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posté Today - 04:35:28 | #1
Troolgodyte spawning old Ogrest Cult Members?? Troolgodyte is spawning like old Ogrest Cult Members, in the fact that it's spawning on things you can't even possibly reach. It is inaccessible. It keeps doing this. Can you fix this please? I am on Nox server, dunno if that matters or not but yeah there you go.


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posté Yesterday - 22:01:39 | #2
If you have nice guildies, they can also point to where the invisible mobs are.

This dungeon is so bugged right now.

Thank you for getting all that information so we can work around the bug while Ankama fixes it (hopefully fixes it anyway...)

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posté Yesterday - 21:59:28 | #3
I agree. The MP bonus is pretty much how one was able to win this battle. If you can let Mobs keep their old bonuses, you need to fix these mini games where this bonus is basically required to win.

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posté Yesterday - 07:23:43 | #4
Is the backwards sales listing ever going to be fixed? The sales listing in havenbag reads backwards. It shows oldest first and when you sell in your bag a lot, it makes you click to the end of the listing to see what you sold which takes .. a while ... It used to show newest first but during .. I think.. the Enurado patch? (don't quote me) it switched to oldest first and it sucks. I've mentioned it before, but it's been a thousand maintenances and patches later and it's still jacked up. Please fix this.

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posté Yesterday - 06:19:39 | #5
It IS higher in a Haven World ... IF... you level up your laboratory.

Our Havenworld has 75% chance of planting ANYTHING, for instance. So if you don't want to plant something in a general zone, and your bag gives you crap results, then I would suggest either creating a guild and getting it to the point where you have a leveled up lab, or joining a guild that has one, or has the intention of creating one...

Otherwise, sometimes the planting for some things just sucks, period. Don't try to make sense of it, because this is Ankama we're talking about here. Half the things in the game don't make any sense.

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posté Yesterday - 02:48:24 | #6
While I do support the removal of region locks, I do not support any idea of server mergers that folks talk about. It's impossible because names taken on one server can be taken on another server, and I refuse to rename my characters. Mergers also sometimes mean server wipes, and I would quit if that ever happened, and take all my money with me.

So yeah... I don't care who plays on what server with their friends, but I do care if it ever involved mergers.

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posté September 20, 2014, 13:11:35 | #7
You cannot do this task in a party or you will glitch out 9 times out of 10.

Tested this multiple times and every time I was in a party, I glitched out. Even in a group with just multis. In group with guildy. Etc. You must do this task alone if you want it to work right 100%.

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posté September 20, 2014, 04:58:23 | #8
trade complete Trade complete, thank you very much!

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posté September 20, 2014, 04:00:59 | #9
Actually, the "no more puzzles!" thing is not entirely true.

A lot later in the game, level 125+, there are areas (castuc, spores, srambad, enurado, etc) where puzzles do come back hot and heavy in the game. Unlike the beginning puzzles, they are a little more interesting, and you can take a party of folks with you if you have some friends and whatnot in-game by that time?

I believe the Castuc area (Ohwymi Desert) was the introduction of these types of puzzles, and since its creation, Ankama has put more of these types of puzzles in the game.

On a side note, if you're on Nox server and need any help in game, feel free to hit me up. My main is a fire/air cra named Nyne Valten

(Just type /w "Nyne Valten" (then your message here) to whisper me any time!)

If you're not on Nox, then .. well.. Good luck anyway! Hope you have a lot of fun!

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posté September 20, 2014, 03:48:40 | #10

Quote (TommyTrouble @ 20 September 2014 00:21) *
It's far too rare for anyone to do boost-foods anymore. I'm terrified it will be stuck at a 1% rate for a long time, and all the Divine Dimensions related Boost Foods will become essentially unavailable.

Not to mention the incredible nerf it is, to the Haven World Only Kama Recipes, and all the Ore Mines I put in for guild members to mine in peace.

It's a nightmare, if it stays at 1%. Crafting in almost every area of the game will grind to a stop. Planting over 100 flowers or crops just to make 1 single 15-minute Boost Food is a sick joke. I can't possibly sell them at the price they cost me to make in time/effort. The work it takes to make these foods now far outstrips any benefit they give, and nobody in their right mind would pay that much money for these foods.

Please, help us!

as a food-making player, making the foods that need the starred items is basically a waste of time now because the benefit of the boost is nothing compared to the effort to get the items to begin with.

Also... minting recipes. :/ I feel like i wasted all the kama on our guild ore nodes for no reason. We made the nodes to keep from getting PK'd over ores. But now it's like.. our few ore nodes never spawn a starred recipe item anyway so what's the point.


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posté September 19, 2014, 06:17:59 | #11
So are the things purchasable only through Steam ever going to come to the regular-client users? Phoenix pet? Wisdom boost that someone mentioned here? Other things?

I'm going to go look at Steam...

Question though... can you still just log into your account normally through the regular client if you link it to Steam?

Maybe it's a dumb question but I figured I'd ask.

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posté September 19, 2014, 01:32:10 | #12
:3 I like this list of stuff.

Whitehaven Marauders has updated very recently though, so we have added things (such as the building of our Marketplace which is about 1/3rd the way complete.) We've also added houses, planting areas, and other things. We're about halfway to getting Guild Hall 3 as well, and shortly thereafter, we will be leveling our minter.

Our Havenworld is mostly open to the outside world, other than our phoenix which is locked off, some houses are locked off and our minter is locked off (because we had a suspected botter messing with our mines and minting for endless amounts of time there without any response to us at all, so they ruined it for everyone else.)

But otherwise most of the havenworld, even the mob planting area! is open to the public now.  

Oh and we are level 10.  

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posté September 18, 2014, 02:23:34 | #13

Quote (Merriden @ 17 September 2014 23:14) *

It would be nice if they changed that to be a passive bonus that didn't require equipping something. Like the change to guild bonuses, how they used to require wearing a guild costume and are now always on.

Omg, I was so just talking about this with a guildy. It would be so nice if they made it a passive setup like how they took the artifacts for treasure hunting and made them passives too. Has anyone suggested this to them? (Though I'd be worried about the passive breaking or something and us not getting our harvest bonuses anymore, because #Ankama. )

Quote (Asthis @ 18 September 2014 01:42) *

I do this ALL THE TIME. Now I check almost obsessively to make sure I'm wearing the right equips when I go into a dungeon cuz it happens so much.

It's getting to the point where, before we start a dungeon boss or a UB, we all go "Katra? Nyne? Zero? Do we all have our seals still on?!" lol because we screw up some much with them. The other day, Zero Gravity was in her mining gear when we were doing Sir Urh challenge. Couldn't figure out why her dmg was so crappy XD

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posté September 18, 2014, 02:19:03 | #14
I can confirm this. I understand that things are supposed to be rare if they are the starred resource, but I harvest 1300-ish elderberry wood before I got a single mortal wood to crop up.

This is not cool. Especially when there are recipes that call for more than a single starred resource, and sometimes Major Cat still gives regular +40 resources on a rare harvest battle.

So this really sucks. Maybe up it to 5 or 10 instead of 1... because seriously? Even with a Seal of Companionship, it hardly matters when you're harvesting if the rare resource only pops up once every 1300+ resource collections (and sometimes the harvest gives 1.. count it.. 1.. ONE! ... of the resource instead of like 2-6 or something... wth.)

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posté September 17, 2014, 22:42:38 | #15
Forgetting to take my Seal of Companionship off when going into a battle. I mean it doesn't really matter that my damage is over 900 with the seal on and I'm perfectly fine in the battle but I really wanted that extra damage anyway, on the off chance I hit a really nice crit in front of folks lol.

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posté September 17, 2014, 22:36:05 | #16
My suggestion is if you have a free char space, make a new turkey quest... Trade it through account chest, delete new character.

Sending a ticket won't get you anywhere. Took them 6+ months to get back to me on something! said they couldn't help coz it had been more than 30 days, and gave me promo booster time in favour of actually fixing my problem so I would suggest just trying out different ways to get the turkey back for yourself because their support really sucks.

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posté September 17, 2014, 07:02:13 | #17
I think that if they are going to change the characters in a big way like that, they should offer a respec. :/

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posté September 17, 2014, 00:59:34 | #18
Meridia Insig keeps bugging out costumes I'm not sure if this happens with other things in the insig spot, but the meridia insignia keeps bugging out costume display. I can see my costumes fine on my screen, but if I come into a new area, people see my meridia instead of my costumes. I have to reselect the costume for it to show up again. :/

While this doesn't bother MY gameplay much since the costume still displays for me, it is very annoying that I can't show off my costumes to others since all they see is the insignia.

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posté September 17, 2014, 00:56:58 | #19
Does it suck or something? I thought it said that you get like.. rewards and stuff from the battles that happen in your havenworld?

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posté September 16, 2014, 22:21:33 | #20
I know merge option is impossible right now coz it resets rolled stats. But I would definitely love the addition of new ikiakits or larger capacity bags to make u for it, that's for sure.

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