/single target/AoE

50+18=68 dual element(x2) and 18 tri element = 51.3% average tri damage with more than below OR 68% fire element 68% earth element 18% air element

37% all elements

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posté August 20, 2015, 22:51:47 | #11
Thank you that was a lot of fun.

I think overall it does a rough job.

I got 87% osa (not agree with), 80% panda, 73% saddy (not agree with), 67% xelor

For me the main thing it doesn't account for is playstyle, whilst I main as an eni I have zero problems not healing anyone when needed. As a the less monsters alive the less healing needed.

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posté August 18, 2015, 13:43:50 | #12

Quote (zapman89 @ 18 August 2015 13:35) *
If i use glyphs, what should i put points into : AOE dmg / Melee Dmg / Single target Dmg / Plain Dmg ?
Work out the amount of times you use each spell and what type of damage it is.

for example your build may be:-
2 glyths AoE
2 single target
1 long range AoE

If your calculation gets to complex just go pure damage ^^.

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posté August 17, 2015, 00:16:30 | #13
None, I have done the mount quest over 20 times.

I would suggest getting long distance damage.

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posté August 14, 2015, 14:33:59 | #14
Thank you for your question, how barrier and drip works.

Barrier reduces damage by a flat amount until the number of charges are remain this is how the stat of barrier works.

Lets take level 100 drip armor for example it gives :-
51 barrier reduce damage taken by this amount, so lets say we was going to get hit for 100, we then would get hit for 100-51= 49 damage then it would hit against our armor
23 armor water armor, so if you had 500% water you would get 6 (500%+1) * 23 = 138 armor

So drip are is great for tanking mobs that do multiple hits of low damage, it is not good against high amount of single damage such as a big boss hit we orb armor would be the safer option.

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posté August 10, 2015, 21:51:41 | #15
Whilst account sharing is against the rules I would suggest not reporting as:-
  • support rarely bans severe rule breaking such threats, harassment , racism for me I would dislike them to waste any time on such a minor infraction (just look at the market and kamas bots)
  • in my experience I know hundreds of players who ignore this rule are they doing this to gain advantage yes, the advantage of making the game a little less of a massive grind and dare i say enjoyabled
  • do I feel players breaking this rule warrant a few days ban? nope, now if they go around attacking everyone with tons of people accounts then yes, but if they just do pve nope.
Why does the rule exist, the main reason to protect the account. Most of the time people claiming to be hacked simply share their password and the party robbed this is not hacking. So the rule is to say, look share your password at your own risk it also means IF they lose all their stuff they are on their own. Now if someone actually got hacked as in they never gave our their password then of course support should help them.

If you do account share ankama loses money, as often people want to share p2p accounts.

Quote Fakae
"My argument was exactly the same: I'm not causing any harm!
And his response was irrefutable, and went something like this: "you were reported. Therefore someone felt annoyed enough to go through the trouble of reporting you. This means someone's fun playing our game was harmed. We get money by making sure our players have fun and you were harming both their fun and our money. The ban is permanent and will not be revoked."

Took me a while to accept it, but he was right. At least wakfu allows multiboxing ^^"

This is simply not applicable to Wakfu.

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posté August 10, 2015, 14:46:11 | #16
What you mean is, there are two tri element + range ammys in the game steal beak which has ZERO crits OR flaxhid ammy which is a relic.

Eternal Vs Steel Beak
I am too lazy to do the maths but I am pretty sure it is worth losing 70% damage in one element to gain 6% critical hits, especially if we take powerful shooting as we get a penalty of -50% for non-critical damage.

Eternal Vs Primitive bli-birch
As for Primitive stats 65% tri, +4% crits , +30% Crit damage , again I would much prefer the plus range & 3% final damage and +2% crits over the prim and -70% in one element.

Thank you for your input, as I admit I did not give all the options.

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posté August 07, 2015, 13:21:42 | #17

Quote (Noxopox @ 05 August 2015 10:19) *
Dont find any good eq for level 165... so hard to build a working trielement Cra

Level 165 tri gear have a look at end game and get what you can .

Remember my build ideally is single target for killing bosses.

End-game as at 7th August 2015.

The choices are written as 1st choice is best.


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posté August 06, 2015, 14:46:10 | #18
Welcome back Yumi, no I play mainly on Remington and sometimes on nox.

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posté August 06, 2015, 10:59:54 | #19

Quote (rurumoj @ 04 August 2015 13:52) *
Haha thanks jerry for acknowledging me in the guide XD too bad we don't play on the same server, would be nice to discuss some feca build/gearing/stuff ^^
Well, one of the reasons I listened my teamspeak server was to chat to people, you are more than welcome to join me. Note I live in the UK.

Join my free Wakfu teamspeak server here.
About me.
Stalk me on twitter @JerryisDB
Add me on steam. 

Quote (FuzzySyd @ 04 August 2015 04:34) *
Sounds like I need a sage ring. He recently moved off of his toxispike+khiel's aegis combo, milkar amulet and BP into the items above. Overall, he has lost some lock. I definitely need to get him into those Clinkers. I wish there was another 1-handed lock weapon, so I could put him in a wo shield with a lock weapon that has decent tri stats.

Good luck.

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posté August 04, 2015, 15:41:54 | #20
[Quest Guide] Ohwymi Main Questline

Gapaman has given me permission to post his videos.

Firstly you need to level 115 in order to access this questline.
Gapaman has broken down the questline into 5 parts:
This questline gives you get exp and the jumping jacks quest item which allows you to collect kamas for chests please see this topic for more details.

Part 2 - speaking with catcus
You have to make the cactus happy by speaking their language if you get it correct 2 times you win and they leave the fight, wrong two times you leave the fight.
You are only allowed one attempt per round so it is best to let one character do the them , and everyone else skip.
Also you have no MP so make sure that person is in range.
Turn on and read information/green chat this will also help.


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