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posté Yesterday - 20:44:16 | #1
If they gave a floppy wodent costume to everyone they had to say sorry to, we should all be getting floppy wodent costumes.

(sorry I can't just call it a wodent costume because there is already a wodent costume in the game... kind of like how they named a ring AND a belt "memory" I guess...)

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posté Yesterday - 20:31:34 | #2

Quote (MaxwelsHammer @ 27 May 2015 15:09) *
I emptied most of my gift box and this morning the reward was new:

5x wodent transformation potions
5x Bouquet of cawwots (which is a no trade aura consumable where the aura is fleaster eggs popping up around you)

was hoping for a wodent costume

Yeah I was pretty disappointed. :c it was pretty lame... I remember one of the pick a numbers was a cra haven bag kit. Compared to that, this is just blah.

I mean I know it's free and I shouldn't complain but man.. I'm kind of tired of just recycled items. I'd like something fun and unique once in a while!

I was also hoping for the new floppy wodent costume, tbh.

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posté Yesterday - 03:23:40 | #3
1400+%?! Okay, I admit, I push for damage and stuff myself.. I have about ... 500+ in earth, 1000+ in air, and 1100+ in fire. I'm not very runed... I'm in lower gear... I'm still working on my relic, honestly...

But the point of this thread is... I saw something interesting today. I saw a cra with like 400+ in earth, and 1400+ in both air and fire. They were level 175.

I was wondering if someone could break this down for me to understand? How do you gear and rune up that high as a cra? We had roughly the same res, so that wasn't as interesting to me, but ... damage wise...? Yes please.

I have no idea what the person was wearing other than a bygone hand (because of the aura.)

Is there any gear setup (including calculation for runes?) that is best for a fire/air cra like that? Level 170+ ...?

I don't care for PvP, so I focus mostly on PvE. I'm an 11/6 build right now, though this will change within the month most likely.

I'm just basically looking for help/information to even get near that amount of damage... I mean... seriously? I know it can't be all runes... but what kind of gear should I be looking at...? D:

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posté Yesterday - 03:16:39 | #4
Still no prize release? :c

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posté Yesterday - 03:15:51 | #5
:/ Kind of mad because we had all kinds of bugs go ignored for compensation issues... all kinds of things ... and then suddenly Ankama is like "oh here you go random people that complained randomly" ...

Whatever. :c Figures that the one time this would be released on Nox, it's a compensation gift for a small amount of folks that had an issue ...

Guess I should have complained louder.

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posté May 22, 2015, 23:48:50 | #6
You should fix your payment system (especially paypal) before you release all this crap. Because honestly? I can't even buy ogrines anymore because your pay system is broken.

This is pretty ridiculous.

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posté May 22, 2015, 23:48:02 | #7
Well, I see this explanation, and I already hate it. If it sucks when it comes out, I'm probably going to stop buying boosters for my multiple accounts because this sounds absolutely retarded.

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posté May 15, 2015, 23:09:58 | #8

Quote (JICag @ 15 May 2015 23:01) *
Nope they both become outlaw after trade, i fly to brakmar, then use dragonturkey express for Strich dungeon, then i give keys to my other character and wow, we both outlaws

You can get rid of this by having a guard of brakmar kill you and your other character. The guard has to be within like 10 or 15 levels of you (I would aim to get as close to your level as possible since I don't know the exact level requirement.) Generally asking at the outpost is the easiest way unless you have brakmarian friends.

Also, in the future, you can just drop the keys on the floor, and pick them up with the other character if one is an outlaw and one isn't.

Good luck.

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posté May 15, 2015, 22:57:29 | #9
The bum sack IS still obtainable. It just has a very low rate of showing up, and considering it's harder to get it (because it's harder to get tickets than it was to get tokens..) then it will take a while to obtain. It's just a lot easier to just find someone selling one than it is to obtain one yourself unless you're basically sleeping with God Ecaflip and he's doling out tons of luck for you because of it...

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posté May 14, 2015, 20:25:23 | #10
I agree with the "you're better off buying a ghast" because the PP is higher. Sometimes there are people that will buy things through ogrines for you if you pay them kamas in-game. Instead of putting it on the marketboard to sell, they just trade with you. I don't have enough ogrines atm or I'd help you out (bought those ... mystery boxes recently, and paypal is blocked for me for some reason atm.. so I can't buy any ogrines :c oh well..)

You can also put a "buying a quaquack" thread up if you really want that pet over the ghast. Or you can stand at populated locations and use the merchant trade channel in the chat options.

Getting the duck via tickets in the faire anymore is pretty stupid, in my opinion, because it's too hard to get tickets for most folks. When I got my duck, I used 3800 bronze tokens... :x So imagine trying to do that in tickets? Some people got lucky and got their duck in a few tries. Like my sister got her duck in like 20 tokens back in the day.

But, either way, if you're looking for a good PP pet, currently the Ghast is the best PP pet.

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posté May 14, 2015, 20:18:06 | #11
Yeah I would really like to free up the spots in my inventory that have things like... the display case, the guard insignia that can't be stored??, the croum pet that can't be stored??? can we fix these things?! Seriously, ... you guys wonder why we complain so much about inventory space!

Well, it's because you make all of these things we either can't delete, or they can't be stored!

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posté May 10, 2015, 13:37:18 | #12

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 10 May 2015 08:20) *

Quote (FeldePard @ 09 May 2015 23:17) *
Yeah, sorry I'm not too impressed because it's a Mr Punchy... go hit Cledus for 19k in one turn and I'll be impressed.
I can hit Cledus for 25k+ with a single hit. It's not that hard.
I don't mean when he's got the status on him where you hit harder, I mean when he's normal, and a gem hasn't been broken.  

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posté May 10, 2015, 13:35:48 | #13
I dunno but it mentions Kabrok and the Krobot... my guess would be it's Kelba related. Cro-Cave? Maybe the 10 minute challenge dungeon? I'm almost curious where it comes from, to be honest.

edit: oooh sniped. XD

Thanks for that info. :3

This post has been edited by FeldePard - May 10, 2015, 13:36:19.
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posté May 09, 2015, 23:17:38 | #14
Yeah, sorry I'm not too impressed because it's a Mr Punchy... go hit Cledus for 19k in one turn and I'll be impressed.

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posté May 09, 2015, 23:13:25 | #15
Farm garden gems. They sell for 100kk each, and the characters only need to be level 35 in order to get the gem... which takes really no time at all to do.

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posté May 09, 2015, 23:10:24 | #16
Out of all of the characters that I have played, the fastest xp gaining characters were Cra first, then Osa. Everyone else is pretty much behind that, imo.


Because of movement. It isn't so much about the damage output as it is about the fact that Cra doesn't really have to move if they have range. The animation times are shorter because there's no running animation if you have enough range. Osa is obvious because you can send your pets to do your work for you, and if you have good pets, you don't have to worry about dying/restarting at the phoenix much.

After this though, I would say that maybe sram, sacrier, fogger, panda, elio... because you can consider power and board manipulation.

But honestly? The speed of the battle is the part that makes cra efficient as a leveler, solo. I was out in a zone by myself, with multis for pp coz I was trying to get drops? ... and another person was out there with their multis. They were a panda, I believe, also trying to get drops. We both "finished" in the first round, but all of mine were killed on the same turn. Fighting 5-6 monsters at a time, they were all killed without my even having to move at all, and without my multis taking a turn, whereas the other person had to move around and hit, as well as let multis hit, etc.

So in essence, a cra with okay to great range can speed the battle along very quickly, thus giving you more battles in the span of the same timeframe that the other class was battling, so it seems like the XPing "goes quicker" because you have more battles.

It's like...

Cra - 10 minutes of fighting monsters that give 50k xp. Has 20 battles. Gets 1mil xp.
Other Class - 10 minutes of fighting monsters that give 50k xp. Has 15 battles because of slower battles due to animation times of walking around to get close combat or close enough to hit... 750mil xp.

I mean there are other classes with good range too, but as far as I know, Cra has one of the largest ranges in the game, being a purposefully ranged class? So when you don't have to move, you're cutting down your battle time.

I know that there will be others that advocate other classes, and that's fine! I'm not really here to debate, just offering an opinion based on watching others battle the same things around me, and me coming out on top when it comes to the time of the battle, as a cra.

Good luck.

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posté May 06, 2015, 23:50:55 | #17
After 30 days, they will not give you the item(s) back anyway. Had this happen with a visual glitch for my bum sack last april. Filed the ticket in april. They responded in june/july with a "sorry but it's been more than 30 days" response. I did get compensated appropriately, but I think that was just luck of the draw, tbh.

I recently had about 13 prestige krosboxes go missing (had 13 specifically to finish leveling my air krosmunster, since they don't drop anymore..) and they just disappeared completely yesterday, even though they've been in my inventory for a while now. Had to buy some first choice kibbles in order to finish feeding the pet, so yeah it cost me real money technically coz I had to buy ogrines.

So disappearing items can really affect people.

I hope that this gets fixed, and that items stop disappearing. But, I hate to be a debbie downer, as it were, but the chances of you ever seeing the items again are slim to none considering Ankama basically says in their TOS that they aren't responsible for compensating lost items to you like.. ever. :x so good luck, and godspeed lol.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #859318  Replies : 19  Views : 1372
posté May 04, 2015, 22:56:42 | #18
OP, can I ask what server you're on?

Thread : 1.42 Bug Reports  Preview message : #858582  Replies : 57  Views : 696
posté May 04, 2015, 16:32:51 | #19

Quote (Kontred @ 04 May 2015 13:24) *
it eats wheat grains and sturgeon

And do we have screencap or video evidence of this? I've fed a variety of things to the crobak and it won't eat anything but the stupid First Choice Kibble, which I refuse to even remotely attempt to feed it because I shouldn't have to. :/

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posté April 30, 2015, 23:08:35 | #20

Quote (Ynee @ 30 April 2015 23:03) *

Quote (FeldePard @ 30 April 2015 23:00) *
I will be messaging you shortly if I can find you in game, but I will gladly take this contract.

ign: Nyne Valten

I'm at work atm. I'll be on in a bit and message you asap.

No worries. I'll be on most of the day, and well into the night.

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