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Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 28 July 2014 11:30) *

Quote (kurokat101 @ 28 July 2014 10:58) *
Challenges are optional.
Maybe when they deliver the second half of the drop revamp : /
I agree, challenges aren't optional but necessary after they placed a wisdom and prospecting cap and halved all wisdom points on gear.

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posté Yesterday - 13:33:52 | #2
I'm having some trouble believing you as this as this topic is posted from a low level account whose main characters are iop, cra and enutrof the few classes that havent been revamped like xelor, feca and sram. The huge difference between playing with an iop in comparison with for instance a masqeraider is that an iop has a general set of spells and can be used in a linear way. You feel powerful at the beginning and only notice a small improvement later when you level. The same can be said for cra's and even enutrofs.

A masqeraider, a pandawa and xelor generally have a slow start but when you max the right passives and specialties you see a huge difference in play style, your combo's become better and you notice a huge improvement at around level 80. Level 80 is also the moment most players get a 10ap build, something that gives acces to the most interesting combo's.

You don't see sidekicks as new skills, I'm the exact opposite. Sidekicks are a fun mechanic the enhances classes and can bring out a unique synergy. Instead of screaming YES i would like to give you an example. My main character is a xelor, a class i have enjoying ever since Grou revamped it. With Skale i got an early acces to a 12 ap build, it enabled me to use devotion and got 14ap so i could deal enormous amounts of dmg in an area with aging and temporal dust. Every sidekick has some synergy with a couple of classes, you just need to find it.

Your point of classes getting stale is something that Ankama's actually agreeing on. Aza, the (little)big boss of wakfu has been working on new passives that are to be unlocked at level 100, i don't know the exact details and there isn't a date announced. There is however a global revamped announced that changes a great amount of the game mechanics and classes.

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posté July 27, 2014, 21:49:24 | #3
Dont get hit in the back at trool dungeon '
(They turn everyone around, stabalize doesnt work against turning)

Dont use all mp at whisperer dungeons '
(large cracklers can take away 3mp in an aoe, with 2 cracklers you always lose this challenge)

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posté July 27, 2014, 19:49:22 | #4
Having geo lvl 20 is silly as you only need 1 mine, an enutrof usually simultaneously levels dhreller and the dmg from prospecting passive. You also want mine mover as it refines a mine to gold status.

geo needs only 5-10 levels so you start with 1 mine nearby.

I suggest you level water spell #2 and #4 and get an uneven ap amount (7-9 ap). when you get 10 ap you can deal great dmg with 2x#4 on a broke target. The #5 is powerful but its a spell that makes me sad.

fire spells have a larger area and secondary effects can increase the dmg. Spell #1 is a favourite of fire enutrofs and if you place a flaming dhreller next to the target he gets even more dmg.

I see you having 2 close combat spells, i find that a waste and suggests you stick to the fire spell. The #5 of fire spells is also very powerful but tricky to set up. If you are set on taking this spell you need mine mover, geo and dhreller all maxed first.

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posté July 27, 2014, 08:39:07 | #5
To complete the whisperer questline you not only have to finish the four dungeons but also have to some some other stuff like visiting the barracks to get oil and finding all tombstones.

the final part is where you kicks shudoku butt and use the four elemental whisps on the correct spots to finish the questline.

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posté July 26, 2014, 10:43:04 | #6
[translation] Jelly tower unlocked a lvl up message at 113 says you've unlocked jelly tower at chilberg, it should be frozen tower

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posté July 26, 2014, 07:23:35 | #7
You could complain about it here in the general discussion or you can make a topic in the translation part and help them make a better game.

But thats none of my business.

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posté July 25, 2014, 21:59:07 | #8
Thanks Boredom  

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posté July 25, 2014, 16:59:19 | #9
Thanks for the warning, i guess ill wait to test yosemite  

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posté July 25, 2014, 16:57:53 | #10
Yes you can show more spells, there are 4 spellbars. Just click on the small up and down button to show the bar and press the number to duplicate it. It gets a round icon with a number and you can drag the bar with it.

You can make the text in the textbox larger in the options.

I personally make the resolution on my display lower so the game is more playable (resolution on imac is a bit to high)

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posté July 24, 2014, 12:54:15 | #11
He can heal with an air set or earth set, the only problem is that air items rarely have a healing bonus

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posté July 24, 2014, 08:47:27 | #12
1. Lumino's healing is based on his strongest element+healing %. General dmg is included. So if he has 200% water, 150% fire and 50% healing he will become a water type healer with a 200+50% bonus. Fire, air and earth won't be included in any of his heals.

2. yes

3. yes

4. Water gear is the only gear which has healing (because most healers are water type) so i highly suggest those

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posté July 23, 2014, 17:51:14 | #13
Yes sorry to say but you did miss something:

If you plan on going there, do not forget your equipment items and we have just the thing for you, with the new "
Account Chest
"! Yes, you got it!
With a Booster Pack, you will get a common chest for all your characters on the same account, with ten slots to share!

its right in the update news.

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posté July 23, 2014, 14:58:24 | #14
I main a fire air xelor so i might be able of some help.

Aging is the key to adding extra dmg, its actually quite simple:

On tick (red) you remove initiative with fire spells, it doesn't change the turns or anything. It does activate aging

So to simplify you want to do the following on tick when you want to deal great dmg on a single mob
spell 1: cast aging on mob
spell 2: cast fire spell

on tock your fire spells become aoe spells and gain a larger area of effect, they won't work with aging this turn however.
spell 1: cast fire spell on group

A water xelor would use his aging on tock, on tock he gets a chance to remove ap and deals extra dmg when he used aging before:
spell 1: aging
spell 2: cast water spell

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posté July 23, 2014, 13:06:18 | #15
They removed it just like with all lvl 100 legendary weapons and miss freeze her set. Attack passives can be abused to much was used as a reason i think.

nowadays only milkar has a set effect and shushu gear.

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posté July 22, 2014, 22:00:58 | #16
The dofus foggernaut can't make his appearance lore wise as it shows up in the wakfu anime, which happens then years after the game

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posté July 22, 2014, 21:59:01 | #17

Quote (TommyTrouble @ 22 July 2014 21:41) *
What makes you think it's free? If you need to do stuff to get it, doesn't that imply some sort of cost? I'm confused now.
Its free in the sense it doesn't drop from a mob and therefore much less random. I'm curious what you have to do for it as i haven't done the second dungeon yet.

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posté July 22, 2014, 21:56:51 | #18
Jerry made a video i think but here is a summery of what you have to do:

to prepare a dragonturkey you have 3 stats tiredness, fear and another thing.

he gains fear every turn, when he gets 30 points its game over.
with the second spell you can remove 8 fear

he gains tiredness when he runs, loses it when he stands still. To win this fight you need to cast saddle when he has 10 tiredness and then capture it when he has 20 tiredness and the saddle.

if you approach him in a straight line he runs, when you walk to him diagonally he is easier to trap in a corner. I usually start with walking straight and make him tired, when he has run enough i walk diagonally. I think you can saddle and capture him in 1 turn (assuming you have enough third stat points)

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posté July 22, 2014, 13:45:43 | #19
I personally believe the 70% movement speed is reserved for the ferox, almanax mount.

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posté July 22, 2014, 13:36:02 | #20
They are in the english shops to, just look a couple of pages further in the item tab

Click here 

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