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Quote (FajneCycki @ 29 August 2014 12:44) *
Hello! You probably observed changes from some previous update - no update took place today. The list from the first post is currently up-to-date (version 1.36.114104).
Although there's an update scheduled for today. I'll watch out for it

Ahh no I just assumed the update had taken place already. As I'm currently at work, I had no way to properly check the beta server yet. Looking forward to it though!

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Quote (FajneCycki @ 20 June 2014 23:16) *
The purpose of this thread is to share all the information and feedback as soon as new content makes it to the Wakfu Beta.

All items listed

Hello there Fajne! - Looking forward to an updated beta item list.(Lots of 20-80 items changed today)

Thank you in advance!  

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Quote (Brokonaut @ 29 August 2014 03:43) *
Keep up the great feedback everyone!

In the beginning, we saw only one class able to truly be able to take advantage of multi-element builds: the Xelor. Hybrid builds were basically unheard of at the time otherwise. Now with more recent updates being rolled out, you find more interesting gameplay mechanics that encourage the player to weave from one element to the next as seen in the Feca and Sram revamps. And then within each branch there lies additional unique isolated mechanics that also make mono-elemental builds still interesting enough to explore.

The desire is to offer the same flexibility to all classes as your design team fleshes out each attributes that make all your favorite classes unique. For example after discussing some potential new Iop mechanics, I assure you there will be a lot more tactical thinking beyond just Jabs/Iop's Wrath spam, while still maintaining the Iop's close-combat brawler archetype.

The new Sram may feel a little overpowered in September. The goal will be to make every class just as interesting to bring unique advantages to your team compositions.

• Mango

Thank you for the information, and for keeping an eye on this thread Mango!

I'm not certain how much you are able to influence the actual outcome of the upcoming class revamps, but either way it'd be interesting to hear what your global thoughts are on the classes as they are - or at least, their glaring problems (What can we kind of expect to see fixed/changed in general). That is, assuming you would be allowed to even bring it up and feel like doing so of course.

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posté August 28, 2014, 11:17:01 | #4

Quote (Pimento2 @ 27 August 2014 05:33) *
Enutrof - I actually disagree that drhellzerker is too mono element focused, the ability to go in and out of the form every turn unlike with Osamodas and dragon form makes this not really an issue if you can plan ahead, especially because the transformation doesn't take any AP or MP. Being able to transform from a drheller already out on the field is always nice as well. I think Enutrof gameplay is pretty well polished actually, just the obvious problem spells need to be changed (cutting, mass clumsiness, etc.)

Its definitely the most forgiving of all the 'mode' centered abilities found among all the classes (Osamodas everything/Pandawa Earth etc)
Still I personally believe the whole mode concept (aside from perhaps the Masqueraider given its theme) is too restrictive. Wouldn't it be more interesting that turning into a Dhrellzerker itself would offer a playstyle that more actively incorporates synergy between fire and water as well?

Quote (Pimento2 @ 27 August 2014 05:33) *

Iop - I think the fact that there exist "simple" classes like Cra, Iop, Eniripsa (water) and Sacrier is a good thing for class variety; not every class's spell effects need to be as convoluted as Feca's (By "simple" I'm mostly referring to skill floor, or the minimum skill required to play the class decently effectively). Simplicity is enjoyable to play at times and the classes' existence can help ease new players into the game given how quickly new spells are unlocked in this game. As with Enutrof, I feel like Iop will be fine after taking care of obvious problem spells such as flatten, flurry, etc.

Sacrier - The specialties are great in my opinion; as much more fun and interesting transposition would be if it didn't have the los requirement, I can see the balance reason for that. Sacrifice or life transfer could probably be replaced by a new spell. Air and fire spells are completely fine in my opinion, and in regard to earth lacking depth, refer to my comments on Iop.

Eniripsa - I actually disagree on the water part and feel that water is fine. The glaring issue with this class is the ranges on the air and fire spells. It feels like whoever revamped Eniripsa was trying too hard to make the spells different from each other, but it just makes the spells extremely hard to use together. The class is pretty fun to play in general, but it does get annoying at times being the most immobile class (only class unable to move itself without using MP I think), though I suppose it's just in the nature of playing the class. If the designers properly match up the air and fire spell ranges better, Eniripsa seems fine to me.

I'll admit that I've always be a front-line warrior screaming for more depth when it comes down to simple classes. I guess from a personal perspective I'd much rather have the choice to play a class the way I want to (simple or complex) as opposed to having said choice being tossed into my face. A same concept they followed designing the just-released Dungeons & Dragons Next (5th Edition).
For instance, The way I play a Masqueraider differs greatly from the way my friend plays one; I keep switching masques constantly to utilize opportunity, whereas he mostly sticks around with a pure Water build. His water is obviously beefier statistically, yet I make use of about 3x the total skill selection he does. Both playstyles seem to work practically though!

With that said, what bugs me with some classes/certain element trees found among the likes of the Eni/Iop/Sacrier/Cra/etc is their overal monotone design, and therefor automatically causing very straightforward gameplay (Strictly speaking about elemental skills, not utilities). This is obviously a Tactical Turn Based game, so I would like to make more conscious choices between my total skill selection instead of using a small and repeating cycle of spells found in just one element.

The problem in my wishful thinking is obviously that people indeed don't seem to mind having a class function this straightforward, especially when 'it gets the job done fine right now'.
Would it really hurt though if you could, say, let Eniripsa's water spells remove marks placed on enemies (Under Unnatural Remedies) to provide some temporary buff on players in an area around the monster? (Based on the water spell used)
It'd give water spells additional depth as well as offer fire a more involved mechanic beyond it being a once-per-monster thing. Similarly, there should not be a reason to nerf Water's statistics in any way like this.

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Quote (Neneko88 @ 26 August 2014 15:16) *
Wishing for earth rogue to have more spells than piercing shot

Did forget about that indeed - I think that its a general problem with a couple of classes where they just have a bundle of 'different costing/shaped' damage spells. What usually happens is that people will just pick whatever they consider best and drop out on the rest. Building yourself to ensure you make the best use out of that one skill you picked almost all the time is a lot more practical than leveling up a wad of additional damage spells for those rare 'if' situations.

Adding more secondary effects/utility to otherwise bland spells will fix such situations, more or less.

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posté August 26, 2014, 15:00:40 | #6
Working on the format right now - I keep writing things on notepad to ensure everything doesn't get lost. And then I forget the format problems - Will be fixed soon!

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posté August 26, 2014, 14:49:44 | #7
Collective thread about the direction of classes Hello everyone!

Since news has been spread out all over the place recently, I will compile a somewhat organised list of all the requested and confirmed changes to Wakfu's classes. My hope is that this might serve as a way for any Dev (or Mango! ;D) to spoul us with some more information about the general direction they would like the classes to head into!

P.S. - Please feel free to link me to more missing information, as well as to provide me with insight about the general opinion on classes in their current state. Despite that this is a collective bundle of information, a lot of what I have written here is based on the personal opinion of the playerbase and as such your own opinion might vastly differ of course - Please keep that in mind.

Reflections from the playerbase:
- More engaging/mechanical water mechanic. Some water based spells/utilities horrible or theme-defeating.
- Earth mechanic (Dhrellzerking) too mono element focussed.
- Mass Clumsiness generally seen as a controversial utility - strong love/hate in general.
- Often up for debate is the Enutrof's general role feeling like a dependancy given the current 'low droprate'. A general increase in droprate for everyone is a considered must, yet players don't want to have the Enutrof end up becoming redundant and 'purposeless'. There have been requests for alternative water based mechanics as a replacement as well as the general idea that the Enutrof could start providing drops/prospecting for an entire group.
- September update bringing some changes: Click here
- Enutrof revamp considered a complicated and intricate process given their unique and central position given their focus on prospecting. More information here: Click here

Reflections from the playerbase:
- New Sram on Betagrid, discussions here: Click here
- September update bringing complete revamp Sram, more info: Click here

Reflections from the playerbase:
- Class could definitly benefit from removed friendly fire, especially for water. - this in result can lead to deeper involved mechanics as a support character.
- Earth mechanic too mono element focussed.
- Old draft from Grou had been floating around. His idea incorporated water being more supportive (no friendly fire), fire incorporating a mechanic to apply critical miss on enemies (?) and earth being more 'tankish'. (Resources are old, vague and likely French. If anyone can find the links that would be awesome!)
- Recurring reassurance that the Pandawa is 'next' (After September update) to get their revamp as well, more info: Click here

Reflections from the playerbase:
- Overal problem with the Osamodas' playstyle being mechanically restrictive to practical usage of dual/tripple element builds.
- A constant demand for more fun/better pets that do more 'interesting' things instead of 'just damage'.
- A way to make lower level pets more beneficial, possibility to have them scale along. A new mechanic to boost pets with spells might aid with this concept.
- September update bringing some changes: Click here
- (I swear I read this somewhere, but cannot relocate the source - Osamodas revamp 'soon', but not 'next'. General idea is to make the class more engaging and interesting, with a reflection on its lack of versality in elements and utility.)

Reflections from the playerbase:
- More gameplay depth/mechanic to the class. Current skill selection filled with lack of tactical options.
- September update bringing some changes:
- Iop revamp 'soon', but not 'next'. General idea is to make the class more engaging and interesting. Diversity and fun instead of linear gameplay and lack of elemental synnergy promised. Sources:
Click here
Click here
Click here
- (Also read that the Iop would make use of 'new options/mechanics now available', cannot relocate the source however)

Reflections from the playerbase:
- Upcoming September changes making the Sadida players happier until their official re-revamp comes up. Current debates best followed here: Click here
- September update bringing some changes: Click here
- Possible changes to the Earth 'shield' mechanics: Click here

Reflections from the playerbase:
- More mechanical cohesion for Earth and Fire, as most of the active utilities seem to benefit Stasis.
- September update bringing some changes to Stasis: Click here

Reflections from the playerbase:
- The initiative draining mechanic seems to lose its purpose with the upcoming changes to initiative.
- Xelor might be considered a bit 'too' good currently: Click here
Click here

Reflections from the playerbase:
- Redundancy found in elemental skills and utilities and no elemental synnergy found. Things could be merged or changed to offer more tactical options allaround.
- Lack of deeper gameplay elements found in fire and especially earth.
- Sacriers might also be 'soon', as hinted here. Diversity and fun instead of linear gameplay and lack of elemental synnergy promised:
Click here
Click here

Reflections from the playerbase:
- Earth has a strong love/hate given its random nature/mechanic.
- Lots of skills serving a msotly similar purpose.
- Water feels ill represented amongst the utilities, and the Black Bow Meow in general feels uninteresting in design.
- Possibly weighting the random aspect: Click here

Reflections from the playerbase:
- Smokescreen could benefit from utility more useful in group situations.
- More tactical diversity in earth spells (As to prevent 'obvious choice' picking for DPS)
- Earth Rogue might be a bit too powerful: Click here

Reflections from the playerbase:
- Unhappyness about the vagueness of the Provocation skill.
- Earth shield mechanic might change, considered too powerful: Click here
Click here

Reflections from the playerbase:
- More gameplay depth/mechanic to the class. Current skill selection filled with lack of tactical options.
- Multiple requests to merge the beacons into a 'chromatic' utility skill.
- X

Reflections from the playerbase:
- More gameplay depth/mechanic to the class. Current skill selection filled with lack of tactical options found in especially water.
- Fire's marks could benefit from more interactivity from the Eniripsa beyond them going off upon death of a monster.
- X

Reflections from the playerbase:
- People often unhappy with the Fire masks mechanic not feeling rewarding enough (Some feel its more a drawback)
- Linear progression on activity utilities (The masks) feels unrewarding to specialize in when leveling up the class.
- The Masked Spirit's limited duration and usage ill placed in the current direction of Wakfu.
- Movement costs in water spells too heavy and often outweighing the benefit coming from the Water Mask.
- X

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Quote (Nox16 @ 26 August 2014 06:27) *
OH i thought of something for the search for items even the set builder have a all weapons search? i think that its tedious to try and find a certain type of weapon in a certain element you have to go through alot of lists. So a unified search option for weapons would be cool.


Though on top of an 'all weapons/shields', a filter for 1 handed and 2 handed as well.

Also, might be time to clean up the filters in general a bit to remove some redundant filters (I see daggers listed twice in the Type for instance, and Mechanics/Leadership is still listed under Stats, where Leadership shows the currently used Control statistic. etc. Lots of changes and additions to the statistics with the next update too)

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posté August 22, 2014, 18:29:11 | #9
That system will replace the original I'd assume.

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posté August 21, 2014, 13:15:51 | #10

Quote (xCATZILAx @ 21 August 2014 13:11) *
Makes sense for Dofus!!

But guess what? In Wakfu you can't exchange origines for kamas which completely invalidates their point in the first place. Origines on Wakfu, based upon Ankamas explanation, should not expire.

Its a universal system though (Ogrines are tied to your Ankama account, not specifically to Dofus or Wakfu). Theoretically, as they have it currently, you could buy Ogrines through the Wakfu website and sell them in Dofus.

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posté August 18, 2014, 12:23:18 | #11
Let's see:

01: Are we to expect the coming update early/mid/late September?
02. With the coming gear changes, what will happen to designated wisdom/prospecting pets (Since as you mentioned, they seem entirely exclusive now on singular armour parts), some of which had even been promoted only recently (like the ghost).
03. Similarly, in what way will lower level sets change that had a very clear designated role (Like Cloudy Tofu being a crit-set, or the Kama set which is a clearly designated Prospecting set). Will set bonusses be kept alive or be altered along?

04. Are there any spoilers on the general direction that they want the crafting revamp to be going? To be exact, now that the droprate on items is going to increase and the token machines are going to be brought in, what role and place will crafting have for gear and weapons (As to not have it feel redundant) - Will it still be possible to 'mastercraft' items, and what will happen with this concept during the coming gear revamp.

05. Are there any plans to do more with monster families that are poorly represented in the game at this time, like Prespics/Belladonnas/etc (Just one type, no dungeon), the Tombola/Scythescraper family (Cool in concepts but no direction for them)

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Quote (ChubbyWaffle @ 15 August 2014 15:43) *
I don't understand why they are making combat dmg.
Only Iop and Sac has close combat now (sram being revamped with the general update).
Iop is probably getting revamped to use range too.

Which leaves sac.................

I agree that I find the choice for splitting up close combat damage and ranged damage really bad, given that most classes/sidekicks predominantly use ranged attacks.

They should have either designed it to matter based on the distance in which the spell is used (So you'd get Close Combat damage the moment you hit someone next to you, despite how far the spell can reach). Or they should have made Close Combat count for a distance slightly more than just range:0-1 (Say 0-2 or 0-3).

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posté August 15, 2014, 12:39:41 | #13
Aside from the obvious stances (One of my own favourites being the Rogue's 'whatever man I have a dangly arm' pose), I had a good laugh seeing my Sram in a wand-wielding pose for a while.  

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posté August 15, 2014, 12:30:45 | #14
I'm afraid that the multipliers are a subscription privilege.  

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posté August 14, 2014, 18:28:37 | #15

Quote (Gynrei @ 14 August 2014 18:03) *

Quote (Nox16 @ 14 August 2014 17:45) *
It was very nice to play a stasis foggernaut that was decently geared....

I would die if i had to gear a stasis Fogger now. They must be changing that mechanic. Because atm, it's disgusting.

Forgot where exactly it was mentioned, but they are indeed going to change it - they just were not sure yet on which idea (Chromatic-like or based on two highest elements were mentioned as ideas)

Just hope that the transition time won't take too long

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posté August 12, 2014, 16:05:08 | #16
Curious why they did not go for close range/far range instead of melee/ranged. The vast majority of all abilities in this game seem to at least fall under the ranged category.

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posté August 11, 2014, 18:28:57 | #17

Quote (Brokonaut @ 11 August 2014 17:17) *
In general classes should have more interesting effects beyond just dealing static damage. Elemental synergy is desired, in such a way that entices the player to consider moving away from mono-elemental builds...

There should be strong mechanics within a specific elemental branch itself (for example the new water branch on the Sram), however there should also be enough interaction from one elemental branch to the next.

Specialties and actives should also serve to be far more useful purposes to the point where all ten specialties should be enticing, and the decision to max certain ones should nearly make you feel uneasy to being unable to max the rest!

Yet ultimately, all classes should be unique. This is what the biggest point to make is. Feca should be the master of ultimate defense (which he/she is a bit excessively now). Sram should be the master of assassination, and deal the deadliest burst in close combat (which they will do soon) along with tricky map manipulation play. There should be a major distinction of what each class brings to a party when you decide to add them to your group. To the point where you and your teammates are fully aware of the generalization and focus of your party composition is before the battle begins, beyond just damage, damage, damage.

• Mango

I'm really happy they want to move the classes in that direction myself - I can see some of that was the intent of Grou's work already, although I also see where it can definitly still be improved upon. There's a whole team dedicated to it now as opposed to just one pressured person's work though, so here's hoping.

They gave existing classes a star rating currently based on their difficulty to play, with some classes like the Iop, Eniripsa and Cra being listed at 'simplest' (Based on their own rating, mind you). The old Sram was also listed as a one star, though I would consider the new one considerably harder to master.

I hope this star rating was merely based on the classes' current status, and not a guiding tool to follow when redesigning the less mechanical classes like those mentioned. I'd understand that some people might not prefer my idea on this, but I really see no harm in having say the Iop actually being more thoughtprovoking/challenging to play, where conscious choices and decisions need to be made between abilities. I mean this is supposed to be a tactical MMORPG, and for all the Iop's brain is missing outside of combat, it's supposed to be raging while 'in'.  

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posté August 11, 2014, 15:58:31 | #18
Any developer that reads this thread that would be allowed to shed some light on the general direction they want to see classes go?

As in, I read that they mentioned not being pleased with the current Iop and Sacrier for instance (Lacking synnergy between elements and such).

I'm curious to hear what general feelings are in regards to the classes as they are right now, especially the Enutrof's role.

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posté August 11, 2014, 15:28:23 | #19
Let's see, a bundle of things from the top of my head for new players:

- Making a new character and choosing the tutorial helps a lot with getting your character up a few levels. Unfortunately it also comes with a restriction on skill/ability point distribution, which clears at level 10.

- Also at level 10, a lot will change: You will be able to have your first respec, you can choose to become part of a nation and you will be able to do the daily almanax quest:
  • I would personally recommend distributing your points in something generally useful until you can do the level 10 respec, like hitpoints.
  • Choose your nation wisely - recommended would be to choose the same nation as your friends, as a war can prevent you from teaming up with them otherwise. Make sure to get at least 10 citizenship points so you get your nation's clan member bonuses.
  • Almanax quests give some nice daily experience for low level characters - don't forget to pick up the Scriptures Teleport for free at the Almanax Temple! Free teleports are handy!
- Level 30 grants your last free respec. Use this one wisely. Often I personally rush to level 31 the moment the quest activates, so I can get +1 AP for my character (highly recommended for most characters imho)

- Sitting lets you heal up faster in between fights.

- While not clearly indicated anywhere, the base for your character's Crit and Block value are 3%.

- Seemingly confusing some new players I have brought into the game, the current dodge/lock mechanic is a mechanic where your character can get 'locked' the moment you try and move away enemies in melee contact with you. Being locked drains all your movement points (handy to know for some challenges) and ends your turn immediately thereafter. You can see the chance of a successful dodge before moving to a square. The dodge/lock system will be changed soon.

- Every point of prospecting adds 1% of the item's listed droprate to said droprate. As an example, having 100 prospecting through use of gear/candy/challenges at the end of combat would double the listed droprate of the item. (+ 100%).
Prospecting is capped at 150 for the purpose of accumulating extra loot chance (+150%)

- The cost to purchase active utility spells scales exponentially (lvl 1-3: 5 points, lvl 4-6: 10 points, lvl 7-9: 15 points), whereas the cost to purchase passive ones stays linear. 1-20: 5 points.
This design change also seems to reflect the fact that active utilities usually become better in an exponential way, whereas passive utilities have linear increase.
Masqueraiders seemingly did not 'get it' though in most of their design. *Shakes fist*

- A maximum of 10 AP seems to be the 'softcap' at the moment (Excluding mid-combat AP gain) until at least level 100 or so. It is relatively easy to acquire this by having purchased +1 AP as well as wearing AP boosting items/sets. The Satisfaction Ring, Goultard Sword and various amulets can be useful to grant this at the cost of disadvantages. At around level 70 the first amulets start appearing granting an AP without a disadvantage

- Unlike a lot of other MMORPGs, there is practically no disadvantage to dieing (Just need to heal up and wait for a debuff to wear off). Similarly, no one will steal away your XP or loot, group up as much as you can, if you like doing so of course!

- There is often a short delay on the menu icon updating to show that you are doing an action against the wishes of a zone's clanmember. The best way to have an immediate realization of this is to keep a close eye on the combat log, your clan member bonusses changing or the icon display in the upper corner. He also will mention that he's suddenly not so happy anymore.

- People might not like you for depleting resources without showing signs of planting them back. Similarly, it might just be that someone planted some trees or crops and would not like to see you snatching them away after all that time waiting. Be considerate!

- If you are not interested in crafting, do not be afraid to sell off your material drops on the marketplace if you can. If you are, know that this game has an insane amount of material diversity, and that you will likely always have inventory problems. Be prepared to make multiple characters just for inventory management in such case if you plan to do everything yourself.

- Be prepared for rapid changes in this game, sometimes having massive impact on your past experiences. Don't get too attached with the things you're used to being the way they are, since Ankama might just change things around when the time comes.

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posté August 01, 2014, 18:56:06 | #20
This is all just part of their plan to reduce droprates once again!

By ensuring that approximately 90% of their consumerbase can not actually pay for the game, there is an assured 90% reduction of 10% drops going on across all the servers!

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