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posté Today - 03:57:50 | #1

Quote (Sabi @ 26 November 2014 02:14) *

Quote (Sandbird @ 25 November 2014 13:00) *
It gives a lot of freedom to the gameplay....
If you get another scroll, after changng class, can you change back to yours?

That is a great question, there isn't any limitations that I know of yet but we will come back to you on this as soon as we have more answers on it.

Hey, I can confirm this for you. You can select your previous class. If you are a Sram then switch to a Foggernaut, you will be able to switch back to a Sram if you find that Foggernaut was not your cup of tea. When utilizing the service, the only classes that will be locked out is your current one and the Eliotrope.

So for example if you're a Sram, you cannot purchase the service and pick Sram (insensible, but I figured it should be elaborated regardless).

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posté Today - 03:53:59 | #2

Quote (Xillor-The-Shadow @ 26 November 2014 03:41) *
Aight so can we talk about how op osas are? They summon those damned shawpshootews and heal up 4000+ hp per turn along with dealing 2000+ per turn. This is unrealistically overpowered and needs to be fixed, please -.-;

If we nerf them they become severely underpowered in PvM and team PvP, where they currently aren't exactly a meta pick. But you are correct they are a top tier class for one vs. one PvP. It's insensible to balance around that however, even if it's the main source of merit & Orbs Of Glory. A delicate imbalance.

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posté November 24, 2014, 23:32:10 | #3
It wasn't me!

I have my plate full right now with Xelorium business. When the YouTuber is ready to release their videos on the Eliotrope, you'll definitely be made known! Delaz was right - the testing was done on a local version of the game so I couldn't be present for testing since I wasn't really in the mood to fly out to France on such a whim.

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posté November 23, 2014, 07:37:08 | #4

Quote (valstrong @ 23 November 2014 07:28) *
How can you go directly to the boss?

At the Almanax Temple there is a duty free machine akin to a token machine that sits at most dungeons. At the top of the list of the items offered by this machine is a beer mug called the Heraldicana. Much like the Scripture of Almanax, it's an infinite use teleporting potion to a tester zone with the same name as the item. In the southeast corner of this island are two portals that lead to each respective boss. The other boss has HC available for testing, while I'll be pursuing in-depth tomorrow.

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posté November 23, 2014, 01:22:32 | #5
Classic Ow El Dungeon (Lv. 157) Written guide coming soon.

Mechanics & enemy stats subject to change pre-December 9th. This fight is about the right amount of difficulty for a level 157 classic dungeon. Probably one of the most mechanically intense battles. Just wanted to show a video of the ramped up difficulty for endgame fights. These dungeons are balanced around endgame players with a Relic, an Epic, and at least partially runed. It's the first content ever balanced around new player strength, and it shows.

Can't wait to get slaughtered on the HC release! Thanks to the brave souls from Remington for helping me out in today's tests.

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posté November 21, 2014, 14:55:42 | #6

Quote (Major-Caligari @ 21 November 2014 14:48) *
Please congratulate Ankama on replacing an actually interesting idea for a class with utter garbage.

Dunno if the playerbase should trust you now, though, I guess everyone has to decide on their own, not really my problem since in theory I left already

To each their own. If one white lie to do a favor for someone is enough to deter a player from believing information I relay in light of the dozens that I've adequately relayed and responded to, then that's within the prerogative of the person, as you've said.

I'll continue to post information as I can, though that role is only tertiary to what I must do now (next to content testing/balancing & translations).

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posté November 21, 2014, 14:26:35 | #7

Quote (Gunnerwolfang @ 21 November 2014 13:16) *
A. They are not eliatropes....
Yeah, keep telling that to yourself... Maybe you can convince yourself that they are not...

B. Osamodas are not buffer and Iop is not the damage class...
Read the post after mine, he understood what I meant...

C. Cross dimensional foruming
I don't see any restriction with regards to joining the wakfu forum...

Off-topic but out of curiosity, are you the one who told all your forum friends that the new class will be the Voyagers and later tells them that they are not the eliatropes and they trusted you because you have access to these kind of information?

You should take a day or two to grow up and stop being so thick-headed and immature. It's only now that I've decided to even say anything about your insufferable nonsense on these forums.

I was told to call them Dimensional Voyagers, despite knowledge for quite some time that they weren't. I even revealed on stream what the class would truly be days before the official post came up with the reveal. Obviously the post after yours understood what you meant, but it doesn't change the fact that what you said were descriptions only relevant to the game you've played and don't apply here in Wakfu.

I hope I don't see you around again touting your random theories in places that should have factual discussion. Because if you're trying to actively prove someone wrong about something content-wise in Wakfu, you sure picked the wrong person.

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posté November 21, 2014, 11:12:57 | #8
Don't be afraid to use one or two dual-elemental items. Using Wa Wamulet over Mechamulet is absolutely worth considering all of the bonus extraneous damages and stats you can find on the former in contrast to 30% damage in an element found in the latter. A loss of up to 100% of damage is minute when you're pushing 1'400%+ damage with auxiliaries taken into account. It gives you a little more flexibility in secondary stats on equipment as well.

Also watch your timing! With December's update less than half a way, Xelorium introduces two monster families and three major dungeons, with a myriad of new endgame equipment and a few Relics to boot...

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posté November 21, 2014, 11:02:04 | #9

Quote (FinalHour @ 14 November 2014 23:51) *
"The Foggernaut has arguably the best damage per turn out of any class. "

Lol nope.

At endgame, yes they do. Resistances aren't as big of a factor at your level, but they vary much greater at the endgame where the lowest, mid, and high resist on most mobs are around 20% apart. Being not only relevant but effective against all enemies while boasting no-CH bases greater than 400 every other turn is to a capacity greater than any other class in the game, final damage bonuses or not.

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posté November 21, 2014, 10:54:40 | #10

Quote (usting @ 20 November 2014 18:24) *
if i may ask, whats the best epic/relic for an end game sram and if possible also the gear of choice with kama and grinding not a hindance for building the end game.

thank you in advance,

Equipment (PvM):
Cape: The Apothecloakery (Air/Fire/Water)
Helmet: Tormented Helmet (Air/Fire/Water)
Epaulettes: Dragon Pig Epaulettes (Air/Fire/Water)
Amulet: Dragon Pig Beads (Air/Fire/Water)
Ring One: Imperial Merchant Ring (Air/Fire/Water)
Ring Two: Expire Ring (Air/Fire/Water)
Weapon: Tranchus Shushu (Air/Fire/Water)
Off-Hand: N/A
Belt: Beltinterest (Air/Fire/Water) [+Dodge/+Dodge]
Breastplate: Souleater (Air/Fire/Water)
Boots: Woboots (Air/Fire/Water) [+HP/+Dodge/+Dodge]
Emblem: Shushu Emblem (Water)
Pet: Moofly

Equipment (PvP):
Cape: The Apothecloakery (Air/Fire/Water)
Helmet: Tormented Helmet (Air/Fire/Water)
Epaulettes: Dark Vlad's Epaulettes (Air/Fire/Water)
Amulet: Dragon Pig Beads (Air/Fire/Water)
Ring One: Imperial Merchant Ring (Air/Fire/Water)
Ring Two: Expire Ring (Air/Fire/Water)
Weapon: Tranchus Shushu (Air/Fire/Water)
Off-Hand: N/A
Belt: Beltinterest (Air/Fire/Water) [+HP/+HP]
Breastplate: Happy Sram Kimono (Air/Fire/Water)
Boots: Srambad Shadow (Fire/Water) [+HP/+HP/+HP]
Emblem: Shushu Emblem (Water)
Pet: Striped Bow Meow

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posté November 21, 2014, 10:09:45 | #11
@Wareen-Peace: You're absolutely right. This is a speculation thread, and not a feedback one. I'll be back on the 24th to collect feedback for potential tweaks for the class.

Sorry for intruding.

Quote (Gunnerwolfang @ 21 November 2014 07:44) *

Quote (Wareen-Peace @ 21 November 2014 07:01) *
It's not like the people who guess wrong are horrible people for it.
Guessing wrong is not horrible... We are all human...
Attacking those who guessed for eliatropes and calling them 5 years old fans are horrible...

The fact remains that these are not Eliatrope either. Just a physical manifestation that embody the aptitudes and characteristics of one, in order to introduce the class without causing a massive continuity error. Everyone was fully aware that an Eliatrope-based class was being released already in this manner (aptitudes). Every single person that regulars these forums. It was a matter of the name.

You can assume that the bigwigs at Ankama have a reasoning to go about this instead of retconning the lore around a means to actually release Eliatrope or call it something else altogether. The Eliatrope people remain where we know they are and all players have an opportunity to figure out how and why the Eliotrope came to scatter across the dimensional Krosmoz on December 9th.

Were it Dimensional Voyagers, their skill-set would have been all the same. No matter what, they wanted a way to add a class that represented the portal-wielding warriors we're familiar with.

I don't know who's attacking you but if it's taken to a level beyond just the game you should absolutely report it.

Off-topic but out of curiosity, aren't you a Dofus player? I see you have leveled Dofus characters, but nearly no Wakfu ones. You also don't seem to be familiar with how classes operate here (Osamodas don't buff allies, Iop are out-dated and don't deal the best damage in almost all scenarios). I don't really care either way, but it strikes me as unusual that you'd rather discuss here rather than your native game forum.

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posté November 21, 2014, 06:10:47 | #12
Everyone is jumping to conclusions about the capacity of the Eliotrope. Please wait until the 24th at bare minimum before falsely grasping at straws. Some more information should be available shortly after that date by observations cast by private testers at Ankama HQ.

The class has been largely developed since the Beta spoiler from a few weeks ago. It now offers more defined mechanics, more balanced values, and conditions put into place to prevent it from being too outrageously overpowered (especially regarding travel through portals during combat).

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posté November 18, 2014, 22:52:24 | #13

Quote (Carnviroiasiraed @ 18 November 2014 22:44) *
They really really really should fix the forum, I've written 3 LONG different answers but every time I press reply it takes me to the forum page

A tip.

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Edit: Though in the case of this thread and likely your feedback, you probably don't need to worry much about formatting. Just copy your message to anticipate these cruddy forums invalidating your post, and try until it works (but with your message saved in your clipboard).

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posté November 18, 2014, 22:50:14 | #14

Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 18 November 2014 09:28) *
also wish you could copy paste without having your formatting implode

My advice to band-aid remedy this is to click on "BB" under Edit code in the format options of your post. It'll turn all automatic formatting into textual BB code. Then copy your entire message and if it logs you out, go to reply again, click on BB again, and paste it in as BB code. Then click on the button one more time and it'll show you all the formatting preserved.

It sounds convoluted but it works and it's surprisingly not that much of hassle. Just remember if you're pasting in BB code that the post options are current in BB mode. Pasting in BB code to the automatic form won't preserve line breaks between paragraphs or things like quote blocks.

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posté November 18, 2014, 22:30:39 | #15

Quote (Devgru @ 18 November 2014 03:53) *
Is final damage really worth it? I chose range but.. I'm starting to feel a bit skeptical about it.

It depends on your gear. I find +3 range to be the most comfortable. If you're already getting a range from your necklace/weapon/helmet, you can get away with statting Final Damage. At the absolute endgame, Final Damage is worth about 130% elemental damage when buffed via Prism and the Dial.

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posté November 18, 2014, 22:27:53 | #16

Quote (MyriadGuru @ 23 October 2014 22:35) *
I've seen good use of the air trap as well in PvP, since you can leap frog with it for the kiters, or shove them into them with your double. Not that its worth maxing just for this, but the high mobility afforded by it is pretty cool.

The traps in themselves are pretty good for a number of reasons. You can apply Hemorrhage without being linear to the enemy (imperative for when the enemy is against a wall and you have your Double up against them, and they choose to stay there to force you on a penalty tile to continue Hemorrhage application. You can also yank them out into the center of the field if they're against a wall but not in a corner, forcing them to either fight with their back exposed or run to a new wall.

Quote (teste1503 @ 18 November 2014 22:04) *

Quote (Jiashu2 @ 23 October 2014 17:22) *
i'm a tri-element sram using the alternative build from Mango. since my level 62, i just kill everything except osamodas. yesterday i just powned a sacri lvl 63 with 400% fire, 2500hp and 200% resitance.

So, Osamodas are the PVP OP class in this game . is that right?

Summon Osamodas still have their weaknesses. They still die to burst from classes like Foggernaut and can still lose to a Sram, but it's much tricker. Smart Summon Osamodas' can possess while keeping their back non-exposed. It's difficult to deal with their summons (almost never worth it because of the combination of Prespic Hair, Animal Link, and Phoenix Spirit) and they can deal marginal damage in that of themselves. These are what make them the one true hard counter to a [Hemorrhage] Sram.

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Thread : Sram  Preview message : #798080  Replies : 15  Views : 3068
posté November 18, 2014, 22:03:56 | #17
It's not feedback seeing as there's no indication of the drawbacks of the "Eliatrope" support. You can't compare them when it's like comparing apples to an unknown exotic fruit that may or may not have diseases. You've all had a glimpse of a class that was barebones and none of their skills were either balanced or conditional yet.

Keep this discussion pertaining to the Beta Pandawa build, and compare it to either the current live Pandawa or support classes that you guys definitively know their prowess (e.g Neneko88 comparing their support Sram's works). I assure you portals have their limitations as well, as well as consequential repercussions that will allow you to make a clear distinction between them and other map movement skills.

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posté November 18, 2014, 21:59:10 | #18
She tries her best. English is not her native language. I translate the patch notes for APAC's community, and not all of my notes are perfectly translated either. Also, she always manages to get the complete French notes to translate. I always seem to be given incomplete ones.

Give her a break in that regard. But yes the original animation time is 2.8 seconds. It has been reduced to 1.3 seconds for spammability sake.

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posté November 16, 2014, 21:34:10 | #19

Quote (Coburg @ 16 November 2014 21:30) *

This is what you can expect. Common to Legendary rarity yields 90-120 while Epic & Relic yield 1'450 to 1'550. This was stealth buffed some time ago, as Relic used to only yield around 800. This begs the question if Epic items are supposed to yield that much, but in any case a common strategy for obtaining runes now is crushing items like Happy Sram Kimono and Golden Belt to yield around 15 Class 16/17 Runes.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #797283  Replies : 8  Views : 458
posté November 15, 2014, 23:27:43 | #20

Quote (Lokoner @ 14 November 2014 21:53) *
What would be a good combination for Sram, both pvp and pve?

Thought Xelor or Fogg, but Im not sure...

I'm a big fan of Air/Fire Eniripsa in tandem with Sram. Sram make great use of Massacuring Mark (whether getting enemies into position to get hurt by it or being in melee range to get the heal from it) and marks can easily continue your combo. If you can pick up a Trank as well you cover all of the bases (damage, map manipulation, heals, tanking, and a revive). Air/Fire Eniripsa also does pretty fantastic damage to boot.

Here's an excellent guide on Air/Fire Eniripsa.

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