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2. You get a Scara Wing by using the Trapper profession to combine x3 Scarapace together. The craft is Trapper level 10. Scarapace drop at a 35% rate from all Scara mob family members except the Scarafly, which will drop them at a 50% rate.

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Quote (PrillinBomb @ 20 October 2014 01:27) *
So I have a couple of questions...

1 -- I'm embarrassed to admit I can't figure out how to whisper a specific person -- especially someone with spaces in their name. Tried "/w first last" but it just says "first does not exist."


Put quotations around their full name. If I want to message someone named Prillin Bomb for example, I would do [ /w "Prillin Bomb" ].

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The Voyager's class data was not meant to be released on the public Beta.

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Quote (GrimackReapum @ 19 October 2014 23:39) *
On a little side note from all this big news: I've only just now noticed they've named almost all residents of Astrub (when you enter their houses). Any easter eggs or hidden lore there? Seems funny and very Ankama-like to do so, but for now I haven't found any...

The houses belong to Ankama staff, game testers, and well-established members of the community. Fhenris, the level designer, was in charge of the new Astrub, hence why he owns the lone mansion.

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Please bare in mind that what has been seen on the Beta is a very early WIP of the class. The damage values are place-holders at the moment (20/AP for the majority at 160) and there are plenty of incomplete mechanics as well as restrictions that have yet to be put into place (e.g. increased costs for moving to portals further away, or maximum distances that can be traveled between portals like that of the Sram air trap).

You can judge at face value what to expect from the class but don't use any actual numerical values as an absolute of what is to come.

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They are Dimensional Voyagers and not Eliatrope, I assure you. Pandora questline is meant to be a work-around on the continuity error that would exist with Eliatrope being introduced.

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posté October 18, 2014, 20:32:19 | #7
The correct explanation for this is the existence of the Dimensional Voyager(s).

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posté October 18, 2014, 11:21:30 | #8

Quote (Aspiel @ 18 October 2014 11:15) *
Thankyou very much for the replies, that helps alot!

Now what im confused about is wether to go for Damage and Resist or Health and Resist?

I would recommend damage and resist. I would only recommend HP and resist for a tank-heavy Earth Sacrier, since their Coagulation is dependant on max HP and resist (rather than damage and resist like other shielder classes).

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Quote (Lokoner @ 17 October 2014 22:35) *
Hmmm, the server I'm playing (Efrim) is very empty, so I'll probably not have opportunity to get end gear early on.

For the mount, what's the difference between close combat and precision for Sram? I read you recommend the first on, but I'm curious.

Edit: also, do you recommend any profession that would give me a "best gear" on a particular slot?

Precision damage will only affect spells that attack a single cell, meaning it wouldn't affect spells like First Blood or Forceful Blow. Close Combat on the other hand affects all attacks that strike within two cells of the Sram, meaning it affects all spells relevant to this build besides for the third cell of Forceful Blow and a three range Bled Dry. Bare in mind that the enemy's distance relative to the Sram when the Hemorrhage proc activates will be affected by this. If the enemy is three cells or more from the moment Hemorrhage procs, it will count as Distance damage.

Technically the Close Combat Weapon Master profession would lead you to a Grou's Axe, which in turn would become a Tranchus Shushu, which is superior to The Laughing Scythe at the endgame.

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posté October 18, 2014, 11:13:07 | #10
I've no guarantee that it'll be done like that.

It seems more plausible within time constraints that the final damage bonuses will come one at a time with each class' second round of revamps, rather than in a global alteration.

I'll talk to them about it on Monday but they're going to be on some heavy time constraints with everything else planned for December.

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posté October 18, 2014, 11:03:43 | #11
Typically when I level a new character I level it under a self-racing system called 18 game hours (ghr) where I just speedlevel for 18 in-game hours (with breaks in-between). This is usually over the course of two days, so I have to make sure it's two days where I have a lot of time. Why two days?

It takes me around an hour to get to level 80 starting a new character. Maybe less on a fast one. I've done four 18 ghr characters in the past month, and the results were something along the lines of 140, 147, 142, 133 as far as how far I was able to get them in eighteen hours. But these always took place in the span of two days, a.k.a. how long it takes for the Classy Respec quest to expire.

My tip to you for powerleveling a character and making use of it immediately afterwards, is to set aside two days where you can level from 30 to as high as you can. Stop at 29 with a new character, take a breather, find your time, then just go from 29 to so and such. And then after the second day right before the respec quest expires, then go up and make use of all of that precious spell XP that you missed out on by getting leeched. It'll all be refunded and made available to you.

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posté October 17, 2014, 09:47:14 | #12
A bounce is AoE. Hand on Tock, Die Alright on a critical hit, Invigorating Word even if it heals only one player, allies healed by the heal bounce from that one Water Masqueraider skill (the actual hit of this attack is single target though) are all AoE-based.

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posté October 16, 2014, 21:54:58 | #13

Quote (picklesaregood @ 16 October 2014 21:45) *
enurado a 147 dungeon? if i recall correctly you couldnt even access the zone till 150, no?

and the dungeon it self was locked to 155 players for a majority of it's release, it was just lowered to 147 with a recent update

The zone is accessible as soon as level 145 (the Zaap for it will automatically unlock at this level). It was re-evaluated as far as difficulty goes to 147 characters (this seems more correct given how easy of a time capped players have with the dungeon), to also better fit the progression of dungeons (Srambad available at level 140, dungeon counterpart available two levels after).

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Quote (picklesaregood @ 16 October 2014 20:39) *
i hope ankama introduces some more "diffcult" content cause everything is so easy now its not even fun anymore even with all gear we're getting now

doesn't feel "earned" more like, given out to us out of pity

hardcore was designed to be... uhhh hard? yeah its a joke and we all know it

i guess thats the price for appealing to the casual player base, gotta dumb things down too

please give us something that is hard AND rewarding so this game could feel enjoyable again

feels like playing a game made for 12 year olds now with its difficulty level

This was more of a byproduct of the scaling that September introduced with how players evolved. Truthfully content wasn't tested thoroughly enough before launch, and it wasn't within reason to arbitrarily buff these things to just provide a challenge for players.

Though understand, Enurado is technically a level 147 instance that level 160 players using gear up to level 165 are challenging. And even then a team full of level 147 players should be able to clear Enurado Classic, while also being able to clear Enurado Hardcore with extreme adversity. The issue here is more of a lack of true endgame content. Meanwhile if players visit Hardcore Spectrex the Tormentor, they find themselves in the seventh circle of hell when it comes to difficulty. Unfortunately, the rewards of this place don't really merit that.

Overall this should be rectified with future content, which can be balanced around new player strength rather than adapting old player strength. We can, for example, assume now that your average player at level 160 has an epic and a Relic at this point in the game, and up the ante on enemy power and mechanics based off of that. Before, that was a grey line, because these items were difficult to obtain and balancing content around the status of owning these power-items was in the disinterest in a majority of the playerbase.

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posté October 16, 2014, 20:21:00 | #15
You can quote me on it here in two months time from now. The team's spending three months to make December a wild, wild month for Wakfu.

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posté October 16, 2014, 20:11:56 | #16
November will be a very small update. Expect anything major to be in December (content, revamp, etcetera). On the plus, group finder will likely be available in November, so solo players have that to look forward to at least (after many years of waiting for it).

For what it's worth, the process of re-designing a class, re-programming, and [some] re-animating a class to the level of Sram takes about one full month (without bug testing) of very dedicated work from the team. If it takes additional time to push these revamps out, it's because they're simultaneously working on other features (this is big, expect some huge gameplay surprises by the end of the year), content, or have other things on their plate.

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Quote (Major-Caligari @ 16 October 2014 12:19) *
An interesting approach to balancing Osas would be learning that 1 vs. 1 pvp isn't exactly the best way to base your opinions on class balance on.

People will do this regardless, because this is the predominant means of obtaining Orbs of Glory to purchase PvP gear that is largely better than any PvM gear at its level. If rank was negligible as far as character power went then this would be ideal, but there needs to be some balance for 1v1 if it's a source of powerful endgame equipment (as impossible of a task in Wakfu as that seems).

To the argument that this gear will be out-dated soon enough (mentioned elsewhere), that won't be the case when 180 PvP gear is released at that cap, and again at 200.

There needs to be different kinds of Orbs of Glory currency for not just 1v1 but larger group battles as well, with the PvP items costing some of each type of PvP currency. This would curb most (read: not all) alt farming for PvP gear and encourage PvPers to arrange group battles instead of just 1v1 all day long.

Lastly to the people requesting an Arena system, Kolosseum likely won't happen in Wakfu. It's already been expressed an ELO system is unlikely due to the impact it has on high ranking players/teams being forced to wait a very long time to be arranged into a match.

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posté October 16, 2014, 12:34:18 | #18
It's not impossible, but your ability to solo in the late game is largely dependent on your ability to have updated gear. With somewhat intense grinding I leveled a Sram from 1-160 in the timespan of two weeks (x3 XP to 110, x2 XP to 140, x1 XP to 160). But I had a lot of assistance along the way. Where I can relate this is to you is that I largely soloed the last leg (140 to 160) due to the Sram's ability to quickly dispatch small mobs in Srambad.

But only because I had excellent gear and was able to go 12 AP as soon as I hit 140 with kit skill. Your equipment will ultimately decide how fast you can level at that last leg up there.

Up until then, you shouldn't have too much problem fighting outside mobs. But do not expect to be able to clear any dungeon past level 80 or so with only sidekicks and soloing. It's more or less mandatory to have a full party after that due to the nature of how difficult bosses can get, especially from Wagnar's Castle and beyond.

Also, if you're serious about soloing, keep your Trapper level updated at all times. Without Trapper, you will suffer as a solo in the late game if you can't get a party for dungeons.

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Quote (Lokoner @ 16 October 2014 07:19) *
Hello, Mango!

I'm using your build, and my idea is to try solo the entire game. Any tips for the two sidekicks will complement your build? Also, which one is the best possible pet? Phoenix?


Phoenix is likely the best pet.

Because of the survivability of the Sram it can go un-supported, leaving you two slots that can be used for utility or damage. Krosmoglob brings great damage to the table. You may want to consider a chromatic damage sidekick built for earth as well to cover the one element your Sram cannot cover.

Chromatic means their attacks will strike in the element that they are highest in. So if you gear the sidekick in earth, they will be come an earth sidekick. Shadow and Astrub Knight are the two chromatic sidekicks.

Alternatively you can try Protoflex, but I've never used him before. He covers earth and fire whereas Krosmoglob is air and water.

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