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Quote (FeldePard @ 30 October 2014 08:11) *
I hate to necro this thread, but did this ever get figured out? I have the quest, but I don't want to go derp around with it if it's just going to fail?

I did it yesterday again. Worked fine. 110 Black Cawwots, 75 Black Cawwot Seeds, 65 Cawwots, 35 Cawwot Seeds, 20 Vanilla Bean, 4 Midalurgee, and you're good to go. Or whatever the recipe the book says.

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Quote (BrainInAJar @ 27 October 2014 19:20) *
and since the most combersome rank requirement for the 160 gear is 4, you dont have to be compeditive to wear pvp gear, yeah?

As of this time, correct. This will of course change in the future with higher level PvP gear beyond 160. The competitive ranks are to also have certain other privileges not necessarily bound to equipment.

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Quote (Lethalen @ 27 October 2014 19:01) *

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 27 October 2014 19:00) *
i think you go up (numerically down) a rank every 2k merit
No, it's explicitly a ranking. If equipment requires you to be Rank 7, then you have to be within the top 7 people in your nation on the PVP rankings.

Incorrect. The first seven ranks (referred to by ranks ten through four) are attained simply by numerical score increments. The final three ranks (referred to by ranks three through one) are gauged competitively. The single and sole highest merited player of a nation holds rank one. The next seven hold rank two. The next 42 hold rank three.

Some more information:

Rank three requires a bare minimum of 16'000 merit to qualify. Rank two is 18'000. Rank one is 20'000. As of right now, Aerafal is the only server with players in the competitive ranks, including one single player that hold the rank one wings in the Riktus Clan. Funny enough, it's an Osamodas PvP twink. It seems that level 110-115 or so characters hold a tremendous advantage when it comes to obtaining merit compared to level capped players in regards to players that are worth merit and players who cannot score merit from you.

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Under normal circumstances I would agree with both you and aurevoirmika. And for the most part, I do.

Except, we were given forewarning, duly in advance.

The problem is that most of us were blinded by wanting our characters back so badly, we didn't think about the possibility of being able to transfer them back to EN servers. This was also during the time where the EN servers were F2P, but still not doing so well due to the lack of promotion. Two months later, Ankama would shock the community by going on a massive campaign via Steam and Netflix.

So, I'm not making a stink about it because this was made known to us two weeks before the form was made available. That and I'm more than content with the idea of moving to Aerafal. I still hope they will make isolated exceptions for you guys, but given the circumstances that we were informed of the repercussions of early retrieval, I won't hold my breath.

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Nox16 is correct. The Accelerator state does not exceed five. Both water spells and Devotion contribute it, so unless you give them an initiative speed bonus it's impossible to give an ally more than five AP per turn.

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The short, for those who are unaware of what is happening.

Some time ago costumes with stats appeared in the files and were exposed on the forums. I confirmed to all of you that it would never concern you guys and to ignore it, because they were meant for APAC. Granted this was before I knew that English servers would go F2P. I still have my doubts, even if they are not certain, that they will ever see the light of day on these servers.

They are rental items that you can have for three, seven, and thirty days. Some examples are Reinforced costumes that provide some damage and resistance bonuses, and there is a variation of the Sumens costume in the data files that provide +100% to harvests while it is equipped. It can only be assumed that this costume will also be made available to APAC players.

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If you didn't retrieve your characters to place them on a dedicated French account, when transfer services become available you should be able to bring it from Dathura to Remington/Nox. If you've already moved the character onto a French account though, they won't be able to do that service for you.

This is to the OP if they had thing they wanted to keep from Dathura.

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posté October 26, 2014, 23:07:47 | #8
They recently deactivated the service to retrieve your characters. You have to message Sabi privately for her to do it manually now. Your character is trapped on an account that was re-located to NA/EU region, hence why you can no longer access Dathura (which is a P2P server still along with Aerafal).

You will definitely have a better time on Remington or Nox though, which have a much larger English following. Dathura can get lonely, and the English people that still play here plan to collectively move to Aerafal when server transfers become available.

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posté October 26, 2014, 09:19:57 | #9
I like the idea of BOP gear. So long as dungeon design allows every class to be able to be useful there (thus eliminating the possibility of certain classes not really being able to obtain certain items) I'm cool with the idea of certain (not all) gear you can only obtain by actually doing the content. It reminds me of equipment that could only be equipped by completing certain achievements on the character, such as defeating a certain boss as a requirement before being able to equip something in particular.

BOP gear should have a higher drop rate than gear that can be exchanged, though.

Not a bad suggestion!

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posté October 25, 2014, 19:56:54 | #10
Hey OP, very brave of you to make this thread. But what MiniMikeh said is as close to the truth as you can get. I've been ardently supportive of Wakfu for years now; still am. But only a fool could go on and continue playing without being de-sensitized by the fact that they make a lot of mistakes.

Wakfu is a young team. You'd think they have years of experience because of Dofus but the reality is that it's a completely different team than Dofus. They don't have those years of experience to help them make judgment calls. Even over the course of the past couple years they've hired here and there to help in areas where they need it. But Ankama's Wakfu team is, in the end, a rather small enterprise compared to Ankama as a whole.

The game has a lot of bugs, there's hundreds and hundreds of things they need to fix, and the playerbase is upset with these things. Things get implemented, old things become out-dated, or no longer unlockable, or downright redundant. Many of us have put years and years into this game, and our progress and knowledge reflect that. But we've also been here since the beginning and it's not fun to see certain aspects and elements of a game you're so devoted to degrade over time.

Don't discount an entire playerbase (F2P). I play on a P2P server and even I can see how flawed that logic is. Every one of the players count. It's what comprises the community as a whole. Saying a large group of people don't get an opinion on the matter is just disrespectful.

You have good intentions, but Ankama doesn't need your praise and it won't dissuade anyone here. If you want to do good for the community, you have to let it run its course and vent about the things that bother it. It is, in the end, ultimately a collective body that is speaking its mind from matter to matter.

People appreciate how Wakfu has taken the right steps, but if you do something good, it doesn't automatically give you a free pass on anything that you've done that is wrong.

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posté October 25, 2014, 11:47:59 | #11
I would opt against Aging as an air/water hybrid. There's a reason it's so effective with fire. Initiative reduction is guaranteed, and what's more is that it's boostable to the point where you can get the damage proc from Aging several times from a single cast of a spell like Hand. On the other hand, when we look at the damage from AP reduction, not only is it less than that of one (sole) proc from initiative burning, but it can at most proc the damage once per cast and it can be dodged if you're unsuccessful at removing an AP from the enemy.

The damage per AP reduction would have to be triple or even quadruple that of what it is now for it to stand in the light of initiative burning.

The water branch is underpowered in PvM. Monsters are given more AP than they need as a fail-safe against locking them down with AP removal. The only valid application it has in PvM is when combined with a locker or two, since penalties via lock are not affected by Hyperaction or Hypermovement.

In PvP, it's effective, but only because players design their turns out of making use out of every single AP point that they have.

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Quote (MarkWright @ 23 October 2014 08:26) *
I just watched your fight against Master Shuudoku. Nice work, by the way.

Do you think you could explain how the boss works? My friends and I have been attempting this boss, and we only recently managed to do it with 2 healers, having to tank through most of the Reflect damage. I think understanding the mechanics would help us take on the boss better.

A big part of this battle is understanding the Whispered Symphony. If you spend a turn on each of his colored glyphs, starting from the outer ring (red) and making your way to the innermost ring (blue), the turn after that you spent on the blue glyph you'll be granted a buff called Whispered Symphony for your following turn. It grants you 6 AP, 4 MP, a huge boost in damage, and the ability to bypass Sonic Diffraction. That turn you can deal the most damage without worrying about having your attacks reflected.

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posté October 23, 2014, 07:08:07 | #13
Two new highlights! Gweat GM Wabbit boss first has to be one of the toughest fights I've experienced yet in Wakfu. Toughest since the old days of UBs for sure.

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posté October 22, 2014, 20:59:35 | #14

Quote (Nosgo @ 20 October 2014 15:51) *
At which level would you recommand going for tribid Mango? (and why? :p)

Another newb question : why speccing into symbiosis that early? Because if I understand well, you can use your dragon form only when you don't have summon or gobgob out. So do you use it only when all invoc are dead? (which at my lvl 101 never happen) Do you use it in group only to be resurrected via passive? (cause you can't do support if you're in dragon right?).

As I won't be playing into group until ~lvl130, do you still think it will be usefull that early (lvl101)?

This build (tribuild, not to be mixed with tribrid) doesn't work so well until you're actually at the endgame. It heavily relies on having all the specialties maxed out to make it effective.

I spec into Symbiosa early because there are numerous occasions where going Dragon immediately may be the most effective way to go about business. For example, if I equip a complete Gobball set and a Satisfaction Ring, my stats will suffer but I'll be 10 AP at level 25, which is a huge advantage over many. If I were Dragon focused (with Symbiosa being leveled first) I would probably do that. The bonus AP from a maxed out Symbiosa can do a lot for most players.

To make this build work you have to use creatures that are far lower leveled than the content you do. I do not ever use Sramva or Kamarachnid because they are too durable, and as a result once they're out on the field I effectively block myself from using Gobgob or Dragon mode. But otherwise Dragon is an in-case of emergency, where I can do the highest amount of damage and also have a free revive upon death. It's kind of like an enrage mechanic but for yourself.

You can of course go tribrid whenever you want (pending you're not a pure summoner Osamodas, in which case it's advised to go either pure fire or fire/earth or air/fire - I recommend the former). Tribuild is an expensive and late game build though.

For the bulk of Osamodas out there that aren't yet 160 or near 160, I strongly recommend either going Summoner/Dragon or Gobgob/Dragon, but not all three. Having that bonus revive is huge, especially since you go immediately in the turn queue after you revive.

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posté October 21, 2014, 08:58:25 | #15

Quote (Nox16 @ 21 October 2014 08:52) *
TLDR: best of luck in achievement hunting... you will need it.

I'm aware most of them are broken. But most of the ones that aren't are tedious. This was mostly to reflect the people who said things were too easy right now and there was no challenge in PvM left!

Therein I'm mostly after the kill-first achievements for the upper dungeons. We've knocked out Wobot-in-Chief, Wa Wabbit, The Famous Flaxhid the Skewerer, and Cledus'Onist the Unlocker so far. Tried Soulkrupt the Reaper but got slaughtered badly. That's the one encounter that's yet to be cleared in boss-first globally from server information. So difficult.

Kudos to you though. I don't really have the patience to do a lot of them, but I have a great respect for those who do. It's like one big huge scavenger hunt.

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Quote (Pedja93 @ 20 October 2014 23:11) *
Hey, newbie here, love your guide and I'm currently using your secondary build. Although I'm finding bled dry to be relatively weak seeing as i'm still very low level. So I've thought about going 3/1/1 dropping bled dry and kleptosram and adding forceful blow. Any opinions on this?

It's a tough call, because going 3/1/1 means losing a spell in both the fire and water trees. The water tree, which you should definitely want both of the spells for. Both Kleptosram and Bloody Ripoff are immensely useful to have part of your kit. If you really don't like Bled Dry, I'd say you should just revert to the original build.

Quote (TrezureHunter @ 21 October 2014 04:36) *
I have a couple questions concerning gear:

1.) For this build is crafted gear better (meaning shushu) or is gear that is dropped better? I realize that dropped gear is much more attainable, but just for the sake of knowing.

2.) How much would you personally think that Grou's Axe would be worth? (maybe a little off topic, but I ask because I saw one on the market the other day for 1.6mil)

Some endgame crafted gear is BIS (best in slot). Tormented Helmet, Tranchus Shushu, and Imperial Merchant Ring (this is only while the level cap is 165 and with three guild kit skill) are examples of this.

I can't gauge the value of items since I'm not from the same server as you. The value of that axe though, is that it's used to create the strongest tribrid melee weapon in the game.

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posté October 21, 2014, 07:57:26 | #17
There's Glory in a Challenge What is the reason we build our characters or level up in an MMORPG? For the prospect of loot and glory in tougher places, no? But what happens to PvM when there's no better loot?

To be able to reach the level cap first, or be the first ones to beat a dungeon. In those ideologies themselves, there's no physical reward for that (at least for these intermediary level caps before level 200). All there is, is the right to say that you did. For many of us now, the endgame dungeons even in Hardcore mode are a trivial experience (sans Spectrex the Corrupted).

So why don't those of you who have lost your sense of purpose, at least until December, try something a little different? I've spent the last few days clearing the hardest (in terms of difficulty, not tedium) achievements that Wakfu has to offer - defeat bosses first instead of last. And I have to say, this is the reason I decided to play a tactical MMORPG. The challenge, and the need to think and strategize in order to win.

I haven't had this much fun since Ultimate Bosses were first released. So I urge those at the endgame that are lost or ready to shelf the game to give this a try. It adds a new dimension to the usual encounters that's far more interesting and less predictable. That and you'll get a little star next to the successful encounter in your achievement log (and in the case of dungeons up to Wa Wabbit, some really badass miniatures).

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2. You get a Scara Wing by using the Trapper profession to combine x3 Scarapace together. The craft is Trapper level 10. Scarapace drop at a 35% rate from all Scara mob family members except the Scarafly, which will drop them at a 50% rate.

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Quote (PrillinBomb @ 20 October 2014 01:27) *
So I have a couple of questions...

1 -- I'm embarrassed to admit I can't figure out how to whisper a specific person -- especially someone with spaces in their name. Tried "/w first last" but it just says "first does not exist."


Put quotations around their full name. If I want to message someone named Prillin Bomb for example, I would do [ /w "Prillin Bomb" ].

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posté October 20, 2014, 00:35:44 | #20
The Voyager's class data was not meant to be released on the public Beta.

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