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posté July 26, 2014, 20:29:08 | #1
Hello, I was in this guild once and just liked to wish you the very best guys!

I hope you can find those people that are nice and calm who would help you .

If anything, you can always even ask me, if you want, for anything .

Lucy Heartofilia

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posté May 26, 2014, 23:33:17 | #2
Lucy here,

I am on a break now but I am replying.

Thank you all, and I am sorry for my little outburst, I guess I just needed a break from emotional stress I'm undergoing in life. It's just that it seems to me that people were more interested when I typed "Cancelled" next to the event name rather than my normal event name. That's my opinion though .

You all are right, however, and thank you for your comments and support. I will try to make events which are very much fun in the future and will give longer dates to actually read and wait for it .

I am a nice and patient person, but I simply had a stressful past few weeks...

Lucy Heartofilia

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posté May 25, 2014, 22:18:23 | #3
My Vacation -Lucy Hi All,

I know I haven't been very nice to cope with recently, but I have issues and I need a break from the game and all of this. I know I'm not very important but I still want to inform everyone and say that I am taking a well deserved break. No events... No politics... No anything...

P.S. If anyone sees any one of my characters online that will be my friend Heather. I have asked her to watch over my account whilst I'm gone.

I'll carry on with my story...

I'll read my books...

I'll revise for school...

Thank You for the ones who supported me along the way...

Lucy *Shows a slight joy in a smile* Out

Resting In Piece,
Lucy Heartofilia

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posté May 25, 2014, 21:42:53 | #4
Thank You all...

I'm in peace...

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posté May 19, 2014, 19:44:19 | #5
Ah don't worry lol. I have my FABULOUS ideas XD, and I am going to make sure they become real - one way or another. And about running yes, I do agree. I will learn and then maybe take on others. But for now I'd say Zoe is too awesome for everyone

Awesome As Always,
Lucy Heartofilia

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posté May 19, 2014, 18:44:23 | #6
Player Or No Player PvP Event (Cancelled) Huzzah! Huzzah! I am Lucy of Ye Olde Kingdom! I am here to announce


LUCY PVP EVENT!!!!!!!!!!

Be prepared because this event is going to blow all of your minds, but this time : I , LUCY HEARTOFILIA, SHALL HOST IT!

In this event I will be much more organized and detailed and, as always, prizes will include :

  • Fun sets up to lvl100
  • Random equipment pieces of all sorts
  • Cash prizes for winners
  • Small money prizes for participants

In this event there will be several groups of different levels to make it all fair and to have the prizes ranged at suitable levels :

  • lvl0-lvl15 (For those funny and confused newbies)
  • lvl16-lvl30 (For starters to test their awesomeness out)
  • lvl31-lvl60 (More advanced people who want too see how good they've become)
  • lvl61-lvl80 (Experienced people who know what they're doing)
  • lvl81-lvl100 (Those questy times of experience and new island exploring)
  • lvl101-lvl120 (Harder-to-get level category)
  • lvl120+ (See just how good you actually are)

Note that I might put lvl145s, if there will be any, under a separate category . I might also make groups up to 3 people for fun against other groups .

I will allocate prizes according to levels and winners will get Cash Prizes according to the levels as well not to overflow you guys with money, not that anyone wouldn't want that .

This event's main location will be the same Central Astrub Market, but I will scatter it all around the whole of Astrub itself for more background and fun.

It might seem boring but it's better to get used to a usual event location than to run around crazy xD .

The date for this event will be Sunday, 1st June, 19:00 Server Time.

Anyone who wants to participate just come to Central Astrub Market (Again, DO check map) and ask me to join in!

Only rules include :

  • Not joining another battle randomly
  • Challenging and not aggroing
  • Knowing good English
  • Fighting fair

Post any comments below if anything need to be asked or stuff like that xD !

I hope you guys can join me and this fun event and have fun, get filled with joy and excitement and, of course, GET PRIZES!!!!!

As It Is And Filled With Awesomeness,
Lucy Heartofilia

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posté May 18, 2014, 20:31:45 | #7
The Illuminous Gobball Island [Aftermath] Hiya. Lucy here,

Thank you to those who participated. It seemed like a small event but hey, still an event and I still liked how it turned out .

The 4 winners were : Kurisu Maki, Shinon, Clog and Aacher. They will get a prize of 25000 Kamas and they have already chosen their Prized Set/Equipment Piece.

I will quickly post a picture as well . This is a Photobucket link to one : Click here

The others who participated will also get a small Kama prize of 3500 as my thank you for coming and participating.


Happily Ever After,
Lucy Heartofilia

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posté May 12, 2014, 21:24:12 | #8
The Illuminous Gobball Island Hello Ya'll People, Lucy Heartofilia here!

I have gotten an idea of a very fun game called The Search For The Lost One. It involves the following :

  • People participating will be given a starting location
  • Me or one of my friends/colleagues will hide
  • I shall happily announce the start
  • People go off to find us without any time limit
  • Whoever finds us first - wins!


This, from my view of opinion, would seem like a more fun event with a more CHALLENGING perspective and it has got beneficial and helpful prizes for everyone!

You can just simply join me at the dedicated time, place and date to participate. No need for those annoying enrollments .

The location will be in GOBBALL ISLAND in Sufokia and I will be waiting for people near the entrance at 19:00 Server Time the same day.

I really hope that ya'll participate and that everyone will think good about this idea !!!!!!!!!!

Ever Sincerely,
Lucy Heartofilia

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posté May 01, 2014, 19:10:41 | #9
Hiya, Lucy Here,

I have updated my blog and I will do quite often. Many things have changed and, to be honest, I have too. More experience means more opportunities and more windows open up.

Hope you read this blog and consider all that is in it.

If you have anything for me, or any question at all, just PM me in-game or post comments here.

Lucy Heartofilia

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posté April 22, 2014, 16:06:56 | #10
Hello dear Bontarians,

I am Lucy Heartofilia and I am your new Weather Engineer. If anyone ever needs anything tell me and I shall help you to my very best. Weather in my hands, I will make it Hot, Warm, Rainy and Cold
This is my first time and so I will do my utmost best to impress!

Lucy Heartofilia

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posté April 16, 2014, 12:28:53 | #11
Right guys, this is Lucy Heartofilia speaking and I can say that the situation as I see it has gone rather uncontrolled. I'm not saying anyone at all was bad or anything because I don't know too much of the Amaknian situation. HOWEVER, I am very happy to step in and help anyone here and there if you are fine with me and want help. I do have life problems and studies currently going on so I wouldn't come too often but I would try my best to contribute to the wonderful governments. If anyone at all wants me to help just PM me whenever I'm there or just contact me in any way possible.


Lucy Heartofilia

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posté March 07, 2014, 21:12:13 | #12
I've read some of the comments and one of them said that there was a hint to the next class and a statement that we have the robot Foggernauts and not the 'human' ones. My opinion on that is that they might be referring to the originally created Dofus Foggernaut class which is a human who believes in the god Oktapodas and controls water as well as devices. If that's the case and Wakfu IS letting out a new class DO make it awesome and sassy
On the other hand, I think the new addition will be immensely appreciated by all of us players in the game since the more the more fun it is to play apart from occasional bugs. Keep creating fabulous things Ankama and Wakfu Crew because you have the skills of increadible people and have so many ideas that probably not even half of them are put into this game. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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posté January 11, 2014, 15:18:11 | #13
Updating In Progress!

New ideas and updates will be written within the day, if anyone is interested to read.

I am planning lots of fun events right now and will write ideas on. Also the elections are ending soon and I enrolled again. Who knows? Maybe I will get more votes this time.
Last Election : 18 Votes

Happily Ever After,
Lucy Heartofilia

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posté December 28, 2013, 18:51:55 | #14
Lucy Heartofilia's Campaigning News Blog Hello to all,

First of all, I can tell you that depending on all of the comments below I will try and update this as often as I can and will write more details with time to expand my views and share them with the community.

I can also state that this will be written for my ideas about any upcoming decisions, if I get elected, and that I will surely give credit to anyone that encouraged and helped me along the way as well as to make sure that like any other governor, and more, I will make Bonta better than it is now, I will never go to war with any other nations and I will most likely have everything organized as it should be.

This thread is dedicated to anyone who would like to ask any questions arising to Lucy Heartofilia, Me, about my reasons to get involved or anything else. You can ask me anything, and I mean absolutely anything, about this.

I am dedicated and very ambitious to run for governor and I have my fun reasons and goals. I can tell you I am like no other, I say I'll do events and I can promise you, my little brain will come up with many different ideas to be discussed and put in place. Every citizen, Bontarian or not, will be able to participate in these events and everyone will be able to enjoy themselves for as long as I am there to try my best and make things happen (I will put down some of my ideas later on). When I say I will keep continuing the good job done on the Eco-Systems before, I will. When I say I will keep Bonta safe and sound I will do that and much more too!

My main reason for wanting to get involved would be often misunderstandings of the nation's state, politics, arguments, fights and other things. I don't simply want Bonta to have awesome Eco-Systems and fun events. I want the Bontarians to be safe! There are villains running loose and my main goal is to ensure security! To make a Bontarian life, a nice life! Peaceful, neutral and non-violent. Bontarians are the ones who's opinion is reflected! Bontarians are the ones who, after all, make Bonta as incredible as it is! Bontarians have the ultimate power to do things and they are the ones who can always come up with fabulous ideas! I am here to project those ideas and make them come to life to my best ability!

My main goal is to keep Bonta a safe and neutral place without war, but I have others as well. I am one of many views.

Some other goals would be to make being a Bontarian citizen a little bit more fun with awesome event creation and making sure that all of the people are entertained. It's nice to add that little bit of variety and joy. I would make sure that there are fun events that would be run and enjoyed and surely have awesome prizes and 'surprises'.

Another one of my important goals would be to simply be there for all of the people and help in any way possible regarding any problems, consulting or anything that can help the people in any way. As you know, anyone can write to anyone and that applies to myself. If you want to ask anything either PM me in-game or simply comment below.

Bonta Elections And Lucy Involvements

1st Election : 18 Votes
2nd Election : 10 Votes
3rd Election : 7 Votes
4th Election : 19 Votes

My first election was my very first ever and I enrolled rather late as well as being new so it didn't go very well.

My second election was, again, a late entry due to the fact that I wasn't aware of what the date was and only checked the politics a bit too late as well as there being more competition than the last time.

My third election was somewhat less successful. There was a range of other candidates to choose from and they included Mad Jenna, Zoeduhu and Sir Panpann. In the end, Mad Jenna won with an astonishing 104 votes!

My fourth election was the best of all so far! 19 Votes! I like that! People are giving me support and I am very thankful for it! I will keep doing a good job in the government as Ecologist and see what people want, to project the ideas through! I will surely keep posting awesome events on the Event Forum. I am here to entertain as well as help all folks!

Lucy Is In Bonta

I have had my first appearance in the government as a Weather Engineer. No one asked me anything though... I was a bit sad. I will be sure to keep getting a fun position in the government to reflect people's views and opinions about anything.

I am now in the position of a the Ecologist of the Bonta nation. I am proud to say that I will surely keep aware of the Eco balancing and if necessary - Protect Species! Having fun is always important, but making sure to keep an eye on things is too .

I will surely post fun ideas and events on the Events Forum of Remington .

Lucy MOTTO : I am here to listen! I am here to help! I am here to entertain!

Thank You.

Lucy Heartofilia

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posté August 06, 2013, 19:52:49 | #15
I would suggest that first you add the main quests and make them easy enough for everyone who wants to do them, by saying that i mean that you should reflect to the main quests in Bilbiza - simple and with good rewards. Secondly, you should add some new monsters because the only ones are the Borbats and the Ghouls (I know they're the original ones but improvisation makes things more interesting). Thirdly, you HAVE to reflect on the fact that the island is pretty much empty and only has a small village in the center and a dungeon (Wagnar's Castle) - add more dungeons (or mini-dungeons because Wagnar's Castle is the main one anyway) and scatter them around the place. You could also build some more details around the map of Forfut i.e. Small huts, monster hideouts, secrets, hidden emotions, things relevent to the original Wakfu series etc. In general, I suggest that if Forfut wins - you HAVE to add as many things as possible in the nest updates and make the place go alive and crazy like Bilbiza was when it first launched!

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posté August 06, 2013, 19:37:28 | #16
I voted for Forfut because I, personally, like it the most. Forfut seems very empty just with the usual island challenges and one dungeon only. You should use up the space to add some main quests, a few mini-dungeons, make changes to Wagnar's Castle, get some new mosters in, build another village maybe/expand the one that there is etc. You HAVE to do SO much with Forfut to make it much much more interesting. It's fun as it is but changes would mean SOO much more.

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posté June 03, 2013, 18:33:03 | #17
Where has Trool Fair for f2p in astrub gone

And plz do sumtin' about all those bugs and stuff in astrub too. I love it there but there's way too many lowbies only. Make some new areas in astrub grounds for f2p players too! Make sumtin' interetin' for f2p! Open the Trool Fair again too!

Don't get me wrong, I love it there but there are low lvl monsters only and stuff like that. Ppl solo dungs. The Larva dung is still unavailable too because there ARE no larvas in astrub anymore.

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posté May 01, 2013, 22:06:41 | #18
It looks fun but...
Can you PLEASE give some subz weekend or suntin' to make it more interesting?
And please consider making Astrub more interesting. Like...WAAAAAAAAAAAYYY more interesting.
It's really boring there... *sigh*
Thanks for what you've so far though! Awesome game and updates! Just don't make it like DOFUS
because you change it like dofus.

Can you also consider the larva dungeon bug. There are no larvas at all you know so no one can enter. No offence ppl but it seems as if you wouldn't even CARE about us f2p. You just keep improving p2p.
Please consider this.

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