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Hi there everyone
I'm from New Zealand (GMT+13) I run a guild called Mystic on my main character which is called Zip. If you would like to join we accept all subscribed and English speaking members no matter what your nation is Don't be afraid if you're new, I love taking care of newer players
Contact me in game for an invite.

A little about me:
I'm from New Zealand, which is a separate country from Australia by the way. I am an artistic person and love to draw, but am currently pursuing my studies in Biomedical Sciences involving cellular biology and chemistry. I'm friendly and approachable and love helping out people in game. I've been Ecologist for Bonta a few times and still (and always will) care deeply about the ecosystem in Wakfu. I have previous experience in Dofus, but mostly Wakfu, I started playing Wakfu in the closed French beta in 2008 and haven't stopped since  
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