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posté June 20, 2016, 23:26:57 | #1
Darci marched forward with the torch in hand, knowing Viper would retrieve Celci at least. If Laz came with, wonderful! If not? Laz wasn’t her problem even if the head guard did ask her… she wasn’t going to stake Viper’s, Celci’s and her own well being after some rogue Xelor… Though she did hear Neil asking Viper’s help briefly as she walked down the echoing halls… Marvelous… Just what she needed in her life right now.

She was heading straight south from where they had fallen down, towards where the little map on the wall directed her. Mister glided next to her as she jogged down the tunnel, her tail whipping behind her. She stopped after a few minutes, pausing to wait for everyone, she didn't want to leave them behind.

"Come on we don't have all day! I don't want to stick around for when they make their way here!" She called

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posté September 15, 2015, 18:24:55 | #2
it's been too long since I posted here XD

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posté August 17, 2015, 10:36:30 | #3
Once Darci’s boot clacked on the dusty stone ground at the base the ladder, she noticed it was pitch black still except a small light further down… well this won’t do.

“Mister, torch, left side of haven bag please.” She told Mister in a serious tone. With the current time crunch she was in, she needed to get this done quickly. Mister chirped happily, and did a small salute before diving into her bag.

“Viper, go further ahead and check on Celci.” She told Viper, taking control of the situation. As her eyes adjusted in the dark and made out that there were only four others then herself. Where was Nils?

“Robert! Where’s the Ecaflip!” She called up to him, and Mister coming out of her bag with a torch in his mouth. She took it in hand with a soft thank you to him.

“The kid says he’s staying here! He’s gonna fight with us! “ Rob called back to her, still holding the door. “Move your asses already!” he grunted at the door bowed under him.

Well he didn’t have to tell her twice… She breathed in deeply and hissed a word of draconic for fire, letting fire spill from here mouth like a dragon. It lit the torch, showing her immediate surroundings. She saw the map ingrained on the wall and studied it for a moment.

“ Alright, let’s move people!” She marched forward toward where Celci and Lazarus were.

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posté May 31, 2015, 09:07:54 | #4
“As much as I would love you to deck Neill, Celci… it’s best we deal with more pressing matters.” Darci whispered to her, and looked to the situation at hand… and the iop seemed to have gone mad and was ripping out the floor… glorious.

“what are-“ Darci started to ask, but was cut off.

“They think they have us surrounded, but they don't- there is a way out! All of the old quarter of Bonta is built on the ancient tunnels." Rob told them as he demolished the floor- sure enough, beneath the floor, a locked hatch could be seen. Rob began patting his clothes for a key. "You follow these and it'll lead you out of the city- ignore the arrows, they're a trick! Only follow the fresh air. You'll know what I mean when you get in there", he added in a whisper.

ok, maybe he wasn’t as insane as Darci thought.

Behind her though, her gem wall was straining from the increase of fire on it… since it was so quickly made, it hardly had the strength it should. Sometime her system could be a huge ass pain if she didn’t set up before hand. She gripped her gem pounch in her hand full of ready made runed gems she kept at all times… the past had taught her well.

Neil was swearing like a sailor… heh cute. He knew a few Darci didn’t, but she made note if she needed a good swear for later. She’ll probably need it.

Before she headed into the dark hole Rob had opened, Lazarus took Neill by surprise with speed and cunning he had been yet to show. As much as it was a sign of karma, Darci’s eyes narrowed… what a good cooperative prisoner, huh? As much as she didn’t blame him, and she’d do the same… She kept in mind she must be wary of this beast… he was like a wild thing on a leash, you never knew when he was going to bite.

Celci tapped Darci's hand, Darci had forgotten she was even holding Celci still with everything going on: "Hey, lemme go, would you, I'll be ok, I promise, I'll go down there with you all and I won't let you down!!"

With a smile, she calls, "LOOK OUT BELOW!" Then the iopette and her crazy hair disappeared down the hole.

Before Darci headed to the hole, she paused and looked at Rob… Her inner conscious whispered to her that he had no weapon again well armed assailants all by himself alone…

She dug into her bag, and quickly searched for two gems she needed. She pulled out a piece of garnet, covered in runes. Then she pulled out Topaz, which had different runes.

She shot a burst of magic into them, letting them grow into their preruned shapes. A garnet sword appeared as it grew into a sharp blade, while the topaz rounded out into a sturdy shield. She felt her magic drain from her slowly like a stream tricking down a mountainside, quickly pouring into a river. She cut it off so she could have enough left in her magic reservoir for later.

“Hey! Rob was it?” She called to the iop.

Rob was staring into the hole Lazarus and Neill had just fallen down with a look of fury.

"Treacherous little..." he muttered to himself. "You know the penalty for treachery, Carthac!!" Rob suddenly bellowed down the shaft, a warning to Lazarus. The iop looked up at Darci's voice, becoming aware of the situation beyond Lazarus once again. "Eh? Yes."

Darci nodded to him, and held up the gem weapons. "Alright here is how it is. I'm not going to leave you without a weapon, and you said you would hold these guys off as long as you can. The shield should hold for a good while, as well as the sword, but they're not permanent things. As soon as you can, find better things."

"Any questions" She asked him as the blows to her lapis wall became louder as it cracked more. "Better ask fast."

Rob looked at the gem weapons presented to him dubiously. He wasn't armed and his opponents had crossbows, so the choice wasn't hard.

"Thank you- I'd love to know how you did this, but there's no time. Escape and survive: tell me then."

"Oh, I always do." She told him simply, and handed them to him.

"Keep your head ducked behind the shield, you can see through it a bit and angle it so arrows bounce off it." She told Rob.

As Darci and Viper got ready to climb down the hatch (there was indeed a ladder, though no one had used it yet), Rob stopped them.

"Look, I know you two are just travelers and didn't want to get involved, but please think about giving Neill a hand. Lazarus is a cunning little ratou and the people he works for are dangerous- keep your wits about you and good luck."

He let them go, hurrying to join the other guards at the doors, which they were barricading. Looking back over his shoulder in a last survey of the room, Rob felt so sure there'd been a dagger on the table before...

No time to think about that, though.

Darci paused as she looked at Viper, and then said “I make no promises…but I will see what I can do. At least I’ll get us all out of this mess.” She told Rob, and answered Viper’s earlier comment.

“When does anything in my life go smoothly hmmm? I should have expected some kind of shit like this…” She grumbled and slid down the ladder after Viper jumped down.


Everything done with Rob was by Acher :3

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posté May 21, 2015, 07:08:45 | #5
Sounds like fun! I'll try to make it :3

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posté March 03, 2015, 09:03:18 | #6
Darci was calmly sipping her tea, as they had begun their game of cards. She was about to play her hand when the commander, Lazarus, and Neil kicked down the door. Darci jumped in her seat at the loud noise, and splintering door. She clutched her tea in hand and looked at the rag tag trio. She rapidly looked at Neil, then Lazarus in chains, and then the commander.

“We got ourselves a situation, folks.”

Just as the officer spoke these words, he had Lazarus ram his shoulder into his gut…sending them careening into the table.

Cards flew into the air. The table tumbled back. The tea she was sipping was just missed by a failing arm from the guard, but her pot spew liquid into air. Mister shrieked as he got his food knocked away. Pure chaos.

Darci watched in horror was things went to shit quite quickly. Could she never have a moment of peace!

It didn’t help that Celci dived into the fray with a yell, driving her shoulder into Neill. God damn it Celci!

“Viper! Help me separate them! Get Lazarus!” Darci barked at Viper immediately, and quickly dived into the fight to grab Celci out of it. She caught hold the back of Celci's shirt. She yanked back on her, getting them both out of the mess.

“Didn’t your mother teach you not to fight other iops?!” She asked her, but she didn’t have time to really peruse the matter. Besides.... she was yelling at a iop for fighting...annnnddd Darci herself wasn't the best example... "You know what never min-" she was quickly cut off.

A bolt shot into the room, narrowly missing Darci. She didn’t want to deal with any of this! She had a book to publish! Today of all days this HAD to happen?!

Darci snarled, and dug her hand into a pouch at her belt. With a whirl of white hair, she slapped the crystal against the wall. "Աճում!!!” (Grow!) She felt a ripple of magic leave her and burst into the crystal. Lapis Lazuli rapidly grew, blocking off the door. She put her hand into the pouch and flicked down with another spell on a runed stone “ քարե սուրը!!“ (Stone sword!) She spoke the words of draconic, lighting the glyphs. A granite sword, polished by magic, grew quickly.... and it was quite sharp. It gleamed with it’s sharp edges, a slight pink color to it mixed with black and white speckles.

“The hell is going on?!” Darci snapped at the commander. Were these people here for her? Lazarus? Was Atticus getting desperate now? Last time she heard he wasn’t too well off... could it been for Celci?

Darci’s mind whirled with possibilities, but quickly were stifled as she didn’t have time to think more on it as her barricade was hit. Mister chittered in Darci’s ear, opting to hide in her wild mane of hair. He looked worriedly at her, knowing this wasn't going to be good. The gobgob looped his tail around Darci's neck.

Several more shots hit the now crystallized doorway, but it held. They needed to move though.

“We need to move..."

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Very softly, so quiet you'd wonder if you heard it at all, Lazarus said to Viper, Celci and Darci: "...thanks."

Darci just barely heard the soft thanks, but smiled a little to herself… Well at least she had done one right thing today…

As they made their way across the stony bridge, Darci took in her surroundings. It reminded her of the first time she had traveled through the town. It had to have been a year or two ago, not much had changed. She looked down the street as they approached the Garrison’s. That hadn’t changed much either. She remembered the day she went there to let them know to remove her from the missing person’s list… Not to mention apply for a citizenship of Bonta. Times were hard then. She looked down at her bag, and gripped it closer to her. At least now she had her things.

Once they reached the doors, Neill had walked forward and talked to the guard. Showing them his bounty hunter papers and the papers for Lazarus. The guards nodded and the party was ushered into the gates of the garrison.

Darci walked in, and decided it would be soon they all would part ways. She had a book to publish, Viper was her escort, and Celci would be coming with them, and the Ecaflip…

She glanced at the young Ecaflip standing with them. She supposed he could come along, as long as he didn’t cause too much trouble.

With a guard on either side of Lazarus, they walked down the corridor, till coming to a stop when a tall and well-muscled man came striding out of an office. Upon spotting Neill, the man's rugged face broke into a wide smile and the two greeted each other warmly.

This must be the garrison commander.

Darci remembered his face slightly, but she had seen a lot of faces in her days of travel. His rugged features reminded her of an Iop she met when she had gotten lost in Amakana.

Lazarus sighed next to her, and awkwardly removing his cloak, hampered by his chains.

After Neill showed the man some more papers, the other man turned his attention to Lazarus.

"Ah, this must be Lazarus Carthac. Didn't give you any trouble, did he, Neill?" The man asked over his shoulder to Neill. He frowned when he spotted the chains at Lazarus's wrists.

"Guess he did, huh?" The commander looked at Lazarus warningly. "Don't forget, Mr Carthac, you've promised us your full cooperation..."

"And you'll have it." Lazarus replied in a polite tone.

The garrison commander raised one eyebrow at Lazarus before turning to the rest of the group. Darci met his gaze with a calm expression, as he looked over them all.

"And who are these? Thought it was just going to be you, Neill..." From the look Neill shot him, the commander got the impression it was a bit of a sore point for the old cra. Darci saw the look, and tried to hold back a snort. It was his own fault to be honest… not to mention it wasn’t her idea to travel with him.

"Uh, you know what? Tell me in my office- you and I have a lot to chat about." Then he spoke to the rest of the group: "All of you feel free to wait in the the guard room- it's down the corridor. Ought to be some tea in there you can get into." The Garrison offered, and Darci’s interested perked the offer of tea.

Before they were lead away, Darci paused and looked at Lazarus. “Well…. This I assume is goodbye..” she told him and fixed her bag on her shoulder.

“I wish you the best of luck… “ She paused, thinking on what else to say to him… it was a hard thing to do.

“Also that you stay safe during your time here.” She ended it after her long pause. She made a nod at him, and let herself be lead down the hall, leaving Lazarus with the guards.

She glanced at Celci who seemed to be brooding on something, and gently touched her shoulder as they walked together. “It’s alright.” She told Celci gently and walked into the room .

“Anyone fancy a game?” the Ecaflip asked, speaking up.

Darci looked at him in a little surprised he spoke up, here she thought him shy. Celci seemed to brighten though.

“Heh, I told you already that I’m no lucky hand when it comes to card games—unless you think brawls are lucky—“ She chuckled, then cleared her throat. Better not tell that story here-! “BUT... you know what, yeah, I’ll play. Not sure what else we can do right now anyway.” She shrugged, and sat down across from Nils, resting both elbows on the table.

Darci hummed in thought and walked over to the table “count me in… though if you try to cheat, I’ll be able to tell.” She told him with a slight smirk and a bit of a spark in her eye. Her brother taught her all about card sharks, and how to tell when one was cheating… since he was the biggest cheater of all. He was a rogue after all…

“Actually… let me get some tea first and I’ll join you.” She got up and looked for the tea that was offered. Once she had located the pot, she poured herself a cup and came back to the table.

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posté January 06, 2015, 05:31:04 | #8
I'd vote Meier as well. I've talked to her before, and she is incredibly nice. That and she ad a lot of experience with governing. If there was a problem, you'd go to Meier.

Not only that, but Meier also got the admins to fix somethings with politics if I remember correctly.

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posté December 24, 2014, 09:35:59 | #9
As Darci’s drago clopped down the cobble road towards Arms Way, she could pick up the whispers towards Lazarus. She knew it was meant for Lazarus by the hands that pointed, and the hushed whispers of mothers to their children. She frowned deeply as she knew of the feeling to be whispered about, to be pointed at, the subject of rumor… She immediately felt sympathy for Lazarus, even though was technically a criminal.

She looked back at Lazarus, out of earshot of him, but could tell he seemed interested in what ever Maurice was saying. The Xelor was pissed about the staring, but ignored it by talking to Maurice. He seemed to be studying his environment as well by how much he was looking around.

"... what's these people's problem?" Celci grumbled into Darci’s mane of white hair. "... can't so much as sneeze around 'em before somebody--"

Darci opened her mouth to answer to when she saw an api fly out of nowhere, to strike Lazarus across the mask. It burst across him and his clothing, making a mess. Darci mouth fell open with shock and a pulse of anger went through her.

She then went cold as she began to think about the situation. Was that a person that Lazarus experimented on? Did they know him? Was this a well-known case? Was it just a random bystander striking out at a random criminal? Was this something she should get involved in? Would she be a tool if she stood by?

A loud “Hey!” broke through her rapid-fire thoughts. Before Darci could act or say anything, Celci took off from the saddle behind her.

“Shit! Celci!” Darci called as her drago got scared when Celci landed down on the road. Darci quickly righted him, and turned him to see where Celci was wading into the crowd. ‘Well shit’ she thought.

Just as Darci herself jumped down from the saddle, she was about to ask Viper to watch Laz’s back, only to see Viper come to Lazarus’s side. He had his tattoos ready to catch anymore-incoming apis. Darci heard him tell Lazarus that he was human too…She felt touched by it, but quickly had to turn her attention to the Iopette.

With a quick word to Mister to keep the drago in control, Darci went after Celci. She caught sight of the white air iopette yelling in the aggressor’s face…

"... who are you calling 'scum,' scum??" Celci hissed. "I bet you feel so high and mighty knocking a guy who did nothing to you and can't fight back, but you know what that makes you?? A fucking coward!" With her other hand, she grabbed another mushy api from the basket beside him, and rammed it into his mouth. She then yelled over him, to the crowd of whispery onlookers: "AND THAT GOES FOR ALL THE REST OF YOU ASSHOLES TOO!"

Shit. Shit shit shit!

Darci pushed her way to Celci. She did not need to get Celci arrested for assault, nor did she want to bail Celci out of jail. So Darci did the first thing that came into her mind.

Once she made it to Celci, she snapped her arm up to push Celci’s head down (since she was much taller then Darci). She then quickly looped her arm around Celci’s neck and put the girl into a headlock, making her let go of the man.

“Celci! Don’t’ make the same mistakes I do!” She whispered in her ear with a hiss. She was careful not to let Neill hear that, as Neill took the api thrower by his arm. As Neil dragged the man away, Darci dragged Celci back as well. She was carful not to choke her over much, but it was effective getting her away from the man.

“Listen to me Celci, as much as the man might have deserved that, you can’t do that. I don’t want you arrested alright.” Darci whispered quickly to her and scowled at the people staring at her now. Ugh. Good thing she was used to this.

“Come on.” She let Celci go, and motioned for her to head back to where Viper was. Darci sighed heavily as she made her way back herself. She was such a hypocrite… She struck Neill not only this morning, yet here she was telling Celci not to do something like that… But yet, she didn’t want the young girl to make the same mistakes she did in her life.

Once they made it Lazarus’s Drago, Darci dug into her haven bag till she produced an old towel. She held it up to Lazarus.

“Here, lets get you cleaned up and down from the drago. I don’t want you to be a target again if I can help it.” She looked at Lazarus with her good eye, and flanked him with Viper.

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posté December 12, 2014, 11:13:51 | #10
Viper held up a hand and shook his head. "It's fine, I wouldn't have come along if I didn't expect some sort of trouble. It's usually how things go with us, always be prepared you know?" he chuckles. "At least you took the precaution to hire me, I'm always free to help out a friend, and the guild always welcomes you in. Especially if you just need a place to crash, either way, it's okay." He puts a hand on her shoulder. "We're almost there too, this'll be over before you know it, then we can head off and get back to our own quest.

Darci gave a grateful smile at Viper. It was nice to be gaining so many friends as of late. She patted Viper’s hand on her scarred shoulder “Thank you Viper, that’s very sweet…” She told him.

Celci ruffled her hair with one hand, looking askance and down. “… all right… if you say so, Darci… but I still don’t like him… anyone who drags anyone else around in chains is just bad news in my book.” She shrugged, then smirked, though still looking at the ground. “Pfft… really, Viper? I don’t think anyone’ll be THAT worried I’m gone… everyone knows I can take care of myself!”

“mmmm…” Darci hummed to at what Celci said. She really couldn’t disagree, but she knew better then to trust someone like Lazarus. He was still a criminal who experimented on people in Bonta. Bonta was known for a fair court system, unlike Brakmar. Darci paused as she thought of Brakmar again… it’d be best not to think on the past, it distracts from the future. She could make note of it, learn from it, but it was best not to live in it. This is what she had learned after all these years. So Darci address Celci again.

“As to if people are worried about you, I am sure they are… I find that people I never expected to care do worry for me.” She told Celci as she thought on her friend Marcel for a bit.

Just as was remembering his face with out his Xelor mask, her heard the Cra’s voice ring out.

“Alrightty folks, let’s MOVE out! Arms Way is literally right over there, an’ I reckon daylight’s burnin… So get a move on! That includes ya too, Ecaflip!” Neill yelled over them and rode on his drago. Next in tow was Lazarus, struggling to right himself on the drago.

Darci’s eyes hardened into a stony gaze as Bauwman jostled by on his drago. She made a small-annoyed noise, and crossed her arms. So just to be annoying, she walked slowly back to her drago taking her sweet time to pick up her bag. She straightened up slowly stretching as she did, and flicked her hair back. She greeted her drago as well, giving his muzzle a hug.

Mister took that moment to poked her cheek. he gave Darci a glare from where he sat the Drago’s head. He gave a commanding squeak, and crossed his paws.

ախ դուք չեք էլ. “ (Oh not you too) She said to him in dragconic with a scowl. Mister tapped his little blue foot and puffed up his cheeks.

“Նայեք, մի անհանգստացեք դրա մասին. Ես գիտեմ, ես կարող է խանգարված է բարեգործություն որսորդ, բայց ով է տալիս ԲԵԼԱՌՈՒՍ. “ (Look, don’t worry about it. I know I may have upset the bounty hunter, but who gives a shit.) Darci told him, and offered Mister an Api. However, the gobgob turned it down and squeaked unhappily that it could get her in trouble later on.

“Ես գիտեմ, որ ... բայց հիմա ես չեմ պատրաստվում անհանգստացեք դրա մասին լավ. “ ( I know... but for now I am not going to worry about it alright.) She told him softly and pet his head gently, “Ես երբեք չեմ եկեք այլեւս չբաժանվեն ... հիշում. Ես խոստացա ձեզ. “ (I’ll never let us be separated again... remember. I promised you.)

Mister took her hand in his paws, rubbing his face lovingly against it. He really did love Darci. Darci gave a affectionate smile, and their bond resonated in a harmony between then as it had become even stronger over the years. She started to climb up onto the drago with Mister in her arms. she gave him the Api again, to which he accepted this time.

Just as Darci started to mount up, Viper came to her and held at fish to her. He took a bite from his own fish. "Dunno if you ate breakfast yet, if you haven't eat up, if you have, give it to Cel." he handed Darci the fish and mounted up on his Drago, making sure he wasn't sitting on the cape of his hoodlum outfit.

“Alright.” Darci told him and looked for Celci. The girl seemed to have strode up to Lazarus’s drago and was asking him questions. Wonderful…

"Hey, Ecaflip, hop on I'll give you a ride." Viper called to the Ecaflip then turned back to Darci. "You don't mind taking Celci do you Darci?"

“If I can get her…” She told him and kicked her drago into a trot to catch up to Neill, and Lazarus. When she made it up to them, she had missed the question Celci had be asking Lazarus.

"Celci, come up here with me. I'll give you a ride." She told Celci and put her hand out to her to help her onto the drago. Darci made it a point to ignore Neill completely at this point. She didn't have the time nor patience to deal with a backwards Cra.

She did glance at Lazarus as he was sitting on his drago wrong, and decided to offer advice.

"if you don't want a sore back by the end of the day, I suggest straightening up. When you ride, you sit tall. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Don't put your boots too far into the stirrups. Also grip with your legs." She told him, and sat tall her herself.

Once she had Celci in the saddle behind her, she offered the fish Viper gave her. "This is for you." She kicked her drago into a faster trot then Neill's and took to the front of the party. She was going to be in control of where they were going, and refused to let Neill think himself as the leader.

She squared her shoulders, and looked ahead confidently. She had the world to take by storm with the words of dragons, and she'd be damned if she let it slip from her again.

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I really like the Cp idea a lot. It'd be really cool to be able to use it for something, especially if it brought on a incentive.

As to the weather engineer fix, THAT'D BE AMAZING! I have been the weather girl on Nox, and as much fun as it was... there wasn't much to do XD.

Lastly, I think if they gov could announce stuff to citizens other then the political chat, that'd be neat. Kinda like the guild announcements in the chat box when you sign on. I'd like to see what the gov had planned or wanted to do.

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posté November 27, 2014, 23:33:22 | #12
Darci was about to go further with her on slot of words when she heard Maurice pipe up.

"Wooooooaaaaaahhhh, there! Lady, you are wild!" The shushu called out, cackling. "Knock that loony's block off, Bauwmann!"

"Maurice! Shut up!" Lazarus hurriedly put his fish down, chains clanking as he reached up to his throat to smother Maurice. "Sorry, sorry!", he called. "I'll shut it up."
Maurice's muffled rage could be heard, now furious that Lazarus had tried to silence him.

Her words left her for a moment as Lazarus spoke… Starting to sharply realize how rash and crazy her actions must look to everyone. She could have possibly have just made Lazarus’s life quite a bit worse as well. Guilt began to well in her gut, not for what she did to Neil, but for what she could have caused as an effect.

Her eyes flickered over to her drago where Mister sat. She met Mister’s gaze, and could see disappointment well in his eyes… the fact Mister was disappointed with her stabbed her in the heart across her lifeline. How could she have been so stupid… She gave away too much of herself. She was too rash, and now they knew there was something there. Something behind why she did what she did. Just as her thoughts went a bit darker, she felt a hand on her shoulder and from the soft grip she knew it was Viper.

Just then Celci burst into the scene with her sword waving, and pointing it at Neil. Darci instantly bristled slightly as Celci yelled, and the hand on her shoulder held her in place.

“HEY! You let them go RIGHT now OR ELSE!” Celci yelled at the Bauwman, pointing her sword straight at him. Darci began feel even worse at that point, as she watched Celci… what had her actions done? Celci might try to fight the Cra and make everything even worse. Viper to decided pipe up, and do something unexpected.

Viper turned to Neill, "Excuse me a moment."

Viper gently took Darci's hand and pulled her away, and grabbed Celcieux by her ear in quick succession. Celci quickly flailed and muttered a slew of curses as she was dragged away.

"DON'T THINK THIS LETS YOU OFF THE HOOK, CRA!" Celci yelled at him as she was dragged over to some trees. Just as they were walking, Darci took notice of an Ecaflip boy standing at the back of the clearing. When had he gotten there? Her eyes met the Ecaflips for a moment then looked away to where Viper dragging her and Celci.

"Come on you two, we need to have a talk..." He pulled them away and into a small clearing in the woods. "Alright, first of all, Darci." He looked at Darci. "What was that about?"

Darci stayed quiet for a moment, trying to recover her words, then was about to answer when he turned his attention to Celcieux.

"And Celcieux....What are you doing all the way out here?! I specifically told you to stay with the guild for training and so you could work."

Celci glowered at Viper. “I am not a child, Viper-!… You just up and left without telling me where the hell you were going, without even a thought of, ‘Oh, we’re going on a quest, maybe we should tell our friend Celci where we’re going and if she wants to come!’ What was I supposed to do at that point? How was I supposed to know you two weren’t in trouble or going to need help? Do you know how far I’ve walked following you two?? … well, I mean, it wasn’t really that long, I’ve walked farther… but that’s not the point!” She spread her arms for effect, swinging the sword haphazardly.

“And I’m glad I did…” She turned to Darci: “…what’s that Cra’s deal anyway? What’s he threatening you with if you leave??” She threw the sword point-down into the dirt, then leaned on it, squinting intensely into Darci’s eyes.

Now everything was focused on Darci, and she felt it too. She took a deep breath through her mouth first then let it out through her nose in a calming gesture. She felt something slide up her leg, and glanced down to meet Mister’s yellow eyes. Well this will be fun to explain… She took Mister up into her arms, and stroked his back as he gave her peace.

“First off,” She started once she had herself in control again “I don’t wish to talk about what caused me to act like I did.” She told Viper quietly, addressing him first.

“Also… I refuse to apologize for what I did… perhaps for slapping the man I will, but not my words.” She told Viper with a slight stubborn tone to it, hinting if he asked her to apologize… it’d be lost on deaf ears.

“Celcieux,” She now addressed Celci by her full name. Darci leveled her gaze with her good green eye to stare back into Celci’s white eyes, “I hired Viper to be my body guard in my travels, I didn’t want too many to travel with me. This is why I didn’t ask you to come, but since you are here then you can come since I am sure we can not send you back.” Darci told her, and stood straighter.

“The Cra said something I took offense to and I…” She paused as she thought on her wording “..I may have acted a bit rashly.”

“ Nor did the Cra threaten us about leaving… At least for now…” She told Celcieux.

She glanced back at Neill, and sighed “before you tell me I shouldn’t have slapped him… I know… That was rash.” She looked at Viper “I’m sorry for dragging you into this…”

She briefly thought to herself on how none of this would have happened if she had just traveled alone, and disagreed to travel with the Cra and his Xelor prisoner… It didn’t excuse her actions, nor the consequences that had yet to come.

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As Darci got closer, she overheard Viper talking to Lazarus while giving him what appeared to be fish. She gave a small smile at the gesture… that was nice of him.

“Morning, here's some breakfast if you want it, careful though, it's a bit hot." Viper told Lazarus, and held it to the Xelor. Just as Lazarus took the fish, Neill’s voice cut in.

“Thankin ya much, stranger. Best be careful of feeding the animal." Neil drawled to Viper.


‘Did he? He… did just fucking say that… He said what I thought he said…’ went through her mind, and white hot anger flared up from scars deep within her soul. How. Fucking. Dare. He… How dare did call a person an animal!

It got worse as he cracked a joke.

“Don't know if Xelor's bite, but ya know the old sayin: First TIME for everythin...” Bauwmann continued his mockery of his prisoner.

"Geddit boy, I say ya geddit? Time? First TIME for everythin? Xelor? Hahaha, I's a joke, son! A joke! I crack myself up sometimes..."

With a loud snarl she marched straight from Neill as he noticed her.

“Ah, the prodi... the lass returns! Hope you got what ya wanted from yer friend. No more stops till we hit Arms Way...” He said, and looked at her.

Viper shot her a happy “Morning Darci!”

Darci ignored both statements, and made it into arms reach of Neill. Her hand snapped up, and slapped him hard across the left cheek.

A crack was heard in the air as the skin of Darci’s hand met Neill’s cheek.

“How… fucking… dare you…” Darci asked seething, practically shaking. Her hand stung, but she didn’t give a shit.

“How dare you call a captive man an animal! Even animals should not be mocked or treated that way! You have no fucking right to do or say those things to another human being!” She yelled at him, and hissed.

“You call him an animal again… I can’t be held responsible for what I will do to you” She threatened him, and curled her hands into fists.

Truth be told, Lazarus wasn’t even truly part of this equation of anger. He was just a small part of a bigger underlying problem within Darci, but Neill had said the wrong words by calling him an animal.

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Darci ended up getting too tired to walk back after hours of talking with Marcel. Marcel, being the gentleman he was, offered her the bed. Darci gladly took it. She felt tired after such a long day, and travel to be honest.

She got in her nightclothes int the bathroom with a smile as she was happy she had come to see Marcel. Time had gone by... but thier friendship had not died. She was afraid he’d not want to see her, or possibly be uninterested in seeing her.

She walked by Marcel getting himself comfortable on the couch, pulling out extra blankets and pillow.

“Marcel” Darci called to him softly where she stood.

“Mmmm?” he hummed and looked up at her.

“Thank you for letting me stay here, and the tea” She told him with a smile that met her eyes.

Marcel gave a soft smile as well “Your welcome Darci... I’m just happy you are alive.” He told her, and looked at his makeshift bed.

“well good night.” She told him and walked to his bedroom.

“Night” he called over his shoulder and watched her go. He smiled a little, just happy his friend was still alive... He really had missed Darci, and almost forgot what she was like.

Darci had an uneventful night of sleep, just blackness welcomed her, and it was much better then her usual nightmares. Instead she briefly dreamed of a conversation with Meier…

He was just as she remembered him being, but shown in the light she saw him. He stood tall, and confident in her eyes. He had the same kind green eyes she would never forget, that when a true smile happened, he got crows feet by the corner of his eyes. She smiled up at him in her dream as she admired her friend. She had to say, Meier to her was the best Xelor she ever met.

They walked together in a garden that was mixed with strange plants, and strange combination of crystals jutting up like trees. The whole garden was surreal… almost otherworldly. As they walked, they made their way to a table in the center of the garden with a tea set already there.

“I’ve missed you” Darci told Meier, and he smiled under his elegant scarf.

"Madness! Well, I didn't miss you." Meier teased, but the one-armed hug he pulled her into told a different story.

“Shut up” She laughed a bit glared at him in a non-threatening way “I might give you another basket of soap.”

“How very thoughtful of you,” he replied innocently, with mischief in his eyes.

She rolled her eyes, and sat down to pour him tea “Just drink your tea”

He sat down, and pulled his scarf down off his face. Darci smiled a bit as he did, and poured her own tea. She leaned her elbow on the table and rested her chin in her palm as she watched him drink his tea.

“Is the tea alright?” She asked him

"Lovely." He nodded, regarding her over the edge of his cup with smiling eyes. "So, is it true that you've managed to get mixed up with *another* Xelor? They're very unsavoury people Darci; not to be trusted, you know..."

“Ah… yes… is this reference to you too?” She told him with a slight smirk then grew serious, “But no this Xelor’s name is Lazarus Carthac, he’s a criminal who experimented on people”

Meier snorted at that, taking another sip of his tea. He frowned slightly at the mention of Lazarus. "Experiments? What kind?"

"I'm not really sure to be honest... He never said, and refuses to talk about it. " She told him "...asshole even saw me naked while I was bathing.” She grumbled to herself while crossing her legs.

Meier raised both eyebrows at that. "What?! He was spying on you?"

"No he ran into the area I was bathing in then proceeded to lie to me, then use me as a shield for a bounty hunter while I was in a towel" She told him, and crossed her arms cagily.

"...sounds charming." Meier remarked flatly. "Why are you with him, again?"

"Because his bounty hunter doesn't want me spreading the word about his catch, and is watching us by going the same way to his check point" She told him, "I had a feeling if I disagreed to travel, the man would do something drastic"

Meier looked aghast at that. "Are you... alright? Are you safe with these people?"

"Probably not... but I brought muscle with me. I hired a body guard, that Sacrier I told you about name Viper." She told him, "I also stopped at a friend's home for the night, and going to tell him if he doesn't get a letter in the next few days to tell the militia I'm missing"

Meier sat back in his chair. After a moment, he sighed and smiled weakly at her. "Well, in a way, I'd be more worried if you *weren't* in trouble... then I'd *really* know something was wrong." He leaned across the table and took her hand. "Just promise me you'll be careful, alright? Look before you leap, Darci."

Darci smiled softly at that "I promise Meier... I'm gonna do my very best to be safe...I want to do things better in my life... I want to publish my book finally." She told him, and held his hand.

"Finally ready?" Meier grinned, and clapped his hands together once. "Excellent! I can't wait to read it..."

Just as Meier spoke and paused, she suddenly felt an upheaval the dream as some one shook her. She woke with a start, and looked up at Marcel shaking her shoulder slightly.

“Hey I’m making breakfast. You want some?” He asked her

Darci yawned and stretched a bit “yeah, that’d be nice. I need to get ready anyways…” She told him and swung her feet out of bed. She tried to remember her dream, but it came back in flashes. She knew Meier was in it though; She’d have to write him, and drop by his house. She hadn’t seen the man in ages, and it was time for a visit.

After she had gotten dressed, she headed over to the table with Marcel. He put down two plates for both of them, and sat with her.

“So how long do you have before you have to leave?” Marcel asked her wondering how much time he had with her.

“Honestly, I should leave after I eat.” She told him a bit sadly.

“oh… alright… will you visit again soon?” Marcel asked.

“I’ll see, but I will write you, alright. I do have one request” She told him, and ran a hand into her white hair.

“I’m traveling with this band that could be dangerous. If I don’t write you in a few days, then get the Militia. The men I’m worried about are Lazarus Cathrac, and Neill Buawmann.” She told him with a frown.

“Whoa, Whoa wait what?! You’re *traveling* with these people.” Marcel shook his head aghast.

“Yes, they’ll be easy to manage. I’m not overly worried, since we will be parting ways today or tomorrow. So don’t worry” She told him, and went into a lengthy description of what both looked like.

After they had finished up, and Darci double-checked Marcel had the descriptions down. She hugged her friend good bye.

“I’ll be back before you know it.” She told him lightly and gave him a gentle squeeze.

“You better be! We have a lot to catch up on! One day isn’t enough!” He told her with a bit of a sad smile “just be safe alright…”

“I will.” She told him and let him go. She started walking away towards where she came from, giving him a wave as she walked away.

It took a good hour to make her way back to where everyone was, and as she got closer, she was able to see Bauwmann in the tree. Also She could see her Drago still there, as well as Viper. Good. She was glad she had brought Viper along in this venture.


Edit: Forgot to mention, Meier is Aacher's character, and all the dialogue with Meier was done by Aacher ;D

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The spot Neill picked was by an old willow tree not too far off the road. Darci smiled slightly at the sight of a good pick. Darci always did love sleeping under trees, and outdoors at night.

“This ‘ere should do it. Armsway’s just right over dere, but it’s best to let dem Dragos rest up. Lil’ buggers got us this far. Only fair to let em rest till then. ‘Sides, don’t want to get half way to Arms Way and have them collapsin’ unnerneath us.” He looks at Lazarus. “An’ no way in Rushu’s realm I’m carryin YOU to dere.” He chuckles as he starts to scout around the tree once more "As fer camp, it's no fancy schmancy 'tel or inn, but it's better than nothin..."

Darci swung off her drago, and led it up to the tree. Mister finally revealed himself by floating by her as she walked. “This is fine.” Darci told Neill and tied her drago up to a snarled knot on the tree.

Once she tied the knot well, and tugged it a few times to see if it would come loose. She was satisfied with the knot, she looked at Viper.

“Once we get camp going, I’ll be visiting my friend Marcel.” She told them over her shoulder, and started to gather dry branches from the willow tree. She piled the branches she found together, and walked a bit further to grab thicker branches from the surrounding trees.

Mister floated by her idly, and blinked as he started to get more active with night coming on. He chased after leaves, bugs, and other critters he could find.

עושה צרות ...” (trouble maker) Darci muttered under her breath in Dragconic as she watched her gobgob prance, then bring leaves back to her.

She picked him up in her arms as she walked, letting him sit on the tinder she was carrying.

She continued to help set up camp till it was finished. Once it was done, she turned her attention to Viper.

“Alright, I’m heading out. Watch my drago Viper, alright.” She told him and slung her haven bag over her shoulder. She walked down the road toward the direction she was told where Marcel lived. Darci unraveled a map from her bag, and looked for the land marks as she walked.

It had been awhile since she had seen him. He was one of her few friends at Uni before she...left. That was a decent term for it she supposed. She wondered briefly if he remembered her.

She had finally tracked down where he went after talking to a other aquanitences from school. They all told her that he was a out over by ArmsWay, one even drew her a decent map. The man had been a mathmatics major, and often would help tutor Darci in math. She hated to admit it, but it was not her favorite subject. She did well enough, but always struggled with the more complex formulas. She spend many late nights with him in the school library, scouring over books while quills scratched paper.

She saw a small cottage with light streaming out of it’s window as the sun started to recede behind the mountains. She looked at her map on last time, and a X marked the space where the cottage sat.

She walked up to it and knocked.

There was silence for a moment before the sound of footsteps made their way to the door. A click of a lock being undone, and the door opened to let light pour out. Darci squinted as the tall silhouette looked at her.

“What do-... Darci...?” The man stopped mid-sentence to gasp her name. Darci soon found herself pulled into a hug “DARCI! YOU ARE ALIVE!!!”

“Hahaha. Hi Marcel.” She told him and looked up at the tall, dark haired Xelor.

“What are you doing here? How did you find me? I thought you had died...” He said softly and looked her over, noting her scarring, “It doesn’t look far off the mark...”

“I wanted to catch up with a old friend... that’s all” She told him and rubbed her arm “and no I’m not dead... Besides every time I see you, you exclaim that I'm not dead.”

"Yes well, it's a worrisome thing when I have no idea where you are and if you are alive half the time." He said and tapped his metal mask.

“ but anways, come in! You simply have to tell me what you have been up to!” He quickly pulled her into his home.

“If you are anything like when we were in school I know you want tea!” He went off to make it while Darci stood in the threshold. She felt almost awkward being there... it had been so long.

“Go sit down, I’ll put a kettle on alright.” He told her with a grin, and waited for her to move. When she didn't he gave a exaggerated sigh, and pushed her along over to her table.

"Sit. Stay. Good." He told her as he sat her down... yep. Same Marcel. She couldn't help, but grin a bit. Marcel took off to his small kitchen were he went about getting a kettle on.

Darci sat at her seat, and waited for him to come back. Once he did make it back to her, the first thing he did was turn a chair around and sit in it backwards.

“Ok spill.” He sat in front of her and looked at her waiting for a story.

She opened her mouth to start, only to be cut off by a whistle.

"Ok, hold that thought..." He told her, and went to get the kettle. It was a few minutes later he came back with two mugs and set them down. he sat in his usual fashion and waved for her to continue.

"Ok, now spill" He told her.

Darci gave a nervous chuckled, and spent the next few hours filling him in about her life so far... leaving out certain parts. She talked the most about her book and studies. Meier, Solarus, her adventures up to this point, and learned a great deal about what Marcel had been up to as well. 

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"Hey! That's our home town she'd bad mouthing, Carthac!" Maurice said with false outrage, mostly amused. Lazarus grunted.

Darci rolled her eyes at what the Shushu had to say about her bad mouthing their town. She really didn’t care.

"Forget it, parasite- it's a tough town. Some people just can't hack Brakmar." Lazarus replied to the Shushu, loud enough for Darci to hear. Maurice laughed.

A small scowl appeared on Darci’s face at that comment, so she decided to snip back.

“I didn’t say I couldn’t handle it. If you have two kamas to rub together, and can make more by cunning then you’ll do fine. Even guttersnipes can field the town, but their lives are not their own. What is living if it comprised of stealing, debauchery, and death. Now the fact some people can’t handle Bonta, is quite sad. “ She said with emphasis on Bonta.

She tuned out of what Lazarus muttered to the Shushu, but she felt as if she was watched a moment. She looked at Lazarus again to see him looking ahead at the road, but Viper seemed to look at her with a sad express.

Darci sighed and looked away from him. She guessed he was thinking about her past he knew about. Wonderful… she was hoping he’d forget. She pulled her shoulders up in apprehension.

"So Lazarus, you say you're a scientist, were you doing anything before you went into what got you arrested?" Viper asked curiously to the Xelor, turning his attention away from Darci. Darci was relieved he didn’t say anything.

"Research", Lazarus answered stiffly.

Research?", Maurice crowed, amused. "More like getting his ass kicked in the slums!"

"Oh, because you were there with me, hmm?", Lazarus retorted, acid in his voice.

"I know a gutter ratou when I see one! And you, Lazarus, are as slummy as they come", Maurice told him cruelly.

Darci couldn’t help the laugh that followed at the fact her comment about guttersnipes wasn’t too far from the mark. She felt immediate remorse after though. That wasn’t right.

She tried to turn the laugh into a cough to cover it, but she knew it might be too late. She refrained from commenting, but it seemed like Lazarus held his temper.

"So you're a bounty hunter? How's business?” Lazarus asked Viper, the fading anger at Maurice still present in his voice.

Darci didn’t say anything as Lazarus asked Viper about his business. She still felt a little guilty for laughing at Lazarus. “Maybe she shouldn’t feel as bad, he is a criminal after all” a small voice sounded in the back of her head.

She quickly pushed the thought aside. A person is a person, even if they are a criminal. If she thought that they weren’t… She’d be no better then those who treated her wrong.

She gave a heavy sigh, ruffling her wild white hair as she contemplated the morality of how to treat a true criminal. She came to the conclusion it was best to not to trust him, but also not be unkind. Everyone had circumstances to get there where they were today, and not everyone can pull themselves out of the dark.

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Darci listened to Neill speak to Lazarus, and the reply that followed. She smiled a bit to herself. In a way, yes, they were almost there. She could hardly wait to get there. It felt like months since she last saw her friends… probably was. though it didn’t stop the stream of letters that flew between them. Darci never stayed in one place too long, but she always made sure to let them know the next place she'd be. Her home was her haven bag, and she was all right with that. She did, however, slightly miss a stable home, but the life of traveling the World of Twelve was too exciting. She’d settle down one day, but not today.

She stirred out of her thoughts at the raspy shushu’s voice started asking Viper why he was in his get-up. Darci didn’t pay much attention to what Viper said since she had heard it before. Though she did note Viper opened himself up for an attack on his mental sanity… not the best move, but Darci didn’t feel like commenting. Viper should be careful with his words really, but Darci wasn't his mother.

“Your friend has some good taste, pardner, but you really ought to... I say, ought to be more careful when wearin it. ‘Specially in the nation o’ Brakmar. Last I heard, them Hoods got involved in some shady dealin’s there. No idea what fer, but apparently it's peeved off them nobles I hear. Now their public enemies number one, on the run and every Brakmarian from Martial Path to Gnashville's offerin’ bounties on dead hoods. I say, DEAD ones! No live one’s last I checked. Word o' advice: Best hide that if yer inclined to be visitin Brakmar durin the tourist season, or a shaky Iop's the least of yer concern...” The Cra told Viper in concern.

Darci gave a unlady like snort at his comment about Brakmar, “When isn’t there shady deals in Brakmar?” She said with particular venom in her tone.

“About time someone gave the nobles a little trouble…” Darci said as the image of a male Feca dressed in all white played in her mind. “Don’t worry though, Viper and myself have no interest in going to Brakmar.” She told Neill stiffly.

“As fer ya, we ought to be there soon, provided we make a moskito fly-line straight to it. And none of em campin goin-ons, y’hear...Neill turns his gaze towards Darci. " 'Less ya object, miss?"

“I have no objections, though I do need to stop somewhere along the way. It’s not too far from Arm’s Way. I have a very close friend I need to pay a visit to, but it shouldn’t take too much of our time.” Darci told him, but was careful to leave it vague. She pulled out a very intricate pocket watch, it looked to have a glass decorated cover over the clock. She clicked it open to check the time. Right on time even with the extra people.

She never did like informing people more then they had to know… Especially those she didn’t trust. A habit she learned from Meier.

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Darci rode along as her drago clopped down the road. She was glad she found such a good drago… Willing to bare her places she needed to go. The dragons temple, as shit as the Osas were, at least had excellent animals. She looked down at its braided mane, something she had done herself, and patted his neck. She approved, as the creature didn’t even flinch as Mister crawled about him, or jumped off to try and catch a butterfly. She looked to the sky as she thought on her days of the temple.

The tranquil gardens, the arched pathways full of all colors… it was like a painting with each Osamoda’s blessing of color for each of his disciples. She even had met a black Osamodas! All the books… so many books, and the Draconic runes! Ah it was nice while it lasted… She wondered how big the kids she trained with were now…

She sighed, as she looked forward her peripheral vision on her right eye caught a look at Viper. Her left was shit… she could only see basic shapes in it now. She had Alia to thank for that though at least, it was better then nothing.

She concentrated on looking at Viper. In her mind a cultured, controlled tone of the man she regarded as family, flittered in her mind.

Darci, you need to observe people. They give away more then you think they do. Use that to your advantage, and you’ll always be ahead in the game.”

She then drew all her attention on Viper as he sat tall on his dragon. She watched him fidget with his reigns, and bounce his leg in the stirrup. Darci watched carefully as his hand came up to clasp at something under his hoodlum outfit… A necklace perhaps? He rubbed it between his thumb and forefingers… a necklace from his lover. She took note of his outfit, and saw it was clean… He must keep it clean because he was proud of it.

She went back in the files in her mind, remembering why she even hired Viper for this venture. She was tired of life throwing unexpected rocks at her… where she had to fight for her life, just as she took two steps forward to her future. She was tired. So this time she hired muscle. Viper was an excellent fighter as she recalled from their previous adventure together. She would get to Arms Way safely, and be able to do what she dreamed of doing. She would publish her first book. The book took years to make, and she slaved over it… quite literally. The world, if they wished, could read the dead language that had eluded so many for years. A translation guide to read Draconic. It was tucked away in her haven bag, and three copies were sitting on her mantle. The first one would find its home very soon hopefully, as the dragos trotted down the back roads of Amakna .

She took her eyes off Viper to survey their local criminal. He was like any Xelor, but his armor spoke quite a bit. It was a full set of armor, and usually Brakmarians were known for their armor. Every part of the armor was an ashy grey, and dents could be seen in it. One particular dent stood out on his chest. She briefly wondered what dented it. She watched, as his hand seemed to go over it in the same train of thought as well.

A Brakmarian Xelor’s armor was their honor in a way... You do not separate the two, or there would consequences. The spells in the armor usually also had something nasty for whoever took it.

Lazarus sat slouched in the saddle, poor posture as he sulked to himself. He fidgeted like Viper, but more with his armor. She saw him rubbing his arm guards, his bandaged fingertips going over the shackles. He didn’t seem to know how to properly ride a drago either… interesting. She would think he would know how, most do. That brought another question to her mind. What schooling did he have that he learned to experiment on people? Genetics? Biology? Chemistry? Was he a Bio-Chemistry major like Alia?

She would have to listen more as he spoke to see if he left any hints. The man was a puzzle to say the least.

Lastly, she looked at Neill, the bounty hunter. Shabby. First word that hit her mind, but she knew it was a slight askew perspective. She decided to wipe his slate clean for now.

His clothes were dusty, and worn, though his riding posture was of a professional. He didn’t have a bow.. Only those two arm cross bows. She tried to remember what her brother taught her about Cras… something about their bows... She’d have to consult her library when they get to where ever they were stopping for the night. She’d research Brakmarian Xelors, she had quite a few books on Xelors…

Neill was an interesting fellow as he tried to ask Lazarus what was on his mind. Funny. He probably do better not to pester the Xelor, she’d doubt he’d tell him anything on his mind at all. Then again she didn’t know what kind of person Lazarus was.

She noted Neill seemed to hate silence. Maybe he didn’t like to be alone with his thoughts, and drown them with his voice. Heh. Irionic. Usually Xelors keep to themselves, so she doubted Neill would get far with him… if he tried to chat with her.. well she didn’t know what she’d say. She really wasn’t interested in giving away bits of herself. Knowledge was power in so many ways. It’s always best to give people less rope to hang you with.

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Darci got dressed quickly as she pulled out clothing from her dresser. She chose a button up blouse, with a pair of pants. She would be riding a drago today, and she didn’t need everyone thinking she pranced about in a towel alone.

She got out her boots, and paused as she got them. Boots always reminded her of Meier, and his prized pair he always wore. She gave a soft smile at the thought, and pulled them on. As she did, she tucked a knife into the boot as well… She was traveling with a convict, one couldn’t be too careful.

A quick check of her appearance in a mirror satisfied her with her outfit. She grabbed a brush, brushing her wet hair back into a ponytail. She tied it with a thick tie, only things that would hold her hair really… she had broken so many ties over the years with her hair.

Once she was done, she walked towards the entrance of the haven bag. She paused to look at a book on her mantle. Soon her work would be published, and hopefully people could use it. She knew two close friends who get to read it first though. She didn’t even realize she was smiling as she left her bag. Once out though, the sight of Neill, and Lazarus brought a more neutral expression to her face.

“Ready ta set off, lads… and miss? We might reach Arms Way in two days! Less if we don't stop fer breaks...” Bauwmann called out.

She sniffed slightly at the address of miss. Good, he better remember she was a lady.

"No..." Lazarus muttered to himself.

“Alright let’s head to where our dragos are then, come on Viper.” She waved to Viper and strode in front with purpose. Two days of traveling was longer then she wanted, but she could tolerate it.

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“Well, ya can’t blame a man fer not knowin, lass. Not ev’ry day ya get to travel with a shushu (and one trapped in a collar, for that matter). Last I heard, only guardians carried shushus 'round, and they’re not all that common 'round these ‘ere parts…” Neill blushed, and looked away from Darci. She made a confused expression then realized it was he was trying to give her some respects since she was only in a towel.

"Oi! Put that dere armband back on, ya cheeky gob, ya!" The Cra yelled at the xelor, who promptly got ratted out by his shushu. Darci looked back at Neil as he took note of her threat to him as well.

Kindly noted, he merely blurts.

After a moment of silence, he coughs, then continues…

I say, I say Missie, If you were told to escort a convicted felon in private… wouldn’t it make sense to AVOID the roads and other busy works? Y’know, to avoid the general populace and whatnot. Y’know, loose lips an’ all dat. No offence, ma’am, but civvies like yourselves just LOVE to gossip; spreadin it ‘round like wildfire. And wouldn’t cha know it, EVERYONE will soon know what the general hubbub is!"

Darci only gave him a bored look at his explanation of how people were gossips… was he implying she was… well for now she won’t call him on it…

"As I said earlier, Miss, I was tasked by the Bontan authorities to escort this here ‘fine upstandin' citizen of the law’ towards… um… towards… Now where wassit ‘gain? 5th Bond, or whassit Pancake Bridge…”

“Arms Way!” Maurice shouted, making certain it would ring in Lazarus’ ears. Darci only flicked one ear back at the shout, but kept her attention on Neill… she didn’t like where this was going…

Ah yes,” Neill snapped his fingers “That’s the spot: Arms Way! We were told to ‘ren-de-voose’ with one of the Captains there. He’d inform us (well, myself mostly, can’t trust that dere criminal and whatnot) of what to do afterwards.”

Neill then realized something. "Say, where were you two goin’ to anyway? Can't say I like the prospects of leavin ya two 'lone now that y'know what's goin on...”

yep… just as she thought. He did think they were gossips and what made it worse was… he was going to the same place she was.

“So you’re saying you want to travel with Viper and me since you think we might gossip about you and your prisoner.” Darci told him bluntly. She made an annoyed noise in her throat then crossed her arms. “Well It’s your lucky day… We are going the same way. Though I have to say I’m not keen on traveling with a convict known for human experimentation…” She glanced at Lazarus then to Neill.

“But if it’s ok with Viper, then... I’ll be fine with it. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to get dressed.” She walked over and went into her haven bag to get some clothes on.

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