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posté July 24, 2014, 12:57:51 | #1
Earth mechanics too restrained After having been looking through the class forums a bit I have noticed that quite often Earth-based characters are lenient to stick with mono-element builds, despite the current shift in Wakfu's game where hybrid/multi-element builds overall become more suitable at higher levels.

After observing a lot of the classes that use Earth as an element, I noticed a 'trend' in that quite a number of them use a mechanic in which they restrict or hamper the practicality of actually using said mechanic alongside another.

Take the Enutrof for instance, whom turns into a Dhrellzerker and effectively restricts to earth only mode. Or take the Osamodas, whom cannot summon or turn into a dragon the moment they summon their Gobgob (Admittedly the Osa is a bundle of hybrid problems to me).

The Pandawa has a similar problem, where they once again restrict themselves to Earth-only mode when picking up the barrel.
A honourable mention to the tank-ish abilities of the Feca and 'especially' the Sacrier's coagulation mechanic, where a lot of their shielding mechanics crumble apart the moment you don't designate your full turn to spamming one element.

It might all be coincidence of course, but I really feel that the current re-designteam should take a long good look at these Earth mechanics and allow for them to work better in cooperation and synergy with other elements.

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posté July 24, 2014, 11:50:35 | #2
Some global guidance/ínformation about this issue would indeed be quite welcome. I am fortunate that I could choose a non-paypal/credit card option for my own purchases, but all of my friends are currently incapable of purchasing anything the way they can/want.

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posté July 23, 2014, 13:02:12 | #3
Maxed out invisibility should really last one turn longer than it does now. I understand the desire for invisibility to not be abused as a 'catch-me-then-if-you-can' mechanic', but in its current state the whole ruse of being hidden loses its touch a bit when everything just boils down to a fast-paced skirmish frenzy.

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posté July 22, 2014, 10:59:54 | #4
Playing a Tri-element Xelor myself with prime focus on support, been really enjoying it.

Before the Willpower change I was playing a Willpower specced tri-element Xelor as well.

Playing my Enutrof tripple element as well, though with minimal earth-use.

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posté July 22, 2014, 10:39:54 | #5
- Ogrest chaos ruining entire zones with monsters/plants at random moments, breaking cosmetic furniture and workshops in the zone. You needed lots of materials to repair them, and quite often the chaos got 'stuck' in a zone

- The introduction of the Foggernaut actually having a cool big-scaled event, whereas the Masqueraider was 'just tossed in'.

- The short Rogue beta where it was Water/Air/Fire, having their pistol/bomb/utility skills distributed among all elements. The air bombs would be long cross shapes, fire square and the water bomb a big round circle with open spots not hit directly next to it.
Also, if you critted with the Boomerang skill you could spam extra hits on enemies for free 'if you were fast enough' throughout the duration of the animation.

- The underground passageways in every nation had stuff to do - I vaguely remember an imp/shushu boss there, though I got scared and ran away! D:

- The Ecaflip, when still having air, had a small cone-shaped attack and an attack that would hit left and right of the Ecaflip, simultaneously.

- People would actively kill the Scythescraper/Tombola family to collect improved crafting tools, replacing the necessary basic ones.

- The gemlin would yell tooltips at you, change its colour to purple or blue depending on your allegiance to stasis/wakfu, and cheer you on your prowess to creation/destruction.

- Brakmar and Sufokia were smaller for the longest of times, lacking their higher level zones. Also, the location of the Strich and Scara family were swapped.

- The 'old' Hoodlums dropping class specific gear (Buffing specific abilities) and other now-extinct gear

- There was always one group of monsters from a different nation running around in some zones - like a snapper family over in Brakmar, or some Bliblis in Amakna.

- Being able to allocate points into prospecting, wisdom, willpower and the Sram-specific Perception. People would abuse wisdom often, as for a while global revamps came with every planned patch.

- Wearing the spektral insignia would show your butt for the longest time!

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posté July 21, 2014, 14:59:22 | #6
Friendly necro - Thread still relevant enough!

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posté July 19, 2014, 18:10:05 | #7
Thank you for this wonderful revamp on the Sram! Though not perfect to my personal taste yet, this is looking like a really good revamp so far, thank you!

Here are a few points I want to reflect on:

I think I personally prefered the old version, but I am not entirely sure yet. Would it be possible to have Sram Reflex reduce it by one AP perhaps?

I personally do not like this active in its current state since it does not provide enough utility for an active skill (It effectively feels incredibly boring and uninteractive and should have just stayed a passive).
To make it stand more on its own as a utility skill, perhaps it could combine the old 'spin around' effect from Look Around You, and have it return a wakfu upon dealing a successful critical hit when backstabbing (One max per turn while under the effect of Stabber). The cost could go up slightly of course.

Ouch, quite a hit in its effectiveness and cost here, and why let it buff an ally's movement when at the same time Water does not allow to have its Booty Pool be shared amongst allies?
I'd much rather prefer an antisocial Scram be a lot more interesting or more allround focus on support (through Water) so the current Scram does not feel misplaced.In fact, let Scram be the spell that simply moves over the full Booty Pool (Instead of +2 MP and no-lock) when used on an Ally and have it refund the Wakfu. It would still fit the name/theme as well, since MP, Dodge and a damage bump would be given.

I'm not fond of the spell selection that was given to the Double and prefered its original versality. Please consider giving it a movement related ability as well at least.

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posté July 18, 2014, 11:42:38 | #8
Are you on the Nox server? I can gift a Tofu set to you!

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posté July 18, 2014, 11:40:20 | #9

Quote (Xell-Dincht @ 18 July 2014 11:07) *
PS: Sorry i (try to) turn this into a Sadida topic. But i really don't get why Dy7 seems to do only things for one of the 2 summoner classes instead of for both of them.

Just because he has not mentioned anything about them does not mean he has no plans on doing anything for them. Perhaps someone else is working on them, or they are 'the next in line'. It has been confirmed that a whole team is working on updating all of the classes again quite soon.

i think the only reason we even got to hear about the Osamodas spoiler was in relation to the revamped control gear.

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posté July 15, 2014, 16:29:00 | #10
Great to see part of our community reacting in the most hostile way towards the new influx of players we are finally getting. Always unfortunate when a game offers the appropriate tools for trolls to break the game from the inside.

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posté July 15, 2014, 13:55:29 | #11
Hold hands and hugs would be adorable indeed!

Also, as an added alternative to the hold hands, let two people spin around in a circle holding hands. Pretty Disney-esque

Unfortunately I am not very knowledge on what Emotes are already existing, so perhaps some of those I suggest are in game already:

- Ye ol' stick tongue out and smack your butt toward the enemy. Think it happened in the cartoon too! (Quite possible its in game already though)

- Duck and cover! (And cower/shiver?)

- Paddycake with someone!

And last but not least, fused with auto-follow.. piggyback riding! Probably a bit more than just an emote though!

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posté July 15, 2014, 12:04:00 | #12
New Water Enutrof Concept (Suggestion) Hello everyone,

Recently we have all been able to read how all of Ankama's fingers are pointing at the Enutrof for being the sole reason our droprates are so low. Quoting them from the Q & A on this, they have mentioned:

"Regarding PP from Grou: The main issue with prospection is linked directly with the Enutrof class, as the class has been offering too big of a PP bonus, which had the consequence to make the Game Designers forced to adapt the drop rate to an amount of PP extremely high for the Enutrof to reach, therefore forcing the players to have an Enutrof in their group to correctly loot, the result was for the players who no longer had an organized guild infrastructure to be unable to get the correct amount of loot.

While the loot advantage is an aspect of the Enutrof, this needs to stay within correct proportions, imagine an Iop hitting 3 times more than any other class and therefore finding the class overruling the server and making all the other classes useless.

The goal is to still balance the drop rate between the Enutrof class and the other classes. It is complicated to do this without going through a modification of the Enutrof as they are at such a higher level than the other classes that the other solution would imply having to make unnecessary heavy changes, as if all players of a moderate level would then have the PP of an Enutrof, we would then have to modify items in order to fix the gap, and possibly opening the gate to another type of issue, which would also make the difficulty of obtaining an item much lower and therefore we would also have to review all the items drop rate for this particular aspect as well.

With the upcoming craft revamp, it is planned to have a deeper review of PP in order to make things clearer and more logical for the players.

A review of the Enutrof PP aspect is also planned but the date isn't set in stone and this will also depends on the current team’s workload and what we have already planned for 2014."

Purely hypothetically, what if we were to remove the Enutrof's 'loot' based mechanics and replace it with something else that fits the theme of the Enutrof. Would we not be able to get rid of the Enutrof being the sole excuse our overall droprate sucks?
Let's just assume this would be the case for a moment here, and take a glance at a new water-based mechanic I conjured up for the treasure hunter: (Skipping on damage values with this as I am purely theorizing new mechanics)

- The Pouch/Broke Mechanic -
I know we all loved having a chance at extra loot, but since this might be part reason as to why all other classes have less drops, we are going to have to change it!
Sooo, let's change all of this into a Kama based model. You knock out bags and set an enemy to broke status, but instead of the bags containing loot, they contain kamas. you collect them mid combat, and the spoils go into a 'kama pool' that can be used for certain spells throughout combat. Leftover kamas in this pool are added as spoils of war at the end of combat, AND SHARED AMONGST THE GROUP, yay!

Kamas suit the Enutrof in theme (even better then loot if you'd ask me) and are more easily acquirable overall, yet always pleasant to have more of. The kama results can be scaled through the Enutrof's progress, so the netto gain can be controlled better (Unlike with drops, where the results can range from entirely crap to 'best day ever')
Furthermore, it allows for a more intricate mechanic where Kamas can be 'used up' in order to enhance abilities. All of this inspired by Ruel in the cartoons whom uses kamas in combat, as well as Refinement's original yet unpractical concept.

Q: Would this not cause the same problem in a different way where Kama-gain is being nerfed all-around because one class can get them better?!!

A: Possibly, although I generally feel that the game does not resolve around kamas, whereas unfortunately it does around loot. Having one class accelerate more kama does not change the meta of the game in any way. Any class is quite capable of acquiring a lot of them if they start mining for it, but one does not simply mine for fi.. ehm loot!

Let's get started!


= Bags =
Knocked out by certain spells like the original. Now contains kamas instead of loot, whereas the kama amount are based on monster level. Bags will still give a power buff when picked up by someone. They will also still explode when walked over by non-player characters, yet do more appropriate damage and remove the Broke status on a target. A 'big' bag contains additional kamas, gives a bigger buff when picked up and deals additional damage when exploding (Based on the additional kamas)

= Broke =
A status to define that a target can not drop a kama bag anymore. Unlike the old Enutrof, the new mechanic can let monsters re-acquire 'kamas' to remove their Broke status, offering more depth in tactics.

= Mines =
As like with the rest of this revamp, we cannot provide bonus Prospecting through use of the mines anymore. Instead, they will still raise the chance to 'bag' targets as well as adding more kamas to them.

= Kama Pool =
Inspired by Grou's ideas on a loot pool for the Sram, the Enutrof collects Kamas through the fight and keeps them stashed in a pouch. Some spells might draw from said pool to influence their values. All leftover kamas collected are distributed amongst the group at the end of combat. Furthermore, like the Ecaflip's critpool an access of too many kamas will have global effects:
Stage 1: The Enutrof is overburdened yet quite happy: -1 MP but gains and remains in the small bag buff.
Stage 2: Who needs to be able to move when you have all these kamas!: -2 MP but gains and remains in the big bag buff.

(As previous Rascalry with the following changes)
Knocks out kama bag, sets broke state. When hitting a kama bag it spills out its contents in a small cone AoE shape forward. Targets hit receive damage based on the kama bag's size and loose Broke state.

(As previous Rascalry with the following changes)
Knocks out kama bag, sets broke state. Used on an enemy with broke state it will deal a little more damage and consume a few kamas from the pool, but will not remove Broke state.

(As previous Purge with the following changes)
100% chance to increase the size of the bag to big. Used on a big bag will, as per the original, blows up the bag and cause a square AoE damage. Damage should be fair, based on the amount of AP used to setup the situation and the total worth of kamas. Targets hit by the AoE loose broke status.

(As previous Tax with the following changes)
Instead of increasing its damage on a Broke target, it deals additional damage on an enemy WITHOUT Broke status and improves any mine by 1 step in a square shape around the Enutrof. Knocks out kama bag, sets the target to Broke.

(As previous Refinement with the following changes)
Instead of destroying an item on an enemy and causing broke, it will consume all Kamas in your pool to deal additional damage (based on kama amount) to the target. Target loses Broke status.


(As previous Dhrellzeker with the following changes)
As a Dhrellzerker, the Enutrof knows how to wriggle his way through the interdimensional kama bags for faster transport. All kama bags currently in play become dormant portals (They cannot be picked up/removed and do not explode). Instead, the Dhrellzerker on top of a bag can alternatively move to any other square in the battlefield containing a kama bag for 1 MP. All bags turn to their normal mode when leaving Dhrellzerker mode.

[Treasure Tracker v.1]
No bonus Prospecting, but more kamas gained from bags. Still gives Prospecting as Damage bonus like the original.

[Treasure Tracker v.2]
No bonus Prospecting, but more kamas gained from bags. Do additional damage based on the kamas carried in your loot pool.

[God Enutrof's Blessing]
Additional chance to bag targets. 20% chance for any bag to increase to 'big' size at the beginning of your turn.


There we have it. I mostly focussed on not changing the concept of loot to kamas, while maintaining a lot of what we know (and hopefully enjoy) about water as it is. I added mechanics where they were lacking, especially with spells that felt redundant (Cutting) or unrewarding (God Enutrof's Blessing/Refinement).

Please leave your comments - I'll update tweak based on input.

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posté July 15, 2014, 09:14:59 | #13
Sidekicks subforums Hello there Sabi!

Would it perhaps be possible to add subcategories to the forums (classes perhaps?) where we can talk about the sidekicks?
With more and more of them coming out, it might help to talk about tactics/strategies/playstyles/equipping them appropriately and whatnot in an organised fashion. Helps the new wave of players coming in too!

(Please move over to suggestions if this is in the wrong place - just wanted to make sure its noticed )

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posté July 13, 2014, 13:32:32 | #14
Paypal greyed out for the 3000 kama option for me (The Netherlands), which would be rediculous if not allowed.
Same for my American friends.

They also cannot buy 3000 ogrines with credit card. The alternative options with credit card are horrible, given that there is no 6000 ogrine option offered, only 5000..

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posté July 08, 2014, 16:12:59 | #15
Definitely looks like wheels are set in motion on this - Wonder when they'll start spilling the beans officially

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posté July 08, 2014, 07:52:08 | #16
To be fair, it's still quite the stepback when there is no mention of pets/candies/haven-gems being mentioned tossed into the purchase.

Unless they're now all part of the mystery box!

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posté July 07, 2014, 18:17:22 | #17

Quote (cbunny @ 07 July 2014 16:33) *
I don't get why they are revamping the nation areas, what was wrong with them?
It feels like a totally new version of the game is coming out! They've been busy-busy :O

Thank you guys for sharing pictures and news with us!!

I have a feeling the main reason might have to do with the seperated towns having become entirely redundant throughout the changes. Having just one non-combat-zone HUB would be sufficient enough to which all connects.

I'm secretly hoping they might also consider having the nations scale-up to higher level content. At a certain point I hardly feel connected with them anymore when all you do is visit seperate islands.

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posté July 01, 2014, 09:03:03 | #18
Least this is not Games Workshop (Warhammer games, British) - They enjoy keeping information entirely hidden, practically never communicate with their playerbase at all and don't seem to care about their customer's complaints. Its a miracle they have a loyal fanbase given their incredibly poor and agitating communication and decisions

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posté June 30, 2014, 16:55:02 | #19
WTT Divine Tofu Looking for 1 (or 2!) Divine Tofu Rings. Can trade against any other Divine Tofu part! - Reply here for interest : )

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posté June 29, 2014, 11:13:02 | #20

Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 29 June 2014 11:12) *
Interesting :0
Does that mean the current redesign will follow through, or will it be taken in a completely new direction?

Unfortunately no idea on that yet

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