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posté June 27, 2016, 16:39:43 | #1
ahaha I like it goo goo xD ~nah jk I'm the only person who got on stingers nerves and had him ignored I remember people used to tell me this guy is cursing at you ~and it just brought a smile to my face.. Now seeing this I can tell just how Right I was about ignoring him

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posté June 27, 2016, 15:36:21 | #2
you can wing it till 170 honestly no-one groups up really. When your there just see what other fecas do it's no rocket science ask a little bit and restate. Now most of the high lvls I see just steamroll dungeons without much strategy the only strategy required are for moon islands really and the last 2 UB's

Oh also just an extra note that lvling becomes extremely more difficult past 110 since the Exp requirements increase exponentially or something

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posté June 27, 2016, 15:33:40 | #3
i can't figure if your actually being thankful or sarcastic?

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posté June 14, 2016, 15:16:38 | #4
well if you came by asking that must mean your already unsure. about playing again~ so I'd definitely say don't unless your really sure of what your getting into

PS: GOawayAnnaOKBye

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posté June 14, 2016, 15:15:33 | #5
i liked the game when 1 kama actually meant something. I'd have to get 10 iron ores to make that measly 1 kama to go buy a bread ~yummy! or maybe 10x wheaty bread

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posté May 26, 2016, 23:26:53 | #6
Picture the mentality of a low lvl he causally enjoys the game until he realizes all he does is for naught... its like the moment when your playing a game the next day your brother started it only to finish it by the end of the week idk of any of you had that feeling before

So basically 2 level 30's enjoying royal tofu dung.. one of them stops for a week comes back his friend is lvl 100 and he realizes basically everything pre 150 is meaningless... yeah much incentive to play.

I remember when I used to play all drops meant something for otomai relic which was pretty good at the time and all drops were meaningful for master crafts. so being a low lvl still gave you the oppurtunity to join in the market and actually have meaningful items. Now a new player sees an item sold at 30 mil.. yeah thats a game I want to play... which I will play once I reach 150 in a month

Tl;dr the game doesnt give you anything from lvl 1-150 new players figure it out then quit

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posté May 26, 2016, 23:18:24 | #7
Hey I'm sorry I must've mixed up my words.. I even misread shameless as shameful @_@ well misinterpeted more likely.. anyhow what I wanted to say is that you shouldnt be shameful but since you arent thats good (:

And that about it being a kindergarten drawing Im pretty sure if any person was to attempt a drawing it would be of that caliber. Any adult rather who isnt experienced and wants to express themselves

And its rather cute I liked how you designed the letters and that carrot xD

I'm complimenting you Kerellya c: nevermind the haters

I just got my exams lately soo I mustve not been in my right mind @_@ medicine is no joke

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posté May 25, 2016, 12:54:06 | #8
All gear and items are in the encyclopedia.. so nothing is a secret tbh

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posté May 25, 2016, 12:52:44 | #9
Id imagine you to be humming a wabit tune while colouring xD. Either way you shouldn't feel ashamed of your drawings its an attempt and a start . Alot of people wouldnt even have the bravery to share thier fugliest of drawings

Yours isnt fugly its cutely xD just like the drawings we see on the walls in primary school

Thread : Introductions  Preview message : #964836  Replies : 18  Views : 608
posté May 24, 2016, 15:17:19 | #10
well it used to cost 200kk per solomonk frag its now pretty much 1mil for the whole relic. all drops got multiplied by a factor of 10x when they revamped and difficulty wise the game became 3x as easier with HC castuc now easier than what used to be Normal Castuc dungeon. When that happened the community grew alot and I'm guessing sometime in the future this will happen once more to the latest content or the game just outright dies either way id rather join it when that happens or not join at all

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posté May 24, 2016, 15:09:56 | #11
oh i see thanks kruzy.. seems like another problem other than HC mode is now added to the general community

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posté May 23, 2016, 14:47:52 | #12
they are doing you a favour guys they don't want you spending on thier lame game xD then come back asking for stuff in return

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #964479  Replies : 2  Views : 138
posté May 23, 2016, 14:43:59 | #13
haha Hey Markzs I really like your optimism and its true all that you've mentioned. I used to do all that when I had more time to spend on the game , and also it used to be meaningful. I became a governor once, I gave alot of relics items to friends and mates, used to plan ahead when it comes to gear. I've mined over 10mil kamas xD and farmed dungeons dropped 2 relics a DV ep and GKC both giveaways

But lately I came to realize that all I did and worked for even the guild I established which is still seen around "falling slowly"
was all pointless when people who started joining the game reached my lvl and equipment in a matter of a month. The game gets easier with time and higher lvls seek companions so they help out lower and weaker people and even give out free equipment, cause to a high lvl they have all they need and having more friends is all they could ask for.

You can see the recent posts of let me help you craft free of charge blueprint service. come join our guilds we will help..etc

Sooo due to the lack of time I have I know that if I just manage to log in daily which I haven't been able to lately. If I just exp which is more important than anything else apparently in this game, and I come visit in say 3-6 months time I'll pretty much be able to reach the players who have been playing all the time as you can see all they do is sit in alma, or grind more and more kamas for the future.

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posté May 23, 2016, 14:35:05 | #14
idk why start a guild in an already small community.. yeah fragment it more but either way i'm guildlless I suppose I could join in  

Thread : Guilds  Preview message : #964477  Replies : 3  Views : 168
posté May 23, 2016, 14:31:18 | #15
i think the quit rate is high at both extreme's of high and low lvls. I think its better these people quit than live to reach the even more boring endgame. I started playing different games but I still check back on the forums and game from time to time as I'm a fan of strategy rpg which isn't available in this game atm.

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posté May 22, 2016, 17:14:59 | #16
whats a stele?? i see no monster or item with this name

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #964324  Replies : 16  Views : 484
posté May 22, 2016, 17:07:22 | #17
cause i get 50% of my current exp daily ?? and im lvl 178

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #964322  Replies : 24  Views : 1356
posté May 22, 2016, 16:56:01 | #18
a week isn't enough to get the mats for any of these items xD I wish I knew of the offer from a months notice

Thread : Trade  Preview message : #964320  Replies : 10  Views : 436
posté May 20, 2016, 09:27:28 | #19
I totally agree with both of you Rakakiki and SpiritualEnigma.

I wish more players saw the game the same way you do since everyone is playing their own game right now. No-one is ready to join a random group in a difficult dungeon, cause everyone dislikes the idea of failure and I respect them

the game should be changed not the players. I wouldn't want to play for an hour only to loose and neither does anyone else

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #963920  Replies : 24  Views : 1356
posté May 16, 2016, 20:36:26 | #20
Hero mode and multi-acc are the most effecient when it comes to strategies and thinking things ahead. Soo basically all that tactical stuff? you talk about doesn't actuallly work when you play with mates, the basic tactics to beat a dungeon do but to maximize your damage output and such I only see those when one person controls most of the team.

Xelorium has no incentive to do since its outdated now soo I'm pretty much just in for exp then leave until something happens. Or I could play but I'd need to spend lots of time trying to do dungeons and getting stuff I need for ..really no reason? there isn't anything to look forward to other than a slower grindy game and kama farming

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