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posté February 27, 2015, 00:11:50 | #1
Whats was the Gift of 25th Feb? I missed this day. x.x

Completing the 4 days also gives something extra?

Anyone does have the link to the mp3? I lost the gifty, please i need this because i'm a wakfu fan T.T Share it with me please

Anderson, o link para as MP3s aí mano:


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posté February 02, 2015, 23:55:11 | #2
I just hope the Craft Revamp come in the game before that "Hero System" that a lot of players are talking about. o/

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posté January 27, 2015, 12:42:10 | #3

Quote (AoKishin @ 27 January 2015 04:55) *
int - max res, get regen or not, put the rest on hp

str - self explanatory

agi - lock or dodge/lock or multilock

cha - crit, CHD

major - ap,mp, final damage or range

In Chance - Berserk Damage is a good idea for Sacrier too!
I guess it's better cause you don't have to rely too much on critical hit, and the Fire Sacrier is good to make his own Life at 50% or less.  

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posté January 27, 2015, 12:39:02 | #4
Woah, in the beta i only played with the fire branch, now i see that the Air Spells are way better than currently it is. The back of that Strangulation could be our fate to have something that can Stabilize the target. o.o

Even those marks are very good, i prefer Angrr than that Mark to obtain damage. But that others marks, + Critical Failure and +Resist is very cool. xD

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posté January 26, 2015, 22:05:50 | #5
I agree a lot of Delaz, its is really bad to know that a spell that hurt the user do less damage than other classes's spells that do damage or damage and something more.

Yes, our HP passive is really bad, i can see that it's to force the sacrier to protect their allies but... look at the foggernaut... if the HP passive bonus were even higher...

And we really need someway to stabilize the target, even the the Air branch could be better with it.

About the summon, it is a really good idea to make use of Transposition better when 1x1, but i don't like too much the idea of a Berserker summoning something. I know that in Dofus Scrier summons some kind of swords. xD

Edit: I also found this summon:
Click here

Well, i guess the sacrier could summon a Blood creature o.o

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posté January 25, 2015, 04:38:41 | #6
Just some comments:

Something that i don't like in the Sacrier Air Spells is the fact that it have to be leveled to be used for utility. I guess it's the only class to have spells that raises its reach by leveling, right?

Continuing with the Air Spells, with this system of the tattoo pull the target and stabilizes it, assault and rejectatoo could do some extra damage.

For Fire Spells, i would like to see Burning Blood with a greater AoE :/

For Earth Spells, Letal Slingshot is very cool but it is really weak.

I agree with the idea of improving the sinergy of the Sacrier's Elements.
I see that all the classess new revamps had this sinergy increased, so this is something that i kind have faith that Ankama will do.

Sacrifice and Life Transfer being too redundant.

And yes, the Moribund Lock Bonus at 1 HP is really useless.


In the beta, the Sacrier did have Life Steal spells, together with the masqueraiders's masks like actives, did it?
Anyway, i guess it moves away from the goal of the Sacrier, to accumulate the pain to make the enemy feel it in one hit K.O. ;D

I'm kinda anxious to see the revamp of Sacrier but at the same time i'm afraid, if Ankama ruins the Sacrier, my time in Wakfu will come to an end. x.x

I just want the Sacrier to keep being a bloody melee fighter, that can stand a lot of damage and cause it too.
To say the truth, my fear is the Sacrier losing it's place as the better tank in the game to those skinny Feca. xD
And about the damage, spells that cause damage into yourself have to be really strong to balance it.

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posté January 25, 2015, 03:52:54 | #7
Talking about damage, i guess the better choice would be Rejectattoo,

And with Sac Fist, you can minimize the problem of Rejectattoo pushing the target far way and you having to walk, in the case, you could use Sac Fist to re-reach the target.

Another point of Rejectatoo is that if the target is pushed into a wall, it does more damage i guess.

But my choice is Assault by it utility...
It can be similar to Transposition in a point to be almost Redundant but it have the No LoS stat that helps a lot sometimes.

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posté January 22, 2015, 20:04:17 | #8

Quote (Mapoko @ 21 January 2015 23:13) *
I currently use :
Blood Rush, Punishment,
Assault, MS
Rocky foot, Smasher.

I try to be jack of all trades. Positioning, tanking, (not great) damage dealer. I lock Wa and DP.

I want to advocate for rocky foot if you go 12AP build. It stacks less dodge reduction (on lvl 150 = 160 vs 180), but you can use it better on combos.

The more I play the more I find myself us MS+Assault less and less, mostly due to lack of dodge, since I spec lock.

I was thinking about having Fist max(still good dmg), Assault 120 and the rest of the xp left on Fury.

Although fury is good on itself as damage, not just to empower punishment.

Will watch over this topic and try to gain insight before I respec. One thing for sure - going full lock and using assault + MS do not work for me.

Edit : "Somebody" said to me once : You can get the same effect of Sac fist with simple Attraction. Leveling it only for the utility is not worth it.
I said : "sometimes it is better to go towards them, rather than pulling" but now speaking of experience I opt for max lvl Sac fist if you will use to dish out damage. If not - simply go duo.

Mapoko, i talked about the possibility of having the air branch only for utility just to have a idea how it would be. But my choice is the first one yet:

Level 160 spells:
Blood Rush, Punishment
Sacrier's Fist
Rocky Foot and Smasher

Assault Level 121
Bloodthirsty Fury Level 74

I can tell you that Sacrier's Fist is really good, not only to reach the enemy, but for damage too. My favorite spell, i can't imagine myself without it currently.

On my other Sacrier, i was full Fire, and the attraction didn't fit all the cases to reach the enemy. Sometimes had glyph in the way, and 2 MP is kinda expensive when you have to walk and if you have in mind that the Sacrier have a lot of Spells that use MP.

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posté January 22, 2015, 19:49:52 | #9

Quote (Arkolak @ 22 January 2015 16:23) *
I was a big fan of BB but ya, with it not hitting on the enemies turn its not viable for any real dmg anymore

i'm too.

I was leveling too easy with BB, but now... the new mechanic doesn't fit well to Sacrier. The only way to use it well is with Blood Cage...

Well, with the restat i changed it to Blood Rush.

With my Enutrof, it was really good, giving Flaming Levels to the Dhreller and afte rit, the damage comes in the Dhreller's turn.

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posté January 22, 2015, 13:57:04 | #10
Delete the one above, i miss clicked Enter. x.x'

" Crowned and Thistles,
Eaten by the bugged gobballs
Can't fix, can't gather "

" A wondrous game,
Play with a smile, i do
Let's enjoy Wakfu "

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posté January 22, 2015, 13:52:22 | #11
" Fullness Mystery,
The Divine Dimensions
Is a gain or loss? "

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posté January 22, 2015, 13:42:52 | #12
Desconsider the poem above, it jave more syllables than i expected. Haha

" No pain, only joy
For you, that are beloved
By Goddess Sacrier "

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posté January 22, 2015, 13:33:28 | #13
" When the Ogrest's cry
brings about the World's End
The Twelve guide us "

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posté January 19, 2015, 13:14:57 | #14
One month later...

I agree that it would be very useful to have a system that could give us informaiton about the weather of the world or of our nation.

But i think that they have to make the nations climate differs one from another, its's strage to see that Bonta, a nation full of trees have the same temperature as brakmar, a nation that is supposed to be hot. x.x

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posté January 18, 2015, 14:31:16 | #15
Thanks for the suggestion. So i put it this way:

Bloodthirsty Fury at Level 121, give me 27% of damage on the next fire spell.
And yes i was trying too rely in Sac's Fist to do Air Damage, but i know that if this is the purpose, the better choice would be Assault/Motion.

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posté January 17, 2015, 21:09:05 | #16
Sacrier Tri-Element by Asura
Hi, this topic isn't a guide or a tutorial, but a build under construction that aim to make a versatile Sacrier. A Sacrier that have the ability to Lock, Positioning, Tank and Damage. For that i will list the spells that i choose and why i choose them.

I will also talk about combos. Note that combos for utility (that involvs spells such Transposition, Attraction, Blood Cage, etc) will not be listed.

To start, i have to say that i don't have a great knowledge about endgame equipment, but i aim to 12 AP / 6 MP( or 7 if possible) build for level 160.

Let's go!

Fire Branch Spells

Blood Rush - Currently i use Burning Blood because it's better for Leveling but i will change it for Blood Rush cause it fits better in combos.

Bloodthirsty Fury* - This is the most problematic point about this build, i had to sacrifice maximize Assault to have some points in it. I'd like too much to have it in the build, the bonus % on Punishment is a great point. If i option for a 11 AP Build i will drop this spell.

Punição (Punishment) - I know that are some builds that they prefer to don't use this skill to be independent of WP to cause damage but this skill is a must have for me, knowing that this spell is the strongest single-target spell in the game.

Air Branch Spells


Sacrier's Fist - Very good to reach a target and cause damage, also the best option to cause air damage without have to use Motion Sickness. The unique bad point is that it can only be used 2 times by target. Good for initiate Combos.

Assault** - I use this spell only for positioning, the no need of Line of Sight is very good at Level 121, and this is the unique purpose that i leveled this spell.

Earth Branch Spells

I would like to have suggesitons about choosing Rocky Foot or Crackrock Blow. I will talk about their points.
But my candidate is Rocky Foot currently.

Rocky Foot - The cheapest spell of the Earth branch, its versatile allow me with 12 AP, to use Smasher and 2x Rocky Foot, obtaining +26 Lv. of Coagulation together with Tattooed Blood and Sanguine Armor, also with critical i can reach +34 Lv. of Coagulation (the max that i could reach with my calculations). And this skill is as good as Blood Rush to fits in Combo.

Crackrock Blow - This skill is better than Rocky Foot in causing Damage and Dodge loss, making this a better choice to a Lock tanker than Rocky Foot. But the max of Coagulation levels that i could reach with this spell in a combo was 26 (Smasher + Crackrock + Sanguine Armor).
Also the difference of Dodge Loss at Level 160 in 4x Rocky (-52 Dodge x4) and 3x Crackrock (-78 Dodge x3) is 234 - 208 = 26, too little.

Smasher - The better spell to cause damage and generate Coagulation, also this is the unique last spell of the Sacrier branches that doesn't cost WP.


Other spells that i want to talk about:

Rejectatoo and Lightspeed - Only for positioning the enemy and yourself respectively in case of emergency.

Blood Cage - Utility spell to reach that damn Xelor that hides behind his clock that boring enemy that runs off, generally used in 1x1, in a situaiton where Transposition can't be exploited.

Colunnades - Without 25 or More Angrr this is the spell that takes the place of Smasher to cause damage and generate good Coagulation but... in my build isn't has space for that.



12 AP


Angrr >= 25:

12 AP, 4 MP, 1 WP

12 AP, 3 MP, 1 WP

Coagulação (+7 + 2 Nv.)

Angrr < 25:

12 AP, 2 MP


Angrr >= 25:

12 AP, 1 MP, 1 WP
Coagulação (+7+2 Tattoed Blood Nv.) + Coagulação (+2+2 Tattoed Blood Nv.)x2 =

9 + 8 = Coagulação (+17 Nv.) x 2 (Sanguine Armor) =

Coagulação (+34 Nv.)

12 AP, 3 MP, 1 WP
Coagulação (+7+2 Tattoed Blood Nv.) x 2 (Sanguine Armor) = Coagulação (+18 Nv.)


Angrr < 25:

12 AP, 1 WP
x4 +

Coagulação (+2+2 Tattoed Blood Nv.)x4 =

Coagulação (+16 Nv.) x 2 (Sanguine Armor) =

Coagulação (+32 Nv.)


Supportive Spells:

All passives maximized:
Angrr, Bloody Pact, Moribund, Cling of Life and Tattooed Blood

Attraction level 9
Transposition level 7 (if possible, takes it to 9)
Sanguine Armor level 9
Sacrifice or Life Transfer level 9


Some doubts about the Characteristics points:

Resistance 10
Regen 5
The rest in HP?

Força: For a Sacrier, Is it better to choose Damage and Elemental Resistance or HP and Elemental Resistance?

------------------------------------------------------- END -------------------------------------------------------

Thanks very much for your attention, i would like to read every comment, suggestion, personal thoughts and tips about the build and it is viable to have Bloodthirsty Fury at Level 74 and Assault level 121. Also, Which one would you take about Rocky Foot and Crackrock Blow.

See ya, Blood Brothers!

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posté January 10, 2015, 13:25:03 | #17
Wow! I wish to see videos of GvG and the new Dungeons in Hardcore mode!! *--*

Thread : News  Preview message : #818907  Replies : 39  Views : 3474
posté December 26, 2014, 13:27:13 | #18
Craft Revamp - How it's going? Hi guys,

I saw that had some update in craft recipes, but about the craft revamp, it was supposed to be updated this year?

i love the crafing, but the new way they introduced it in this news:
Click here

Seems better than ever, i hope it is the end for the exaggerated harvest of Crowned Thistle, for example. xD

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