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posté March 28, 2014, 19:42:20 | #1

Quote (MadMangAdnan @ 22 February 2014 02:17) *
Im new to the game, after playing a couple of the classes i feel like osamada is the one i like most.

But i honestly have no idea what to do about the build, i like the whole dragon transformation though. Also, is it the better type of osamada or is summoner better?

So, which element is the best? I feel like air is pretty strong and fun, but which is the optimal one, what should i put stat points into and what passives should i be levelling?

Any other tips would be nice too, thank you in advance for any replies
Im osa lvl 37 and thinking there are 3 types of it.
1- Summoner- fire osamodas.Pretty strong dmg and can give its summons bonuses like heal or block and etc.
2.Dragon-air osamodas.On lvl 9 dragon gives ap,mp,rng,dmg and etc.Spells gives smthng more than just dmg.For example.Crobak gives critical failures.
3.Gobgobber-Earth osamodas.Spells that casts on gobgob unlock new abilities.

So,im fire/air.Eancreasing Gobgob,Gobup,and Dragon.

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posté March 27, 2014, 20:28:20 | #2

Quote (AirGuy @ 27 March 2014 20:21) *
Whats wrong?

Big thanks for this upgrade.

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posté March 18, 2014, 13:38:36 | #3
SO?its 18 March and nothing change.I even cany play.Is says no PROXY AVAILBLE.

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