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posté December 07, 2014, 20:12:57 | #1
Thanks for joining Zara.

After refreshing our ranks, we've more room for a new wave of members. Leave your message here or PM Rayne, Vula, Malorake, Heartofchaos or me ingame.

See you ingame.

Kind regards,


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posté November 18, 2014, 21:11:02 | #2
Hey guys!

Thanks for applying for Signature.

Welcome to our ranks Matcha.

Sorry I was too late to recruit you Mortu, but have fun in your new guild.

Ryze, I didn't manage to find you online, but I'll keep looking. Throw me a PM if you find me online. I'm mostly online between 18:00 and 22:00 GMT.

Hope to see you soon.

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posté November 14, 2014, 21:25:52 | #3
It's time travel. The dimension we play in has been opened by time traveling Eliatropes that were set free by a Yugo from another/earlier and thus future dimension. Some of the Eliatropes happen to have traveled back in time to where Yugo was still a kid in our dimension....
Maybe XD

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posté November 12, 2014, 09:35:52 | #4

Quote (RoboTrigger @ 12 November 2014 03:43) *
Upsetting to see this twisted from who's got the best idea into a popularity contest.

Anyway congratulations to the winners, Though next time I hope to see it judged by the CMs or something as... it is clear we cannot be trusted.
I totally agree. Fastest--thing shows exactly what is wrong with the contest. "why mad when a guildy won?" -- because the best entry should have won.

Also a bit disappointing Sabi is so straightforward, without shedding some light on what she thinks went wrong in the contest and how it'll be handled next time. But, on a brighter note. At least we had some kind of event, and the crossword following right after this event. It's nice to see Ankama do those kind of things, so keep them up, Sabi.

Kind regard,

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posté November 10, 2014, 14:05:37 | #5

Quote (Electricevelyn @ 09 November 2014 14:40) *
I just want to remind you that Sacred Light is a Popular Guild in Brakmar. Also Femto is pretty well known in each Nation. He has been the leader of Sacred Light for a long time. Sacred Light has cared for Brakmar a lot and also has a huge amount of Members. You accused Femto of being not popular and that is very rude, not being popular means to you that he uses alts, which also would be not any of your Business since it is the Game and Forum Mechanics. Not that he would actually.

Still Good Luck to Everyone
If this is aimed at me, I'm much disappointed. Just because I didn't know him doesn't mean I call him impopular. My main surprise is that just one person (and not even the winner) is getting personal hate and is called a fraud, while at least she is known to be popular by a fair ammount of people, by an assortment of alt accounts (without any Wakfu characters on them). Even the latest post on this thread (by Souji-Cha) hails from an alt account, while she's mostly spot-on (I would say with an exception for the "lotta alts", since who has 100+ alt accounts; its a matter of recruitment and nepotism). You people shouldn't be ashamed to just come out for your opinions.

On Femto's popularity: I've been gone for almost half a year and only returned a month ago. I even said he might be as popular as Rayne on Nox or whereever he is from. Apparantly he's more popular than Rayne, and from Brakmar (of Remington, I assume, cuz Sacred Light and your testimony as one of the true Brakmarian governors, Awiti?). If I made any accusations it's mainly towards myself not knowing this person.

I wonder when Ankama will check in and close the topic. Also whether they've paid attention to who was in front at 8 GMT sharp (whoever that was).

Kind regards,

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posté November 08, 2014, 00:06:03 | #6
I wouldn't agree with that per se. I'm not sure its a personal grudge against Rayne from Femto. Maybe just from those alts that posted hate comments.

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posté November 07, 2014, 23:25:50 | #7
I beg to differ. I never accused you. Just expressed my hope that you indeed played by the same standards. If you say you do, I'll have to take your word for it. I also want to note I didn't just call your ammount of votes rediculous, but also Rayne's. Hence my remarks on getting out of hand and calling it a popularity contest rather than a scary screenshot contest.

My use of miraculously is aimed also on the fact that it isn't easy to find people that are willing to take a look at the topic and vote if they think the picture deserve it (I know it still comes down to nepotism, sadly enough, but I asked nobody to go to the forum and vote for Rayne, just if they wanted to check the contest out and see if Rayne's deserves their vote).

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posté November 07, 2014, 20:54:17 | #8
Wow, this contest is really going out of hand.
Two posts with 80+ votes, while the number three is lacking in it's 20s. Funny thing; every evening after helping Rayne spread awareness of this contest in guild/friendlist. When she's finally in the lead again, the other contestant miraculously pulls more votes out of his hat. I hope he works as hard for it as Rayne, winning a fair battle in "popularity" (rather than a scary screenshot contest, sadly).

What does bug me though, is that people are complaining and writing hate, that mods had to remove(!), because of what a known popular person and long-time governor of Amakna can achieve in a popularity contest, while not a word is said about the other contestant with a rediculous ammount of votes. I don't mean anything personal to you Femto, but I don't know you; maybe you even play in Nox and are as popular there as Rayne is on Remington, but I do feel bad about the fact that my true governor is criminalized for working extensively, for both the nation and some popularity contests occasionally.

Just had to get that off my chest. Sorry for complaining.

Kind regards,

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posté November 07, 2014, 19:16:17 | #9
So dimensional/time travelers?

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posté November 03, 2014, 11:35:07 | #10
I think you two should calm down, before a hate comment gets the most likes and wins the contest.

Kind regards,

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posté November 03, 2014, 11:23:30 | #11
Wow, it seems that wherever Rayne goes, haters follow. Is it a coincidence that 3 people react in a row and all of them from alt accounts without any Wakfu characters? I understand anonimity is a treat to hate, but if anything it seems like the pot calling the kettle black.

More on topic, trying to look at it as unbiased as I can. Looking at all the contestants I must say Rayne's actually seems to have put most effort into her picture, timing wise, that results in something scary simultaneously. There certainly are others whom seem to have worked for their screenshot, but it's mainly the description making the picture scary, not the pic an sich.

Other than that, and not to come of on the contestant, there are other pictures in this contest that I wouldn't count to the top 10 contestants, yet have a lot of votes. If anything that seems more like a "friend job" than a try such as Rayne's.

To conclude, I've just suported my top 3 contestants. I hope this can stay a fun topic for all contestants, but perhaps also an eye-opener for Ankama to have their events in another format in the future.

Kind regards,

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posté October 14, 2014, 19:24:52 | #12
Renewed in ranks, Signature is still open for recruits. Amakna based guild aiming to be a friendly family.

Post here to join, or PM Vula, Woobot, Tasa, Eel, Gobbleh, Rayne or me.

-Blantuise, Rayne
and the High Officer-team.

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posté January 18, 2014, 12:19:58 | #13

If the Shustuft Crust is the anti-thesis of Crusty Road in terms of cosyness, this Shushu might adopt the anti-thesis of Shosanne and her lovely buns.

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posté January 03, 2014, 12:41:18 | #14
Starting in a few minutes! Come to the Island everyone. There's a boat at Crusty Road headed this way.

Sorry for all the hard workers that cannot come. Rayne and I still have our xmas holiday, so no studying 'till monday. But it certainly won't be the last hunger games event, even if Rayne won't run for governor any mandate soon.

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posté January 02, 2014, 13:21:52 | #15
Thanks for everything Rayne ^^
Glad to still have you co-leading the guild

So many good memories too... lets celebrate it at the Hunger Games event. And lets hope the next governor is aiming as much at unity and an ever-friendly Amakna as you did.

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posté December 11, 2013, 09:59:31 | #16

Quote (Troyle @ 11 December 2013 09:54) *
We got confirmation that the item is not lost but only stored in an invisible space.

We will fix this as soon as possible and make your items available again.
Ah, good news. I "lost" my farmer costumes on Beelzebug, but glad to be getting in back.

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posté December 11, 2013, 08:49:52 | #17
Haha, The max level was 105 back then, and we're a 30+ guild. Our average level was level 60 back then! And we didn't go to 5th because Amakna had a much friendlier and cosier market, all by the hard work of Rayne, the government members and all 7 represented guilds.

We had a few high levels leaving, but that had nothing to do with you. It's because our focus has always been on helping the lowbies. This is also the reason why Amakna doesn't protect arachnees (the best means of getting xp on mid level without leeching) actively. High levels leaving was because the majority of our guild doesn't/didn't do high level content, but which with recent guild fusions has started to take off. Another reason is that we don't allow people to aggres others under the Signature banner. --Also, the majority joined Jabberstuck, an important ally of ours.

You so have no idea what being a governor is all about. Hunting down your own citizens or beginner-players because they're in a guild you dislike; that really makes me sick sometimes. And "enjoy the feeling of being gov"? It's a fulltime job! It's a lot of hard work if you want to know the opinions of everyone in your nation and decide how to act based on that feedback. It's really egocentric if you believe being gov is about enjoying the feeling, one isn't gov for himself.

I know you help people and act very nice, but its exactly statements in these kind of posts that shows your true nature. I'll leave it in the middle what that is, so people can decide for themselves. I don't want to use the forums to shame you or to throw words like "mental" or "who are fucked up" towards my political adversaries... but yea, I believe it says a lot about you.

Sorry for hijacking your topic for this pickpocket &/or Shino. Perhaps a mod can seperate it, or maybe we can talk it over ingame, Cloudi.

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posté December 10, 2013, 22:13:23 | #18
I don't think the topic will be deleted. I see no shaming or rudeness, Pickpocket is just asking question. The only thing that seems a little degrading in my eyes is the "LOL" in the end, perhaps the tone a little, but other then that they're just some legit questions (plus, it seems pickpocket wasn't aware of Shino's earlier mandates). To which I think Shino could give some great answers, because I feel she actually has done stuff for the nation.

@MEMW: I don't think this is the right topic to discuss about it. You're free to have your own opinion ofcourse, but I don't see giving free stuff and verbally or (ingame) physically attacking people that disagree with your guild members as a better treatment towards guildies. Love and attention is worth more than that, imo. It's also strange that you take out your disagreement with 1 person representing a nation on their (entire) guild, especially since you mostly took it out on lowbies and Bontarians while you were the Bontarian governor. That wouldn't be my way. Trying to talk disagreements over is always better than fighting, especially if you're dragging third paries into the fight (again, in my opinion). Starting a fight is weaker than starting a conversation; no matter how many times you attack(ed) me, I never attacked you even once, always used my 30 seconds per turn to talk: I feel thats the better way to lead a guild and/or a country.

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posté December 10, 2013, 19:21:50 | #19
I think with the new statue layouts, new statues will no longer replace the old statues, but will simply be put on a next place. It won't be until all statue-spots got a statue that the first will be erased. At least, thats what I think.

I don't think governors of the past who did a great job, like both Fhil and Rayne, deserve to have their statue removed there, because they did a lot for the nation, and it gives veteran players a memory of times gone-by. However, with election with less then 100 votes, perhaps it should be impossible at all to get a statue. Way to easy to cheat one that way.

And MEW, I'm guessing you haven't been at Amakna much. Rayne does sooo much for the nation. You'll almost never run into her when she's not PMing with 2+ citizens to hear feedback and ask their opinions. I've yet to see a governor from another nation be that involved with literally every player of their nation, regardless of their opinions or where they come from.

Also, as I recall it, nobody has ever left Signature because you herrassed (or hunted, in your words) a few of them (the lower levels mainly). I do know a few cases where people left to join your guild because you gave them free stuff and they liked your personality so much, which is their free choice.

More on topic, with 40% of my characters being Brakmarian I care about the Brakmarian nation too. I understand the need to try the new system out, and also that it might not be the best means to try it out. Still, I don't think you're doing a bad job Shino. So keep it up!

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Thread : Politics  Preview message : #649895  Replies : 14  Views : 718
posté November 28, 2013, 22:34:54 | #20
Most subscription time is most loyal? How about most rich?
Why not look at the dates of creating an Ankama account and is still active. Or the accounts that are still active and participated in the 2008 Beta?
Nah, jk.

my 1 year sub ends arround end feb, begin march, so I guess I can prolong early for some multimen goodness :3

Looking forward to the update!

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