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Hey everyone! I am still alive, just been super busy with work as of late. I plan to reply in the next day or so, sorry for taking so long!! D:

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DJAGHSKHAFDFAD THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST DISPLAYS OF A ACTION SCENE I HAVE EVER READ. *slow claps dramatically* You sir have my admiration.

No seriously though, Bad... Ass.. like the baddest of asses of assdoms.

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Darci felt her conscious flicker back to life, and started to come to from being thrown from the explosion. First sense to comeback was a ringing static sensation noise that trapped out all sound. Next, the pain flaring up her right arm and thigh. She grunted in pain, and tried to look at the injury only to realize her vision is slightly blurred. She rolled to her side only to look up at a barrel of a stasis rifle pointed at her face. Confusion took her for a second, then her eyes focus, contracting to slits in horror.
Meanwhile, Meier ducked and dodged his way through the foggernauts. Weaving through them, he spun around to find he was nearly face-to-face with one. Not stopping, Meier cast Underhand as he ran, knocking the foggernaut back. The heat of a stasis charge shot by his right ear, far too close, and he saw it hit the foggernaut he'd downed.

"Watch it, Isart!' He roared, not looking back.
"Sorry!" was the alarmed and apologetic reply.

He'd almost reached the far wall. Vaulting over the pipe there, he saw Darci, collapsed on the floor, looking up barrel of the stasis rifle pointed at her. Startled by Meier’s arrival, the foggernaut turned its head to look at him-
-and that second of hesitation was all Meier needed. Summoning temporal energy, Meier focused it on the foggernaut, blasting its gears apart with the displacement of time.

"Darci, are you alright?" Meier asked her, kneeling next to her to see her injuries.

She looked shocked when the foggernaut fell away and winced as Meier placed his hand on her. She stared at the rifle that almost took her life for a second. She gave a hiss of pain as he moved her bad arm.

"DAMN IT!" she cussed out in reaction, and gritted her teeth against the pain. She looked down at the skin, which is a darker brown and oozing green blood. It looked like sick tree bark, oozing green sap with some of her skin peeling. She processed that the injury is at least a 2nd degree burn, and damn did it smart...

She turned her attention to the Xelor and stared up at Meier, astounded he saved her life.

"You.. you saved my life.." she whispered, but was cut short as she saw a Fogger pointing a pistol at them.

"Here, can you s-" Meier began.

"GET DOWN!" Darci roared, yanking him down by his coat, the shot missing him by inches. Whipping around to face their new assailant, Meier went to throw a spell at it, only for it to be deactivated by three shots from a stasis rifle. A second's confusion followed, then Isart suddenly appeared, vaulting over the pipe to land next to him.

"Cheers, eh." Meier said with a relieved grin.
"No problem." Isart replied, watching for more foggernauts.

Meier returned his attention to Darci. "Can you stand?"

"Meier- take that foggernaut's stasis rifle, the one you just destroyed. You're going to burn through too much Wakfu otherwise." Isart said suddenly.
Ah, now that was actually a good idea!

"Good thinking. Problem though: I don't know how to use these ones." Meier said as he examined the gun he’d picked up.

"There's no safety on those- just point and shoot. It won't stay powered long though- the foggernaut's core was giving it power. You've probably got a limited number of shots..."

"That's fine... no shortage of replacements..." Meier said, glancing at the carnage around them.

Darci listened to their conversation and already was picking up a rifle from the carnage closest to her. She winced as a little bit of green blood got in her eye from a cut as she stooped down. She held her damaged arm against her, trying not to bump it or further hurt it.

"Do you have this place covered? I need to get my hammer and bag." She said to them as she strapped the rifle to her back and picked up a pistol.

Meier nodded. "We've got it."

"So stasis pipes are highly combustible... noted." Darci said, slowly getting to her feet.
Isart snorted a laugh. "Yep, they sure are."

"I can't believe you did that." Meier added, gesturing to the destroyed pipe, shaking his head in disbelief and a little admiration. Seeing her struggle to reach her bag, he went over to her, watching for foggernauts.

"Keep an eye out for foggernauts for me, ok?" Meier instructed before ducking down to retrieve it for her. Slinging the bag over her good arm for her and still holding the hammer, he walked her back to Isart. Darci looked at him with a grateful expression, and put a hand on her bag as he walked her back.

"How are you going to fight like this? Sit down, we'll bind the worst of your injuries... where are you hurt?” Then muttered to himself: “And why in Rushu's hell did we leave the enirpsa back with Moritz?"
"Darci, that was crazy blowing up the pipe, but it worked!" Isart called over his shoulder, from where he was guarding.

Meier nodded. "Yes- production in this area has slowed right down. Once you're sorted, we'll shut down the rest in this area- but without blowing us up too." he said. Then added: "I hope. Isart and I know a bit about this stuff, but who can say for sure how things work in here?"

Darci paused and thought for a minute before answering Meier's questions. "I'll have to make myself fight like this if we are to get out of this alive... the worst is my arm.. the green blood is normal, don't worry you won't get a disease or anything.. and honestly I was going to say something about that, but I'm under question so it would not have been wise at the time..." She remarked and can't help but smile when called crazy for blowing the pipeline.

She sat down so Meier could work better to wrap her arm, putting it in the light to show the extent of the blast did to her. She set her bag next to her so she didn't have to keep it on her shoulder.

"Blood matches eye colour...?" Meier asked, as he carefully inspected her arm. It seemed to have borne the brunt of the damage. He suspected she'd landed on it too.

"Yes, it's a special thing about Osamodas. We all have our blood match our eyes.” Darci replied as he inspected the injured area.

"Isart, how are we going for Foggernauts?" Meier called over his shoulder.

"There's few enough in this part that I can cover us for a while. Be fast though, Meier." Isart replied from where he was kneeling behind the pipes, watching for foggernauts. They were tucked in behind a network of pipes. It wasn't the best cover, but it helped a lot.

"Right." Meier nodded and dug into his bag, looking for the roll of cloth he used to replace his own bandages. Drawing the long knife from his boot, he cut a strip of it off. He washed Darci's arm with water from his canteen before beginning to bind her arm.

"Sorry if this stings- I don't think you've broken it, but I'm going to bind it tight for support, just in case." he explained as he bound her arm. “I hope Veronica gets here soon...” he thought to himself.

She kept still as he poured the canteen of water and washed the wound. Darci nodded sharply as he mentioned it would hurt, and winced as he started to bind it. She took the pain with out complaint, and hissed every once in awhile as he bound the more damaged part. Once he was finished she sighed in relief. "Well at least a Xelor knows how to bandage..." she replied a bit with tired humor.

Meier ducked his head with a smile at Darci's comment on the bandages. "We have our uses." he added wryly.

"I have a idea for the other pipes... I have... Rouge bombs in my bag we can use. thus we don't have to get too close as I did originally."

Meier listened to her mention about the bombs.
"Whoa, I think that's enough explosions for today... I was thinking more along the lines of manual shutdown. Considering how much stasis there is down here, blowing it all up will probably blow *us* all up." He paused, tieing off her bandage. "Hang on a moment, I've got an idea..." Rummaging in his bag again, he took out his ink and pen and wrote a series of small glyphs on the bandage. Putting his hand over her arm, he woke the spell he made with some wakfu and a muttered word.

"It's an ice spell, to help with the burns... it's not strong, so it won't actually freeze your arm, but nor will it last too long- maybe half an hour. It should keep the pain down a bit." Meier explained. Putting everying back in his bag, he stood up and offered her a hand up. Brows furrowing, he asked "Wait, why do you have bombs?"

She smiled a bit as the pain receded, but only shrugged as he asked why she had bombs. She looked away and did not meet his eyes. "Let's get working on it. The iop can only last so long." She said and walked over to Isart.

Meier took the hint and didn't press further- not that there was even any time to anyway. He offered Darci her hammer. "You going to be able to carry that thing?" It was pretty heavy.

Darci took the hammer from his hand and snapped the strap back on it. She strapped it to her back, over the rifle before responding. “Practice, muscle training, and way too much time on my hands.”

"Done?" Isart asked.

"We're ready. " Meier replied, looking to Darci for confirmation.

“Ready as I'll ever be.” Darci said and crouched behind the pipes.

"Ok, the pipes shoud all have some kind of cut off valve- the emergency ones will be hand operated, which is what we need to use, to stop the nutjob that's in control of all this from over-riding what we do. They'll be difficult to move- it may take all of us to do it, as they have a lot of pressure to contain. If we can get all the main ones though, well, we may just turn the tide."

Ooc: Alright! Aacher and me did a huge collaborated post, which is why it took so life beign life. Anyways, here we go!

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Hey Omega! I am currently am working on something! I will post it soon I promise! Life kinda threw me a wrench for a bit, but I am working on it as much as I can I promise!  

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Quote (Aacher @ 05 January 2014 17:39) *
Echo: Thanks heaps man!

Ok, so Casey has drawn Meier for me like, twice now, so here's my attempt at Darci.
Hope you like it!
OH MY GOD!!! THAT IS AMAZING AHHHHH!!!!!!! *flails like a dork* THIS IS WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL THANK YOU!!!!! ;_; I love how you did her horns!! and the hammer is perfect!! THANK YOU!!

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"What is it with these Foggernaught's and the dark damp rooms?" Riko questioned after she responded to Darci. A door slid shut behind them, and Darci already felt herself cringing.

“Typical...” Darci said and looked up at the speakers above her as they flickered to life was a clash of static.

"Weeeeeelcome Actors! I have awaited anxiously for the next act." A prim pompous voice flicked into the room, to which Riko shouted out to, "Who said that? Show yourself!"

"Ah forgive me, seems my manners have wandered about... allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dr. Steemenhiem, head researcher of the 8th Sir Flexington Brigade."

"Head researcher of the 8th what?" Riko looked confused, and Darci felt it was well. She hated her ignorance of the local area more and more since she stepped foot in Sufokian territory.

"Sigh, I tend to forget that the Iop religion are a dense kind, however explaining to you all won't make much of a difference since you are all going to die here." The voice insulted Riko more.

"Dense? How dare you call me dense! Show yourself so I can give you a piece of my mind you coward!" Riko shouted in anger. Darci couldn't help but roll her eyes at the ploy of the so called 'Doctor'.

"My dear actress, if you gave me a piece of your mind then you wouldn't have any left for yourself." Darci's eyebrows raised at the insult, and watched Riko's anger spike more.

"Yes my actress, channel that anger, more emotion means better acting just the way I love in my theatrical entertainment, show me the great stupidity of the Iop you are, show me their IQ level because this will prove nice research material." The voice gloated further.

"Now my actors, I do hope you don't bore me, I have staged this just for this occasion and now that you are here we can finally begin Act 2, let us begin... Security!"

Darci immediately cringed at the doctor shouting, and took on a more firm stance. Her green eyes widened as the pipes began pumping out capsules, which gave birth to Foggernauts. She snarled to herself, her mind already clicking with how to stop the onslaught. Her eyes scanned the machinery to find the cables supplying the energy, but before she could even move, a statis rifle went off. She felt a burning sensation across her cheek and green blood began to drip down her cheek.

She hissed in pain, and bolted to the side. She glanced to the side to see Riko's rage, as she ripped into the mechinical army like a wave over rocks. She had to hand it to the Iopette, she sure knew how to do damage.

Darci skidded past a Foggernaut, as he was drawing his statis gun. She whipped her hammer from her bag, and crashed it against the Fogger's chest, denting the metal in. She heard a crack of a statis core, then whirled on another Fogger. She began a deadly dance of destruction, as she twirled, whirled and smashed with her hammer. Every strike for a weak point on the body, mostly spine, chest, and jaws.

She watched as a capsule broke open and bringing more of the oncoming army. She felt the weight of the hammer more now as she swung. Sweat and blood dripped from her face onto the metal ground as she danced with her hammer.

I gotta get over there...” She thought to herself and decided to do what she did best. Be unpredictable.

She bounced back from a on coming metal fist, and flipped in air. Once she landed, she sprinted full tilt right at a Fogger, and leapt into the air. Her feet finding a perch on it's head, and leapt from the Fogger to another. Darci used her tail as a balance for her quick leaps, careful not to fall into the fray yet. She cleared it to the other room, and ducked under a swing of a butt of a gun. With a upper cut swing, right into what would be the the ribcage, the Foggernaut fell away.

Her eyes flicked over the statis fueled machinery.

“Better make this count...” She swung with all the might right into the main pipeline between the capsules machine. “CRACKLER PUNCH!” She screamed and fueled her hammer with a earth's equivalent of a Crackler's punch. The Pipe dented and cracked under her, making her give a insane grin. A Fogger behind her leveled a gun at her back, which Darci saw of the corner of her eye. She jerked right as the gun went off, and...right into the Statis pipeline...

Her eyes widened, and seconds later she is thrown by the explosion slightly smoking.

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That. was. WONDEFUL!! I loved that so much!! Such Grace! Very Christmas! Much Coal.

Hehehehe, oh! also I am working on a reply atm, so hopefully I will have it out tonight or tomorrow.

@Aacher: Seriously though, your writing skills are amazing.

Actually everyone on here is awesome, and it's such a blast rping with all you. Thank you so much for letting me join.  

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posté December 25, 2013, 22:09:42 | #8
Merry Christmas!!  

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Sorry it took so long for me to post, I have been really busy as of late. Also doesn't help my internet loves to shut off on me randomly or that my lap top dies and looses half of post so I have to rewrite the who thing. :/

Anyways I should be about to post more, and once again sorry for the wait.

@Aarcher: that's so awesome about the Xelors I have so many theories on Osas it's cray

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Darci stopped her exploring with a embarrassed cough, and straightened up. She turned her attention the a the lift coming up. She felt slighty embarrassed at loosing herself in her curiosity and turned her attention back in on the conversations around her, particularly Meier's about the Statis levels. She noted that Meier didn't seem too happy about it, which was fair. She looked at her hands for a moment, contemplating how she should go about the next chamber, and how to not burn off her Wakfu. With a sigh, she decided she'll deal with it when she got there.

"Hey Zorn, you have any idea what we should do here?" Riko called out to Zorn as he inspected the panel on the console.

"With this we can do down to the next level of this temple, but if we do that we can't go back so you all need to make sure if you are really prepared for this, because we are now entering the heart of the enemies domain and I don't think they are very fond of guests." Zorn said, working the console. "Let me know when you are ready everyone, I will then begin operating this thing to take us downside."

“...Well I'm not fond of people who have killer Foggernauts available to kill random people just because they have a functioning set of lungs.” She comments back and walks onto the lift with everyone else.

Darci crossed her arms, turning to face the doors shutting them into the lift as it descended down into the depths of the strange temple. Mister wrapped his tail around Darci's neck, comforting her slightly to know she was truly never alone. She felt the air cool down around her, causing her to shiver.

“Aren't we descending? Shouldn't it get warmer like the mines as you go deeper in the earth?” Darci commented to herself more then anyone else as her breath fogged in the air.

"This is horrible- I feel like someone is breathing over my shoulder!" Isart hissed quietly to no-one in particular. Darci frowned, not liking her comrade in team science was pointing out what she was feeling too. Goosebumps formed on her arms, and not from the cold air.

Soon the lift came to a creaking halt, opening with squeaking gears to reveal a pipe ridden room of steam. Darci felt a immediate dislike of the area. She stepped out with everyone else quietly, while sniffing the air slightly. She felt out of place in the completely automated world she seemed to have found herself in.

"Okay everyone, we are in an unknown territory, lets stick together and not get separated, we are stronger as a team, lets use that as an advantage!" Riko said with forced cheer.

well at least the Iop is optimistic....” she thinks to herself while pushing her hair out of her face.

“Hey guys... I don't wish to alarm you with other problems but I think you need to know that this place is situated underwater." Inamora pointed with his thumb towards another small window that can be seen outside the building. "I am not good with all that high-tech stuff but I think this is the reason why I am getting this feeling that my Wakfu is slowly... seeping, Pure Stasis comes from underwater right?"

Darci peered out the window in surprise to see water, and snappers swimming about. She blinked in surprise, and listened to Zorn's explanation on pure Stasilii coming from the ocean. Also about how he was even surprised that a base like this was so close to his home.

“So that's why it's colder then...” She mumbled to herself.

“So how should we go about this, other then staying together? Since we're at a slight disadvantage because whom ever built this place knows it better then us. Not mention they've built it under Sufokia's nose.” she asks while ducking under a steam blast from a pipe. She felt condensation get on her horns and drip into her hair.

I really need to trim my horns again..” she thought with distaste. She followed along with the group.

“I wonder why they are here, or what they want? How long has this temple been here? Why hasn't anyone explored it till now?” She asked anyone who is willing to answer her questions.

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I'm here!! *scrambles in* I've just be super busy at work lately. I wasn't really sure to write so I was waiting for some more replies.

Also best of luck to you Mitsume!!

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Hi it's CaseySquirrel again, I saw your compensation, and as nice as that is... all I really want is the costume. ): is there anyway I can get it at all? I spent days and hours killing nothing but ghouls just to get that costume. If you could just give me the costume only that would be amazing. Sorry for being so much trouble. ):

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@Aarcher: Omg that sounds crazy! D: I'm glad you got out of that unscathed, though I'm sorry about your phone ;_; I'm really glad your ok, though that was pretty bad ass you fought back. I hope Paris is still fun even though you had that encounter.

I'm super excited for the next room~ The next fight sounds like a card *grins*

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Problems with Al Howlin Quest Hi, I have done the Al howlin' quest and never received all the awards. I was very excited for the Monster's Hunter's costume, and have yet to receive it even though it say I have completed it in another part of the Achievement log book.

I'm posting scene shots so you can see my problem.

Character name: Squirrel Girl
Ankama display name: CaseySquirrel

Date and time: November16-19th
Map: Astrub

Bug description: I can't seem to clear the quest, but on another achievement it says I did, and I got the award for that one, but not the unhuntable monster hunter.


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Reason for edit : to be more clear on problem and where
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"Ah! I totally forgot to ask you if you are willing to help us, knowing how strong that Temple Keeper is we might need some extra fighting power, in case something does come our way... although it is very dangerous here and asking someone we just met might be inconsiderate." Riko scratched the back of her head, looking a little embarrassed to Darci, "Are you sure you want to do this? You're more likely to get killed in there than find dragons..." Meier added

Darci paused in thought for a moment, as she weighed everything in her mind. She glanced a Mister, then back at Riko and Meier.

“Yes.... I'm sure. I know the risks, either way death is a chance, but so is survival. The more people you have fighting the more everyone's chance to survive rises. Also who knows, there might be something linked to dragons down there. You'll be surprised where clues, and hints can turn up at.” She said calmly while petting mister as she talked.

“Also now I'm curious, just cause I mostly study dragons doesn't mean other parts of life don't interest me.” She said with a smile, “So lets go explore a deadly chamber.” She briefly glanced at Isart, and covered it up by tying her wild mane of hair back. She didn't want to seem eager to explore, but she couldn't help her curiosity.

The group walked forward into darkness, and Darci took up the back. Her eyes adjusted quickly to the darkness, as well as Mister's. As good as her night vision was, she couldn't see in the pitch blackness and only heard Riko talking up at the front.

"Urgh it is so dark in here you can barely see your own hand in front of your fa-" Riko's voice said in the dark to be interupted, and the sound of someone falling down the stairs. Darci winced a bit.

"Stairs ahead..." Zorn interrupted but it was too late.

"Ow, ow , ow... OI! Zorn! Why didn't you warn me there were stairs earlier?!" she shouted at him in anger, but before Zorn could reply the floor that Riko was on began to lit up, a single mechanical console came alive and awaited for instructions to go up or down, the only option was to go down, when the lights have fully lit the room was a big round room that seems to have gears all over the walls that are not turning yet. Darci looked in wonder at everything, while shading her eyes with her hand from the light.

“Wow... this is pretty cool!” She rushed forwards to look at the gears closely, and inspect other aspects in the room. Her behavior took on a kid in a candy shop for the first time, “ I wonder what these go to. Oh what's that!?” changing her focus to another point, but careful not to touch anything.

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Darci jumped as Zorn was sent flying from the door. Darci held her heart, glaring at everyone at the door from her cozy spot. Muttering a slew of cuss words, she pushed herself up from the floor while snapping her note book shut. Her green eyes flickered up to see, Zorn open the door on a second try. She felt slightly irritated at being disrupted from her thoughts, but quickly pushed to emotion aside to tune into the current conversation.

"Okay everyone, I think it would be best if we split up for a bit, I know we are stronger in a bigger team but Moritz needs someone to be here when he wakes up." Riko turned to Veronica which was still singing softly but can tell she was paying attention, "Veronica, I think it would be best if you stayed here with Moritz, is that okay?"

Darci looked interested, and glanced down at the Sram. She made a mental note to remember the name, and felt slightly better this group actually cared for the Sram. If they could like a Sram, hey maybe they could like a Osamodas.

She watched Tal, and Veronica practically light up at the thought of being alone together. She slightly chuckled to herself, already guessing they were a couple. Soon the Cra chipped in about the Feca, needing to stay behind because of her injuries.

uugghhh I will have to work with him don't I...” She thought with distaste, and lashed her tail at the thought of working with a Cra, “ I'll just ignore him... As long as he doesn't touch me or point his bow at me, I'll be fine...” She breathed threw her nose loudly before walking over.

“So I'm guessing I'm going with you?” Darci addressed Riko for the first time so far. She looked at the dark doorway, then back at everyone.

“Well.. this should be interesting.” She grinned suddenly, and made a click noise at mister. Mister quickly climbed up her back, perched on her shoulder.

“Maybe we will get to make a bit trouble, huh, Mister.” She said addressing her Gobgob lovingly, “ Make big brother proud.” Mister chirped a reply, and both of them grinned with a twinkle of Roguishness.

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I was planning on posting after Echo so Tal got a chance to reply to Veronica, and the plan. Once it's up I'll have mine soon after  

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Ohhhhh... this next area sounds intense. Where do you come up with these ideas Omega? Haha XD This will be really fun. *grins*

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"Go ahead and prove me wrong. Let me warn you though, the world is a cruel place where everything can and will go wrong. If you want to prove to me that dragons are here in this planet, you're going to have to see one face to face and come back to me alive; death comes for everyone inevitably.... And this world only ever allows the victorious to win, even then, sometimes not. Remember: as time passes, courage becomes foolhardiness and dedication has no rewards." Lorenzie replied.

Darci stared at Lorenzie for a minute before she suddenly burst out laughing.

“HAHAHAHA! You don't think I know that? Heheheeh wow that's funny! Hahaha” She giggled to herself, “ I'm sorry I must too much of a ignorant Osamodas, you obviously have all the answers little Feca. “ She mocked bowed at her while still laughing.

“It's not like I've been surviving on my own for years, or encountered things that were bad or horrible for that matter. Nooooo, never had any hardships in my life, why this is such news! Here I thought the world was Twizler candies and Bow Meow Mellows!” She said with sarcasm dripping off her tone.

She just chuckled to herself, while walking off on her own. She waved of her hand at Lorenzie ove her shoulder, to show she was done with their conversation. She glanced at what Meier was doing with Zorn. She wanted to ask questions, but with a glance at Isart, she decided it'd be better to only observe and listen. Sure she was ok with him, but she really didn't trust him,but it's easy for people to change their minds. So instead of really talking to anyone, she found a nice quiet spot away from everyone, but with a good view for her to observe behaviors. Mister floated onto her lap, and watched with her.

She perked up a bit when Veronica started singing, and smiled. She had to admit she had a very lovely voice. With a calm smile, she pulled out a note book from her bag, and began jotting down ideas and thoughts on the group of people before her. It always helped her get her thoughts straight, and notes were great for later on small things she could have missed. She scribbled notes, and glanced up periodically, waiting to hear what was to be done next.

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"I'm sorry, I have no intention of taking sides in this war, but I believe if Darci here is truly a spy, she wouldn't have blown her cover so easily. Spies tend to fake their place of birth, nationality, background, etc. and would've known much more around this area than how ignorant she seems to be. She also seems too young to be one. Also, I don't think a spy would sound this stupidly idealistic. Something like looking for dragons seems like a pathetic cover up for a spy, too obvious that any practitioner of espionage would definitely not use as an excuse to an enemy nation. If ever she was, she would be very inexperienced, it seems very illogical to send in an inexperienced spy to an enemy nation as she'd be captured instantly and it would be better off that they assigned her else where." Lorenzie said with a cold voice.

Darci immediately bristled at the Feca insulting her ideals, and her intelligence. She quickly bit the inside of her cheek in order to keep herself from talking back. Anything she said would be against her, so her best option was to remain silent for now.

"Also, when she got here, she was running away and she seemed very easy for that.... 'thing' to throw her around. If they were going to send a spy to this temple, they could've already had another spy passing them the information that this place would be very dangerous and they would've assigned someone more capable in a fight." Lorenzie continued.

"Don't take it the wrong way. I'm not denying the existing of dragons. 'I actually remember a few really old documents dating back to the Dofus era stating that dragons existed. According to those documents, legend has it that Incarnam was once on the back of a dragon. I believe they might not be in this world but maybe somewhere else in the Krosmoz there might be.'" She finished off while looking at Darci.

Every insult felt like poison barbs underneath her skin, as her tail whipped angrily. She struggled to keep her temper in check . Her pride, hopes, and dreams were being put down as stupid ideals, or impossible. It just fueled the fire to prove everyone wrong, to work harder, and to blow everyone away. She breathed through her nose, trying to push the seething anger down...

Fair point." Meier said, nodding. Then added offhandedly, holding up his index finger, "Orrrrr her story could be deliberately farfetched to make you think that."

Still enraged, she gave Meier the nastiest glare she could muster. Was she really that hard to believe?

"Sorry, just thinking aloud. Bad habit.", Meier said and held up his hands in surrender at her glare.

"Meier." Isart said shortly, locking eye with Darci. She gladly stared him back down as he asked Meier, "As I recall, you're good at seeing a lie. What do you think?"

"Oh, I see. Now you want my opinion. As I recall, a moment ago you were implying that I was a traitor, but my word has value once again it would seem." Meier retorted venomously. Darci had to smile at that, she wasn't the only one angry in the room.

"Oktapodos... I didn't mean it like that." Isart muttered, rubbing his temple. "How old are you, Meier?" He snapped.

Ignoring Isart, Meier decided to answer the question. "For what it's worth, I'd say she's on the level. Or an exceptionally good liar, but as Lorenzie said, the evidence is on her side. I believe her." Meier said evenly, looking at Darci when he said the last part. Darci looked a bit surprised at him then, she didn't expect him to believe her. She doubted it meant he trusted her, but it was still something.

"Hmmm..." Isart stared at Darci before he started pacing. Her eyes didn't leave him as he paced the floor in thought. She took a moment to glance down at Mister hold on to her calf, his cat like eyes watching Isart as well.

"Isart!" Meier yelled suddenly, making Darci look up at at him now.

Isart stopped pacing and looked at Meier.

"She did swear, remember. On Osamodas himself. I know you don't follow one of the Twelve, but I can assure you an oath like that isn't given lightly." Meier said in a calm persuading tone. Then added "If she did lie in that oath, well, Osamodas will handle that."

Once more, she was surprised by the Xelor. She shuddered a bit to herself, knowing Osamodas took his name very seriously, and would punish anyone who took him lightly. She was grateful she was a honest Osamodas, or she'd find herself in more trouble then any Sufokian general could do to her.

I'll have to thank Meier later...” she thought, knowing that in a way was helping this in her favor.

"Alright... I believe you." Isart had more to say: "Please understand, this war with Amakna... my friends and family... I don't want them to die." He paused. "So I needed to know. That's all. Nothing personal." He held out his hand to her to shake. "No hard feelings?" He said, looking her in the eyes.

“... No I understand that...I have friends fighting and dieing in this stupid war too. It's only fair you would question me, I kinda guessed that would happen if I even mentioned I was from Amakna.” She finally said, breaking her silence.

“No hard feelings” She said gently, shaking his hand. She put away her anger, and her eyes softened a bit as she thought how it must be hard for those in Sufokia to have some much on the line.

“I don't plan to hurt anyone, anything I see here stays in my mind only. Besides... I'll probably acclaimed as a traitor after all this...even though I neither a soldier or a spy for Amakna.” She laughed darkly, not liking where her road is heading.

“Whatever... I'll walk that road when I get there, but first,” She turned and looked Lorenzie in the eye “ You may think my ideals are stupid, but I know I'm right. Think what you want, but I will prove you wrong.” She said coldly. At that she brushed past her, pausing by Meier.

“Thank you...” She said before walking over to her hammer on the ground, picking it up, and then stowing it in her bag once more.



Sorry for Darci's silence till the end. She knows if she argued back it kinda would make things worse for her case. But seriously this is iiinnnttteeeennnseeeee...

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