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Ignored by support/sabi. Been waiting 4 months now -.-
Ugly Gobball * Member Since 2012-05-09
posté June 10, 2014, 14:34:45 | #1
Ignored by support/sabi. Been waiting 4 months now -.- 24th feb: sent a ticket explaining a bug that caused my solomonk to vanish. Included detailed description with all character/account names etc and bug reports
25th march: support repied asking what item I lost and which character. I replied the same day
8th april: generic reply from support saying they can't find the item so won't give it back. I replied the same day explaining I definately had the item and I'm willing to help in any way to get it back. I even replicated the bug on test server
23rd april: support reply with the same message that they can't find the item. Again I replied straight away
18th may: I sent an ankabox message to sabi explaining the situation. It was read on around the 23rd may
3rd june: sent another ticket to support to see if someone else would help me

I have not received any response from support since 23rd april and have not had a reply at all from sabi. How long am I supposed to wait for this issue to be resolved? People are already starting to receive items back from the bug that happened ~1 month ago and yet I'm still waiting for something back that I lost ~4 months ago. This isn't just an item that I can refarm in a few hours or days, it's a relic that took a long time to farm. I have lost other items worth a few million kamas that I haven't even bothered report or follow up on an ignored ticket but this item I would really like back, especially seeing as I've been waiting so long

Eccentric Moogrr * Member Since 2012-04-13
posté June 13, 2014, 14:23:45 | #2
Still no reply...

Featherless Piwi * Member Since 2014-05-21
posté June 13, 2014, 16:44:54 | #3
It's getting pathetic.
Banned for almost 2 months now,still no response on that ticket,either.
Read a complaint where someone sent in a ticket about not being able to pay.
They responded immediately.
As long as they get their money faster,who cares about us who have already paid.
It'd be one thing if this game wasn't subscription-based....

Short Strich * Member Since 2013-08-12
posté June 13, 2014, 17:13:27 | #4
I haven't been waiting as long, but here is my timeline. I have been feeling the same way.So here is my story:

My quest/achieves reset and I was on the final step of Otomai. This happened around May 20th and when I went to turn in the final step materials for the Breastplate is when I found out all my quest/achieves reset as if I never did them. I have lvl 100 profs with no profession achievements ticked off sort of thing.

I got a response back to my ticket as I had my character getting stuck, I fixed this by reinstalling the game, no thanks to support for any help on that. The mods helped me more when my character kept getting stuck than anything I have seen from support. I got a response later from support that my character was moved to astrub and that this bug was a known bug and would be fixed in a couple of weeks.

They asked me for some information and I had asked if this was to deal with my getting stuck since I had fixed that or the quest/achieve reset. So they then tagged my ticket as resolved, so I started a new ticket, posted on my old thread and put a new post on sabi's ticket thread to let them know hey this isn't fixed yet.

I have gotten no response to the no ticket, have been ignored. It's been around 2 weeks since we have last heard anything from them after they said it would be fixed in a couple weeks.

6/13/2014 still no news on my quest/achieve reset bug, I would've thought this would get more attention due to the fact that if this happens to someone and they are not doing a multiple step quest. They would probably say nothing and just get the free xp, ability points and tons of other stuff that could be obtained if you didn't report this. I just want to be able to get my otomai quest done so that my GF can have her Breastplate and we can focus on something else.

We have now started to refarm this nightmarish quest since we have had no information. Ankama please hire more workers to handle support if people are waiting months to get bugs fixed when they pay to play your game that is just bad business.


Ugly Gobball * Member Since 2012-05-09
posté June 16, 2014, 13:39:20 | #5
Ouch, that's almost as bad as losing a full relic. My biggest annoyance is the fact that I've been waiting so long and support/sabi etc just seem to ignore me now and as soon as a bug affecting many players occurs, they focus all their efforts on those people. Some of those players have received their items back after 'only' a few weeks whereas I've been waiting for months and still nothing. If all players had been waiting 4 months without the issue being resolved then at least it'd be fair but why are newer issues being resolved before older ones? It's been a few more days and still no response from either sabi or support -.-

Community Manager * Member Since 2013-07-08
posté June 18, 2014, 05:10:40 | #6
Hey guys,

I apologize for the delay but rest assured that I haven't ignored your tickets, matter of fact I have been forwarding them up to our support service to check on them again.

We are aware of the delay in response time and are making improvements as we speak to increase our support team.

Teethless Sharkie * Member Since 2012-01-04
posté June 26, 2014, 10:32:09 | #7
Bumping, cause the original thread got removed, for sake of.. convenience.

Eccentric Moogrr * Member Since 2012-04-13
posté July 23, 2014, 13:12:33 | #8
16th july: received an email from ankama telling me they're closing the ticket and to reply if I want to reopen it. Replied but still no response a week later as to how long it's going to be/what they're doing etc. We're now up to 5 months... -.-

Happy Miliboowolf * Member Since 2012-03-03
posté July 23, 2014, 14:05:23 | #9
The support is incredibly bad. It needs a revamp ASAP. If there's any support at all. For months I've been pming our Community Manager, that her roll is to provide FEEDBACK to us , and nothing. Pm's are just sent in vain. Support are a bunch of trained Monkeys that are like old Tapes. They only have 2 answers for all the problems we have : We are looking into it ; Can you explain it better? - After a long and detailed explanation. This has lasted for too long

Eccentric Moogrr * Member Since 2012-04-13
posté August 12, 2014, 22:04:49 | #10
12th august: still waiting for a reply! Almost 6 months now...Still waiting on my solomonk and some hefty compensation...

Narcissistic Larva * Member Since 2012-11-17
posté August 12, 2014, 23:23:35 | #11
oh my god
i feel terribly for you man
solomonk is the single coolest item in the entire game.

Overweighted Chafer * Member Since 2011-06-25
posté August 13, 2014, 02:11:01 | #12
@Sabi - about the holiday topic, was closed so i will write here.

While u're on holiday, i keep checking my tickets, and 100 days is enough to be seen, read and answered? Cause they don't! I did create one more, i did reply my own ticket like u said (before u back), and nothing...

I did talk with 3xited in game, and ask him help too (like i did with u in forum/ankabox, with Troyle here on forum and ankabox, and with Woten in forum), and he asked me to send ankabox and he could try help me, i did and he did read my msg on ankabox. I have the print in game ansking him help and he saying back asking me to do in ankabox, and i thanks him.

@Sabi, i know isn't ur fault, and u are a employe like any other, but please try understand, we Customers, can't do anything about this problem, we do our part, we did report the bug in tickets, in topics, in ankabox, we tryed reach everyone who could help us, we keep coming here and post our tickets numbers, and the marjority just receive a "please wait, we are doing our best, we are going to improve, please be patiente".

We are doing this polited, and we are likeing begging for something we deserve... Shouldn't be a favor, u do the right, the right have to be done, and we keep begging and begging and the wrong still...

Please, i know u can do more for us, please, do! We need this be done, my case is 100 days, i'm still beggin for my things, while ppl did receive and are playing, Am I diferrent or less special? Please by God's Love, help us... PLEASE

Tickets number:


Eccentric Moogrr * Member Since 2012-04-13
posté August 26, 2014, 04:10:16 | #13
Bump. Over 6 months now... seriously could you please return my item already. Or at least tell me how you can return other peoples' items within a few weeks and I'm still waiting? I got the solomonk back when it was one of the best items out there and lost it due to a bug within days. Now I'm many levels higher so could I please get a lvl 16X+ relic (or 6 seeing as the relic dropping system is changing soon). My other ticket also has a 4 month wait without even a single reply. I was told by sabi that she was looking into it but I've had no response since then, not even to tell me what they're doing or how much longer I have to wait. I've played many other games, including free games (yes I know wakfu is f2p now but many ppl still pay) where issues are fixed within hours/days so could someone please just tell me how much longer I need to wait??

Ugly Gobball * Member Since 2012-05-09
posté August 27, 2014, 00:18:58 | #14
"Thank you for contacting Ankama Customer Support. We sincerely apologize for the delayed response.

We have already responded to this issue and unfortunately, our position has not changed. Further tickets regarding this matter will not change the decision.

As compensation, you are entitled to one 1-month subscription and one 10-days subscription on Dofus. Please verify which item would you like to have, Gobtubby, Ghast, Alyverol Belt or Snickermite?

Best regards,


Are ankama serious?? Why the hell would I want dofus subscription and items as compensation? I lost a wakfu item 6 months ago and they have done nothing to get this issue resolved. Now they offer me compensation that does not come close to what I lost and on a game that I don't even play! Could someone please just sort this issue already because this has taken way too long already.