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Quote (MiniMikeh @ 21 September 2014 20:55) *

They are the only class without a teleport spell that doesn't cost a WP.

Um, I'm pretty sure my Osa doesn't even have a teleport spell, the only disengage spell we posses requires the use of Symbiosa.

That aside I'm all for revamps, they've been hit relatively hard with the nerf bat over the years.

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posté Yesterday - 21:36:58 | #2

Quote (Grovy12 @ 21 September 2014 20:00) *

What do you want us to say? Kamas are acquired over time via farming, trading, selling and killing monsters... you're not going to amass wealth at a low level relatively quickly.

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posté Yesterday - 11:11:53 | #3

Quote (Recuva @ 21 September 2014 10:43) *

Quote (Hudski @ 21 September 2014 10:39) *
So Wakfu hasn't actually done anything but you feel like quitting and blaming the game for something it isn't doing? Is that right?

What is suppose to say? :p

U don't need to understand, u don't need to judge. Just look at the different sight.

Anyway... why my acc(Tomanakil) changed when I reply...

Given you posted a semi-incoherent rant with no solution I feel Hudski's response was justified. Telling people to not respond if they disagree with this thread is silly, if you're not prepared to deal with arguments you shouldn't have posted such a, well, unneeded topic.

All in all I quit and recently returned myself. My characters were 130 when I left and I re-made a group of 3 in order to experience the game again. I'm enjoying my Wakfu experience, but once I hit endgame and gear up I'll probably quit again though. As you said, content is indeed relatively slow in terms of being released... And given the new F2P platform I feel it will be even slower. That being said you account indicates your highest level character is 148... you still have quite a bit to do if you feel so inclined.

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posté Yesterday - 10:14:36 | #4
I... honestly have no idea what you're trying to say.

You left, you came back, there's no new content, you're sad and you're quitting? Is that the general gist?

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posté Yesterday - 01:18:18 | #5
I agree with the chef issue, I'm sitting on level 80 with no real motivation to level it further. The obvious solution would be implement more recipes, presumably if lower level islands are released.
In terms of fishing, I had no real issue maxing it back in the day. If you find it competitive, perhaps leave the area and focus on another profession until the 'prime time' has died off? Solutions would include faster fish respawn rate or more areas to fish per level.

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posté Yesterday - 01:12:49 | #6
I'm rocking an Osa / Xelor / Mask / Rogue, but I feel an Osa / Xelor / Sram / Eni would be decent.

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posté September 19, 2014, 13:48:32 | #7

Quote (Fadedscourge @ 19 September 2014 13:16) *
These starters packs are worth it, you basically only pay half or close to half, as you get Ogrines with your purchase.

The issue is making multiple Steam accounts if you're a multi-account user as one Steam account can only be linked to one Ankama account.

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posté September 19, 2014, 02:15:36 | #8
Answered my own question really.

Is there any plans in the near future to allow multiple Wakfu accounts to be linked to a single steam account? Unless of course you're going to introduce packages much like steam has.

EDIT: not that it matters, as I'm locked to Phaeris apparently.

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posté September 19, 2014, 01:05:22 | #9
Some individual aggroed my non-aligned sac on his way to moowolf (a filler these days) and I jumped in with my other 5.. The sheer amount of 'omg noob' I got was amusing.

Anyways, I do think you should be able to lock your fight given what happened was a little unfair on your end but eh, no sympathy for PvPers who go around aggroing people who are PvMing.

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posté September 17, 2014, 13:57:59 | #10
Yes, the game is now F2P, the 'subscription' system is indeed the booster packs.

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posté September 17, 2014, 03:17:00 | #11

Quote (Sabi @ 16 September 2014 18:24) *
Hi Tomek-Whale!

Due to our payment security protocols, sometime payments have to be approved manually, therefore it is important to simply contact our support service to get it resolved.

We have also a helpful advice thread: here.

Hi there Sabi,

It's all sunshine and rainbows to say simply contact support but getting an actual response within a relatively decent time frame is more or less unheard of. I personally have an open ticket of 10 days now, which is nothing compared to some players who have month long open tickets, and I'm starting to get a little bit frustrated. I'm trying to give Ankama my money, for my own character development and perhaps fund a little future content... But apparently not.

Furthermore, there's a surplus of people having Ogrine purchasing related issues.. Perhaps it might be time for Ankama to allocated a small group to fixing it? Or at the very least have 1-2 tech guys spending all day responding to these tickets!

I'm relatively disappointed at the lack of, well, care Ankama seems to have for Wakfu customers, or at least the international community. I know Wakfu is Dofus' ugly step sister, but come on. Lastly, I don't meant to come across as overly aggressive, I know you yourself are not to blame.. But gosh, let's get this ball rolling Ankama .

Regards, Sad.

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posté September 16, 2014, 09:50:40 | #12
Had the same issue today but had no means to resurrect my characters.

Fingers crossed they fix it soon.

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posté September 16, 2014, 04:22:02 | #13
Enis are arguably the best healers and can deal decent damage as well, so they're probably the best class to experiment with. However, with 2 sidekicks you'll rarely be soloing anything (assuming you get 2) so it becomes a bit trivial.

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posté September 15, 2014, 23:47:36 | #14
You're not alone, that's for sure. Unfortunately dealing with support can go really smoothly or take months to process depending on the day. Ultimately I'm not entirely sure why this isn't a bigger issue.. Ankama is missing out on money, that should be incentive enough to sit down and actually do something! Sadly there's nothing we can do and it seems like Sabi is MIA half the time .

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posté September 15, 2014, 06:23:12 | #15
.. Sneaky bump

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posté September 15, 2014, 06:00:57 | #16
Quite a few people are having the same issues as you buddy.

Submit a ticket, the sooner the better (my ticket is over a week old currently.. and no response), but that aside there's literally nothing you can do .

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posté September 14, 2014, 16:41:53 | #17
I personally completed three plants v jelly today and only had to re-do it once due to the royal spawning in an awkward spot.

It was easy enough, I don't see the issue.

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posté September 14, 2014, 13:26:51 | #18

Quote (stryve @ 13 September 2014 17:20) *
Ticket Number : #1171911

Problem; Unable to puchase ogrines via credit card (visa), or paypal.

I was able to do so about a month ago, now i can no longer purchase them...

Join the club!

We're writing angry letters and whatnot.

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posté September 13, 2014, 02:42:16 | #19

Quote (Khift @ 13 September 2014 00:50) *
Why would they run a damned Ogrine promotion if they know the system is broken for a huge portion of their customer base?

What is wrong with this company?

Because.. Ankama.

It's odd really, you'd think fixing the Ogrine system would be the top priority given the game is now F2P... Or at the very least responding to people who are having issues in order to rectify them. It's like they don't want the $60 I'm currently very willing to throw at them . At this rate I'll go back to ESO or GW2.

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posté September 13, 2014, 00:42:02 | #20
Apparently they broke the Ogrine purchasing system a little while ago and a great deal of people can't actually purchase anything (I know, for a F2P game they sure have an odd sense of priority). Here's hoping the steam update fixes it..

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