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posté November 18, 2015, 11:17:11 | #1
I would vote Aye and I quit since xelorium ~I still check on the forums from time to time I really enjoyed this game and I really wish the state of it would revive again so I can come back to playing it. No other game gives me the same experience I get when playing wakfu and there are alot of really interesting and imaginative ppl in this game's community it's sad yet true that I see this game dying day by day.

there are many things ankama did wrong and there are countless topics much alike this one that discuss this issue but the main issue I feel is making this game die out is lack of consistency

People work hard at crafting next week everything is easier gathering+ crafting times... ppl work hard at wa's castle in a months time everyone is doing it in addition to the token system. Before only 1 or 2 groups did HC spore now literally 3 chars well geared are able to finish it ... one solomonk frag sold for 200kk a week after it was 20kk. So you get the idea ofc that was all ok everyone was happy until Xelorium came and it got back to how wa's castle was when it first game thats what I mean by "CONSISTENCY"

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posté July 14, 2015, 06:22:27 | #2
haha the video is soo funny xD reminded me of my early days in wakfu where i wrecked ever nation and piled -20k cp ~ofc i didn;t know it mattered soo much until i had the governors themselves hunt me down it was funny being a low lvl yet infamous

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posté July 14, 2015, 05:54:19 | #3
Crit damage~distance is priority
single/aoe is secondary
just search wakfu encyclopedia for items with these bonuses at ur lvl range~ I think the missiz freeze dungeon has neat items~ either way I feel more cra's don't understand thier character mechanically in terms of using all movement~ or casting eagle eye for the extra range +damages +final damage from heightened vision~ or setting up beacons in relatively safe spots for another final damage boost. I'm on remington if u need any help

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posté July 04, 2015, 02:42:30 | #4
I think they are trying to bring players back it's just.. they can't manage and aren't the type to be open to the community about it they let the community managers take all the troubles on themselves :c poor sabi

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posté July 02, 2015, 00:17:30 | #5
isn't dota 2 still n beta? atleast other games claim beta~ or in development wakfu doesn't

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posté July 01, 2015, 21:18:25 | #6
Pressmuteordie: spamms laugh emote endlessly infront of every person~ on the screen

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posté July 01, 2015, 21:15:52 | #7
hmm I don't think anything ankama does at this point will get me back into playing again.

I tried to do gobbal dungeon like 2 weeks back only to see how bugged it is with invis gobbals and giant gobbals... I think the game is loosing new players due to bugs since new players would just leave instead of report bugs and high players don't visit low lvl content to report it~ we all know ankama tries to bring new content but ...problem is old content doesn't get refined.. like we still have the cmc stat @_@

End result is more and more unrefined content and more and more bugs... if u loose new players and aren't able to retain ur older players.. I wonder if this game will be as empty as it was back when it was p2p.

I am still unconvinced with the xelorium dungeons~ not the idea and concept, "that I love" rather the length/difficulty/strength of items that drop/ and rarity. thing is if i need 6 breath of life daggs ~how long will that take... what if i my friends need them too thats why probability wise I didn't dare try cause wakfu just skipped like 2-3 dungeons from enurado to xelorium cause it shows in the item strength and difficulty~ right there u lost me.

Probably why ppl started duping to beat the system in the first place... really 1 frag of bygone is 400kk of a relic that is overall better in stats by a big margin~ to the point u can slap it on any character. We want a variety of relics...and epics and that was also ruined with xelorium since all the items from there are superior

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posté July 01, 2015, 20:56:01 | #8
I wished most of the type of players were positive rather than negative x.x I got one~

GenerousEnutrof: helps u without prior knowledge of who u are just cause he can ~and then u don't get to meet him again unless ecaflip smiles upon u

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posté June 28, 2015, 19:04:44 | #9
yea...I guess it's natural there are ppl out there with tons of relics~ it's easy to hide one or two on alt accounts/havenbags/made up guild chest

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posté June 28, 2015, 16:23:02 | #10
hahah what! LOL is this for real or photoshopped xD made me laugh soo hard
for some reason seeing relics this much made me imagine how long it would take for the whole community to farm xD

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posté June 06, 2015, 00:08:55 | #11
hello everyone it's been a while since I last checked but I had a feeling this was going to ensue around the time I left.
I loved this game more so than any other cause of the community which happened to be one of the friendliest and the uniqueness of this game and the difficulties in alot of aspects which can be crossed through teamwork and haha sometimes bugs xD.
But what I dislike is the amount of bugs and lack of quality that struck me personally such as making the lucloak that turned out to have different stats than what was on the website... then to loose 159 fragments to a bug. I worked soo hard for nothing... the rerolls which made me loose a days work but not as much as the other ppl who lost rare drops...

I loved how wakfu changed once it became f2p because it became much more easier for ppl to get what they wanted and less monopoly in the strongest of guilds and thier setups.
But I think the monopoly came back much worse.. not that it's in the strongest of guilds but rather the strongest of multiboxers... since having a good team isn't enough to beat the new HC xelorium dungeons.. u need the best synergy which ofc would be playing with urself. They killed the token system even further... and the fragments even took it worse.. with drop rates getting lower and lower the farther in the game,. and the fights taking.. twice as long from enurado... to xelorium... i can only wonder what it would be like if the game reaches 200 ..I don;t want to know.

Anyways I have fallen back to playing league and it has bought me a lot of fun~ but I do miss a game I can actually grind and interact with other ppl~ playing a single player rpg is fun but I want to try playing yet a new mmo

Since there is no similar game to wakfu.. I wish they would fix everything by just doubling thier current drop rates and.. making xelorium easier at this point in time it's really not appetizing to grind due to slow...difficult..and low drop rates with an appauling low number of players.. JUST MAKE XELORIUM EASY~! it's that simple! oooor! fill the gap with a dungeon between xelorium and enurado! ur making difficult dungeons ppl are too scared to even face

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posté May 13, 2015, 13:17:58 | #12
I on't play anymore but I used to spam this dung alot with 4 Sidekicks~ anyhow here are my tips

~ there are 3 vulnerable spots in placement phase where those victus can pull u so what u should do is have higher ini in those spots and some1 to push~ u don't want them closing in on u~

~having an Eni is awesome if u rebirth monsters the 5% damage on kill gets applied to the enemies~ apparently this only applies in HC u can stack it up if u rebirth 1 shushu every turn up to 15% if u had 2 eni's~ I didn't touch the boss and by the time I did his hp was only around 60%

~use coney~ it helps with chaining~ and about chaining to get a consecutive chain u have to have one player in the vicinity of the one passing it on~ if u have a straight chain of characters with no spaces in between since it's a 2 range no LOS then it's not a chain since player A will pass it to B+C u want spacing~ I recommend having a char to move others at the final turn before boss I had krobax~ but just saying not really necessary

to be continued~ busy now xD

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posté May 11, 2015, 14:24:17 | #13
I'd pvp you for the fun of it but I stopped a while back~ really cool to see you bring up such a challenge ~ I hope to see more interesting things happening in the forums that would urge me to play wakfu again I miss my friends alot but not soo much the game :/


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posté March 12, 2015, 10:19:13 | #14
haha one week is enough since ankama's one week = 2 months xD and players are :Q___ for items they play 24/7 and mindless grind

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posté March 12, 2015, 10:12:23 | #15
~hello what I see happening is what happened before with difficulty ~ people are attracted to wakfu due to the colours/animation/and fun artistic nature not the sheer difficulty it brings to the table. I know alot of ppl including myself enjoy challenges and hard fights, but when u stress them further with insanely low drop rates...ppl will just up and leave.

I stopped playing about a month back and have given away most of my wealth, in that time I only came online to check on my guild and say hi to loved ones and day by day I see the community shrinking as was happening in the old times when the game was all closed up as in "P2P" and all difficult.

I also stopped playing cause I was really fed up with the 159 fragments I lost due to a bug gained with my hard work but setting that aside. Ankama u should re-assess ur difficulty levels there should be several dungeons before xelorium infact~ with how overpowered the items are and the difficulty of it it's really just a couple of steps ahead the previous dungeons and that has kept the community at bay.

only less than 1% of the community can deal with xelorium. Honestly it's been a long time since it's release and only one person in remington has a bygone hand I think we all have come to see that.

It's sad I really like wakfu and I am witnessing it's decline and loss of many commited players. some players left wakfu cause of how easy it got suddenly and felt all thier previous hard work wasn't appreciated and now ppl are leaving cause how unfair the game is at higher lvls.. You should not exponentially lower drop rates the higher the levels of dungeons are~ just figure out another strategy to add difficulty cause this isn't helping at all~already the fact of having HC only drops noone agrees to

this is my piece of the cake to u all hope something is done about it~


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posté February 07, 2015, 09:22:00 | #16
Hello Reinnae ur more than welcome in joining ~Falling Slowly~ it's an international guild personally I'm from Kuwait and we have ppl from all over the world

we PVE and we have a Havenworld still kinda messy but u could work on ur professions there ~ I have maxed all my professions to 100 aswell if u need any advice~ but lately I haven't been playing much myself but everyone else has been try whispering the active members of my guild

~Wishie,Cosena,Teeta,Elsmera,Apocalypsix,Krony,Lucid Dreams,

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posté February 01, 2015, 10:58:31 | #17
oh cool good luck  

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posté January 31, 2015, 14:50:45 | #18
I wish u the best goood luck!  

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posté January 18, 2015, 11:06:49 | #19
I'd lend u a spare epic if i had one :/ but all i got are linked ones for my own good xD or else I wouldn't have those either ^^;

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