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posté January 29, 2014, 13:56:27 | #1
wow! THAT IS TOTALLY AWESOME! I do have to say though... it seems very similar to the professions system in the Neverwinter game, so similar in fact its damn near identical, other than the web based part. But I totally love the way it works in Neverwinter and hope they do implement it in here as well. Because you can "set it and forget it" and continue adventuring. And then sell your products later. Only Problem i forsee is the lack of space we already deal with, unless they make a specific tab just for profession related items like craftsmen and their tools.

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posté September 19, 2013, 21:31:26 | #2

Quote (H0p3l3ss @ 19 September 2013 03:19) *
Karma may be a bitch, but that wont stop making your life a living hell if you insist on opening that man pleaser. ^^
EDIT: nope - not going to sink to your level.

but maple, playing a support only eni is fun and can be rewarding, but this isn't dofus, and the eniripsa class is totally different, and not really like any other games healing class either.

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posté September 18, 2013, 19:33:35 | #3
with all the negativity surrounding your guild and personality Hop3l3ss If I was this guy, I would steer clear of this guild - Confidentiality

just saying... maybe your treatment of other people in game isn't the same in your guild, but it definitely says something about you as a person. Karma is a bitch.

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posté September 18, 2013, 18:56:27 | #4

Quote (H0p3l3ss @ 18 September 2013 16:24) *
Tim, you're just a whinny man child, who deems anyone something you find degrading. Everyone at 5th laughed at you as you tried to degrade me. The only people who agree with you are the ones who just cant handle losing. You may as well be crying every time you get upset. Good bye my child, you are no longer worth my time. ^.^ Oh, N btw I didnt make my brother get involved, he chose to. *strokes my ego with reading all the comments* haha.

as i started this post off, you may call me what you will, but for you to target an innocent victim, and bully them non-stop is just senseless and retarded, thanks for confirming my suspicions on your mental state.

I never said you MADE him, i stated that you got him involved, so, you do admit to ganging and attacking innocent by-standers, just for your own self-worth, (which isnt much as i can tell from our conversations) and your LACK of an ego. stroke it, you must, but it's is lacking and so is your thought process.

target me in game all you want, just shows how pathetic you really are. this is still harassment, all i am trying to do is thwart a bit of it off low levels. but rest assured, i will level out eventually, and then, we can see who has the bigger E-Penis. Like I told you before, I'll meet you in RL and settle the difference if you'd like - worm. Beating up my helpless toon is not worth it really. Good Day, see you in game getting PK'd by high levels you've pissed off with your inability to comprehend the weight of your own actions.

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posté September 18, 2013, 06:38:20 | #5
i would like to add that this is NOT a PvP game. If it was, there would be PvP benefits, some form of points or honor for defeating characters in PvP. It allows PvP, but it IS NOT A PVP GAME. its a funtion, and as many have pointed out, not a bannable offense, because its built into the game. Even if it IS abused.

I dont think you know what PvP means. Usually it has to do with LIKE leveled characters and generally both sides agree to participate.

Attacking an innocent by-stander is nothing more than bullying - PERIOD. One time - i can see as acceptable, hunting them down while they are leveling, is harassment. Getting your real life brother involved and paying other people to hunt other members of the person you are harassing, is just down right low and despicable. Again, like I said in game, thanks for the warm welcome to this game and server.

Hop3l3SS is nothing more than an internet bully and is so pathetic yes, his ego needs that stroking. As i sat and tried to converse with this highly intelligent specimen, it became clear that he has serious mental issues and personality disabilities.

Yes, this is the account of the "offender" in question.

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posté September 13, 2013, 21:25:05 | #6
But, see this is where I have a problem. I could very well power level, gear up, and crush the nerd. But, then I am no better than him, two wrongs don't make it right. Something, a PvP area or status or something needs to be implemented, or a level cap, if char a is out of range for char b, no aggressive actions could occur. Just being able to run around being rude and offensively attacking a neutral player should have repercussions. But, nope seems to be rewarded here, so to the victors go the spoils. Have your pathetic world chumps. Ruled by retards for retards, that's the Nox server way! Yay!!

Later losers.

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posté September 13, 2013, 21:05:17 | #7
Hello, I have read all this and all I can say is we live in a totally screwed up world. I just recently started playing on Nox. And as such I wasn't aware of "policies" like this. And yes while it should motivate you to level to stop this type of behavior towards you at low level, maybe you are one of those people that just don't like that aspect of the game, and want nothing to do with it, then what? Just suck it up, well when they pursue you for no reason when you personally have done nothing but be in a guild with an offending member, its does get a bit personal, and impeding. I could care less if you all PvP til your fingers bleed, but leave people that are trying to level or work on professions out of it.

I have for about two weeks been harassed by one particular character. *I* have done nothing but be nice to this person, but they have issues with other people in game, so when they have issue and can't do anything about it, they tend to hunt me down and pk me, simply because I am low level working on getting things down, but this is a hindrance and is really verging on harassment. I have put in tickets, with screen shots, but no result. Again, this whole subject is disturbing as a reflection on our society as a whole. I weep for the future generations, its sad, just sad that people feel justified in harassing another player because they don't get their way. So lame and pathetic. Good day.

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posté September 13, 2013, 16:46:26 | #8
pk of low levels I don't know if this the place for this, no other replace, seems to fit, but guild politics seem to be involved.

First off, before you start calling me a crybaby, put yourself in my place.

How is it that pk'ing of low level guild members is OK? If person A offends person B, and person A can't handle themselves in a dispute or fight. How does that mean that person B can willfully pk lower leveled members of person AM's guild? This has happened twice to me, and in two different guilds. This takes no sense to me at all.

First group of incidents, the player b was undercut by person a, so person b starts attacking everyone in person A's guild. This seems reasonable to person b WHY?????

Second set of incidents,totally different guild for person c. Person c is same person, person b is same person, a is not same.

Person a pk's person b, stating person a's actions are their own, and no one else's. So person b starts pk'ing person c' AGAIN. Stating it is person A's fault. So deal with it.

How is this normal? Where is this acceptable behavior? How IS this acceptable behavior? Simply because its a "function of the game" ?

Really? So since real life has no limitations on functions, we can just run around and do as we please?

No, there are consequences for our actions, but not in Wakfu. Thanks, that's my rant. And they get away with it as its under the guise of GvG? No there is no GvG, its a bully not getting his way.

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Reason for edit : spelling errors, thanks to tablet thinking for me.
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posté March 28, 2012, 11:53:22 | #9
i'd like to add, that not being subscribed makes the game largely UNPLAYABLE. whats the point of collecting gear if you cant trade it or sell it?

F2p Areas are way too small, and no this is NOT like Dofus' Incarnum or Astrub, this game is total ***e! I played thru the beta, and it was a blast, but the release is garbage, thanks for ruining a game that had absolutely great potential for the potential gain of a few dollars (Euro) pffft!

Make the WHOLE game F2P, and use ogrines for cash shop stuff like tons of FPS or other games out there! There are so many, and you can use as an example, thye have several games you can play using a single login, and you buy gpots to buy cash shops items, and tickets to premium areas. But Largely the game world is completely accessible to ALL players. And guess what? beginners can trade so they can get gear... wow what concept...

I know, you can drop gear on the ground, but thats just lame.

Good by, and good riddance.

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posté February 05, 2012, 11:43:20 | #10
If they run Wakfu the way they run Dofus, F2p will not get to use pets, except in rare cases. And generally speaking the whole world is NOT available to the F2p account, but P2p has full access to the entire world, because they have paid for it. If you have any questions about how WAKFU is going to be after subscriptions is set in, go check out Dofus.

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